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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 24, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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it's all happening. cash back on purchases. here we go! backed by the service and security of american express. good morning, america. an all-out manhunt for this suspect right now. the alleged brussels attacker who got away. also breaking now, police are now searching for a new suspect from the metro bombing as disturbing new clues emerge this morning. the missed warning signs about the terrorists. one of them a bombmaking mastermind. authorities have been searching for since the paris attacks and now the revealing message found on a computer in the trash. and we hear from this survivor. our exclusive interview this morning with the basketball player back from the states who made it through the blast. also this morning, a spring blizzard hitting the midwest after burying colorado overnight. the entire denver airport and interstates shut down and winds up to 60 miles an hour as
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wildfires fear through the heartland. and war over the wives. the race for president gets personal. ted cruz facing off with donald trump. >> even for donald, though, he's reached a new low. it's one thing to try and attack another candidate. it's another thing to come after my wife. >> now another attack from trump this morning and what cruz said that may have been borrowed right from hollywood. and we do say good morning, america, on this thursday morning and we have breaking new developments at this hour in the hunt for those terror suspects in brussels. george is off this morning. you see david muir, he is anchoring live from brussels. good morning, david. >> good morning, robin. great to be with you, as always. you're right, there are several breaking developments after the terror attacks in brussels. authorities are now searching for two suspects this morning.
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there had already been a massive manhunt under way here and a military presence on the streets this morning, people patted down at random checkpoints as police search for the man in white from this surveillance video. still not identified but on the run this morning and breaking now, word of a second man, captured on surveillance at the subway. we have obviously known about the bomber in the subway but this morning, they now say they're looking for someone else from that very scene. and we're learning more about the other suspect, two of them brothers, and now a failure of intelligence may have allowed them to carry out their attack. there were warnings. we have it all covered this morning and "gma" news anchor amy robach has been in brussels from the very start and has the very latest. good morning, amy. >> that's right. there's been a significant number of breaking developments this morning. the suspects in those paris attacks, salah abdeslam's lawyer appeared in court just moments ago saying his client will not fight extradition to paris and he claims his client has no knowledge of the brussels attacks. meanwhile, we're learning so much more about those five suspects in this case.
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this morning, random security ecks popping up all over this city. a sign of the new normal here. authorities just announcing the search for a fifth suspect in the terror attacks, seen on surveillance footage inside the maalbeek station with khalid el bakraoui before he detonated. investigators race to piece together the trail of clues left behind by the two deceased airport bombers. belgian officials telling abc news they believe this man on the left is najim laachraoui, the bombmaker they've been hunting since the november paris attacks. police discovering his bomb factory in this suburban apartment. 33 pounds of so-called mother of satan explosive, chemicals, detonators and a suitcase filled with nails and screws and this man in the middle identified as ibrahim el bakraoui, an urgent call for a shared european intelligence agency after turkey
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admitted they deported el bakraoui to the netherlands last year. the president of turkey says they warned belgium that the bomber was a terrorist fighter but says belgian authorities couldn't identify a link. turkey's president confirming wednesday that he'd been captured last june on the syrian border deported back to europe and flagged a foreign terrorist fighter, but belgian police only identified him as a common criminal. police found what appears to be a suicide note on a laptop in a garbage can from el bakraoui. a desperate note that he was being in a rush, no longer knowing what to do in a bad situation and if he did not act immediately, he would be in a prison cell like him. authorities believe him may be salah abdeslam, one of the suspects of the paris attacks detained last week after a four-month search. he is suspected of playing a role in the brussels attack prior to his arrest. that arrest may have caused the terror cell to panic and accelerate their plans.
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the number of those injured in monday's attacks is up to 300. more than 40 nationalities among them, 61 people in intensive care. four still unidentified as they lie in coma. among the missing, kentucky couple justin and stephanie shults. it is a tense scene here in brussels as authorities continue to hunt for those two missing suspects and the airport here at brussels will be closed through saturday. it is still a crime scene as investigators comb through every detail to try and find more clues into finding these suspects and, david, you and i were out late last night. it was eerie. it was a ghost town. police heavily armed members of the military and a few of us coming home trying to get a bite to eat but it's obvious that brussels here is still at its highest threat level. >> i went into the subway yesterday late in the day and they were closing it early and they had armed guards at every checkpoint. you had to open your coats before you could get on the subway here so completely different city after these terror attacks.
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of course, the bigger question now, how big was this terror cell? how many are still alive and possibly planning attacks and, robin, i know you have more on that. >> we'll get back to you but abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross joins us more on the missed opportunities to stop these attacks. >> there were 16 members that operated, 13 now dead. belgian officials those two were only known as small-time criminals but that wasn't true. one of them was wanted on terrorism charges with an interpol red notice issued for him and the other was caught by turkish authorities at the border with syria and deported after the belgians were told he was a possible terror fighter. this cell operated for four months even after paris and again, and again belgian police let them slip by. >> brian, why all these missed chances? >> authorities we talked to including senator angus king, a member of the senate intelligence committee says not only is there questions about
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their competence but discovered the belgians do not share information with other countries even agencies within their own country. there is serious in-fighting like dysfunctional, inept, keystone cops. >> even within. >> even within their agencies they don't share with each other. it's sort of described what it was like in this country before 9/11. >> all right, brian, thank you very much. back to david in brussels. >> robin, thanks. now to a "gma" exclusive from brussels this morning. my interview with the basketball player who played back in the states. his wife and two young daughters back home in michigan and played for oakland. he was hit in that blast and debris pouring down on top of him. the image of him laying on the floor went all over the world and for the first time this morning he's now talking. telling me he was thinking about his young girls back home hoping they would not grow up without a dad. what did you see? >> i just saw -- i remember seeing an explosion, the first
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explosion near the pharmacy at the airport and i turned my head and i saw all these people running and when i got there, i was, you know, i think i blacked out for a little bit and i remember seeing two little kids to my right, you know, hands were up in the air and -- and then the whole -- the whole time i was just -- i told myself i'm going to make it. i'm going to make it. i'm going to make it and when i got in the ambulance i knew i was good. i guess that's the point where i was in the ambulance that i knew i was all right. but until then it's -- i had no idea. so that's it. i'm here to fight another day and --
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>> so in the moment obviously in the most difficult moments that you described, you're thinking about your wife and your kids? >> yeah. sorry. i just didn't want my girls to grow up without a dad, you know. it's all right. >> have you talked to them? >> i talked to my wife. i think she's getting here tomorrow so it's funny how many things you think of, you know, i started playing tennis with my oldest one, my 7-year-old. she's a hell of a tennis player so i was like, man. i got to get through this. you know, because she needs her coach and some of the things that go through your head. it may seem so trivial but it
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gets you through those moments. >> he kept telling himself while lying on that floor you're going to make it, you're gonna make it. you heard him say you think about the trivial things but they're not the trivial things. he was saying i want to get home so i can coach my daughter. i just began coaching her tennis. now his wife is on her way to brussels. >> for all of those victims and their families who are suffering and struggling this morning, there are so many beautiful displays of support and strength throughout the city. they've cropped up even more overnight. i was walking here to our location, the amount of chalk written on the buildings all across the streets, everywhere you look, there are signs of love and peace and support and strength and the hopeful thing is that that helps this city and this world, frankly, heal from what just happened. >> the parents who brought their young children to the candles behind us while on the air this morning, a lot of the parents telling us that they wanted to
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help their children heal and one mom said to me i tried to explain to my daughters and son that this is not normal. this doesn't happen every day and we're strong enough to fight back, so a lot of families here, robin, trying to show that their city is strong, resilient and will come back from this. >> the strength of family. thank you both. we'll get back to you a little bit and, david, of course, will be anchoring live from brussels for a special edition of "world news tonight." but now we'll turn to the other big story this morning. here at home a massive blizzard slamming the west, michael is here and that story, that storm as you can see has buried colorado. >> it had buried colorado. take a look at this picture. in two weeks, the colorado rockies were supposed to open a game ear at coors field and right now it looks a little hard to play baseball in that, robin, but this storm is really hit and paralyzed. >> more football weather than baseball weather. >> i didn't like that in football either. >> you know what, that storm is now taking aim at the midwest. so let's go to abc's clayton
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sandell who is there in denver for the latest. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: take a look at the cars. they are frozen into place here and overnight police and the national guard have been busy rescuing hundreds of drivers in cars just like these. drivers surprised by a fast moving spring snow storm. this morning denver is recovering from being cut off from the outside world. the country's fifth busiest airport completely shut down wednesday by a raging snowstorm and blizzard stranding thousands. >> we just heard that our flight's canceled. >> reporter: forced to wait in long lines to rebook their flights. on the roads to the airport and everywhere else, drivers weren't moving either. hundreds of miles of major interstates shut down in wyoming, colorado and kansas, whiteout conditions leaving big rigs jackknifed and cars stuck. i've seen ha a dozen cars pulled over like this in just the last mile, all of them are abandoned and a lot of them are crunched.
