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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  March 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> it's sunday, march 27th. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen sitting in for carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's tracking live doppler hd >> good morning. some of you celebrating easter, it's been sunny and how the clouds have increased. winds up to 25 miles an hour at sfo. we are partly cloudy. we will be throughout the afternoon. a cold front will be bearing down into nevada. we are on the fringe of that. it will usher in gusty cooler temperatures and gusty winds. the warm spot san jose at 57. 54 half moon bay with the breezy winds. and from emeryville it's a little cloudy in spots, but it should be a nice afternoon with temperatures once again
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afternoon. 56 in livermore. the winds will offset the warming that we had yesterday. cooling around the bay as much as 5 to 10 degrees. into the mid-50s. look for midday temperatures, 50s and 60s, and the out lying areas it will be breezy. more mid-60s aren'ted bay. we will talk about how long the cool down lasts and the look ahead coming up. chris. >> thanks. we are it following developing news out of low lay owe. a two-alarm fire broke out this morning in a warehouse. the fire spread to the second story of the building works which is on j street. the firefighters put the fire out in the about 45 minutes. cause of the fire is under investigation. and in burlingame, two people are recovering this morning after being shot outside a hotel. it happened last night outside the red roof inn on airport boulevard around 10:30. there are several hotels in this area, which is a few miles south of the san francisco international airport. burlingame police say that two victims, both men in their
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20s, both ran into a restaurant and asked for help. both of them are expected to survive. concord police are still looking for a man accused in a drive-by shooting that injured an 8-year-old boy. the shooting happened friday night near the intersection of la salle and carmel. the young boy is still in the hospital. abc news reporter sergio quintana tells us that the boy was not the target. >> concord police are looking for this man, 32-year-old james jarrard. he's considered armed and dangerous. >> he fired a handgun at a group of individuals with children playing in the front yard, which is reckless. so he's highly dangerous. >> police say several people witnessed the shooting, including the 8-year-old victim's young brothers, who were also playing in the front yard. the family did not speak to me on camera, but they did say they know jarrard by his nickname, smiley. they also tell me the intended victim was not the child, but
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instead was smiley's own brother, who was also in the front yard that evening. one witness said that the bullet passed through the other boy's pant leg and hit the 8-year-old in the neck. >> it got so close to to the carotid artery. we are all thankful he didn't get struck in that artery. he's doing really good according to the circumstances. >> the doctors have not yet been able it remove the bullet from the child's neck, but he is doing well. while we were there we saw probation officers there arrive to do a probation search but they left without make making an arrest or taking any property. jarrard is wanted on a $1.1 million warrant. anyone who sees him should call , 911 immediately. centering joaquin takenna, abc7 news. >>s several in california to could seal their bay go up following a law introduced yesterday.
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the law will make the minimum wage up to $15. the current minimum wage is ten dollars per hour. union leaders worked with on the proposal. the minimum wage is to rise to $10.50 next year, followed by one dollar a year increases until 2022. state senator mark leno authored the bill. >> there's no good reason why people who are working 40-hour weeks full time should be living in poverty. if we are going to talk about respecting work, then also have to reward work. >> business groups were not included in the negotiations between labor groups and lawmakers. seven san francisco firefighters were out on a routine mission yesterday when their boat capsized. four went to the hospital. one remained overnight to get treatment for hypothermia. the boat is the still in the water this morning. cornell bernard has more. >> reporter: a routine training exercise for firefighters quickly begame a rescue mission on the water. this firefighter still wet, about
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standing in his bare feet was one of six thrown into the pacific. it happened during the training exercise near the cliff house. seven firefighters aboard a 30-foot rescue fire boat when they got into trouble. >> i understand a big wave came up, what some might call a rogue wave, and tossed the boat. all of 9 firefighters tossed into the chilly water. >> the jet skis were nearby but rescuing everybody wasn't easy. >> the jet ski came to get one swimmer -- or person in the had water, and the person grabbed on ailful a set a set came and the waves were breaking outside. he had to come back and ultimately came back and pulled a:people out. >> worried? >> we thought were, we thought maybe someone was trapped on the rocks or maybe they had gone under. >> the land's end is where the boat drifted, along with equipment on board. that is now floating on the water. >> we some some of our most experienced firefighters and swimmers on that boat.
