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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  April 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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of stanislav petrov, the man arrested at the escape of a shooting and beaten by the made da county sheriff's deputies last november. we're live in the newsroom and just spoke with the missing woman's mother. >> reporter: she is very worried and hopes the two are safe. here's a picture of who police are looking for. 23-year-old dana rinta and her 17-month-old daughter, scarlett. dana's mother, sharon, told me she wants her daughter to know they all love her. police will not say where the two were last seen. a rinta is the ex-firefighter of stanislav petrov. the suspect who was suing the alameda county sheriff's office. dana's mothers to not know petrov and says she is not scarlett's father. she has not seen her daughter since stem. petrov was arrested in a separate incident yesterday in san francisco. fbi agents swarmed a house in
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visitation valley. you can see behind handcuffed on the sidewalk out front. petrov apparently stays at the house from time to time. we do not know what he was charged with. a police source tells abc7~news, petrov is also the suspect in a domestic violence case. the victim is that missing woman. dana rinta. live in the newsroom. abc7~news. >> thank you. the sheriff's dep inside solano county want to find man accusation offed attacking and robbing two machine on a hiking trial. the attack happened a week ago friday afternoon near lake berryessa. he woman said he showed them gun, forked them into a second clyde area, attacked one of them and stole their money. they said the suspect spoke broken enlisch with a heavy accent. >> a 12-year-old boy a victim of a brazen robbery in a bart
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station. he was returning home from the el cerrito station. he was stopped bay man with a gun. cornell bernard is live with the story. >> reporter: the good news here, the 12-year-old wasn't hurt but shaken off after an armed gunman stole his wallet inside, the bart station. his mom wants to know tonight, where were the police? >> i was in shock. >> this parent named even na says she never expected to get a call from her son saying he had been robbed inside a bart station. >> scared. traumatized. >> reporter: her 12-year-old son talks about the chilling armed robbery which happened at the el cerrito del norte station on friday at 6:00 p.m. he was coming how many from his cousin's house when a man came from behind and told him to keep walking. we agreed not show his face. >> he put the gun to my waist. i looked down and i seen the
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gun. >> reporter: the man ordered him to keep moving town the station staysway. >> he told me to stop where there wasn't cameras so they couldn't see, he started reaching in my pockets and felt my wallet. >> reporter: he says the suspect then demanded his back pac. >> did you give him your back pacpack? >> no. >> what happen. >> the pushed. i off and ran away. >> y are the police. there's a police station at the bart station. >> reporter: part police say officers patrol station property but north always inside. police are investigating the robbery some will review any security camera footage, but at this point there are few leads. last january a gunman shot and killed a man on a bart train in west oakland. some camera may have been decoys and did not record the crime the suspect is still at large. this mom is glad her son was not hurt. >> have to find other means of him traveling.
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>> reporter: mom says no more bart trips for now. abc7~news. >> the buy area is about to heat up. today was mild with partially clear skies. tonight it's chilly but don't get used to that cooler weather. meteorologist drew tuma has more with live doppler 7hd. hi, drew. >> coming off of a really nice spring day across the region. a live look from the golden gate bridge camera showing you fair amount of sunshine now giving way to cloud cover along the coast. not cooling temperatures along the coast. san francisco, half moon bay, mid-50s. you move inland, with total sunshine, and antioch, 79. livermore, 75. concord, 74. future weather shows you overnight tonight, once again, the low clouds will push inland so tomorrow morning first thing as we wake up sunday we'll have the low clouds. at mid-week, big area of high pressure brings a lot of warm
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air into the bay area. san francisco based airbnb is crack down on hosts who breck the law and is pledging to investigate people who list more than one home for rent. airbnb says 20% of the house listings are controlled by hosts who list more than one property. airbnb is targeting hosts who turned private homes into illegal hotels and will purchase those listings. >> you're looking at banners that say coliseum but that's not in the stadium's official name anymore. the oaklandways announced ended the naming rights deal. you can call the coliseum its original name, the oakland alameda county coliseum. a bus fire cut short a weekend skiing trip for a group of san francisco university students. they were headed to go skiing this morning when the bus caught
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fire. 40 students were evacuated from the bus. no one was hurt. some of the luggage was damaged. the students were put on a bus back to san francisco. after more than two weeks without regular service bart is running trains between north concord and pittsburg bay point stations. riders have been using a bus bridge as bart tries to figure out what is causing electrical glitches. they're testing the trains and hope to continue service through the monday morning commute. a report says alaska airlines could be close to buying out virgin america. the "wall street journal" reported alaska airlines would spend 2 bill. jetblue could still outbid alaska and block the purchase. virgin is based in burlingame and pi flies to 23 aways in the u.s. and mexico. still ahead at 6:00. the instagram post that could get actor leonardo di caprio beganned from a country.
