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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a lot to talk about. green on the radar. rain is hit the bay area right now. another system is moving in. good morning, i am natasha zouves. it is thursday. april 14. >> we are dressed for the occasion. we will talk about the warriors' historic win but, first, meteorologist mike nicco is dressed in warriors colors, tracking the storm. >> exciting day. good morning, everyone. you will live through a commute that is full of rain. especially coming through the altamont pass and heading
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through livermore and pleasanton . you can see 101 and 880 the spray is kicked up. have the windshield wipers ready and umbrella and patient -- patience. clouds will hold through noon. a slight chance of a shower in the afternoon. especially across the north by. cooler today. >> we will look at commuter alert for tomorrow. golden gate field is down, the ferry, a few boats shy. at 5:30 p.m. is the slow and the 8:40 a.m. ferry is canceled. that means crowds on the other ferries. we have 40 trains on schedule for bart. no problems today. ace rain is run out of time out of street valley. we will look at the bay bridge in a few minutes. >> they did it, the warriors
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sailed past the grizzlies to become the best team ever in a regular season. janet has golden state warriors 1306 big win. >> they ended on a high note. they are not slowing. they are focused open weeing another title. it does not noon they did not have time to celebrate the historic win against the grizzlies, winning the 73rd game. now they held the record for the most games won in a regular 82-game season. the report was previously held by the chicago bulls in the 1995-1996 season. >> 20 years since it has been done, i don't know when it will be done again but to be the team to break that record is incredible. it takes so much focus. each night, someone is gunning for you. so much dedication and commitment to each other. >> it pushed us to where we are
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now. hopefully it will continue this welcome when the playoffs are starting. we need 16 wins. it is necessary to focus on the goal. >> speaking records, steph curry set a personal record to be the first player in the n.b.a. with 400, three pointers. he finished with 402 at end of the game. next up, they take on the rockets on saturday on the first round of layoffs. >> thank you. now, the chicago bulls tweeted congratulations for breaking their record. the bulls' record stood for 20 years. >> during the first half twitter briefly want down. love this. both steph curry and kobe bryant
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were having big first quarters and the warriors twitter account get out this tweak "when you are on fire and twitter is down," some said it was a flash brother and kobe bryant were responsible but become online after 15 minutes. >> and oakland bar and grill is offering 73 cent better while supply lasts posting this part on facebook. inside reservations are recommended and table on the dock are first come first serve because of the weather. >> the nba release released first round of playoffs and game one is senator and game two is monday night and then it shifts to houston for game three. game four is on sunday april 24 at 12:30 only on abc7. if necessary, game five is become at oracle arena on end
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april 27. a lot to look forward to. >> san jose, the first to experience facebook's high speed wi-fi network downtown part of a new pilot program. matt keller is at san jose city hall with what to expect. all the big story three years ago was wickedly bad wi-fi free to use. they put the device on light posts around the city hall downtown san jose. facebook said that wi-fi system will help with the new system. the new service like wickedly fast is pumped out from light poles in downtown san jose. facebook insists the service is faster and more robust. mayor liccardo is exited and would like to make it available citywide in the future. >> we hope starting in downtown we can scale this, city-wide if
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we can prove the concept to neighborhoods where families cannot afford internet access. >> the silicon valley business journal reports the wi-fi would be used painly outdoors with hopes to make it accessible inside the buildings and facebook has plans to expand services to cities around the world. in san jose, services go on-line later this year. >> the f.b.i. has joined the search for a missing 2-year-olds would mother was found dead in a san francisco park. arianna fitts has not been seen and concerns of fining her alive is growing. the body of her mother was discovered last friday morning near a may ground. >> we are getting help from the f.b.i. on the technical work. we are very hopeful we will get a break and god willing, find the little one alive. >> we hope so. last night friends and
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co-workers held a candlelight vigil in the parking lot of the best by store in san francisco where she worked for a year. arianna fitts, her daughter, was cared for full time by a relative of a pastor in oakland when she disappeared. >> young people living on san francisco streets have a higher death rate than peers according to a study from berkeley. homeless youth have continue times higher mortality rate because of suicide and substance abuse. 1,400 homeless young people live open our streets. man go in and out of homes because of abuse or family problems. they are not homeless by choice. >> starbucks is giving up on the land to senator beer and wine at three san francisco stores. they withdrew the lick license election after getting opposition from the board of supervisors and the police department. starbucks said they will continue to look for opportunities to, expand the menu.
