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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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pre live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> 5:00 a.m. is it friday yet? >> i am sorry to tell you it is tuesday. >> now, over to mike. >> you did not realize it was original tuesday. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd is showing no need for the umbrella. isolated area of drizzle is possible through 8:00. here is a look from our camera, it is not so cloudy as yesterday. we could see the sunrise. if you capture it and it is
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gorgeous, send it to us #abc7now. we are in the mid-to-upper 60s by 4:00. the sun will set at 7:43 when we see the most sun. traffic? >> not bad, 37 bart trains in service. and on time. no problems with golden gate bus, ace train 1 in vasco on schedule. 87 law san jose is great. everyone at the limit. that is the julian off-ramp so you get a general idea. 880, 101, the headlights in the northbound direction, everyone is moving nicely. we will check back with the san mateo bridge and see the tuesday morning commute ahead. >> developing news police cannot find a san francisco toddler day after her mother was found murdered. we went to tell you about that
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but, first, we will get to developing news in the south by. former high school coach is under arrest on charges of sexually assaulting female clients. what did you know, matt? although he was arrested outside of his business here in downtown morgan hill, this investigation is onpoint and they are looking for more alleged victims police released this mug show, the former head coach of the we high school cross country team a track coach, personal trainer, triathlete and coach extraordinaire is how he is described. he was arrested on several charges including molesting a child, sexual battery by fraud and lewd acts on aful shot he and his wife run a fitness training center in downtown morgan hill. the 49-year-old man victimized a number adult and chip at the business. accord to the mercury news, the investigation was launched in february after a father of an alleged victim contacted police. the detectives have now
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identified five victims, two girls and three women. the website said the organization is made up of individuals and families with members as young as 12. he was booked in to jail last night. thank you. developing news, police cannot find a san francisco toddler daze after her mother was found murdered. we are talking about two-year-old arianna fitts. she was reported missing a weekend ago. her mother's body was found on friday in san francisco emphasis mcclaren park, badly petitionen. they can not say if that is the cause of the death. a blend and co-worker say mother was scare asked worried week before her death. >> a bra tall attack left a tourist from great britain dead. the 44-year-old was attacked in san francisco in the lower pacific heights and died weeks later. here is katie marzullo with the
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story. apolice are asking you to look at sketch. this map can this woman are wanted for murder. he took only a bag of items and killed someone for it. if he would do it to this person he will do it to someone else. the victim was a tourist, 44, from the u.k., captureed by surveillance video on february 18. police say the suspect tried to steal his backpack but tam resisted ands with able to get away. the meal robber chase him down and stand him in the head. >> san francisco is a great city so it is sad something like that would happen when someone was here to enjoy the city the >> someone comes on holiday and it ends tragically. >> people are reeling from the crime. >> very dangerous people and they should be taken into custody. they will find them the they will. surveillance video are every place.
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>> police hope this leads to more surveillance and the suspect emphasis identity. >> and now, if it stamps out to you or you have been the victim of a crime and they happen to look like the perpetrators that assaulted you, contact us, please. >> you can call anonymously. >> we know the identity of two people killed in oakland over the weekend. ryan bowl was shot and kill on sunday near 30th and richmond. an hour later, a woman was shot while helping a clean friend up after a party on sunny side street. the gunman in the second shoot ing was seen leaving the scene in the car. no arrests have been made and no information of a possible motive or if they are related. >> three women who narrowly escaped a deadly balcony collapse are suing, walking off the decks moments before it
