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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 28, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> at the breaking news has to do with the coast guard from alameda seizing six tons of cocaine. we just got some incredible video of the operation that went down off the coast of panama. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. kristen is off. we are talking about more than $200 million worth of coe -- cocaine. amy hollyfield is at headquarters in alameda. all the coast guard is announcing this because of the impressive amount, but also because they want you to see this video. this is a crew out of this alameda office climbing on board a slippery vessels and taking two people into custody.
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this is just south of mexico. officials say the drugs were likely headed to mexico where they would be unpacked and repackaged and then sent to the united states. they consider this a medium to large bust and you could tell they were pretty proud of the operation. we got do hear about it from the commanding officer by telephone. she is still out on assignment. >> in this case we were able to safely remove approximately 4,800 pounds of cocaine from the develops there what no way to tow the vessel several hundreds miles back to shore and it pose add hazard to navigation to other marineers in the area. we think the smuggleing has been in place a while. >> this is a look at the semi submersible, made for drug smuggling because most of it is under water. they are hard to detect. it took a crew in an airplane to spot it. they had to sink it they say
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this video will help them see how they are will and how they are being operated. they are growing in use bit drug smugglers. the coast guard has fund five in less than a year. it had been since 2012 before they had seen one before. they found a loaded gun on board. but no one was hurt give the take down. >> very interesting video. another frustrating morning for bart passengers, right during rush hour, a train stopped on the tracks nearand added more stress to an already overextended system. our reporter is at the millbrae bart station. has the system recovered yet? >> i spoke with a station agent and she told me that all trains are arrive on time here in millbrae but it wasn't like that earlier this morning. many bart passengers discovered, another day, another delay. all the millbrae bart entrance
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the men in t-shirts giving passenger as free ride but not on a frein. >> a lot of people are frustrated with bart and they want to have an alternate transportation method. we are out hire throughout the city giving out free tries so people can try us out is see what a friendly transportation is actually like the. >> rider on bart have had a tough couple of weeks and more trouble this morning. a disabled train blocked the tracks between daily difficult and millbrae causing major delays. bartry moved the train but the delays between 10-15 minutes remain. >> how late? >> 15 minutes. >> used to it? >> it is get more frequent. more frequent. especially with the bay point problem. >> bart riders fed up with the public transportation service and look for alternates. nothing is perfect. unfortunately, bart is unreliable so i bought a car.
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it broke the i am back to bart. >> and bart broke this morning and ten-minute delay? >> yes. it will be working late at the office tonight. >> it is back normal in millbrae it is not the case in the east bay where they run the shuttle from the north concord station to pittsburg/bay point station. >> when you ride bart you can sound off by share a message on social media, using # dearbart. we could use it right here. >> new this morning, c.h.p. trying to determine exactly how many cars hit a woman walking long side interstate 280 when she died. sky shows the scene north of this area, with calls at 6:15 the woman was hit multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene. the investigation initially propertied the closing of all five southbound lanes on 280 and that back up traffic to we. >> developing news this morning,
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a two-alarm fire at an abandoned pittsburg home is investigated as a possible arson. the fire started before amendment at a system family home. flames went through the roof of the house, causing it to cave. >> another fire the arson task force is investigating the cause of this fire that raged through a stand rose four plex with flames tearing through the roof last night and two residents were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the red cross is helping those without a place to live. >> and ocean beach, a san francisco fire department boat has been pushed further off the cliff side running along the beach and it has been there flipped over since saturday. it capsized during a training exercise. in fact, four firefighters were taken to the hospital. one was admitted is now at home. official say they are trying to politic owe the best way to recover that boat and they hope to do that some time this week. it is still unclear the cause of
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the capsizing. >> police are investigating a possible significant connection after a racist graffiti surfaced at marina park. workers quickly painted over the profanity racial slur that targeted hispanics and african-americans the families arrived with children to celebrate easter and they discovered it, and it could be part of the turf war. >> big news for two southern state tied up in lgbt rights controversies. georgia governor takes out the veto pen and north carolina faces a lawsuit. our reporter is with us in the newsroom with the new developments. >> those who file the lawsuits say it is about protecting basic rights and about fighting a law that goes as far as prohibiting cities and counties from across the state from passing their own antidiscrimination laws. >> 27-year-old is a lead
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plaintiff in the federal lawsuit filed today against north carolina state leaders. >> we, members of the trans gender community are no different than you. >> he was born a female and now considers himself a man. under this new law, he and others in the transgender community are not allowed to use public restrooms based on the gender they identify with. >> supporters of the bill say it is about protecting people from sharing bathrooms with those would headache them feel unsafe. critics say the law clearly discriminates and unfairly systems out a group of people. awe are asking the court to overturn house bill 2 because it is up constitutional. >> the aclu said it is a violation of the 14th amendment but it will violates title nine on the basis of sex discrimination along with the governor and attorney general, university of north carolina has been named in the lawsuit which received title nine federal funding. >> it is so much more than a restroom. it is about dignity, about
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respect. it is about valuing us as a broader part of the north carolina community. north carolina is better than this. >> now, trans people like me have to be concerned they could be harassment, consequences or even worse, for doing something i have done for the last 30 years. >> now, in georgia victory for the lgbt community. today, the governor there veto add bill that would have allowed faith based organizes to deny services and jobs to guys, less beaches bisexual and transgender people. >> this morning, small businesses all over our state are trying to figure out how they will adjust to the new minimum wage. over the weekend, a continuative deal was reached to significantly increase the minimum wage over the next six years. right now, it is $10 an hour. it would go up to $10.50 next year and gradually to $15 by 2022. the governor is expected to outline the details this week.
