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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 1, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, more tornadoes touching down in the south. the videos just coming in and where the severe weather is heading right now. show of unity. donald trump meeting with republican leaders as the controversy surrounding the billionaire piles on. plus, hillary clinton lashing out during a rally after a question. collision course. a large passenger boat out of control smashing into a pier. and be on alert. april 1st is just getting started, and companies are already trying to fool us. we say good sunday morning on this april 1st. we're going to start with some -- >> you had me for a second there.
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we've never done this show on a sunday morning. >> exactly. we're going to start with some breaking news. severe weather racing through the south right now. >> tornadoes touching down in at least three states overnight. this fast-moving twister moving through the town of new hope, mississippi. >> other tornadoes also reported in louisiana, alabama, as well, all spawned from these storms you're looking at right now on radar. the worst of it moving into georgia and the carolinas right now. rolling through the south overnight in alabama sirens blaring. people taking cover. a tornado visible in the dark when the lightning flashes. >> take it the other way. >> in mississippi another tornado forming behind that house. the high winds toppling trees and power poles, damaging homes and buildings. a 16-year-old jumping in this truck to seek shelter when he says the high winds tossed the vehicle into a ditch. rescue crews eventually pulling him to safety. that same system responsible for spawning violent weather in other southern states yesterday.
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>> there's the debris off of some roofs. i hope people are taking cover. >> at least six tornadoes, a trail of devastation and flash flooding. abc's steve osunsami in jonesboro, arkansas. >> reporter: here's something else we're seeing, roads like this one that have been washed away. you can fit a truck in here, and with more rain coming, more of this is much more likely. >> and now the severe weather setting its sights on the east coast. what a scene there where steve was. and here's where the weather threat is looming this weekend. take a look. damaging winds and lightning expected early this morning in atlanta. the storms then move through north and south carolina by noon and tomorrow severe storms likely again in the south. flash flooding a concern in alabama, as well as parts of georgia. new details overnight. the virginia state trooper severely wounded by gunfire at a greyhound station in richmond has died. chad dermyer and other troopers from the state police counterterrorism unit were at
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the bus terminal for a training exercise when a gunman opened fire at close range. dermyer's colleagues returned fire killing the shooter. two civilians were also injured, but they're expected to recover. investigators still don't know what triggered the shooting. turning our focus now to politics now and donald trump sitting down behind closed doors with the rnc just days after threatening to sue that party. >> the meeting followed a tumultuous day for trump slammed for making explosive comments on abortion then doing an about-face. abc's megan hughes has the latest from washington. megan, good morning. >> reporter: reena, kendis, good morning. it was an unusual day for donald trump yesterday. he was off the campaign trail meeting with party leaders. what's not unusual, he was still at the center of controversy. donald trump giving a thumbs up after a capitol hill visit with the republican national committee. after publicly battling party leaders in the past, he told fox -- >> it was a very good meeting. they're very good people, very -- actually a terrific meeting i think, and it's really a unity meeting. >> reporter: trump also
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addressed his latest political firestorm. >> did you misspeak, or did you misunderstand -- >> well, it could be i misspoke. >> reporter: a rare exchange stemming from a forum where he was asked about punishment if abortion were banned. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, there what is to be some form. >> reporter: trump reversed himself within hours saying women are actually victims. it's the doctors who should be punished, but it may have already done damage with female republican voters. >> when i heard how he wanted to punish the women is not what we want. we want to draw the women in. >> reporter: trump is struggling to win over women. nearly three out of four female voters have an unfavorable opinion of him and for republican women that number is skyrocketing, up 25 points in just a matter of months. hillary clinton using the exchange in her stump speech. >> donald trump is showing us exactly who he is, and we should believe him. >> reporter: his republican opponents are also on the offensive. >> you can't operate like this.
