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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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they have arrested the oldest son of the couple with more on the story as our news cons this morning. >> we will keep track of that and the or big story, of course, is the warriors, the end came swiftly with steph curry cheering the warriors gave us a big win. our reporter has the team effort and the players who rose to the occasion in steph curry's absence. >> fans can breath a sigh of relief, the warriors won last night at oracle arena and without steph curry. he was still there cheering like crazy from the sidelines and more than 19,000 people packed the oracle arena wearing bright gold shirts. they sent the rockets home. without steph curry it was klay thompson who led the way with the series win a team effort. we have to be more solid which we have been, the last couple of days in particular, good for the
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guy's confidence and what pleases me the most is, literally every single guy on our roster contributed during the series. >> it was incredible, without steph curry doing what they did, it came together as team and pulled together and that is awesome and i am looking forward to next playoff. all the warriors will play the winner of the trail blazer and clippers series. steph curry out with the knee injury before he plays again. the rest of the team stepped it up big time at 114-81 and live the up to "strength in numbers." >> big safe relief. tickets for the first three home games are on sale today and games one, two, and five are plaid at oracle arena. starting at 10:00 a.m., presale tickets are on sale to season ticket holders followed by priority wait live members and american express card holders,
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they are available to warriors starting at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, and, finally, tickets on up to the general public tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. we have all of the details because that was a lot of information, if you go to our website at abc7. >> a keep the photos and video coming, we receives so many great shots showing the warriors bleed so post yours on social media with # dubson7. can you see them on air or online. >> bart police take a step toward installing cameras that read floor license plate when you go in and out of the stations getting push back from privacy advocates. we are in walnut creek with that story. >> good morning, the idea is to try and cut down on property crime. according to our media partner, the police chief of bart. present the pilot program today. the privacy advocate are
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concerned what bart will do with the information collected by the cameras. riders brought up the she. >> it is wraps another step toward the government watching us wherever we go. they do have a problem with crime. >> the bart police chief said they have put two cameras in place at the mcarthur bart station but have not turned them on. they hope they will help solve rot crimes which make up 94% of investigations at bart stations. people with privacy concerns want to know more about what they will do with the information and in there will be any public oversite. >> happening right now a search is underway for this missing man, 87-year-old on was last seen at his home in hayward yesterday at 5:00 people. he is described as hispanic, bald, brown eyes and standing 5'
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5" and weighing 142 pounds. last seen wearing a straw hat, gray sweater vest, black shirt, and black pants. he suffers from a medical condition and could be disoriented, so please call hayward police if you see him. >> the man pacifica police say shot his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the head is still lose and fortunately she and the unborn baby are expected to be okay. ricardo left the scene in a green camry, and in pacifica the police responded to the shooting at the apartments. he tried to kidnap johnson. when she resisted he shot her. year, the officers swarmed the house look for him but no one was arrested. she is eight months pregnant and has a restraining order against him. >> a team from hawaii will have surgery at at the
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brain tumor. thieves stole from the family vehicle when they came here for the surgery at the wharf. they took a bag that contained his medical records, get well cards, a laptop and camera. there was outpouring of support when you saw our story, sending in get well cards and the police officers association replaced the stolen lap tap and camera. >> the coroner is working to determine the cause of death of an apple employee in cupertino. sheriff deputies responded yesterday morning to find the victim decide a conference room with a deadly wound. a gun was found near. a spokesman called the death an isolated incidents and the employee's identity is not released but apple said and i quote, "we are heart broken by the tragic loss of a young and talented co-worker, our thoughts and sympathies go do his family and friends." >> a vigil is held tonight at a
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high school in martinez for a student would drown over the weekend. andre parrilla was a freshman and played football and wrestled. he was found at a pool on sunday morning. the circumstances are still unclear and toxicology were continue to determine the cause death. >> this morning, a former san francisco police lieutenant faces charges on a rape investigation after discussion allegations with the officer accused of raping a woman in august. the district ton said that liu failed to report the information to tell low officers and although the officer jason lai confirmed he is the person that the rape victim was referring to, lei allowed it to be filed with suspect "unknown." >> a chance for chancellor of uc davis to be on paid leave in connection with a people more spray investigation. janet napolitano is launching the investigation over the
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chance already's response to the insurance den. an store was caught using pepper spray on students during an occupy roast in 2011 and admits the school hired a company to bury references on the interrogate and is underfire for questionable moonlighting act is and hiring family members for campus jobs. >> in politics, the focus you is turning to the june 7 primary in california. in oakland, mayor schaaf will on hillary clinton's campaign office and 15 bank on 14th street and bernie sanders is laying off up to 350 staffers and others turning his energy to california and said he will bring the staffers back on board in he starts to win delegates. >> donald trump will kick off the california campaign today in orange county and will head north to the bay area tomorrow to deliver the keynote speech at the state going convention in burlingame. donald trump ridiculed rival ted cruz's selection of former h.p. vice president carly fiorina
