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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 14, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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morning. >> it really does. making news in america this morning, hillary clinton and bernie sanders ready to rumble in a high stakes debate tonight ahead of the crucial new york primary. while on the republican side, word of dirty tricks and even death threats received by convention delegates. provocative acts on the high seas as russian warplanes come within feet of a u.s. ship. it's being called the most aggressive russian action since the cold war. so why now, and what is the u.s. doing about it? the biggest automotive recall in u.s. history could be getting much bigger. the government has new concerns about those exploding air bags. and a historic night in the nba. golden state completing the best regular season ever while kobe bryant can't stop scoring in a sendoff for the ages. >> mamba, out.
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[ cheers and applause ] excited. a good thursday morning. we begin with the run-up to the new york primary with all five candidates fanning out across the state today stumping for those critical votes. >> okay, so bernie sanders played to one of his largest crowds yet, packing an estimated nearly 30,000 supporters in a new york city park. and on the republican side, they're now dealing with death threats. abc's lana zak has the latest right now from washington. lana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. this campaign has gotten truly ugly. republican delegates facing death threats and breaking overnight word that battery charges against trp's campaign manager corey lewandowski are expected to be dropped later today. tonight, the two democrats will face off in the first debate since the rhetoric between hillary clinton and bernie sanders turned from courteous to contentious. in new york, hillary clinton
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maintains a double-digit lead over bernie sanders, but you never would have guessed it based on the estimated sizes of their competing rallies last night. 1,200 for a clinton event in the bronx and 27,000 for a sanders event at washington square park while on the republican side -- >> i'll tell you what, you can't let the bosses take it away. >> reporter: -- donald trump continues to urge supporters to fight against what he calls a rigged republican system. and now there are increasing reports of death threats against republican delegates. >> very spooky, very personal. >> reporter: trump's longtime ally, roger stone, said he would help angry supporters find republican delegates at the convention. >> we will disclose the hotels and the room numbers of those delegates who are directly involved in the steal. >> reporter: ted cruz on cnn said the trump campaign was encouraging thousands of threats against the republican party chair in colorado. >> trump supporters were telling the supporters, go to his house
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and bring their guns. >> reporter: but while trump's battle intensifies with some, he is making nice with others. >> we met for about an hour, just the two of us, and had a chance to clear the air. >> reporter: fox news host megyn kelly, you know, she's been the subject of so much of trump's vitriol, and she said laughing that trump's doorman seemed awfully surprised to see her. kendis, diane. >> i bet, lana. thanks so much. that's abc's lana zak reporting from washington. thanks again, lana. and as lana briefly mentioned, it looks like donald trump's campaign manager will not be prosecuted over a confrontation with a reporter. corey lewandowski was charged with battery accused of grabbing and shoving breitbart reporter michelle fields at a rally in florida last month. well, a source tells abc news prosecutors have decided not to move forward with the case. a formal announcement expected today. the u.s. military is reacting to a show of force by russian fighter jets, which repeatedly buzzed right by a u.s. destroyer this week. it comes at a time of heightened
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tensions between the u.s. and russia. abc's martha raddatz shows us the video. >> reporter: it is one of the most aggressive russian actions against the u.s. military since the end of the cold war. >> look at the left one. he is on the deck. >> reporter: not just a dangerously close flyby within 30 feet of the u.s. destroyer, the jets flew in a way that simulated an attack, and not just once, but again and again. over the last two days the russian jets making more than 30 passes over the american ship in international waters and roaring at just 100 feet off the baltic sea, the jets caused a wake in the water as if a giant speedboat had raced by. >> when you're flying just off the water at 500 miles an hour, your focus just out the window, if he misjudges how close he is to the ship, how far he is off the water, there's no room for error, and there's lots of room for disaster. >> reporter: the americans on
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the destroyer repeatedly radioed the russian pilots, but the transmissions were ignored. the russians may be trying to distract nato from a possible spring offensive in ukraine, but over the last few years, the russians have only gotten more aggressive with this kind of harassment, and whatever the u.s. has done behind the scenes does not seem to have worked. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. and also out of washington, president obama claimed progress in the battle against isis. during a rare visit to cia headquarters, the president pointed to setbacks suffered by isis in the last few months including territory that was reclaimed by u.s.-led troops. >> on the ground in syria and in iraq, isil is on the defensive. our 66-member coalition including arab partners is on the offensive. we have momentum, and we intend to keep that momentum. >> the president sending this message to isis, quoting here, if you target americans, you have no safe haven. the families of those killed
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in last year's plane crash in the alps are suing the american flight school where the suicidal pilot was trained. the pilot of that germanwings flight locked himself in the cockpit and deliberately flew into the side of a mountain killing all 150 people on board. the lawsuit accuses the school of not properly screening the pilot's medical background, which they say would have revealed his bouts with severe depression. we're learning this morning the man charged with gunning down and killing nine people at a charleston church last june will not stand trial until at least next january. lawyers for dylann roof said they need more time to run the psychiatric tests. roof faces the death penalty after admitting he wanted to start a race war. all nine of his victims were black. in the wake of north carolina's new law, south carolina is joining the debate about bathrooms and transgendered people. a so-called bathroom bill drew bipartisan condemnation at a senate hearing on wednesday. supporters say opening bathrooms to the opposite gender violates privacy.