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you're going to be president of the united states. people around the world must be having a field day. >> reporter: as for trump's sit-down with party leaders, the rnc chairman says it wasn't a surprise meeting. it was planned well in advance of these controversial comments. reena, kendis. >> megan hughes live in washington, thank you. let's turn now to the democrats, and things are heating up as they both campaign in new york. hillary clinton lashing out at bernie sanders at his campaign denying that she accepted money from the fossil fuel industry. clinton was visibly angry as she was questioned by a greenpeace activist. >> will you act on your words to reject fossil fuel money in the future in your campaign? >> i do not -- i have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies. i am so sick -- i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. i'm sick of it. >> kind of ironic that exchange as "fight song" is blaring in the background there. the sanders camp fired back saying clinton's taken contributions
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from lobbyists for fossil fuel companies. he was also in new york last night drawing 15,000 people by estimates at a park in the bronx and his campaign just announced that it raised a record $44 million in march. turning our focus overseas and south korea claims north korea is now jamming gps signals and also test-fired another short-range missile overnight. in the meantime, asian countries including china pledging now to work together to hold back north korea's nuclear ambitions. an alarming discovery on a school bus in virginia. explosive material was found in the engine block of the bus. it was left behind after government training exercises were conducted while students were on spring break. the bus was used to transport children for two days before anyone noticed. the cia says the training material was in a benign state and did not pose a threat. we've got some new details about the terror attack in brussels. the authorities in the netherlands were warned about the bombers beforehand. abc news has learned that the new york police department, not the fbi, warned dutch officials about the brothers who blew themselves up.
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that warning was passed to the dutch officials a week before the attacks but was obviously ignored. and a key suspect in the paris terror attacks will be returned to france where he's promised to cooperate in the investigation. belgian authorities have approved in principle the extradition of salah abdeslam. he was captured march 18th in a massive police raid in brussels. the actual transfer to france may take, however, several weeks. the former wife of the man who hijacked that egyptair flight said he was a drug addict who beat her and their children. a new video has emerged showing the galley where seif eldin mustafa was holed up with the flight attendants wearing his fake bomb vest. it also shows the moment that passenger ben innes walked into that galley and posed for a picture with mustafa. you can hear all about what happened from innes later today on "good morning america." well, still ahead, tesla's new, less expensive model finally unveiled. and new this morning, a 7-week-old baby kidnapped from a
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mall found after a desperate search. the new picture showing the reunion with his family overnight. plus, caught on camera. collision course, this large vessel smashing into a pier.
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[ horn beeping ] this was a case of sudden acceleration on the water. a whale watching ship crashed into the dock in san diego damaging the ship and dock and injuring passengers. three people were taken to the hospital. other passengers were unable to disembark because the dock's walkway was damaged. the crew blames a mechanical malfunction. dozens of students in texas
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are recovering after their bus rolled over. the bus was carrying members of a high school track team in jasper county. investigators say the driver apparently overcorrected, which sent the vehicle down a ditch rolling several times before stopping. there were no seat belts on board the bus. well, as of today american airlines passengers can no longer lock in a fare for 24 hours without putting any money down. now they have to pay up front but can get a full refund within 24 hours. the carrier says that's the one way that the other airlines are doing it, and being different can cause confusion. the refund offer is only good if you buy directly from american airlines. >> it was really confusing for awhile, that 24-hour hold. all right. now we know what the tesla model 3 looks like. ceo elon musk unveiled the $35,000 electric car last night. tesla is also now taking online reservations for the model 3. the only way to do that yesterday before the unveiling was to go to a tesla dealership.
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now, it led to long lines across the country. now, tesla got more than 115,000 orders for the new car in 24 hours. it will hit the streets late next year. >> anybody check out the trunk? good grocery space in the back? >> we'll have to find out. >> okay. >> heated seats. >> all right. well, when we come back, the u.s. women's soccer team talking about how much less they're making than the men's team and now taking a stance. and talk about a takedown, a 14-year-old football player stopping a thief in his tracks. soup and sandwich and cannonballs and clean and real and looking good and sandwich and soup and a new personal best. and a little help and soup and sandwich and study group.