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they sell alcohol in 300 locations across the united states including santa rosa and san mateo. >> the oakland museum is drawing national attention for a gallery devoted only to marijuana you can check out the "altered state in marijuana," focusing on a measure to localize the recreational use with art work and political posters and activities. the gallery is open through september. >> now a look at what is going on with the wet weather, we will start with a nice radar return around the parkway. you can see it is heading to the south running right along 880 from fremont to milpitas and boxed in by the dumbarton bridge and 237. i i will zoom out and show you what is going on through the sunol grade through the pass and to discovery bay and from
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dumbarton bridge through the santa cruz mountains down to gilroy. san rafael...i wanted it show you how much more dry it is across the north by. gusts are by up 25 miles per hour from 1:00 this afternoon through 5:00 and they will start to taper. here is a look at our temperatures, panly low-to-mid 60 today and 70s and 80s the weekend. >> 38 bart train in service but there is equipment problems. we are not seaing other mass transit problems. walnut creek southbound 680 beyond north main to the to the 24 junction if you travel to men and beyond, dublin/pleasanton, you are looking at a nice 15-20 minutes and 24 to the caldecott
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tunnel is clear. green is good. everyone is at the limit. slow traffic from 35 minutes interest tracy. all green the green on the map means good for commute. >> iphone users a warning is out on cybercrime and you could be targeted. >> we are in the final countdown to tax day. seven-day forecast shares seven-day forecast shares last-minute tips
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♪ seven-day forecast shares last-minute tips ♪
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♪ seven-day forecast shares last-minute tips
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>> the showdown over barack obama's immigration policy heads to the supreme court and they will decide whether to shield four million people from being deported and grant them a legal right to hold a job. 26 states challenge the policy. it applies to parents whose children are citizens or living here legally. >> ringo starr is the latest celebrity to cancel the show over north carolina's antilgbt law saying he canceled a june 18 concert. he said he and his fans must take a stand against hatred after springsteen canceled a show because of his opposition to the law. the measure requires people to use bathrooms based on the biological gender. >> how many dream of flying? for this guy it is a reality. how incredible is this.
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this guy is soaring an the world in this video with the adventures of the wing-suited flyer. we can see it because of the gopro cameras. valleys, skyscrapers, really dangerous. but he said the favorite expense is flying between skype scrapers in panama city. >> i will let him do that. >> if you decide to hire someone to do your taxes, the people charming to do them come with a wide range of qualifications. so many numbers, so many forms. how do you know which is right? >> been doing taxes myself since i was 16. >> what is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear "taxes." >> fear. >> hire someone if your situation is complex, if you have foreign income or get paid royalties, if you decide to go to a tax professional, be ready
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to do your research. >> there are a range of people hanging out their shingles and some are better than others. >> many states have in education requirements but there are tools professionals can register on i.r.s. website and search those names. >> tax lawyers, c.p.a.'s and then you have people that are doing taxes that are not really certified by anyone. you need to check their qualifications carefully. >> ask about costs and guarantees upfront. >> many will offer a guarantee if you get audited sow not surprised by extra fees when it is said and done. if you decide to do it alone it could save you money, a good do it yourself software program for federal return costs about $35. there is a free option if you make $62,000 or less. the i.r.s. is offering free file, soft wish that asks the standard questions and look for
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credits you my have missed. >> this usually includes a help night so someone can help you if you confused. by april 1, a third of americans had yet to file their returns. >> plenty of company if you are not there. >> the san jose sharks on the playoffs against their biggest rivals, the kings. >> tonight is at 7:30 at staple center and game two is on saturday, and then the s.a.p. center on monday the 4th time in six years the sharks and kings have met in the playoffs. two years ago the shark lost in seven games after having a three-game league. >> it is not just basketball. >> back to the warriors. >> let's. >> they are ready for playoff run. in san francisco, they are getting ready with city hall decked out in dubs' colors. the city is having a last
