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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 13, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, overnight donald trump harshly criticizing the party he's hoping to lead into november elections. republican leaders firing back saying, give me a break. all that while hillary clinton picks up some new support ahead of next week's crucial contest. then north carolina's governor vows to pressure as the controversy over his state's new lgbt law rages but critics say the changes don't go far enough. look out below. too much rain takes down a school's roof. damage across the south this morning and more stormy weather on the way. and tonight marks the end of an era in the nba as kobe bryant's legendary career comes to an end. some special words and deeds ahead of tonight's finale in los angeles.
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it'll be a big day in the nba, indeed. and it's a big day, of course, in politics. we're going to start with the race for the white house and donald trump who is doubling down on his rant over the nominating process. >> flanked by his family, trump said the rules for selecting delegates are stacked against him by the republican establishment. trump and hillary clinton are still leading their rivals by far in the latest polls, but ted cruz is firing back hard. abc's lana zak joins us with the latest. good morning, lana. >> reporter: good morning, diane. good morning, kendis. >> yes, just yesterday we were talking about how trump's children missed some important deadlines enabling them to register to vote for their father, and now it seems that the trump campaign has missed some important deadlines as well. these could even cost him the nomination. donald trump's criticism of his own party is intensifying. >> this is a dirty trick, and i'll tell you why. the rnc, the republican national committee, they should be
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ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> reporter: the trump campaign missing important deadlines in multiple states to lock up delegates beyond the first ballot. gop chairman reince priebus tweeting "those rules were set more than a year ago" and "give us all a break." with all the talk of a contested convention, one person not throwing their name into the ring, speaker paul ryan. >> count me out. >> reporter: but ted cruz is hoping to take advantage of trump's missteps. >> donald needs to stop threatening the voters. he needs to stop threatening the delegates. he is not a mobster. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton won the endorsement of "the new york daily news" today. she says she's ready to take on trump and sanders, and she's ready to take on the gender wage gap too. >> and the last time i checked, there's no discount for being a woman. groceries don't cost us less. rent doesn't cost us less. so why should we be paid less? >> reporter: but bernie sanders invoking roosevelt in new york
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said he would take on wages across the board. >> the american people as a right were entitled to a decent job at decent pay. >> reporter: clinton holds a double-digit lead over bernie sanders, and donald trump is expected to win big in the empire state. still, kendis and diane, he faces an uphill battle come cleveland. >> abc's lana zak in washington, thanks, lana. and as for trump he made a rare appearance last night on cnn with his entire family, almost his entire family, seeming to show a softer side, you might say. his wife and four adult children praised him as a great father, husband, as well as role model and daughter ivanka explained why she and her brother won't get to vote for their dad in the primary. >> new york has one of the most onerous roles in terms of registration, and it required us to register a long time ago, almost close to a year ago. and we didn't do that. we found out about it sort of afterwards. >> and when asked about her dad
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being more presidential, she's said at times she advises him to withhold some of his fire. the governor of north carolina is trying to walk back from a law critics call the most anti-lgbt bill in the country that's already cost the state more than a billion dollars in lost revenue, but despite the governor's executive action, the most controversial part of the law is still in effect. here's abc's elizabeth hur. >> the people of north carolina are entitled to both privacy and ee quality. >> reporter: the north carolina governor bowing to pressure on the state's so-called bathroom bill. pat mccrory issuing an executive order rolling back portions of the controversial law. >> the private sector can make its own policy with regard to rest rooms, locker rooms and/or shower facilities. this is not a government decision. >> reporter: but people using facilities in government buildings and schools will still have to use the bathroom according to the gender on their birth certificate. >> i know these actions will not totally satisfy everyone. >> reporter: the change comes
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after more than 80 businesses asked for the law to be repealed. paypal pulled 400 jobs and a $3.6 million project, and bruce springsteen canceled a weekend concert in protest. singer bryan adams canceled a concert in mississippi over a similar situation there. >> somehow we seem focused on passing a bill that will kill our economy. >> reporter: that new law allows public and private businesses to refuse service on religious grounds to gay and transgender people. and not just wedding venues but adoptions, certain medical services and counseling. >> simply all we're trying to do is a that people of faith have some protection from an overbearing government. >> reporter: the governor defending the law, but a group of lawmakers are now introducing a bill to have it repealed. for now, this new law in mississippi is set to go into effect july 1st. diane and kendis. >> all right. our thanks to elizabeth there. and now to the aftermath of
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severe storms in the south. large hail, especially in northern texas, broke ndows and windshields and damaged roofs. the storm struck an area that had just about recovered from severe weather last month. now residents have to make repairs once again. and look at the radar. the southeast is in for another day of unsettled weather. there will be heavy rain and sometimes thunderstorms today. flooding is possible with some gulf coast states getting 2 to 3 inches of rain. nearly 40,000 verizon workers are set to go on strike today. it could interrupt service for customers from massachusetts all the way to virginia making it potentially one of the largest strikes in verizon's history. officials with the company say thousands of temporary workers have been trained. we're learning new details about how the fbi got into the san bernardino shooter's iphone. sources tell "the washington post" the bureau paid professional hackers. they found a flaw in the phone's software and created a device to find the four-digit password that unlocked the phone.
