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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 8, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. deep freeze. 20 states from the midwest to the northeast, temperatures plunging. snow coming for millions. this lot going from this to this overnight and more on the way. heated clash. former president bill clinton campaigning for hillary faces off against protesters. >> you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. from the subway to the diner, the candidates battling for the big prize in new york. a scene straight out of hollywood. the car thiefs on the run captured on live tv doing doughnuts on the freeway nearly colliding with the tmz bus then selfies and hugs. the moment police finally caught them. ♪ since you been gone and "american idol" out. the groundbreaking show that launched countless careers for kelly. ♪ for a moment like this
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to carrie. ♪ must be something in the water ♪ >> to jennifer. ♪ >> the star-studded send-off filled with incredible performances. ♪ now big surprises. and the two little words that have everyone talking. >> good night, america, for now. >> this morning, justin, ruben and fantasia all join us live on "gma." and good morning, america. wow. talk about going out with a bang right there. "american idol" after 15 seasons, such a huge finale, so many great moments, including that surprise appearance from simon cowell. >> and then superstar kelly clarkson, of course, she was the first ever winner sharing this
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amazing performance singing "a moment like this" and a medley of her biggest hits getting so much reaction. i'm still getting chills. when i hear her sing. >> all those stars and we'll have all the best moments. some of the show's biggest stars will join us live this morning but let's get to the big freeze to begin from the midwest to the northeast spring on hold for millions and ginger is tracking it all. hey, ginger. >> good morning to you, george. the clear skies here still relatively mild but get ready to be at least 20 degrees colder by sunday morning. let's go ahead and look at what is about to happen. 20 states under some sort of frost/freeze warning. high pressure taking over in the middle of the country from nebraska all the way to the mid-atlantic. the numbers are going to look like this. by saturday morning 11 is the feels like in chicago, 12, detroit. all that cold air just blasts to the east and south. look at atlanta even with a windchill of subfreezing as we go into sunday morning. with that we'll come a little snow and that's why we have a few winter advisy,mix along the. a nasty and hardly spring-like weekend. george and amy.
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>> all right. i guess we'll hunker down this weekend. thank you. now to the race for the white house and that clash between former president bill clinton and black lives matter protesters making headlines this morning as the candidates hit the trail and battle for new york. that big primary here just 11 days away and abc's tom llamas is tracking it all. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. a lot to get to in the race for president. a competition to prove who is the biggest new yorker and as you mentioned the former president in the middle of a powerful campaign moment. >> now, wait a minute. i listen to you. you listen to me. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: this morning, former president bill clinton showing he still has plenty of fight taking on demonstrators at a campaign stop in philadelphia. >> here's the thing, like protesters, but the ones that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. >> reporter: the black lives matter protesters objecting to
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the 1994 criminal justice reform bill which bill clinton signed into law as president. they argue the bill sent a disproportionate amount of african-americans to prison. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out onto the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. [ cheers and applause ] you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. >> reporter: and in new york, the race for president turning into a subway series. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: hillary clinton opting for the 4 train where she struggled with her metro card swiping it five times before it worked. while senator bernie sanders strolled to a local diner. both questioning one another about who is more qualified to hold office. >> you know, if you want to question my qualifications, let
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me suggest this, that maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary, when you voted for the war in iraq the most disastrous foreign policy blunder in the modern history of america. >> well, it's kind of a silly thing to say but i'm going to trust the voters of new york who know me and have voted for me three times, twice for senate, once in the presidential primary. >> reporter: another new york native also firing back at clinton. >> she hasn't been in the subway for 20 years if she was ever in the subway and it's so bad. the picture of her riding around for -- it's called pandering. it's so bad. >> reporter: and across town near coney island senator ted cruz getting a warm reception after a rocky start in the big apple. >> would you like to make -- >> i would love to. >> reporter: touring a brooklyn matzo factory. making bread ahead of passover. not ready to break bread with
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cruz new york's mayor during 9/11. rudy giuliani saying he's voting for trump and telling cruz, quote, it's new york city. we're family. i can make fun of new york. but you can't." but cruz undeterred and not running away from the new york values label he put on trump. >> because everyone in new york and outside of new york knows exactly what i meant by that and it is the liberal values of democratic politicians who have been hammering the people of new york for decades. >> reporter: now, we should note rudy giuliani is voting for trump but technically not endorsing him trump doing things rudy didn't like including his tweeting, so now melania and mayor giuliani telling trump to layoff twitter a little bit. >> matt dowd in austin and jon karl and let me begin with you. new york city so famous for these unpredictable campaigns and a lot of signs of it yesterday. >> oh, absolutely. this is the point in the campaign, george, where patience has worn thin and temperaments are frayed.
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we've seen that on the clinton side and on the bernie sanders side. today being international buddhist day maybe everybody ought to just take a moment, do a little meditation, maybe take a nap and get back to what the campaign is supposed to be about. >> usually give good advice. i'm not sure anyone will take that advice. to jon karl, the republican speaker of the house paul ryan raising eyebrows some drafting him at a contested convention. he's ruled it out but raising a lot of eyebrows with this tweet and video. >> what really bothers me the most of politics these days is this notion of identity politics. that we're going to win an election by dividing people. rather than inspiring people on our common humanity and our common ideals and culture on the things that should unify us. >> you hear those piano chords. it sure looks and sounds like a campaign ad. >> it sure does offering a vision different from what we've seen from ted cruz or donald
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trump but they put out an extraordinary statement about the speculation he would be running for president at the convention saying the speaker is grateful for the support but he is not interested. he will not accept a nomination and believes the nominee should be someone who ran this year. so now he's not only saying he's not interested but wouldn't accept a nomination if offered. that said, george, this is a national campaign for speaker ryan. he does believe that the rhetoric that you see at the presidential level could hurt republicans running for congress and let me tell you, i spoke just yesterday to one of the most influential voices in the congress who told me he still holds out hope that a deadlock convention will turn to paul ryan as the presidential nominee >> that's a pretty shermanesque statement. the most likely nominees are either donald trump or ted cruz -- >> absolutely. i think right now it's one of the two of them unless we get to something like an eighth or ninth or tenth ballot then i think, george, everything is off even paul ryan's statements are
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off and get that far down the thing anybody could get the gop nomination. >> okay, matt dowd, jon karl, thanks very much. all right, george, now to the manhunt under way for one of the men that broke free from a mental hospital. his accomplice in custody but he is still at large and jim avila has the latest from lakewood, washington. good morning, jim. >> reporter: a couple of fresh, strong leads overnight but police have so far come up empty in their intense search for what they say is a dangerous criminal on the loose from this mental hospital. >> reporter: this morning, the manhunt intensifying for anthony gar very, police reacting to a tip from his parents searched the woods overnight but gave up after finding no sign of him. one of two escapees from the washington state hospital. these are pictures of him buying a bus ticket to spokane two