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now, critics say it's a simple way to hide discrimination against the lgbt community. republican governor nikki haley has called the bill unnecessary. it'll be a long time before a final night of an nba regular season goes down quite like last night did. >> yeah, it was pretty epic. first of all, the golden state warriors cruised past memphis to win their record 73rd game of the season. steph curry finished the season with 402 three-pointers. >> wow. >> that's also a record. and in los angeles, kobe bryant closed out his career with a 60-point outburst against the jazz. he said he scored so much because his teammates for once, i suppose, were telling him not to pass the ball. and we have more about kobe's night a little bit later. >> yeah, but did you see this? this was the president's tweet before the evening got off to the start, big night he said for basketball warriors chasing 73 and farewell for an all-timer, kobe bryant. the president opposite steph
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curry there both doing their jig. later president obama tweeted his congratulations to the warriors. i wonder which one he was watching, or did he -- he probably had picture in picture. >> yeah, he's the president. he's watching both at the same time. coming up, this might be a good morning to check your 401(k). the reason why straight ahead. plus, a stunning advance for a paralyzed man gaining use of one of his hands thanks to something going on in his brain. and later, a performance you must simply hear to believe, the young girl now an overnight sensation.
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[ bell ringing ] on wall street all three major averages closed at highs for the year. the events apparently driven by bank stocks. >> the dow gained 187 points to
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close at 17,908. the nasdaq soared as well, 75, the s&p up 20. markets across asia were higher overnight. the largest automotive recall in u.s. history could get even bigger. federal regulators say 85 million vehicles with takata air bag inflaters may need to be recall ed if the company can't prove they're safe. that's on top of the 29 million inflaters that need to be replaced. at least 11 people have died and more than 100 have been injured by the exploding inflaters. stronger warnings about mosquito bites could be in the works now that the cdc has confirmed the zika virus can cause babies to be born with abnormally small heads. as evidence, scientists found the virus in the brain tissue, spinal fluid and amniotic fluid of microcephaly babies. zika is spread primarily through mosquito bites but also through sex and more than 300 in the u.s. have been infected but those cases are all linked to travel overseas.
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and a major medical breakthrough. a completely paralyzed patient has been able to regain some movement in his hands thanks to a microchip implanted in his brain. >> yeah, after breaking his neck ian burkhart figured he'd never be able to use his hands but thanks to a chip implanted in his head, he can grab on to a bottle and pick up a credit card just by thinking about it. >> just something that's so fluid it's kind of like it was before i had my injury where i just think about what i want to do, and now i can do it. >> simple amazing. burkhart lost feeling from his shoulders down after diving into the waves during a beach vacation and slamming into a sandbar. now he looks forward to even more independence thanks to researchers at the ohio state medical center. >> picking up a credit card, very important. >> yeah, it's key. when we come back, the so-called affluenza teen is getting ready for an extended behind bars. and kobe bryant, he says he's going to work out today and
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conditions in the southeast along with rain and snow covered roads in the northwest. delays likely at the airport in new orleans and atlanta. basketball fans are celebrating a historic night on the hardwood and virtually taking down twitter in the process. >> yeah, there were a lot of tweets and all happened in california. the golden state warriors crushing the single season wins roared and of course the other name, some 400 miles south. he calls it a career in spectacular fashion. overnight not one but two historic moments in basketball with the nba saying good-bye to one legend and crowning a new one. the golden state warriors making history becoming the first team to go 73-9 breaking the legendary '96 bulls record of 72 wins with a victory over the memphis grizzlies. >> the greatest regular season in history now belong tos the 2016 warriors. >> reporter: also kobe taking the court in his final nba appearance. >> for the final time, number 24
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on the floor, kobe bryant. >> reporter: fans started lining up at the staples center nearly 12 hours before tip-off, some to snap up this $824 limited edition jersey. >> never going to be another kobe bean bryant. >> he spent 20 years with the lakers. the most any nba player has spent with a single team. an impressive resume. third all-time leading scorer. two olympic medals and gave the fans what they wanted to see. >> bryant for three. got it! >> reporter: this really was kobe's night with a whopping 60 points. >> kobe bryant. >> there it is. >> reporter: lots of celebrities were out in full force to watch with shaquille o'neal, snoop dogg and jay z in the house and of course lakers courtside fixture jack nicholson. after the game an emotional kobe bryant addressing the sold out crowd and reflecting on his two decades in l.a. >> i can't believe how fast 20 years went by. i mean, this is crazy.
