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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 11, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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happening right now, barts makes a bold move. the just announced contract agreement on the table meant to keep the agency on the rails along with trains. thanks for joining us. >> happening right now in the east bay, a live look bart administration headquarters in oakland. we're awaiting a news conference set to get under way. the announcement involves pay increases for workers. bart and unions have agreed to a four-year contract extension. >> 10.5% raise. that's pay raise over the four
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years, 2017 to 2021. bart is expected to ask voters to approve a big infrastructure bond measure on the ballot in november. the agreement avoids labbor dispute. >> abc 7 news reporter is at the conference now. she'll have more details coming up at 4:00. we're streaming this news conference live. go to and you can see it there. other news right now. a controversial lgbt week at a school got under way. some students are choosing not to take part even after the school modified the curriculum do to parental concerns. >> reporter: more than 100 parents did fwhoont their kids to hear this lesson. they will go to the multi-purpose room or go home early instead of participating in this curriculum. they will have a pass so they
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won't be pulled out of class or singled out, which was a concern. >> reporter: the turn out looked good but some of these students will not be participating in lgbtq appreciation week activities. >> we have about 10% of our students parents have opted them out. >> reporter: the team came up to be dedicated to issue facing the lgbtq committee. one mother said her daughter is on the committee but will not be teaching because of religious reasons. >> she told me she had to teach to students about lgbt. i'm not comfortable with that because my daughter is a christian. she grow up in condition
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environment. >> reporter: others worry middle school kids are too young for the subject. >> we talk about things pretty openly. i have my views. he's going to develop his views. i figure i wish it was a little later in the high school period but it's here. it's what it is. >> reporter: he decided to send his son, as did the majority of parents. their kids will watch videos and have discussions at the end of each school day. >> we're talk about four days for 10 or 15 minutes each day. we're not talking all day long. it's probably less than an hour we're talking about this. we talk about acceptance and respect for everyone. >> reporter: friday will be day of silence to recognize what some gay and transgender students experienced. one parent did make good on the promise for a walk out and is keeping their student home the entire week. reporting live in san ramon.
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thank you. we have breaking news for tesla. there's a recall for the model x which only came out at the end of last year. tesla said the third row could collapse in a crash. owners should not sit there until the seat backs can be replaced. it's provided by an australian supplier. it applies to the 2700 model xs built before march. various media out lets are reporting makeover in the works. it's supposed to include new color choice, led headlights and slight restyling of the car's nose to bring the design closer to the model x and three that will come out in a couple of years. the updated model will see a price increase from 70,000 or so for the previous model.
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they're trying to figure out who shot and man in castro valley. that's where we find abc 7 news reporter matt keller. >> reporter: rejust got an update and they say the victim is a 27-year-old man. they are not releasing his name at this time because this investigation is just getting under way. he died at 4:30 this morning. he was shot in the head around 10:30 last night. he was shot in the parking lot. deputies believe the victim, his frepds and the shooter were meeting here. >> there's no reason for someone to be back here at 10:30 at night. we're looking into whether this was a robbery or a the drug transaction going on or was this a specific targeted victim. >> sheriff's investigators are using a drone for the first time in a murder investigation.
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they're trying to see if they can spot any evidence from above. investigators say there's no link to the medical office building and the shooting. they have no suspect description shooting at this time. this is the first homicide of the year here. you can see investigators searching for clues at sunrise. witnesses say black car hid a pedestrian while driving southbound on skyline. investigators suspect the car has front end damage from the deadly impact. the san mateo county kcoroner i working to identify the victim.
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san francisco police are searching for a missing 2-year-old girl and her family. they're separate to find her. i want to show you a photo. she was last seen in public in february. she was reported missing april 5th along with mother. sources tell abc 7 news a body found friday was nicole. officers have not said how she was killed. her family said she was living in san francisco and working at this best buy store on harrison street. they want to know what happened to nicole. >> can't imagine any reason why she would have any enemies or anyone would want to hurt her. she just did nothing but give. >> the family has started a facebook page to spread the word. two uc berkeley graduate students are demanding answers. they say they were sexually harassed by a professor last year. they want to know why he's still working at the university. these two grad students reported
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professor blake wentworth for sexual harassment. they say he hasn't been disciplined. they're holding a news conference with the attorneys today at 11:30. they plan to call the university to make major changes to sexual harassment policy. last week san francisco became first city in the u.s. to approve six weeks for paid leave. most wins in a single season with 72.
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the dubs beat the spurs snapping a 33-game losing streak in san francisco. the warriors handed san antonio the first loss of the season. golden state will go for the record of 73 wins when they take on the grizzlies wednesday night. >> we're in the moment enjoying the ride. obviously, the goal is to win the championship. wu put ourselves in great position to end the season with a win. that's an amazing accomplishment. >> the win ensured the warriors will become the first team to go an entire season without losing to the same team twice. it's a big time. we want to see how you're celebrating as the warriors chase history. we have gotten a lot of fan photos. even lucille got into the game. you can join the fun by sharing
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yours on social media. we may share them online or on air. the royals go on the road taking india by storm. a closer look at what's making the visit. the u.s. women's soccer team raising the stakes as they seek a fair wage. the public stand they may take to make a point. a live look at the golden
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new details involving a deadly fireworks fire at a hindu temple. police are searching for ten people in connection with the blast. 110 people died with an illegal fireworks show ignited a extra set of fireworks at the temple. hundreds were hurt. police have detained five people were questioning hoping to learn more about who owned the fireworks. a major protest inside. demonstrators are holding a sit in over the controversial religious freedom law. the governor claimed it is aimed at protecting people whose religious believes contract law. protesters say the law allows for discrimination. nba hall of famer, charles
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barkley is calling on the league to take a stance. >> i'm supposed to sand up for the people who can't stand up for themselves. i think the nba should move the all-star game from charlotte. >> that can mean a lot for a hundred million dollars. bruce springsteen cancelled a conce concert. the governor and supporters claim they are being bullied over their believes. rocker bryan adams following in the footsteps of springsteen. he's cancelling his concert in mississippi over that law. he says he cannot perform in a state where certain people are being denied their civil rights due to their sexual orientation. women of the u.s. soccer team have raised the stakes in quest to be paid more suggesting they may boycott in rio.
