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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> if you are up you probably did not see the end of game but you likely know, they are the best team. ever. the golden state warriors' record practicing win makes it official. janet, what is next? >> no doubt last night was a big celebration. the warriors have their eye on the prize. that is another title win. they are pumped. last knit's game set the tone going into the playoff, they won the 73rd game against grizzlies. they now hole the record for the most games won in a regular season. the record was previously held by the chicago bulls in 1995-1996 season and fans were ecstatic and said there would be problems regardless but which is the cherry on the top. >> it has been a great night, great game, players were great, we are having a great game.
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this is history. this is history. >> i love the bulls. dubs nation all the way. >> stick setting a personal record to be the first player in the unanimous with 400, three pointers. he finished with 403. now they take on the rockets on saturday. >> thank you. after midnight steph curry tweeted tonight was special number 73, we did something never done in the history of the league. together. the photo shows game jersey sign by the teammates and the shoes and a northwest -- net. >> this is a video of single record temperature shirts rolled out second after the final monday. they are on the web site permanently if you want to buy
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one. >> make jordan crawled the golden state warriors on breaking record, con texting on season. records are made to be broken. i look forward to the playoffs. >> a is next? they kick off the nba playoffs on saturday against the rockets. you can watch it right here at 12:30. >> the new red transit only lane open mission street have neighbors seeing red. the plan to sped up muni is not a month old. it could face major changes. amy hollyfield has what upset residents. >> here is what we are talking about. there is sheen from the rain that fell. this is called the red carpet. it is easy path for muni buses
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and taxis but according to the "san francisco chronicle" there are complains. a supervisor is quoted as saying "this looked better on paper." the stroke said people are honking horns, yelling and cussing at traffic control officers who are trying to navigate cars off of mission. businesses are complaining because customers can not get to them. residents are complaining of the honking. it is a mess. here is a map of the area. this is mission between 14th and randall, long stretch of mission. the idea was to protect the pedestrians and to sped up the ride. that is happening. official say they have shaked two minutes off of the bus rides. officials say they are will have to talk about modify the area. they will keep talking of the land and will hold another community meeting to talk about the popular corridor.
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>> a police commission hearing in san francisco reveals how deeply people feel of the recent officer involved shooting. >> if that were anyone in this room in the officers' shoes would we would be jail. >> that is one of several would came to speak against officers in the city. criticism is after the death of a homeless man who officer say advanced on them with a knife. >> having a nice is no more act of aggression than for me to lock the door. >> i am not saying every cop is bad but you are a bad condition if you let it continue. >> 45-year-old was shot six times by officers in the mission district open thursday. >> the dental assistant accused of molesting three girls is scheduled for arraignment. the 24-year-old may have molested 50 girls between six
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and 12. he worked at offices in concord and antic. he inropely touched and video taped the victims. >> protests and strikes are held throughout the bay area calling for a nationwide minimum wage of $15 an hour. california is heading in that direction. governor brown signed the new minimum wage law last week raising it to $15 by 2022. the momentum of a similar bill in new york helped launch the national movement called "fight for 15." workers will demonstrate an the nation including at 6:00 a.m. at the mcdonald's on market street in san francisco. others are held later today in san jose and oakland. >> the city council is expecd to vote on changes to a represent ordinance. dozens of renters demonstrated yesterday. the city council is reviewing the apartment rent ordinance
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that caps increases at 8% for buildings built before 1979. >> each day i am worried. will they evict me? what next? i am terrified. >> and landlord are growed -- greedy. >> advocates push for an ordinance prohibiting retaliation. changes are applied to buildings. before 1995. >> if you live in contra costa county you could see color-coded signs on businesses the same as those used by alameda county posted on restaurants and other businesses with major health code violations. red, yellow and green working like a traffic light of the green is great, yellow is conditional, red means the store is closeed. the board approach signs last in.