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saying it is a desperate attempt to remain relevant. the 172 delegates in california are the biggest rise in race for the nomination. >> it is thursday, and we will start in san francisco with a couple of cool spots including portrero hill and presidio in the upper 40s and the rest of us around 50 to 51 and richmond is a warm spot at 54 heading out, and belmont is 50, and san drove is 52 and fairfield is 51 and tracy is 56 and saratoga, walnut creek, and pacifica is 47 and american canyon is 44. activity lander today is going to be just breezy enough for kite subjecting and breezy fur jogging and walking the dog, dry and sunny. from the east bay hills camera it was shaking all over place and not today, it is calm and the breezes pick up and the toes in 60s to 70s and holding steady through friday and let the warming begin this weekend with 80s and the 90s, will they make it? i let you know ahead. >> what is live to san rafael,
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we had overnight road work, both directions, at the freight -- freitas parkway overcrossing which was closed earlier with a detour and the other morning, southbound. but the road work has been picked up for the morning. other road work in the north bay, northbound 101 the widening rot that has been there for quit a few yours. hopefully it will be wrap up. we now have the left lane closed toward petaluma. back with pore road work and an update in a few minutes. >> if you dreaming of riding california's high-speed rail into san francisco your trip could end up short with new financial hurdle threatening the controversial project. >> this video made him a star, >> this video made him a star, the big move today for a smal
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system]
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so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig eeeeeeeee classes resume this morning at city college in san francisco following a one-day strange by faculty, they are angry over stalled contract talks and they want a 16% pay hike over four years. they say that it can only afford to give them 7% increase over two years. the fact they are threatening a
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longer strike in the fall in there is no contract. >> financial problems for the high-speed rail service to san francisco. officials say it is facing $1.5 billion shortfall because of cost cutting by the california high-speed rail authority. the san francisco business times is reporting that the fund was crucial to linking the high-speed rail with san francisco. the money was going to pay for the rail connection between the cal train station and the new transbay transit officer. >> bart will resume testing a new $2348 train car that crashed last week as soon as they clean the sand out of it. the average said yesterday a wiring problem cut off part of the breaking system and ran the car into a sand berm. >> it is disturbing because i imagined me being on that, and i thought i don't want to crash into anything. >> they are putting people's lives at risk and i don't think that is, really, something that people should play with. >> bart is designing software fixes for the problem and the average said that the crash was
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a normal countries of testing and that the car did not fail. >> local health officials are taking a stand against a deadly drug trend: fake painkillers sold right here on bay area streets. it is a story we have been tracking for weeks. katie marzullo shows us what is being done now. >> contra costa county health services said since march four have overdosed on what appears to be counterfeit prescription medication laced with fentanyl. >> 100 times more potent than the oral medications that people usually are prescribed. >> people buy the pill on the street and think they taking a painkiller. >> people have a false sense of security in they are buying a medication they think is a prescription medication. >> the warningses are being distributes and emergency rooms and clincis and high school the overdoses have been reported across the bay area. in sacramento, at least 12
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delegates have been linked to fentanyl since march. the executive director of the h.i.v. education and prevention project of alameda said that this is nothing new. >> there always is a wave of incident occurring where drugs are placed with something that can kill. >> the tool exists that can help a drug that treats an overdose in an emergency. >> active users need access to this. their family members and support net woulds so that will address the issue and reduce deaths. >> health officials urge people to only take medication riched from a lengthed pharmacy. >> we have been waiting for this day, just happening today, the chihuahua is headed to his forever home. >> he became a celebrity after the run in with c.h.p. officers on the bay bridge this. the chase molted hearts cross
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the country, his owner, never came forward, so after an exhaustive interview process, san francisco animal care and control picked a new owner. no word on who me or she is but, the officers with rescued the dog have been invited to see him off this afternoon. >> i hope the rest of his life is chill and not too exciting. >> does he get a partner and what would his name be? >> sorry. >> old school. >> now, good morning, everyone, that is a great story with a great evening. 10 miles per hour wind at fairfield and half moon bay, and i noticed when i crossed the babe it is gusty here and there so be careful on the east-west bridges again, this morning, and officer sutro tower not bouncing so were as yesterday, but, it will be sun i today with breezes developing this afternoon like they did yesterday afternoon but it will be dry unlike yesterday afternoon and the tremendous storm rolled through the north bay. fastest breezes this will be an
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issue on friday into saturday so do not be surprised in it is noisy in the higher elevations leading to a warm weekend for our neighbors. today we have temperatures running from 59 in half moon bay to 79 in antioch and talk about the lows. we will have fog rolling in tonight with low clouds and temperatures running in the mid-40s around napa and upper 40s around livermore and palo alto and 50 for the rest of us. the seven-day outlook shows what you going to see are temperatures in the 60s tomorrow at the coast, and 70s around the bay and wily 80s inland, and they will stay inland all way through at least tuesday nearly 90 on sunday. 80s an the bay for sure on sunday and 70s at the coast for the warmest day. sue? >> we will look at the beautiful eastern span of the bay bridge and traffic is looking pretty good, in fact, slowing nicely
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with brake lights but over from golden gate field to san francisco it is 15 meant delay and minor backup for cash-paying folk but no metering lights. that happens at 5:30 in the morning. now in southbound oakland, it is slow for continue more minutes. eastbound 380 is close for road work with a detour in place. toward the central valley, we are look at very good conditions at present into the dublin/pleasanton interchange with 30-minute drive from tracy. that is excellent. we will look at the south bay commute in a few minutes. >> a warning for women hoping to have children 9 risk a drug that can cause a health issue. >> how to get rid of an unwanted guest.
