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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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for all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you again in half an hour. breaking news tonight. the first exit polls. will wisconsin change the race for donald trump? and what melania trump wants her husband to stop doing. and tonight, what hillary clinton just said. her challenge to donald trump. the deadly crash. investigators talking just a short time ago, after an american helicopter tour goes down, killing everyone onboard. the deadly spring storm, and tonight, the deep freeze now. snow and concern over black ice for drivers. that cold here to stay. the flight attendant just fired after suddenly deploying the emergency chute in houston. and you'll see it right here. and the passenger who called 911 to warn authorities about his uber driver. >> sideswiped a car and then he kept driving. >> passed from dispatcher to dispatcher, not once, but three times.
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an hour later, that uber driver, accused of going on a murder spree. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and let's get right to it. a pivotal night ahead. wisconsin voters could very well change the course of this race. donald trump needs a win if he wants to land the delegates he needs for the nomination. he could still do it, but it would be extremely difficult. his wife melania back campaigning with him after a bruising few days. ted cruz leading going into tonight, and this evening, the first major sign of what could come. in the exit polls already, 43% excited or optimistic about the idea of donald trump, but more than half of republican voters, 55%, say they would be concerned or scared about what trump would do if he were elected. what will it mean in this night ahead? abc's tom llamas leads us off now from wisconsin. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump asking for wisconsin
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voetvoettes and playing fortune teller at the same time. >> feels like new hampshire, i think you're going to have a big, big turnout. you're going to have a big surprise tonight. >> reporter: and trump now unveiling a surprise of his own -- finally disclosing how he plans to convince mexico to pay for that wall. >> i will build a great, great wall. the wall is going to go up and it's going to go up fast. that sucker could be 40 feet, 50. nobody's going over it with a truck. the wall just got ten feet higher. build that wall! build that wall! who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> reporter: today, the trump campaign saying that until mexico agrees to pay up, the trump administration would block undocumented immigrants from sending money home to their families in mexico, potentially crippling the mexican economy. to avoid that fate, quote, "it's an easy decision for mexico. make a one-time payment of $5 to $10 billion" to build that wall. >> the wall is a fraction of the kind of money, in many different
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ways, that mexico takes in from the united states. >> reporter: but tonight, president obama mocking the trump plan. >> the notion that we're going to track every western union, you know, bit of money that's being sent to mexico, you know, good luck with that. >> reporter: trump's new plan comes as he tries to regain momentum after a rough patch. with him in wisconsin, wife melania, taking the mike for her first prepared speech. >> no matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal. >> reporter: mrs. trump trying to help her husband with female voters, after a series of mistakes, including his retweet of this unflattering image of ted cruz's wife. >> i say, stay away from, you know, stay away from retweets and -- >> reporter: tonight, trump will find out if his stumbles are helping senator ted cruz. >> i think the entire country is looking at the state of wisconsin.
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>> reporter: already, trump allies are preparing for a war at the convention. long-time trump confidant, roger stone, a master of the dark arts of campaigns, now threatening delegates who may turn on trump. >> we will disclose the hotels and the room numbers of those delegates who are directly involved in the steal. we urge you to visit their hotel and find them. >> that comment making waves today. tom live with us from milwaukee, where cruz supporters hope to celebrate tonight. and tom, the bottom line here, if donald trump loses in wisconsin tonight, that significantly increases the chances of a contested convention? >> reporter: that's right, david. a trump loss tonight could register as his biggest setback yet in his push to clinch the nomination. cruz no doubt would fight until every vote is counted, which could lead to a showdown at the convention. david? >> tom llamas leading us off again tonight. tom, thank you. and to the democratic side this evening, and the all-out battle under way. bernie sanders smiling, telling
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voters, if he wins wisconsin and then the new york primary next, he's going to win this nomination. but hillary clinton staying back in new york, running the clock, fighting for a win where she was once senator. and tonight, what wisconsin voters are already saying. 55% of democrats feel hillary clinton has a better chance to defeat donald trump, 42% say sanders does. but then, the vast majority say sanders is more honest, more trustworthy. abc's cecilia vega with the challenge clinton issued late today to donald trump, saying he should, quote, get out of one of his towers and walk the streets of new york. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton hundreds of miles from wisconsin, ignoring the fprimar there. her sights set on new york and donald trump. >> i wish he'd get out of one of his towers and actually walk the streets and spend time with the people of this city. because pedaling prejudice and paranoia is not the new york
