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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> exactly. you heard amy, stay out if you can. big-rig are allowed to use 880 to get around it. you can get back on at moot to get around this, you need to take the side street. avoid southbound 880. northbound is getting around fin. this is the big problem spot with the c.h.p. issuing sig-alert. it will be out there for quite some time. we have an accident in the northbound 680 at capital express way a car is off the road. mike? >> good morning, everyone. it is quieter. it is dry on live doppler hd. it will be a great day to be outside. visibility is very impressive. we have clean air. a lot of sunshine. it will be very strong sunshine. the strongest sunshine we have had. we start off cooler in the mid-40s to my 50s.
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at nearly 70 at the coast at 4:00 and this not the warmest day. i will show you the weekend trust ahead. >> new details this morning a map would led authorities open a chase from oakland to the east bay is new in custody. he crashed into c.h.p. cars in an attempt to get away. the suspect was brought down by a k-9. he suffered a dog bite. it started at 9:00 in oakland when the c.h.p. tried to pull him over for following too closely to other cars. he was backed for assault with a deadly weapon. >> another young girl said a concord dental assistant me lived her and likely not the last victim. officers arrested soro this month after he was acan youd of molest three other girls at the clinic when he worked at the
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dental office in the same city. >> there are probable a lot more victims that will be contacted. >> detectives say he touch the girls inrepeatedly and took videos of them inside a program used to take x-rays. >> bart is trying a new way to move homeless people out of the stations and get temperature help setting aside $50,000 to fund a participateship with san francisco's human services agency. it could bring members of the homeless outroach team to bart to help those who are looking for refuge in the station. the bart officers conduct the outresearch. the teams could do a better job. >> uber is looking for more office space, winning approval from the planning commission to build two new office buildings in mission bay, the last remaining vacant lots in the area with construction finished by 2019. uber will open up a bay area
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headquarters in oakland, as well. >> santa rosa police need your help to find a woman that stole a package in front of a home on the patio of the home she can be seen, white or hispanic at 30 years old with brown hair. they left in a newer model white pickup truck. a man was in the truck in the driver seat. if you have information on this, contact the santa rosa police. >> berkeley police need your help to catch a robber who target add 70 year old woman. this is surveillance video of the suspect's blue ford pickup. the man grabbed the bag from the victim's shoulder as he drove beyond her along the campus drive on monday. the victim fell and suffered minor injuries. >> the nba will discuss what to move the 2017 all-star game out of north carolina after they passed an antilgbt law. the local leader has a perfect police to move it: oracle arena. >> we have the dates available, so we would love to have the
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all-star game here. oakland city council member is poised to make her pitch to the n.b.a. >> an area with a long history of promoting diversity and inclusion with a large community of lgbt people and people who stand up for justice and he quality. >> she said oakland is the anecdote to north carolina, the state underfire after passage law that limits protections for lgbt people. the chair of oakland's pride said that she is on point. >> i implore n.b.a. representatives and anyone who whens it know, if oakland is a city that is $to come to oakland pride on september 11 because they will see beyond a doubt we are the city that they should be in. >> the game would bring big money to oakland, charlotte is estimating $100 million in economic impact. a managing partner at a tank said "bring it on." >> bringing the all-star game here gives us more exposure and great for the city. >> this fan worked at oracle arena and was always reminded of
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the last time they hosted the all-star game. >> there is a banner, and we still have the banner in 200030. before the warriors hell the record for the most wins. oakland, i am katie marzullo. >> golden state warriors report breaking three points is benefit ing a charity to fight malaria, steph curry had a deal with a group a few years ago agreeing to spend three reventing mosquito nets for every three pointer he made and they are thrilled with the outcome. the 402, three pointer means 1,2306 bed nets for families in africa. >> and game one of the playoffs has anticipation growing. share your photos on social media and we could show them on air or online at >> the warriors will take on the
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rockets and if do you not have a ticket we can take you there, the only place to watch the game. our coverage begins at noon. after the game, stay tuned for our show right here. larry and shumann will have coverage and announcements. >> the clouds are clearing and the winds will calm. look at napa and fairfield, 11 and 14 degrees cooler. in the east bay we are 45 in castro valley, and berkeley and young city, 49, and fremont, is friction and san leandro and oakland and alameda at 50-53 degrees. we have 50s long the peninsula and los gatos at 49, pleasanton is 45 and napa is 39. hope you brought the extra blanket, went you when to bed, sfo is friday, and folks are coming in to meet you, there should be in republican they can
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not get here open time. the tree pollen is moderate, mold spores are moderate and the u.v. index is high, the burn factor is quicker today. here is a look from the camera, it is breezy already around the bay and it will be as breezy as year, 70s away from the coast and san francisco, andity for most of us this weekend, and we will look at rest of the seven-day outlook coming up. sue? >> problems in hayward. to say the least they have opened a couple of lanes now, southbound 880, at "a" street an overturned big-rig that took out a street sign. that is down in the roads, a big green off-ramp signs. it will be before the big-rig is uprighted. the wine needs to be off loaded off the big-rig. take 580 to get around this and get back on at 92. that is out there for some time and amy hollyfield is on scene we will check back with her in a
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bit. guys? >> it was the most contentious debate yet. highlights from the d presidential debate. the reason bernie sanders is on his way to the vat condition. his way to the vat condition. >> go row is making a
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and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> frantic rescue operations are still underway in southern japan after the powerful 6.5 earthquake. the earthquake has killed nine people. it has left hundreds injured. it is feared more could be buried from collapsed building. it caused widespread damage causing portions of a castle to collapse. a bullet train derailed weapon the earthquake hit. japanese prime minister expressed condolences to the victims. >> now the race for president. the pivotal new york primary next week, and hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashed in their 9th debate this new york. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. wait, wait, wait. >> the divisions between hillary clinton and bernie sanders were on full display on cnn. from legal recollection for gun manufacturers. >> this is a serious difference between us.