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>> four firefighters were taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> the most important thing is the members are okay. >> after a very scary day on the water. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. take a look at this. you can see where two people suffered serious injuries when their car slammed into a light pole in danville. police say one person was ejected from the car. it happened in a safeway parking lot at around 8:30 last night. witnesses say the driver was burning rubber before the crash. as of last night the two are in stable condition. 9:07 is the time. the search continues for a man and woman wanted for a fatal robbery of a tourist in san francisco. this is at franklin and post. police say the victim refused to let go of his messenger bag. he ran, trying to escape the attacker, but the robber
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caught up and stabbed the victim in the head. police officers association is now offering a $5,000 reward in the case. the victim is 44-year-old paul tamm. he died of are his injuries on thursday, just more than a month a the attack. police say tamm is from manchester, england, and was visiting san francisco with relatives from irvine. after a bleak week, pope francis is offering is easter during a vigil service in vigil service in saint peter's basilica. ♪ >> thousands of people gathered to hear pope francis speak. he focused on casting aside the hopelessness that can sometimes imprison people inside of themlves. the pope's easter message is meant to resurrect faith and hearts burdened by sadness. the message comes after last week's terror attack in brussels. warrior fans, if you are taking bart north to oracle arena for tonight's game, expect delays. transit agency that is shut down service this weekend between the san leandro and bayfield stations for repairs to the equipment and tracks. abc7 news was in san leandro where riders are taking a bus bridge to get between the two stations. bart says fans coming from
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fremont or dublin pleasanton should expect 30 to 60 minute delays. bart will be shutting down service on select weekends as part of the building a better bart program. tip-off between the warriors and 76ers is at 5:00 p.m. heads up if you are planning to go to the golden gate bridge today. bridge authorities closed two parking lots for part of the weekend, hoping to help with traffic flow, but it seems to have backfired. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> reporter: this is what drivers faced, traffic, as they approached the golden gate bridge. electronic signs warned drivers that the welcome center and vista point lots were closed until 5:00 p.m. otherwise only buses and taxis were allowed. >> i don't know why they did that. crazy. >> the goal was to ease congestion by pushing drivers to avoid the route all together. unfortunately the opposite happened. >> well, the welcome center parking lot was off-limits, the overflow parking lot that was
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used that got filled up fast and caused gridlock all around the toll plaza. >> if they are going to close this, then they have to have a second option and have tourists be aware of what the option is, instead of having them circle around and thinking they are going to get parking here. >> it's confusing. why? just leave it alone. let the same rhythm that everyone is used to continue. >> bridge authorities knew the easter holiday would draw more visitors than usual to the area, but once the lots opened they filled up fast. at vista points drivers faced a different problem. a big bus tour bus crashed into another car while they entered the lot. the bus driver admitted to hitting the honda accord as he took the turn to the bridge. he told police he had to use the restroom. a woman did not want to be identified.
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>> i think personally he was a in a hurry. there was a reason he moved like this so fast. >> no one was hurt. the lots will close again sunday from 11:00 to 5:00. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> anyone heading over the bridge will notice the clouds out there. >> and the winds increasing throughout the day. winds up to 25 miles an hour. here's the view from emeryville in oakland it's 55, as well as hayward and fremont. cooler highs today. breezy winds, very spring like forecast ahead. i'll have it for you coming up also ahead, a lot of easter excitement in the south bay. unique celebration with eggs, the easter bunny and a hot-air balloon. >> and stanford hospital recently completed a rare procedure called a domino
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>> good morning, everyone. we are taking a live look at the golden gate bridge on this sunday. we are off to a cloudy and a cool start to the day. lisa returns in a little bit with the full accuweather forecast. sky 7hd was over the san francisco bay was the commercial fishermen were out catching dungeness crab. the season initial started yesterday after a delay of fair months. fishermen are calling the quality of the crab caught so far pretty decent. >> it's beautiful. they are two-plus pound crabs.
