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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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warriors i
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> dub nation celebrates after a thrilling win in san antonio. the warriors are now one game away from history. >> one last game in the regular season at home in front of our home fans to do something that's never been done in the history of the game. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. what a win by the warriors tonight in san antonio. with a win wednesday night at oracle the team will break the nba's regular season record for wins. mike shumann is here. do you think they are excited? >> i don't think there is any question. and that they will get the record. the warriors got a historic victory tonight in a place they haven't won in over two decades. they tied the 19956-96 bulls with a win in san antonio. they now have 72 wins.
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dubs haven't won in san antonio since 1997. 33 straight losses. they were held to only 35 points in the first half while lamarcus aldridge led the way for the spurs with 24 points. but the mvp, steph curry threw down 37, 26 in the second half. dubs ends the record streak of 39 straight wins at home in season. this win goes a long way as they are sure to face off in the western conference finals. hard to get they won't get to the record wednesday night as they are hard to beat at oracle. warrior fans appreciate what's going on here, that this is a historic season we may never see again. complete highlights and react coming up in sports. >> how are you going to beat them when steph has the finger roll working. as you mentioned it was the first win in san antonio since 1997. 33 losses in a row, seen in tweeting this photoafter the game. in '97, tim duncan was at wake
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forest, steph curry was 8 years old. so was drew tuma. as you might imagine the hottest ticket might be wednesday night at oracle as the dubs loo, to set the nba record. the cheapest seats right now on ticket master, roughly 345 dollar. one member of dub nation wasn't sure he would live to see this moment. in october a shark attacked a bay area man while he was in hawaii. tony lee ultimately fought it off by ripping out its eye. medically woodrow ran into lee at cantina in san francisco tonight where he was cheering on his favorite team standing up. >> reporter: it is an i have been credible story, eric. tony tells me a he draw as lot of inspiration from the warriors. he says it takes a lot of heart for his team to win. you could say the same about him n. a sea of warriors fans, we found an ocean warrior on his feet. >> that's amazing, absolutely
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amazing to be able to stand up. >> reporter: this was tony lee in the hospital in october. >> it was out swimming and a 12 foot shark came unbehind me and took one of my leg. >> reporter: doctors reconstructed his other leg with muscles with muscles from hiss back. he says the warriors season made it better. he needed inspiration. >>set curry signed a jersey for me. the time sign a card. to know they cared it meant a lot. >> reporter: it was enough to keep tony fighting. >> i'm not going to let that shark win. >> reporter: he vowed to be walking by christmas, a goal he met with a reminder he has the support of his team just beneath him. >> warrior colors here even. >> reporter: on this sunday he is doing what many sports fans wouldn't think twice about, walking around a bar, high fiving everyone after a big win. >> this guy has fought so hard. he has come from not being able
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to walk to coming back, to seeing games -- he is about to be a back to back champion and he didn't even know if he was going to live six months ago. >> reporter: kind of like what dub nation is all about. in san francisco, melanie woodrow. >> warriors! >> reporter: abc7 news. >> they were celebrating all over the bay area with win number 72. we'd like to thank an instagram user for sharing this photo with us of his daughter. hashtag dubs on 7. and abc7 now. we may share them on line or on the air. right now we'll share a little weather with you. here's drew. >> we were spending much of the weekend coming those drops. this evening, a dry picture across the region. a fair amount of cloud cover. wettest spots, livermore and concord this weekend overcoming an inch of rain. san francisco comings in with two thirds of an inch of rain over the past 48 hours.
