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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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have collapsed. >> they did fly over a few times to burn off some fuel, as well as have the tower do a visual inspection to see if the landing gear was down. >> reporter: about ten minutes later, the pilot landed safely, on its belly. >> once the aircraft stopped moving, we were able to put a foam blanket down to ensure there were no sparks. >> reporter: once they cooled the fuselage, the four people on board disembarked. no one was injured. the pilot stayed behind, but the passengers were taken off the tarmac in a black suv. the plane is registered to this company, monolithic power systems in south san jose. they declined to comment. vic lee, "abc7 news." a violent sexual predator is liing in concord as a transient.
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police say he will stay at a variety of short-term rentals and could stay anywhere. he must check in every 30 days. police say he's being supervised 24-7 to keep him from reoffending. tonight, uc berkeley administrators have a plan to fight sexual misconduct that comes after how the university handled several cases. 31 female students have filed federal complaints that the university failed to protect them against sexual harassment and assault. the plan is aimed at providing quicker investigations, more consistent sanctions and training and education about sexual misconduct. just this month, cal fire its assistant basketball coach for violating the policy, and former law school dean resigned after faculty complained he was allowed to keep his job after a campus investigation found he sexually harassed his executive
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assistant last year. b.a.r.t. is considering new ideas to solve the ongoing electrical problem on one section of track in the east bay. as delays continue, passengers and even some b.a.r.t. board members are now saying enough is enough. laura anthony is live at the pittsburgh bay point station with the latest. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. admitted they had to hit the reset button when trying to figure out what their issue is with this system. it's an especially critical question for the 6500 riders who depend on b.a.r.t. at this station every single day. >> i apologize to the board and the public. >> reporter: the apologies keep coming but still no clear answers as to why a mysterious electrical problem has put dozens of b.a.r.t. cars out of service. >> the group that's been working on it has followed every lead, every clue, every possibility
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that we could think of. >> i'm an engineer, and i'm having a problem with whatever is going on. i don't know what could possibly take so long with so little communication. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. operations manager paul overseer says a special team of six employios has been assembled to determine the cause of the power surge. some experts from the east coast are here trying to help. but the board member who represents the county wants more done. >> we've past the ability to continue to wait for solutions, to the degradation of the service that folks have had available for 20 years. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. continues to run special shuttles between the pittsburgh bay point station and north concord. >> i don't ride it that much. but my wife rides every day, and it's adding a lot of extra time on her commute. >> i have no problem. b.a.r.t. is doing what they can. >> reporter: director joe keller wants the next board meeting
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held in the evening in pittsburgh so board members can hear from frustrated riders firsthand. laura anthony, "abc7 news." also, b.a.r.t. is warning riders about an upcoming service disruption this weekend. there will be a bus bridge. so keep this in mind if you're trying to make an easter sunday service. trains should be running in time for the commute. in downtown san jose, light rail service is suspended through sunday. workers need to replace a part on a rail line. shuttle buses are in place. fremont has adopted a vision 2020 action plan, aimed at making streets safer for everyone. the city has had 16 traffic related deaths in the last two years. that's the most in a decade. the vision zero program will look at installing speed bumps near schools and new traffic
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signals along streets impacted by commuters. a section of highway 87 was dedicated this morning to a fallen san jose police officer. michael johnson died one year ago today. the stretch of highway between 85 and 280 was renamed in his honor. johnson was shot while responding to a call on center road. his mother catherine is so thankful for the gesture. >> it's so beautiful. i feel so blessed, so honored. the community support has been incredible. i'm just overwhelmed. >> the san jose police department says the highway signs will forever show the community's gratitude for officer johnson's service and sacrifice. four california highway patrol officers assigned to the san francisco office were honored today for going above and beyond the call of duty. the officers received special
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recognition from the security firm acis international. a ceremony was held this morning at the marriott hotel. chp officer andre zurenko received the ion officer award. he was the officer stabbed in the neck in february. in san francisco, a population explosion and not of people. there have been so many interactions between coyotes, people, and pets that now the board of supervisors is looking for solutions. but they won't be easy to come by. wayne freedman is live tonight with this story. wayne? >> reporter: good evening. there's not a coyote in sight here at inspiration point. but out of sight in this city does not mean out of mind. welcome to coyote country. you might regard it as balboa terrace in san francisco, but inside this house, the left behind doggy toys tell a different story. >> she was a very intelligence, very friendly dog.