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they are full of meat. they are absolutely -- made my mouth water. >> results from this week's testing of the crabs won't be available until tomorrow. a two women are recovering in the bay area after a surgery that gave them an incredibly intimate bond. one woman now has the other's heart. and as kristen zee reports, they met for the first time after the surgery. >> reporter: from biking through france, to riding the rapids, linda carr poured her heart into life. but several years ago the same heart began to fail. >> it was hard. how are you doing? >> after years on the waiting list for a donor, linda turned to doctor joseph wu and a heart transplant team at stanford hospital. their solution was a rare procedure known as a domino transplant. the team had identified another patient, tammy griffin, who was about to receive a full heart-lung transplant from a diseased donor. >> take out both lungs and the heart as one block and then put
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in an entire new block. >> but while doctors needed to transplant the donor heart and lungs as a set for surgical reasons, it also created an opportunity with tammy's old heart. >> in a practice sense linda and tammy were close even before they met. their surgeries took place in adjoining operating rooms with one surgeon working on linda and the other on tammy. we will have the full report on >> knew this morning, the international space station and their six crewmembers got an early easter treat yesterday as a spacecraft arrived full of fresh food and supplies. the spacecraft can hold nearly 8,000 pounds of groceries and equipment. it's the first of three shipments to the space station. a cargo ship will liftoff this week followed by a supply run next month. nassau has returned to private industry to stock the space station with supplies.
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♪ abc7 news was in san francisco's washington square park yesterday where kids and their families took a springtime stroll with the easter bunny. this, after a pancake breakfast. both events were in honor of a resident who dressed like the easter bunny every year for 50 years to visit sick kids in the hospital. the tradition started in richo's outdoor cafe, which is now the site of naked lunch. the first tame he wore the suit for customers, no one came because it rained. >> so ray took all the candy there. and that started 50 years of going to every san francisco hospital to bring happiness to the kids. a child would raise his head and look at their parents and say, see mommy, see, daddy, i knew he would find me. >> the family has honored ray the last two years with the new easter brunch and parade tradition. 9:17, the time. excited children searched high and low at a historic house in oakland for the annual great egg hunt. the easter bunny even made an appearance at the historic
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estate, along with relatives. a special event filled a football field in the south bay yesterday. around 2,000 people rushed the field after the easter bunny dropped the eggs from a hot air balloon. it happened at oak grove high school in santa fe. thanks for sharing the video with us. it raised money for the autism center for education. if you see an event happening where you live, please take a photo or video and share it with us using the #abc7 now. >> a little cooler today? >> that's right. a cooler air mass is bringing down the breezy conditions. we've seen the proud out ahead of of the front in a westerly flow, and those clouds with an upper level low will had curve the temperatures today. and those gusty winds at the coast will make it feel quite blustery through tomorrow. minor snow impacts in the sierra
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nevada. live doppler 7hd, you see a few clouds around. the main activity is associated this frontal band and this is the cool air behind it. the area of low pressure is going to head into nevada, and with that much, much cooler air. but who is talking cool air when we are looking a the this, right? the beach in santa cruz. yesterday it was 70. today about 65. you can see a few clouds there. milder this morning. mountain view, 58 degrees. 53 san francisco. 54 half moon bay. these are the clouds visiting the sierra nevada. 30 and snow showers tomorrow. big temperature drop here. we could look at 3 to 5 inches of snow from reno through tahoe city. 56 in livermore. the gusty winds, the northwesterly winds behind the front. right now we are ahead of the front and here's a look at sutro where we were fogged in just moments ago. it looks pretty nice out there.
