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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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screen along the peninsula. not hit the ground yet. it will be the south bay that is the first location to see the rain. the three day trust shows evening showers today. it rang as "1". a light storm on the storm-impact scale with a dry forecast on sunday. that is weather. sue? going to the san mateo bridge to look at traffic that is flowing nicely from 880 to hayward. to the toll plaza. crossing the span to foster city it is 15 minutes. new, the accident c.h.p. is give conflicting locations, i am hearing near the parkway, two to four investigations involved and the center lane is involved. traffic is stacking up to highway 84. we will look at the mass transit opposites in a few. >> breaking news from the south bay, janet is near san jose state where police have blocked off some streets after a
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shooting there. >> we have confirmed with police there is one victim and police are still looking for the suspect. or the shooter. new, police first get call about the shooting here on william and 10th near the taco street. investigators just left the scene after spending hours gathering evidence. now, police are getting ready to open up williams street and getting ready to were where up the investigation. of course that investigation is still continuing and they say that the victim has a gunshot wound and was taken to the hospital where the victim is new being treated for life-threat being injuries. as for the suspect, the suspect is still on the loose and police have in information on the description of who the person could be. that is the latest information san jose. new details this morning about the east bay freeway
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shootings, c.h.p. is saying they are worse than we thought. look at the map, all five freeways where the shootings have occurred and ten have happen on 580. there have been 16 shooting if the last six months on the freeway according to c.h.p. and three of them were deadly. this is video of a fatal freeway shooting in late february if richmond. authorities say all of shootings were gang-related shootings. >> san francisco students are demanding a do over for on campus sexual assault and are voting on a republican dumb to push the university to adopt a new way to survey. the university has been using their own survey that found 2% of students have been assaulted and when you look at similarly sized campuses they report a much higher rate: 43%. stanford has been accused of down plague the issue and many are for a new system. >> this referendum would be a good step to hearing what
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everyone is going through >> we do not deserve to look like sexual assault is not a problem because it is a problem. >> today is the second day of voting and results are in tomorrow night. >> uc berkeley coach considered a rising star is anything a big about face and will for longer fight sexual harassment charges and is looking his job. he was the assistant basketball coach and accuses of harassing a reporter aping the fiving from the just but abruptly dropped it yesterday. an investigation found that he tried to lure the reporter up to his apartment and he sent messages to her for months. >> san jose cracking down on illegal massage parlors. there were at least 295 businesses in san jose. the city required last year the parlors to is a state license and give rough of it to the police. last year and a half police have filed 21 prosecution cases related to par alreadies.
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>> san jose's final rent control changes are in place and land alreadies are not happen tie rent control increases to inflation decreasing the residents hikes from the max of 8% a year. landlords say this would impact ability to stay in missing. >> city council will vote april 19 on whether to aprove the plan. >> petaluma police arrested a man who tried to pass counterfeit $50 bills downtown in the past week. this is 30-year-old jonathan moore taken into custody on wednesday. police charged women had carrying fake money. yesterday, three more downtown businesses told officer they found counterfeit bills. other businesses may have been targeted. all the man charged with setting the king fire in el dorado county is expected to enter a change of plea. huntsman will be in court today. he was arrested in expect 2014 and charged with arson and
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previously pleaded not guilty. the conditioning fire burned 98,000 acres and destroyed a dozen homes. it took crews 27 days to contain the fire. >> san francisco-businesses uber could pay $25 million to settle a self lawsuit over the safety claims. the law was filed by the district attorney in san francisco and los angeles. carding to the settlement uber will no long are chairman the background check are the toughest in the industry or describe the checks as the gold standard. prosecutors say that misleads riders. uber is ordered to pay $10 in settlement and faces an additional $15 million penalty if they do not come play. >> president obama is back in san francisco today for gun raising evens and is picketed to arrive at sfo at 1:30 this afternoon. take note, any are driving anywhere near this or downtown or flying in or flying out...there could be closures. air traffic control shuts down when the president arrives so
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the night could be delayed. when you land, traffic will be impacted and freeways and streets are closed for the president's motorcade. we have more on the impact and the president's visit at 6 o'clock. >> in a political year where candidates are touting differences the race to represent silicon valley is notably different. both congressional candidates support people who identify as transgender an important issue for mike honda, would revealed last year his granddaughter is a trans gender person. >> it is an opportunity for us to prepare ourselves, work with ourselves, so we can model and have behavior we want to see in our youngsters. >> people could from all different faiths, different become grounds, different sex orientation and we need respect. we need understanding. >> the june 7 primary is a rematch of two years ago when