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the restaurants are considering trimming menus and raising prices. some owners say they may have to cut down their staff, as well. >> happening today an important test will determine when we will get some dungness crab on the table offer the weekend, the fisher men lady crab pots near half moon bay and that crab is undergoing testing to determine the quality. buyers want to know the quality of the crab and filibuster are men will not go to sea unless they know that price. if everything goes well, boats head out on wednesday and are back with crabs on thursday. >> president obama's history making trip to cuba is taking a sour turn with the harsh words the cuban president has for our commander in chief the. >> is this the future of friend, a digital sorority that now is growing more popular with women. >> a look at our exploritorium camera with blue skies and gorgeous day and meteorologist mike nicco has the
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>> the abc7 news app on go on your schedule. on one scene. all the weather and traffic and news that lives where you live. >> new this morning, fidel castro is not so impressed with rebound's visit to cuba. in fact, he wrote a 1,500 letter saying and i quote, "we don't need the empire to give us any prisons." president obama did not meet with fidel but met with his brother, president raul castro the first of a sitting united
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states president in nearly 90 years. >> developing news now, the massive manhunt is intensifying for a brussels terror suspect seen in to new video. you can see him right there in the hat. we this was taken moments before two deadly airport explosions last week. authorities are appealing to the public for help in finding him. we have learned that another suspect, faycal cheffou, has been released from custody after a judge ruled there was insufficiented evidence. the death toll is 35 including four members. belgium official say the number will likely rise more than 60 people still if intensive care. >> in pakistan, the death toll has reached 70 people and witnesses are talking about surviving the suicide attack. >> people were crying. >> most of the victims were women and children gathering on easter in the public park. at least 300 others were injured
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there. a taliban group that has supported isis in the past has taking responsibility now claim that they deliberately targeted christians on easter the. >> new detail on the man would disappeared from san francisco over the weekend hack found safe. walnut creek police tweeted the 57-year-old peres reyes was found this morning and gave no details police were anxious to find him because he has the mental capacity of a six-year old and speaks limited english. reyes was visiting caltran with his caregiver and she list him with her boyfriend do attend a funeral last thursday. no word open caregiver's whereabouts. >> coming ups an excite opportunity for some "star wars" fans and how you can bring home part of "the force awakens" that anyone else has their hands on. and meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. it looks sunny. >> it is. but it is very deceptive, the winds of spring are making it feel like winter and this is not so cold or as fast as the winds
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suggest. >> and a look at online market place for women to make friends and some say it is bad news. >> admit it, we all text and walk but did you know it could get you thrown in the slammer with new legislation that could make that
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> in this morning, pandora has named co-founder as c.e.o. and after increasing competition from services like apple music and spotify.
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pandora shares about -- shares fell about 9% and he was the previous c.e.o. that will be replaced. >> you if you a huge "star wars" fans with dispose ability income you can help a great cause. harrison ford is auctioning off the leather jacket he wears in the movie and the auction will raise money for a new york city medical center search for a cure for epilepsy. it is a personal cause forford pause he revealed that his daughter has the neurological disease. i know you are wondering how much it is going for? we checked, the high bid right now is $17,000. the bidding is up for two more weeks so...good luck. >> again, if you have a lot of money on are i don't hands, you know where you can dispose of it the. >> for a if cause. >> -- is tracking the weather and more wind to come.