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we will have a nice afternoon. it will be cooler today for those of you celebrating easter. and the cool down continues on monday. tuesday, numbers may try to manage to come up a little bits, but this is what we are watching today. it's the winds. check out how the winds increased throughout the day from 35 to nearly 40 miles an hour at the coast. and even around the bay throughout the evening hours, 25, 26 miles per hour winds. so that's compliments of the gusty northwest flow behind the moisture-starved front. we are looking at the green in terms of the moisture from reno, where they have the windser weather advisory, and parts of lake tahoe. maybe a thunderstorm in the sierra nevada. but really it's the higher elevations squeezing out what limited moisture there is with this system. so on the back side of it, we get the winds wishes get the cooler air, and we will be looking at conditions lingering with this low. the cooler air right on through the middle of the week. say tuesday, wednesday. you have five inches kyber, six
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inches for kirkwood. monday notice 50s, 60 coast and little change on tuesday. it's a steady pattern. the low is still in the vicinity. so today we look for low 60s san mateo. there's the cool down in santa cruz. san francisco 63. that's near average. really a nice day. at the coast you will notice the gusty winds, kind of breezy around the bay and a more significant cool down monday, into tuesday. slowly climbing temperatures by wednesday. second half of the work week looking much, much warmer. >> lisa, thank you so much. time now is 9:21. back to that story from earlier. two women are recovering here in the bay area after a surgery that gave them an incredibly intimate bond. one woman now has the other's heart. as abc7 news anchor kristen sze reports, they met for the first time after the surgery.
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>> reporter: from biking through france, to riding the rapids, linda carr poured her heart into life. but several years ago the same heart began to fail. >> it was hard. how are you doing? >> after years on the waiting list for a donor, linda turned to doctor joseph wu and a heart transplant team at stanford hospital. their solution was a raree3 procedure known as a domino transplant. the team had identified another patient, tammy griffin, who was about to receive a full heart-lung transplant from a diseased donor. -- deceased owner.
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>> after years on the waiting list for a donor, linda turned to doctor joseph wu and a heart transplant team at stanford hospital. their solution was a rare procedure known as a domino transplant. the team had identified another patient, tammy griffin, who was about to receive a full heart-lung transplant from a diseased donor. >> take out both lungs and the heart as one block and then put in an entire new block. >> but while doctors needed to transplant the donor heart and lungs as a set for surgical reasons, it also created an opportunity with tammy's old heart. >> her heart in theory could function very nicely in another patient. >> using three models, dr. wu explains what happened next. before beginning the heart-lung procedure, they would shift tammy griffin's heart to linda carr. and just weeks after the domino surgery, tammy was in a waiting room at stanford for a chance to meet the woman who now has her old heart. >> hi. okay. >> first i want to thank you. i promise to take care of my new heart. even though we were strangers before today, you will always be part of me now. >> listen to your old heart and see what you think about it. >> to any new heart. >> doctors say both women are making strong recoveries, linda, who lives in berkeley, is already working out on a treadmill, and tammy is hoping to return home to oregon when her new heart and lungs are strong enough. >> i feel so much better. i can walk and talk at the same time. >> both women say they would
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like to stay in touch after sharing a rare and moving meeting
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>> welcome back, everyone. >> the trifecta film director yanked a film from the lineup. robert deniro pushed for the showing of a film. the movie alleges a cdc cover-up that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine increased the risk of autism. the scientific community has since discredited the claim,
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saying it resulted in a dangerous drop-off in the vac -- the vaccinations. the actor said he has a child with autism and hopes it would be a way to start a conversation. ♪ and we are getting a closer look at the rolling stones historic concert in cuba friday night. on their facebook page yesterday the band thanked everyone for attending. they say 1.3 million people packed havana to see them play. among the many hits they played, "satisfaction" and" can't always get what you want." >> call him super dad. hugh jackson doesn't just play a superhero on the big screen, he saves people off screen, as well. news 9 in australia obtained this video of rescuing his son from a scary riptide yesterday. it was in sidney. lucky for jackson, plenty of people were around and a lifeguard helped get him and his son to shore. and thankfully everyone was okay. we have much more ahead on the sunday morning news. on high alert in belgium. we are learning more about the
