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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  April 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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being carried over to the great highway. specifically we're seeing that south of -- the area has been closed to traffic but before then we saw a car get stuck in a mound of sand in the parking lot along ocean beach. he was stuck for a while but with the help of someone else behind the wheel he was finally able to push it out of the way. things are supposed to get worse. winds are supposed to peak this evening with gusts up to 50 miles-per-hour. despite the wind there are still people hanging out along the coast. >> i was born and raised here, and it almost -- to go to the beach and check it out but this is nuts. >> it's wicked. don't know why it's so aggressive today. >> and pacifica, the winds have already brought down a tree.
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police have taped off the area. the wind advisory remains in effect until midnight. live in san francisco, kill kill -- hill hill hill. >> here's a look at the bridge cam. for more let's get the latest from lisa argen who is in for drew tuma. >> certainly getting sandblasted along the coast and we're looking at the winds to continue to stay up throughout the evening hours. right now, current wind gusts, 51 miles-per-hour at sfo, lower than last here. the wind gusts along the coast, 43 at the peninsula, san carlos, 23-miles-an-hour, san jose, and certainly breezy elsewhere. oakland breezy as well. the colors indicate the gusty winds still at the coast, still breezy from oakland to livermore, through the evening hours, and the wind advisory through midnight with the wind
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gusts probably, possibly bringing down some power lines and some trees. so do be careful out there. we have rain to talk about and a big warmup in the accuweather forecast. >> skiers and snow bordesers are soaking up every chance they have for snow in the sierra. some were open today, including sugar bowl, and crowds flocked to the mountains and broken out the tailgate. >> it's been nice wimp have -- nice. we have tons of snow. >> surgery bowl will -- sugar bowl will close. two police officers injured in a crash in the indian basin area. they were in a patrol contractor that collide evidence with an suv at 5:20. the officers were taken to the hospital 0 be checked out. police have not said how serious their injuries are. an eight-month-old baby girl is safe after police say she was abducted by her estranged
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father, then abandoned in a redwood city junk yard. police said the early morning ordeal began between 30-year-old orlando rodriguez physically assaulted the 17-year-old mother of the baby. the throw had been staying at the deluxe inn on stafford street. police say rodriguez ran away with the child and later abandons the ben at a yard full of debris nearby. she was found by an officer and is okay. officers arrested rodriguez on the kaiser redwood city campus. >> en in independent report examining the disappearance of 43 students in mexico flames mexican government for stonewalling the investigation. the report says the government failed to cooperate with the team of independent experts looking into the incident. it also blames the mexican government for torturing confessions out of suspects rather than using scientific evidence to investigat the 43 students are presumed dead. one of those students is 19-year-old israel lugardo from
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san jose. a police helicopter pilot is credited with preventing a tragedy on the railroad tracks. look at this image. a truck was involved in a roll-over accident and toppled on to the tracks. a speeding freight train was heading right for it. the pilot now above the train and used the helicopter's spotlight to signal thening near to stop the train. i worked. the train stopped 40 feet short of the stalled track. >> last night a solar flame lighted one step closer to the record books before the golden gate bridge. this is exclusive video of the flight from sky 7h. pilots are on theground today. cornell bernard talked to them about their adventure aboard a fuelless plane and is live with reaction. >> reporter: got to say it's very windy here at moffet. strong winds could delay the departure this week as its continues the around-the-world
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quest. right now the plane is in the portable hangar. the plane has deidentifyed the odds and a lot of critics who said a solar plane simply could not be done. >> sky 7hd captured the amazing sight. the world's first solar-powered airplane flowing over the golden gate bridge, completing a two-day flight across the pacific from hawai'i. pilot bertrand piccard was in the cockpit. >> thinking it's a new era. freedom is about being independent from social energy. >> be threw the giant aircraft over the bay area for several hours until wind conditions were just right for land offing moffet field. it was hero's welcome. many told piccard the idea of the solar plane flying around the worlds was impossible. >> a big feat o exploration but useful because it demonstrates renewable energy can do the
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impossible. >> might be the world's largest experimentam aircraft. wing span larger than a 747, weighs as much as an suv, 5,000 pounds. >> unlimited endures, which gets its energy every day, to be able to fly through the night. >> alternating pilot andre says the plane is equipped with 17 solar cells which power the propellers and charge the batteries. a swiss nonprofit renewable energy group put the $170 million project together, thanks to private sponsors like google, but it's a solar plane really practical? these entrepreneurs say yes. >> the wright brothers have no technology to transfer, when they started. >> solar impulse 2 left abu dhabi least year and returning there is the goal. next stop is phoenix. for now the plane and its pilots are recharging their batteries. abc7~news. >> the warriors gusted out a big win in houston tonight to grab the 3-1 lead over the rockets
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but came with a price. steph curry slip on a wet part of the court, twisting his leg. a trainer told abc7~news' mike mike shumann mike it was a sprained mcl. curry says he is in pain but is hopeful he'll be back soon. fans say even if the mri shows good results they'd like to see him resting on the bench. >> i say we don't need him in the next game. save him for the next game. >> if you can rest steph and get through this, the warrior team will step up and can actually win without him. >> larry beil and mike shumann will have reaction from the team in sports. still ahead at 6:00, could the secret to treating mental illness actually be located in our belly? and a colorful way to celebrate san francisco's gay community.