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satellite showing it's unsettled across the state of california. we'll keep the chance for drizzle in on monday. we are tracking more wet weather with the week ahead. we'll deal with that in the full accuweather forecast coming up. developing news in the east bay where police are investigating another freeway shooting. this happened in original mond near i-80 and san pablo dam road. no reports of injuries a. little over an hour ago you can see the traffic backed up as officers shut down the eastbound lanes to search for shell casings. all lanes are now reopened. this is the 17th freeway or highway shooting in the east bay just since november. the son of a wouns powerful california politician is a free man tonight. he is teeb an nunez was released from prison after serving less than half of his original sentence in the stabbing death of a college student. sergio can tadda is here for the reaction from the victim's angry family. >> reporter: the tragedy was the
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loss of their son. the difficulties of the plea agreement just before trial and a move by former govern arnold schwarzenegger added to the pain. today was the next painful step. several times a month these parents visit the grave of their son. today the man convicted of his death was released from prison. >> he is probably out celebrating with his family tonight. this is where we come to be with our family. >> reporter: his prison sentence was cut in half thanks to former governor arnold schwarzenegger. he commuted the sentence as the last act of his term something he says was to help political ally fabiano nunez, esteb an's father. schwarzenegger has since been houned for his decision. >> a lot of people want to know why did you reduce the sentence for mr. nunez. >> reporter: in this 2011 interview. >> he doesn't have regard for
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other people. he is ego centric and self centered. >> it doesn't mean anything to him. >> reporter: nunez pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the violent stabbing of, nunez and three others pounced on santos and his friends. luis would have turned 30 this summer, something his parents missed as they say his friends start their own families. >> i cried for an entire day before one of his friends got married. >> he would have been a wonderful father. >> reporter: nunez was released today. will be on parole three years. his family issued a statement saying in part our son has paid his debt to society and then they asked for privacy. because of this case, a new law was passed that requires any sitting governor to give a ten-day notice to district attorneys if they are considering a pardon. the hope is that families will not be caught off guard and
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families can be offered counsel before the governor issues the order. a chp officer intentionally run over last week in sacramento grew up here in the bay area. the officer michael erickson is in intensive care at the university of california davi d interstate 80 last thursday. the chp says the driver intention rally ran officer erickson over. an officer's motorcycle lying in the road and stopped to help. a dozen others stopped as well. >> there was no lines or boundaries drawn with regards to i don't have gloves and i'm touching blood. >> police arrested austin scott in another stolen pickup truck after a short chase that ened in fairfield. he is expected in court tomorrow on charges of attempted murder. someone defaced a sign along a stretch of highway 101
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memorializing milbrae police officer david jakubry which was shot and killed in the line of duty 18 years ago this month. this photowas taken of someone they thought was decorating the sign. they were actually cleaning off graph eaty. he said it sends the message back to those who defaced it that this memorial honor as hero. berkeley police are asking for your help tonight in identifying this man. officers say somebody found him yesterday sitting on a bench near the north berkeley library seemingly confused and needing assistance. he was not carrying id and is unable to speak. officers took him to the hospital for medical evaluation. police say they have not received a missing report on the man. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00. >> i want answers to what happened to my sister.
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>> a mother found dead. her 2-year-old sister missing. tonight their loved ones are talking. also, the first fox news interview for president obama. his message to republicans tonight. and a plane problem. the a's not happy tonight with their ride home from seattle. plus -- we'll take you to the roboolympics in the east bay. the largest robot competition in the world. and later, hear from the family that is sure to never forget this priceless mome
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sources tell abc7 news that a body found in san francisco's mclaren park was friday was the mother of a missing toddler.
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police say nicole fitts was the victim of a homicide. tonight police and family are working to track down her missing 2-year-old girl. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story. >> i want answers to what happened to my sister and you know, what happened to my niece. >> reporter: grief and worry consuming these sisters, they are desperate to find their 2-year-old niece, ariana, now missing. >> we're still hopeful we will fine her alive. >> reporter: police say she hasn't been seen in public since february. her mother, nicole fitts was last seen april 1st and reported missing april 5th. tragically, abc news has learned nicole was found dead on friday in mclaren's park the victim of a homicide. police won't say how she was killed. the family say nicole had no enemies. they say she was living in san francisco and working at this
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best buy store on harrison street. >> i can't imagine why she would have any enemies or anyone would want to her hurt her. >>. >> reporter: but where is arianna. >> really don't know. >> reporter: a little girl with a big smile. >> always bubbly, always laughing. >> there is foul play suspected. we want to public to help us in finding arianna as soon as possible. >> reporter: the family has started this facebook page spreading the word. >> if you see her or you think you have seen her, just please call someone. >> reporter: this family praying for answers and hoping for good news. in san francisco, cornell barnard. abc7 news. democrats and republicans have gotten into a fix inside the senate in which the confirmation process becomes too much a tit for tat. >> president obama criticized the republican-led senate for delaying its vote on supreme
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court nom me merrick garland. he demanded a vote as soon as possible. the president also defend presidential candidate hillary clinton saying he doesn't think her e-mail scandal as secretary of state caused any national security problems. and that he did not interfere with the investigation. >> guaranteed there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the justice department or the fbi not just in this case, but in any case. full stop, period. >> clinton's e-mail scandal so far hasn't become a major issue in the contest betweener and senators bernie sanders. two people walked away with no injuries after this private jet made an emergency landing at oakland international airport today. oakland fire live tweeted out these pictures. the nose gear collapsed upon landing. the a's were probably in a great mood today after sweeping the mariners until they saw their plane. josh redick tweeted this photograph this afternoon.