7:10 am
hours after the escape. >> encouraging the public to pay attention if they can. i mean, while you're driving around, if someone is out of place, we'll chase down every tip. >> reporter: he is believed to be dangerous seen here in this 2013 surveillance video at a mcdonald's with a woman he's accused of brutally murdering. he was arrested and sent to western state hospital after being found incompetent to stand trial. >> it's a pretty serious crime, the worst you can imagine and he's got mental illness so we don't know what he's thinking. we have no idea -- he could be just trying to escape and go >> reporter: police say the 28-year-old garver escaped from the hospital through a loose window sometime after 6:00 p.m. on wednesday. he escaped with 59-year-old mark alexander adams. adams taken into custody thursday afternoon in des moines, washington, this just hours after he was spotted boarding a local bus. police say he took several modes of transportation throughout the night. now authorities are pleading for the public's help in capturing his partner garver. >> i think we can all, you know, make that guess if they don't
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get their medication their condition will deteriorate and and they don't take their medication, will create a different person. >> reporter: police say is fugitive showed up at his parents house for a while but when they called police, he ran into the woods, george. >> okay, jim, thanks very much. new video now of that mystery man from last month's attack in brussels that shows the route the man in white took as he fled the scene of the airport bombing and authorities hope will track him down. abc's alex marquardt has the latest. >> reporter: this morning belgian police are hoping this new video of the prime suspect, the so-called man in the hat, will offer them a new lead. he had been seen just before 8:00 a.m. with the two airport suicide bombers. wheeling their explosives on carts, that ripped through the departures hall. carnage and chaos as the third attacker wearing his tan coat fled, even breaking into a jog like those around him. for almost an hour there were no
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cameras that picked him up. the authorities say the man was walking through this town which is right next to the airport during that time, they say, as he walked towards brussels he got rid of his famous tan jacket. when he's seen next at 8:50 a.m. he's in a light blue shirt, the sleeves rolled up appearing to be talking on the phone. police believe he walked into brussels six miles from the airport. there seen again among the masses, 40 minutes after the second attack at the metro. elbow patches visible on his shirt, still wearing the hat. with no trace and no name, authorities now hoping the public will remember seeing him. there is more information about one of the other attackers, though, one of the suicide bombers here at the airport. the alleged bombmaker, he had worked for two months as a cleaner at the european parliament in 2009 and 2010. at the time he had no criminal record. amy. >> all right, alex marquardt, thank you for the latest. now to the in-flight fight all caught on camera.
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three women suing spirit airlines saying the airline overserved rowdy passengers which then led to that dispute. abc's david kerley has all the details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. if an airline is serving alcohol to passengers, is that airline responsible for those passengers' behavior? the lawsuit this morning coming out of that jet brawl says yes. a half dozen women in a jetliner brawl gone viral. the fight as the spirit jet arrived in los angeles but this had been brewing for hours in the air. a lawsuit this morning says three intoxicated women blasted music from a bluetooth speaker and refused to turn it down despite the pleas of fellow passengers. three of the passengers who complained and got into that fight are now suing spirit airlines for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. attorney gloria allred is representing the three women. >> spirit airlines failed to take meaningful action to
7:14 am
monitor and/or to control these passengers. >> reporter: according to court documents obtained by abc news the women were seated behind three female passengers who, quote, thanks to spirit airlines' decision to allow them to consume excessive amounts of alcohol became highly intoxicated and emboldened to behave in a rowdy and rambunctious manner." >> an airline has a duty to train its personnel to monitor and control passengers who do become intoxicated. >> reporter: overnight spirit airlines telling abc news "until we see the actual lawsuit and specific allegations, it would be inappropriate to comment at this time." all those women were escorted off the plane but the fbi says, george, nobody was arrested, nobody was charged in this case. now the lawsuit. >> that's a little strange. okay, david, thanks very much. now to a wild car chase that played out on live tv in los angeles where two burglars tore through the streets and did some doughnuts on hollywood boulevard. even took some selfies before
7:15 am
they stopped and let the police catch up. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: for nearly two hours, this duo dominated tinseltown screens. the pair in the blue convertible mustang top down despite the rain suspected burglars on what seemed an epic tour past los angeles icons. turning doughnuts on hollywood boulevard. five of them. the passenger casually standing up in the car, even gesturing towards the news and police choppers. from doughnuts to a near t-bone almost colliding with that tmz bus as it moves into its lane. suddenly they've got company but it's not police, it's instant fans following them waving at choppers. its tires shredded, it stops in south l.a. even pulling over to let other motorists pass. the two suspects shake bystanders' hands, on the phone. >> hey, bro, that's what's up, baby. >> reporter: minutes go by.
7:16 am
still no officers. so bystanders begin snapping -- selfies of the duo. when the police arrive they allow themselves to be cuffed. >> reporter: the l.a. sheriff's officer saying they face many charges for endangering the public during that. for "good morning america" matt gutman abc news, los angeles. >> makes you think that maybe something else was going on. >> a slow cloud version of a high-speed chase. very weird. >> very strange. >> what an epic fail at the master's. >> that's right. it is a historymaking moment at the masters. not the good one. anyone who has picked up a golf club it could be difficult even for some of the best players in the world including this pro, jesse palmer has the story. >> you're right. we've all had bad days at the office but unfortunately for ernie els, once the number one golfer in the world, his was being broadcast on television.
7:17 am
it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad play. ernie els breaking an unwanted record six putting for a score of 9 the worst ever recorded at the first hole in masters history. >> i had three goes then it just went all over the place and, you know, the whole day. >> reporter: els just initially 24 inches from a par messing up putt after putt after putt. not once, not twice, but six times. blaming his case of the yips on nerves. >> that's what happens when you have the heebie-jeebies. i can't explain it. i've played a lot of these things and i couldn't pull the putter back on the 1st. >> reporter: some say it might be the worst exhibition of putting since "happy gilmore." he is remaining positive. >> very difficult. we'll see where we take it from here. >> reporter: els is not the
7:18 am
highest score ever on a single hole. that's a 13 which surprisingly has been done twice and, guys, obviously not surprising. things not looking good for the hall of famer. after day one he sits near the bottom of the leaderboard. >> i guess they couldn't just give him the putt. >> i six-putt twice every round i play so i feel ernie els' pain. just go in your hole. what, are you too good for your hole? >> i love that. jess, thanks. >> good impression. >> more to come. >> it's friday. >> more to come. all right, let's head over now to ginger with the storm hitting the southwest. >> yeah, that's what people are probably saying in the southwest and l.a. go to your home, low pressure, system. phoenix, arizona, yours was really good, jess, phoenix, arizona had rain for the first time since january 31st. as that low travels across, you'll get rain in places that need it. your weather 30 seconds away.
7:19 am
>> i am here with the forecast. tracking light rain. a storm that ranks one on the storm-impact scale and tonight into saturday. highs today are in the mid-60s. in most spots. the showers are in the south bay at 5:00 spreading to the north bay at midnight. the seven seven shows the rain chance today. scattered showers tomorrow. a slight chance on sunday. our next chance of wet weather is on wednesday.