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there will be things to keep us up. but tonight, we sleep. look at those flames. at least a dozen firefighters are in the hospital after trying to battle a three-alarm fire. this is in providence, rhode island. it's in a neighborhood that is populated mostly by college students. a fire broke out in one home, but blustering winds quickly spread the flames to two others destroying all three. drivers in providence and the rest of the northeast will find wet roads off and on today but there's a good chance of flooding in the south, slippery or wet roads are also likely near the great lakes, parts of the southwest and the rockies. >> it's going to be a hot mess in the skies in the east. delays are likely in atlanta, charlotte, washington, philadelphia, new york and boston. this morning an infant kidnapped from an upscale mall near philadelphia has been reunited with his family. pictures of the reunion coming in overnight. a grateful mother back with her
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7-week-old baby boy. >> police in upper marion say that tips came in once the surveillance video was released showing the suspect leaving with the baby. police say she started talking to the baby's mother in the food court of the king of prussia mall. she offered to hold the baby when the mother took a phone call then left the mall later showing off the baby to family and friends. she faces serious charges. well, five star players from the u.s. women's soccer team have filed a federal complaint about equal pay. the players are accusing u.s. soccer federation of wage discrimination. the women are the reigning world cup and olympic champions, but they're paid nearly four times less than their male counterparts who didn't make it to the quarterfinals in the last world cup. >> we're doing the same work for less. we're winning world championships, olympic championships, and we don't want to take anything away from the men, but we have been very successful. >> the men were paid $9 million as a team. the women, who won it all, $2 million.
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two states are close to raising the minimum wage. yesterday leaders in new york reached a deal to begin raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. earlier this week california approved a similar increase to take place over seven years. governor jerry brown plans to sign the new bill on monday. a 14-year-old high school football player using his skills to tackle a suspected shoplifter at a crowded seattle department store taking him down as he tried to get away. police had been trying to handcuff him when he slipped away. enter freshman kevin mertz to save the day. now, of course, police don't recommend that civilians intervene, but they are commending kevin for his actions. well, a house in the phoenix area suffered minor damage after it was hit by an emergency slide from a jet. the homeowner said that she heard a bang and felt the whole house shake. officials later determined that the slide came from an atlas air boeing 767, which did ultimately land safely. >> just a typical day in phoenix. time now for sports and some late nba basketball games.
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>> we get the details from scott van pelt at espn. good morning, america. i'm scott van pelt with the "sportscenter" update for you. the clippers in rest mode. chris paul, deandre jordan, j.j. redick took thursday night off. the thunder, who rested some guys earlier in the week, were at full strength, so okc should have won easy, but it was a battle. russell westbrook here, four-point lead turns into a six-point lead. westbrook, who has been playing at an incredibly high level, was awfully good in this one. the dunk there, but now it's a three-point deficit. it's westbrook to kevin durant who went for 31. now it's a three-point deficit. now it's a tie game. westbrook went for 28. things are tied up late. westbrook will miss, steven adams, stillwater runs deep and the thunder win by two. entertaining game between the celtics and the blazers. jae crowder has been out for eight games. he was in the right place at the right time.
4:19 am
off the blocked shot, crowder 3 of his 13 and suddenly the celtics go from down two to up one, but c.j. mccollum who's become a star, crafty play here with a left-hand dribble gets to the baseline. 2 of his 17, and the blazers have the lead with about a minute to play, and they finished strong. al-farouq aminu, who had a career high 28, hit some huge three-pointers, finishes it off with this dunk on the way to a career high 28, and the blazers get the victory. we'd like to encourage you to watch espn programming all day, depends on the time and the hour and what's on, but you should watch. >> all right. thanks. duly noted. up next in "the pulse," don't be fooled. it's april 1st, and some companies are already trying to trick us. and why fans were throwing rubber rats on the ice at an nhl game. you may know what it's like to deal with high...