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women players have filed a complai complaint. players receive actually, they say they should receive the same pay as the members of the u.s. men's team. if they sit out the olympics, it would have major impact. the u.s. has won four of the five olympic gold ever awarded. prince william and kate are taking in india at both speeds. they are starting the second day of their royal trip meeting with young entrepreneurs. the roy couple spending the week traveling through india without the kids. this morning they placed a wreath as they stood in front of memorial. it's the first official royal tour in two years and the first time they are without george and charlotte for that long. new technology putti inting drivers on alert.
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the last of our weekend storm system out over a small chance of a stray storm this afternoon. otherwise, we get a break before another storm rolls in mid week. i'll show you a timetable for that. how much to expect and some 70s and 80s. a lot to stick around for. uber's latest competition makes
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facing some delays at sfo. you might see some of the clouds there. i think you do your screen. it's the delaying arrival flights by an average of one hour. almost all the flights are on time. you can always get the latest flight information by kwaktsing your airline. it might be a good idea today. this comes after a couple of days of rain. let's check in with mike who has been looking into when things are turn and dry off again and get the little league baseball games in. >> i think once we get the fields dry, which should start this afternoon, the rain will come in wednesday night and thursday. it may be a small bump in the road until we get to warm weather and a whole lot of sunshine. will the's take a look and show you what's going on. the clouds have filled in. it's kind of a catch 22. it will keep our temperature down and will keep the threat of a stay shower also on the low
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side. if the sun does open up a little bit, and i think it will, a stray shower will linger. sunny this weekend with above average warmth. look at the curl of cloud cover right over top of us. kind of sliding out over the ocean. that's an area of low pressure. that's an area of instability. that's why we're going to have the stray shower possible. nothing going on right now on live doppler except for the cloud cover starting to build up. as we look over the next six hours you can see isolated areas of light to darker green. that's the stray light shower that will be possible through about 5:00. temperatures a little bit below average because of that. 60 to 62 along the coast. around 64 to 66. some other areas fairfield and san jose about 67 to 78 degrees. here is a look where it's mostly
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cloudy. if you're going to head up, mainly 3:00, the stray shower 5:00, the temperatures dropping as we head toward the 5:00 hour. we'll be in the mid-60s at 5:00. low 60s at 7:00. if you're going to the game tonight, first place as to take on the angels. 58 degrees dropping down to 56. make sure you have that heavier coat. 47 in santa rosa. just a bit cooler this morning. still talking about our storm impact scale as we head into the middle of april. that's great news. this storm will be on the light side. it will be breezy thursday afternoon. watch how quickly from 9:00 wednesday through 7:00 thursday morning. that's it. leaving about a .1 of an inch of rain. thursday will be our coolest day. look at the temperatures back in the 70s for the most part
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friday. 70s and 80s saturday and sunday. today, cool, a little brisk. a stray shower possible. most of us not going to get wet. a warning to drivers with a led foot spotting police cars may be a little more difficult. ford has designed a new profile, led light bar that's located near the sun visors. it comes with an auto dimming feature. >> you have been warned. >> slow down. a new ride sharing app for women who may not feel safe using uber or lyft. >> it's car service for women. the drivers are all female. it will cater to young mothers and children to help them feel safer. >> the founder is a former uber driver and slaexplains why he c up with the concept. >> i heard stories about unsafer travel and uber drivers hitting on women and just a lot of
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unsafe issues. >> it gets even more interesting. before the ride begins, both the passenger and the driver have to say the unique password so you know they have been both booked through the app. >> very secure. >> it is. launched in boston. we'll see if it comes to the west coast. >> a woman said some people cancel on her when they see her. when you think of a dream job, what's the first thing that comes to mind? >> it involves hanging out with pandas all day, then
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coming up at 4:00, picking a primary care doctor can be co complicat complicated, but it doesn't have to be. how obama care is making filing taxes worse for some. caring for pandas is your idea of a dream job, then you'll want to take a flight to china. >> that's where they are. you can hang out with these adorable fur balls all day. watch them climb trees and monitor their every move. sounds like a perfect day. animal keepers from all over the world are in china this morning
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learning how to care for giant pandas. it's the job after a panda nanny to make meals, watch over them. think of it has mama bear or papa bear in training. >> have great one. >> bye.
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>> 14 questions getting harder and harder, $1 million getting closer and closer-- it all starts right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] all right, let's do it! as a blackjack dealer, our first contestant has seen hishare of big wins. let's see if a million bucks is in the cards for him today. from pullman, washington, please welcome kevin prather. [cheers and applause] kevin, how you doing, buddy? >> doing great. nice to meet you. >> come on over. >> thank you. >> a blackjack dealer. >> i'm a blackjack dealer, yes. >> what made you decide to become a dealer? >> well, when i was 18 years old was the first time i played in a casino, playing poker, and i lost, of course.


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