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the seesaw from spring back to winter conditions came quick, snow falling two inches an hour, gusting winds up to 60 miles per hour. >> good grief. >> reporter: we could show you how the temperature plummeted from the 60s before the storm to the 30s but our thermometer got buried in more than 6 inches of snow. in the meantime, from ice to wildfire, strong winds are pushing flames and smoke across parts of oklahoma, kansas and texas. some homes already lost and residents told to evacuate. and because of those fires kansas has now declared a state of emergency. here in denver they set a snowfall record here yesterday but a lot of people here are hoping for a quick spring melt robin. >> i'm sure they are, clayton. thank you. let's get to ginger zee. where is it headed? >> you can see stretching from northeast kansas through green bay, wisconsin, all the way into new england. that's the snowy side but there's heavy rain and
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thunderstorms from just south of chicago to houston, texas, this morning. the severe weather part of this, the hail, the accumulating hail almost 7 inches of which in north dallas moves to the east today and bang through windows like it did in texas in places like kentucky, nashville, tennessee, much of mississippi and northern alabama so that's where the severe part goes today. the winter storm warnings stretch all the way from maine back again into parts of iowa. michigan, going to get hit with not only the snow but freezing rain and sleet possibilities. i'll detail more coming up. >> it is spring, right? >> it is spring. >> just wanted to double-check that. >> despite this that you see here. >> okay, thank you. now to the race for president turning into a war of words. over wives. republican front-runner donald trump threatening to, quote, spill the beans on ted cruz's wife, now she's responding and abc's tom llamas is here with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning to you. name-calling has become the norm this campaign cycle but now the bickering is getting really nasty involving spouses and
7:15 am
their looks. the gop race for president getting personal. donald trump and senator ted cruz now in the middle of a wife war. it started when an anti-trump super pac released this digital ad showing a nude photo of trump's wife. we had to blur it. the text on the image reading, meet melania trump, your next first lady or you could support ted cruz on tuesday. >> it was framed in such a way like it was really a terrible thing and it was sent to a certain group and i thought it was disgraceful and ted cruz knew about it. >> reporter: trump posting on twitter be careful lyin' ted or i will spill the beans on your wife. cruz posting back, if you try to attack heidi, you're more of a coward than i thought. when you read that, what did you think. >> i will say for donald he reached a new low. it's one thing to try to attack another candidate. it's another thing to come after my wife. >> reporter: was she hurt about
7:16 am
it? >> donald trump doesn't scare heidi remotely. >> reporter: even heidi cruz taking on trump. >> you probably know by now most of the things donald trump says has no basis in reality so we are not worried in the least. >> reporter: and cruz maintaining he had nothing to do with the ad and that it was, quote, completely inappropriate. but trump not buying it and standing by his threat. >> i wrote, i said, be careful because otherwise i'll have to start talking about, you know, your situation. >> reporter: and cruz taking some heat for his choice of words. some critics saying cruz stole a scene right out of the film "the american president" starring michael douglas. >> if donald wants to get in a character fight he's better off sticking with me because heidi is way out of his league. >> if you want a character debate, bob, you better stick with me because sydney ellen wade is way out of your league. >> sounds very similar. you can hear the reaction from the studio here. cruz is a movie buff but it's unclear if that was his
7:17 am
inspiration, the fight not going away. it's really getting ugly. overnight trump retweeting this image. the text reads no need to spill the beans, the images are worth a thousand words. cruz replying donald, real men don't attack women. your wife is lovely and heidi is the love of my life. pretty bad, guys. >> let's get back to the voting. >> the important stuff. >> the important stuff and the next one up is wisconsin about a week and a half. >> april 5th. an incredibly important primary so yesterday ted cruz got the endorsement of jeb bush and now wisconsin's governor scott walker hasn't endorsed anybody yet. says he will do it after easter but before the primary. he's signaling, sounds like he may be endorsing senator ted cruz after easter. we'll have to wait and see. >> thank you very much. as for the current president of the united states, he's down in argentina. >> he is down in argentina and there's a video everyone has been sharing. the president and michelle obama visiting argentina right now and they were at a state dinner in buenos aires when two professional dancer talked the
7:18 am
first couple on to the dance floor. take a look at that tango. the obamas' moves and brought hundreds of people to their feet, a standing ovation and lots of social media reaction and a tweet from southpaw comparing to his moves when he danced with alaskan schoolchildren in september. i think this is great and i think the tango is more his style. >> when in argentina, like you say when in rome -- maybe you could give him tips. >> tango is the one we're waiting on. i got some work to do. let's talk about some of that snow and ice coming into new england too. winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings that stretch all the way just north of portland, bangor, caribou, just north of the warm front, 41 boston, almost 80, d.c.
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>> mellow, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area profit. a few clouds this morning and this afternoon, above-average temperatures today. minimal fog forms overnight like this morning. clouds are cooler and breezy for the been anies on sunday. but it will not rain. here is a look at temperatures, mid-to-upper 60s around the coast and bayshore and 70s inland and my seven-day forecast shows we are locked in tomorrow, a little bit warmer on saturday and cooler next beak. >> coming up we have an abc news exclusive. the jurors in that hulk hogan
7:20 am
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7:25 am
ensued. he was wanted into 15 robberies totingle $20,000. a check of morning commute with sue. >> approaching the bridge, a car after the embankment, debris in lanes before the toll plaza. you're looking at live shot after the toll plaza. traffic jammed after 880, sluggish along the span, a 30-minute drive towards foster city. northbound, solo spinout, blocking lane number 2 north of
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good morning. if you're stepping outsider dress for temperatures in the 40s exist san francisco, 51.
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from tam a sun dog. sorry. top out near 60 attest come, mid-60s low 70s. accuweather seven-day forecast, warmer saturday but cooler but dry for sunday. >> 76 degrees. all right, thank you. coming up after a court battle of hulk hogan and $140 million verdict against the company, you're going to hear from gawker's founder, that is next on "gma" another local update in 30 minutes. join us every weekday 4:30 a.m.