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coming up, a new break in that murder mystery on a college campus. police searching for this man seen on surveillance footage as we learn new details this morning about the victim. end of an era. say good-bye to "american idol." some of the show's biggest stars join us live and share secrets behind the big show. ♪ somehow i'm still alive inside ♪ inside ♪ you can apply to wet skin. a wrinkle cream that works in one week. and a shampoo that washes away the residue hair care products can leave behind. but we did it. no wonder dermatologists recommend neutrogena® 2 times more than any other brand. we're always re-thinking what's possible in skincare. that's just how we roll. neutrogena®. see what's possible. these it almost feels like from were inside the house. not that i've been in there... or have i?
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if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. good morning. it is 7:24. i'm reggie aqui from abc7 morning news. let's head over to sue hall with a quick check of your morning commute. >> it is not friday light in certain spots. some places better than others. we are improving on the san mateo bridge. a stall at the high-rise. mu
7:25 am
much earlier. and that slowed down. so now 20 minutes from hayward toward foster city. the cash paying folks have much less of a wait than the fast trackers. that is typical but you are delayed back into the macarthur maze for 10 minutes to the toll. >> are you
7:26 am
7:27 am
good morning. 7:27. live doppler 7 hd tracking light rain around daly city, south san francisco. one shower popped up out of the storm system we're tracking. out of southern california and moving into the south. a one on the storm impact scale. a light storm. in the mid-60s with showers moving in around the evening and overnight hours into saturday. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you there is light showers
7:28 am
today. continuing saturday morning. a slight chance on sunday and then another storm moves in on wednesday. >> thank you, drew. the murder rocking a major college campus. a freshman dancer killed. the latest on the investigation as the police search for her killer. that is next on gma. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and and join natasha, mike, sue and me every week day from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. stay right there. the news continues right now with "good morning america." have a great day.
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♪ oh oh welcome back to "gma." one of the best moments in the big "american idol" finale. tribute to david bowie. singing "starman," "rebel rebel" and some of the stars will join us live. >> cannot wait for that. also right now, the presidential candidates storming new york hoping to win over voters in the big apple ahead of the primary just 11 days away and a breaking headline, pope francis is saying this morning, a person's conscience, not just rules should guide catholics when figuring out everything from sex to marriage to family life. this is all part of a new document called the joy of love. >> wow, all right, thank you. we do have that big
7:31 am
"american idol" celebration and the man who helped turn the show into a smashing success, the one and only simon cowell making a surprise appearance to say good-bye. who can forget his contribution to this groundbreaking show. >> dreadful. >> hated it. >> everything about it was grotesque. >> did you really believe you could become the "american idol"? >> yes, sir. >> well, then you're deaf. >> how do you really feel? >> what were you trying to say? some of the biggest stars joining us live as we said sharing secrets behind the scenes coming up. breaking news in the shocking murder at the university of texas. police may now have a person in custody after releasing this surveillance video of a possible suspect that shows that man there with the bike and we are also learning new details about the victim who was an 18-year-old dance student. abc news's kayna whitworth brings us the details. >> she's going to be missed.
7:32 am
>> reporter: a theater and dance major and walking home from rehearsal sunday night just before 10:00 p.m. when she vanished. >> we believe he was in the area on this day for a couple hours. >> police say she was assaulted. they didn't recover a weapon overnight her parents saying their tragic loss is unfathomable. their daughter part of a group of select performers recruited by the program when she was just a junior in high school. described as vibrant and special by her dance professor. >> a program right now i think we're all in shock. angry and confused. and heartbroken. she embodied exactly the type of
7:33 am
artist many of them aspire to be. >> overnight the austin tower darkened in her honor. her classmates grieving the only way they know how. >> i say we dance. >> i say we dance. because that's what she was here to do and that is where she was definitely powerful and where we can find our strength, as well. >> now to a bikini model and her boyfriend accused of stealing millions and showing it off on social media. we have the latest. >> reporter: thisby kin any model's fast life coming to a grinding halt. patricia and her boyfriend row boater toe facing charges of financing what appears to have been a lavish life on the backs of unsuspecting seniors. >> they wanted to look good when they were doing this. >> the couple showed off on social media traveling to expensive resorts.
7:34 am
eating in fancy restaurants and buying designer goods blowing through over 2 million selling much on the black market in south america. federal investigators say they bought all using credit cards open in the names of at least 40 senior citizens. >> when we conducted the search warrants in this investigation we identified credit card encoders as well as identity documents belonging to other individuals. >> the pair caught in miami in march after the banks tipped off federal agents who followed the trail of money and those internet posts to catch the couple. investigators say after nearly two years of living the high life, they are now charged with grand larsony and identify theft. both pleading not guilt. the couple did not act alone, part of a much larger sophisticated identity theft ring. officials working to track down their accomplices. eva pilgrim abc news, new york. >> our thanks to eva for that.
7:35 am
coming up, the royal couple on the trip of a lifetime. how they are paying tribute to diana. and the final occur dane on american idol. some of the biggest stars are joining us live here on "good morning america." ♪
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7:40 back now with the end of an era. "american idol," the groundbreaking singing competition saying good-bye after 15 seasons with an amazing finale after launching the careers of everyone from kelly clarkson to carrie underwood and nick watt is there. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, lara. well, you know at its peak this show reached 38 million people. but it's over, last night the big finale kicking off with two young finalists singing their hearts out.
7:40 am
♪ walking alone in the dark ♪ two can make a light shine through ♪ ♪ it's takes two baby ♪ it takes two baby ♪ just me and you >> reporter: but 15 years of "idol" took many more flooding the stage. ♪ ♪ looking like a fool ♪ she bangs she bangs >> reporter: yeah, even william hung. ♪ she bangs she moves she moves ♪ >> reporter: remember season one had a co-host. >> the new fox series "american idol." >> reporter: then and now. >> since you're here why don't you bring out our judges. >> i got nowhere else to go. ♪ skies above >> reporter: and season one, this audition. >> kelly clarkson is about to have her baby. >> reporter: so she taped this. ♪ for a moment like this >> reporter: she beat justin.
7:41 am
♪ simpler times. >> no twitter, no facebook. no twitter. >> reporter: for the finale this twitter shoutout. >> this show transformed television. it inspired young artists and captivated audiences across the country and it taught america what it means to be pitchy. >> he did drive us all a little crazy. >> they are losers and do not deserve to be in this competition. >> america is about celebrating the effort -- >> don't give me that america rubbish, paula. >> reporter: the original lineup. ♪ >> dreadful. pathetic. hated it. everything about it was grotesque. did you really believe you could become the "american idol"? >> yes, sir. >> well, then you're deaf. >> reporter: and the new j. lo quick change. shaking it. ♪ let's get down >> it was the defining show of our time. it brought america together and brought families together with kelly clarkson.