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they tried to unseat monday attempt all the beverage agency is trying to get the soda law off the books saying the label that wants that she ask consumption increases risk of obesity and diabetes unfairly. mys that sodas are more health damages than cheeseburgers. san francisco soda law is the first of its kind in the nation and labels are put on the sugar drinks in july until a judge rules otherwise. >> san francisco is hoping you can help boost the none of bone marrow donors for people of color. city leaders host a donor drive at city hall to diverse file the donor list bone marrow transplants can treat dozens of blood cancers. minority patients face a lower chance of match in the donor registry. if you would lake to donate the drive starts at 11:00 and happening at city hall. >> time now at 6:0 7 a.m. and we are track the wet weather.
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we have a lot of clouds in place and at the street level in the south bay, around san jose, light return around willow glen a report in the san jose international airport light drizzle is being reports. some of this is reap the ground. the main rain event will hold office good morning this evening. a last clouds. by 5:00, we have rain pickup first-in-the-south bay and then it will video north through the evening into the early morning hours on saturday. we will start off on saturday with light showers and round out with scattered showers. grab the umbrella. that is the weather. we will check with traffic. >> 48 bart trains in all clocking this on time. no delays. we have further heard from get get and if we do hear because cancellations i will tweet that for you. ferry scheduled to leave on time. the trains from central valley,
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ace train 5, is set to leave at 6:40. richmond-san rafael bridge is great. a couple of cars to pay cash. northbound 101 the headlights at 880 are looking good and we could have two separate accidents in fremont but we are checking with c.h.p. very slow traffic. southbound, from highway 84 for 25-minute drive. >> it was a bigger evening than expected at the exploritorium gala on wednesday, raising $1.6 million! it was expected around $1 million. the money goes to support all of the museum programs throughout the the year. spencer christian was the emcee. >> if you like ice cream we have the scoop on a delicious deal. >> and ice cream happy hour for
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the hayes in the san francisco area to celebrate the 5th anniversary. this is amazing. they make the ice creme fraiche -- fresh to order using liquid nitrogen. >> we pride ourselves on the freshness. >> do they deliver at 6:10 in the morning? the shop started in a wagon and it was a pop-up and now they have five locations an bay area. the special deal is from 5-7 people only at hayes valley locations. >> pope francis is making a major estimate about people who disagree with the church about marriage and family. the message for the faithful. >> and a warning of the annoying robocalls that we all receive. how do know if they are scam and what to do. stay tuned.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, pope ran isis is calling for the catholic church to be more welcoming and less judgmental.
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in a document released "the joy of love," he urged priests to be more accepting of the gay community and divorced people and wants the church more tolerant of those who do not live up to the ideals of marriage and family. >> more trouble for former house speakerrer hastert. at least fur people have made credible allegations of sex abuse against hastert. he will be sentenced for his part in a hush money scream, lock speculated that the hush money involves a pay off to a young map he had sexual relations with when he was a high school wrestling coach. >> amtrak has been ordered to retrain track worker oz basic safety rules after a train hit and killed two employees on sunday near philadelphia. they were working on the track when hit. investigators believe they may not have been told the trace back re-opened. officials want amtrak to make sure that the tracks are not re-opened until all workers have left the area or are
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>> a major decision could impact the legal marijuana industry. the drug enforcement administration is set to decide whether to reclassify marijuana in the next few months. right now, marijuana is put in the same category as lsd and heroin. in a lesser category it makes it easier for researchers to study and develop marijuana listen based medicines. 23 states have legalized some form of medical marijuana and five have green lighted it for recreational use. >> seeing is believing. for those who do not have migraines this is a migraine expense using virtual reality to let non-sufferers to see what a let non-sufferers to see what a my grain feels feel -- understand. they affect 36 million members. >> now, i receive add marketing
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call at 6:00 a.m., isn't this a law against that? can we do anything? >> "7 on your side" has hope. >> now if you get unwanted sales calls or robocall there is a good chance it is a scam. the bad guys don't scare what the laws are. to stop, the good guys you restage or do not call registry. now, the law does allow some calls from political and charities or any organization you have a business relationship with such as your bank. there are restrictions on those calls. time are limited between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 people. if you get repeated calls from the same number you might want to block it. that is your only option. >>? you have a question record it on your matter phone or tablet. or you can share it on social media using # askfinney.