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we welcome you back to "gma" and you're looking live at the plaza in brussels. a massive manhunt, as you know, is under way right now for the terrorist attack suspect seen in white on surveillance footage. authorities also announcing they're searching for a new suspect this morning from the metro bombing. also right now, here back at home the west is digging out from a massive blizzard that closed denver's airport and shut down interstates. that is hitting the heartland this morning. a-rod, alex rodriguez announcing his upcoming retirement saying he'll leave the game in 2017 after his blockbuster ten-year, $275 million
7:31 am
contract expires saying it's time for him to, quote, go home and be dad. >> that's a good time to end it right after the contract is over. >> another athlete is in the headlines. >> another athlete is in the headlines. that guy is nfl star aaron rodgers. the packers' quarterback has an out of this world story. he's used to closed encounters with huge linemen but now a possible close encounter of another kind and the internet is having a lot of fun talking about it. >> it could have happened. it could have happened. >> i have a few friends that said it happened to them. i don't know if they're credible but i will believe aaron rodgers a little more. our weekend "gma" anchor dan harris is joining us as well talking to the man at the center of the hulk hogan case and before we get to him -- >> such a huge story. so many talking about this. it's important, both for the media and internet. >> both sides of it. so before you talk to him we'll talk to linzie janis who spoke with some of the jurors and how they reached their verdict. >> reporter: this morning, the six jurors who awarded hulk hogan more than $140 million in
7:32 am
his case against gawker speaking out exclusively to abc news. >> in effect they broke the law, though. they broke the law. >> reporter: standing by their decision to punish the site for invading hogan's privacy by posting a tape of him having sex. >> absolutely no doubt that the decision we made was absolutely correct. >> we believe that he was emotionally distressed by it. >> if we were all in the same circumstances how would we feel about it? and emotionally we would have all been pretty devastated. >> he's still a human being just like anyone else. >> did anyone think he might have been behind it. >> even if he knew he was being recorded, there's still no right to put that out there if he doesn't want it put out. >> how did you feel about gawker's first amendment argument? >> it wasn't applicable. >> gawker made it clear to everyone that they were all around -- about crossing the line. >> reporter: they also had strong words for gawker's founder nick denton. >> i saw you looking right at nick denton as the verdict was read. >> i was looking to see some
7:33 am
remorse and he still have blatant disregard for what he did. >> reporter: if you had five minutes with nick denton what would you say? >> don't demean yourself by going for the vulgar and the lurid and the trashy, stick to newsworthy journalism. you understand what that is. >> put yourself in their shoes if you have the ability to do that. i don't even know that they have the heart to be able to do that. it's just amazing everything -- listen and see they have no heart, no soul. it's all about the almighty dollar to them and it's sick. >> reporter: at the heart of the case the jurors say is an individual's right to privacy, regardless of celebrity. how do you feel if it gets overturned on appeal. >> we drew a line and hope others do. >> i hope he fights it all the way for all of us. >> i think he'll win. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, st. pete beach, florida. >> and joining us now to share his side is the founder of gawker, nick denton.
7:34 am
>> hey, dan. >> i was sitting here with you watching those jurors and they had some pretty tough things to say about you. that one juror said you have no heart, no soul. it's all about the almighty dollar and it's sick. just gives me a sense what goes through your head when you hear that. >> first off, we never had any advertising running on this story and made no money on it. you know what it's like as a journalist. if you actually were feeling every single thing a subject was feeling, frankly, there would be no news. no stories would actually get written and we do put the story first and i am unapologetic about that. >> another of the jurors said and i think i know your answer to this because i think you may have just answered it. another of the jurors said she was looking for you to show some remorse. do you feel any remorse about posting that sex tape now? >> no, you know what, i don't. we didn't post the sex tape. we posted nine seconds of sexual
7:35 am
activity in an excerpt of a much, much longer tape. it was in the context of a story. the story has been found newsworthy by a federal judge, by appeals court on repeated occasions, you know, i believe it was newsworthy, those judges agreed it was newsworthy and so it is a story that we would do again. >> when we spoke to those jurors, one of the things they told us a key moment for them was hearing your now former editor say that he would post a sex tape of a child as long as that child was north of 4 years old. now you've later said he was joking but i have to imagine that's a damaging moment? oh, it was absolutely a damaging moment. it was a flip remark which he made at the end of a day. he's been harried by hogan's lawyers, the same question was being asked repeatedly and, you know, they got to him and we paid a price. >> one of your main arguments has been the jury was not allowed to hear from a key witness who would have said you say that hogan knew he was being
7:36 am
recorded during that sexual encounter. however, it's interesting. we asked the jury about this and they said even if they had heard that at trial, it wouldn't have made a difference to them? well, i mean i don't know how they could know that. bubba clem the man at the heart of this, the radio shock jock who shared his wife, encouraged his wife to sleep with hulk hogan and then taped the encounter, his testimony was vital -- is vital to our case and i think was vital to any understanding going on. he was the one who actually received the text message from hulk hogan, you know, a document that was actually unsealed by the appeals court, you know, on the final day of trial which actually shows that hulk hogan's motives in this case were entirely different from the ones he actually was talking about. >> it's worth noting that he has made -- clem has made varying statements on this issue of whether hogan knew. >> this was an interview to the fbi when lies are punishable,
7:37 am
it's a crime to lie to the fbi. he said that hogan knew there were cameras in the house he knew he was being taped. they were best friends, they knew everything about each other's lives so i don't think it's credible for hulk hogan to pretend that he actually had no idea of what was going on. >> hogan gave an interview after the trial. he said there was a moment when the two of you were having a stare-down and you scared the hell out of him. are you aware of this? do you have any response to it? >> i was aware our eyes met. he looks through it with a wrestling metaphor. a smackdown. leg drops. it's a serious case which i think in many people's eyes just trying to draw the line between privacy and the free press. i actually think it's more about, you know, publicity versus the free press, the hulk hogan was talking about his sex life incessantly on tmz, on "the howard stern show" and joking about this tape.
7:38 am
he didn't like the story that we wrote, you know, that's his right. it's the right of the jury not to like the story that we wrote. but it's a free press and in this country, people are allowed to write what they want and people are allowed to read what they want. >> nick denton, thank you very much. this is not over. that's very clear. robin, back to you. >> thanks to you, dan. coming up a warning about the new way thieves are breaking into homes. abc's gio benitez goes under cover. so, i'm dressed up as a utility worker from the water company and will knock on some doors to see if people will let mae in. lots of criminals are doing this and you'll be surprised what we find. all coming up on "gma."
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back at 7:42 with "gma on the lookout" and a warning for all of us. thieves are using creative ways to break into our homes being allowed to walk right in the front door. gio benitez went undercover to show you how they're doing it.
7:43 am
and how you can protect yourself and your family. >> who do you work with? >> oh, man. >> reporter: police say this man is not who he says he is. impersonating an electric worker just last month trying to get cash for a supposed overdue bill. >> i said could i have your i.d.? and he said, no. >> reporter: our affiliate wpbf-tv capturing the encounter and police later arresting him charged with robbery, battery and fraud. this case part of an ongoing concern. alleged criminals disguising themselves as utility workers and talking their way into homes like this duo in queens, new york, who police say got in and made off with $70,000. >> there was a person in my house. he pulled a gun on me. >> reporter: just three weeks ago in eastern michigan a frightened homeowner held at gunpoint by yet another alleged impostor. >> he's like, we had a gas leak in the neighborhood. and he said that he was from the gas company. >> these guys are very good, they're very articulate.
