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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. and that breaking news is in hayward right now. this is sky 7 hd over the b.a.r.t. tracks over the south hayward b.a.r.t. station where it appears a new b.a.r.t. railcar delivered to the agency earlier this month has crashed. it hit a pile of dirt on what's known as a tail track, one not used for service. we want to emphasize that. part of the car has gone off the tracks. you can see it wedged into the dirt right there. we just got off the phone with b.a.r.t. they're telling us this is part of the testing process for the new fleet. nobody was hurt. the train was not in service at the time. it was traveling only 5 to 10 miles an hour when it hit that pile of sand and dirt. we are closely following this story and bring you updates during this newscast and through twitter. a northbound caltrain has hit a person in palo alto. this is also breaking right now.
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this just happened right after 3:00 near alma avenue and el camino know royale. 155 is stopped often the tracks nearby. the victim has been taken to the hospital. the condition not known. caltrain says passengers can expect delays during the afternoon commute. good afternoon and thank you for joining us today. >> let's get to the weather. a rainy morning and the windshield wipers working hard in the north bay. this is lucas valley road in san rafael earlier today. >> in berkeley it was a similar scene, rain pelted the intersection of bancroft way and telegraph avenue to the far from cal's campus. >> slick roads along eastbound interstate 80 caused a car to spin out of control and overturn near magazine street. the driver was take ton the hospital with only minor injuries. taking a live look outside right now from our mt. tam camera. this is how it looks, not too bad. you can see some clearing there. spencer christian is here with our first look at our accuweather forecast.
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>> we're seeing a little clearing but we've had quite a bit of rain. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. the sun is breaking through and we have gusts up to there miles per hour right now at sfo, 29 in san jose, 25 at livermore, 29 at fairfield 30 at napa and wire going to have windy conditions for a while now. rainfall totals looking generous in some spots, over 1.7 inches at mt. st. helena, ben lomond over half inch, san francisco. 0.7 across the bay in oakland. here is our forecast animation starting at 5:00 p.m. there are still wet spots for the afternoon/evening commute though rain is tapering off. as we get into the late night hours, you can see showers continue to diminish, though we can see spotty or isolated showers overnight into late tomorrow. but it should be all over generally speaking by late-night tomorrow. looks like it will be a dry day. but we have more gusty winds.
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tell you all about that in my accuweather seven-day forecast in a moment. >> spencer, thank you. there was intense weather in the central valley today, damaging winds knocking down trees across madera, just northwest of fresno. trees also came down on the high school and junior high campuses prompting a lockdown. also causing part of the facade of a church to come crashing down. so far, no word of a tornado, just strong winds. the latest storm is expected to drop about 4 inches of snow at the lower elevations of the sierra. that's already impacting travel through the donner pass. the chp closed eastbound interstate 80 east of borial mountain resort around 2:30 because of multiple collisionses. this is recent video showing traffic near donner lake and the weigh station at trucky where it is snowing heavily. you can keep track of the weather anywhere with our news app and track live doppler hd anytime. today fans continue to pay
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tribute to music legend prince. last night lights on landmarks around the world changed to purple to honor the icon. today hundreds of fans gathered outside prince's minnesota compound to mourn. and we now have an update on the autopsy findings. abc news reporter adrian banker has the latest. >> reporter: mourning the death of an icon. by celebrating the music that was his life. ♪ tonight i'm gonna party like it's 1999 ♪ >> reporter: prince's fans paying tribute. >> this morning we played "purple rain". >> reporter: as police now discuss their investigation into what caused the 57-year-old to lose consciousness in an elevator at his home near minneapolis yesterday. >> cpr was initially started but was unsuccessful. he was pronounced deceased at 10:07. >> reporter: his sudden death follows a scare last week after this concert in atlanta.