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collapsed. six people were killed and the other room mat was severely injured. they say the contractors used cheap materials and did not waterproof it for several months and management did not properly inspecting it before representing the participate. >> the state senator will respond to a new contract agreement reached between bart account unions that was negotiated without much public attention. bart and three major employee unions agree to a measure year contract year give employees 10.5% raise over four years. union members have 30 days to approve the deal. he has accused the agency of lack of pan -- of transp >> appeal works -- palo alto workers will get a raise of 7% for fires and police officers and 600 employees represented by the young. they will receive market
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adjustment or salary increases that match similar positions in other silicon valley cities. >> trouble with a rear seat is forcing to lease to recall the suvs involving 2,700 model x made before march 26. they said a recliner in the third row come listened during crash testing. they say it passed 15 strength before the 16th. they have received no reports of seat failure but said customers should not use the third row until it is repaired. >> now, the peninsula. weighing up in the upper 40s in menlo park and west side, at 47 and 49. everyone else in the low-to-mid 50s. san mateo, san bruno, same in the east bay shore into san jose at 57. lynch and san ramon and concord at 54. 49 in leg low, santa rosa is 49, and san francisco and mill
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valley at 53. in walnut creek, you can see traffic is getting busy on 680 looking southbound. tree pollen is moderate. mold is moderate. the u.v. index is high. you will be outside for an extended length of time recollect yourself. the clouds are hanging over sfo, and yesterday all through the morning until lunch, an hour was the average flight arrival delays and we will have some again this morning. temperature-range, from 61 in san francisco to 72 in the north by, today, and tomorrow, about the same, but look how much cooler it is. 59 in san francisco, to 65 in the east bay, and we have rain on the way on thursday. that is next. >> the san mateo bridge and you can see 15-minute drive from the east bay to the peninsula. it is getting busy. very quiet at richmond-san rafael bridge. if you are going to moreen county you have no delays.
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everyone is still sleeping in marin. slow traffic from the central valley is typical. we had an early accident in the orinda area with on-ramp and it is now cleared. an overturned smart car. not very smart, right? this road work at the castro valley eastbound, that will be picked up shortly. we will look at the bay bridge and see what is happening. that is just ahead. >> a research vehicle can self drive itself better than a human in complete darkness. ford released a video show the car navigating in arizona using a system that detects and measures distance with a laser. it did not have to navigate around people or moving objects but a new development for the vehicle. >> at a baseball game you are lucky if you catch one. how hungy do you have to be to catch five?
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that fan reeled in foul balls yesterday. but he did not keep them. he gave the official game balls to kids in the stands. he has been doing this for areas and he has caught more than 200 balls. >> he should be hired. right? he is part of the crew. >> brush your teeth is a daily chore we hope all of you are doing and the toothpaste that fights more than cavities. fights more than cavities. >>
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>> los altos, petaluma and antioch. >> work is underway in san francisco to fix the city street
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that makes it impossible for muni to make their turn without going on the sidewalk. here is the catch. the city spent a decade fixing the intersection. the san francisco agency tells the "san francisco chronicle" they got the measurements wrong. it should be done in days at cost of $745,000. >> each year americans face changes to the tax code and 2015 is no different. you can expect no radical change but tweaks. the deadline is monday, april 18. here is michael finney. all the good news if you put things off tax day is monday april 18. under federal law tax day is pushed back if there is a conflict with a federal holiday. had year emancipation day gives americans an extra weekend to drunk the numbers. if you live in a state that celebrates patriot's day it is
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april 19th. the people at for not having qualified health care coverage goes up and goes up big time. >> if you did not have coverage you will see the penalties double to what they were last year. >> because of the affordable care act there will be a couple of new forms, an employee issued of new forms, an employee issued document, 1095 do not need to send the forms in. if you received an advance premium tax credit this was government help to pay for coverage through a health exchange it is more complicated. you have to reconcile that credit when you file. and you must file. >> you need to file or you jeopardize the credit in the future. >> tax brackets have risen slightly and the personal exemption that all taxpayers are exemption that all taxpayers are entailed to take goes up by $50.
