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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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on this most holy of sundays, san leandro police are trying to find out who is behind the disturbing symbol of hate left in a local park. police say racist graffiti was sprayed on to a wall in the park. police wrapped up a news conference where they shared information with reporters. >> reporter: not only was this graffiti offensive but police believe it's gang related. here's pictures on twitter. we had to blur out the words. city crews painted over the graffiti this morning at san leandro marine no park.
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someone spray-painted racial slurs directed at hispanics and african-american and includes a picture of man in the number 14. police say the number 14 is connected to a gang. today the park was packed with families having easter barbecues and picnics. talk to some parents who were upset to hear it was vandalism. >> its disturbing: i don't think they should be doing this, especially when there's kids and it's a public place. >> reporter: police believe the gang member or members sprayed the graffiti sometime last night. they say that group is based in hayward. investigators are asking the public for help. if you know anything, give them a call, and if you see anyone suspicious in that area to contact them.
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a man accused of -- faces charges in connection with a dui crash that killed a young woman in solano county. the chp says a drunken driver slapped into car on the shoulder of interstate 80 and an 18-year-old woman standing near the car was killed and man was injured. investigators say the driver is mark crawly. he suffered serious injuries and faces a number of charges. 21 people spent this easter sunday looking for a new place to stay after a fire gutted a triplex apartment in east bay. we were at the scene in livermore. a family of four escaped the flames inside the apartment where the fire started. investigators credit a smoke alarm for alerting the victims and say it likely saved lives. the red cross is helping those burned out of their homes. it's unclear what started the fire. i. another fire broke out around 5:00 this morning at an an an abandoned warehouse in vallejo. flames pred to the second floor
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of the building. firefighters put the fire out in about 45 minutes. no word just yet on a cause. the search is on for a gunman in richmond following a deadly shooting. a resident called police just after 6:00 last night to report the shooting on main avenue. officers say when they arrived they found 21-year-old malik bucker suffering from a gunshot wound help died at the hospital later. police have not released any information about a suspect. a young construction worker is recovering after being trapped when a trench gaveway in oakland today. we were at 17th avenue and east 20th street soon after the ground gave way. firefighters had to shore up the trench before they could free the worker, who was trapped under two concrete slabs. >> the slabs are in the front of the house where he was, right underneath the window, and then a couple pieces just broke away and fell on him, pinned him against the wall. >> the 17-year-old was taken to highland hospital and is expected to be okay.
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new details now on a san francisco fire department boat that flipped over yesterday in the frigid waters of the pacific. you see the vessel here from sky 7hd near ocean beach. the fire department tells abc7~news the boat has been secured with rope and they hope to remove it this week. rescue crews saved seven firefighters from the vessel that was hit bay large wave and overturned during a training exercise. no one was seriously hurt. the san mateo county coroner confirmed a body that washed up at a half moon bay beach is that of michael dwyer himself family reported the man missing last month after he did not return from a visit to the beach. that day a witness reported a person at the beach was swept out to sea by a wave. developing news out of pakistan where a taliban splinter grouch is claiming responsibility for a bombing that killed at least 63 people and injured 300. investigators say most of the dead are children. the blast ripped through a park
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near children's rides. the terrorist say they targeted people celebrating easter. an official in the city of la honor thinks the city was targeted because is was a soft target and not because it was filled with christians. now to the latest in the brussels terror attack. authorities continue to put pressure on extremists in the country. police carried out more than a dozen raids in brussels and two more than -- -- two northern cities. >> reporter: chaos broke out in brussels when protesters descended on the square where belgian have been mourning victims of the attacks and pledging solidarity. demonstratorred tried to change the tone, chanting against immigrants and muslims and giving nazi salutes. police organized in riot gear and fired water cannons to clear them from the plaza. the protest briefly interrupted
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the peace of ester. elsewhere in italy police arrived maintained accused of supplying the brussels attackers with fake documents while belgian police conduct in the searches and four people were held for questioning. properties charged this man shot as he sat al a trolley stand with taking part in terror activities. most of the victims of tuesday's attacks have now been identified, including stephanie and justin shults of kentucky who had been unaccount ford until the weekend. >> it just tearing my heart. i just miss seeing his beautiful smile. >> reporter: police and soldiers are now a constant presence, but today the belgians admitted to neglecting security in the paste, leaving the country vulnerable to terrorism. abc news, brussels. >> pope francis denounced, quote, blind and brutal terrorism has a held other vigil service at st. peter's basilica.
