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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and good morning, i'm chris ngyen. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, chris. it's lard to believe we have a 30-degree warmup again today but when you see this you understand why. it's a wig ridge of high pressure allowing not only for us to be cloud free today but the winds shifting to an offshore component. 54 san jose. 40s from san jose to morgan hill. oakland 57 degrees. yesterday you managed 80 and today in san francisco numbers climbing through the 70s. and we could even see a few 80s at our local beaches.
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it's 51 concord, 48 livermore and cool, mid-40s over the north bay. so from mt. tam you can see how nice it is here. we will look for temperatures to climb to near 80 by noontime. low to mid-80s for most and still kind of warm for your monday. chris. >> lisa, thank you. breaking overnight in sonoma county. one man is dead after the car he was driving in crashed into a pole. it happened just after 1:00 oven northbound highway 101 at the central windsor off ram in windsor. the passenger was pinned inside and died at the scene. the driver was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. officers say alcohol and speed are being investigated in the crash. >> developing news out of contra costa county. in concord, an explosion last night is being investigated on clayton way you as a result of hash oil extraction. hash oil is made from marijuana. according to our media partner, the east bay times, residents in the area said they heard an explosion and saw big flames coming from the house.
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concord fire and police are investigating the cause. the search for two teenagers last seen in the turbulent pacific off ocean beach will not resume today. firefighters in boats, coast guard and helicopters spent hours scouring the water yesterday. the two teens are presumed to have drowned. abc news reporter sergio quintana has more. >> they searched for more than four hours but at dark the search was suspended. >> if they were big, strong guys with wet suits, you know, we would -- maybe there's some hope there, but this is a difficult case. >> the young men are from vallejo. when their families arrived at the command center, they were told the chances for survival were not good. a total of five young men were swept into the water. three managed to get out alive. >> we were very stressed and in shock. it was very hard to see them in
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that state. >> according to the fire department, the five young men were in the water up to their knees and had interlocked their arms to stay together, but the currents were still too strong. the three that survived got out several yards from where they first went in. one woman watched as they did -- were checked out by paramedics. she said neighbors know to be careful at this beach. >> when the waves are like this, it looks harmless but as the a tide comes in wave after wave, it has a bad undertow it. stretched over six miles and included a coast guard helicopter and a few boats. firefighters spent hours perched atop their ladders turned into observation hours. it was the 12th search this year and in the end the two young men were not found and the search will not resume. in san francisco. abc7 news. developing news out of ecuador this morning. officials have sent 10,000 armed forces to the zone hit by the strongest earthquake the latin american country has seen in decades.
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you can see the violent shaking inside a department store all caught on a cell phone camera. the shaking continued for nearly one minute. the quake killed at least 77 people spread throughout three cities on the country's central coast. here's a look at some of the early damage, including cars flattened like pancakes. this one here you see the driver was killed. there's now a tsunami threat along the coast of ecuador. this morning officials say u.s. military aircraft are helping in an effort to speed relief supplies to japanese communities devastated by two earthquakes that killed 42 -- 41 people. 32 died in a magnitude 7.2 quake yesterday and nine others died with a 6.5 quake on thursday. 400,000 homes are without drinking water and another 200,000 don't have electricity. nearly 100 people are still
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thought to be trapped and landslides caused by rains are slowing down rescue efforts. japan's had also started erupting after the quakes. >> back home, developing news out of the south bay this morning, a man wag was killed in a drive-by shooting off story road last night. according to our media partner, the victim was a 19-year-old man. several suspects walked up to the young man, shot him and then drove off. this was the city's 12th homicide of the year. last year at this time san jose recorded 8 homicides. 6:305 is our time. take a look at this video. you can see san jose police officers moving in on a suspect here who refused to surrender. that man thought with the police dog just moments earlier. last night's standoff forced officers to evacuate nearby businesses along north capital avenue.