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>> 40,000 verizon workers could go on strike as they push for a new contract. they want to limit outsourcing and increase employee pay. official say they repped for the strike and officials have trained nonunion workers to replace employees. they have said the deadline is 3:00 p.m. >> president obama officially proclaims national he equal payday. april 12 is how far into the year some women must work to earn what men earn in a previous year. black women have to work until august 23rd on august and latinos until november 1st. obama will visit the sea world belmont house and museum, headquarters for the national women's party and designate add national monument. >> a pilot pulled off a textbook job landing after the front landing gear did not come down. look at this video from arizona, he kept the plane nose in the air for as long as possible
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before it hit the runway and skidded to a step. incredible. no one was hurt. >> the pilot and passenger hopped off the plane, both walked away and shook hands and the firefighters who were called to the scene were braced for the worst. >> i want that guy as my pilot. always. >> pretty smooth. >> weather is smooth. until we get to thursday morning is when we have a chance rain. this morning, 87 in san jose, it is 56 degrees near the shark tank. and we will tack abut more sunshine today, a degree or two warmer than yesterday and it will feel that way. the bay rain and sierra snow and 15 degrees above average. this weekend. cool of the temperatures at half moon bay at 59 and san francisco at 61, and we have richmond and san mateo at 64 and pearland and antioch at 68, the warm spot.
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tonight, we will drop to the 40s for more our neighborhoods and we will go mid-40's to low 50s without so much cloud cover and the limited drizzle is not existent. storm-impact scale "1" is light and "3" is severe, at .15" rain and breezy on thursday. to give you an idea at 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. is the best chance for rain but at the sierra from 8:00 in the morning through until the early evening, 3-6" of snow before 5,000 feet affecting the passes. the seven seven shows coolest on thursday and 70's at cost and nearly 80s for the rest of us this weekend. >> we will watch that for thursday morning. now a check on the roads and make sure the chains are off. golden gate field into san francisco solid stream of
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headlights and it is getting busy but we are looking good across the span into san francisco for 15 minute drive from golden gate field and from antioch highway 4, the drive time shows about 15 minutes from antioch into the concord area. slow over the altamont pass but it picks uninto livermore and the dublin/pleasanton at 35 minute drive from tracy interest dublin/pleasanton. we will look at your south bay commute in a couple of minutes. >> now british researchers have developed a new toothpaste inagreedent that will restore minerals lost from the enamel rebuilding and strengthing the teeth andblies release to millions around the world who are prone to tooth decay and sensitivity. it is only available in the u.k.
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with no word on when it will come to the united states. >> we will learn more of the future of facebook and the developer conference here in plan. here are tech bytes. >> facebook will show the push for video and chat box allowing businesses do interact with customers on messenger like taking restaurant reservations rather than requiring a stand alone app. >> ticket master customers can get tickets to favorite sporting evens on facebook, and allow users to buy some tickets from the ever develops page. >> taking the personal selfie could come to a smartphone near you. this is a drone in a phone, fitting inside your phone case with three cameras to take different shots it is just a prototype. for now. >> have a great day.
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>> drone in a phone? >> it is all too much. >> it is all too much. >> stay tuned.
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5:22 am put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. here the seven things you need to know before you go. police when to know if there are more victims of a morgan hill fitness club owner who is facing child molestation and sexual battery charges. that is dave wolfsmith a former cross country coach. >> police are trying to fine missing 2-year-old arianna fitts reported missing a week ago. her mother, nicole fitts is was found murder asked beaten on friday in san francisco's mcclaren park. >> $2 billion is needed to fix
5:23 am
the san francisco seaworld from at&t park to the wharf. it is in danger of cracking during a big earthquake that could jeopardize buildings all along the embarcadero. >> tracking a chance of rain. 70% of us see it on thursday. i will let you know where it will fall and how much to expect and how much snow it will bring to the sierra. >> we are following your tuesday morning commute. this is san jose. 280 at 880/17 overcrossing. so far, so good. no major stalls. or accidents. >> donald trump and hillary clinton have a held on new york ahead of the primary a week from today. a new "wall street journal" shows donald trump with 33 point lead and hillary clinton 14 point lead. >> look at what is happening in northeast texas, a crazy
5:24 am
hailstorm yesterday came through and shattered witnesses and -- windows and damaged cars. >> women soccer players could boycott the olympics if they are not paid the same as men filing a women discrimination complaint saying women are paid between $3,600 and $4,900 a game and membership are to $17,000 a game. a captain said that the boycott is still on the table right now. soccer federation say the women's team overall will make $5 million next year and the men's team will lose money. >> a starbucks customer in florida is not happy over the name written on his cup. it said diabetes here i come. the customer purchased coffee saying "two of my sisters are diabetic," so not funny."