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you could see your question answers here. >> bad news netflix lovers it will cost more to steam. starting next month, they are raising the price of the streaming to $9.95 month. 17 million did not know the price hike would happen. existing subscribeers have been set at 7.95 in. >> why foe how much it was originally because i prepaid. >> i would pay $1 million to watch. >> basic. it could be any price. >> sell my coins. >> your problem is the weather? it is a if. if you have allergies, great news. it will clean the air of the pollen and live doppler hd shows closer to street helpful, around the south by, around san jose, campbell, can you see the light green on the screen in the area
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and we are getting reports of drizzle reaching the ground in this area is there are pockets of light rain but the main event homeds off until the evening. live doppler 7 hd shows wider picture showing the storm is just off the coast of los angeles and it will slide to the north slowly today so the rain is going to start in the south bay and spread north. we are used to the north by getting the rain but today is the south bay. oakland at 55 degrees and san jose with drizzle at 59, and 58 in san francisco, and 54 in napa. highs today are holding in the sick. a couple of areas could touch 70 but a spring like forecast today. heading to at&t park, 8th or 9th inning you could have a sprinkle. storm-impact scale has light rain moving in. a "1" for light. rainfall is .2-.9". we have showers starting in the south by first. they are slowly spread to the north.
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early tomorrow morning. and first part of saturday will feature light rain. the seven-day outlook hoes showers tracking all day spot evening on the storm-impact scale. it is "1". sunday is dry. next chance of a storm is wednesday. now the traffic. sue? >> good morning. we are going to the east shore freeway at 6:20 this morning. it is solid. but moving. we are still looking at 20-minute drive from golden gate field to san francisco. along the east more freeway. toll plaza shows metering lights on at 5:33. it is stacked up toward the macarthur maze. if fremont, we had two separate accidents along 880 but the if news is they are cleared. traffic should be referring. we have 20-minute delay and we will be back with the update in a couple of minutes.
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>> with excitement yessing for the warriors we could not pass up on this fan. this photo was shared, decked out in warriors exercise. if you want to share your picture post them on social media #abc7now. all the giants will try and continue the winning ways in the first home game tonight. or first home night game. the orange and black came >> high drive. it is out of here! >> hunter pens' grand slam in the bottom of the eighth put it out of reach and giants win 12-6. before the game, look at that sign: fans had to fork $120 to park! it caught a lot of fans off guard. >> usually i take $20 so i
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brought $20 but it is opening day. that is how much it is >> if you are willing to walk, packing watt "only," $40 near the bay bridge. >> share this with facebook friends, it is an even year, this is good omen for the giants, as we know. this graphic is at >> and now a fight over ads you sue online. sue online. >> kidnapping
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>> the storm-impact scale is level "1" today so light rain. keep the umbrella handy. drive safe. track the storm on abc7 news app. breaking news. an earthquake rattled the north bay. it happened at 6:00 at can you see the star on the
6:25 am
screen is where we are talking about. it will be north of santa rosa. in that area. a 3.5 earthquake. an area that is obviously anyone for earthquakes. usually small ones. we have been seeing small earthquakes happening since 6:00 this morning. we will keep you updated on this and more information that comes to the abc7 news room. >> we have the moment would children are kidnapped from a street corner in beirut. look at the top of your screen, several people get out of the car, walk up to children and grand them. they put the kids in a car and drove away the four men were arrested for the crime. three australian journalists were also arrested. the group plotted the kidnapping to get the kids away from their father and return them to the mother in australia >> the san francisco board of supervisors is going to be asked to take up an ordinance to beef up the sanctuary city law. it restricts the police from
6:26 am
turning over undocumented immigrants to the federal government unless they are condition investigated of a violent felony in seven years. not everyone grows with the proposal. >> we do not need the city of san francisco to dictate what the federal government should be doing. we need the city of san francisco to do what they were elected to do: repairing the streets and fixing the problems the community needs. >> not putting a firewall between the local police and the feds creates mistrust between the cops and immigrant communities. >> a dozen major united states newspaper publishers have sent a cease and desift letter to a san francisco web developer that blocks the newspaper ads and replaces them with ads sold by brave. the newspaper group including "new york times" and "wall street journal" call it "illegal." they say the newspapers have fundamental misunderstood brave. >> bart riders, pay attention. track work is causing trouble this weekend. how you can get around it.