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>> reporter: the family dog dee dee, another coyote victim. had you ever seen coyotes in this neighborhood before? >> no, no, but i heard they were here. >> reporter: the blood stains on their carpet will not go away. and at city hall, the discussion about this problem will be a long one. >> how many are they breeding a year? how many new pups are there a year? this is getting absurd. >> reporter: jeff was one of many, both coyote haters and sympathizers, to comment today. >> we would like to see our coyotes survive. but maybe we could redirect them in areas where the residents are less dense. >> reporter: they have moved back into wild and populated areas with no obvious solutions. >> we do have to think about coyotes when we walk into parks now. because they are here and they are throughout our entire city.
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>> reporter: that is not what san francisco pet owners wanted to hear. >> if a pit bull was doing this, they would remove the pit bull. if a human was doing this, they would lock up the human being. but because it's a sacred coyote from the distant past, we're supposed to put up with it. >> reporter: right now, just talk. in san francisco, wayne freedman, "abc7 news." some unexpected attention for a warriors player. >> the worst thing you can do is to take video of it, be distracted while driving at that high rate of speed. >> what the team has to say to a video showing draymond green driving well over 100 miles per hour. caffeine and pregnancy. it could be a problem whether you're a man or a woman. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. it's mild today, but changes are coming for your holiday weekend. i'll detail it coming up. i'm michael finney. we have the tax call-in show going on right now. we'll be here
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santa cruz police are looking for a missing man who walked away from the hearts and hands care sent they are afternoon. william century has been at the center for a year. he was last seen wearing a sweater, jeans and black hat with san francisco lettering. he's considered at risk because he's not able to care for himself. the warriors have a message for their star forward draymond green tonight, don't drive at excessive speeds and don't record it or post it. eric thomas has reaction, including the coach's. >> reporter: i had a question for steve kerr at today's shoot around. have you talked to draymond about the driving video?
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>> i will. >> reporter: this is the video they'll talk about. 13 seconds of a bmw zipping down an east bay freeway at 118 miles per hour that green posted to snap chat and later deleted. green wasn't at today's shoot around but the coach had this to say. >> i know h e addressed it last night. he said he used poor judgment, which obviously is the case. and i'm very confident that he won't do it again. >> reporter: kerr says he's thankful no one was hurt. the warriors have managed to keep a squeaky clean image throughout the last few seasons, including last year's championship. but this is not the example that he wants to set, especially to young people, like these teens, taking part in the every 15 minutes driver safety program. >> definitely hurts his reputation, for sure. >> actions he took that are mistakes. >> reporter: speeding and photographing it are about as dangerous as it gets.
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>> it's a bad idea for anybody to be driving over 100 miles per hour on any of our freeways. none of them are designed for those high rights of speed. you can't predict what other people will do. it's possible you don't know what things are on the roadway. >> reporter: the team wants draymond to know if he feels the need for speed in the future, he should keep it on the basketball court. eric thomas, "abc7 news." the hedge fund star board value wants to replace yahoo's entire board with nine new members. the activist investor says it's tried to work with the company and feels yahoo lacks leadership. yahoo 3put its core internet assets up for sale. the company says it will review star board's proposed nominees and respond in due course. the board battle will take place at the shareholder's meeting later this year. about 200 union plumbers and pipe fitters picketed today
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outside apple in cupertino. members of ua local 393 claim a contractor is not playing plumbers the prevailing wage rate. they want apple to put pressure on contractor preston pipelines. >> this is a very expensive place to live. it's not right that poor, working class construction workers should have it taken out of their hides to line their pockets. it's not right. >> apple says it's not involved in this dispute. in a statement this afternoon, preston pipelines says it's unfortunate the union decided to conduct what it believes is an unsanctioned picket. san francisco's commercial real estate market may be for telling a slowdown. office subleasing is at its highest since 2010.