5:25 am
he does not want an apology but starbucks said they are take steps to make sure it does not happy again. >> if los angeles, a twitter executive and a five hour stand off. it started after a car thief crashed into the palisades an expensive neighbor. >> there were armed police running down the streets with helmets with masks and weapons drawn. >> the attention was because of a twitter executive who just returned from a big trip and decided to periscope and tweet through the entire ordeal. he writes units re-positioning about to launch an offensive using gas and i hope this clown isn't on twitter and a bad might tofully back from africa, because in the under he was pleased with the police response. >> they did a terrific job. children indicated well. they did what they could to
5:26 am
resolve it without violence. >> express to rip down a garage door with an armored vehicle to arrest the suspect. >> talk about powerful remote control, nasa fixed a space telescope as it sputtered 75 million miles from earth the kepler went into emergency mode and repair efforts slow and nasa get everything to work properly yesterday, kepler launched in twine. scientists can see planets beyond our solar system. >> and i request not even fix my printer. >> and linda rondstandt opens up in the south bay and a rare >> and linda rondstandt opens up in the south bay and a rare public appearance is rac
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> it is tuesday, april 12. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the weather. >> weather-wise each morning is quieter until the better chance of rain on thursday but an isolated area of drizzle possible through the morning commute. you can see it is mostly cloudy over san francisco, mild again, 50 to 55. hanging in the mid-to-upper 50s from noon through 4:00 along the coast and the rest of us are in the mid-to-upper 60s. more sunshine this afternoon. more on the rain coming up. >> the busy drive times show it is moderate, tracy to dublin is
5:30 am
over 35 minutes. antioch to concord westbound 4 and under 20 minutes, at 16 minutes and san rafael to san francisco fog free across the golden gate bridge and under 20 minutes, excellence drive time we will see what is happening at the bay bridge. >> the seawall language the embarcadero will not survive our next big earthquake and it will take presidents to fix the problem. that is the dire wanting the port of san francisco is going to hear later today. amy hollyfield is in san francisco this morning. >> good morning, reggie. imagine this wall cracking, it is the real concern and the study shows a real possible this morning. curing to the "san francisco examiner" the study found the situation is worse than originally thought. a major earthquake will likely cause moment of the seawall and that would damage the road,
5:31 am
buildings and utilities. officials estimate that the fix will cost $2 billion. the report shows these sections of the embarcardero are potential hot spots for problems, piers 27, 29, and 31. pier 27 is where the new cruise terminal is located that handles ships with up to 4,000 passengers. the they mile stretch of seawall is critical to the area and the constituted dill be rented to the port commission for consideration later today. >> developing news, police are still searching for a missing toddler. her mother was newspaper dead in the san francisco park could be workers are saying she was distressed the week best death. will lisa is tracking the investigation. >> the co-worker said show was worry about her daughter, 2-year-old arianna fitts and the certain is expanded for the toddler everyone at the state. friends and family saw the girl
5:32 am
in february, her mother, 32-year-old was found dead in san francisco's mcclairon park last evening woo. police say show was the victim of a homicide. she was found badly beaten. though say she worked at best buys and she stopped showing up for work and seemed scared. he found her crying the hallway one day. >> show had babysitters around so...she had trouble keying a safe place while she was at work. >> arianna fitts may have been with a babysitter in oakland but they do not know a name or address and could have been in a custody dispute but pestle not comment with the focus on fining the little girl. >> we hope they do, a woman is in police custody after a shooting in east oakland, and police say the remain would was arrested on 62nd avenue overnight at camden. she shot a person at a hockey on
5:33 am
mcarthur boulevard and parker at 7:00 p.m. and the victim had surgery at the hospital. >> disturbing investigation out of morgan hill, a personal trainer and former high school rack coach under arrest for child molestation. police arrested the coach outside of his business in morgan morgan hill much he may have me liveed several children and sexually assaulted several women at work. detectives of having others. he worked with clients as young as 12 and over the age of 60. >> happening today, the man suspected of killing morgan hill teen sierra lamar is scheduled to be in court for a hearing. garcia-torres' attorney asked for time to evaluate d.n.a. evidence that links him to the kidnapping and murder four years
5:34 am
ago. the defense argues that d.n.a. found on her pants matched 12 people. >> d.n.a. evidence key in the case because her body was not been found. garcia-torres trial will begin in two weeks. >> a june will decide whether to dismiss murder charges in the delegate of kate steinle shot after the client found the gun and fired it accidentally. the judge canceled the hearing month because he wanted more time to consider the issue. kate steinle died after being hit by a bullet at pier 14 last july. >> want to look at the screen and see if you can help police out? necessity want to necessity if you -- to know if you recognize the man and woman? they are responsible for killing a british tourist in san francisco. the cityist was visiting in february and he was stabbed and robbed. you can see man chasing down and attacking him and take off with his backpack.