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way. >> reporter: if clinton loses wisconsin, it would mean she's lost six of the last seven contests. but well ahead in delegates, she's focused on trashing trump, today, joining the women of "the view." >> i just don't understand what he thinks is the role of somebody running for president. i don't think it is to scapegoat people, divide people. >> reporter: but clinton's potential wisconsin defeat is a chance for bernie sanders to showcase his staying power. >> thank you, all. >> reporter: sanders hoping a win tonight will give him momentum heading into new york. but today, a potential stumbling block. in an interview today with "the new york daily news," the senator, who has made breaking up the big banks a central part of his campaign -- >> we are going to break them up. what we must do is break them up. i think it is time to break them up. >> reporter: -- struggled when asked exactly how he would do
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it. his answer vague, saying only that he would need, quote, legislation passed. and while sanders often talks about prosecuting executives involved in the financial crisis, he was unable to name which laws would apply. >> and cecilia vega live with us from brooklyn tonight. and hillary clinton all over upstate new york this week, syracuse, albany, then campaigning in new york city today. it seems pretty clear, cecilia, where she's focusing her energy. >> reporter: that's right, david. right here, new york, even her husband said today while campaigning in the state that this race psychologically is coming down to new york. but wisconsin, first and in a sign of what could come, her campaign does not have a victory party planned for tonight. >> all right, a view of manhattan there behind cecilia, coming to us from brooklyn, thank you. let's get right to jon karl. some very telling numbers coming in already that could effect donald trump tonight. how important, first of all, experience though these republican voters? >> reporter: well, this has been a campaign dominated by republican voters who want an outsider and don't care that much about experience, but take
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a look at wisconsin. 48% say they want an outsider, but almost as many, 46%, are saying political experience. that's not good for donald trump. >> and listen, jon, you and i every single night here talk about the idea of a contested convention, but voters weighing in on this notion of a possible fight brewing? >> reporter: yeah, and wisconsin voters don't like the idea of a contested convention. take a look at this. 55% are saying -- 56% saying that the person who has the most votes should win. only 42% saying, let the delegates decide at a contested convention. of course, that's the only way cruz wins. >> all right, jon karl will be with us all night long. jon, thank you. in the meantime, we're going to turn to the other headlines this evening. first, from tennessee, investigators on the scene tonight, talking to reporters just a short time ago, after a popular american tourist helicopter went down, killing everyone onboard. that is time lapse video from a tower camera. the black smoke going up there as the aircraft hits the ground. abc's gio benitez on the hunt for answers tonight. >> reporter: tonight, new details in that tragedy at the world famous great smoky mountains.
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a sightseeing helicopter filled with tourists taking in the beautiful scenery, crashing monday afternoon, killing four passengers and the pilot. >> the entire helicopter is extremely fragmented, due to consumption from post-crash fire. >> reporter: investigators believe the chopper, just 12 minutes into the flight, somehow made contact with the top of a ridge on the side of the mountain, catching fire before crashing at the foot. >> we heard a second explosion, and we saw the pilot roll out. >> reporter: the helicopter, built in 1977, part of many daily air tours of the great smoky mountains. the pilot logging more than 500 hours flying just last year. the crash making so many think of this dramatic video of a chopper crashing in hawaiian waters at pearl harbor just this past february. and david, investigators are checking radar data, they're looking at weather conditions and they're interviewing witnesses. but that chopper did not have a black box or a voice recorder. it could be a year before they know exactly what happened. david? >> gio, thank you.
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we're going to turn next to the brutal cold moving in after that deadly spring storm. concern tonight over icy driving. from the great lakes all the way to new england. images of trees coming down, sending this truck airborne in new jersey. and tonight, record snowfall in parts of new england to start their week. traffic at a standstill right there on i-95 in connecticut. while in the south and the west, red flag warnings across eight states at this hour. meteorologist rob marciano tracking it all. he's at the wall tonight. rob? >> reporter: david, another cold night with sub-freezing temperatures, all the way down into the mid-atlantic. and across the snow zone, where we saw a little bit of melting today, it's going to be slick again in the morning. 18 degrees for a morning low in syracuse. some warming ahead of our next system, a pretty weak one. the back side of it is going to be cold again. so, reenforcing shot. and the winds are going to continue across the fire zone of the texas and oklahoma panhandles here. red flag warnings remain up. and the heat building across the west coast. look at the numbers. records expected to fall in california. 97 degrees tomorrow in palm springs. david? >> rob marciano tonight. rob, thank you.