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♪ purple rain purple rain >> reporter: on the way home, prince's private plane forced to make an emergency landing because his publicist said he fell ill with the flu. the next day prince giving an impromptu performance trying to reassure fans. >> he said, you know, when you hear news, give it a couple of days before you waste any prayers. >> reporter: today those prayers and tears on repeat. like his eclectic music around the globe. the medical examiner telling us that it could be several weeks before a conclusive autopsy report is released. they're saying that at this point there's no reason to believe it's suicide. in chanhassen, minnesota, adrian banker, abc news. >> one of prince's closest collaborators and one-time fiancee is remembering prince today. we look at what oakland native
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sheila e. is revealing. >> reporter: prince defied musical genre and defined the sound track of generations. >> his life was music and he gave everything his all. >> reporter: his ultimate rise sparked by early success right here in the bay area. sheila e. met him at one of his first performances. >> during his very first record. he played in the bay area in oakland, california. when i went backstage to introduce myself to him, he said he and the bass player were fighting to which one was going to marry me first. >> reporter: prince quickly became her prince charming. a real proposal followed several years later while they performed together on stage. >> it was during "purple rain." i was playing drums at the time. he turned around and looked at me and asked me to marry him. and i said yes. >> reporter: although they never wed, the singers remained close. prince penned sheila e.'s hit "glamorous life" in 1984.
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and although she has little insight into his recent health, sheila e. said he sacrificed his body on stage. >> we fwhknow that he's had iss with his hips. i mean, if you look back in the days of "purple rain" when he was on risers and jumping down off of them in those heels, you know, it damaged parts of his body. soy know we're always injured when we play on stage. >> reporter: tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> tonight a special edition of "20/20" prince death of a legend devoted to him will air here at 10:00 on abc 7. a lake county sheriff's deputy has been declared brain-dead after he was rescued from the waters off of point mendocino earlier this week. deputy jacob steely and his 11-year-old son were swept into the water by a rogue wave on monday. his son was rescued and survived that incident. steely was found facedown in the water by firefighters, taken to
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a chico hospital. he spent a week in the icu. steely will donate his organs. he has worked in law enforcement for nine years. two firefighters were hurt while battling an apartment fire in the mission district this morning. joe barrow sent this video showing just how intense the fire grew. it broke out at 9:30 on poplar street. it took less than an hour to bring the fire in the four-story building under control. this is video from sky 7 hd showing firefighters examining the damage and putting out hot spots. the department says the injury to the firefighters are considered minor. >> one a minor cut hand and one a knock to the nose where he had a bloody nose. other than that, the crews performed to the expected standards of the fire department. >> 21 residents have been displaced. the red cross is helping those residents find somewhere to stay tonight. repairs are under way in san francisco to fill this giant sinkhole in the city's presidio heights neighborhood. sky 7 hd shows crews there
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assessing the damage. this thing opened up along sacramento street between lion and baker yesterday when public works crews threw asphalt on it. the weight caused the street to just waive in. they say it could take three days to fix it. a famous attorney paid a visit to a hayward high school today. a reaction of sorts to a talk given two months ago by ex-49er and accused rapist ray mcdonald. >> gloria allred represents mcdonald's accuser. laura anthony is live at tennison high school. >> reporter: hi, larry. when ray mcdonald stopped by school in february, there was little or no mention of his pending trial on those felony rape charges. today attorney gloria allred made sure the kids here knew exactly all about mcdonald's legal trouble. >> this is the visit that sparked the controversy and prompted noted women's rights attorney gloria allred's follow-up visit to hayward's tennison high school. it comes nearly two months after former 49er an accused rapist
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ray mcdonald stopped by to talk with some of the same at-risk students. >> i think under the circumstances there are better messengers for high-risk students in a public high school than someone who is charged with a felony of rape of an intoxicated woman. >> reporter: allred represents mcdonald's alleged victim in a december 2014 incident at his san jose home. the ex-football player has had several other arrests for domestic violence and child endangerment among other charges. after mcdonald's february visit to tennison, the superintendent of the hayward school district sent this letter to parents expressing regret for mcdonald's visit. >> i think that it's definitely not a right time that we brought in ray mcdonald, but we hope that our students will learn from ms. allred here today. >> reporter: sophomore devin jackson heard both mcdonald and allred speak. which talk did you get more out of? >> to be honest, since he's an athlete, i got more from him since i'm an athlete, you know.