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we are giant, it says. >> competitors from around the world say combat is king at the robo-games. abc7 news was in pleasantton today for the 12th annual event. robot builders from 21 different countries came together to compete in 55 different categories, all involving battling botts. >> everything from 25 graf gram little sumo robots to kids event with lego mind storm's robots to compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. just like the human olympics. but this is the robot olympics. >> contestants say the best prize, bragging rights for best battling robot. at least until next year. we started the day soggy but we did see the sun later on. >> live doppler 7 was busy with the longering light rain much of our saturday and sunday. right now we are rain free. outside we go on this sunday
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night. what we are not free of, cloud cover. the clouds will be with us much of our monday and they could release isolated spots of drizzle over the next 24 hours. we are tracking dry skies both tuesday and wednesday. yes, another storm moves in on thursday. and we'll track more light rain moving in. turpt temperatures across the board in the 50s. 57 in hayward. 567 in san jose. and fairfield also checking in with a temperature of 56 degrees. with that blanket of cloud cover overhead numbers aren't going to drop far from our current readings. the coolest spets spots will be in the north bay in the upper 40s. future weather is picking up on the chance of drizzle overnight tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. it won't be widespread. most spots starting out in the lower 50s. micro climates for monday. 68 in san jose. peaks of sunshine from time to time. 67 in santa clara. same in sunnyvale. 65 redwood city.
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mountain view, cooler along the coast. 62 daly city, 59 degrees. lake port, napa, santa rosa, calistoga, 64 calistoga. oakland tomorrow, 64 degrees. 65 freedom. inland mid to upper 60s. 68 antioch. same in pleasanton. and san ramon up to 67 degrees. the rain has been welcome news for those suffering from allergies. tree pollen dropped from high to immediate yum levels. thad that's good relief for tomorrow and much of the next seven days. more rain is on the way. our next storm comes here on thursday. it's another light storm. we'll track scattered showers. light winds b. a tenth to four tenths of an inch of rain. as we track the weather hour by hour, early thursday morning this storm is going to drop from north to south unlike the storm we had over the weekend where the south bay saw the majority
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of the rain. the north bay looks to have the highest totals with this one. 5:00, 6:00 in the morning it look like we will have wet weather for the morning commute on thursday. once the storm kicks out 6 here thursday evening warm temperatures will return just in time for the weekend. accuweather 67ds. tomorrow, clouds, lingering drizzle. not widespread. tuesday, from clouds to sunshine. wednesday we are dry, but go from sunshine to clouds. storm system on thursday. that rates a one arc light storm on our storm impact scale. and thursday evening that clears out. saturday and sunshine, nothing but sunshine. one model coming in with mid '80s inland. even animals need a little jolt sometimes. next the story of an east bay go
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seems like goats like their coffee, too. this goat wandered into a rohnert park starbucks this morning. might be a coincidence, but according to legends, goats in ethiopia helped discover coffee by eating the buries containing the beans. let's check in on sports. >> warriors with an unlikely yet welcome victory tonight against the spurs ends the 33 game losing streak in san
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warriors ena 20 year raut drought and a 33 game losing streak defeating in the spurs in san antonio this evening. improving to 72-9, tieing the bulls regular season record set back in 1996. spurs 39-0 at home this season. 35-35 at the half. spurs go on a 10-2 run to start the third. leonard throws it down. but curry heats up. back to back threes. 16 points in the third quarter. nearly had a buzzer beater in the third. a split second too late. fourth quarter, steph with two defenders all over him. a finger roll. banks it in. once again, two defenders on him, dishes the klay thompson. easy dunk. nine point warriors lead. steph makes it a double digit game weaving through traffic, lays it it in. 37 points, 26 in the second half. warriors tie the bulls record of 72 wins.