7:44 am
>> reporter: terry maenza from pennsylvania america water is battling the issue. >> they hit an area and are gone. >> reporter: to demonstrate how it can happen, i'm going undercover disguised as a water company worker. equipped with a fluorescent vest, hard hat and walkie-talkie all easily purchased online for 60 bucks. place your order. let's go. my team dropping me in summit, new jersey. we're going to knock on these doors and see what happens. see if these people let us in when we tell them we're with the water company and obviously we're not. our cameras producers and members of the summit police department watching from the street out of sight. >> certainly looks official. >> hi, how are you. i'm with the water company, we're checking water pressure around town. do you mind if i check your faucet? to our surprise. >> no, come on. >> she let him right in. >> reporter: within seconds of meeting a total stranger six of the seven homeowners who answered the door invite me
7:45 am
inside. so these people think i'm taking official notes here but i'm just doodling but i immediately come clean. before i come in i should tell you my name is gio benitez and i'm with abc news. we're with abc news and we have cameras here. why were you willing to let us in. >> i was looking for a badge. >> want to come in. >> what let your guard down? >> the clipboard and hat. just thoughtou were authentic. >> would you believe this whole get-up including the walkie-talkie, 60 bucks. oftentimes what you don't see, you don't know the capabilities of the person that's entering your home. >> reporter: if they have a weapon, you have no idea. >> exactly. >> only one person asked for i.d. >> do you mind if i check your kitchen faucet? >> want to show me some i.d.? >> you asked the right question. you are the first one to ask for i.d. we show terry our results. >> people have a natural trust and these impostors kind of play off that trust. >> i appreciate it, guys. teaching me a lesson. >> reporter: high five-for doing
7:46 am
the right thing. >> thanks. >> reporter: utility companies say it's extremely rare for a worker to even come to your door unannounced so if they come knocking just make sure you ask for that photo i.d. and look for that truck outside with the company logo. if you really want to check call that utility company or even the police, just don't feel bad about that. robin, michael. >> i was thinking about that. yes, call the utility company, absolutely. >> if i saw gio, i would think gio picked up a side gig and showing up at my house doing some work. great work. coming up, aaron rodgers revealing an out of this world experience. what he says he saw and the big reaction he's getting this morning. snoorp ndering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window?
7:47 am
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bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers who says he saw a ufo on a podcast, listen. >> it was definitively large in the night sky moving from left to right. again, we're at like 12:30 at night here. >> yeah. >> it was me and steve and his brother that saw it. and it goes out of sight and we look at each other going what in the [ bleep ] was that?
7:51 am
>> pretty good reaction. >> that will make you do that. >> in wisconsin? >> another person who is out of this world that will be here is ben affleck. this world that will be here is ben affleck. brmilk and fresh creama. and only sustainably farmed vanilla. breyers has fresh cream, sugar and milk. breyers. the good vanilla. our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. this is so good!
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try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. back here on "gma," just brilliant images of those cherry blossoms in washington, d.c. mid to upper 70s again today so some almost 20 degrees above average all south of that warm front. all that weather brought to you by chico's. your local weather right a
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by panera bread. to you by panera bread.
7:56 am
now from abc7 news. >> good morning 7:56. i'm reggie aqui. let's see what your weather looks like today. >> good morning, everybody. it's another bright one. temperatures just a little bit above average. see the 70s in the north bay, free month, palo alto. high pressure locks the pattern in for tomorrow. warmer saturday. cooler but still remaining dry for your easter egg hunt. >> 80 west pound, emeryville, accidenting bloing languae of traffic. it's very, very slow. the accident below our cam rap metering lights on at bay bridge for a good solid hour and 4 minutes from hercules into san francisco. >> maybe ben affleck will cheer people up.
7:57 am
plus deals and steals. another update in 30 minutes. always on your news app and abc7 let me remind, we are on every weekday 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. news continues with good morning america. see you in another few minutes.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. tough new reality. "real housewives" husband joe guidice heads to prison after a tearful good-bye with his family. how they spent their final days together and teresa reveals her greatest hope for his time behind bars. ♪ ben affleck suits up. he is the brand-new batman and he's here live taking on a legend, life right now and a big throwback surprise right here. ♪ power trip. >> good morning, ladies. >> we're on board the all female flight. exclusive access to the top business stars from hollywood
8:01 am
from drew to gwyneth and wait till you hear what tyra is saying about being a mom and a ceo. ♪ i'm burring up and maks is here live showing you how to spring into shape with brand-new moves ripped from the ballroom. get up and dance as we say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ it is a great thursday, #fridayeve, good friday eve, everybody. that's maks, our good friend helping us dance our way into shape this morning. he's got the moves. we've got the ultimate spring break dance party. we got a great deejay here, as well, getting our audience all pumped up. >> and on top of that, you are talking to batman, ben affleck. >> yep. >> which is like a real conversation between batman and robin. i'm so excited. >> i was just waiting for it like go ahead.
8:02 am
you delivered. >> nailed it. >> he nailed it. >> a tough line. >> it was. and tory johnson is here with some amazing "deals & steals" but before we get to all that, we want to go back to amy in brussels for the latest on the investigation into the terror attacks. good morning again, amy. >> good morning again to you, robin. there are actually several breaking developments here in brussels this morning. authorities have just announced the hunt for a second man captured on surveillance footage in the subway explosion, and that new suspect seen with bomber khalid el bakraoui right before his bomb exploded. now, this is in addition, of course, to the search for the surviving airport bomber whose explosive did not detonate. his whereabouts also unknown at this hour, and we are also learning many more details about the other two airport bombers who died in the attack. a failure of intelligence, that's what they're calling it and they say that may have allowed them to carry out their plan. turkey's president confirming that ibrahim el bakraoui was captured last june on the syrian border and deported back to
8:03 am
europe. but he was flagged as a foreign terrorist fighter. the problem, belgian police identified him only as a common criminal. now, police also found what appears to be a suicide note from el bakraoui on a laptop in a garbage can, and on that note he says, he no longer knows what to do, that he is in a bad situation and that if he does not act immediately, he says he will be in a prison cell like him. well, authorities believe that he was referring to salah abdeslam, the suspect behind the paris bombings currently in custody here in brussels after a four-month search. some investigators believe his arrest last week may have been what triggered this attack here in brussels. now, his lawyer appeared in court this morning saying he would not fight extradition back to paris but that he had no knowledge of the brussels attack. there will be, of course, much more to come on that front but meantime, as the search continues for those two men police believe are on the lam, you can see here in the heart of brussels, people still continue to pay their respects for the
8:04 am
victims of this week's deadly terror attacks. robin. >> quite a scene. all right, amy, thank you so much. and david muir will be anchoring live from brussels again for a special edition of "world news tonight." but we're going to turn to "gma" weekend anchor dan harris with the morning rundown. good morning, dan. >> good morning, guys. there is breaking news in the fight against isis and iraq. the iraqi military says it has now launched a long awaited offensive to retake the city of mosul from isis fighters. mosul is iraq's second largest city. iraqi officials say they already captured some villages on the outskirts of town. this comes just days after the u.s. military set up a marine outpost in the region. an unusual and symbolic move by the justice department today. the justice department is indicting a group of hackers with alleged ties to the government of iran for a cyberattack that targeted a dam in suburban new york in 2013. the hackers were not able to take control of the dam, but the indictment signals how serious u.s. officials are taking this threat. they say the hackers also
8:05 am
targeted several banks. the governor of north carolina has signed a law that overturns protections granted to gay and transgender people at the local level. it's in response to an ordinance in charlotte that allowed transgender people to use the bathrooms that matches their gender identity. the new state law requires people to use only bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their biological sex. supporters say this is common sense. critics call it blatant discrimination. in kansas wildfires fueled by heavy winds have prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency. dozens of homes evacuated. flames near oklahoma near the border have burned 150 square miles even burning down this railroad bridge. dramatic moments caught on police dash cam in florida. an officer used his baton to break into this car that burned after a crash. a woman was trapped inside by her seat belt. despite the flames the two deputies were finally able to drag her out to safety. she was airlifted to a hospital.