7:42 am
♪ since you been gone ♪ ♪ well i can breathe for the first time ♪ >> a jennifer hudson. ♪ that is no good >> reporter: then and now. ♪ no >> wouldn't have a carrie underwood. ♪ i can't make you love me if you don't ♪ >> reporter: then and now. ♪ so you had a little trouble in town ♪ ♪ you you're keeping some demons down ♪ >> reporter: almost forgot. >> the winner of "american idol" season 15 is trent harmon. >> surprise. >> i worked so hard and she pushed me to do it. >> we say from hollywood good night, america. for now. >> reporter: kind of a cryptic
7:43 am
ending from seacrest there. i think we will see some kind of "idol" back tweaked format but that is the last we will ever see of "idol" as we have known it and right after the show they announced that the winner and the runner-up both get a record deal. >> all right. >> lara. >> how is that for a happy ending? that's fantastic. i don't think that for now was all that cryptic. >> more to come. >> yeah and knowing ryan, absolutely. do you have a favorite "idol" moment or -- william hung. >> everyone remembers moments in history. i remember where i was on the season finale of season one when kelly clarkson won. i was on vacation and ran back to the hotel room to watch it. i was really into the show. >> jennifer hudson. >> fantasia crying after she had won after all she had been through how emotional she was tears of joy. >> we'll get into it. >> yeah, we'll have a lot of stuff coming up. going behind the scenes of "american idol," the awe digs that started it out. secrets from the biggest stars.
7:44 am
we've got it all in the upcoming hour. >> we have the amazing moment. this 4-month-old sees his mother clearly for the very first time. you don't want to miss his reaction next, it's coming. wait for it. ♪ baby love onkohl's lowest prices of the season!. tees for her - just $4.99. men's polos - just $8.99. infant tops and bottoms - $4.00. the big one bath towel - only $2.99. and get kohl's cash! wednesday through sunday at kohl's.
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♪ baby love we're back with some major baby love. 4-month-old leo is warming hearts around the world with this moment finally seeing his mom clearly for the first time. it starts off -- >> look at that. >> this is thanks to a new pair of glasses. little leo all smiles when she puts them on and we got a chance to speak with his parents about that amazing moment. take a look. >> ah. >> when he finally did look up, that second time and you see that recognition on his face, that's a smile we just hadn't really seen before. he's a pretty happy baby and he smiles and i feel like he generally is pretty happy but that smile was something that was so different for me to see. >> now baby leo was born with a rare disorder. it affects the color of his skin, hair and eyes and leaves him with extremely bad vision.
7:49 am
his dad said he used to feel his beard and literally saw with his hands so this was the first time he saw his parents. >> that smile will make your weekend, wow. >> everything worth it. >> yeah. >> all right. >> that was great. coming up next we'll talk about whether or not you can have your bread and eat it too. the baker who says he lost 15 pounds eating bread, pasta and pastries. can't wait for it. >> yeah. coming up "gma's" spring concert series presented by hilton. stop clicking around. hit book direct at stop... clicking around book direct at for the lowest price online and... start playing start relaxing start loving book direct at
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trugreen. live life outside. back here on "gma." lynette didn't find the double rainbow but trove through it. no pot of gold though. >> it was out in the west.
7:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ coming up kate and will's huge adventure. the couple leaving their children behind and taking a trip to india. how it's connected to diana.
7:55 am
and the bread diet. how you can have all those carbs and lose weight. a baker sharing his secrets. plus, behind the scenes secrets from american idol. all coming up.
7:56 am
it is 7:56. i'm reggie aqui from the abc7 morning news. what is that? rain, meteorologist drew houma has your forecast. >> we're seeing a couple of sprinkles that popped up. into the sunset district of san francisco. light rain. weather shows you we'll track more rain later on this evening. 6:00 in the evening, moving in from south to north. a one on the storm impact scale. >> and the commute is lightening up considerably. we like that. and so we're showing you drive times. tracy into dublin, nice. green is good. moderate drive from antioch into concord and san rafael into the city under 20 minutes. and bay bridge is thinning out. we'll be back in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, sue. coming up on gma, we'll have more national news and updates on what is happening across the country and more updates locally in 25 minutes. we hope that every day you join
7:57 am
mike, natasha, sue, mike nicco and mee at 7:00 a.m. you could see the clouds drew was talking about coming into the city. enjoy the rain. the news continues now with gma. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. "american idol" live. the show that launched so many stars said good-bye revealing behind-the-scenes secrets. the song the contestants thought was cursed and simon cowell's personal confession. fantasia, ruben, justin, all here live this morning. ♪ royal road trip. kate and will on the adventure of a lifetime following in diana's footsteps to the taj mahal. why george and charlotte are staying behind and the fashion designer kate made into an overnight success. ♪ could you really eat bread all the time and lose weight? the baker who is an overnight sensation for his bread, pasta and pastries and losing 15 pounds. he's revealing his secrets live. ♪ lebron james like you have
8:01 am
not seen him before, a slam dunk new job revealed here first on "gma." ♪ all that and those american idols as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ and good morning, america. happy friday. great morning here in times square and you just saw those idols live going to join us. ruben studdard, fantasia barrino, justin guarini all going to join us live. some of the stars of "american idol." >> some of my favorites. i can't wait for that and also we have what's being called the bread diet. the chef who is enjoying pastry, pasta and more shedding big weight sharing his secrets. jesse and i are going to be listening because we just scarfed down two doughnuts. >> falling off. >> i was just starting the diet. >> i mean, that's your job. you're a journalist. we have a royal adventure for you. kate and will and the trip of a
8:02 am
lifetime leaving george and charlotte behind paying tribute to princess diana. >> making a big trip to india. we see the taj mahal and them right there and a lot more coming up. the morning rundown from amy. we begin with breaking news. active shooterer in texas. two people have been killed. details just coming in and pierre thomas has been tracking it good morning. >> reporter: lackland air force base went on lockdown after reports of an active shooter on base. the sheriff's office confirms two dead. no indication that this is terrorism. authorities say they're looking at the possibility that it was murder/suicide. local police handling the case over to the fbi but the scene is active and fluid situation. >> thank you for that update. we have breaking news overseas authorities in belgium reporting several arrests made in
8:03 am
connection with the brussels terror attacks last month. no word on the fate of the man seen on surveillance video walking out of the airport in a tan jacket. reports that one man wanted in connection with last year's attacks in paris has been arrested but police have not confirmed that information. this comes today as we learn about a setback for isis. syrian rebels captured a northern town that was an isis strong hold a day after isis kidnapped 300 syrian government workers. secretary of state john kerry is in iraq to discuss reclaiming isis territory. within the last hour we have learned that police have taken a 17-year-old man into custody in connection with the murder of a freshman at the university of texas. police in austin say they plan to pursue charges against him. the brutal slaying of 18-year-old haruka weiser stunned the campus and police said the man seen in the video riding a bike and wearing a backpack is the suspect in the
8:04 am
case. they have not yet confirmed whether the man in the video is the man in custody. we will of course keep you posted. to politics and the battle for new york is heating up as the candidates crisscross the state. donald trump cancelled an event in california so he could spend more time campaigning in his home state. a poll finds nearly 70% of americans have an unfavorable view of trump. ted cruz is hoping to pick up votes in brooklyn after making matzos. with a contested convention likely. paul ryan posted a video that some say looked like a campaign ad but his office insists ryan will not accept a nomination. the democrats continue to argue over their qualifications to be president. hillary clinton has been greeting people on the new york subway. meanwhile bernie sanders announcing he will visit the vatican next week for a conference on social issues. well, how about a real cliffhanger near los angeles.