6:27 am
>> rebound is weighing up in southern california but he will be in the bay area by this afternoon. what you can expect during the two day visit. >> live doppler hd is tracking the rain moving through this evening and we will take you to the street live, there is drizzle reports in the south by around campbell. we have the hour-by-hour we have the hour-by-hour forecast coming
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> live doppler hd showing dry conditions around the bay area right new. things are changing. many of us could see showers for the weekend. good morning, i am natasha zouves. i am reggie aqui. >> welcome to trade, april 8. it is 6:30. >> a little bit of drizzle is developing. live doppler 7 hd is showing sfo to the north in brisbane we have light showers detected on live doppler hd. a similar story in the south bay around campbell and light green on the screen. pockets of light drizzle and a couple rain drops. we have light drizzle and some areas this morning with heavier showers moving in on friday evening. i show you when to expect the
6:31 am
rain. sue? >> busy. the san mateo bridge shows slow traffic bumper-to-bumper because there is state of the union on the highway rise blocking slow rain. now the residual is to the toll plaza for 20-minute drive over do the peninsula. here's the cash-paying folks on richmond-san rafael fast trackers and it is good do marin county. we have a lot of slow traffic through fremont. i will update that in a couple of minutes. >> now breaking news in san jose we have learned a person has died in an officer involved shooting near the san jose campus according to our media partner. this is a picture from the general at east william and south 10th street. the shooting hatched overnight of the the victim was shot in the upper body. police are tightlipped about the facts. this is the 11th homicide of year in shows. >> rebound is will coming to san francisco today. only a few wealthy donors will
6:32 am
spend time with him. the rest of us? possibly major traffic and airport delays. >> word of wanting if you are lying in or out of sfo this afternoon: president obama is expected to listened around 1:30. air traffic control restricts the airspace so you could be delayed for hours the we have videos from the visit in 2014. airport officials say check your carrier before you leave. when rebound lands, street traffic is impacted. secret service shuts down we for the motorcade into san francisco and rolling closures through the city. he is on a fundraising tour throughout california hit up the wealthy donors on behalf of domes and the national committee. he landed in los angeles yesterday for several fundraisers there. tonight, billionaire getty
6:33 am
family, will have a special dinner. it is $66,48. >> it is shaping up to the be most expensive presidential election in list and california is the a.t.m. for both sides. apparel be spend the night in the city and fly home tomorrow. expect more airport delays tomorrow and street closures tomorrow. we have new details about a concord dental assistant arrested for arresting a see state -- sedated young girl. in would be 50 victims. a young girl said alejandro saro touched her inappropriately. alejandro saro was an assistant at chin clip.