8:06 am
federal agents uncovered a drug tunnel linking a restaurant in mexico to this three-bedroom house east of san diego. they seized more than a ton of marijuana and they arrested four people. agents say it's the first case of smugglers building a house in california to hide a tunnel. finally, goodwill stores and charity shops are generally thankful for your generosity. that is not always the case, however. take, for example, this charity store in england. people keep donating secondhand copies of "fifty shades of grey." the shop has so many copies, they've even built a "fifty shades of grey" fortress and they are now kindly asking people to hold on to their copies. apparently when you're decorating your home and setting up the books you want people to think you're smart, "fifty shades" doesn't make the cut. >> not so much. >> not so much. >> all right, dan. thank you. get over to michael now with the "morning menu." you know, robin, you could
8:07 am
have got me back and said, back over to michael, fifty shades of stra. here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." a new reality for teresa guidice. what the real housewife is saying about her husband when he goes behind bars. plus, maks is here. he's showing off the best moves to get in shape at our spring it on dance party with deejay bhen picking up the tunes. deejay, do your thing. a little something. yeah, yeah. all right. and ben affleck, he's here live. ben affleck is here live, batman and our audience is so excited. check them out, everybody. all that is coming up on "gma" in times square. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints, a multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. ♪ vitamints, a multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. ks. we are a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video"
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live claritin clear. every day. ♪ ah. no, he's not. maks can do it all. welcome back to "gma." our spring it on dance party as you can see is in full swing. maks is here to show us the best moves to get in shape. coming up. >> can't wait to see that. but before we get to that, we want to get to the big headline about "real housewives" star teresa guidice facing a new reality as her husband joe goes behind bars starting his prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud. "nightline" anchor juju chang is here with the latest and good morning, juju. >> hi. joe and teresa were living the reality show fantasy life. big mansions, wild luxuries until it all exploded with criminal convictions for financial fraud. for the sake of the kids teresa was allowed to pay her debt to society, as the saying goes first. now her husband joe is doing the same.
8:13 am
this morning, it's joe guidice's time to serve time behind bars. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: following his hot-headed wife teresa to jail, the new jersey housewife sharing a tearful good-bye with family outside their new jersey mansion. teresa returned home in time for christmas last year after serving nearly a year in prison for fraud. thrilled to be home as she told "gma's" own amy robach in her first interview after freedom. >> it feels great to be home with my daughters, with my husband. >> reporter: but time spent as a whole family would be short. >> in the last few days joe guidice and the family actually celebrated all together just with their closest friends and family to make sure they had nice memories for the kids before he had to go away to jail. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, the family said, "joe guidice surrendered himself to the federal correctional institution at fort dix today at 12:00 p.m. to begin serving his sentence. it was obviously a very emotional day, but this is a very strong family with a
8:14 am
tremendous support system, and they will get through this just as they did when teresa was away." while joe serves a nearly 3 1/2-year sentence for bankruptcy fraud, teresa is ready to go it alone, calling their relationship stronger than ever. >> what impact has this had on your marriage? >> if anything, i mean, really it's made it stronger. >> reporter: as the couple's separation continues teresa's hope that joe will use his prison time as a chance to turn his life around. >> she said he should just keep to himself and get through the time. he also told us he wants to get some time knocked off his sentence for doing a rehab program and stopping drinking. >> reporter: you know, the other looming question is, will joe face deportation after? you know, he was born in italy, but technically living in the u.s. illegally since he was 1 basically. his lawyer says he doesn't want to worry about that right now until he gets out and hopeful things will change and won't come to that. he says he feels like an american. >> that's another -- >> he's been here since he was 1. i can imagine why. >> yeah, but it's another piece
8:15 am
in the puzzle that needs to be solved. >> absolutely. they took the hypothetical if they sent you to italy, would teresa and the girls go with you and he said, sure. >> the biggest thing is the kids. they let her serve her time so he could be there for the kids and vice versa and hopefully at the end of the day the kids are the least affected by this. >> absolutely. good point. >> all right. you know what, we'll throw it over to you, robin. >> well said there. now to those superstar success secrets, some of the most powerful women in the world opening up at a conference by "marie claire" about how they got to the top and how you can too. here to tell us about it is our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis. you were there for it all. >> it was really cool, robin. good morning to you. there are a third of businesses around the world that are now owned by a woman. robin's sister is one of those women who owns one of those businesses, but women in leadership roles at the top of the largest institutions are extremely rare, so whatever barriers you're dreaming of breaking down, whatever challenges you are facing, here's some practical advice
8:16 am
from 200 of the most influential inspiring women in the country. it's a first of its kind event. >> good morning, ladies. >> reporter: the power trip. 36 jam-packed hours organized by "marie claire" magazine who offered us seats on board. >> good morning, america. >> reporter: 100 of the most influential leaders in fashion, business, technology and public policy hopping aboard a jetblue flight from new york city to san francisco to meet 100 west coast power players and celebrities sharing their secrets to success. >> we need to create spaces and societal norms and institutions where women come together and, for lack of a better word, network. >> reporter: the twist, everyone involved right down to the engineers, flight crew and pilots, a woman. are there many other women doing this? >> maybe 3%. >> reporter: actress turned entrepreneur drew bayrymore,
8:17 am
the april cover star of "marie claire" magazine sharing her wine and wisdom telling us her secret to creating a business, follow your passion. >> whatever it is in life that makes you feel like you just want to leap, leap. but work hard but all the way through the fall. >> reporter: gwyneth paltrow's insider tip, dare to be first. >> i think that it's challenging to do something that's provocative and, you know, i was in a way first in -- first of my peers in the space and to do this and so i think i took, you know, a lot of scrapes going through the brush with my machete. >> reporter: new mom tyra banks on maternity leave talking with us about her favorite part of motherhood. >> i love my baby in my arms and him just gurgling or sleeping and i've got the bottle propped up. >> reporter: her trick to trailblazing, delegate and empower. >> whether you're a mom or a ceo, sister or wife.
8:18 am
>> empower, delegate. put somebody on the cookies and you take the cupcakes. i love that. >> put somebody else on the cookies. you take the cupcakes. i love that. tyra told me something powerful and said just know that the people that paved the way get all the cuts and scrapes. it's what comes with it, robin. these were great reminders to women about how to empower yourself but also this idea that so many women in these power positions, they felt the failure. they felt the fear. >> sure. >> it makes it feel universal to anyone who's trying to face their own challenge. >> you think they have -- they did not -- they were not fearful and all those things but they need to let people know that's the case but there's something because i'm thinking of my sister that you alluded to who started a business in our little hometown last year. she was a social worker for 30 years, and she followed her passion as we heard in the piece and she created this store and she's happy every single day so anyone can do it and she took course, took classes to learn.