9:28 am
american victims days after the deadly terror attacks in brussels. >> plus -- >> we have a victory! >> gaining momentum. a saturday sweep for senator bernie sanders. what
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♪ let's go ♪ hey, oh ♪ let's go [ beep ] ♪ they're piling in the backseat ♪ aah! ♪ they're generating steam heat ♪ ♪ pulsating to the back beat ♪ the blitzkrieg bop ♪ ♪ hey, oh, let's go ♪ shoot 'em in the back now ♪ what they want, i don't know ♪ they're all revved up and ready to go ♪
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>> thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. we arest zach boychuking this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meet -- meteorologist lisa argen. >> we have fog, kind of a summer pattern but it's a dry cold front. it will sweep through nevada today. from the east bay hills camera, vollmer peak, you can see the fog out there. 53 san francisco. wind gusts up to 25 miles an hour. and right along the peninsula, sfo, we have partly cloudy skies and the winds could be a factor
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today if you are flying in or out. 57 in concord. and 56 in livermore. some of you you sell celebrating easter today, numbers will be cooler. 50s at the coast, upper 60s around the bay. and it's inland where we it upper 70s to near 80 by the delta which could come down at least ten degrees today. chris. thanks >> a former journalist has been ail rested in belgium. many wonder if he's the same man caught on tape walking near the other two soul side bombers. here at tomorrow kentucky family had their worst fierce confirmed. we have the latest on the investigation. >> overnight justin and steph are any shultz, an american couple from kentucky, missing since the brussels attack, now confirmed to be among the dead. they had just dropped off stephanie's mother at the airport when the explosions went off. as the news of their tells came,
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justin's brother tweeting go rest high on the mountain. >> the most important charges are against this man, in custody since thursday. he's charged with terrorist murder. this video shows some of his work as a freelance journalist. this morning cbs news he was detained in the past for trying to recruit refugees for jihad. but is he one of the two who managed to slip away. this man in the airport with the hat or another man seen at the metro station before he are struck a train. and this is a syrian man, believed to be complicity in the attacks. of the link between bus else and paris even stronger. the one open the left is the alleged bomb namer for paris. the list of suspects and possible accomplices growing. security agents sis across europe on the hookout. in italy an algerian man wanted
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by belgium was arrested for making fake suspects for suspects in the paris attacks. now daily reports of arrests and raids to prevent more attacks. the new normal in europe. cbs news, brussels. to politics and some men men tim for senator bernie sanders. yesterday he had wins in three states. will the delegates sanders picked up need much? devin dwyer has the details. >> it was a blowout for bernie. >> he we just won the state of washington! >> bernie sanders sweeping the democratic caucuses in washington, alaska and hawaii by huge margins over hillary clinton. >> don't let anybody, don't let anybody tell you we can't win
9:34 am
the nomination or win the general election. we are going to do both of those things! >> sanders claiming momentum after a string of 10,000-plus megarallies from the west coast to wisconsin. no comment on the losses from clinton, who has taken the easter weekend off. clinton dominates the delegate race. she needs to win just roughly a third of those up for grabs to clinch the nomination. sandovalers means more than double that. it meanwhile republicans are engaged in a ugly personal dispute. donald trump off for easter weekend firing tweets at rival ted cruz. ted cruz is trying to convince people his problems with the national inquirer were caused by me, trump tweeted. i had nothing to do with the story. the tabloid rumors, cruz says, are a plant, striking back at trump. he said donald trump is certainly no republican and