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officers spent about three hours urging the man to surrender. it finally ended when they used a taser. san jose residents voiced their frustration after a fire hydrant failed to work after a townhome. they battled the flames along sugar creek drive before 5:00 last night. this is capital expressway and silver creek road. they said the two nearest hydrants failed to work. >> they had to hook up six inch lines on silver creek to bring water here to put this fire out. and we have a fire hydrant less than 50 feet away. >> nobody was hurt. the red cross is helping three adults and a child driven from their home by the fire. investigators are trying to determine what sparked the flames. a well-known winemaker died yesterday in yount mill. denis malbac back was driving on washington street in napa when his car went off a road and hit a fence and trees. it happened around 1:10 saturday morning near highway 29. malbac was pronounced dead at
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the scene. another winemaker, josh phelps, was the passenger in the car. he was not hurt, but taken to the hospital as a precaution. the chp said it's unknown if drugs or alcohol were involved. a u.c. berkeley student wants an apology from one of american's best known airlines for kicking him off a flight for something he said on the phone. abc7 news reporter lisa has the details. >> this is video of a man asking u.s. secretary general a question at a special world affairs council dinner in los angeles on april 5th. the next day the southwest airlines frequent flyer boarded a flight from lax to oakland. he was on the phone with his uncle in baghdad and said the common arabic expression meaning "god willing." that's when he noticed another passenger eyeing him and a minute later he was yanked off the plane. she told security he was using jihadist language.
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>> they degraded me as a human, and they believed or thought he was a terrorist. >> the normally gregarious student was scared, questioned, searched and intimidated for 40 minutes by the fbi and airport security. >> he said you need to be honest with us. you have said something, they listened and pulled me out for no reason and there should be a procedure. >> according to a southwest airline statement, the company wouldn't remove a passenger without a collaborative decision rooted in an established procedure. he said he wants the airline to apologize and he also vows never to fly southwest again. abc7 news. a. >> 6:08, the time. starting off the run for a second straight championship with a win. the warriors beat the rockets yesterday 104-78. that was at oracle arena. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has fan reaction to the big win and the injury scare for the reigning mvp.
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[cheers and applause] >> game one, an easy victory by the dub nation over the houston rockets. >> awesome. the rockets are awful. >> but you can't please every fan. >> i think this game is boring. they are beating everybody by 30 points. that's not a game anymore. what do you think? >> i think they did so great they are the warriors for a reason! yes! >> some fans concerned about an ankle injury that sent steph curry to the locker room late in the game. >> before, like back in the season, he came back right after that so i'm not too concerned about that. >> debbie is wearing in gold jacket on loan from her super son oliver, better known as the gold suit man at every game. >> you are standing in for your son today? >> i am. i'm making sure the warriors feel the love. >> scoring tickets to game one. the playoffs is almost impossible. >> i remember the days i could
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not give away tickets. it finally paid off. >> now you can't get one. >> now you can't get one! >> game two on monday. go warriors. at oracle, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> you really can't escape all the excitement surrounding the warriors. abc7 news viewers are sharing their fan photos with us. we would love to see your warriors pride. post your photos #dubson7 and we might use them on air or online. 6:10 is our time. i had a tough time yesterday with the warm temperatures, but it will be even warmer today. >> i know. i was thinking yesterday was the pick kay because certainly today will be toasty. highers higher in most neighborhoods. a brilliant 66 degrees right now. how about another 20 to 22 degrees of warming? yeah, unfortunately. that's just in san francisco. we've got even upper 80s elsewhere. but we do have a cool-down and rain, as well. we will have the forecast next.
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>> thanks, lisa. also next, it seemed like a scene out of a movie. a rooftop to rooftop chase in san francisco ends with a four-story fall on to a car. >> incredible dancer? >> i don't know if people are going to believe you. >> some presidential advice for steph curry. the story behind this video that went viral and ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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>> sounds like a scene from an old crime movie. police chasing a burglar across rooftops in san francisco. that's what happened in nob hill yesterday morning. alyssa harrington spoke with the victim and has more on the bizarre chase. >> it was very scary. >> tiffany was asleep when around 8:40. >> i will heard this banging on the door, and all of a sudden someone was in my apartment. >> a stranger armed with a gun broke down her front door and entered her apartment. police were close behind. they chased him through the roofs and across the tops of several buildings. they say he tried to fell to a tree to escape but fell three stories landing on a park car. >> people said they woke up to the sound of a large thud. when they came outside this is what they found. >> frantic moments of the bizarre police were broadcast on police radio. >> he has a gun! >> i just heard screaming, i heard someone like running down the street screaming. >> the suspect's crime spree started this morning.