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♪ whoa! cleanup in aisle three. time to check "the pulse" and watch your back, clearly. it's april fools' day, and online pranksters are having a field day. >> one article falsely claimed that trader joe's was going out of business. >> no. >> yeah, likely sending health food fanatics into a frenzy. >> and people who like 2 buck chuck. >> yeah, a good wine. >> another story announced the introduction of a new line of northern toilet paper called rustic weave boasting that its craft you can feel in every square just like toilet paper used to be. no thanks. >> no thanks. you're passing on that? >> uh-huh. >> jokesters at lexus debuted velcro seats saying drivers must wear a special suit to sit in them. it's pretty clever, isn't it?
4:23 am
and then they bragged about using technology that's over 75 years old. see, the commercials are so slick, you believe that it's real, right? >> that is actually kind of brilliant. we've already been victims. you've had like a candied onion today. >> the crew gave me a candied onion. >> and i had hundreds of cups of water in my office. took 45 minutes to clean up, thanks. well, baseball season is about to get under way, and a very special woman has been chosen to throw out the first pitch at wednesday's texas rangers game. >> she's 105 years old. elizabeth sullivan, a retired teacher and hard-core rangers fan, she's been practicing for her big day, and it turns out she has a pretty good arm, but isn't she nervous? >> if you pass 100, you don't get nervous. you either go to a rest home or behave yourself. i hope i can get it overhand. >> she's cute. >> do you know how she does it? you know how she gets all her energy? it's from drinking three bottles of dr. pepper every day. what's inside of that dr. pepper, kendis? >> a shot of bourbon. if you notice her jersey number,
4:24 am
it's 105 like her age, and perhaps it's just fate, but game time on wednesday just happens to be 1:05 p.m. >> she is a special lady, that one. >> yes. and speaking of sports, instead of a hat trick, it was a rat trick. >> what? >> the florida panthers hockey team, they're a little quirky. they gave away 10,000 rubber rats, and last night -- the reasons are too complicated to explain, though. >> after the panthers scored their first goal, the fans, they started just throwing the rats onto the ice. the refs actually threatened to hit the home team with a delay of a game penalty, so then the new jersey devils fans at the game, they threw the rubber rats onto the ice. >> exactly. >> way to go. >> it didn't work. despite the two rat penalties, two rat penalties, florida won 3-2. >> you got to give it to them. it's kind of clever about the rats. apparently they won a big season and did really well when somebody killed a rat in their dressing room. >> this could be the key. more news ahead. back after this.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. is it friday? >> it is. >> we are glad you are here. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> we will get you started with weather and traffic. mike? >> good morning, everyone. we will start off with cloud cover. not so thick. but it is increasing. throughout the morning commute. it is dry on live doppler hd. here is a look at holes in the cloud cover. it is moving quickly from the pier 15. waking up to mid-40s to mid-50s. the temperatures are like yesterday. the reveal of sunshine will be like yesterday nearly 60 at the coast and nearly 70 for the rest of us. sue? >> light so far. the san mateo bridge shows traffic flowing nicely at 15 minutes from 880 to 101 and no
4:29 am
delays. san rafael is looking good, too, and the moon this morning is incredible. huge. looking good here. lining up the sky. we had road work. we will update that in a couple of minutes. friend on the roadway centers. that is good. guys? >> parents of students at east bay middle school are fighting the principal over lgbt acceptance week. some are threatening to pull kids from class. amy hollyfield is in san ramon. amy? >> good morning. an lgbt week is that too much or a good idea? parentses who do not like the idea have a petition against it. it is online. we have video of it. they are calling for a not a evening woo. they do not thing a group should have a whole week. some say it does not align with their beliefs and they will have
4:30 am
their children walk out of school in men on april 11 if demand are not met. principal tells the "contra costa times" he stands by this saying the students saw a need for this and they asked for it. he thinks it is the right thing to do. looking like no one is budgeing. a show down could happen. we will remain on the story. stay with us. we will talk to the people involved. >> a warning from police in the north by, a high risk sex offender could be released into a petaluma neighborhood. today. 23-year-old was convicted of molesting a child under age 18 and finished serving the sentence. police objected to police but do not have say in where he lives. officers warn the res


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