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now the fbi is considering whether to share the technology with apple. britain's young royals are on safari. this morning the latest stop in their tour of india and bhutan. >> yeah, new video shows prince william and duchess kate in the wilderness of northeast india. they're touring a national park to raise awareness about endangered animals, especially rhinos. now, later the prince is expected to sample one of the world's hottest peppers, and he does admit he's not a fan of spicy food. >> maybe one of the few times you don't envy the prince. >> yeah, and there's no wonder why the princess or duchess is not sampling -- >> sitting this one out. >> she's like, i'm good. >> understandable. coming up, facebook's move to keep you from having to call a company and be put on hold. plus, caught on camera. a driver putting her training to work to save the life of a young boy on her bus. and a couple making out at the bar so into each other they had no idea about the life-threatening situation going on right in front of them.
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because even one attack is one too many. this is a dramatic scene unfolding on a school bus in oklahoma. the driver rushes to help a child who is choking after he swallowed a penny. you can see the 5-year-old gasping for air before the driver performed the heimlich dislodging the coin on the third try. the driver says she was trained to the do the heimlich but the first time in 17 years she's performed it. >> companies working on a treatment for the zika virus may be eligible for government incentives. lawmakers in the house approved a bill which adds the virus to a list of tropical diseases covered under a voucher program that fast tracks fda approval.
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the vote comes after congressional republicans and the administration spar over how much money to allocate to the fight against the virus. a medical miracle in texas. doctors have successfully separated two sisters who were joined below the waist. the operation on the 10-month-old girls took about 15 hours. surgeons at the hospital in corpus christi say they're optimistic about the girls' future. they will require additional operations including one which may take place later today. >> wow. so you might notice a new feature on your facebook messenger. the social network is making it easier for users to contact businesses and vice versa. instead of a different app for each company, you can just use one, messenger, to place an order or ask a question. >> we think that you should just be able to message a business in the same way you message a friend. you should get a quick response and it shouldn't take your full attention like a phone call would, and you shouldn't have to install a new app. >> still you won't be chatting on facebook messenger with a real person but instead with a chatbot, artificial intelligence. more than two dozen companies are already on board including
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look carefully at this, too much heavy rain being blamed for that, the collapse of a roof of a prep school. this is in jackson, mississippi. you can see here on surveillance cameras the deluge flooding the halls. no one was injured, but there's more rain in that area today and a flood warning for tomorrow as well. a look at morning road condition, another slippery commute ahead in the south and across georgia and northern florida and along much of the gulf coast it's wet and slick highways in the pacific northwest. and snowy passes in the cascades and rockies. >> airport delays likely in new orleans and houston. there's a new twist in the death of former football star will smith. >> new orleans police say they found a fully loaded gun inside
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his vehicle, however, there is no evidence it had been fired. smith and his wife were shot in a road rage incident over the weekend. surveillance video obtained by abc news appears to show smith's suv bumping the alleged shooter's hummer. louisiana law allows someone to claim self-defense if they feel threatened. the so-called affluenza teen is due to make his first appearance in adult court today. ethan couch turned 19 on superdelegate, so his case moved out of the juvenile in 2013 he killed four people in a drunk driving crash after the defense argued his affluent upbringing was to blame. he was given probation but violated that and fleed to mexico. new details about his court ordered rehab treatment in 2014. turns out taxpayers covered most of the $200,000 bill because his parents couldn't afford it. and in chicago a task force is recommending that the police department acknowledge a history of racism. it also calls for overhauling the handling of excessive force complaints.
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the panel wag formed after video was released showing a white police officer shooting a 17-year-old laquan mcdonald who was black. to this interesting story out of the west, ann rodgers was go to visit her grandchildren when she became lost in the arizona wilderness. her ordeal began on march 31st when she got lost and she ran out of gas for nine long days. the 72-year-old rodgers and her dog survived by drinking pond water and eating berries, as well as other plants. rescuers even located her car and cat but no rodgers. then they spot a signal. >> there was no cell phone communication, no people coming by. i wrote help with sticks and rocks. i need food badly. when they landed i was sitting there sobbing, and the officer came over and just held me while i sobbed and let me know that my dog was safe too. >> good news all around there. authorities say her family actually didn't realize rodgers was missing. rodgers was suffering from exposure when she was rescued but she was treated at the
4:18 am
hospital and released. sometimes nothing can interrupt a really good kiss. in one case, not even an armed robbery. >> yeah, take a look at this video. it shows masked robbers entering a bar in montana with guns drawn, yet the couple continues to make out. >> the pda goes on and on even as other patrons put their hands up. they only come up for air when the suspects take off and the bartender hits the alarm. police are still searching for the robbers. >> yeah they're actually still kind of making out at the bar right now. time now for sports and the golden state warriors attempt to make nba history tonight trying to win a 73rd game of the season. >> it really is a big day but right now some cold baseball players, details from espn. >> good morning. it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. neil everett. stan verrett talking baseball. >> yeah. noah syndergaard has got better hair than me. >> and that's saying something. look at that head of hair. it's the mets and the marlins and, listen, the mets pitching hasn't been that bad.