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muni is celebrating the castro district's gay pride with a flu design at the was stro street station.
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the eggs laters will have rain by flags. a spokesperson says whenever we against to play a part in showcasing and honoring san francisco, its communities and people, we do what we can. researchers looking for better mental health treatments have shifted their focus from the brain to the stomach. medical researchers at the icon school of medicine also mt. sinai believe bacteria could be used to treat some mental illness. they found specific bacteria can affect nerves that send electrical impulses to the brain, causing depression or other mentalsymptoms. researchers i believe they could alter the patient's bacteria and could be effective fighting multiple multiple >> rain and heat are both on the way. meteorologist lease a argen is up next with the forecast.
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in sports the warriors won the battle but did they lose the war in houston? another steph curry injury, and this one
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>> we were at the stanford shopping center at palo alto for the electric bike expo. dozens took part of n the free event, test riding one or more of the different ebike models on a course. the ebikes offer power assist which helps requireds while pedaling. three lucky participants were given at ebike, totaling $1,000. >> a breathtaking collection of vintage cars made its way to san francisco. we were on nob hill at the fairmont as he hotel rolled out the red carpet to kick off the been california car show, the largest free car show of its kind in america. the event showcases sports, racing, production cards made between 1927 and 1957. the cars take off tomorrow on a four-day, thousand-mile tour through northern california.
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don't think they will need the wipers tomorrow but later we'll have to see. here's lisa argen. >> we have a very weak system mid-week. right now live doppler 7hd hicking up on cloud cover but wait until you see as i widen the view. further to the north and a good line of thunderstorms here from yuba city, nor of roseville, down to the spine of the sierra nevada, moving to the east southeast. so we are on the backside of the system and we're fit getting the wind no precip but could contain hail and gusty winds, and we're gusting still up to a 51-miles-an-hour at sfo. near 40 at the airport. look at the peninsula, palo alto, and san carlos, 30 to 45 miles-per-hour. and around the bay, it is certainly breezy. 26-miles-an-hour winds and oakland, and over in hey wear as well. concord, 123-miles-an-hour gusts. so we're looking at the winds to
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continue through the evening hours to around midnight, and going through the next couple of hours you'll notice still winds, 30 to 40-miles-an-hour dusts at the coast, and then right on through 11:00, still very gusty out there, that's why the national weather service has issued a wind advisory until midnight. the northwesterly winds on average 20 to 30-miles-an-hour, but right at the coast, up to 50-miles-an-hour. so, certainly dicey out there. be careful. checng out the sun at 7:54, setting. should be a nice one out there if you can find a wind sheltered area. 57 in the city. 62 in oakland. 61 mountain view. 5, half moon bay. you can see the flag blowing on pier 15. tomorrow, breezy as well. won't get rid of the winds and will keep the temperatures spring-like with more 60s on tap. and the camera shaking from the
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sutro tower. so we have the gusty winds, clear sky, and then windy again tomorrow at the coast. not as wokeny, breezy around the bay. much warmer by the end of the work week, so overnight lows with the wind so clear and breezy, lows in the low 40s in napa, 48 san mateo, 46 san jose. a little chilly and we woken recover all that much 7:00 wednesday, showers and we'll keep them around the bay, not looking at anything significant, maybe a tenth of an inch. but we are looking at a big-time warmup, average highs in san jose, low 70s. upper 60s, thursday we begin to warm up. look at the 80s return inland. tomorrow, breezy, to windy. 66 in oakland. look four upper 60s from san jose, napa, 68 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the winds again tomorrow. aing change on tuesday. the winds dial back.