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mamba, out. [ cheers and applause ] >> and he drops the mike. at the end. so in addition to everything else the lakers gave bryant and his wife some big wling as a going away present. >> you could say that. those are his and hers matching rings with the nearly five carats of diamonds and about 70 grams of 14 karat gold and also include a diamond for each of kobe's championships, his two jersey numbers and his nickname. >> all right. we'll switch topics and get more serious. the texas teen known for his affluenza defense has been sentenced to nearly two years in prison but attorneys for ethan couch are expected to appeal that. couch was appearing in adult court for the first time after he turned 19 on monday. he received 180 days for each of the four deaths from a drunk driving crash in 2013. he originally got probation in the case but then fled to mexico sparking an international m manhunt. a cleveland man who kidnapped his own son when he was only 5 years old has been
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sentenced to four years in prison. even though that son now 19 pleaded with the judge to free his dad bobby. bobby hernandez kept his son julian away from his mother for 13 years. julian realized he had been abducted when he found a social security discrepancy while applying for colleges. earlier we told you about bask sharks which are no threat to humans but full sharks are a whole other story. >> just ask this fisherman from south florida who's recovering from several shark bites, some a little too gruesome for tv. he was spearfishing 60 feet below the surface when he was attacked by the seven-footer. now, bull sharks are said to be the most dangerous shark in the world. some surprising new details about former white sox first baseman adam laroche and sudden decision to retire because the team asked him to stop bringing his son to work. >> but laroche said it's more complicated than that and tells espn magazine he was part of an undercover mission in the
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♪ i'm flying so high defying gravity ♪ ♪ and soon i'll match the only love and nobody -- >> she looks so confident. >> i can't imagine why. >> that performance won her a spot straight through to the live semifinals. >> well deserved. well, if you are one of those people who get angry and stares or get angry stares rather for texting in a movie theater, you might be in luck. >> so get this idea, amc is considering the concept of creating texting sections in its many theaters across the country. the ceo telling "variety" that millennials in telling them to turn off their two hours for phones is just not realistic. so what's that, a talking section in the theater. >> like a loud section in the movie theater. what else gets on people's nerves? >> the guy who tells you the answer? that's always fun. >> yeah.
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okay, so, everyone, it seems, may have a doppelganger. even matthew mcconaughey. a reddit user posted a photo of his great, great grandfather noting the resemblance to the actor. more than 1 million viewers have taken a look at this photo. >> the two men may also share a similar personality. andrew sanders had an easy-going demeanor. he also enjoyed being outside and listening to birds. but did he say all right, all right, all right. >> i wonder. and finally, it's a favorite activity for lots of dogs, catching a frisbee thrown by its owner. well, a dog named thor is getting used to a new frisbee. >> and here's why. that's thor's owner on the left. oops. yep. she broke thor's frisbee. >> obviously thor, he's not so happy about that. he goes off to sulk in the corner. >> oh, no. >> the florida woman who caused this huge crisis says that thor pouted up right until she bought him a new favorite frisbee.
4:25 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the golden state warriors stand alone with 73 wins taking their place in the history backs with regular season record of all time. >> 73 wins! the golden state warriors make n.b.a. history. we celebrating but the team is now focused on what is next. >> let's take a moment to enjoy the warm glow. >> good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> more on golden state warriors amaze night, but, first, rain. we talk about the rain coming down overnight first in the north bay. this video is in san rafael, what is ahead if the rest of
4:29 am
morning? >> meteorologist mike nicco has the answered. >> good morning. if you are headed to the dumbarton or san mateo bridge, live doppler 7 hd is showing light-to-moderate rain with light rain offer the golden gate bridge and the winds are 20 miles pes per hour. that is what we will tell with this afternoon. the steady rain is over by 7:00. it will become breezy with isolated shower across the north bay and temperatures returning from 56 to 64. sue? >> busy. when the roads are wet, speeds need to slow. this is in the castro valley area. the green rents in rain for the commute. we have a car overturned westbound 580 blocking a lane of traffic. and eastbound we have a car on its side. two separate accidents in castro valley area. keep it steady. roads are slick. we will come back and look at the road work and update the
4:30 am
accidents. >> if you are up you probably did not see the end of game but you likely know, they are the best team. ever. the golden state warriors' record practicing win makes it official. janet, what is next? >> no doubt last night was a big celebration. the warriors have their eye on the prize. that is another title win. they are pumped. last knit's game set the tone going into the playoff, they won the 73rd game against grizzlies. they now hole the record for the most games won in a regular season. the record was previously held by the chicago bulls in 1995-1996 season and fans were ecstatic and said there would be problems regardless but which is the cherry on the top. >> it has been a great night, great game, players were great, we are


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