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buildings lit up with blue and gold lights. celebrate on the democrat, as well. >> trying to represent the colors. all the best we can. >> looking nice. >> in our humble opinion. >> now, as you descend into santa clara we are looking at rainfall amounts which are from .1" in south bay to .25". great america parkway, sunol grade, all wet, if you take 84 to livermore and out the altamont pass to tracy, check out thunderstorms on the when slope and the heavy snow falling across the sierra. in the north, we will town our eyes to eureka with a chance of a spray shower. i was asked by natasha, about sfo when they let us know at 6:00 if they have delays they will linger through the
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afternoon. we hope with the rain ending and the clouds clearing we will not have any. you can follow me on twitter and i will let you know. damp morning. isolated afternoon showers. this weekend a flip-flop 10-20 degrees warmer. today we are an 63-66 inland, north bay, and 59 in san francisco and half moon bay at 57. and everyone else around the peninsula at 61-63. tonight, you may need to grab an extra blanket all of us in the low-to-upper 40s. we are rating the storms and this is light as the rain will town isolate. by 6:00, the steady rain is in the south bay and we turn our attention to the north bay. by noon we will see the showers. the coolest day is today. this weekend, 70s and 80s. pollen will be high. >> from tracy and up and over
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the altamont pass, it is pretty moderate at 40 minutes into the dublin/pleasanton and highway 4 is looking from and 101 into san francisco from marin is looking great. richmond-san rafael bridge slick roads, minor delays and light traffic. we have a port port-a-potty in the lot lane. we help to get it out. southbound golden gate bridge is looking good with the four lanes in the southbound direction and a winter weather advisory for benicia bridge so grab tight and make sure you are cautious with the wet roads. did you say port pot by or am i hearing things? >> port-a-potty. >> if you have an iphone look out for scramers criminals are targeting apple because they have a disposable income, a text message scam tries to trick users into handing over the
5:20 am
apple account information claiming the i.d. will expire and asked to enter the information on a fake website so if you get that, ignore it. >> amazon is making it easier to kickback with a book. here are the tech bytes. >> amazon has a new high end e-reader with unique thick-thin design to encourage one handed reading at $290 shipping april 27. >> now, a text-alizer developed by israeli technology firm can determine if a driver's phone was used right before a crash. >> police in new york city will use the tech soon. >> remarkable breakthrough for pair layed patients a micro that is planned in the brain. now, because of a chip in a
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map's head he can grab a bottle and pick up a credit card by thinking about it. >> very cool. all the seven things you need to know. >> depressed in the digital age a it warner for teens too connected that could have parents pushing for detox. >> an appeal to millennials that >> an appeal to millennials that could leave
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with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. >> he are the seven things you need to know as you head out the door. the wet with secretary here and mainly moving through the south by. the steadiest will hit the area the next hour or so. do not let your guard down. behind that is residual moisture on the roads and a chance of isolated shower. i will have more on that ahead. >> two, we are following a wet thursday morning commute with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it does not look like we have
5:24 am
metering lights and we will monitor that, a 15 minute bart delay and more bus cancellations. all the warriors and stick -- and stick are everything, with the 73rd win breaking a 20 year record held by the bulls. steph curry is the only player to ever make more than 400, three pointers in a season. >> the warriors can focus on winning back-to-back championships with the first round on saturday against the rockets, tip-off at 12:30 p.m. the game is only on abc7. >> breaking overnight, a texas deputy is in surgery this morning after being shot six times during a traffic stop in houston. police now questioning a man who matches the suspect description. >> san francisco is being offered $3.5 to settle the claims following the crash of flight 214 at sfo three years ago. the money would go to the legal
5:25 am
costs and airport repairs. >> seven, katy perry is waiting for a green light from the vatican as she tries to bay a federal convents in los angeles. she won a legal fight to by the $14 million property form army occupied by nuns but needs final clearance from the church. >> in the digital aim where teens are always looking at tons they expense more stress because of it. according to a survey 57% of parents report their daughters turn to text asking social media to reduce stress compared to 38% of boys. but sell media adds to their problems. experts say teens can feel last out if they are not getting messages or anythings which can lead to feeling depressed. >> parents have to create a fake account and "trend" their child. amike, isn't that what you do? >> of course.