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certainly no conservative. wisconsin is the next big primary in just nine days. >> all will be off today for easter. many attending church service with their families. as for the man already in the white house, president obama, he's expected to attend church today too. abc news, the white house. >> california's primary isn't in until june 7th but some new polling data coming in. according to "the chronicle" sanders in winning in california. it was conducted by emc reach search of oakland. and on the republican side a new poll shows donald trump leading with cruz close behind. they conducted the poll surveying 1500 likely gop voters. 9% are still on the fence, while another 9% were were undecided. the poll also shows that if trump wins the nomination at the republican national convention in july, 42%. gop voters in california would
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offer him their support 9:35 is our time. kawasaki is giving an army veteran a brand new motorcycle after it got damaged by this guy. he's a hit-and-run felon who led arizona police on a chase in this white truck. the 31-year-old got stuck in traffic, got out, and went to him for his bike. the 31-year-old suspect got stuck in traffic, got out and fought brandon for his bike. >> i'm a small dude, but i'm pretty feisty. it was go-time. then it was, you are trying to take my bike, and that's not going to happen. >> and it didn't. the suspect jumped back into the truck and drove over the motorcycle. jenkins bought that bike with the last his deployment money when his service in the army ended. the suspect crashed miles later and was arrested. >> bay area surgeons are now cutting down on -- doubling down with cutting edge technology to help patience with back injuries. and as we discovered, the results can be life changing.
9:37 am
>> for kimberly owen, a painful back injury made everyday movements excruciating. >> just to lean over and brush my teeth. i could not drive without crying. >> it caused pain to radiate into her right arm. >> san francisco back surgeon, kenneth, said kimberly was actually suffering from disk injuries in both her upper and lower spine. he said the common repair involves spinal fusions, which can leave the patient with severe stiffness. >> very commonly the patients have to move their whole body when turning. >> as an alternative, he recommended a relatively uncommon procedure. instead of fusing the vertebrae, he would insert two replacement disks in different sections. , sections of her back and neck. the devices, known as the pro disk, fit between the vertebrae. once in place they mimic the function of the damaged disks, allowing the section of spine to move and twist. >> there are disks that are developed for the lumbar spine and there are disks developed for the cervical spine. cervical disks function in a similar way but they are much smaller. >> over the course of two surgeries, the doctor placed the disk replacements in her neck
9:38 am
and lower spines. recent studies have found the disk replacements produced less pain, shorter recovery times and fewer complications when is compared with multi-level fusions. >> the patient can return to work in a week or two weeks. they can move their neck right away. >> along with driving and hiking, kimberly said the results also allowed her to do simple things such as brushing her hair and teeth without pain. >> now i'm almost back to -- i'm normal. i don't even think about it. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. you have heard the saying the devil is in the details. meet the researchers who can prove how thinking about the small stuff can solve some really big problems. but first here's a live look with outside from our east bay hills camera. it's kind of fogged in right now. lisa argen will have your accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. the abc7 news app on the go, on
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your schedule, on one screen. all the weather, traffic and
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>> thanks for choosing abc7 news." here's a live look from santa cruz. you see a number of group have already set up shop for a day at the beach. we will check the weather with lisa come up. some children in the east bay got a head start on easter yesterday. of the almeda county fire department tweeted out these photos from the spring youth carnival and egg hunt in emeryville. children were able to meet the firefighters and got special firefighter hats, too. and, of course, the easter bunny was there, as well. the event is a spring tradition, and the kids had a great time hunting for eggs at the park always great to see the firefighters getting involved in the community. >> very cute. just throw a couple puppies in there and it couldn't get much cuter than that. good morning, everybody.
9:42 am
looking at the golden gate bridge, you are looking at increasing clouds. within the next few hours the winds will be quite gusty along the coast. we will track the winds and look at the spring-like forecast ahead next. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead, oklahoma uses the it buddy system to bring down the top-seeded orien of again ducks, punching their ticket to the thefor instance, looking ates things is an activity.