4:19 am
the mets have been bad because they can't hit. syndergaard, 12 eaks. jose fernandez no slouch himself but this is martin prado scoring degordon. gordon reached on 16 pitch at bat and that proved to be the winner for the marlins, 2-1. orioles and red sox. david ortiz, they gave away chains commemorating his 500 career home runs. he's got 506 now after that one. third this season. >> new chains. >> but j.j. hardy was the man. he did ortiz one better. he put two over the wall in right field at fenway park and the orioles continue rolling. they roughed up clay buchholz and baltimore is now 7-0. the only unbeaten team left in the major leagues. >> yeah, just a reminder wednesday, "sportscenter," pretty much just lock in it all
4:20 am
day, okay, because the whole team is bringing it. >> back to you. >> thank you. so we don't deal with high school lacrosse very much but we had to show you this. it happened at a guy in ohio monday. >> the goalie from the team in white has a ball. he gets in some trouble and launches it downfield 75 yards later. it flies into the other team's goal. the goalie's reaction there is absolutely priceless. his team losing by eight goals. >> i used to play lacrosse goalie. >> really? >> tried to score once. >> and how did it go? >> it did not work out. up next in "the pulse," saluting the black mamba, kobe bryant, a special night for him. the work of an italian master found more than a century but where was it? "the pulse" is next. ♪ (toilet flush) if you need an opioid to manage your chronic pain, you may be sooo constipated it feels like everyone can go ...except you.
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♪ time for "the pulse" and we start with the end of an nba era tonight for the final game for kobe bryant. he leaves the game with five championship rings. >> not bad. now nike's new tribute to the black mamba features some very familiar faces. look. >> he's always trying to take your heart out, man, and you got to be ready for it. >> i think he relishes being vilified by fans of the other team. >> and the lakers tweeted this picture, and numbers 8 and 24 will be part of the floor for tonight's game. bryant wore both numbers during his career. >> interesting. okay, so we've all witnessed rapid-fire twitter rants thanks to the likes, of course, of donald trump and who can forget kanye, but we found one guy who's not quite as active when it comes to updating his feed. >> just a little off. after posting his first tweet informing the world he was going to sleep, marcus lepage took seven years to fire off tweet number two. apparently stunned that he had
4:24 am
slept in. and we have no idea why marcus had been hibernating since 2009. >> but now he's moving lightning fast posting his third tweet overnight. wow, that's right, going back to sleep. >> i got to friend that guy. and when it rains it pours for a family in southern france. they went up to the attic to fix a leak in the roof, and behind a locked door they found a painting covered in dust. now, the house dates back to the 17th century. it turns out so does the painting. >> pretty cool. it's believed to be a work by the italian master caravaggio and was probably forgotten in that attic for 150 years. there's another version of the painting in the royal museum. if genuine, this one is worth $135 million, enough to pay for a new roof and then some. >> i got to go clean up the attic, i think. maybe the garage. >> maybe find a caravaggio inside. >> i'm hoping. >> crossing fingers. >> you can hope. >> more news coming up after this.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> in antioch, a driver crashed into a road crew work on "a" street near highway 4. firefighters rushed to the scene to help. people were hurt. amy hollyfield is on the scene. >> this was quite a crash. you have to see the pictures. look at the s.u.v. it crashed and a construction crew. it happened at 10:30 last night. we are told a city councillor leaving the city council meeting drove up on the scene. the mayor himself drove up on the scene. he said he was talking to the victim. he was trying to comfort the victim. >> person in the car was coherent and talked to him. made sure the ambulance and fire were on the way and police were
4:29 am
on way. they were. this happened at (a) -- (a) "a" street. victim is in critical condition. it took 45 minutes to get him out of the s.u.v. the scene is clear. now. we will keep in touch with police to figure how the victim is doing. stay with us as we follow will developing story. >> we will keep checking. >> come up on 4:30. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> and over to meteorologist mike nicco. >> it is dry. but in 24 hours we will track the wet weather. right new, clouds. we will go from clouds to sun to clouds. and the next graphic shows at pier 15 the clouds are open.
4:30 am
temperatures are like yesterday. sue? >> good morning. we have high winds for several bridges. that is the big news. san mateo bridge, cartinez, all reporting high wind. the san mateo bridge is flowing. keep a grip on the steering wheel. road work an richmond-san rafael down to one lane for a few more minutes. we have a few areas of road work we will update in a few minutes. >> can you feel the excitement? the warriors could make history tonight with win 73 in front of home crowd at oracle arena. they are taking on the grizzlies we were at the practice facility as they geared up for the chance to win the 73rd game. more than any other team in the regular season. it could break an old record that stood for 20 years. steph curry is aware of what is on the line and said he and


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