6:34 am
cell phone evidence shows he recorded multiple girls and gave them directions as he was touching them. parents were always asked to stay in the waiting room. >> i wanted to be with them and though ma was going on can they said, no, no, no, only can we be there. >> the clinica de la raza monument is cooperating with the investigation. alejandro saro is held on $8.1 million bail. >> sonoma county sheriff is releasing dramatic body camera video show arrest of a teen now suing deputies for excessive force. >> he grabbed us. grabbed us. >> no. come here. [ blank ] >> leave her alone. [ blank ] >> no. whoa. >> you are under arrest. >> you can see the blood on her face. she was then to the ground by the deputy holton in june and suffered facial swelling and bruises. she filed a federal civil right lawsuit against the county but
6:35 am
that is on hold. he is facing a misdemeanor resisting arrest charge. the deputy said he was investigating suspected domestic abuse involving her sister. the sheriff released audio between the girl and the mother and she referred to the deputy with a racial slur against african-americans. >> protesters hit street last knit in san francisco demanding change after the deadly shooting of a hopeless man. several dozen people marched to 18th and shotwe will where a man was shot holding a knife. it was peaceful. some stopped to speak with officers. >> i feel if i am in a situation with a hopeless person in distress with a weapon and a genuine risk to himself and others if i call you i have signed his death warrant. >> the man charged at the officers after being shot with bennett bags. he died at the hop. the department is currently weighing whether to being country officers with tasers which is favored by san
6:36 am
francisco residents. >> we could fine out why stanislav patrov was arrested during an f.b.i. raid a week ago. the f.b.i. arrested him on friday in the visitacion valley neighborhood. the warrant is still sealed he is suing alameda county after alleged excessive sues of force incident in november. that is the video on the screen the it is possible the champions will be unsealed in court today. he is expected to be in federal curt at 9:00. >> c.h.p. motorcycle officer is in intensive care after a driver intentionally hit him. it happened yesterday along interstate 80 in sacramento. the officer has been on duty with the c.h.p. for 17 areas and the tell low officers chased the driver to fairfield where they took him into custody. investigator say the driver hit the officer using a stolen construction truck. the officer pulled up to the idle truck and was run over. >> police arrested a man they believe is behind a drink of home burglaries. officers took 24-year-old of
6:37 am
petaluma into custody on wednesday. shortly after break-in at a home he has a cell phone stolen from another home the day before. it is believed he break and four homes the last weekend. they were all left unlocked. >> we will learn more of the deal that-ed -- that helped avoid a massive strike at campuses with a give day walkout that was avoided over the pay dispute they want 5% raise but they were offered 2%. the campuses stay open in the event of strike which is now postponeed. >> good morning. 6:37. live doppler hd tracking drizzle moving through theory john. we will get you to the street level. rate around colma and bay shore, and the light green is on the screen. we track this line. it is moving to the northwest at three minutes in daly city light
6:38 am
drizzle and 17 minutes in the sunset district. you need the umbrella. more rain is headed our way. hour by hour we go and this is is "1" on the storm-impact scale starting in the south bay from the south and from south to north and picks up intensity usually morning hours on saturday. highs today are in the 60. a lost cloud cover. typical spring day. that is weather. now, a check of traffic. >> we going to the golden gate bridge. if your drive take you from novato through marin to san francisco you are look at 25 minutes. four ladies in the southbound direction and dry roads for now. green on the map means good. we have slow traffic. we had two early accidents in fremont. they have been cleared. we still looking at significant backup, to highway 92 for a 25-30 minute drive and slow traffic from the central valley but not as slow as usual from
6:39 am
tracy up and over the a pat as 30 minutes into dublin/pleasanton, slow traffic on the san mateo bridge. we will tell you why with the next report. >> if you take bart, a warning: there is no train service between san leandro and the bay fair station. this is the second of six weekend closures between the two stations. bart crews are repairing equipment and the tracks and will provide a bus bridge. it could take from 30 minutes to an hour to get added to the commute. this guy is running and running and running. remember the little dog that gained national attention this week? he going to be headed for a foster home. san francisco animal care and control released this picture of the dog. experts say a foster home is the best play for him to settle down for now and get more socialized. the shelter will reassess him next week and determine what