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wednesday, chance of a shower, nice on thursday. then it's a preview of summer with numbers in the low to mid-80s inland, 70s at the beaches. >> thank you very much. well. it was a tale of two stephs today. >> and unfortunately steph was not around at the finish. it was only really a half of a tale. here we go again. steph curry comes back from the ankle injury that caused him to miss the last two play goff games, and then injuries his knee in a freak fall. the warriors beats the rockets. started out fine. steph looked good was back after missing the last two playoff games. a steal, the score, he had six points. the shot wasn't quite there but just to see him out there was good. james harden, with a steph-like buzzer beater to end the first quarter. houston playing with energy and confidence that would evaporate.
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before the half, steph falls down on a wet spot and immediately grabs his right knee. that created the wet spot, and that's what steph went down on. having an mri tomorrow, could not return in the third quarter. the warriors won the game for him, basically, raining down an nba record 21 3s. you can see steph noticeably limping there as he left the arena in houston as the warriors win 121-94. they may biable to close it out on wednesday at oracle but we bring in mike shumann who is live from the toyota center. shu, what more do we know now about steph's injury? because the way he limped off did not look good. >> well, it was a serious limp when he left the arena and his knee was heavily taped. i've had a sprayed mcl but the warrior does not want to confirm
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that. after the game, steve kerr felt for his star player. >> i just feel so bad for him. he has been healthy all year long, and all of a sudden the playoffs start, and couple of fluke things and i feel bad for steph, but we got to move on. >> not going just lie down and have an excuse for steph going down. got a job to do, played multiple time without him. just trust the process. >> it's sad to see him good down like that. coach got emotional, everybody got emotional, everybody extend their game up. -- stepped their game up. >> you hate to see steph get hurt by a wet spot on the court. >> definitely sucks. pray he's going to be okay. we definitely need him. >> as we said an mri tomorrow afternoon. hopefully we'll know more by then, or tuesday at the earliest, and he will in the play wednesday in game five at oracle. the warriors hope to close out
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the rockets in that game. reporting in houston, abc7 sports. giants trying to sleep the marlins and get back to .500. barry bonds in the marlins dugout, watching his slugger does the slugging. top fourth, stanton, crazy power. goes deep. cain 5 2/3, allowed fur runs. hunter pence, loves the kale salads and delivers this into the veggie garden. 458 feet. tied the game. top eight, 4-4 game. the homer off josh osuch and that's your game winner right now. they host the padres tomorrow. a's and blue jays maybe too early of a start for some fans, a scoreless game in the second. khris davis puts the a's on the board, 1-0. jayce score sick straight.
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jose bautista, they call him joey bats. some that's off eric surkamp is who winless. a's drop two of three north of the borer, anywhere detroit tomorrow. back to the nba. second quarter, power outage in memphis, the only thing that could slow down the spurs against the grizzlies. power back on, and so is leonard. he had 21. spurs up two at the break. the whole series was like a scrimmage for the spurs. danny green with the steal. tim duncan, the big fundamental. up and in. the spurs sweep an injury-plagued memphis team. 116-95. await the win of ok and dallas, thunder up 3-1 in their series. best hope for steph is maybe it's a week, maybe two weeks and he comes back during the playoffs. anything longer than that is trouble. >> thank you. next at 6:00, the sequel to the box office hit "the huntsman"
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join us tonight on kofy tv 20. bringing the meaning to mine control. the next generation of drones that work 0 through willpower, and then at 11:00, the latest on the two sfpd offers injured in crash this afternoon. that's tonight at 11:00. 2016 is on pace to beet last year's $11 billion box office. right now up more than nine percent from this point last year. movies like "the jungle book" are why ticket sales are so strong. it's critically acclaimed and drawing huge crewses. the book made $61 million in its second weekend. the huntsman movie earned just 20 million in its debut and analysts blame the absence of kristen stewart who was in the first movie. barber shop, the next cut, sue tone. >> the boss were the top five. see you later at 9:00 and 11:00. have a good one.
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hi everyone. i'm lindsey bermudas, welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interest, food and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show we're getting a taste of taiwan with delicious shaved ice creation. so i think freshness is the key to success. then an escape experience leave you wanting more. >> they come in very skeptical and at the end they're screaming and laughing and having a great time. >> and an organization making a positive impact on seniors. >> it provides everything that i would need now and later on. >> plus, two companies helping the next generation of female scientists unleash their power.


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