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because i understand. but she still like gave us a different point of view. >> reporter: mcdonald's felony rape trial set to begin next month. in hayward, laura anthony abc 7 news. san francisco public health "officials are confirming a second case of the zika virus. a pregnant woman who recently traveled from central america to the bay area has tested positive. officials say zika is not circulated in san francisco or the bay area and there is no risk to the public. the mosquito-born illness can cause severe birth defects. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4 from the turbulent '60s to the new ma legal yum, remember the black panthers. remembering earth day by history. new at 4:30, president obama and little prince. the first meeting with the future king of england. and at 4:11, let's look at our live traffic. it's backed up in both directions on the left side you're trying to get to the
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lower deck of the bay bridge and the east bay to the right side heading south toward the peninsula.
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los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> in oakland today, there was a gathering for the ages. that city is about to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the black panthers. >> and several of them showed up at the oakland museum today. wayne friedman was there and joins us live from the newsroom with more. >> i must say it was unique. in you look at the old news footage you might imagine in rocking the system the black panthers polarized the nation a
4:15 pm
half sentcentury ago. so we wondered, have they mellowed? you be the judge. >> we're going to walk on this racist structure. >> they traveled a long road from the turbulent '60s to being alive in their 70s in a new ma legal yum. but if you ask a black panther today, those are the externals. >> we're all the same. >> about to be celebrated in oakland. when you spend half a entry leading a revolutiorevolution, publicity and bad. >> we were not thugs. we were revolutionaries. >> the black panthers used to serve breakfast to kids in oakland and preached love of self, history and community, which seemed cutting edge in the days of hue we newton, part of the dialogue today. >> we're misunderstood. a lot of the news media had trumped us up to be a bunch of -- when that wasn't what we were about. we were about love for our people and making our community
4:16 pm
better. >> and telling that story, the oakland museum will do its part with a 10,000 square foot exhibit. rene guzman faces a challenge putting it together. >> i think what you'll get is the black panther in the end was a positive movement. >> a revolution to some, old news to the rest. in oakland, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> the u.s. joined other countries at the united nations today in signing a historic climate agreement on this earth day. >> kristen sze is here with today's initiative. >> 175 nations signed the paris climate accord today marking this the largest single day signing of an international deal. some reaction, some swiss children showing their support to combat cliext change and its impacts. and president obama called this an historic step this earth day to protect the one planet we've got. holding his granddaughter to symbolize the future, secretary
4:17 pm
of state john kerry signed the climate deal in new york on behalf of the u.s. the agreement was finalized in paris in december after years of negotiations. it aims to slow the rise of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming with consequences such as the four-year california drought. each country will set its own target and decide how to achieve it. the overall goal is to limit temperatures by the year 2100 to less than 3.6 degrees higher than pre-industrial levels. actor leonardo dicaprio spoke to the u.n. >> a massive change is required right now, one that leads to a new collective consciousness, a new collective evolution of the human race inspired enabled by a sense of urgency from all of you. >> and here in the bay area, several communities held cleanup events to celebrate earth day. in south san francisco this afternoon, volunteers worked along the popular centennial way trail. they mulched, pulled weeds
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picked up trash and graffiti. scientists warn the first three months this year have broken temperature records and last year was the planet's warmest on record with heat waves, droughts and rising sea levels. you are looking at nasa video of earth released today. and as u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon says today, we are absolutely in a race against time. larry and ama? >> thank you so much, kristen. on this earth day, the santa clara transportation agency is offered free rides on its buses and light rail trains. officials say by offering a fare-free day it will encourage south bay commuters to get out of their cars and get around. they want to make it a daily habit. they held a workshop today to talk about the future of the eta and the tax on the november ballot that will raise $6 billion for new transit projects. >> it's a mix of thing that's we think will enhance the ability to move goods and services and people in a safe way here. >> the board will decide whether
4:19 pm