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he spoke amid the tightest security ever for an outdoor mass at the vatican. the pope cited recent attacks in belgium, turkey, nigeria and iraq and prayed that victims of terrorists will reject the wives hatred and con district instead work together. abc7 news was in san francisco as worshipers packed st. mary's cathedral to celebrate easter mass. today services marked the end of holy week when christians celebrate jesus riding from the dead. it follows good friday, when jesus was crucified outside the gates of jerusalem. an easter surprise no parent want their child to uncover. haven't been able to wrap my head around this yet.
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>> coming up, the tweet that made an oklahoma man the most popular grandpa in the nation. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a bright finish to the weekend and also breezy in some spots. 10 degrees cooler today compared to yesterday. and the new week, windier and cooler temperatures.
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woman:man: yes.a newspaper? woman: it's quaint. man: did you read about this latest cyber attack? woman: yeah, i read it on my watch. man: funny. woman: they took out the whole network. man: they had to hand out pens and paper. woman: yeah. man: could it happen to us?
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woman: no. we're okay. man: we are? woman: yeah, we brought in some new guys. man: what do they know that we don't? woman: that you can't run a country with pens and paper. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. >> a livermore woman made a troubling discovery as she was putting together easter baskets.
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small razor blades inside a bag of easter grass she bought. she called the police and officers told her it wasn't a criminal incident. they explained the blades probably fell off the shredding machine used to manufacture the grass. dollar tree says the pulled the suspect bags off the shelves but coming up at 6:00, lilian kim shows us what abc7 news found when weapon went back to the store to get answers. >> members of the bay area islamic city in fremont and the hindu center in hey wedder have come together to support hurricane victims in the south pacific. hurricane winston lashed the islands of fee -- fiji claiming 42 lives and leaving behind a trail of destruction. abc7~news was in san leandro as community members packed a container with food, kholing and medicine. >> your goals are money goals and my goals are yours.
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let's work together to put this foundation together and take care of our island back home in fiji. >> the company, dependable highway express, is helping get the container to fiji. people of fremont and hayward held a fundraise are for the victims of the laker fire. you can tell us what is happening where you live by e-mailing abc7 listens at kgo -- a new stage for the vaccination debate. why robert deniro and the folk festival are accused of trying to cover up an alleged coverup. a live look at conditions outside right now. young see the cloud cover. drew is tracking strong wind gusts and our temperatures will deep even more. the rk week photograph -- forecast is ahead. now here's a look at what is ahead on abc world news. >> faith and fear around the globe this easter. police patrolling outside sunday services from new york to rome,
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donald trump's controversial comments about safety here at home and the explosion in a new house that no one saw coming.
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>> the cdc have known all along there was this -- >> robert deniro is pulling an antivaccine documentary from the tribeca film festival. the film examines the link between vaccines and autism. deniro said after careful review he does not believe the documentary contributes to the discussion he hoped for. denoro is a cofounder of the film philosophy and has a child with autism. the film says, quote, tribeca's action will not succeed in denying the world access to the
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truth behind the film "vaced." >> the powerful of social media turned an oklahoma grand dad into a celebrity. kenny paw paw harmon's new found fame thanks to a tweet that went viral. his granddaughter tweet his grandchildren were no-shows for a dinner he made. >> the fame is coming to me from almost everybody is their grandparents, their great-grandparents, what they want to do now or what they wish they'd done before. >> people came from as far away as australia to show their love for paw paw. the lines were long for the food but even longer to have a photo taken with the internet sensation. there, not a cloud in the sky. what about here? let's check the forecast. >> we had sunshine for most of the day today and now just a few high clouds streaming in from the north.