8:05 am
crews had to rescue a man while he was trying to scale this 600 foot cliff. he was trying to propose to his girlfriend on face time. the good news is she said yes. the bad news, he was arrested on drug charges and will be billed for that helicopter rescue. finally, mega star. lebron james like you've never seen him before working behind the counter at blaze pizza. a part of their all-star team. he is an investor in the pizza chain. the funny thing is some customers appeared to recognize him behind the counter. others were not so sure. one woman thought he was dwyane wade who plays for miami. i think they could call it papa lebron's and then we would all know. a suggestion. >> i hope he's listening. to lara. >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the end of an era, "american idol," the superstars kicking off their careers on the show. we'll talk to them.
8:06 am
we'll also talk about kate and will and a huge adventure, the designer kate just made an overnight sensation. another one. all part of a big trip. then the bread diet. chef adam is here with us to tell us how you can eat your favorite carbs and still lose weight. he's going to explain it. hi, guys. stay with us on "good morning america" live until times square. ♪ >> delicious. allergies can distract you. so when your symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with claritin you get powerful, non-drowsy relief 24 hours a day, day after day. and with fewer symptoms to distract you... can focus on the extraordinary things you do every single day. live claritin clear. every day. one week only, save up to $31 on claritin products. check this sunday's newspaper.
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8:11 am
>> she was awesome launching the careers of so many talented performers over the course of its 15 seasons. we're going to talk to our star-studded panel of "idol" alumni in a moment. first here's chris connelly taking us behind the scenes. >> reporter: who will become the next "american idol"? from its 2002 debut "american idol" was star making. >> kelly clarkson. >> reporter: and heartbreaking. >> the journey ends. >> reporter: where sweet showbiz dreams came true. >> jordin sparks. >> reporter: or collided with harsh reality. >> the day the music died. >> it just did. >> reporter: its 15 seasons seemed to reshape the entertainment landscape and launched out of nowhere sensations like kelly clarkson. and carrie underwood. ♪ here in the dark >> reporter: and you didn't have to win to have an impact. adam lambert hit big ♪ so what
8:12 am
do you want from me. >> reporter: clay aiken won a million hearts and jennifer hudson won an oscar. ♪ love me >> reporter: viewers enjoyed the flash enafoibles of its contestants. ♪ she bangs >> reporter: along with the ever unpredictable behavior of judge paula abdul. but not everyone loved it when simon cowell seemed to cross the line. >> you did -- >> ryan seacrest. don't call me sweetheart. sweetheart. we don't have that relationship. >> reporter: or this conversational exchange. about a season five auditioner. >> do we have a bigger stage this year? >> she's like france. >> reporter: here's three things you might not know about "idol." such soon-to-be successful singers as colbie caillat and lady antebellum's hillary scott say they never made it past tharm "idol" auditions ♪ i need you now
8:13 am
>> she did make it to hollywood week and got cut and got nominated for a best new artist award. ♪ >> reporter: over the years contestants thought some songs were cursed. >> when people did the song "feeling good" by nina simone they went home. two contestants sang it and they both went home. >> reporter: in a first person look back on his 50th birthday simon cowell would confess his own inadequacies. you feel that everyone is laughing at you behind your back. he'd write about himself. that's because they are. >> okay. >> reporter: there were more tears than laughter as "idol" left the stage for good last night. the 21st century's most commercially significant show thus far and the perfect place -- ♪ for a moment like this >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> what a great look back. we've got the "american idol" stars joining us from los angeles, season three winner fantasia barrino. season two winner ruben studdard. first season's runner-up justin guarini and "people" magazine's kate coyne.
8:14 am
president obama said it in the show last night. no show ever like "american idol." >> the reality talent competition didn't exist before they re-created it and made it a sensation and made so many stars in the process which really took a part from the other shows out there right now that still haven't produced that kind of kelly clarkson, you know, carrie underwood, those people have not come off "the voice" yet and that's what "american idol" did and made stars out of people like simon cowell. >> no kidding. that's what i was going to say. different from the other shows that tried to follow. what do -- is it just that there are so many seasons that they just have a better eye than the other show? what sets it apart? >> they've had a longer run at it but i think in those early seasons that original judging panel having -- having the expertise of simon cowell because the thing about simon was he was mean, but more often
8:15 am
than not he was right. so, that sort of impeccable taste clearly creates stars. >> let's go out to our stars right now, fantasia, take us back to your first moment, that first moment of your first audition. >> well, i'll have to say there was a lot of powerhouses in that building in atlanta. a lot of people that were very, very talented and so, you know, i was very nervous and i wanted to do my best. i always heard a lot about simon. had never seen him. you know, and i went in and just gave all that i had. >> i want to hear from ruben. hi, ruben. how are you? great to see. >> how are you? >> i want to ask you about your first "idol" stage moment. what do you remember most? >> i just remember, you know, coming on stage and, you know, being in the room with, you know, the fans that were in the room, how excited they were and i remember first coming into the building watching everybody outside waiting for their chance to get in the building was just -- i couldn't believe they
8:16 am
were all there for us. >> and justin guarini, we've got to talk about simon here. how do you get used to dealing with simon? >> you know what, i was very fortunate to be well received by simon for the most part. but, you know what, at the end of the day i think you nailed it on the head. he is honest and he'll tell you himself, look, if i tell these people, oh, you know, you were really great and they continue to work for years at a craft that they're never going to go anywhere in they'll waste time and money and effort and he'd rather nip it in the bud. >> hey, i completely agree, justin and want to tell everybody ruben has a single out "can't nobody love you." released on itunes, how all of your lives were changed by this iconic show. wouldn't you agree, ruben? >> absolutely. you know, i've been wanting to do this job since i was 5 years old so "american idol," you know, despite everything i tried nothing worked and "american
8:17 am
idol" is the thing that worked so i appreciate it so much. >> worked for you, fantasia. went on to broadway. got a fifth album on the way and last night got to perform your new single "ugly." anything you want to say to the "american idol" family that helped launch you? >> yeah, i think i would just say thank you. you know, it opened doors for a lot of talented young people. it's bittersweet to see it go away. i'm praying that it will come back but i thank them so very much. the thing about me i've always been fantasia. i might be the rebel out of the whole bunch. there's been a lot of ups and downs but i never have given up and i will continue to fight and i just thank them for seeing something in me that i probably wouldn't have seen in myself. >> i love that spirit and your authenticity. >> justin, how about you? how has your life changed because of "american idol"? >> oh, mine, i mean, how has it not changed because of "american idol"? i spent the past five, six years on broadway. >> ooh. >> i have a wonderful commercial where i play a character, little sweet for diet dr. pepper.
8:18 am
i leave on sunday to go to sweden for 11 days to work on my next album so life is good and i have "american idol" and all these wonderful people who came after me to thank and for all the work that they have done, because i'm truly blessed. >> let's do a lightning round game. >> yeah, absolutely. >> whoever knows the answer, shout it out. >> uh-oh. >> who had the most stage fright? >> who had the most stage fright? >> did any of you have stage fright. >> i don't know who had the most stage fright of all of us? >> or anyone you knew. >> i don't know. it felt good by the time we got to the live shows. >> everybody got really comfortable. i always get nervous before every show but by -- >> how about your favorite moment on "idol" that no one ever saw. >> oh, my favorite moment on "idol" that no one ever saw was the prayer that we would have in the coke lounge every episode. >> that's sweet.