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steve kerr with his mentor, gregg popovich. 94-86 the final. >> everybody is excited we just beat a great, great team. it's one of the best victories of the year. with that said, it means nothing, you know, come playoff time. >> great accomplishment. kudos to every single person in that locker room, coaching staff, that sacrifice every single day to win games. and you know, it's fun. >> i mean, it's an accomplishment. i'm not going to sit here and say like it's not. you are tieing the bulls? like that's crazy. so it's an accomplishment. but the accomplishment that we are looking for is 73. >> all right. jordan spieth's attempt to join jack, tiger and nick faldo as the only players to win back to back master's was met with a meltdown on the back nine at augusta. danny willett made a run birdie on 13 to got to 3 under.
11:31 pm
defending champ ends wigot to 7. willett silently kept going. one back after spieth bogeys 10 and 11. spieth finds the water on the par 3 12th. so did his drop. falls to 1 under. three shots back. he was six over on these three holes. willett gets to 5 under. he two putt or a par on 18. shot a round of 67. in the clubhouse. danny willett becomes just the second englishman to win the master's. nick faldo the other. it is a major. geets the green jacket to go with that shirt. >> you dream about these kinds of days and things like that but for them to happen, it's mind boggling the fact that we've been able to come through everything that's happened and play so well under the pressure that we did on the back nine
11:32 pm
today. >> abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. giants and a's leading their division with wins today. much more coming up later in the newscast. a life saving fitness device. next meet the man who says his fit about it helped doctors when they needed it the most. the ♪
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>> announcer: life from the kgo broadcast center. this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, the warriors will go for a record-setting 73rd win wednesday night at oracle. they beat the spurs in texas tonight to tie the all-time record for wins in a single
11:36 pm
season. the lowest ticket price for that next game against the memphis grizzlies right now selling for $400. a convicted killer who is the son of a former california state assembly speaking is out of prison tonight. he served seven years of a 16 year sentence for the murder of lewis santos who is buried in lafayette. former governor around schwarzenegger commuted his sentence on his last day in avs. police in san francisco are trying to find a missing 2-year-old girl whose mother was murdered. ariana fitz hasn't been seen hins february. officers found the body of her another nicole on friday in mclaren park. an apparent outburst of road rage left a former nfl star dead. he played for the new orleans saints and died on a new orleans street after a fender bender ended in gunfire. the gunman is under arrest and
11:37 pm
the city is in mourning. >> reporter: at 34, will smith had an nfl career behind him when the rest of his life came to a sudden bloody end. >> there is a male down with about six gun shot wounds to the chest. >> reporter: new orleans police say a traffic accident led to this. his wife raquel shot in the leg crying out as she is taken to the hospital. her husband lying mortally wounded after this man cordel haze shot them both after his hummer rear-ended his mercedes. the driver of the hummer and smith exchanged words. shortly afterwards he opened fire on smith and his wife. >> one gun recovered on scene. >> reporter: hayes waited for police at the scene and was arrested on a charge of second-degree murder. >> my client is claiming he is not guilty. that's what he intend to show.
11:38 pm
>> reporter: will smith played nine seasons for the saints including 2009 when he helped bring home the city's first championship. the saints released this statement ---er devastated anded is aened by will's tragic and preventable death due to a senseless act that will leave a scar on our community forever. flowers and balloons formed a memorial at the scene of the shooting. just hours before he died, smith posting this selfie on instagram with him and his wife in the french quarter writing "having a blast" will smith leaves behind three children you. >> now to the race for president. candidates on both sides are campaigning hard ahead of tuesday's primaries in new york. republican donald trump appeared today at his first rally in four days. he says he is confident going into tuesday's contest. he is pulling way ahead in his homid state but he is challenging the results of yesterday's contest in colorado in which he lost all of that state's delegates to rival ted
11:39 pm
cruz. >> have you heard anybody other than me today say drfr has millions of votes more than ted cruz. >> i believe it will be the highest number of votes donald trump seefsd and on a subsequent ballot we will receive the nomination. >> reporter: hillary clinton visited churches today and reminded new york irs of her history as a senator for that state. bernie sanders is on a roll after claiming yet another win in wyoming yesterday. a fitness device that's supposed to help people create a healthy life-style recently helped save a life. fit about it wrist bands monitor the steps people take as they try to stay in shape. a high school teacher's device provided doctors with crucial information when he suffered a heart attack. they used the fit about it to find out when his heartbeat became irregular. it saves him from life threatening blood clots and possibly additional seizures.