8:19 am
what was it like being with all these women? >> 50s phenomenal, robin. it was so inspiring and i just really felt like it's hopeful for our future, the businesses that these women are building, they're inclusive, businesses like your sister are getting out into the community and involving so many people. it's a great thing. i love to see the changes that are happening that are under way and it's great information for so many people out there who have their own dreams. >> i love how you're beaming about this. you are really excited about it. thanks, rebecca. let's go outside to jesse. >> well, it's time to thing it on now with tory johnson and "deals & steals" and, tory, it's a big morning because this morning, we're got a gbagbo than have. >> a bag bonanza. >> our "gma" viewers love bags. tell us what we have. >> from ora delphine, their all new kelly satchel bag. a little lock twist in the front and a pocket, so comfortable, a variety of colors so i think there's something for everyone.
8:20 am
great bag for spring into summer, can't go wrong especially the adjustable straps really fun too so makes it more versatile. normally $355 originally, today only slashed by 76%. >> wow. >> 85 bucks. >> wow, that's an incredible deal. next up some things that will help you organize. >> rustic cuffs. this is rustic cuffs' brand-new collection of their cosmetic and jewelry bags, five different monogram styles and five different colors so whether you travel and you want it for jewelry, cosmetics or any kind of little knickknacks, these are for you and great personalization, mother's day coming up. big discount on these, as well. normally starting at $58, all the pieces depending on what you choose are just 29 each slashed in half. >> cha-ching. of course next up we've got some totes. >> this is from quilted koala. what's great about these you'll get two pieces, you'll get the little -- whoops, i dropped that one -- coordinating pouch along with the tote bag. four different colors to choose from. this is like sturdy. >> it is. >> really nice, great all kinds of zippers inside, snaps so it's
8:21 am
sturdy and secure. i think this is something anyone would love to be able to carry. >> and the deal our viewers get on these? >> big discount on these. normally these are $117 for both pieces. today only slashed by 70%. >> wow. >> $35 for the set. >> my mom could use some of those. you got some colorful stuff over here. >> these are from itsy ritzy. these are all little bags that are great for snacks, for crayons, travel. there's even the kind that's great for wet -- for bathing suits. >> yes. >> sure. >> so they've got a lining for that. the ones that are for food fda approved to carry food, washable, just really great, big assortment of patterns good for kids and adults, you'll find a lot online. normally these range starting from $10 to $18, today only slashing them in half $5 to 9 bucks from itsy ritzy. >> maybe something you can use for the weekend. >> these are great also for guys and girls. this is from isola. it's a canvas bag.
8:22 am
and you can choose one to three initials on the bag and the embroidery comes in a variety of different colors. so i think that's great and like when you carry this, you travel a lot. >> i do. >> this is great for -- it's either a great overnight bag, weekend bag, it's also perfect for a carry-on when you're traveling. big discount on these. normally these bags are $64. today only they're slashed by 50%, $32, and that includes the monogram. >> except for the monogram i almost walked out with this myself. thanks to these companies for providing these great deals. get the codes and links on at ginger is here to give us some weather. >> my mom was so proud. she had a bracelet and bag she ordered. "deals & steals" works, people. this is really cool the cutoff line of snow, >> mellow, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area profit. a few clouds this morning and
8:23 am
this afternoon, above-average temperatures today. minimal fog forms overnight like this morning. clouds are cooler and breezy for the been anies on sunday. but it will not rain. here is a look at temperatures, mid-to-upper 60s around the coast and bayshore and 70s inland and my seven-day forecast shows we are locked in tomorrow, a little bit warmer on saturday and cooler next >> a beautiful morning in new york city. very batman themed out here. we'll get to that. but for now we've got to get to michael. >> all right, thank you, ginger. now come in here and join us, why don't you. it is time now for "pop news" and the hilarious kristen bell was on "jimmy kimmel" last night and the "frozen" star revealed that her kids are a little different than most when it comes to "frozen" mania. take a look. >> do your daughters go nuts that you're princess anna? i mean is that like a big thing? >> no, they could care less. >> oh, they don't care? >> no, god no. >> why? >> i don't know, because they live to break down my self-esteem.
8:24 am
>> she's got it right. it turns out she's a big "game of thrones" fan and she definitely, definitely passed that on to her kids. >> i'm such a "game of thrones" junkie. >> yeah. >> one of the first phrases i taught my kid to say was winter is coming. she used to run around before she knew what it meant and say winter coming. winter coming. >> very funny. >> there are no elsa dresses for bell's kids. instead she made her daughter a jon snow costume. to top it off, jimmy reminded her how her show competes with "game of thrones" and she replied, that's a bummer and a program note for "jimmy kimmel," he has a big guest tonight, presidential candidate hillary clinton, and all that starts at 11:35 eastern right here on abc. and next up, speaking of "game of thrones," we're officially just one month away from the season six premiere and to tide fans over until we've got a big reveal this morning, here is your very first look at "entertainment weekly's" six
8:25 am
collector covers featuring the women of "game of thrones." >> they're taking over this year. >> they're taking over. women have been taking over the world forever, jesse. get used to it. the show's creator teasing this season is the best one yet with the women set to take center stage, and we can't wait to hear more from the cast here on "gma" in april. >> they're coming here. >> yes, they're coming here. when she has a dragon baby, that was like, women, you can do it all. and finally, a family that dances together stays together, everybody. we've known that. that's why we get our groove on around here. but one little guy, he definitely wants to take the exit ramp away from his family road trip. take a look. ♪ say geronimo ♪ say geronimo ♪ say geronimo ♪ say geronimo ♪ say geronimo ♪ say geronimo >> how cute. ♪ say geronimo >> is he going to start crying? >> what's that? >> that reminds me of us here and george. i love you, george.
8:26 am
but george is that kid in the backseat who will not dance for anybody. >> oh. >> i love you, george. cheer up, little man because "dancing's" maks is here. the champ, maks is here, he's going to teach us all how to dance. >> you're going to get it. >> i'm going to get it. i'm really scared actually. coming up, "dancing" star maks is here. he's going to help us salsa into shape this morning. and batman himself, ben affleck, is here. all that coming up live on "gma."
8:27 am
now from abc7 news. >> good morning, let's go over to sue, there's backup on the bay bridge. >> still this morning, yes. metering lights on at 5:29. and still slammed. we had a couple of earlier incidents on the east shore freeway. traveling from hercules and elsa receipt toe, berkeley, mcarthur maze an hour, to be honest out there. accident northbound 680 in the alamo area. this involving four vehicles and slow traffic through danville. >> thank you so much, sue. mike nicco will join us wit there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road.
8:28 am
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good morning a few clouds showing up. expect to need the sunglasses. high pressure will bring us warmer than average weather. 9:00 in the 50. we'll stay in the 60s coast. surge into the 70s in some bay and inland neighborhoods. here's my accuweather forecast, watch out for the pollen. warmest saturday. dry but cooler for easter egg hunt sunday. >> we'll have another local update in 30 minutes. always on our news app, abc7 join us weekdays 4:30 to 7:00.