5:26 am
>> teens may not have to give up texting anymore at the movie. amc entertainment with theaters all over the bay area is considering creating texting sections in the theaters. the c.e.o. said expecting mill enideals to shut off their phones for two hours is not realistic it is like asking them to cut off part of their arm. that is dramatic. >> a it is distracted when one has hair bright green in your face. >> all you see are white screens lit up. come on! don't do this to us. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including more on warriors and what is next for the team and the road to the championship. championship. >> a new
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the golden state warriors stand alone with 73 wins taking their place in the history of the n.b.a. with a season record of all time. >> 73 wins, the golden state warriors make nab history. dub nation is celebrateed the theme is know focused on the next goal. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we know you are exit asked we are excited. more on the history night in a minute and what is next, but, first, meteorologist mike nicco has wet roads. >> try not to be a buzz kill but it is wet. it is right in the middle of the commute. tracy to livermore through the sunol grade down to safer telling and santa cruz is where the line of steady rain is. here is a look at 280 at 17, you
5:30 am
can see the mist from the rain falling and the steady rain is over by 7 with a stray shower around noon to 4:00 which is breezy and cooler this afternoon will be ready if that. i will have more on rain and the issues at at the coast. sue? a couple of commuter issues for bart. running at 15-minute delay in the sfo direction because of equipment problems. cancellations for the bus, with specific times i have re-tweeted so check it out for the 72x, and the 24 and the 4. train 1 for ace, into livermore is five minutes late. ferry schedule changes tomorrow i will update shortly. right now, a nice drive across the san mateo bridge at 15 minutes into foster city area. >> the best team ever, a fact.
5:31 am
the golden state warriors record breaking win made it official. our reporter is in the newsroom. janet? yes, what was a big celebration with the warriors have their eye on the rise another title win. they are purposed after the game and it set the tone going into the playoffs, winning their 73rd game against the grizzlies and new they hole the record for the most teams won in a regular season. the report was held by the chicago bulls in the knave -- 1995-mix 96 -- 1996 >> and way to finish an amazing regular season. i told our guys i never if a million years would have guessed that record would ever be broken. i thought it was like the dimaggio hit streak. i was wrong. but i will say the same thing now i said 20 years ago, i don't
5:32 am
think this will ever be broken. >> he said he is very proud of his team and said it take as lot of work and dedication. that is what everyone is paying about steph curry's personal record finishing with 402, three pointers now the first player ever in the number to do that. the warriors are gathering up to take on houston rockets on saturday at home in the playoffs . >> after midnight, steph curry tweeted "tone was special, 73, we did something never done before in the history of the league. together." he has the game jersey, the shoe, and the court. >> i have pulled up a lot of the tweaks and this is from president obama. can you see he tweeted out before the game how it would be a big night for the warriors and
5:33 am
he showed steph curry doing the steph curry dance. and the president doing his version of it at the white house. love that. why like to show feet on tv but i make an exception for the i make an exception for the mayor in oakland, she and look at this, the wife of steph curry. >> i love a good pun, night tweeted by the warriors. a lost fun as we celebrate the dubs' official entry as the best team ever in n.b.a. history. now the regular season is over they kick off the playoffs on saturday again the rockets. that is right here tip-off at
5:34 am
12:30. all the new transit only lane on mission street have neighbors seeing red. it is not a month old and could be facing big changes already. aim has why the residents are upset. >> yes, here it is, the red carpet roll out for buses and taxis. it has people angry in the mission. curing to the "san francisco chronicle" officials are going to go back to the drawing pardon because they are getting so many complaints. this lane is for muni buses and taxis only, cars are being diverted to other streets. the mission is an expressway for public transportation. drivers are yelling and honking at traffic criminal officers and residents can hear this. people are not happy. >> a lost complaining and swearing and cussing. not too bad a road range but i have seen a little.