to put the measure on the ballot in july. part of the money raised will go toward funding a proposed b.a.r.t. extension into downtown san jose. there are also great earth day deals like a free book from amazon and discounts from h&m. for other deals and details, go to abc 7 we've got rain on this earth day. >> a busy earth day. rain, some hail, sun right now, spencer christian. >> we've got rain on this part of the earth. right now the sun is pretty bright, clouds parting. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd which reflects what i just described. there are spotty sprinkles around the area and there may be more before the evening is over. here is a live view from suit row tower showing clouds over the bay area and san francisco. 60 degrees in the city, 64 in oakland, mountain view 63, morgan hill 57, 59 at half moon bay. check out this view from our east bay hills camera looking westward, a lot of louds in this view. 56 in santa rosa, napa 60, 59
4:20 pm
novato, fairfield 63, 62 at concord, 60 at livermore. here is the view from our abc 7 explore tore yum. showers will diminish tonight. i should say will continue to diminish. cool and dry tomorrow, mostly sunny and windy on sunday. here is our storm impact scale which we've been using throughout the rainy season to rank every storm coming through the bay area. the current one which is weakenening is 1. most areas have received between a quarter and three-quarters of an inch of rain. of course it's breezy now. there was a slight chance of evening thunder but that chance is diminishing. here is a forecast animation beginning later this evening and continuing overnight through tomorrow. you can see some clouds will linger tomorrow, but there's not much likely to happen in the way of showers either tonight or tomorrow. in the sierra, however, snow is falling and winter weather advisory is in effect until 8:00 p.m. snow levels there 6,000 feet. chain controls are in effect and between now and 8:00 p.m. we
4:21 pm
expect an additional 2 to 6 inches of snow in most locations. back to the bay area, low temperatures tonight in the low 40s to low 50s, highs tomorrow generally in the 60s up to maybe 70 in the mildest inland locations. here is a wind gust animation for you starting midnight tomorrow night into early sunday morning. notice how the winds become much stronger going into sunday and by sunday evening we'll be looking at gusts on the coast exceeding 40 miles per hour. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the temperature range remains pretty steady over the next six to seven days, inland highs around 70 degrees give or take a degree here or there. on the coast right around 60. and our next chance of rain is a slight one next wednesday. so it looks like a mainly dry forecast but it's going to be quite windy sunday with the winds continuing to be rather brisk into monday and tuesday. >> spencer, thank you. up next, the competition really jumpy in the south bay. look at this little guy.
4:22 pm
the annual frog race. we'll tell you where the winner gets to go. and as we approach 4:22 on your friday, we're checking the macarthur maze and your westbound traffic moving maybe a little bit better on the right hitch ha hand side, marginally, heading toward us. that's your eastbound traffic on 80. it's not looking good. stay with us. we are
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student and staff at a south bay elementary school came together to say thank you today to a man who has given them more than 50 years of his life to making education fun with the use of frogs. >> yes. abc 7 news reporter chris wynn has the story. >> come welcome to the frog jump. >> reporter: for students and staff, a soggy and froggy friday. >> my kid used to go to this school. the favorite activity, they'll say it's the frog jump. >> reporter: an annual tradition. the frog jump has brought thousands of people together. >> talk about hands-on.
4:25 pm
you're actually handling live bull frogs. that's just an experience that is so unique to our school. >> reporter: the culmination of a week-long lesson on science and ecology, now retired teacher bill ga zuls known as the godfrogger helped start this in 1965 and has been running it ever since. >> take three jums, one, two, three. where he lands is where they put the stick. they measure back from the place where he started straight back into a line. >> he's like the frog whisperer to some people. >> reporter: ga zuls and his frog team camped out for three days earlier this month to collect more than 150 frogs to be used in the competition. just as he has done for nearly 50 years. students say the event is the highlight of their sutter experience. >> some of the frogs just refuse to move no matter what you do to them. i mean, you poke them, it's like really exciting when the frog
4:26 pm
goes far or if it goes not far. you don't know what will happen. >> reporter: ga zuls says this will be his last year of collecting the frogs but he hopes other parents will step up to continue the tradition. in santa clara, chris wynn, nbc 7 news. >> some day i would hope to do something to earn the nickname as cool as the godfrogger. >> that's pretty good. abc 7 news at 4 continues, the candidates back on the campaign trail ahead of the next big primaries. their plans ahead of next week's california gop convention. plus, the rain may have stopped but floodwaters are still rising in houston. flanked by bodyguards, a tech
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. taking a look outside the paisley park, minnesota, estate where prince recorded his hits. prince died yesterday at the age of 57. today local police revealed there were no obvious signs of trauma on his body and there was nothing to believe prince took his own life. it could take weeks to get back the toxicology and other scan results from the autopsy. abc 7 news reporter mill ne woodrow spoke one-on-one janet na pal tan know about the new