6:40 am
happens. he is stressed from all of the commotion. he ran so fast across the bay bridge and domed the barriers and c.h.p. officers had a difficult time catching him. >> sleep asking driving. the unlikely correlation that could affect your teen when they are behind the wheel. >> getting the most bang for your bucks, california colleges ranked top for the biggest return on investments. but, first, amy hollyfield and me america at 7:00 a.m. >> good friday morning. next the race for the white house, candidates gearing up for the new york state primary ted cruz facing criticism over his comments about new york values and personal attacks heating up on the democrat side plus bill clinton making headline last night after facing off against night after facing off against protesters in
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> the race to the white house. ted cruz is not backing down from comments he made regarding new york values. it could cost him votes. cruz made the comment early this year in the g.o.p. debate and donald trump sues the remark to fire up the supporters in the big apple. ted cruz is making in apologies. >> everyone if new york and outside of new york, knows what i meant. it is the liberal values, the democratic politicians, who have
6:44 am
been hammer the people of new york for decades. they suffered understand these liberal values. >> ted cruz is trailing donald trump by 40 points in the latest poll. >> and in california this could be a cage map with a new poll showing bernie sanders since points behind hillary clinton compared to january, when hick had a double digit lead. sacramento bee reports that hillary clinton is leading among woke and former voters and registered democrats and bernie sanders is lead among young voters and independents. >> last night the warriors looked like a team that the nba is chasing and steph curry scored 27 points as the warriors opened up the lead and build on that. they won 112-10101 recording the 70th victory. if they win the final three games they will set the all-time wins record. >> we will go out there and win a championship and bring it back. >> we are not going anywhere.
6:45 am
this is not a spoof. this is not a spoof. >> to be honest, ought next game is saturday night if memphis and the downs are 2-30 against the grizzlies. >> playoff tickets are on sale against the public and we necessity how you can jump the line buying anything coats for game 1, 2, and 5 online only. the tip: if you subscribe to the insider e-mail you get in on the presail which starts at noon. the public can bay at 2:00, and that is happening at we are getting photos from the fans and we love the ones with the kids. if you snap a photo or video share it use #dubson7. tomorrow we show the bulls and
6:46 am
cavaliers game at 5:30 and then after the game with sports anchor mike shumann >> and detail on yahoo's future with buyers getting another week to spit bits. according to people close, bidders have until april 18 to put in officers a day after we learned verizon is interested. google also is considering bidding for yahoo's core web business including yahoo mail. analysts expect yahoo to soviet a decent price despite poor earnings. >> environmental christian -- virgin america is threaten to start a new airlines because richard branson is because happy about the deal of alaska airline trying to buy his airlines. he said he was forced to sell because he does tut have majority stake in the company but the threat to lunch competing airline could be
6:47 am
unfounded because alaska airline has exclusive access to the brand in the u.s. >> rough week for investorsful the markets will try to recover from from the worse day in since years. jane? good morning, six weeks was the worse day year, and we are recovering with the dow up 10 points and sap and nasdaq also in the friend but we have lost momentum after having a furious rally this week that erased the losses from john. a year after whole foods announce five cities that are home to the new line of lower cost stores they have rereeled when they will open. it is next month. the first three markets 8 bring the millennial demographic prices in with lower pries on pace to open may 25 near los angeles. uber has 50,000 drivers who are veterans, or service members or
6:48 am
military spouses and wants to recruit more. veteran referrals get bonuses and expand to military bases and donate $1 million to organizations that support veterans "uber military." several california colleges are on the list of best schools for your bucks. stanford and harvey mud cost $240,000 for four years but you bring in earnings of $1 million over 20 years. calamines institute -- california institute was best technology school. >> we are measure the rain today. >> we are. exciting. >> soment on wednesday. amazing we are getting rain tonight. >> one shower that is overachieving right new over san francisco. this is a video we had from san
6:49 am