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live doppler 7hd is precipitation free so we take you outside. a live look from sutro tower camera. sunshine giving way to high clouds, associated with a cold front that brought cooler conditions and a breeze. current wind gusts, sfo, 40 miles-per-hour. 28 miles-per-hour at fairfield. 25 miles-per-hour at hayward, and right along the coast, half moon bay, a wind gust to 22 miles-per-hour. this wind is part of the reason we're much cooler today compared to yesterday, antioch right now, you're ten degrees cool at the this time yesterday. four degrees cooler in san francisco. five degrees cooler over the past 24 hours. current temperatures right now, san francisco, at a cool 57 degrees. 60 in hayward. 64 in san jose. concord, 68. santa rosa, 67. live doppler 7hd and satellite, we're tracking a pair of features. see the line of cloud cover from
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the north? that's a cold front and that's why we were cooler and breezier today. behind the cold front, little rain and snow around seattle and portland. that's an area of low pressure and it will slide by to the east, reinforce the cooler air for monday and bring back those rather gusty winds. overnight tonight, going to get cool out there with that wind and clear skies. drop to 40 in napa. 45 in palo alto. 57 san francisco, and 46 you're night in oakland and wind gusts on monday. the future tracker wind gusts,:in the morning, between 20 and 35 miles-per-hour, and the wind will stick with us through monday afternoon as well with some spots gusting to near 40 miles-per-hour. so that breeze is going to keep temperatures below normal. future tracker temperature shows you tomorrow, the lunchtime hour, with that wind gusting near 40 miles-per-hour. it will feel like we're in the 50s, but numbers will actually true to get into the upper 50s to lower 60s by monday afternoon. with that breeze in the south
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bay, 64 in san jose tomorrow. windy conditions. 63 in sunnyvale. 63 redwood city. windy along the coast. downtown san francisco, 61. 57 dally city. north bay, 64, sonoma. 63 vallejo. windy in the east bay. 64 oakland, 65 union city. 64 fremont, and breezy in pittsburg. 65 san ramon and 63 in brentwood. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we are windy tomorrow. we're bright and sunny on tuesday, and then temperatures slowly climb. wednesday into thursday, little milder, and then we're sun zoninged by friday and next weekend we'll see a warm afternoon with sunshine. unfortunately looks like the next seven days are dry. >> thank you very much. rick quan is here now with a preview of sports. >> take a look at women's basketball. stanford made it to the women's
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final four seven of the last seven years. standing in their way, washington's chantel owes ahere
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>> stanford women's basketball team had the chance to earn its 13th trip to the final four if it could beat washington. the cardinal beat the huskies during the regular season but lost to them at the conference tournament. chantel osahor had 24 points and 18 rebounds.
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stanford tries to rally behind lilly thompson and erica mccall who had 17. the cardinal did cut the lead to five with over a minute left but got no closer, as kelsy plum helped seal the deal as washington wins 85-76. this will be the huskies' first trip to the final four where they'll face syracuse. >> we have a very young team that i hope will learn a lot from this experience, and we know how fortunate we for be here. we're disappoint but hopefully that will energize people to be more skilled basketball players. >> i think they came out with more energy than us. i think there was first few possessions they put their heads down and were aggressive and they kind of just came out and threw the first punch. >> the warriors and sixers are just underway at oracle. golden state is trying to extend the record home game winning streak to 53, which is a pretty good bet since philadelphia has the nba's worst record at 9-64. the clippers have clinch aid playoff spot by beating denver.
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jordan is a force to be reckoned with. after blocking the shot he races downcourt and there is for the alley-oop. 16-points, 16 rebounds and six blocked shots. chris paul chipped in with 14 as the clippers win 105-90. the fourth western conference team to earn a playoff berth. >> today is buster posey's 29th birthday but the giants catcher had tightness in his hip and was a late scratch from their game with the white sox. san francisco got off to a good start. pence comes home. chicago trailed 5-0 after two but came back to win. travis ishikawa delivers the two-run bomb in the seventh. 13-8 was the final. ishikawa help this chances by hitting for the white sox going 3-5. the a's hammered kansas city. chris kolb got things gopher with the blast off chryst young
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in the first. then the second inning, jed lowrie connects for he first home run of the season. the a's cry's cruise to the 10-1 victim. a great day for jason day at the del match play event in austin, texas. in the semifinals he outlasted defending champ rory mcilroy one-up with this 12-foot putt for par. and then in the finals he dominated louis louis -- louis oosthuizen. he wins the hole and the match 5 and 4. the biggest margin of sprinkle a title match since 2008. at the ncaa men's tournament, syracuse has earned a trip to the final four by upsetting top seed virginia, 68-62 in the midwest regional final. the orange will next play the win over north carolina and notre dame.
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big comeback there by a syracuse. they were down by 16. and so came back to win. >> how is your bracket doing? >> trashed the first day. complete trash. >> thank you. up next, who says easter traditions are just for humans. the story when abc7 news at a 2:00 returns.
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coming up at 6:00, warning about potentially dangerous lamps. the popular retailer that just issued a re-call. and a magic carpet ride through san francisco. the secret that made this head-turning stunt possible. join us for abc7~news at 6:00. before we go, gorillas are getting in on easter fun. the cincinnati zoos scattered treats for them to find. they searched for baskets payments with paint hard boiled eggs and oranges and other goodies. they enjoy holiday tradition just as much as we do. he's pretty good finding those eggs. that does it for us here at
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5:00. we'll see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." on alert. faith and fear around the globe this easter. police patrolling outside sunday services from new york to rome. the attack on terrorism tonight, coming from pope francis himself. in the heart of brussels, riot police clash with right wing protesters. tonight, the manhunt for the attackers growing. donald trump's controversial comments about safety here at home. the front-runner and ted cruz blasting away at each other, as bernie sanders scores a clean sweep over hillary clinton. it looks like snow. but that's actually hail in florida. extreme weather this holiday weekend. rob marciano standing by. the explosion no one saw coming. a home leveled just one week after new owners got the keys.


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