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he's accused of breaking into homes on leavenworth streets and pacific avenue and gaining access through the roofs. >> he cut through some plastic, construction plastic, and went into one of the apartments and then broke through and came out and while the police was taking a report for that they saw him running down this way and he had a gun. >> he held one victim up at gunpoint. police say he also pointed the gun at them. a man was hurt and is at the hospital. when he's out, he will be booked into jail. in san francisco, alyssa harrington, abc7 news. warrior star steph curry might not need the advice you are about to see on shooting hoops. >> the release, make sure it's on your fingertips. >> i like to shoot lefty. >> you can try this. >> only one shot at this. >> but building volcanoes, that might be another sorry. steph curry is getting some advice from president obama. the white house released the
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video on facebook yesterday. the white house is urging people to mentor young people as part of the my brothers people campaign. if you recently had your car brakes replaced, there's a good chance of helped make water quality better and didn't even know it. >> this is a story touched off by a team that was trying to solve a longstanding mystery. >> back in the early 1990s, it was clear san francisco bay had a copper problem. >> parts of the bay couldn't even be fished. the fish were so full of copper that they were not fit for human consumption and they were trying to figure out where the copper was coming from. >> larry owns an auto shop in mountain view. scientists looked at everything from rain gutters to rat poison until auto mechanics helped connect the dots. >> we noticed the brake pads had copper in them. >> the companies that make the break pads keep their formulas secret, but the mechanics noticed copper, and it turned
6:17 am
out to be the clue. >> every time we brake, it little dust ends up on the roads. >> that brake dust is full of copper. rain washes it down storm drains, and then it storms into creeks and out into the bay. meredith williams is with the state department of toxic substances. >> getting the copper out of our water is really important. it's a toxic to aquatic species from the bottom of the food chain and all the way up. >> storm water treatment agencies, environmental groups and brake companies teamed up to research the problem. thant led to laws in california and washington state phasing out copper and other heavy metals from all brake pads by the year 2025. a lot of brake companies already taking action. >> 40% of the brakes on the market already comply with the goals that were set for the year 2025. larry's auto works have been installing the new pads for more than five years. they cost about the same as the old ones.
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>> there's no copper, nothing glinting back at you. >> up to now compliance has been voluntary but early next year california will finalize mandatory requirements. in the meantime you can help speed things up. >> certainly wouldn't hurt if more people were aware and more people asked their mechanics for these kind of brakes. >> many mechanics may not know about the new low copper brake pads yet, but they are available for most cards. the leaf symbols on the box so what level of heavy metals is in the pads. this one with three dark leaves is best for the environment. kristen sze, abc7 news. national park visits are free this week and if you are going to yosemite prepared to be wowed. the combination of intense rainfall this spring and snowmelt has made the waterfalls quite impressive. and hopefully we have some rain in the forecast. >> we do. we could see close to a half
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ininch some spots. i know you probably don't believe it on friday. things are changing and today the changes come at the coast and the city. you are going to feel the warmth today. 68 yesterday. half moon bay will be as much as five degrees warmer there at least with very, very little breeze. here's live doppler 7hd and it is clear. we are tracking a huge dome of high pressure that will stay with us through early next week. the storm track well to the north and it's all about the wind shift here. temperatures are going to soar. there's no wind at all right now. it is calm and what wind we get will be out of the east and very, very light. as we check out our morning temperatures, typically cool with 45 had in half moon bay. we have 50 san jose. 53 in mountain view. 57 oakland, 56 san francisco. you go up about a thousand feet and we've got 60. so warmer air certainly in the higher elevations and down where that cooler air drains into our valleys. we've got chilly, mid-40s for
6:20 am
you in novato, napa, santa rosa. it's 47 by the delta and the winds, there really aren't any at all. we will heat up quickly. we have high pressure pushing down on the atmosphere. mid-80s will become kind of widespread from much. our east bay where yesterday we were about 80 livermore and 48 right now. but we have temperatures that although they feel cool, you are still anywhere from two to four degrees warmer from mountain view. hayward, san jose and some of the valleys here are cool but look at half moon bay. 7 degrees cooler. from mt. tam, nice looking picture here if you can get to the coast that will be the place to be because it will be very pleasant, even though with the warmer weather today you will still be in the 70s in some spots. but some beaches could hit about 80 degrees. now very little wind up in point reyes, we will be in the upper 70s. pretty rare. slightly cooler tomorrow at the coast as the sea breeze kicks up. then we are looking at
6:21 am
widespread rain showers late thursday, into your friday morning commute. that's certainly some good news. the beach hazard statement is extended until 9:00 tonight where sneaker waves certainly are a likelihood from sonoma to monterey with the long period swells. dangerous here. with all the sunshine and mild temperatures at the beaches, wow. but look at the water temperature, just 55 degrees. we are looking at numbers from the low 70s half moon bay. and mid-70s monterey. as we go through the rest of the week, the first area of low pressure could bring us sprinkles on wednesday. you might sleep through that. thursday cloudy and cooler but by friday morning check it out. we have rain even as far south as the central coast. so that's certainly something to look forward to. we will look for highs today from the mid-80s in san jose. look at all the 80s on the peninsula. redwood city, mountain view 84. 78 downtown. look at the or ranks from santa rosa to sonoma.