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>> now in the east bay toward stoneridge and dublin boulevard we have light rain. here is the light rain falling on 87 near the shark tank in san jose. the day planner, poor at the coast. and walking the dog. we talking wet weather this morning, and dangerous surf developing. if you hiking, it will be poor. fair to poor. it will be breezy this afternoon. the wet weather is falling over the san mateo bridge. we are on the east side of the span. clouds in the afternoon. we will shift from steady rain this morning to sunshine and clouds building and a stray shower across the north bay. open friday and saturday a big warming trend is on the way. >> wet roads in the san mateo bridge but a nation road at 15 minutes headed to foster city on the flat section. a necessary road across the golden gate bridge and want your
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speed. the roads are slick. we have three lanes in the southbound direction. green on the map represents where it is raining for the drive and considered wet roots the westbound 80 a car on the roof on the slow lane so heads up. not a tremendous amount of slowing. it is early. we will come back and look at the roads in a bit. >> and lyft is allowing a ing of ride of peoples going if a similar direction for lower fare debuting in san francisco in 2014. the service accounts for 40% of all rides in the city where it is available. >> is apple working open a secret car? the poll new claws popping up -- new clues popping up. new clues popping up. >> get ready for changes with
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>> from houston, a deputy in surgery after being shot six times. this happened at 11:00 last night. the shooting happened after a female deputy made a traffic stop and called the male for help and the male was standing outside the colleague's patrol car and he was shot by the
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suspect hit in the side and back. right new we are waiting to hear about his condition. a man matching the description of the suspect is being questioned. state with us for updates and follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. all the race for the white house. trump team is rebooting with a focus on a national political director. hillary clinton and bernie sanders staged new york city rallies ahead of debate. we are in washington, dc, with more. all the two democrats will face off in the first debate since the rhetoric between ice hick and bernie sanders turned from courteous to cop attorney. in new york, hillary clinton maintained a double digit lead over bernie sanders but you never would have guessed it based on the size of the based on the size of the competing rallies,200 for bernie sanders. on respect side donald
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urges supporters to fit against a rigged republican system. now there are increasing reports of debt threats against republican delegates. >> spooky. personal. >> donald trump's ally said he would help angry supporters fine republican delegates at the convention. >> we will disclose the hotels and room numbers of delegates directly involved in the steal. >> ted cruz said the donald trump campaign was encouraging thousands of throats again the republican chair. >> donald trump supporters told supporters to go to his house and bring guns. >> trump's battle is intense faying with some he is nice with others. >> we met for an hour and had a chance to clear the air. >> fox news host meg were kelly the subject of so many tirades laughed when she aid the aides were surprised to see her.
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>> we follow the record-breaking night for the warriors up to the white house after the big win, president obama tweeted "congratulations, a great group of guys on and off the court, if someone had to break the bulls' record i am glad it is them." he met them recently at the white house. >> a true hollywood helping in los angeles, with kobe bryant going out with a masterpiece last night in the final game. he scored 60 points against the jazz. kobe bryant was vintage self taking 50 shots scoring 15 of the final 17 points including the go ahead jumper with 31 seconds left in the 101-96 win. after the game he addressed the crowd. >> i cannot believe how fast 20 years went by. crazy. thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. i love you guys. love you guys.
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>> the 60 popes are the most of by a player if his final n.b.a. game. all the six 6 time he eclipsed 60 points. >> the 50 shots were the most by the flavor... >> what a night for basketball in california. >> warriors on the big tv and watching black mamba through episcopal. that is what kids do. wanted to be part of that. >> new, the rain. we have to get through the commute. in belmont, and east bay shore road on the peninsula, headed to 237, that is where it looks like the best radar run are right now. the parallel system is to the north with the heaviest rain sliding to the south.