4:30 pm
sexual allegations involving the men's crew coach. she'll have the story at 5. more on the mishap involving one of b.a.r.t.'s new railcars. the agency has just told abc 7 news the new train car overshot tracks near the south hayward train yard and ended up in a pile of dirt. nbc 7 news reporter laura anthony is on her way to the scene and will have a live report at 5. and the controversial domestic violence case involving a wealthy young tech executive returns to court today amid allegations of another incident. vic lee is live at the hall of justice in san francisco. vic? >> reporter: ama, the hearing is over. the judge decided to continue proceedings until may. today thepresented its witnesses including the cop who says the alleged victim a korean national told him that cha hall threatened her immigration status if she pressed charges. outside the courthouse, members of the sikh community
4:31 pm
demonstrated in support of sa hall. they called on the d.a. to resign for continuing to pursue domestic violence cases against the wealthy internet entrepreneur. inside, bodyguards surrounded cha hall to prevent photographers from taking his picture. the 33-year-old defendant is on probation after pleading guilty to misdemeanor dmoes domestic violence battery in the alleged beating of his girlfriend three years ago. prosecutors charged cha hall with 45 felonies but his girlfriend refused to cooperate. prosecutors proceeded even without her testimony. a home security video did capture the reported beating but it was thrown out in court after the judge ruled the video was seized without a warrant. the domestic violence consortium has been following the case closely. executive director beverly upton. >> this is a simple case of domestic vie lenls. had the video been allowed in with 117 slaps and kicks, i
4:32 pm
think we'd be in a different place. >> reporter: prosecutors revealed today there was another alleged victim. she says cha hall kicked her leg 10 to 12 times during an argument in his bedroom two years ago. but she too refused to cooperate. prosecutors are asking the judge to revoke his probation, saying the alleged attack happened while cha hall has been on probation. bob dillon who supports cha hall says this is not justice. >> a case that was three years ago and you cannot -- once the guy is exonerated, you cannot continue to pursue the same thing over and over again. >> reporter: cha hall and his attorney declined to comment. vic lee, abc 7 news. now to some developing news. eight members of an ohio family were discovered shot to death in what authorities say were execution-style killings. the body were discovered in four different crime scenes in pike county, ohio, 70 miles east of
4:33 pm
cincinnati. the victims including seven adults and one juvenile. investigators say they were all members of the rhoden family. three children including a 4-day-old baby and 6-month-old survived the shootings. authorities say the killer or killers have not been arrested. >> each one of the victims appears to have been executed. each one of the victims appears to be shot in the head. >> a motive for the killings isn't known at this point. police initially called it an active shooter incident and ordered nearby schools to shelter in place as they investigated the crimes. now to the race for the white house. with another big voting day ahead, front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton are on the campaign trail hoping to keep the momentum going. here's steph me ramos. >> reporter: both front-runners trump and clinton are jumping right into the next batch of primaries in five northeast states. today hillary clinton making a stop at an equal pay roundtable at a women-owned restaurant in
4:34 pm
the suburbs of philadelphia. >> i'm very excited about ha harriet tubman and the other women who are going to be included on our money. but i also want to make sure that women are making the money. >> reporter: clinton hoping to shake off her challenger bernie sanders who is also in the keystone today. this morning a gung ho sanders stopping at a community center sharing his vision for america. >> don't tell me, america, that we do not have the wealth and the capability to rebuild our inner cities. >> reporter: while on the republican side, billionaire businessman donald trump playing emcee at his own rally. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is donald trump. how are you? >> reporter: once on stage, trump protesters interrupting him at least six times while trump, unfazed continued with his speech going after clinton. >> i want to run against crooked hillary clinton! we're going to beat her so badly. >> reporter: this morning, ted
4:35 pm
cruz went after the front-runner at a town hall in the same state. >> if donald is the nominee, we lose. >> reporter: at a republican national committee meeting in florida today, chairman reince priebus jabbed at trump for calling the delegation process rigged but he also urged top republicans to accept whoever the nominee is, even if it is donald trump, in the end. steph anie ramos, abc news. >> one week from now the gop candidates will be in the bay area for the convention. donald trump will give the keynote friday night. john kasich will host a town hall in san francisco next friday as well. kasich and cruz will also speak over the weekend. more than 200,000 convicted felons in virginia will now have the right to vote during this november's election. virginia gochor terry mcauliffe issued the executive order today. state laws very nationwide when it comes to voting rights for criminal records. only people in prison in california and on parole cannot vote. the rain is finally stopped falling in houston, but the water levels continue to rise in