5:35 am
i have even been through it. we have to deal with it. buts are buses. all the map of the area, the red line streets from mission from 14th to randall. businesses are come laning their customers and delivery trucks cannot get to them. the idea was to speed up the bus rides and that is happening. this has shaked two minutes off of bus rides but officials will hold a community meeting to see what they can do to make residents happier. >> a police commission hearing reveals how deeply people feel about their recent officer-involved shooting. >> if that were anyone in this room in the officers' shoes we would be in jail right now with murder champions -- charges. >> he spoke against the
5:36 am
officers' actions. this is after the death of a homeless man who advanced on the officers with a knife. >> living on the streets and having a knife is no more an act of aggression than me locking my door. >> i am not saying every single cop is bad but you are bad cop if you let it continue. >> 45-year-old hoaxless man shot six times by officers in the mission district on thursday. >> the accidental assistant accuseed of molesting three girls while sedated is scheduled for arraignment. he may have molested 50 girls between 6 and 12 in concord and antioch. authorities found videos of him inrepresently touching girls that were under. >> protest and strikes across the country calling for a
5:37 am
nationwide minimum wage of $15 an hour. california is heading in that direction. governor sign the new law last week that raises it to $15 an hour by 2022. a similar bill in new york helped launch the national movement call "fight for 15." workers will demonstrate at locations around the nation includg a 6:00 a.m. rally at mcconnell -- mcdonald' >> there will be changes to a rent ordinance that community members are des prosecutely hoping for. ds of renters demonstrated yesterday. they are review the apartment rent ordinance that caps increases at 8% for buildings the before 1979. >> i worry each day. what are they going to do next? >> not all landlords but some are greedy.
5:38 am
it is displacing people. it concerns me. >> they are pushing for an ordinance to prohibit retaliation again tenants with changes applied to apartment buildings built before 1995. >> our best radar returns are slipping in the centl valley away tracy and south the altamont pass and broadening out look at this, starting to see clearing across the north bay. on the richmond-san rafael bridge you can see the signs already of a drying trend. the steady rain is mostly over that will continue. the commute will be easier the later you wait. if you head to the beach there is dangerous surf. we will talk about that in 10 minutes. it will be breezy if you are hiking and walk the dog. here is the golden gate bridge you can see it is -- but for written fulling. the winds are the big issue. around 20 miles per hour. that is the beginning for the
5:39 am
golden gate bridge. the forecast today, upper 50s to my 60s at best our warmest temperature. still breezy tomorrow and temperatures away from the coast in the 70s and 70s and 80s on saturday and that is not the warmest day. >> we have heads up for temperature ferry riders and a couple of cancellations toll at 8:40 a.m. and tomorrow at 4:00 and at 7:30 tomorrow and 5:30 you have a slow boat substituting so give yourself extra time because the remaining bets will be crowded pus of cancellations. 15 minute bart delay because of equipment problems and several golden gate bus cancellations. i have re-tweeted the departure destinations. metering lights are on at 5:30. stacked up to the overcrossing.