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reports show twitter and zenafits have put excess office space on the internet. it is a sign that the growth rate for some companies is unsustainable. but it could mean some firms are expanding and moving to bigger offices. home prices in san francisco continue to climb. some have worried the real estate market is approaching a housing bubble. the ceo of kb home, one of the largest home builders in the country, says there should be no concern with such high demand and so little supply. rising prices is just a function of simple economics. it does not mean that we are in a bubble. just a little over three weeks to go to the tax deadline and for you to gather all your information. >> time now to get started on that. michael finney is with some people who can answer your questions tonight. michael? >> we are taking your calls right now. 415-954-7621 or go online
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#askfinney or facebook. we'll answer your questions on the phone or online. a lot of people are talking about the affordable care act. helping us out with that is laura ross. complex and new? >> yeah, complex and new. although we went through a little bit of it last year. if you haven't gotten the forms yet, i wanted to tell you about what's going on with the forms. if you get insurance coverage from cover california, you should have that form already. if you don't have it, go to the web society. there's a copy there on the website or call their hotline. and if you're just waiting for the form for your employer, they're not out yet. they're not due until march 31. >> and they gave us an extension or the irs gave the employers the extension and if i understand it, you don't file it, you just hang on to it. >> exactly. if you were employed and had
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insurance, you can do your taxes. but if you want the form first, wait a few more days. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. bart, what is it that you guys do? >> we go ahead and help low and middle income taxpayers out. >> you help them file their taxes, right? >> file their taxes and it's done for free and the best way to get in touch with the sight that's nearest you is to call 211 from any place in the bay area and they will ask you for your zip code and set you up with a site nearest to you. >> what are the income limits to get this free help? >> united way has about a $56,000 limit.
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and there's also another help -- free help, aarp. they go up higher than that. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that, mark. and we, including these two guys right here, will be here until 8:00 tonight taking your questions. so give us a call. i'm michael finney live in the 7 on your side offices. >> great job, michael. thank you. meteorologist sandhya patel joins us now with the accuweather forecast. what a great day. >> she's outside to tell us more is coming. >> indeed. but it's going to change a little bit. behind me along the water front, people are biking, taking a walk with the dogs. just a beautiful day. we'll keep it coming with subtle changes for tomorrow. here's live doppler 7 hd. that shows you what that change is, we have fog near the coastline. visibility is lowering right there near the beaches. so just be aware of the fact that it will be around. it is breezing, sfo gusting to
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31 right now -- 61 right now. lovely view looking towards mount tam. napa, 66. santa rosa, fairfield, all in the low 70s. and a beautiful view from our south beach camera looking across the bay. we have a small craft advisory for the san francisco bay until 10:00 tonight. foggy areas in the morning, sunny and breezy tomorrow afternoon, turning warmer on saturday, with a cooler pattern for easter sunday. the week ahead for san jose, average high is 68 degrees. temperatures remain above normal and next week, you'll notice the changes down to the mid 60s. first thing tomorrow morning, temperatures range from the low forts to 50s. patchy fog around, limiting your visibility during the morning commute. tomorrow afternoon, still mild in the south bay.
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low 70s, santa clara. gilroy, 72. 69 the redwood city. pacifica, 61. daley city, 62. sunny, downtown san francisco 65. and in the north bay, 67 in san rafel. 68 oakland. 71 in concord, so milder than average inland. on saturday, we'll bump up the temperatures as we see a switch in the wind direction. so it will be a warmer day for you. not for long. on sunday, it's dry for easter but cooler. temperatures back down and then for your monday, much cooler with temperatures in the mid 60s. here's a closer look at the forecast for easter sunday. sun rise service, 7:00 a.m., expects sun coming up at 7:02, with clouds and fog around.