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what i want to start by saying, it is fought a halving matter. 90 people on average a day are killed or exit suicide or die in accidents from guns. >> to the minimum wing fight. >> i have supported the fight for 15. >> i am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn you supported raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> the ongoing question of hick's relationship with the big banks. >> secretary hillary clinton caught them identity. my goodness, they must have been crush by this. is that before or after you received huge suchs of money? mrs. before was asked to name a decision where hillary clinton favored the bank. >> he cannot come up with an exam because there is no average. >> it went beyond policy to personal matters. >> president obama trusted my judgment enough to and me to be secretary. >> and the going john kasich and donald trump professioned
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affection for new york. >> thank you, new york, i love y. >> i am so proud to be discussing all sorts of topic but most importantly, new york values. >> also, dig at ted cruz. >> ted cruz has surveyed away from the state following his comments on new york values. he received a chilly responsibility many who continue their conversations and eating dinner during his remarks. >> all candidates will campaign today but for bernie sanders who is on a plane right now raveling to the vatican. he said he could not refuse an invitation to visit the have the can to talk about the world economy and essential justice delivering a ten-delay speech at a conference. bernie sanders said the pope's message of caring for others inspired him to make the trip. >> hillary clinton is back in the bay area, and will be at a high priced fundraiser with george clooney and his wife. hillary clinton is asking for
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$353,000 a couple for a chance to attend the event at the home of a venture capitalist. it is attended by the clooneys and hillary clinton will hold another event if los angeles tomorrow where the price is cheaper at $33,000 a person. >> huge mess on 880 if you are if the area you will went to avoid it. sue? >> we have sig-alert ised southbound 880 in hayward and they opened the far right lane southbound but that is not giving a lot of relief. a big-rig carries wine flipped over blocking all lanes for a time and there is a big street sign southbound if the lanes. northbound a couple of lane are blocked. or were blocked. now, northbound is getting by. you get off at san lorenzo and get back on 880 at 92 or take 580 and avoid all of it. it will be some time until it is
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cleared. a car is in the bushes northbound 680 at the expressway walnut creek is flowing nicely to 24 in walnut creek you are look at seven minutes. mike? >> good morning, the last couple of hours we can see clearing on live doppler hd. you will need the umbrella. walnut creek is at 50 degrees but on the way to 46 for a let this morning. desperately. sunny. breezy. warming begins today. the trend will peak on sunday with 80s at the coast. you can see the wind are quiet but for along the coast and in the north bay mountains. headed to noon, they will be 10-15 and maybe 20 miles per hour. they will pick up in the afternoon and evening. around 20-30. they will fall back off as we head through the evening. into the overnight.
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it is the last time we will talk about breezes for a while. milpitas and sunnyvale at 71 and gilroy 75. at the period walk in santa cruz, temperatures are the same as in san jose and palo alto at 72. the presses weapon us in the mid-60s in the coast and millbrae and san mateo at 68. everyone else is in the 70s. mid-to-upper 60s along the coast into san francisco and low-to-mid 72 through the north by valley along the east bay more richmond and berkeley at 70, and 73 in castro valley. 73 to 7 inland east bay neighbor. my seven-day forecast shows the 70's and 80s on sunday, the sea breeze kicks in on monday with sick, and the cooling spreads across the rest of the our neighbor next week. matt? yes, the community policing unit of the justice department is looking into san francisco police "use-of-force" policy said they are review complaints of racism and bias in a limited we. that is not the answer that activists wrapped to hear.