8:30 am
news continues with "good morning america." enjoy the sunshine. ♪ we welcome you back to "gma." the man is here. ben affleck. on top of the bat signal as we gear up for "batman v superman: dawn of justice," one of the most highly anticipated movies and matchups this year. why don't you take a look. >> stay down. if i wanted it you'd be dead already.
8:31 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> i loved how quiet the crowd got and they were all watching the screen like that. you know, no pressure. no pressure playing batman. >> not at all. but no problem. it's -- a lot of great people did it before, christian and michael keaton and val kilmer and george clooney. the list goes on and on so big shoes to fill and i was grateful and humble to get the chance to do it. >> the crew and i watched it. it's thrilling from start to finish. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> the suit that you have to wear. >> yes. >> a little heavy. >> yes, you know what i mean, we got a few -- >> did you have to get in shape. >> yeah, i had to be in shape. nowadays audiences expect you to play a superhero to look like a superhero so that was probably the hardest part of the whole thing but the suit is a little restrictive but, you know, they have a lot of people -- the costumers do great work so you can kind of be flexible in the suit and move around and do all the stuff you're supposed to do and look like batman more or
8:32 am
less. >> you did look like batman. it's about the character, bruce wayne and that's what you had to nail. >> that's true. when you're batman you got the movie is doing a lot of work for you, the sound effects and music and the optics of all of it, when you're playing bruce wayne that's when you play the character and hopefully the audience sort of projects into that batman costume when they see it, you know, this character. >> this character that we've all, many of us have grown up with and many are wondering, why are they against each other? they're two good guys. >> well, that is sort of the trick of the movie that you have to go see it. when you just think about it to start with, you think "a,"ary they both heroes and why would they be on opposite ends of any fight and "b" why wouldn't batman or superman get squashe like a bug right away. a lot of storytelling goes to explain those things so you got to buy a ticket. >> it's like the alpha and omega of superheroes. you have been great out here
8:33 am
promoting your movie and going around different places. i know it has to be difficult when so much is being said about your private life and how you've been so graceful, you and jennifer in talking about it. what's been the most difficult part about this past year. >> you know, we just -- we sort of put the kids first and, you know, she's been running around. she's got a great movie "miracles from heaven" that's out if you can catch at theaters and she works very hard and is great with the kids and like i say we put them first and take it one step at a time and do our best. >> that's what it is, it always comes down to family. >> absolutely. >> and our viewers can respect that. your son got a chance to -- he had a birthday party. didn't you pull out the superhero suit. >> he wanted to have a superhero birth. day. he wanted some superheroes to show up and have his burday party to look like that basically but he was like you got to wear the real suit. >> the studio let you -- >> i called them up. they were gracious and brought some of the costumers over and brought the real suit over and made me sign like i wasn't going to use it for evil, you know,
8:34 am
and i put it on and, you know, went out there like for his birthday and wrestled around with the other superheroes and tried not to tear anything and, you know, i knews i was going be performing for kids but i was self-conscious when i realized how the grown-ups were there too. >> looking at you. hey, batman, okay. wow. you're really doing it. but it was fun. it was great to see the look on his face. it was really -- that was -- made everything worthwhile. >> one of those moments. >> we have little superheroes that want to ask you some questions. >> all right. >> the first one is alfred. the name is alfred. i'm not kidding. alfred, what is your question? >> i'm not alfred. >> okay, where is alfred? okay, alfred, you go ahead. >> go. >> step up to the mike, alfred. >> when you were my age did you ever think you'd be a superhero. >> i never did think i was a superhero. tfrgs a big surprise to me and but you guys look like you're ready to be a superhero already. >> yeah.
8:35 am
>> yeah. >> way to go, alfred. thank you. >> very good. thank you. >> kylie, you have a question? okay. >> hi, mr. affleck, my name is kylie. and i think i already know the answer to this question but who do you think would be a better president, batman or superman? >> you know, i think they'd both be great candidates. i think batman has some anger issues he'd have to resolve before he -- yeah, the candidates -- the -- what do you call it the campaign is quite a circus these days so he would fit in. >> good answer, good answer. okay, adam, now you can go, adam. you can ask your question. >> who should lead the jets league, batman or superman -- >> that's something bat hurricane is qualified for. much more attuned to the justice league than being president of the united states. >> oh, great question. >> excellent questions. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, in honor of these
8:36 am
little ones right here it is throwback thursday, it is throwback thursday. you want to see ben when he was very young in his first time on tv? take a look at this. >> oh, no. >> i'm ben affleck. i play the part of c.t. granville. the story "the voyage of the nimi" is made up but everything in it could happen. scientists do study whales. in fact scientists study just about everything and go just about everywhere to do it. >> now you know why i never imagined i'd be a superhero. >> after that. >> but that was your first paycheck. >> that's right. that's how i started buying comics and where it all started, exactly. >> you're never safe here at "gma." we'll go to the vault all the time. such a great sport. all the best to you. >> thank you very, very much. >> highly anticipated, "batman v superman: dawn of justice." >> thank you very much. >> opens nationwide tomorrow. >> thank you, ben. >> thank you very much. >> now over to ginger. >> i can't wait to see it. thank you for being here, ben. good morning. thank you to all of you for being here. what a great morning it is in
8:37 am
new york city. but, of course, it's a considerably cooler, about 0 degree cooler than where we ended up yesterday all because of that warm front but the cold front that drags behind that low going to bring severe weather, potential for the strong winds, large hail, even isolated tornadoes through mississippi northern alabama far northwestern george and kentucky and tennessee. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with mostly sunny and warmer-than-average from mid-to-upper 60s in san francisco and the peninsula to the rest us in the low 70s the my seven-day forecast shows pattern is locked in tomorrow, warmer on saturday, and it will >> and all that weather brought to you by windows 10. we are also super excited about tonight's big premiere of the new abc drama "the catch." here's a sneak peek. >> you're so good, youary so method that when you take on a con, you become that guy. look at you. you have become a fine, up
8:38 am
standing citizen who all he wants to do is marry the red-headed lady detective and settle down. you are not that guy. >> ooh. "the catch" premieres tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on abc. >> that's right, ginger. well, coming up, i'm double fisting some coffee. our ultimate spring it on dance party with naks is coming up. i brought you a cup, as well. lego mugs because we've got the world exclusive sneak peek at the new lego batman movie and will arnett is the voice of batman. >> good morning, america. oh, that's actually the name of the show, too. i was -- i was just saying good morning, america but that's -- that's a happy coincidence, anyway i just dropped in to give you a battastic and first look at the batman lego movie. check this out. >> hey, i'm home. i'm home. i'm home. >> welcome home, sir.
8:39 am
initializing bat cage music. ♪ yeah uh-huh >> so did anything exciting happen today? ♪ yeah >> i saved the city again. it was off the chain. anyway i should probably have some grub. >> reporter: alfred left your lobster thermidor in the fridge. >> that's favorite. not 20 minutes. stupid. ♪ yeah uh-huh you know what it is ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:42 am
so, what was jojo thinking when she didn't get the last rose and how happy is she for ben and lauren and their engagement. tomorrow on "gma," the new bachelorette everyone is talking about speaks out for herself only on abc's "good morning america." ♪ back now with our spring it on series, maks is here getting our spring break dance party going and helping you get toned with his heart-pumping salsa-inspired workout. how are you? >> i'm going good.