6:22 am
low to mid-80s. about 83 castro valley. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring that warmth today and then a slight cool down at the coast, looking at more typical weather midweek, a 1 on the storm impact scale for friday and drying out next weekend. >> thank you. coming up next, we usually play in front. thousands but a different sort of show from metallica.
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country of ecuador overnight. it's the third big event in three days in what's known as the ring of fire, the hot zone that circles the pacific ocean. as rescuers desperately search for survivors. we have the latest from both ecuador and va pan. politics, donald trump feeling the sting of defeat, losing all of 149 delegates in wyoming to ted cruz overnight. and meanwhile sold out events in california for clinton hosted by george clooney. we will break it all down. and look at this mechanic at a car dealership in california. caught red-handed taking a customer's car out for a joyride. the story and how to protect
6:26 am
your story. it's all coming up soon. ♪ >> less than 400 lucky metallica fan got to hear the hall of fame heavy metal group up-close and personal yesterday. this is video from a live stream on their facebook page. the band performed in berkeley yesterday. fans had to win a chance to get a ticket and the performance was part of record store day. ♪ >> beyonce fans, time to get information. the pop star released this 16 second teaser of a world premiere event entitled lemonade. there's no word on what lemonade could be but fans have been talking about it since last month calling it a short film. it premieres a saturday night on hbo. the singer is getting ready for her formation world tour that will come to the bay area in one month at levi's stadium. much more ahead on abc7 morning news. we told you earlier about the
6:27 am
deadly earthquakes in japan. next hear a survivor describe a terrifying moment as his home violently shook. and a girl that is changing hearts and minds about autism. ♪ ♪
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>> thanks for joining us, i'm chris nguyen.
6:30 am
we are starting with a quick a look at the forecast. here's lisa argen. she's tracking the weather where you live. >> hi, chris. today is the warmest day of the week with widespread 80s. even the beach is getting close to 80 degrees in some spots. 56 in san francisco. it's only 45 at half moon bay. 48 morgan hill. we have 353 mountain view, 54 in san jose. sfo you see the clear sky on the peninsula today. you see low 80s from redwood city to san mateo. and napa in the 40s. concord 51. nor warmth spreading into our inland valleys today. yesterday you were about 80 degrees. today in the mid, maybe even up early 80s for you. low 80s around the bay. and another a's game to the and up early 70s to near 80s at the coast. chris. >> lisa, thank you.
6:31 am
this morning rescue and recovery efforts continue in japan after two earthquakes devastated the same region in less than 48 hours. the death toll stands at 41 with about 1500 injured. abc news reporter ty hernandez has the story. >> the desperate efforts to find life under the rubble where people used to live and work. the one-two punch of two earthquakes in two days has staggered the region. the second quake killing dozen and injuring thousands and displacing nearly 100,000. among them, an american teacher, zachary. >> it was really violent. everything fell out of my refrigerator, all my furniture. everything was breaking. >> he escaped and made it to? shelter. >> there was a moment i thought i was going to die. there was a moment i thought this was it. >> but the quick was too quick for others. this college dormitory pancaked
6:32 am
and the second floor crushes the first. two people killed and others trapped inside. the 94-year-old woman had to be cut from the ruins of her home with chainsaws. it wasn't clear whether rescuers reached her in time. other buildings potential death traps. hundreds others without electricity and water. troops have been sent in. and hundreds lined up here for bags of rice balls. with rainfall now setting off mudslides and hampering rescues, some of the stranded have to be airlifted. a military helicopter plucking this little girl to safety. the pressing question, how many more are trapped? rescue efforts are pushing forward. now time is the biggest enemy. abc news, new york. >> now to the race for the white house and the fight for those all-important new york delegates next tuesday. gop frontrunner donald trump is taking aim at the primary process calling it up fair after ted cruz won all the delegates in wyoming yesterday. it happened at a party convention just like in colorado.