5:35 am
paul tam died from the he was working for a when company and visiting the area with a role from southern california. all the accused terrorists would helped carry out attacks and arrested days' the bombing in brussels. this is a new image of salah abdeslam from inside a high security prison in bruge belgium. two more have been charged in the bombing. the suspects were involved in renting a the terrorists. >> on sunday, an was an uber driver pulled up and asked the woman if she was waiting for a driver and slow got in. he pulled over and choked her and assaulted her. >> he escaped when she started
5:36 am
screaming but the police arrested him. >> a it is important when you are using a ride application like uber, make sure the person you are getting in the car of that they are the opinion they say. all the suspect has an expensive criminal history and is hold on $1 million bail. >> some of bill cosby's accuse others are in sacramento asking to get rid of the statute of limitations on rape. they will testify in front state senate safety commission. his alleged crimes are too old for prosecution and a state bill is proposes eliminating the legal deadline for rape and other related crimes. currently a person must be charged 10 years of the assault. >> facebook c.e.o. zuckerberg will deliver the keynote address at the developer conference which draws developers from around the world and provides a
5:37 am
look of the future of social networking. the virtual reality is thement topic. the conference stars this morning in san francisco. >> 5:37. 43 on mt. diablo if you are hiking. everyone else inland east bay from blackhawk and 52 and brentwood and pittsburg at 66 from a warm spot in san jose at 57, to napa and santa rosa where the clouds open, and 48 in napa and stand rose 49, vallejo is 53 and oakland is 56. hayward and san carlos is 55 and mountain view is 54 and san francisco is 53. here is the activity planner, gardening is good and high amounts of u.v. rays so you could get burned quickly. a small craft warning if you are sailing. san pablo bay is the calmest for
5:38 am
sailing. here is a look at san rafael, 54 under clouds, and southbound 101 the temperature is 60 at the coast and of rest of us are 66 to 68 and same temperatures today. and the rain rolls in on thursday, the cool of the day, upper 50s to low 60. sue? >> we are looking at the bay bridge where the metering lights, no surprise, were turned on at 5:29 causing delays backing up to the macarthur maze and this number is going to build from golden gate field to san francisco and right now they still saying the sensors are saying 15 minutes so we will watch that and solved stream of hold hates headed in the when direction on 80, the university overcrossing through berkeley so you can expect delays to be building, as well. friend is good. slow traffic from from the central valley for 35 americans and we are going to redwood city where they closed between charter and rose value pus of an
5:39 am
accident. and redwood city police are on the site so you may want to try alameda physical they get this cleared with no estimated time of arrival. stay tuned. >> and which vehicles came out on top for the crash test? and size is not always safer. >> the warriors are a game away from history. >> the warriors are a game away from history. and draymond dream
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>> at the abc news app news that lives where you live. >> two people who were involved in a deadly hit-and-run crash are in jail. the 60-year-old died after crossing san jose avenue on a scatter after being hit by a silver mercedes. a 32-year-old brendon wallace did not stop, was driving the car, and abandoned the car and picked up by a 34 year friend would helped him get away. he claimed his car was stolen and he tried to hide the evidence. >> he faces various charge including vehicular manslaughter his friend is charged as accessory to hit-and-run accident. >> as far as auto safety big does not mean better. the insurance institute said four of the seven large pickup
5:43 am
trucks earned "marginal rating." the dodge ram was the worst. the ford pickup earned the top score. the company made improvements to the 2016 model after last year's tests. >> linda rondstandt appeared in the south by help to inspire those affected by parkinson's disease. the sold out crowd at san jose theater, three years since she went public with the parkinson's disease diagnosis. she updated fans on how she is doing. she is coping with this for 10 years now. >> cannot sing. so that is that. i can sing with my brain but i cannot sing 'em. that is how it is. when you have perform disease you better have a perform disease. it is described as are m today -- mr. toad's wild ride.