4:36 pm
some places and some neighborhoods are under a flood watch until further notice. the rain has forced local officials to release water from two large rez vservoirreservoir have crested. the high water has killed at least eight people and damaged more than 1,000 homes. cleanup crews say some streets could be under water for weeks. and local officials really aren't sure if the recent floods contributed to this situation. but this tanker truck crashed through the upper level of a houston parking garage today. it was reported that the lower level of the garage had been filled with water in the recent floods. a loss last night for the warriors, but what about steph curry? will he be ready to play sunday? what he's saying today. i'm spencer christian. here's the view from suit row tower. rain is tapering off. what's ahead for the weekend? i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up i
4:37 pm
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4:39 pm
the nfl draft is less than a week away. oakland raiders are very type-lipped as to who they may take. the gm and head coach today went out of their way to give no indication as to which player they like the best. the raiders will pick 14th in round one. >> we're not about just going for a specific need. i mean, we want to get the best player that will help this football team. >> the raiders have drafted beautifully in recent years. they took quarterback derek
4:40 pm
carr, khalil mack, amari cooper. analysts think they'll likely pick a cornerback or linebacker. on to the warriors, they lost by a point to the rocket last night in game three of their playoff series. today the nba announces the game winning basket should not have counted. >> here comes harden. one-point lead. harden. he did it! he did it! >> kevin harlan with the lead, harden should have been called for a foul before hitting game winner. rockets held on for a 97-96 win. the warriors still lead 2-1. the good news is that steph curry will probably be back for game four on sunday. the mvp has been out the past two games resting with a sprained ankle. abc 7 the only place where you can watch the warriors/rockets game four, tip-off sunday 12:30. after that, join me and mike shumann for "after the game." shu will be in houston and i'll
4:41 pm
be in studio. >> we want to see your warriors pride. share your photos and video on social media. you may see them here on air or online at abc 7 let's get another check of the weather. it's been a wild day weatherwise. >> all over the place. >> things are getting a little calmer now. the rain has pretty much passed through the bay area. auz can see, we have lots of sunshine right now. live doppler 7 hd, still scattered clouds around. we could still see isolated showers. wee won't say it's all over yet. tomorrow statewide look for mixed conditions, some cloud and showers way up north, sunny and warm way down south, a high of 91 expected at palm springs, 74 in los angeles. here in the bay area we'll have some lingering clouds and it's not out of the question that an isolated shower or two could pop up in the north bay. highs tomorrow will range from low 60s at the coast to mid and upper 60s around the bay, upper 60s to near 70 inland. for the week ahead temperatures remain steady in san jose, for
4:42 pm
example, as we indicate here. the average high this time of year 72, we'll see the upper 60s for the next six days or so, then finally bouncing up above 72 at the end of next week. and our chances of rain next week? not so great. 40% chance next wednesday so we're posting a slight chance of rain that day. and chances will diminish on thursday and friday of next week. looks like mainly a dry week ahead, certainly a dry weekend. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, the future of the royals. the obamas meet up with the future king of england. oh! yes! yes! >> no! the video raising a lot of questions for the army today.
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>> announcer: cuber teen know, concord, wine country and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. queen elizabeth ii turned 90 yesterday, but the celebrations for the longest reigning monarch continue. >> president obama and first lady michelle joined the queen for lunch while the president weighs in on the debate over whether or not the united kingdom should leave the european union. here's abc news reporter lauren
4:46 pm
lister. >> reporter: president obama and first lady michelle obama on their uk trip getting the royal treatment. touching down in marine one on the grounds of windsor castle, queen elizabeth and her husband prince philip personally greeting them. on the agenda, lunch with the queen. according to the white house, the president and first lady giving the queen a birthday gift, a custom photo album chronicling her visits with u.s. presidents and first ladies just a day after the british monarch turned 90. >> she is truly one of my favorite people. should we be fortunate enough to reach 90, may we be as vibrant as she is. >> reporter: next, the president heading to number 10 downing street meeting with british prime minister david cameron. the two leaders discussing britain's upcoming vote over whether it should remain in the european union, something obama favors. >> the united kingdom is at its best when it's helping to lead a strong europe. >> it's our decision as a sovereign people.