francisco international airport with drops hit the windshield 6 the drivers and getting a work out this morning. what shower that was over sfo five minutes ago new is over the city of san francisco. live doppler hd is showing we live doppler hd is showing we are track one lone shower. rain. just light rain moving through in the next 15 minutes. if you step out the door, have the umbrella in this area. you will need it later this evening. right now oakland is 57. san francisco at 58. parts of the city see rain. 60 in mountain view and san jose. 59. highs are spring like topping out in the 60, and some places could hit 70-degree mark. the storm-impact scale make as come back. we love that. we like the rain. friday evening into saturday, a "1" light storm on the
6:50 am
storm-impact scale from .2-.9" rain. at 7:00 in the morning, cloud cover and much of friday is quiet. not until 5:00 or 6:00 on friday evening we have the height showers in the south bay, spreading north slowly and it is overnight to usually saturday morning and that is when the rain expands if coverage. it is light. we have scatter showers on saturday and on sunday, still, a chance of a little bit of wet weeks ago. we track the showers all day and evening right here and a (1) on storm-impact scale with showers possible on saturday and next storm is likely on wednesday. that is weather. sue? good morning, if you travel the san mateo bridge, i have bad news. we had an early stall. it is just nearly stopped, bumper-to-bumper, the stall has been cheers so the travel time is from hayward to foster city
6:51 am
at 30 minutes so you may want did consider dumbarton bridge looking better this morning. 87 if san jose beyond the s.a.p. center, julian off-ramp traffic is light. we will check with draw and there could be some moisture on the road there. so, extra caution. it could be slick of the slow traffic through fremont. we had an early accident, here is the san mateo bridge, it is slow. otherwise, we are looking moderate. we look at the north bay drive in a few minutes. >> move over. a new resident on "sesame street." the first focusing on girls' empowerment, physical health and social and emotional well-being. >> teens with slope issues like little shut i didn't or too much take dangerous risks according to a new centers for disease control, sleeping less than nine hours or more than ten hours have high are rates of drinking
6:52 am
and driving. the national sleep foundation said teens 14-17 should get at least nine hours of sleep a night. few get that amount. >> close call for florida surfer you can see right here a surprise jump up. a shark that lungs at him. he loses his balance. anything worse than having to fall in the water next to the shark? that was possibly trying to attack you? the camera caught it. he is doing fine. the shark did not bit. and he today is calling it "awesome." his barometer for "awesome," is different from yours or mine. >> we have seven thing you need to know before you go but a look out there at not is sunny day. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape.
6:53 am
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here are the seven things you need to know. conflicting reports of a shooting in san jose overnight. a person was shot and killed in a shooting near the san jose state campus. but police saying that person is alive but has serious injuries. >> police are looking for more possible victims of this man, alejandro saro. he is believed the accidental
6:55 am
assistant me live add patient who was under. there could be up to 50 victims. all the sonoma sheriff is releasing this dramatic body camera video showing the arrest of a teen would now is suing deputies for excessive force. she is be then to the ground by a deputy in june last year. >> live doppler hd is tracking a little bit of rain around richmond and sunset. with highs in the mid-60s, and a "1" on the storm-impact scale. 5, friday morning commute not is good with usually stall on the high-rise pushed out but you are look at 30 minutes from hayward to foster city. try the dumbarton. golden gate bridge is looking great at 35-30 minutes. >> pope francis is calling on the catholic church to be more tolerant and less judgmental urging the church to be more
6:56 am
accepting of the gay community and of divorced catholics. seven, if you love his creep, we have the scoop on a delicious deal. this is an ice cream happy hour on sunday at the hayes valley location and they make ice cream on demand. >> please, make it now. >> they don't open until 11:30. see you this 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. deep freeze. 20 states from the midwest to the northeast, temperatures plunging. snow coming for millions. this lot going from this to this overnight and more on the way. heated clash. former president bill clinton campaigning for hillary faces off against protesters. >> you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. from the subway to the diner, the candidates battling for the big prize in new york. a scene straight out of hollywood. the car thiefs on the run captured on live tv doing doughnuts on the freeway nearly colliding with the tmz bus then selfies and hugs. the moment police finally caught them. ♪ since you been gone and "american idol" out. the groundbreaking show that launched countless careers for kelly. ♪ for a moment like this


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