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and we're already seeing the power of those wildfires you mentioned up close. look at this tonight. a narrow escape late today, caught on camera. a volunteer firefighter in woodward county, oklahoma. using a tractor to build a fire line around a home. the tractor getting stuck in a ditch. that volunteer firefighter fleeing the tractor in time. some evacuations are under way already across parts of oklahoma at this hour. next, to a united airlines flight attendant fired today after suddenly deploying the emergency slide on a passenger jet in houston. throwing out her bag and then sliding down herself. abc's david kerley with the images. >> reporter: tonight, the flight attendant you see jump down that emergency slide no longer works at united airlines. in this video, first obtained by kprc channel 2 in houston, you can see the attendant throw out her bag and then slide. and this was no emergency, the jet had just reached the gate, and the flight attendant, according to the airline, intentionally deployed the slide for a fast exit, and the loss of
5:42 pm
her job. so, as passengers exited, both doors were open. >> i was shocked. i was surprised that that had happened and, you know, i had no clue. >> reporter: many passengers didn't realize it either, because someone was having a medical problem in the back of the plane. this is not the first time. remember that jetblue pilot who did something similar, saying he'd had it, grabbing a couple of beers and hitting the slide? he did a year of probation and paid restitution. still no word tonight while the flight attendant intentionally popped that chute. she, too, could face criminal charges. david? >> david kerley tonight. thanks. now, to alabama this evening, and the new move to impeach the governor. accused of an affair with an aide. she has already stepped down. abc's steve osunsami with the calls for impeachment and questions over disposable cell phones allegedly purchased by the governor. >> reporter: tonight, even some of the governor's long-time supporters are serious about throwing him out of office. >> it's time to put aside his selfishness and step down. >> reporter: the feeling is bipartisan.
5:43 pm
they're accusing alabama governor robert bentley of obstructing justice, so he could hide his alleged affair with a political aide. >> this is the only thing we know for sure today, is that nothing that the governor has said is true. >> reporter: his critics accuse him of using disposable cell phones paid by campaign funds to hide the records. the governor, who has always bragged about his traditional family values, is heard talking sexy with a woman who wasn't his wife. >> you know what, when i stand behind you, and i put my arms around you and pull you in real close, hey, i love that, too. >> reporter: bentley denies having an affair and has apologized for the improper phone call, but tonight says he's not leaving, saying there are no grounds for impeachment. alabama lawmakers are now essentially giving their governor one week to leave on his own, or they'll vote tmake him. david? >> steve osunsami with us tonight. thanks, steve. and we're going to turn next here to that miracle finish last night. two shots over the course of seven seconds. and two brothers playing for opposite teams.
5:44 pm
here's abc's jesse palmer. >> reporter: watch. how just seven seconds can change everything. it's the end of the championship game. villanova up by three. when unc's marcus paige gets the ball, off balance -- he sinks it. tying the game. a time-out called. 4.7 seconds to go. it's inside the villanova huddle where history is made. the wildcats' coach calls one of the team's classic plays -- "nova." for the faithful, those 4.7 seconds feel like a lifetime. now, it's time. a pass to kris jenkins, who steps up and lets it fly. >> for the championship -- yes! >> reporter: and back on campus, 4,800 students watching, hoping, suddenly going wild. seven seconds to make history. >> this was incredible. we'd all be talking about the
5:45 pm
first shot, had it not been for the second shot. we also reported here about the two brothers, squaring off against each other last night. and one of them knew this was coming? >> reporter: unc guard nate britt said after the game, watching that play unfold with 4.7 seconds left to go, he just knew that his brother was going to be the one taking the game-winning shot and he knew his brother was going to hit that shot, and lo and behold, it happened. >> he sure did. jesse palmer with us tonight. jesse, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. new questions after a passenger tried to warn authorities about his uber driver. the 911 call about that driver. why was it passed from one dispatcher to another three times? that uber driver then allegedly going on a deadly rampage. later tonight, the high speed danger captured on camera in the south. very dangerous moments for the drivers who came so close to this. how it ended. and you've got to see this tonight. america strong. the german shepherd who saved countless lives. tonight, honored. and wait until you hear the story behind this incredible dog.