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mid forts to low 50s. so if you're attending sun rise services, grab jacket or sweater. accuweather seven-day forecast is going to be a breezy one at the coast tomorrow. temperatures in the low 60s to low 70s. warmer saturday, cooler on easter but dry. monday, there could be a few sprinkles, certainly cooler pattern there. and then in the accuweather seven-day forecast, what we need is rain. it's looking like things will become unsettled by the middle of the week with a slight chance of showers wednesday. >> thanks sandhya, very much. a driver falls four stories and walks away. that story is next. >> >> and why gerber says you need to check your panry. and then at 5:30 -- >> major new development here. investigators discover what else the bombers had their eyes on. ten hours of surveillance discovered. what they were recording. the race for 2016, the war of whys. and we remember an american
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comedian, next. new at 6:00, exclusive video of the arrest of the so-called bearded bandit. a man suspected of nearly a dozen bank robberies taken into custody last night.
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some dramatic footage out of maryland. did you see that? police released surveillance video showing that suv just falling four stories before landing on its roof. incredibly, the driver suffered only minor injuries. the 23-year-old driver crashed through the concrete barrier of a parking garage. >> how could they survive? incredible. look at this video from the department of defense. officials are using a cyber rifle to take down a drone. when shot, the drone loses power instantly and falls out of the sky. the rifle sends a radio signal
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to the drone telling it to shut down. consuming caffeine before pregnancy may increase the risk of a miscarriage. researchers found people who drank upwards of three or more caffeinated beverages a day were twice as likely to miscarry on. this shows what men eat or drink can affect their partner's fertility. the study is published in the journal fertility andsterrility. gerber says a packaging defect may cause products to spoil. the contents may have an off taste or color. it affects the pears, carrots and peas flavored pouch. the best buy dates are the 13th or 14th of july. the carrots, apples and mango flavored are also affected.
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customerks get a replacement coupon, so check your pantry on home. at take a look at this. a photo or a feeding? for the tech ages. mark zuckerberg posted this photo with his daughter on, where else, his facebook page. he wrote, most important meeting of the day. that is a nod to his second in command at facebook cheryl sandberg. >> just ahead, seeing double. >> okay, here we go. five, four, three -- >> steph curry meets
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tonight on "abc7 news" at 11:00, an exclusive i-team followup to what prosecutors
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called the crime of is century when gunman kidnapped 40 children and buried them alive. the victims are now fighting back. that story tonight on "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> hope you'll join us for that. as for what's coming up on "abc7 news" at 6:00, ama is in the newsroom with that. >> we have new information coming up for you at 6:00. in fact, we check on the water contamination risk after a man's body was found floating in a canal. and crab season starts this weekend. and we'll have the advice coast guard gave to fisherman. that's all coming up at 6:00. steph curry and steve kerr have made fortunes list of the world's 50 greatest leaders.
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>> the pair came in at number 15 by the way. >> topping the list, the amazon ceo and angela merkel, and pope francis. finally, more proof tonight that sit the curry family's world and we're all just living in it. >> and this is riley's new es toy. >> this life-like figure took four months to create about cost $350,000. >> i had these little short shorts on, and obviously this pose and had to try to stay as still as possible to get every angle right and it turned out well. so i guess it was worth it for sure. >> curry says it's a great honor and adds one s --
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>> well done. >> world news tonight is next. i'm breaking news tonight. the terror attacks and what u.s. authorities have now discovered. they believe they know who that mystery man is. tonight, investigators say two of the suicide bombers, two brothers, had nuclear ambitions. ten hours of their own surveillance, now discovered. what they were recording. and the basketball player from the u.s., the image from the airport seen around the world. tonight, our interview right here. the young father talking about his little girls back in michigan. the race for the white house. this donald trump tweet putting an image of ted cruz's wife next to melania trump. late today, ted cruz lashing out. >> donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. severe weather hitting right now. the hail, the dangerous winds. major highways shut down after a blizzard buries much of the country.


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