5:40 am
a 20-minute drive into san francisco from the back of line. we will check on the north bay drive if a couple of minutes. >> san francisco-based lyft is laurening a share ride option in the valley for a lower fare. it debuts in san francisco in 2014. the car pooling service accounts for 40% of all rides in cities where it is available. >> is apple working on a secret car? the possible new clues popping up in a sunnyvale neighborhood. >> how a local antiviolence group and marijuana dispensary group and marijuana dispensary is coming together to get g
5:41 am
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>> from houston, texas, a citizen city if surgery after being shot six times. it happened at 11:00 last night. the shooting happened after a female deputy made a traffic stop and called a male for help. the male was standing outside his colleague's patrol car and the suspect shot him. he was hit in the side and back. we are waiting to hear the condition. police say a man mapping the description of the suspect is being questioned. we will have updates at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> now the race for the white house, democrats are gearing up for the debate in new york city,
5:44 am
hillary clinton has a double digit lead over bernie sanders but the size of the competing rallies last night would make you think otherwise. 1,200 turnout for hillary clinton and 27,000 for bernie sanders. donald trump is telling supporters to fight against what he called a rigged republican system. the long time ally, roger stone, would help angry supporters find republican delegates at the convention. >> you will disclose the hotel and room numbers of the delegates directly involved in the steal. >> a new washington post/abc news poll found donald trump is the most unpopular top tier candidate in 30 years, trailing only former kkk leader david duke. >> the record setting night made it to the white house after the big win, president obama tweeted "con grabs to the warriors, a great group of guys on and off the court." if you take apple ipad one, you can see it.
5:45 am
he was congratulating them saying if someone had to break the bulls' record i am glad it is them. obviously people all over the country and the top map of the white house are excited about steph curry. >> and nation for basketball, a hollywood ending in los angeles, kobe bryant want out with a masterpiece last night in the final game. he scored 60 points against the jazz. he took 50 shots, 50 shots, guys, score 15 of the final 17 points including the go ahead jumper with 31 seconds left in the game. >> cannot movie how fast 20 areas went buy -- by. thank you from the bottom of my heart. i love you guys. i love you guys. i love you guys.
5:46 am
>> mamba out, 60 points, the most ever in a final game, the 6th team in his career these made 60 points. >> gold confetti wherever you were in california last night. >> amazing the way people lack at him has changed. especially this year because he has been so humble during the process and the decline in his skills may have humbled him but he accepted it and projected >> now a look to the future, no gold confetti but wet weather at 101 and 880. it is spotty in the south bay and i damned in you could see 101 and 880 toward the southeast heading down 101 toward 280 in orlando and tully road is where the light rain is.
5:47 am
steady rain heading to morgan hill and gilroy. now, the big picture shows to the north the heavy rain across washington and oregon. the low will slide to the east. with the wind around it it could back up a shower or two in the north bay and try to slide into the neighborhoods from the northeast to southwest. right new, though, it is quiet. you do not see the breezes that are developing today and lingering through tomorrow. damp this morning to isolated showers this afternoon and 10-20 degrees warmer this weekend. today we are below average from half moon bay at 57, san francisco at 59, richmond is 61 and san mateo and san jose 63, concord is 64. tonight, if you do not turn on the heater, grab an extra blanket, dress the kids warmer and you do not have to dress for
5:48 am
wet weather. we have been ranking the sto from storm-impact scale with the isolated shower the biggest issue that are developing to the noon hour. my seven-day outlook shows 70s at coast this weekend, 70s and 80s for the rest of the us. sigh? >> we will look at the golden gate bridge. it is looking good. four lanes in the southbound direction and traffic is at the lip across the span. slick roads so, so be careful. 101 has headlights and 80 is the overcrossing, with an accident northbound 101 beyond the express way and i am see slow traffic blocking the off-ramp so heads up. we will check back with that in a bit. traffic is flowing nicely with heave traffic from the central
5:49 am
valley for 45 minute drive into dublin/pleasanton and slow traffic westbound 4 building from pittsburg to bay point. a bart delay and we will update that in a couple of minutes. >> a major development project approved to move ahead in the east bay and what is next for the concord naval weapons station. >> an act of aggression, a maneuver by russian pilots and a tense confrontation caught on camera. >> coming up the reason a >> coming up the reason a passenger was
5:50 am
5:51 am
>> judge in oakland refused to drop a line requiring sex offenders to be identify on a
5:52 am
passport, saying the challenge is premature because details have not been developed. the plan could wrongly imply sex offer fenders engaged in sex traffic asking puts them in danger during travels. the goal is to notify kings -- countries. >> a major counter fitting ring has been busted. we were the first to break the news. 43-year-old is facing felony champions here and in virginia for manufacturing fake 20s and sending them to customers in different states. the sheriff seized this equipment and counterfeit bills in an apartment complex in cupertino. an employee was surprised to lend the operation was so close. >> it is crazy you would expect that here. you never know. >> it is estimated that he earned $100,000 a year from the
5:53 am
operation. he is held at santa jail. >> pot clubs is holding a gun guy back on saturday and medical marijuana dispensaries are donating the money $100 give were for handguns, $200 for assault weapons and more than 240 firearms were returned in last buy back in december. >> i am not into taking the second amendment just trying to get guns off the streets for those who erupting around robbing people or killing their pans. >> it is saturday at offices of united players if san francisco from 8:00 a.m. until noon. >> time for a radar update, if you are waking up in tracy and heading to the west you will pull into the dry air through the altamont pass in livermore.