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space travel on the cheap. how rocket launch today could help bring everyday people to the edge of space.
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indonesia threatened to ban actor leonardo di caprio after he expressed concerns about animals. here's a post that a top
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immigration official comment on. di caprio complained about the expansion of payment oil industry pushing orangutans toward extinction. di caprio could be blacklisted. the amazon founder says he has successfully launched and relanded a reusable rocket for the first time in five months. the rocket took off from west texas this morning. this is video from a previous landing. they hope to use the rocket to carry passengers for space tourist and each rocket lasting through 100 launches. space ex is working on a similar project, although the falcon 9 goes farther and faster, reaching orbit. falcon 9 landed safely on the ground in november but has failed to citily land a reusable rocket on a platform. a fight to save two trees in
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san francisco. the rec and parks department majored them for removal because they're in danger of falling down. neighbors behind an online campaign believe they're being moved to make way for more development. rangers are trying to keep north bay trails safe. up next at 6:00, the new enforcement starting this month that has angered some of them people who use them most often. a lot of changes to the weather this week. from hot days to maybe more rain. beautiful shot there from the exploratorium camera. >> coming up in sports a deal might be getting closer for 49ers quarterback coalin kaepernick, and after losing the first two games in the bay bridge s
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right now former president bill clinton and his daughter, chelsea, are front and center at the uc berkeley campus. the father-daughter tandem are taking part in the clinton global initiative meeting. tonight chelsea clinton will deliver a speedway and former president clinton will sit down
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with a conversation with conan o'bryan. others will join them for a day of service in oakland. radar guns are being used to slow down mountain bikers. the park rangers will be hiding out looking for speeding riders which they consider dangerous. the speed limit is 15 miles-per-hour. opponents said it's easy to double that going downhill. rangers tested the idea at the mill valley sausolito trail last year. they issued 64 citations and warrants. cheers for a young man shattering a world record at american high school. owen farmer solved 117 rubic's cubes with a hitch, while pedaling a unicycle. he did it while raising money for charity. >> for my own -- for personal satisfaction and help out the charity i'm fundraising for. >> what charity.
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>> helps -- >> tomorrow farmer will try to break two more records you probably never heard of atop his unicycle in san francisco, trying to climb the most steps and the most steps within 30 seconds. now time to check in with drew tuma whose has this exclusive unicycle forecast. >> lots of sunshine. live doppler 7hd rather quiet through the next week. it's really going to be about the temperatures climbing to near record levels mid-week. outside we go on this saturday evening with a look from the sutro tower camera. it's been out n and out of the clouds throughout the afternoon and evening as the marine layer tries to push in cooling off san francisco to 55. oakland, 60. 65 in mountain view. san jose, 72. 74, morgan hill. along the coast, cool, cloud cover, 52. a live look from emeryville camera showing you the gorgeous sunset underway, and a quiet
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night on the way. santa rosa, 67. 68 in napa. novato, 64. 74 mismoore. a warm 75. so a repeat performance by mother nature got a carbon copy of what today was on your sunday. clouds to start off, then a sunnier afternoon. feels like spring through tuesday and then temperatures take off. we wednesday and thursday, will feel like summer. we have a beach hazard on the coast lean and the riecks is there with current wave heights between six and seven feet and increased rip currents. tonight we'll have the clouds pushing inland so call it mostly cloudy across the bay area. dropping to 49 in san francisco. same in richmond. 44 san rafael. 47 overnight in san jose, 48 in oakland, livermore, 45. so your planner for your sunday will start off with those clouds first thing. we see clearing in the morning and by the afternoon, fair amount of sunshine once again
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and very similar temperatures. inland, upper 70s. around the bay, upper 60s and along the coast, upper 50s to perhaps lower 60s. in the south bay, 671 in santa clara, 72 in san jose, 69 the high in milpitas. along the peninsula. 68 for redwood city. 69, palo alto, pacifica, a cool 55. downtown san francisco tomorrow, 62. 59 for daly city. north bay, 68, calistoga. 68 petaluma. 70 in napa, afternoon sunshine. also go to 70 in oakland. 67 san leandro, 68 the high in berkeley. inland, afternoon sunshine, up to 78 in antioch, 74 in livermore. future tracker temperature shows you monday, really similar setup. an onshore wind keeps the coast cool-but inland we get well into the 70s. by tuesday those winds start to