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after we get through the cold front and steady rain the area of instability will bring showers this afternoon cross the north by. on walnut creek, it look like the steady rain ended but watch out, 680 will be damp. and breezy today and tomorrow. 10-20 degrees warmer this weekend. the temperatures are mid-to-upper 50s along the coast interest san francisco and low-to-mid 60s, 61 to 66 for the rest of us were tonight because it will be breezy i don't expect fog. temperatures are from 42 in napa to san francisco at 49. storm-impact scale is "1" light to "1" severe and today is a "1" although the rain is falling it will be breezy this afternoon. i don't expect damage. saturday and sunday, 70s and 80s. sue? >> now the bay bridge from our emeryville camera across across
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the bay traffic is flowing nicely and a good space. roads so be extra careful. we have an accident in san francisco after the 101 split southbound two left lanes are blocked. with the slick roads be extra cautious. the green means rain affecting the commute. we have the northbound section here closed for cleaning. that will be re-opened at 5:00, so another 15 minutes you can use fruitvale or park. >> tesla unveiled the model 3 only two weeks ago and now there is buzz another car of the future will be on the roads. elissa has latest on an apple car. >> could it be a look at people
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car? "motor trend," posted pictures. the move would be risky. >> in question that electric cars are the way of future with driverless but if apple is serious it is a long big road and they have a lot of work to do to compete with existing automakers. >> people are interested, could a car be everywhere like iphone? >> i am sure people will have to have it. >> that would be interesting. >> if apple cars are like the iphone, in car version, with all the latest, people will want it. >> it is rumored to be made in sunnyvale. the windows are cover asked blacked out. people hear loud noises at night. neighbors say apple put up a large green wall that helps cut down on the noise and prevents them from seeing what is
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happening on the other side. >> it is possible the company is not working on a car at all but building car technology to be used by other makers. >> an act of aggression, the ma never by russian pilots against a united states destroyer and a tense confrontation caught on tape. >> the reason a passenger had to be escorted off a jetblue flight. but, first, america's money. >> good morning, topping america's money the largest recall could be expanding for automobiles, 85 million vehicles with takata airbags may need to be recalled in addition to the 29 million already on the list. they can explode with too much force. >> stocks opened with all three agencies at highest for the year and the rally was fueled
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stops. s&p 500 beginned 20. if you suffer withdrawals because you cannot text if a movie theater you could be in luck. a-m-c is creating texting sessions in some theaters, c.e.o. saying expecting mill enideal -- millennials off for enideal -- millennials off for two hours is future
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but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever. ♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. >> the storm-impact scale shows
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level "1" today which is light rain. rain. keep the umbrella handy. >> can you imagine this? a very close call for the united states navy in the baltic sea. that is a russian fighter jet flying 30' of the american destroyer not once or twice but two dozen times. this is the most aggressive russian moves again the united states since the cold war ended. sailors sent radio messages but the pilot ignored them. >> a passengers cored off a jet blue flight after a public outburst is blaming his actions on post-traumatic stress disorder. >> i make $4 million a year. what do do you? nothing. so shut the [ blank ] up. >> david bracket apologized for the actions which happened on friday on a flight from long beach to sacramento saying a motorcycle accident that break
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nearly every bone if his body causes him to go off sometimes. >> you are right i am a loser. >> he and another man were taken off the flight tested below the legal blood alcohol limit. he said he has received hundreds of threatening e-mails and had to shut down facebook after getting 15,000 negative comments >> maybe they will get up to 4 million negative commons. >> ouch! >> now, a thunderstorm to the east with snow levels high but they dropping down with heavy snow falling in blue canyon. we have the back edge around the san mateo bridge. the steady rain is showing clearing and there is still a chance of the steady rain continuing through 6:00. and the transition to showers. now, a look at the winds will pick up at 7:00 around 10 miles per hour. at almost gusts up to 20 miles
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per hour with the fat of the winds at 20-30 miles per hour. at the beaches today, stand back of the water. the swells are 16-22'. that could katie a risk of being swept into the ocean. 43 with snow in lake tahoe. 70 around sacramento. dry in fresno and los angeles is sunday and palm springses is 88. for lake tahoe, about 3-5" of snow. sue will be here in five seconds and tell you of chain requirements. look at that, above average temperatures as we head from saturday through early next week with 30s in the morning and 60s in the afternoon. i am tracking more rain in the commute with a look at live doppler hd. sue? sue? >> we have change requirements
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snow is falling in the sierra. in san jose, slick roads. wet roads. but moving at the limit. that is highway 87. this is 101 headlights northbound direction. 17/880 overcrossing, and traffic is looking good. green is good. we have slow traffic from the central valley. that is typical. the green on the map that means rain is affecting the drive north of 880 an early accident is cleared. good news. we look at mass transit options in a few. >> we had a good laugh a list no one wants to be high on the lit of the worst jobs in 2016. >> for the third year in a row newspaper reporter is number one. >> we are not. we are broadcasters. >> we got the bronze.
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broadcaster is public three. diskject and inlisted military personnel, based on income, job outlooks stress and physical demands and the message from the continue five is it is a tough life if you are jump him. >> and sue a disc jockey too... >> three out of five. going strong. >> starbucks is giving up on a big plan for bay area stores and what you will not be seeing. >> how does free wi-fi sound? where it is headed and a big tech titan hoping to get you connected.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a lot to talk about. green on the radar. rain is hit the bay area right now. another system is moving in. good morning, i am natasha zouves. it is thursday. april 14. >> we are dressed for the occasion. we will talk about the warriors' historic win but, first, meteorologist mike nicco is dressed in warriors colors, tracking the storm. >> exciting day. good morning, everyone. you will live through a commute that is full of rain. especially coming through the altamont pass and


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