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>> topping america's money, ford is calling 300,000 vehicles including the pickup trucks because the automatic transmission can suddenly down shift into first gear. the recall covered 2011 and 2012 f-150 and the 2012 expedition. air fares are have taken a necessary dive at the end of last year the average rice fell to the lowest level in five years, and the average of $377 a ticket was down 4% from 2014. >> what is not dropping is our use of social media, facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg tells executives and analysts that people an the world now spend more than 50 minutes a day using facebook, instagram, and messenger. >> that is as were time as we >> that is as were time as we spend eating and drinking.
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and find out if you have hepatitis c. it could save your life. know more. when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. >> the abc7 news app on go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> a photographer in london captured when a large lightning bolt hit a plane headed to heathrow airport. passengers heard a loud noise, saw a bright light. the plane landed safely. no one was hurt. there will be an inspection before it returns to service. plane are designed to withstand lightning strikes. >> i would be kissing the ground. >> consumer groups are urging the federal government to tick
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action against ikea because poor design is killing kids. >> dresser from one lane have been blamed for the death of three. several groups want the government to force ikea to stop selling the line and give full refunds of the group said the dressers are top and front heavy and are easy to tip-off and ikea knew of the safety returns before the post recent degrees. >> a warning of a yeast infection drug and the link to miscarriages. the drug is shown in a recent study that women would use the drug in the first six months of pregnancy were 50% more likely than not users to have a miscarriage. the f.d.a. subjects patients who are trying to become pregnant to talk to doctors about alternative treatment for yeast infection. the study is posted in the journal of american medical association. >> a minute of exercise may not sound like much but it can go a
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long way in helping your health. a minute of hard exercise can be as beneficial as 45 minutes of moderate exercise. a study compared those who did continuous cycling, insurance launch and oxygen levels improved it as high intensity or not. >> imagine finding this gator in your home that is being built in louisiana. >> suddenly, i saw something wave at me. and it was the alligator's tail. i got a little bit closer and i thought what in the devil is this. got a little bit closer, big alligator. >> he called in a pro to get the am variety out of his shop.
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the alligator was likely looking for a mate and a bigger male drove iminto the home. >> what the devil is that? >> a little competition. >> good morning, everyone. here is a look at the day planner starting off at 53 and if you head out at lunch, it will be 63, and this afternoon, temperatures are around 67 at 4:00. look at our winds, 30 miles per hour at the coast and 10-15 for the rest of us at noon and peck you at 20 for not of us and up to 40 at the cost by action, and then they taper in the evening. if you traveling an state, we have a few scattered showers if lake tahoe and 51 and yosemite is 61 and quieter in fresno and a few showers around san diego, mid-to-upper 60s. a quiet drive across the golden gate bridge and just watch the road zipper give you four lanes in the southbound direction and current lanes in the northbound
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direction and fog free is a nice ride through the problem ben williams -- the robin williams tunnel. we have road work northbound and southbound 880 between 23rd and 29th will be picked up by 5:00 and the southbound ramp to eastbound 380 near san bruno headed to the airport, the ramp is closed. it is headed away from the airport but heads up. we will come back with a look at more road work and check on the south bay drive. >> a stranded seal rescued by police in san francisco at ocean beach will get a checkup today before the veterinarians decide what to do. you can see this little seal head you willed up on the beach and they protected the seal from a dog and crowds until the animal recuse arrived much the mammal center in sausalito stayed is an endangered species that will be released back into the ocean. >> spacex will send an unmanned spacecraft to mars in 2018, and this is the first time
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the company has targeted this, and it is a rendering of the dragon spacecraft approaching mars. nasa will provide technical support but not financial support. in exchange, spacex will provide nasa with entry and landing data. elon musk found spacex with the goal of live on mars. >> couple was murdered if their him and now their son is under arrest. >> teacher accused of using a >> teacher accused of using a fame online persof young boys.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> from san jose, the son of a san jose couple found murdered over the weekend has been arrested. matt keller at the santa clara county sheriff office office with the details. san jose police said that oldest son was a suspect but only they wanted it talk to him but that has changed. a person hatching his name and age is now in custody at the santa county clear jail. the department of corrections show that rabbi was booked into jail with no bail allowed for the 22-year-old. san jose police cannot locate him when the parents were found shot to death in their him on sunday. golam and shamima rabbi were long time san jose residents and


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