8:19 am
>> yeah. >> i mean, no, we did. we prayed together. >> that's beautiful. >> and finally we'll end it with a little simon moment. what do you guys remember being like the worst thing that simon ever said to you? >> wow. >> or just someone. what was something he said that made your jaw drop. >> i didn't get a lot of tough things but one thing he said and i was like, i don't think you ever put those lips to better use, i was singing a song. wow. >> just toed the line on that one. toed the line. >> and compliments have a little edge. you guys were great. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> let's go over to amy. >> all right, guy, now to the royal couple on a tri of a lifetime. prince william and kate setting off to india this weekend leaving charlotte and george at home for the very first time and reminding us all of princess diana's journey there and abc's lama hasan has the details. >> reporter: all eyes will be on prince william and kate this
8:20 am
weekend as they head to india and bhutan for a week-long trip leaving their two young children, prince george and princess charlotte at home. >> the first time kate has been away from charlotte for any length of time. i think they're really going to miss them. >> reporter: on tap for the royal couple an evening with bollywood stars and up-close look at the world's largest population of endangered rhinoceroses and trip to the stunning taj mahal. for royal watchers, the trip will undoubtedly evoke memories of william's mother, the late princess diana famously photographed in front of the taj mahal in 1992. >> william and kate going there is bringing back all those memories of his mother. he's really looking forward to visit that place where he said in his own words his mother's memory is kept alive. >> reporter: on wednesday kate gave a preview of the sorts of designs she's expected to don throughout the trip sporting a dress by indian designer saloni. at a london reception.
8:21 am
it sold out mere hours after the duchess was seen wearing it. >> she's taking more than 30 outfits, we believe. we're going to see her choose designers to pay tribute to her host. it's possible she may also wear the emerald choker which was a popular piece of jewelry with princess diana originally from india. the royal couple are no strangers to international travel. during their five years of marriage they've journeyed to the u.s., canada, singapore and in 2014 they famously trekked to australia and new zealand with a young prince george in tow. this time no young prince but royal insiders say there will certainly be plenty of colorful moments to go around. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> our thanks to lama. so much to look forward to there. not a lot to look forward to with the weather but we always love hearing from ginger. >> oh, thank you, amy. look at this group. almost 100 people from kentucky. so a couple of you from kentucky, huh?
8:22 am
>> yeah. >> 97 of you from kentucky. so happy to see you. you just said it's really cold out here. guess what, it's going to get way colder, buffalo, new york, a light coat of snow this morning and that snow has moved through parts of pennsylvania and new york this morning. that's why you've got winter weather advisories and clippers will slide through. chicago getting a little rain/snow mix and as we go into sunday morning so you know 20 degrees colder than what we have now. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's the big picture. >> i am here with the forecast. tracking light rain. a storm that ranks one on the storm-impact scale and tonight into saturday. highs today are in the mid-60s. in most spots. the showers are in the south bay at 5:00 spreading to the north bay at midnight. the seven seven shows the rain chance today. scattered showers tomorrow. a slight chance on sunday. our next chance of wet weather is on wednesday.
8:23 am
>> i love it. but swiss cheese scarfs from wisconsin. >> good morning, everybody. could this be the end of the road for aerosmith. steven tyler telling "rolling stone" magazine after his solo tour ends he plans to go on the road with his band one more time for a fair farewell tour echoing the guitarist's statements. a way to say well to take a nice, long bow and to say, hey, thank you to all their fans for the 46 years -- >> 46 years. >> they have been dreaming on. >> wow. don't see bands like that stay together anymore. rolling stone, them, it just never happens so i hope it's not. >> sounds like it might be and that they're all -- >> great idea. >> all right. switch the tune. ♪ baby baby
8:24 am
>> i was singing it all morning long to everybody. oh, baby, baby, how was i supposed to know it would cost $9 million to live like britney. that is what she's asking for her mansion in thousand oak, california, and the pictures and listing will have you saying give me more. take a look at what the 8400-square-foot mansion has inside. talking an open kitchen with full dining room, a game room. movie room, two offices and two walk-in closets bigger than most apartments. an infinity pool with 180-degree views of the santa monica mountains. nothing toxic about that. >> i wonder why celebrities always want to leave those beautiful mansions. >> because there are $12 million mansions out there. bigger and better. >> more is more. >> go big or go home. go home. ah. >> i didn't really get that one. and finally in "pop news," jess, sweden has become the first country in the world to have its own phone number. so now anyone anywhere can
8:25 am
dial-a-swede and ask any questions about the northern homeland of abba and ikea. go to youtube and search the swee dish number. international charges apply and get connected to a volunteer ambassador whom you can ask anything you want and that is the point. the swedish tourism board as set up this hot line to celebrate the 250th anniversary of sweden becoming the first country to abolish censorship so the next time you need a good recipe for meatballs remember to put the number on swede dial. >> that entire segment started with swede dial, didn't it? >> it did. you worked backwards. >> backwards. >> totally smart. >> thank you. coming up next, the bread diet. how one baker is enjoying carbs and shedding weight. his secret next. one-on-one one with taylor lautner opening up his new role, "twilight" and his connection to "the bachelor." and his connection to "the bachelor."
8:26 am
8:27 am
we're tracking breaking news out of texas. hello. i'm natasha zouves. this is a live picture. two people are dead in an apparent murder-suicide at lackland air force base. authorities respond to reports of an active shooter a hour ago. the base is on lockdown as police search through buildings. you could see the activity on the scene. stay with us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area for the very latest on the breaking news. now here is drew tuma with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we're tracking light showers south of san francisco, around san bruno, light rain. same story in burlingame and san mateo and showers around san ramon and dublin. steadier showers for the evening commute. (scal): good day, m'lady!
8:28 am
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and we're back. thanks for joining us at 8:29. things are lie light -- lightening up. the president, barack obama is making his way into san francisco. and southbound 880 at lieueling, an accident past 238. natasha. >> thank you, sue. we'll have another update of the shooting out of texas in 30
8:30 am
minutes. also on our news app and the news continues now with ♪ every little step ♪ every little step you know that classic. got jesse woken up there. whoa, bobby brown. his classic "every little step." and we have a big announcement right here on "gma." bobby brown is going to break his silence, tell his life story in a new memoir called "every little step." it reveals the highs and lows from his incredible life and career and he'll have an exclusive interview with robin on "20/20" on abc. >> he does have a lot to say. we have another big announcement. ciara and ludicrous will host the billboard music awards may 22nd right here on abc. both ciara and ludacris are joining us live on "gma" coming on monday to announce the billboard award finalists. but right now, let's talk about the bread diet, amy. >> let's do that.