5:44 am
she cranked out 31 gold reports and won ten grammys. >> the warriors will worker out in oakland to prepare for the potential record-breaking gale at oracle arena. >> we can do it if you want to see win 73 for the most wins in a single season it will cost. >> do you have some money? tomorrow the game is against memphis, they nearly lost to them saturday but they got the win. now, tomorrow night's game has the second most expensive regular season resale ever rack before behind tickets behind kobe bryant's game with the average ticket for $700. but after two wednesday, they are now asking for more money and now average is $1,600. the most expensive ticket available court side will cost
5:45 am
you...$18,000! if you had to ask you cannot afford it. >> draymond friend wants to send a deserving family in the east bay to the big game. he tweeted, going to buy flee tickets and find underprivilege kid in oakland and allow him to witness history. get it, fellows, we will figures out release criteria early in the morning. >> we want to see highway you celebrate as the worse chase history. we have eastbound a lot of cute photos. send us your pictures so we can share them. >> and now what will make you appreciate our great weather. >> that is not a snow because. that is hail. >> from northern texas. they got slammed by a massive hailstorm. >> the photos in an area
5:46 am
necessary of dallas, they were hit heart with golf-ball sized hail larger than 4". >> right through the windshield. that is where you have to came the insurance broker, whether it is your house, car, crops, whatever. it destroys everything. grapefruit side is 4" in dram step. it could kill you technically if you are hit in the head and an updraft would have to be over 150 miles per hour. >> very extreme. >> and here we will be in the 70's and 80s. >> and we are come lane because it might rain on thursday o. and mess up the commute. but we do not have the damage. >> here is a look at live
5:47 am
doppler hd you can see the break were clouds over the top of us, and isolate the area of drizzle is possible through 9:00 this morning. sutro tower shows it was cloudy earlier and it is opened up so we look at market street and that is an example of what will were what. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy. wet weather on thursday. highs nearly summer-like on saturday and sunday. today, we will start with the warmth and antioch and fairfield at 6 and livermore, san jose, and, monthen hill and napa and santa rosa at 67. notice it is cool an san francisco, 61 in half moon bay and 59. tonight be cooler than this morning, mid-40s to low 50s with evening from be cloud cover. we have been ranking our rainstorms throughout the season from "1" light to "5" severe, and this light up to a third of an inch and breezy on thursday. we looking at rain during the heart of the come houston and
5:48 am
exiting by 8:00 and showers are going to be possible in the afternoon hours. i will focus on the snow in the next forecast. at home, thursday is the coolest day with upper 50s to mid-60s and 70s and 88 from saturday, sunday, and monday. >> good morning, now be drive times if you headed from san francisco to sfo, the airplane, only continue meant drive so you are in the money there, looking good 2389, this is 880, and 238 to the maze, from san leandro area, and if you are traveling to the san jose airport, 101 from 85 to san jose under 20 minutes. a nice ride through san rafael, beyond the north gay mall to north pan pedro into central san rafael, the 580 split from novato to 580 is 15 miles per hours and not bad, traffic is bunching up out of novato to san francisco at 25 minutes across the golden gate bridge where you have four lanes in the
5:49 am
southbound direction and fog free and moving nicely across the or through the robin williams tunnel. in redwood city we have an injury accident coming up. >> costco members, information about the new credit cards many of you are about to get were. >> staff members of a high school will be carrying guns in class. it is a controversial decision. >> we have heard of the health >> we have heard of the health benefits from as print but one
5:50 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> two, 16-year-olds are facing
5:52 am