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shift. so 80's popping up inland, 70s around the immediate bay, and then summer warmth kicks in on wednesday. a land breeze means the coast equally as warm and i do think a lot of spots may get very close to 90. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, warm inland, mostly sunny on monday. sun zoninged on tuesday and then downtown right hot mid-week, thursday beach weather, and then a dramatic drop in temperatures on friday with a slight chance of evening shower and saturday, chance for a little rain. going to get hot by wednesday. >> warming up. thank you, drew. >> sure. rick is in for shu. tonight, we're talking about baseball. finally, counting, soon, right? >> read to play ball for real on monday. the giants and a's wrapped if the exhibition season by square off at the coliseum. before the contest josh reddick had some fun. he does his steph curry warmup
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routine. he went 0-3 at the plate. these fans are ready for home cooking. doubront gets joe panik on this ground out but had to leave after one inning with tightness in miss forearm. matt cain who has a cyst removed from his elbow, went five innings. in the third, a's new left fielder, cliff davis, jumps on a hang curve and sentses it deep to left for a solo home run. then win a man on second. lowrie flows to center. span should get it but fails to pick it up cleanly, allowing lowrie to score. the a's win 4-1. >> needless to say we don't practice sprinting from home to home very often. usually if you're running that far, it's a nice easy jog. >> we were kind of working all
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the pitches. that was the biggest thing. good situations. we had guys on base, double-play balls and a couple of mistakes. we did a lot of good things right, though. >> espn is quoting sources which say that the 49ers have a basic agreement in place to trade colin kaepernick to denver but the contract has to be restructured and that could be a big stumbling block. kaepernick is due to make $12 million this season and has a salary cap figure of 16 million. the broncos want to restructure his deal to make it much friendlier and so far the two teams are not even close. if terms can be worked out, the niners would likely receive a mid-round draft pick. all good things must come to an expend that's what happen last night to the warriors. as their nba record 54 game regular season home winning streak was snapped by the celtics. downtown by three with three minutes left. rush has a chance to cut the load to one but lose his handle.
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back comes boston. isaiah thomas with the layup. golden state had a chance to tie with five seconds left. steph curry gets a great look but misses. hairsson barnes, the desperation 3 but no go. barnes did not think there was enough time to give curry one more shot. >> you know, if i would have had to get him to it, it would have to be a bang, bang play. i didn't think there was enough time to get it to him. we talked about and it he agreed. >> we all know our for cuss is we want to win championship. championship goes up on the wall, and records are broken. people break records. championships last forever. the whole team knows. >> center andrew bogut is listed as questionable get portland. he hurt his ribs last notice. x-rays proved to be negative. the warriors can still break the nba record for the most victories in a season if they can win five of their last six.
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at the final four in houston, villanova advanced to the championship game by destroying oklahoma, 95-51. the 44-point margin of victory i the large nest ncaa final house. on monday the wildcats play the winner of north carolina syracuse for the title with ten minutes left. syracuse and carolina are tied at 16 apiece. and this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> you went to the university of texas you. don't feel bad for oklahoma, right? >> not crying for the sooners. >> thank you. add a little color to the weekend to help children in need
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join us tonight on kofy tv 20. a plane crash lands on a freeway '. the big coincidence involving a former san francisco giant. then on abc7~news at 11:00 here on channel 7, life changing journey. we talk with the local students who finished a nine day trip to africa with san francisco police. tonight at 11:00. a colorful event took over a south bay college campus today. abc7~news was at stanford fields
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to their yearly festival of colors. every spring thousands people put extra collar on their hair, face cozy clothing to raise money for unprivileged children in india. it continues tomorrow and is open to the public but tickets are sold out. former talk show host jon tattooer wasn't joke can when he help rescue a bull that escaped a slaughterhouse. the bull was captured near queens. members of the farm sanctuary provided the pictures and negotiated the freedom. stewart and his wife drove it to the farm. stewart's wife is on the bordes of the farm sanctuary. i wonder if the bull recognized jon stewart. he always took on a lot of bull on his television show as well. >> very funny. >> that's it for abc7~news at 6:00. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. have a great night, everyone.
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