6:33 am
while stumping in his home state of new york, trump had this to stay. >> the system is rigged, it's a bad system, it's a dirty system. >> democrat bernie sanders is also back in new york after a trip to the vatican and a quick meeting with the pope. hillary clinton spent yesterday in los angeles raising money, including at a hollywood fundraiser at george clooney's home. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will join george stephanopoulos. "this week" airs at 8:00 a.m. this morning on abc7. >> this morning a maryland community is mourning a firefighters who was shot after a call for help. the 47-year-old father was killed and the second injured. they are trying to determine if it was an accident or an attack. we have the story. >> two firefighters shot. >> two firefighters shot in the line of duty, trying to help someone. authorities say a man called 911
6:34 am
friday evening, worried his diabetic brother might be having a medical emergency in his maryland home. they say they knocked, but got no answer. then attempting to enter, gunfire blasting through the front door. >> the individual inside the home fired a number of rounds, striking two firefighters. >> the firefighter medic dying soon after. >> i am so sad. it's hard to describe. it's a sorrow. it's unbelievable. >> 19-year-old kevin, a volunteer firefighter, shot four times. >> investigators in maryland saying they are trying to determine whether this was a tragic accident or something more sinister. >> will it ever end? god, i hope so. but at the end of the day, the men and women of public safety are going to be there when the community needs us. >> gloria rivera, abc news, washington. >> the tampa bay rays covered a gap in their stayed hadium's netting after a woman was hit by a foul ball.
6:35 am
a woman was hit by this ball off the bat of stephen suza jr. friday night. she was struck in the eye and is it stable condition this morning. here's what the gap was and what it looked like. over the winter the league asked teams to suspend the nets by several feet after people were hit by balls and bats. >> words have power, and one-fourth grader sure knows how to use them. you are about to meet a little nine-year-old girl that's changing minds and hearts about autism. here's abc news reporter john don van. >> for most kids it takes courage to say i'm different so kudos to this fourth grader for the things she said at a school assembly the other day in three words. >> i have autism. >> i have autism. >> a fact about herself that the nine-year-old has decided to share, five years after her mom and dad were first told the diagnosis. she said i'm like you, but i'm different. >> i sometimes clap my happened when i get excited or
6:36 am
overwhelmed. i don't always make eye contact when i should and i don't always know when someone is being serious or joking. >> publicizing a definition that under today's quite expansive definition of autism includes girls like her, but it also includes individuals who will never speak at all, children and adults. >> people with autism have brains that work so hard and process so much so fast that they cannot even walk or talk. >> but here's what she said she wants for all of them and herself too, to be accepted and to belong. >> to be able to share that with her friends and to be learning with her friends as she goes along i think is incredible for all of them. >> she called autism her superpower. this is for sure, she is super strong and we won't be surprised some day to see her soar. abc news. groundbreaking surgery at ucsf medical center. a texas man has undergone the first-ever elbow to elbow transplant.
6:37 am
reggie cook fell asleep at the wheel seven years ago. is +1 is +# +# +# +# an accident that left him a +# quadriplegic. he can't use his left arm. at first he suggested a surgeon cut it off but then he had a better idea. and i said, you know, this arm paralyzed, an can we possibly use the elbow from this? and then a light went off in the doctor's head. >> doctors plan to remove his left arm, then transplant that elbow into his right arm. he said the use of his right arm will give him something he dearly craves, his independence. >> still ahead, go pro shows us how it is counting on outside developers to give it a new image and more business. but first a live look outside from the golden gate bridge camera. good luck to everyone taking part in today's presidio 10k race. some are already starting to gather. question will have the forecast in a few minutes.
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happening today ahead of tomorrow's 110th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake, the san francisco fire department is holding a disaster response day. firefighters, along with the neighborhood emergency response team, or nert, will practice
6:41 am
their search and rescue techniques. this is video from a previous drill. it's a campaign to better prepare for the next big disaster. the event starts at 8:30 this morning at marina middle school. you 6:41 the time. >> getting a check of the weather. >> the peninsula, sfo, gorgeous out there. 54 degrees. how about 83 in palo alto today? so 30 degrees of warming for you. san mateo 81 and all the beautiful beaches on the san mateo coast in the upper 70s to near 80 with just a very, very light puff of wind. we will talk details and a very, very interesting seven-day outlook next. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, the best kept secret in bay area sports. the sharks battle the kings in l.a., hoping to steal the first two games. the stanley cup playoff series. mike shumann
6:42 am
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in sports the giants and dodgers battle tonight in l.a. the rivals won't face each other again until mid-june after playing seven of the thirteen against each other. first place on the line at dodger stadium. you can watch it on our sister network. >> this morning the warriors are schedule today practice at their team facility in downtown oakland.