hate crime charges. the video is hard to see but they are holding a white moose and threatening a black classmate. it is a white person holding a noose. this is from the catholic high school. the mother spotted the video and reported it and looking for teen since that time. >> a small california school district voted to allow some staff members to carry guns. they are only the second district to adopt this policy. the unified school district voted on policy saying it ensures the safety of students and staff in caves active shooter. those who are carrying guns will remain a secret and the superintendent can choose who. local police are backing the proposal. >> there is a mature adult way to react when weather delays your flight. and then, this is this. >> you are going to pay for [
5:53 am
blank ] and for everything else. >> to say she is frustrated is unestimating the situation. this is newly released video from la guardia, showing how a mom reacted when she helped high winds would delay her american airlines flight to miami. weather led the airport to shut down and that is when she entirely lost it. >> i have a nine-year-old who waited for the vacation. and a 13-year-old [ blank ] and you are telling me [blank] and all these people. >> the woman and her family made it on to the disney cruise where i hope she is enjoying the soak in the hot tub and a delicious breakfast at the cabanas. >> okay...amazing video of a sinkhole in a central valley road. it was buckled and it started to
5:54 am
grow. it is 15' wide and 20' deep northwest of fresno. crews say heavy rain wore away the dirt and will be shut down fore an extended period soen repaired. repaired. >> coming up on 55: sunny conditions. the sun will set at 7:43. we will drop to 55 by 10:00. a lost scattered showers. across our higher elevation. low-to-mid 70s through the central valley and palm springs is 86. 55 in lake tahoe. check out my seven-day forecast 4-8" of snow. thursday is before 5,000'. >> right new we have 47 bart trains and everyone is on time and not tricky. so far, so good. no delays for the golden gate
5:55 am
ferry or bus this morning. walnut creek is slow. and go. from highway 4 to 24 it is 10 minutes. that is usually half of that. we have traffic building on the san mateo bridge industrial area san mateo bridge industrial area to foster city for more complex than originally estimated and could further than estimated. it is linked to a second second-type of disorder similar second-type of disorder similar to multiple clear -- according to our correspondent. >> i have several pregnant
5:56 am
parents and i say control what you can, if you can delay or avoid going to the caribbean, did so. it is all about minimizing exposure, maximizing prevention, especially in the summer months. use the mosquito repel an empty. >> listen to this, officials say the number of cases in puerto rico is doubling every other weekend. the obama administration is asking con for $2 billion to fight the virus. >> aspirin is endorseed to prevent heart attacks and strokes and colorado long colon cancer. people over 70s who pop a daily as written are putting themselves at greater risk for internal pleading and no evidence suggesting aspirin helps those younger than 50 without a history of heart problems. >> runners be blisters can pack a punch.
5:57 am
a doctor has a low-cost way to make your feet more comfortable. the inexpensive paper tape found at most drugstores can reduce not blisters. surgical tape is mildly adhesive and does not tear the blisters. >> a violent confrontation at a subway store and the clerk decides she will not let the robber get away. >> apple facing $2 billionless over the apple watch and a woman over the apple watch and a woman said the woman stole her
5:58 am
♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. to the women who know that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past.
5:59 am
to get involved visit live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is time to get up. welcome. i am reggie aqui. i have tuesday. it is 6:00 a.m. >> we are here to get you up and going the i am natasha zouves. meteorologist mike nicco has the
6:00 am
weather. >> good morning, everyone. hopefully the sunshine later in the afternoon will get you up and going and make you look forward to the afternoon. this dry. on live doppler hd. looking from our exploritorium, the 12-hour day planner is piled. low-to-mid 50s. by noon, we will hang out in the mid-50's to mid-60s. more sunshine before 7:00. sue? we are looking at the bay bridge and traffic is building with the metering lights on. half an hour ago. stacking up from golden gate field through berkeley and the maze into san francisco it is 20--minute drive. it is stacking up. better in san jose this is 87, beyond the shark tank, and julian avenue so that is good news. an accident in redwood city we will update that in a few.


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