11:40 pm
>> they shocked my heart. it was able to go back to a normal rhythm and i was sent home later that day. >> i think the fit about it definitely saved his life. >> the fit about it was a christmas gift from his wife. he wears it every day saying it is the best life insurance for him. a magical moment for one baby boy whose life suddenly changed when a pair of glasses were placed on his little face. before that, everything was fuzzy. but now those bright eyes are taking in a whole new world. abc's john donovan has the story. >> we're just going to show it to you. watch this. watch the expression on this beb's face. his name is leo. hess four months. and this smile. and here's why it means so much to his mom and dad. before that moment, leo who has a rare disorder affecting his vision, had never had a good clear look at the world. >> most of what he has been able to see up until getting the glasses was extremely fuzzy or complete lee out of focus.
11:41 pm
>> reporter: yep. everything. each up close things like his dad's beard. >> he would get close to him and instantly put his hands towards his cheeks to identify if it's dad or mom. >> reporter: the gases were there to fix that. the video, it shows the moment he first puts them on and first looks straight into his mother's face. there is the hesitation. and then there it is. obviously, leo likes what he sees. >> that smile was something that was so different. yeah, it was just remarkable. >> reporter: yes, it was remarkable. here's one last look at this first look. john donovan, abc news, washington. from that to sadness over the loss of her friend. next, meet the loyal elephant who refused to leave her companion's side even after she passed away. also, a big claim by bay area researchers. where this mask and avoid jet
11:42 pm
lag in a flight from san francisco to new york. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. the weekend featured a lot of light rain across the region. there is a chance of drizzle tomorrow before we t
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11:44 pm
that is grief. touching moments this week for an elephant in thailand dealing with the loss of her best
11:45 pm
friend. she stood over the dead friend touching and nudging her body. after they moved the body they moaned painfully. scientists have observed displays of emotion from elephants. routinely they are known to hold funerals for their loved ones. sleep deprivation is more than just uncomfortable. in extreme cases it has been blamed for everything from car wrecks to plane crashes. now researchers here in the bay area are work og on a technology that could help. >> reporter: for millions of americans working the late night shift adjusting their sleep cycle cannily them dangerously drousy if they have to shift back and forth to day lathe hours. >> the holy grail is trying to fix things for shift workers. >> reporter: now this stanford professor believes there may be light at the end of the tunnel. in an earlier report we showed you the prototype of a mask his team developed to fool the sleeping brain into thinking it's seeing daylight. the brain reacts to the flashing
11:46 pm
light by shifting the subject's body clock n. a recent study. he and his team worked to fine the most effective timing for the flashes. >> we basically thought that more flashes you would get a larger response. that's not what we found. we found a strange relationship where actually at one flash every ten seconds we got the biggest effect. >> reporter: using the mask for about an hour the team was able to shift sleep cycles by about two to three hours. just a three hour shift in your sleep cycle coffin stand benefits for travelers. it could potentially erase the jet lag from a cross-country trip but probably wouldn't be i have enough for a worker shifting back and forth from an overnight schedule. but he believes a more dramatic shift would be possible. using the therapy over longer period of time researchers were able to extend the shift in a subject's body clock. >> you could get 12 hour changes
11:47 pm
in timing if you give three days of specifically timed light. >> reporter: he says the early data suggests that prompting longer shifts in sleep cycle does not appear to produce serious side effects. still, he says more research needs to be done to see if it would be a practical solution for millions of americans forced to sacrifice sleep for work. >> the team is using a version of light technology in a study of teenagers who have trouble getting to sleep. time for a check on the weather forecast. is it going to be dry out there? we are chaccing a little chance of drizzle on ouran mo. more wet weather coming on thursday. live doppler you see right now is rain free. upper 40s and lower 50s. future weather is picking up on light drizzle around. monday is cloudy, light drizzle here and there. low 60s across the region. the system coming on thursday is
11:48 pm
a light storm with scattered showers. about four/10 of an inch of rain. thursday morning the storm starts in the north bay. sinks to the south. 5:00 in the morning light showers around the region. thursday morning commute is likely to feature wet weather. once this system gets out of here it ushers in warmer temperatures just in time for the weekend. accuweather seven-day forecast. a lot of cloud cover tomorrow. lingering drizzle. clouds to sunshine on tuesday. opposite on wednesday, sun to increasing clouds. storm system on thursday. friday, saturday and sunday, a different weekend on tap. plentiful sunshine and we are dry. speaking of differences there is the front nine at the master's and then there is the back tooin nine. >> not as exciting as the weather, but -- >> i think it was exciting. >> it was. how many times have we seen a meltdown at the master's that handed the victory to an unknown player? it happened again today courtesy
11:49 pm
of jordan spieth. and ben factor david willett. next in sports.