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oreas the land ofte vallmilk and honey.wn back when milk and honey were real popular. ♪
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in sports, tonight the warriors' run at history continues at oracle arena. the warriors face the philadelphia 76ers who own the nba's worst record. tipoff at 5:00 p.m. the dubs are eight wins away from 73, which would set a new nba record for victories in a season. this afternoon the final two games of the elite 8 will be played in the ncaa tournament. yesterday villanova and oklahoma advanced to the final four. here's the sports report. >> rick: good morning. the first half of the final four is now set. we start in the west where top-seed oregon took on number two-seed oklahoma. the regional final in anaheim brought out kobe bryant, along with aaron rogers and his girlfriend, olivia munn. the ducks force a turnover, and it's elgin cook going in for the dunk. but the game belonged to sooners. right before the first half buzzer, another tray by the sooners senior. oklahoma led by 18 at intermission. he put on a show, finishing with 37 points and included hitting 8 of 13 shots
9:46 am
from beyond the arc. oklahoma beat oregon 80-68. this is the sooners first trip to the final four since 2002. at the south regional final, villanova was trying to upset top-seed kansas. josh heart with the steal and slam. nova led by 7 at the half. the wildcats were also hot from outside. daniel and hart hit back-to-back threes. this game would go down to the final seconds. the jayhawks frank mason with a pretty reverse. down by three. kansas had the ball with six seconds left, but mason loses it. two free throws made the final 64-59 so it's going to be villanova versus oklahoma in the final four. the sharks need just one more win to clinch a playoff spot. but that victory is proving to be elusive. san jose was facing their former goalie antti niemi, who is now at dallas. it was all stars for two periods. patrick sharp with the one-timer makes it 3-0. the sharks finally got it going in the third. the stars turn it over and joel ward has an empty net. two minutes later joe pavelski's
9:47 am
backhand won't go but the rebound goes in. the lead was down to one but the stars hang on to win. jamie benn with an empty netter. his 37th of the season. makes the final 4-2 dallas. the sharks lose their third straight. in boston, oakland's andre ward made his light heavyweight debut against the top contender berrero last night at oracle. the best action came in the third. ward knocked down barrero. that got steph curry and draymond green fired up. it was ward's first fight in nine months but he landed more punches and easily out-pointed berrara, winning a unanimous 12-round decision. he improves his record could 29-0. it could set up a fight with the light heavyweight champ sergei. have a wonderful easter. i'll see you tonight again at 5:00. >> all right. weather-wise, right now time is 9:47. lisa, for everyone heading out
9:48 am
this morning maybe to service or what not, just bring a light jacket, you might need it? >> that's right. you notice the afternoon the temperatures not as warm. the winds picking up depending on where you are. more gusty at the coast than it would be, say, inland. but it will be breezy. we already detected some breezy winds here, 680, 8890, and along the coast. hears hd doppler. kind of a summer pattern with the low clouds and fog. but we do have a cold front. it's a dry cold front that's sinking down from northern california. cold air behind it relatively speaking. and speaking of cold air we call these cold air cumulus clouds from the sierra nevada, making for a very pretty picture. and temperatures, interestingly enough today, 350's in the northern sierra. cropping to the 30s with minor snow i am facts through tomorrow. so keep that in mind if you are head today the mountains. 58 oakland, mountain view 68.