5:54 am
the presses are an issue for all of us headed into the afternoon. we will jump up in the 10-20 miles per hour range at lunch and 20-30 into the afternoon and evening. until 8:00 tomorrow at the beach there is a risk of being swept into the ocean. we have snow in the sierra. i am expect 3-5". carry the chains. >> you need them traveling on 80 . there are chain requirements. not on 50 or 88. you can see where the snow is falling. we have a 15 minute bart delay because of a train taken out of service. several bus cancellations i have re-tweeted the new times. ace train one is five minutes late rolling into fremont.
5:55 am
we will look at ferry changes tomorrow just ahead. >> two weeks after tesla unveiled the model 3 electric car there is buzz of another car of the future that could be on the roads. there is a possible apple car, which has gotten the interest of people who own apple products. all the windows at this campus in sunnyvale are blacked out and people hear loud noises in the area. the move could be risky. >> if apple is serious, it is a long big road. they have a lot of work to do especially competing with existing automakers. >> it is possible they are not work open a car but building car technology to be used by other automakers. >> a close call for the united
5:56 am
states navy in the baltic sea. russian fighter jets flew 30' of the american destroyer not once but two dozen times. this is the most aggressive russian moves again the united states since the cold war ended. sailors kept sending radio messages but the piles -- the pilots ignored them. >> a passenger was escorted off a jetblue and is blaming this on post-traumatic stress disorder. >> i make $4 million a year. what did do you? >> he apologized for the actions that happen on friday on a flight from long beach to sacramento saying a motorcycle accident that break nearly every bone in his body causes him to go off. >> you are try. i am a loser. >> he and another man were taken off the flight. they were testified for alcohol and they testified below the legal blood limit.
5:57 am
for drive the but they were not driving. he received hundreds of threatening e-mails and had to shut down facebook account after getting 15,000 negative compensates. >> a list that anyone wants to rank high on, the newly released list of the worst jobs to have in 2016. the top five include newspaper reporter, logger, broadcaster, and disc jockey and enlisted military personnel. it is businesses on income, job outlook, stress and physical demands. our industry is not doing well open that list. >> we are getting word of a earthquake in japan and we are tracking what this means for tsunami and the g7 summit taking place. >> a plan to charge people to use beaches in sonoma is on hold. >> the warriors coverage >> the warriors coverage continues with special
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> dubs nation celebrating the big win. now they made history with 73 wins in a single season, they are looking ahead. the playoffs are coming up with a possibility of another championship. that is a picture from sutro tower. the pride is not just in oakland but san francisco city hall lit up in blue and gold. >> we are tracking the rain. we have everything you need to be aware of. this is video shows showers in downtown san jose, and the rain is moving out but you can still expect a wet commute. mike? >> yes, good observation. rain is starting to move out. you and see along 101


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