8:31 am
here with me now chef adam leonti, he is the founder of the brooklyn bread lab revealing how you can literally have your bread, eat it too and enjoy those carbwhile losing weight. we first learned about his work in "the new york post." and now he is sharing his secrets with us. thanks for being here with us. >> thanks for having me. >> so you work 12-hour days and eat bread and pasta all day long. >> yeah, and then sometimes cake. >> okay, so let's see how many pounds you've dropped just in the last month. let's see. not zero. 15 pounds. >> all of this are like, huh? how does that work? >> so, at the brooklyn bread lab, which is from the williamsburg hotel. we started out with the williamsburg hotel and ended up with this bread lab as we were delayed with construction and we milled our own wheat which was the whole idea, and we have flour that we make ourselves which is really the key to the whole thing.
8:32 am
>> that's what makes this bread so special? >> it's the only place in new york that you can get something like this. and that's what we kind of like rest our laurels on. >> you teach classes so people can do this at home as well, correct? >> exactly. we teach kids, professionals. pizza, pasta, pastry, the whole thing. >> okay, so for all of us who love bread and thought we couldn't eat it -- yes, we have our helpers here. we're going to learn some of your tricks so why don't you show -- >> i saw you brought food. >> we have a couple of things that we got to go by. first, when you guys are going to make some bread, get a digital scale and you got to throw the cups out the window. too old school. like ten bucks. >> that's precise. >> precise and kind of eliminates everything when you go -- >> it sounds very kneady. >> oh. >> she's on fire now, ladies and gentlemen. she's on fire. >> ba-dum-dum. >> so this is kind of like a sourdough. if you were to feel it, you know, the thing is, though, we suggest yeast, start with yeast. it's kind of like a training wheel as you get into sourdough and then the other little example is this scraper. it's just going to make the whole process really easy and
8:33 am
now i'm going to show you how to just move this thing around. water here and you have to get your hands in the water and rub it all over. this is what is going to keep your hands -- see how her hands are sticky because she got crazy and started pushing it around. >> act like you've been there before. >> what you'll do is stretch this out a little bit. >> okay. >> is this dough that we're -- this is healthy. this is -- >> this is healthy. this has all the beauty and wheat inside. it has the bran, germ, all the vitamins. >> we know wheat is good for you. and so that's what this has. >> exactly. once you fold it in half and once you kind of mull it, you're going to stretch it out. >> why is yours -- >> why is mine -- >> you're good. you're good. >> now just turn -- >> lara is adding water to hers. >> because i can't -- >> 90 degrees. you got it. now you're going to turn. then we'll roll it up. >> wow. >> okay. >> yeah. >> a little bit might stick. and that's where you're going to use your scraper. >> oh. >> yeah, yeah. baking bread, america.
8:34 am
baking bread, america. >> all right. >> whoo. >> one last little touch of water and in the basket is where it'll rise and we'll let it rise up again. you'll see it like double and put it in the oven. i usually cook it at 575 degrees. as hot as your oven can go, something like that. >> lara has made porridge. >> yeah. >> no, it's good. mine is good. don't look at it. >> in the oven. >> as high as your oven can go for an hour and every 15 minutes you'll drop it down 50 degrees. >> how much bread can you eat in a day? >> i eat a whole loaf a day. >> you eat a whole loaf of bread a day. >> stop. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> seriously. >> just about what we can do with this flour and making the flour ourselves. >> i see you have a lot of veggies. pizza that -- >> we make pizza if you want to check it out. >> you got us to the dough portion of the program. is it hard to make that dough? >> not really. >> okay. >> it's just flour, water, yeast. >> and yeast the key ingredient and then wheat, you want the wheat. >> the fresh wheat. this is what it ends up here. this is a whole bunch of
8:35 am
chickory, parsley, provolone. this is what the dough looks like in the beginning. we're just going to stretch it out a little bit and kind of see how this works. this kind of comes over -- >> same dough and like the key i think is just all the veggies. it makes it healthy and you can eat bread and lose weight, george. who knew? >> it's kind of cool and do pastas here and you can see this is some of our whole wheat fettuccine made with pesto, basil, pine nut. >> george. >> we went off the pasta right there. but we're going to move on to a different story. a late star's powerful legacy, "spartacus" actor andy whitfield's life is being celebrated in a new documentary. a candid look at his fight for survival on and off screen. here's abbie boudreau. >> reporter: he was the breakout actor in the starz hit tv show "spartacus." >> i am spartacus. >> reporter: but in 2010, rising star andy whitfield found himself battling a new foe, cancer. >> this is huge.
8:36 am
i ended up being diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma, and it was pretty extreme. >> andy was in his prime. he looked like an adonis. he was this young, beautiful dad, and he had stage four roaring around ripping inside of his body. >> be here now. it's all about being present and not fearing what you don't know. >> reporter: in the new film "be here now" andy and his wife vashti allowing cameras to roll on their family's most personal and challenging moments during his inspiring journey battling lymphoma. what's it like to watch the film? >> it's a multitude of emotions. the first thing that always occurs with me is i get to hang out with andy for a couple of hours, hear his voice and hear him chuckle and to be just shown, reminded what a force we were. >> he's just letting his feelings kind of pour out like this is the truth. this is -- there's nothing but just straight truth right here. >> reporter: oscar
8:37 am
nominated director lilibet foster hoping the film released nationwide today brings awareness to cancer research. >> we hope this documentary is one of those that really kind of is like our shared human experience. perhaps we've done what andy wanted with the film. >> reporter: which? >> which is to inspire people and as vashti would say, get off their butts. >> reporter: jai courtney of "divergent" series fame and upcoming film "suicide squad" -- >> they say we're the crazy ones. >> reporter: -- was whitfield's co-star on "spartacus" and close friend offscreen, as well. >> i mean, the trajectory he was on was pretty incredible and it's tough to imagine there would have been a limit to what he could achieve. >> reporter: vashti now hoping his death will league a legacy. >> if he knew he was inspiring people in that way, his departure was worthwhile, and that's why he made the documentary. it was like he wanted to give purpose knowing that this might be his last and very beautiful role. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc
8:38 am
news, los angeles. >> looks very powerful and "be here now" opens today. let's go outside to ginger. she's going to talk to a special fan. >> a special fan. i want to go straight to 11-year-old brynn moral. she's joining me live via skype this morning. brynn, i heard you have a question for me. >> yes, i do. >> go for it. we want to hear it. >> do you ever get judged during practice? >> oh, so on "dancing with the stars" she wanted to know if we ever get judged during practice. so during the dress rehearsal they're watching but we don't see the judges' scores. i know that counts and during practice the only person that judges me is val and myself a lot. and i know you've been dancing for seven years. that's seven years more than i have. do you have a tip for me? >> i have two tips. >> oh. >> make sure that when you do a lift you point your toes because sometimes i noticed they're flexed, and then i found out that your feet have been
8:39 am
hurting. >> yeah. >> i have some cures for that that i have done before is making sure like you sometimes put ice on or massage them and then sometimes like if you put them like in a warm bath. >> oh, that sounds like tips for my husband, and i'm going to get right on that. thank you, brynn. >> i am drew tuma with the action fret forecast. we are in the mid-60s with showers provide marriage in the evening and toward the midnight. in the south by, we are going to the north bay. the seven-day outlook is a one on the storm-impact scale with scattered show >> and a real quick look at "gma's" pollen report brought to you by claritin. high pollen levels across most of the country. but so much better here in the northeast. you guys are a quiet crowd. kidding, george. let's get inside. >> because it's so cold, okay, ginger, thanks very much. coming up, taylor lautner opening up about his new role in "the bachelor" but first a sneak peek at espn's "30 for 30" documentary. it's called "o.j. in america."