6:45 am
everyone will be waiting to see how steph curry's right ankle is after he rolled it during yesterday's game in of the victory against the rockets. here's mike shumann with the highlights of this morning's sports report. >> good morning. the one thing that could derail the warriors championship run is a key injury and that was the fear after the warriors blew out the rockets. that was in game one. playoff series. but steph curry limped off. beverly tried to get physical with curry early on. and it's on in a hurry. double technicals. steph 16 in the first quarter. stops and pops the 3. second quarter. dubs up 18. second quarter steph turns and shoots. splash! 24 for steph. two minutes left. steph misses the shot, tweaks his right ankle. you see him hobble off the court. he played only three minutes of the second half and he's questionable for game two on monday. >> i was like a kid in time-out over there on the bench. just probably didn't have a great face, frustrated because. the actions right there in fronts of me and i couldn't be a part of it anymore.
6:46 am
those guys did their job down the stretch. >> the best kept secret in bay area sports, sharks playoff hockey. they beat the l.a. kings in game one. game two last night at staples. this is the sharks sixth consecutive playoff game against the kings and little joe pavelski continues to find the back of the net. the third of the playoffs right here. the sharks take the 1-0 lead after one. former king martin jones coming up big in the second period and denies jeff carter. they get one on the power play. but jonathan quick gone, and logan couture, empty netter. the sharks take the lead with the 2-1 series lead. game three at the tank on monday. >> one of the best rivalries in baseball, about giants and dodgers going at it down south. the g-men with a three-game losing streak but johnny cueto took care of that. giants wasted no time getting on the board. second batter of the game, joe panik, base hit. giants up 1-0.
6:47 am
and he gave up 4 runs open 7 hits, walked 4. top of four, brandon crawford, runners on the corner. hits the ground-rule double. lucky for him punter pence scores. 2-0. plenty of support for cueto. he went 7 1/3 innings. belt another run in the fifth. bases-loaded single. joe panic will score and the giants hold on for the 4-3 victory, ending a three-game slide. at the colliseum, the dubs and a's going at it. the single back up. 1-0 k.c. josh reddick with two men on, out of here. his third home run of the year. a's up 3-1. he threatens in the fifth.
6:48 am
he goes 6 innings, 2 runs, second hit of the year. 5-3, your final. that's the way the ball bounces. see you tonight's at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> breaking news in san francisco. about 6,000 pg&e customers are affected right now by a power outage. it was reported about an hour ago. it's affecting nob hill, russian hill, telegraph hill, pacific heights and fishermen's worth. pg&e estimates power being restored around 8:45 this morning. the san francisco fire department dispatchers say they also responded to a transformer fire after the outages were reported. 6:48 and our time. lisa argen is here now with the full accuweather forecast. >> very warm day today with temperatures coming up. five, maybe ten degrees. an offshore flow and live doppler 7hd showing nothing on it at all. we will be tracking a big dome of high pressure. the center of it over us right now. it shifts slightly to the east tomorrow. just enough to give us a sea breeze and then it's all about two areas of low pressure. one will cool us off perhaps
6:49 am
bringing us sprinkles wednesday morning. of the second one widespread rain showers, if you can believe it, by friday. golden gate bridge view where it's cool on the north bay. 51 about mountain view, 54 san jose. 56 in the city and 57 across the bay. could see a record from oakland today to the peninsula. this is the east bay hills camera. mid-and upper ohl #* 80s common for you today. that's about 30 degrees warmer than you are right now. really the changes come with those upper elevations, the warmth above the 1,000 feet. mid-60s. not a lot of wind but the down-sloping winds and pressure open the atmosphere allowing for the quick warm time before noontime. the the exploratorium camera looks nice now. sunny and warmer for everyone. sea breeze tomorrow and widespread rain showers for everyone on friday. until 9:00 tonight very
6:50 am
dangerous surf. point reyes upper 70s. just a puff of a breeze there. montara looking at very dangerous surf, as well as has been moon bay. check out the lack of winds and the direction. it's offshore. barely anything out there all day long so that will aid in the warmup. highs around the bay today look for the 70s early on in half moon bay. maybe a little warmer. could be conservative on that. 81 palo alto. a warmer day today. that worked well yesterday for the a's. today maybe another win with 81 at 1:00. here's what is really going to surprise you, sprinkles wednesday, clouds thursday and then cooler and look at that! we are looking at rain showers at 1:00 come friday. and for the morning commute it will be soggy. looks like it will last throughout the day, perhaps a half-inch of rain in san francisco for friday. and it will take us all the way down to the central coast.