8:43 am
>> we're springing it on. >> so springy. >> before we talk about that, ginger and your brother val, "dancing with the stars" and three-way tie for the lead. >> amazing, amazing. may i say thank you. >> no, thank you. >> and happy birthday little one, by the way today. >> he's 30 today. >> 30 today. told mom he's not 5 years old but you guys did an amazing job. i didn't know. nobody knew this was the dark wars but nobody expected it from the get-go. >> your brother is a magician. he made it happen. i mean he is such a good instructor. >> top three is amazing. i love wayna and peta -- that was an amazing show for us. >> you're going to let val away long enough to go on tour with you. our way. >> our way. >> tell us about it. >> an amazing experience, i mean, honestly i just wanted to set the record straight. who has better abs. better behind, but, no, 45 cities nationwide in a tour 22 years ago we were immigrants and
8:44 am
so, you know, we wanted to be inspirational and be our way, our story of how we got here and, you know, just grateful, thankful to the fans and everybody else. >> we're grateful and thankful for both of you. >> thank you. >> all right, so what is the dance you want to do next. >> samba. >> we'll do the salsa. >> yeah, i'm going to show a couple of steps to get everybody in a bit of a groove so basic salsa step so you go forward to left, one, two, three, back to the right. one, two, three, great for your leg, get your heart rate going a little bit. hip action, put in your hip, things start to move and you start to work, right? then we'll do the same thing to the side. side, yeah. again, very simple timing, very simple movement, the more you do, the more you feel, you know, the effect of this. all right. so the next step we'll do is the turning hip roll, whatever you want to call it. simple. side, side. side and then the other side,
8:45 am
one, two, three. four. and the last step is called continuous susie q. by the way i'm making all these names up. eastern european salsa dancer but you go across, across, across, across and same thing to the other side, yeah. and then we'll put this together so you see what it looks like, ready. five, six, a little -- five, six, ready. go. one sh, two, three, four. side to side. one, two, three, four. circle. ♪ and then one, two, three, four. one, two, two, three and you can repeat it from beginning. listen in social setting this basic stuff looks like this, yeah. so you don't know that you're learning stuff that you can use, i don't know, on the dance floor and any place, yeah. i want everybody to move. [ cheers and applause ]
8:46 am
♪ >> all right, the woman in the gr gray, you were moving back there. i saw that. it's all about moving. you work the gluts and the abs. it's just feeling it. feeling it. thank you, maks. you can see maks and val in their new show "our way" this summer coming to cities nationwide and tickets are on sale now. coming up, makeup secrets to help you look picture perfect. maks, ah.
8:47 am
8:48 am
and we are back now with our spring makeup smackdown. one of the stars you're seeing on your screen have in common? they always take the perfect photo. we've got their zees now and how you can get that picture perfect face. take a look. from hollywood stars to your own instagram feed, everyone is
8:49 am
obsessed with taking that perfect selfie. >> let me take a selfie. >> with so many makeup options out there it's tough to know which product will get that flawless a-list look. drew barry moore's secret, her makeup line, flower. and eva mendes achieves it from circa beauty. jessica alba always looks fresh faced at every angle and gives props to the honest company. >> it's like a fresh face makeup no makeup look. >> reporter: so what can you do to get that perfect snap? let's find out. ♪ let me take a selfie >> love that song. joining me now "allure" magazine's editor in chief michelle lee with more on the celebrity inspired beauty secrets. this is a big deal. >> big deal. >> you don't want to do the multiple selfies. you want to get it right the first time. >> you have to look good and natural too. >> right. so what's the trick. >> so, the trick is really not being overly made up.
8:50 am
so what we've done today is really disdilled it down if you want to use that one product what is that hero. >> what's the first one. >> the first one is it's all about highlighter so when you're taking that perfect selfie and look at kim kardashian who has that luminous lit from within look. how does she do it? she uses this amazing highlighter. it's all about creating light on your face. >> okay, so logan is our model. we'll go ahead and turn her around. we have to see her before. we don't want to show her after without. logan before, gorgeous. but you want to have a better selfie, turn yourself. let's see the finished product. logan. hot. you can see it. it really does -- it bounds off there. >> it absolutely does and it really helps to define the face. what we did with logan was took this liquid highlighter and with highlighter you want to take a look at the high points of your face so imagine where the light is going to catch. so we took it and highlighted
8:51 am
her cheekbones, brow bone and cupid's bow and when you take a selfie that light will catch and really, really highlight those places. so if your face is oily, though, there are a lot of really great powder highlighters like this one, so similarly you kind of want to take that and use it in the same places. >> great. >> not do too much. woe don't want to go with full-on shimmer. >> walking around so you don't want to look like you're going on film. >> absolutely. honestly if you don't want to use a highlighter and go natural i love the idea of using aquifer which adds sheen. >> let's move on to the next tip. and the next product. which is -- >> the next product is it's all about if you're at the gym and you are taking a selfie, what will you use? we don't want to go in a full face of makeup but still want to look somewhat pulled together. so the real hero product here is all about a tinted eyebrow ge
8:52 am
if you look at a celebrity like a penelope cruz who has amazing eyebrows you can see how defining that brow and arch maybes a huge difference. >> our next model is amy and her before photo. amy, go ahead and turn around. now look at those brows. very nice. >> really nice so when i open up this tinted brow gel you'll see the want is actually very similar to a mascara wand so what you want to do with this is just brush it on and it's very similar to mascara in that it dries quickly. once it dries even at the gym it's not going anywhere even if you're sweating. we brushed it. once you get to the arch brush up to help define that arch. >> we have one final product if we can run over, the product is. >> it is not one but it's actually two products. what we did was we used two different mascaras and the celeb we're looking at is gwen stefani who has amazing glamorous
8:53 am
lashes. >> kristen, let's see those lashes. very nice. how did you do it. >> what we did, we started off with a lengthening mascara. take that and think going outwards to lengthen and finished up with a volumizer mascara which you want to give it a little bit of a wiggle at the base and then go out which will give you lots and lots of voluminous lashes. >> thank you so much, michelle, for being here. the april issue of "allure" magazine hits stands nationwi
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ what i love is "good morning america" is brought to you by the makers of n nondrowsy claritin. live claritin clear. ♪ i love it >> our thanks to deejay b-hen. our thanks to maks and the audience for helping us spring into shape. can we move? can we move? crank it up. let's go. have a good day, everybody. ♪ in one of our volcanoes, to see some lava you're probably gonna be disappointed.
8:57 am
8:58 am
if you brdon't worry.suit to the oregon coast, someone will loan you a sweater.
8:59 am
♪ good morning, i'm abc7 news morning anchor natasha zouves. tiburon, a bus hit a tree. overhead right now, 18 children were on board, no injuries reported right now. but that bus has been damaged. we're going to keep monitoring this. we're tweeting this out. download our free news app. enable push alerts. meteorologist mike nicco tracking bay area forecast. mike. >> good morning, everybody. how about mid to upper 60s around the bay and out towards the coast, low 70s inland. accuweather seven day, warm saturday, dry, but cooler sunday. >> bay bridge problem coming off on the san francisco side. we have motorcycle down at fremont street off-ramp. and you can see traffic very, very slow across the span. looking at about 30 to 40-minute
9:00 am
drive from the toll plaza across into san francisco. once again, western span, there we go. thank you so much. time for live with >> it's "live with kelly & michael." today from the new film "miles ahead," don cheadle. and star of "pee wee's big holiday," paul reubens. plus check out the latest, hottest sports cars, as we continue our special new york auto show week. also, erin andrews returns for another day of co-hosting, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now here are michael strahan and erin andrews.


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