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next tonight here, the deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo. an uber driver charged. and new questions about the 911 call made beforehand. the call from a very concerned passenger, passed from dispatcher to dispatcher more than an hour before the rampage. abc's alex perez tonight with the call. >> reporter: tonight, in michigan, new scrutiny about how authorities handled the 911 call the night uber driver jason dalton allegedly went on a shooting rampage, killing six. >> hi, i'd like to report a crazy driver. >> reporter: that voice, passenger matt mellon, who rode in dalton's uber an hour before the first shootings. >> kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn. >> reporter: mellon called 911, to report an erratic driver, but was transferred not once -- >> okay, i need to transfer you one more time. >> reporter: -- but twice, because kalamazoo city, township and county all have separate dispatch operators. >> i'm going to transfer you to the city, because that's where the accident actually occurred,
5:49 pm
so hang on one second. >> reporter: mellon having to tell his whole story three times. >> i just want to be on the lookout, and -- >> okay, thank you. >> report uber, because i don't think he needs to be picking people up. >> you're going to have to do that, sir, not us. >> reporter: chief jeff hadley defends his department's response. >> we're not going on a manhunt for an erratic driver. >> reporter: and says operators did issue a "be on the lookout" for dalton's vehicle. and, david, the chief tells me, long-awaited plans are already under way for a more efficient system that will funnel all 911 calls to a single dispatch so that callers won't have to repeat their stories. david? >> alex, thank you. when we come back, the story behind one incredible german shepherd who saved u.s. troops. luca honored tonight. and then look at this. stuck in traffic. one nascar fan trying to ignore the guy right next to her until she realizes who it is. how he finally gets her attention, when we come back.
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ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. to the index of other news tonight and a controversial religious freedom bill in mississippi. governor phil bryant signed the bill into law, despite heated protests. it allows religious groups and some businesses to refuse services to gay couples. this, as one big business is taking action against north carolina for a similar law. paypal announcing it's canceling plans to open a new facility in charlotte. next, to the wild and dangerous chase in south florida, sparked by a road rage incident. the motorcycle rider capturing the startling moments of the other drivers, as one driver appears to be trying to run the other off the road. speeds reaching 90 miles an hour. racing right into oncoming traffic. a witness saying he hopes the video brings awareness to the dangers of road rage. and to a surprise encounter on the road for one nascar fan. the woman in that car, no clue she was riding right next to nascar champion kyle busch until he rolls the window down.
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5:58 pm
she's at the front, leading her team, sniffing out deadly explosives. 400 separate missions, six years of service. protecting u.s. troops. no human lives ever lost during her patrols. >> good girl. >> reporter: her final mission came on march 23rd, 2012, she sniffed out an ied, discovering it with her handler, corporal juan rodriguez. he called for backup. that's when a second ied exploded. >> military working dog handler, that's, like, one of the worst things that you could imagine. >> reporter: they had to amputate her front leg. corporal rodriguez with her the whole time, during surgery, recovery, sleeping by her side. and tonight, word of a new honor. the dickin medal, the highest british military honor of valor awarded to service animals. this time, that medal for luca. well deserved. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
5:59 pm
people are learning how many sex offenders are their neighbors. >> polls are closing in minutes. we're going to bring you the latest and first results in the wisconsin primary. >> warm today with a chance of record highs. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> how to help families stay near their patients after surgery. >> san francisco sets a precedent oaf paid parental leave. some businesses say they can't afford it. good evening. >> today, san francisco supervisors approved a plan to require six weeks of paid leave
6:00 pm
for both new moms and dads. a portion is picked up the state. lyanne? >> reporter: san francisco is a pioneer city so it's likely other cities will follow our lead. many are asking, how will we survive? san francisco will now require fully paid leave for workers. scott weiner introduced the ordinance. >> we know congress to act. >> i wish everybody can take the leave they need to breast feed,


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