9:49 am
request san jose 57. you have had the cloud cover, 54 at half moon bay. winds up to 25 miles an hour. you see increasing low clouds from time to time in the city. speaking of the low clouds, this is mt. tam. low fog and clouds with you along the shoreline where the gusty winds will be really arriving throughout the later afternoon right into the evening hours. 53 santa rosa, 535 napa. novato you are up 57 as well as concord. livermore 56 and by the delta southwest winds. this is the east bay hills camera where the fog is certainly prevalent and that's allowing for a cooler afternoon. but still it should be nice throughout. with temperatures continuing to come down tomorrow. and then by tuesday still some breezy winds, very spring like. and behind this low that's going to pull out, we've got warmer air headed our way. wind gusts. 2:00. you see point reyes up to 30 miles an hour. you notice the breeze and by the
9:50 am
evening hour it gets even windier here. definitely the northwest winds curbing the warmer temperatures we've had the last couple of days. tonight maybe some mist and drizzle along our coast locally. but really the activity is in reno, eastern nevada where you see some some snow into south lake. 3 to 5 northern sierra. 1 to 3 southern sierra. looking at the had snow totals here gives you a general idea of kirkwood through u.s. the warmer air is head in by the end of the week. look at 70 eats return. average high 68. you will thereby today. cooler tomorrow. highs around bait today with 65 in santa cruz. that's about 5 degrees cooler. 58 half moon bay with the gusty winds. and 69 in vallejo with breezy
9:51 am
everyone afternoon winds. for easter looks very nice. higher wind gusts and cooler and breezy monday and tuesday, and then we see temperatures come up a bit by wednesday and by the rest of the work week it's milder. forecast models continue to go out morning seven days. looking like we could see some more rain. >> good information, he'sa. thank you. ten had years ago the lawrence berkeley national lab cut the ribbon on a cutting emfacility. as jonathan bloom explains, now they are celebrating a decade of working on the world's biggest problems with truly hi tiny technology. >> we can see how the materials come together. >> each of these dots is a column of material just one at tom wide. microscopic work is that to make big changes in the world. >> cancer, alzheimer's, energy sustainability. >> the congressman wrote the nano technology bill in 2103, funding research like what happens here at the molecular foundry. >> you take the property you thought a material could have and now by going nano, by just making the size different, you
9:52 am
can change it. >> materials to build better solar cells. >> the first one is terrible. it's the dominant solar cell technology today but it's terrible wthout sun. >> or use sunlight to make clean, liquid fuel. >> sometimes the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine. you have to start with a chemical energy. a noble prize physicist has a building named after him here. >> it's quite unexpected and i'm not even dead yet. >> but you need not be famous to work in this lab. . >> it's a minor bit of paperwork, really nothing to get access to world class facilities and world-class scientists. >> the molecular foundry gives scientists access to tools like this, giant electronic microscopes, tools they couldn't have in their own labs. >> you need the permanent dedicated staff to operate it and show people who they can do with it. >> when you put all the tools in one place, something happens. teamwork. >> shoulder to shoulder, biologists, chemists, physicists, and they are working on new problems.
9:53 am
>> like these filters to clean water. markers to track cancel cells with the robots. >> and so instead of having a wide variation, all of a sudden the robot does is exactly the same every time. >> even tech companies come here in build the processers and batteries of tomorrow. >> this place is only limited by the imagination. >> in berkeley, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. up next, the san francisco easter tradition where participants risk humiliation and injury on one of
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $101 million powerball drawing. nobody picked all six, so wednesday night's jackpot grows to $116 million. and the winning numbers from last night's $9 million super lotto plus drawing. >> nobody picked all six in that drawing either so wednesday's jackpot goes up to $10 million. happening today, an egg-citing easter san francisco tradition. it's bring your own big wheel race on the city's most crooked street. racers start at the top of 20th and vermont street and careen down the winding road riding small plastic bikes or scooters. they ask if you participate to pay five dollars to pay off the permits needed to put the race on. it starts at 4:00 this afternoon on the hill. i definitely would not want to be in an accident on that hill.
9:57 am
>> looks crazy. 60s out there with breezy winds in san francisco. the rest of bail area is cooler. it's still significantly cooler than yesterday. gusty winds from half moon bay and san rafael up. the accuweather forecast for this easter sunday looking nice. a little breezy at the coast. a slow recovery on wednesday, warmer and sunshine returns in full force all around the bay the second half of the work week. >> lisa, thank you. and thanks for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm chris nguyen in for carolyn tyler, alongside lisa argen. the news continues now online on all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. until then, make it a great day, everybody!
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