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mike? yes, good morning, again. breezy on the roof and not so bad as near the coast where the farrest winds are, and it and bringing a little bit of a chill, the cool air we saw yesterday is going to be cooler today with the sunshine, check out the current condition, 52 at half moon bay and 60 at san ramon and most of us are around the mid-to-upper 50 right now, and here is a look atwhere from afternoon today until 6:00 this evening we have an airport weather warning and that mean the gusts could be up to around 45 miles per hour shooting through the san bruno gap to the coast. that is where the gusty winds are. a stray shower is possible today. clear, calmer, and cooler tonight. and a gradual warming trend as we head into the weekend, which is april. here is a look at sfo, at 28 right new and half moon bay is young and 20 in san jose one of the other fast spots and the rest of us around 12-16 miles per hour. as we head through the day, 20-30 it is a good gust range
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over land with 35-45 along the coast the it is going to be kuwait tough if you drying a high-profile vehicle across the bridges during the evening commute. but, notice, overnight, the freezes taper quit a bit except for near the coast and that is why most of us are cooler tonight. here is a look from mount tamalpais and you can see all of the sunshine and a few clouds are billowing up and the breeze is not your friend if you have alleys because they will whip up the tree pollen mostly oak and cedar. mid-to-upper 50s along the coast, and the rest of us are in the low-to-mid 60. now our best chance for any stray shower, you can see it is identify east bay hills and up into the negligent bay mountains, not 6 of a chance but it is a small chance with most of the activity staying in the sierra. can you believe by friday the snow season is ending and i checked the electronic measurements and we are at 86% are we should be for this time of the year. so even with a strong storm
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storm we are only going to have an average snow pack. tonight we are in the upper 30s to low 40s inland valley s and low-to-upper 40s around the bay shore and to the coast. my seven-day outlook, strong sunshine will slowly give this cool air mass and we will be back to average by wednesday and the waves will be above average and friday and saturday and sunday, april 1, 2, and 3rd. not much rain in the forecast. >> mike, it looks good, former super model has breast cancer say she received the news two weeks ago while out shopping with her daughter. doors found a parkway sized lump on her right breast fund to be cancerous. she said that this is not a pity party and determine to survive the illness. the former america's top model's judge's mother died from breast cancer the. >> a digitate discovery report on could shape the future of on-line friendship for women and
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2,000 in women if los angeles range in age from 18 to mid-40s and pest politics to relationship advice and fashion ideas. you have to be nominateed by three members and be beamed worthy. >> we call those who are not active because those are the workers who might spill the secrets that allow it to be this supportive and bar all director dirty laundry community. >> the groups say the, exclusiveness makes it similar to mean girls but members want to keep to a group of women they can trust. >> in california, and if most places it is against the law to text and drive. some legislatures are trying to do the same thing with texting and walking. a new jersey legislator has propose add bill to find texter walkers $50 and for repeat offend decembers, ferndales in jail. people are distracted by the phone and crossing road are as much danger as jaywalkers and
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should be hell to the same penalty. two million injuries have been reported to texter walkers and several states have try and failedded to enact the law. hawaii wants do impose a $250 fine. >> i have hit my head while texting and walking. and had to go to the doctor. >> it is real. >> a lot excitement at the white house. >> the annual easter egg roll is underway this morning. there is the president and the first lady reading to some children and we will show you the fun moment that prosecute the first couple to their
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>> it is not what you want to see if you arrest passenger on a plane. a co-pilot was put in handcuffs shortly before take off. >> california is not the only hot zone when it comes to earthquakes, for the first time scientists are mapping manned made earthquakes at 5:00. >> this morning, president obama making the final easter egg roll of the presidency memorial babble. watch this. the first couple read a book. >> now, let the wild rumpus start. >> how for you do the wield rumpus? how?
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>> i did not expect those sounds. >> very spirited rendition. >> rebound and the first lady doing the rumpus from the classic "where the wild things are." thanks for watching. would wents to an millionaire is next.
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>> hi, i'm chris harrison, and i'm hoping to make some people very rich today. will it be million-dollar rich? we're about to find out. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] then let's do this. our first contestant has had quite the laundry list of odd jobs. today we'll add "millionaire" contestant to that résumé and hopefully millionaire in general. from spokane, washington, please welcome emily querna. [cheers and applause] hello. >> hi. >> good to see you. bring it in. >> oh, good to see you too. i'm glad you're a hugger. >> how goes it? >> oh, so good. >> odd jobs. >> a lot of odd jobs. it started out in high school. i worked as a polo groom, which morphed into camp wrangler, so i managed all the


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