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jordan spieth's attempts to become the fourth player to win back to back master's was derailed by the par 3 12th hole. as the defender champion staged an epic healthdown on the back nine handing the win over to danny willett. lowry on the left, david pleasanton on the right. both of them with similar paths. they get the same result. hole in one. same hole, louis oosthuszin. ball hits his partner j.b. hall's ball. it's going to go in for the third hole in one on the day on the same hole. first time it ever happened at the master's. meanwhile, danny willett.
11:53 pm
under the radar. birdie on 13. now 3 under. defending champ jordan spieth ends the front nine with four straight birdies including here on 9. he got to 7 under. he had a five-stroke lead. bogey. on the par 3 12th finds the water. then his drop also gets wet. quadruple bogey, 7. six over on the three holes. willett, two putt for par on 18. final round of 67. nervously waiting for spieth. jordan not done. birdies on the two par 5s. on the 16, a chance for a birdie. by missing that, it's basically over. the first englishman in long time to win the master's. let's hear from both players, starting with jordan spieth.
11:54 pm
>> it w was playing a dream com true front nine. i knew par was good enough. maybe that hurt me. in 2013, i knew to stay committed on 12. that hole has people's numbers. >> it was a joke to put a 7, about up there or something. it was just one of those unfortunate things that happened to jordan which obviously opened it right up. >> unbelievable. warriors end a 20-year drought and a 33 game losing streak defending the spurs in san antonio tonight, improving to 72-9, tieing the bulls regular season record set back in 1996. warriors haven't won here since 1997. spurs 39-0 at home this season. tied at the half. spurs go on a 10-2 run to start the third. leonard throws it down. steph has back to back threes. 16 points in the quarter. fourth quarter, steph with two defenders all over him banks it in. then makes it a double digit
11:55 pm
game by weaving through traffic. he is going the lay it in. then he ices it. this is why he was the mv, p. 37 points. 26 in the second half. bulls tie the record of 72 wins in a regular season. they could set a new record on wednesday at oracle against memphis. >> we have an opportunity to do something that's never been done in the history of the game. and we're going to approach it the right way. 48 minutes at home in front of our fans. it will be a great ending to the regular season as we look forward to our playoff run. giants and dodgers. fourth game of the series. dodgers up 5-0 in the first. home run off kazmir. 5-3, l.a. brandon belt. new contract. two run shot. tied at 5-5. pagan ties it again. home run of his own. 9-6 victory.
11:56 pm
>> we have guys who can drive the ball throughout the line up. pagan ends up hitting a home run. but it's -- we're not going to rely on the long ball but it certainly helps. the mariners in seattle. felix, ten strikeouts in seven inning. so the a's pashtly waited until the eighth. a homer off peralta. game goes to extra innings. top of the ten. cococrisp. a's go on to 2 win 2-1. both yais and giants lead their respective divisions. sharks knew they were in the playoffs but would they play the ducks or caps. ducks win 2-0 capturing their fourth straight pacific division title. so the sharks get the kings in the first round. a rematch of 2014 where the sharks blew a 3-0 series lead. games one and two in l.a. on
11:57 pm
thursday and saturday. three and four here in san jose on monday and wednesday as the sharks look for the first stanley cup in frchz history this. abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. do you think oracle arena will be rocking on wednesday night? >> why would we think that? >> it's going to be insane. good luck to the warriors. >> win number 73, degrees. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. for drew
11:58 pm
i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers
11:59 pm
to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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watch me. previously on "scandal"... my problems are your problems. put your wife on a leash. i'm worried for james. yeah, i know what you mean. tell me what you need, and i will do it. abby and david can't be together. i can't tell you why, but they can't. her ex-husband used to beat her. you might want to use that. consider it handled. hospital photos of teresa dunn's injuries. i didn't touch her. you look like a good guy, but you're not!


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