8:40 am
and part one airs on june 11th right here on abc. and the full series will air on espn beginning june 14th. here's your first look. >> i told him, o.j., you're breaking the laws of god. one day everybody is going to know everything that you've done, man. ♪ >> if you're a black man in america, you're fighting our war. ♪ who's in a man where you gonna run to ♪ >> the reality of black america and white america, two totally separate worlds. ♪ who's in a man ♪ where you gonna run to >> for us o.j. was colorless. ♪ >> none of the people that we associated with looked at him as a black man.
8:41 am
>> a civil rights leader in los angeles has said if you're going to be a negro in a big city, then los angeles is the best place to be. >> and somebody said -- i killed this woman. ♪ who's in a man ♪ where you gonna run to >> really? o.j. simpson as a civil rights victim? it was disgusting. it was appalling. >> you ugly murderer. you ugly murderer. ♪ who's in a man where he gonna run to ♪ ♪ who's in a man where you gonna run to ♪ >> it's easy to celebrate. it's easy to befriend. you know, you got a tragedy in
8:42 am
your life. ♪ "gma's" pollen report is brought to you by the makers of nondrowsy claritin. live claritin clear. (vo) one hundred million pounds. that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit
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if you're looking to be president, where is the place you come to be heard?
8:45 am
♪ we are back now with "twilight" star taylor lautner. he first stole hearts as a teen werewolf and now he is taking on comedy as the leading man in "cuckoo." jesse went one-on-one with the star. >> amy, that's right. taylor is taking his fans to a whole new world with this british comedy. when we sat down, he made a bombshell confession. from hero -- >> breathe. >> reporter: -- to heartthrob, "twilight" start taylor lautner single-handedly converted millions of fans to team jacob in 2008 but these days the former werewolf is cutting his teeth in comedy. >> it's going to be a while before she wakes up, but when she does, i reckon she's going to consider rachel for the job after all. >> reporter: taking over for andy samberg as the leading man in the netflix hit series
8:46 am
"cuckoo." >> what was your name again? >> cuckoo. i came here today looking for someone i've been waiting my whole life to meet. >> reporter: lautner playing dale who moves in with his father's british in-laws. what drew you to this project? >> in my head it made no sense. that's why it made perfect sense for me to do it. >> reporter: it's a comedy but a british comedy. >> yeah. >> have you noticed any comedic nuances between what we consider american comedy versus british comedy? >> it took me a second to get used to their sort of humor. it's a little more sarcastic and dry. >> ex-muse me, sir. you just hit me with your mobile vehicle. unbelievable. >> and your character in the show has this really bizarre and unique love situation going on. >> right. >> there's this attraction between you and i guess what technically is your stepmom. >> hey, mom. >> i refer to her as mom, and we have this weird sexual tension. it's all messed up. >> so obviously a lot of people know you from "twilight."
8:47 am
do you ever get concerned that a role as successful as that could potentially pigeonhole you as an actor moving forward? >> that's kind of why i want to choose things that are different, you know. >> reporter: but for all the "twilight" fans out there, don't worry. taylor says the show now back for its third season still gives jacob lovers everywhere a chance to see him in action. ♪ >> sorry. >> i had no idea i was going to be able to use some of my martial arts background. i had to cram a little training in in a week. >> you don't wake up looking like taylor lautner. >> no. >> makes me feel better. what's a day in the life of taylor lautner like? you're a busy dude. >> when i'm not working, you know, playing sports with my buddies, watching "the bachelor." >> i've heard of that show. >> you've heard of it.
8:48 am
>> i definitely, you know, i got my viewing parties. >> i used to too. >> i'm sure. >> turning red right now. yeah. >> me too. >> we're sharing this moment together. of course, taylor was saying he was turning red because admitted he actually watches the show. >> you two bonding over "the bachelor." >> a bromance between taylor and i and you can catch him in season two of "cuckoo" hilarious on netflix on april 15th. >> i could just watch the two of you. coming up next, the lumineers are here performing next. stay with us. ♪ hey
8:49 am
♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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♪ we are back now with the lumineers. they top the charts with their hit "ho hey." now their highly anticipated second album "cleopatra" is out today and they're performing for the first time ever on morning tv. thank you, guys, for that. here are the lumineers with their new single "ophelia." [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:51 am
♪ i i when i was younger i i should have known better ♪ ♪ and i can't feel no remorse and you don't feel nothing back ♪ ♪ i i got a new girlfriend he feels like he's on top ♪ ♪ and i don't feel no remorse and you can't see past my blinders ♪ ♪ o-ophelia you've been on my mind girl since the flood ♪
8:52 am
♪ o-ophelia heaven help a fool who falls in love ♪ ♪ i i got a little paycheck you got big plans and you gotta move ♪ ♪ and i don't feel nothing at all and you can't feel nothing small ♪ ♪ honey i love you that's all she wrote ♪ ♪ o-ophelia you've been on my mind girl like a drug ♪ ♪ o-ophelia heaven help a fool who falls in love ♪ ♪ o-ophelia you've been on my mind girl since the flood ♪ ♪ o-ophelia heaven help a fool
8:53 am
who falls in love ♪ ♪ o-ophelia you've been on my mind girl like a drug ♪ ♪ o-ophelia heaven help a fool who falls in love ♪ [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" spring concert series is presented by
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪
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(inhales cigarette)
8:56 am
i know i'll be singing it today. "ophelia" is the song. thank you to the lumineers. >> that was great, guys. thank you. >> really fun. >> fantastic job and thank you for watching. >> have a great weekend, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] e ]
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm natasha zouves with the abc 7 morning news. drew tuma is tracking wet weather on the way. >> just a little bit. showing you isolated sprinkles along the peninsula and similar story into the east bay but steadier showers moving in this afternoon and evening. by 4:00, you see steadier showers into the south bay and making its way in by midnight and steady light rain first thing on your weekend. >> and we have a [ inaudible ] on the 101 and that crashed and that landed in lane number two so heads up there. that just now coming across the chp. better on the san mateo bridge. a jam up there with a stall and that is cleared up. and friday light at the bay bridge. >> thank you, sue. it is time now for "live with kelly and michael." we'll back at 11:00 a.m. for the abc 7 midday news.
9:00 am
our reporting continue now on our news app and join reggie, mike, sue and >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, television and film star kerry washington. and from the critically-acclaimed drama, "outlander," sam heughan. plus, performing his latest hit, "one call away," charlie puth. also the grind err star, fred savage -- "the grinder" star fred savage joins kelly at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are kelly ripa and fred savage! [cheers and applause] ♪


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