6:51 am
the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring mid, upper 70s perhaps on the coast, upper 80s inland and tomorrow the only change you are going to see or feel is on the coast. maybe some 60s by late day. the ting is back on tuesday. a sprinkle maybe on wednesday. but then isolates more like seasonal temperatures wednesday, thursday. a 1 on the storm impact scale for friday. that's the rain that just kind of appeared in our forecast models. and then by saturday it looks like we are going to dry out. so my lawn will love it. a little rain a couple weeks ago was just bonus. it also cut out the allergies and pollens so that will be good as well. >> looking forward to the cool-down. the little camera for shooting big adventures but lately bay area go pro has been in a little bit of a slump. as jonathan bloom explains, the camera company is looking to change that.
6:52 am
>> bmx bikes and skate boards are everywhere and reporters used to wielding a laptop are learning to swing a hockey stick. all because of a little camera dreamed up by this guy. nick woodman founded go pro for his own love of surfing. it's become the camera for sports of all kinds. now he wants it to be the camara for everything else. >> we are excited about the developer program. >> they are working with more than 30 companies. >> to think of inventive solutions that is incorporate a go pro and quickly bring them to market with our support. >> from first responders and s.w.a.t. teams. it basically takes a go pro and integrates into night vision technology. >> to photo booth company fox tail. >> it allows us to break it out of the traditional kiosk. >> they are finding new uses with few companies of the company's troubles. >> they laid off about 7% of their workforce. >> the truth is we aren't all doing extreme sports all the time so if go pro wants to tell more strategies, they have to give people more ways to use them.
6:53 am
>> this developers program is to get people who are not traditionally action camera users to be interested in the platform. >> this is a good example. >> parents of young children are capturing their children's growth like crazy. to be in the back, anywhere the customer wants it. >> apps for smart glasses and tools for the movie industry. and the ingenious part? >> and they are letting other people do the work for them. >> because whatever accessory you buy, you have to buy a go pro to go with it. abc7 news. >> up next, a huge lego city in a northern california shop. why the owners are combining legos with coffee.
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>> welcome back, everyone. here are the winning numbers from last night's $205 million power play drawing. nobody picked all six numbers so wednesday night's jackpot jumped to $227 million. new this morning, one coffee shop is getting attention for more than just lattes, it's the collection of thousands of legos that took years to put together. it's a collection in what's up coffee shop in grass valley. anyone who brings in legos, old or new, will get a free drink and the offer is good until this friday. as for the weather, maybe today will be a good day to get appear
6:57 am
ice coffee? >> totally. warmer temperatures all around the bay. i want to clarify. the breezy there is not going to happen. take that off. sorry. we are looking at very, very light winds. in fact maybe 5, 10 is miles an hour later on today and it will be out of the east. we will see low 80s in oakland, possibly a record. perhaps around mountain view with low 80s to mid-80s. 84 in santa rosa and the accuweather seven-day forecast just as warm tomorrow except at the coast, where it should be breezy late in the afternoon. and them tuesday we are looking at increasing clouds, maybe a sprinkle wednesday. we are getting more clouds and a more organized system open friday. a 1 on the storm impact scale and widespread rain. >> thank you, for carolyn tyler lisa argen, i'm chris ngyen. "good morning america" is next. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. see you then.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight. another earthquake. a powerful shaker strikes ecuador. the strongest in decades. the urgent rescue efforts going on right now. and after double quakes in japan, it's the same tragic scene. the destruction, incredible. >> every house you see in this neighborhood is obliterated. every one of them pancaked right on top of itself. >> the update on this miracle baby. and could the next big quake hit the u.s.? spring snowstorm. colorado socked with heavy, wet snow. whiteout conditions. driving treacherous. hundreds of flights cancelled. plus, the severe weather in the plains. the hail, flooding, and tornadoes. what's in store for the week ahead? and playing politics. democrats sp


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