4:47 pm
the choice we make about europe, but i think it's right to listen to and consider the advice of your friends. >> reporter: president obama and the first lady wrapping up their day with the future of the british monarchy, the young royals, prince william, his wife kate and prince harry hosting a dinner atke kensington palace f the obamas. look at this. the president met one-on-one with the future king of england, young prince george. prince george is giving a 15-minute bedtime extension to meet the obamas. kensington palace released the photos of the meeting. he is too cute! tv cameras also caught a very quick glimpse of prince george peeking through a doorway in the foyer when the obamas walked into kensington palace. >> the robe makes the whole thing. here i am. >> screams class. >> it does. i never had a robe. not surprising. u.s. army exercise in
4:48 pm
germany has attracted a lot of unwanted attention. take a look. >> oh! yes! yes! yes! >> whoever that guy is yelling "yes" is going to hear from his commander. as of this afternoon, nearly 2 million people on social media have seen this video of a parachute drop of u.s. army humvees that went terribly wrong. three times. the army says three humvees broke free from their parachute rigs and plummeted hundreds of feet, smashed into the ground. nobody was hurt, but they are investigating what went wrong. a new study may have uncovered the driving force behind the signature symptom of alzheimer's, dementia. for a while, researchers have thought dementia developed because of two proteins. they weren't sure which protein if either was the driving force behind the dementia symptom. it turns out it may be both. researchers at the indiana university school of medicine found that anticull nernlg ick
4:49 pm
drug kz increase your risk of dementia. the drugs are used as sleep aids and fight allergic reactions. researchers found lower metabolism and brain sizes among people taking the drugs. the participateants also performed worse on memory, reasoning and problem solving tests. it turns out the gender pay gap is a fact of life for doctors, too. >> and there may be an evolutionary reason for why it's just so hard to sleep in hotels. here's jane king with today's wellness report. about half of male physicians claim a net worth of a million dollars or more compared to only a third of their female counterparts. that's according to med scape, the study also found 20% of male doctors are worth between $2 million and $5 million where only 12% of women are worth that much. a reason is that women doctors make a lot less than their male peers, about 24% less. new research suggests that the parts of the brain will not go to sleep in a new environment. that can help explain why it's hard to fall asleep in a hotel
4:50 pm
room. the first night in a hotel phenomenon is so common that scientists running sleep studies typically throw out the first night's data. girls school seem to affect the risk of eating disorder diagnoses. girls at all-female schools seem to be more likely to be diagnosed with an eating disorder than those at mixed gender schools. it says it could be the aspirational culture or maybe some schools are better at identifying students with eating disorders. and finally, nagging kids about weight may backfire. a professor of behavioral sciences at florida state university says if parents believe their children are overweight, whether they are or not, causes kids to gain weight. they theaterize kids who think they're overweight feel stigmatized and overeat and avoid physical activity. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. a bar in the united kingdom is offering up help for people on first dates. the bar has put up a sign which reads "if you're on a date and it's not going well, come to the
4:51 pm
bar and ask for rachel or jennifer and we'll get you out of it and/or get you a taxi." it was originally in a women's restroom but another has been put up in the men's room. that says if somebody is bothering you, let us know and if necessary we'll ask them to leave. how do they pick rachel or jennifer i wonder? >> i don't know. abc 7 news at 4 continues. up next, flying high. the pioneer pilot trying to go around the world with no fuel talks with abc 7 news about flying into history. christian is here with a look at what's coming up at abc 7 news at 5. >> thanks. coming up next, an east bay school district desperate for help, the rare step taken to lure talented teachers. you can't see it or smell it or taste it. we determine if we have lead in your water and how to remove it.