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the justice department provided an update into the san francisco police department yesterday. he said it includes reviewing aspects of the department's culture in lit of the racist and homophobic text messages but it is not "criminal," investigation. >> when this occurs the department should take steps to pick sure it is not part of a culture. >> when the investigation is over, he can only recommend changes to the department. the public defender wants the state tomorrow subsequent to investigate because it can order the department to implement reforms. >> critic call san mateo gopro go slow because it is in a slump. the camera for shooting big adventures is expanding to become the picture of prosperity in a warehouse on the water front, bmx bicycles and skate bars are everywhere and reporters are used to wielding a
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laptop are helping to swing a hockey stick. because of a little camera dreamed up by this give. he found gopro through his love of surfing. he wants it to be the camera for everything. >> we are exited about the developing program. they are working with 30 countries. >> to think of inventive solutions and bring them quickly to market. >> from first responders and s.w.a.t. teams. >> it integrityies gopro to night vision. all the camera allows us to break out of the traditional kiosk. >> there are new uses with few mention of the troubles. >> they laid off 7% of the work force and stocks 2:00 a tumble. >> we are not all dipping, extreme sports so to they want to sell more cameras they need
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more ways it use them. >> we want people not traditionally action camera users to be interested in the platform. >> this is a perfect example. >> parents of young children are capturing and sharing their development like crazy. >> bmw put an app open dashboard. >> it could be in the back, anywhere the customer wants. >> tools for the movie industry. >> let other people do this work for them. >> whatever accessory you buy >> whatever accessory you buy you have to to buy >> a circus show gone but, first, the money report. >> chicago pelt on the upswing. >> analysts say chicago pelt's food safety crisis will cost
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three years of earnings growth between 2014 and 2017 but after a string of e. coli outbreak the customers are expected to return. >> wrap for mcdonald's phasing the wraps out. >> they were supposed to attract health conscious con formers but they did not and they took a long-term to assemble. >> and the new favorite story including wegman's based on customer satisfaction and loyalty. >> and publix and trader joe's moves to third the first time in moves to third the first time in four years they
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♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. >> a plane was forced to make an emergency landing after hitting a bird. the flight from nashville to new york had to divert to west virginia. it landed safely in west virginia. the damage was caused to the windshield. the carrier rebooked 5 passengers on another flight. >> el nino did not pack the punch a lot of people hoped for. now this is concern over the possible follow-up. scientists have increased the chances that next winter will bring more dry conditions than nominal. water supply managers take the forecast interest account even after our wet winter, not so wet
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as people thought in favor of keeping drought restrictions in place. >> do not know what next year will bring, it could be another dry year. >> they can be dry some years, wet other years, but experts say that it is too early to know which this will be. >> we have the overturned big-rig on 880 and i will update that, but, first, ferry changes for the lack spur ferry, 7:30 a.m., and 5:30 p.m. 8 be the spalding, the slow boat. 8:30 and 4:00 are canceled so the surrounding better busy. 30 bart trains on time with to delays and no cancellations for the degree going buses. ace rain coming interest vasco leaving with no problems. the big-rig blocking the lanes, when lane getting by southbound and two lanes blocked in the northbound direction you will want to take 580 and we will update this in a few.
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>> mike? good morning, everyone. we have issues at coast but only until 8:00 this morning. weapon the dangerous waves go away, that is when the warming is going to take over so do not worry about it this weekend. dip director to. in the cool water, the low-to-mid 50s. the world chasms fake on the a's so have the hoodie. mid-to-upper 70s through the central valley and los angeles and 85 in palm advantages and lake tahoe is 48. look out warm it is going to be in lake tahoe the next several days. mid-to-upper 60s. our average high is only 54. matt? >> this is for part of the land for a sick cuss act. in virginia, this is a terrible accident a bmx bicycler was heard during a ringling brothers performance, the accident is seen here happening, a bicker comes down on his head and folk watching this say it appears the
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tire pop. a medical team arrived and helped him out and the bicycler was taken to the hospital and is expected it survive. >> if you are trying to drop a few l.b.'s, if you can make it a year it could be smooth saying from there. researchers in citizen mack fund it is easier to keep the weight off if you maintain the official weight loss for a year. it takes that long to retrain your body how to reprocess food. after 12 months your body is no long are fighting again but you working with you. >> when you little everything is a big deal especially if you have a little brother or sister open way. watch right now the adorable reaction by two sisters when they found out the gender of their future sibling. >> it is blue. >> i wanted pink. i wanted mink --
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>> three-year-old embrace is not so excited as her sister about future baby where or, wraps, just a color preference. this video was posted last year so by now they have their where if their lives and his name is grant born in october. according to their summer, everything is from. the two sisters despite color preferences love their baby where. they love cupcakes more. >> at pack am, an ambitious san francisco startup is calling it quits. >> an overturn big-rig in hayward has shut down a section of southbound 880.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> 5:00 am. i am reggie aqui. >> i am here for natasha zouves and i am matt keller. in hayward big-rig is making a mess of the commute. amy hollyfield is having trouble getting to the scene. what are you seeing? >> we made it. we made it. 42 minutes. it took us 42 minutes to get through this congestion. look what is happening behind me. the tow truck operator is here.


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