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tonight, last man standing at 8:00, followed by dr. ken, shark tank at 9:00, then a special 20/20 on prince comes on at 10:00. of course, be sure to join us for abc 7 news at 11. explorers have climbed the highest peaks and ventured deep under sea. right now there's an explorer betting solar power can fly him around the world. abc 7 news reporter david louis caught up with this pioneer on his way to the bay area. david joins us near moffett field. >> reporter: hawaii to moffett field, the ninth leg of a world journey for bertrand piccard. he started his journey 13 months ago in abu dhabi. all of this powered by the sun. bertrand piccard left hawaii with a life vest, parachute and inflatable raft. but he's confident of his mission to circle the globe in a
4:56 pm
plane that burns into fuel. it collects solar energy by day and drafts power from batteries at night. the solar impulse 2 flies ideally at 28 miles an hour but can double that when sun power is strong. the carbon fiber plane stretches wider than a 747 can make turbulence a challenge. >> last night there was some layers of turbulence so i could not switch on the autopilot. i could not sleep. i had to fly manually. then our weatherman found a better layer of wind which was calm, and then i could switch on the autopilot and sleep a little bit. >> captain piccard talked to us live earlier today high over the pacific on earth day, right after using his webcam to address the united nations. he embraces a global concern over climate change and sees technology as an opportunity. >> this is profitable. it could create jobs and make profit. it sustains growth of the industry because it's a new industrial market.
4:57 pm
and at the same time it will protect the environment and fight climate change. >> reporter: he's supported by a ground base team in monaco. >> twe want to make it happen now. it's much more difficult to do it now, but once we succeed, then you will have everybody saying, okay, it works, we can also do it. >> reporter: piccard as the solar impulse are due to land at moffett field saturday night. >> incredible. stanford researchers are using birds to help build better drones. they've built a one-of-a-kind wind tunnel to better analyze birds in flight. it will monitor how they navigate changing wind conditions and that data will be used to make unmanned aircraft more efficient. researchers want to build a bird-like winged robot that morphs its wing shape to maintain stability in turbulence. that is it going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4. thank you for joining us today. abc 7 news at 5 begins right now
4:58 pm
with kristen and larry. next at 5, breaking news. trouble for one of b.a.r.t.'s new trains off the tracks in the east bay a short time ago. also, yet another sexual misconduct scandal brewing at cal, this one involving a student an one of the university's most respected coaches. plus -- >> this is a tragedy for all of us. >> unraveling the mystery. what authorities know so far about the death of prince. still some showers on live doppler 7 hd. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll show you the changes for the weekend. >> announcer: abc 7 news starts now with live breaking news. that breaking news from hayward. big mishap involving b.a.r.t.'s fleet of the future. crews digging out their new railcar after it ran off the tracks and strayed into a hill of dirt. good evening, everybody. >> this afternoon's incident happened in hayward near industrial parkway along a
4:59 pm
section of tess track between the south hayward and union city b.a.r.t. stations. laura anthony is live near the zae accident scene. what you can tell us? >> reporter: well, i can tell you first of all that they just moved this train car out of this area. it was right up there. you can still see the pile of dirt. that's what it ran into. let's show you what it looks like right now from sky 7 hd. this car, it's the new train car that b.a.r.t. unveiled just a few weeks ago, is being towed as we speak down this test track to the south of where i am to the maintenance yard. let's show you what it looked like as it hit this berm of dirt we understand just before 2:00 this afternoon. we can show you that video. it was a single car, a car that is the new fleet that they're going to unveil over the next five years. it was stuck in the dirt. apparently according to b.a.r.t. it ran off the tracks at a slow rate of speed into the pile of dirt at the end of the track presumably that is there for just this sort of occasion.
5:00 pm
now, we can show you this team of works, an army of men, that moved in to try to dig this car out of the dirt. that's what's been happening for the past couple of hours. we saw probably at least a dozen, maybe closer to two dozen, men in yellow vests up there with their shovels trying to dig this car out. that they did successfully just a few minutes ago, and they started to back it out of this location. they spent some time examining the front of the car. it appeared to see if there was any damage. all we could see from our vantage point was a lot of dirt. now, let's show you what this car looked like. it's number 3001 when it was unveiled on april 6th with much fanfare by b.a.r.t., including general manager grace gron akon. this is the first car to be delivered of 775 over the next five years. it was immediately brought down here to the hayward area to


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