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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> from san jose, the son of a san jose couple found murdered over the weekend has been arrested. matt keller at the santa clara county sheriff office office with the details. san jose police said that oldest son was a suspect but only they wanted it talk to him but that has changed. a person hatching his name and age is now in custody at the santa county clear jail. the department of corrections show that rabbi was booked into jail with no bail allowed for the 22-year-old. san jose police cannot locate him when the parents were found shot to death in their him on sunday. golam and shamima rabbi were long time san jose residents and
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have another son who is 17. sources say the two messages last behind at the scene, one written on the floor said "sorry my first kill was clumsy," the other said "i can't be like you telling a lie, can't love someone without telling them." we have contacted the san jose police department to get more detail on the arrest but they have yet to get back with us. >> we will get you started today with a look at the weather and traffic. meteorologist mike nicco? >> yes, everyone, we are starting off calmer this morning and over the next three hours in showers develop it will be over the coast with the next bit energy unlike yesterday where it went over the neighborhoods. here is sfo not expecting any flight arrival delays this morning because it is pretty quiet. now, temperatures are running in the 40s inland and 70 by inland, 50s and 60s and 70s at 4:00, and the breeze
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will pick up but you will need the sunglasses, not the umbrella . at 87, beyond the s.a.p. center, headlights headed in the northbound direction and no road work. we had road work yesterday but it has been picked up. across town, to 101 headlights headed northbound 880 here, and it is flowing nicely as you make your way up to mountain you have and over all our traffic looks good and we have slowing from the central valley but that is typical at 35 minute drive from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. >> the warriors did not want to go to houston and now they don't is to they are moving to the next round the playoffs. we show you in the studio how well the team did without steph curry. >> last night, the wins with big with mvp steph curry out the dubs stepped up. the arena lived up to its
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nickname, with how loud it was players honoring "strength in numbers." klay thompson has a huge game with a high of 27 points. steph curry is recovering from a knee injury. fans go dot see him at the game on the sidelines cheering for his teammates. >> i felt it from before tip-off we had great focus and we did not want to go halfway across the country so it was a full team effort and it will be a collective effort each night. >> we don't have the margin for error we have with steph curry or five or six threes that he will make so we have to take care of ball. >> steph curry is expected to miss a few games in the next round and the warriors will play the winner of the clippers and trail blazers series.
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coming east win over houston, oddsmakers predict they are favored to repeat as n.b.a. champions, with warriors 6-5 odds to win it all. in the east, oddsmakers favor the cavaliers. in they are right we could see a repeat matchup of last year's final. >> dubs nation, time to show us your pride we have great photos and videos. post your photos on social media #dubson7. could you sea them on air or online. >> gilroy high school students will not see a favorite teacher who is accused offed of catfishing trying to lump someone into a relationship. police say he crossed the line. >> douglas lei was teaching
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honors chemistry but best held up to arrest him for two counts of child enticements. students are shocked, having a hard time he is accuseed of popessing a a female getting minors to send photos. >> he goes into democrat the and explains things well and is a good teacher. i think he is a good teacher. i didn't see anything wrong. >> it is not clear in the minors contacted were high school students. students say that he may have made an off color remark or two, but nothing that led them to believe he with do anything criminal. >> i don't think he did it because...he is teach of a smart gay to do a light-to-moderate like that. >> he is 25 years old and graduated from cal and got the teaching degree from brown. the unified school district said he has been laced on paid leave
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pending the outcome of the investigation. >> happening today, raiders owner will meet with nevada tourism officials to discuss moving the team there attending a meeting with leaders there to discuss plans for a 65,000 seat domed stadium near the strip. nevada officials say that no vote on the stadium funding will actually happen today. the raiders have a one year lease for the 2016 season at the oakland coliseum and 2001 year options for 2017 and 20189. >> santa clara city council has settle add case against the police officers accusing the defendant of searching the home of a man and his parents in 2014 and said the officers made false statements to on the the search warrant and unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted him. he works for the department of homeland security with his dad and brother. he was accused of stealing a
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$300 dashboard camera. the lawyer claimed that he was targeted because he is muslim. >> we will start in the east bay where union city is 49 and castro valley is 45 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 50s from san lenadro and fremont at 50 to a made at 54, and oakland at 53, and san francisco, and san carlos at 50 and june in mountain view and san jose at 52 and novato is 52 and napa only 40 and pleasanton is 48 and brentwood is 55. san rafael is clear at 50. tree will positiven is high. weed pollen is low. mold is low, we have everything, u.v. index is going to be high. as we move through the next couple of days watch our temperatures, climbing the scale, from the 50s at coast, to mid-60's by saturday, and low 70s around the bay, to nearly 80 by saturday, and mid-to-upper 70s inland today and mid-80s by saturday and it will be warmer on sunday.
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sue? 38 bart trains all on schedule in service this morning so a great way to go in you have to be up usually. muni is no problem with either the bs or rail system and ace rain one headed into the area is on time. bay bridge with macarthur maze nice from 80 westbound and the eastbound is good, 15 minutes into san francisco so far, and we have reports after the toll plaza of an accident. we will check back with 9 bridge federals to see how many vehicles and in it is blocking a lane. i am seeing a stack medium here so that is the cash-paying lanes. guys? >> there is vice new details emerging about prince's last days, a discovery that is giving police a clue into the cause of his death. >> a jetblue pilot faces federal charges after what he federal charges after what he did putting the lives of
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>> oakland, navy oh, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is enhanceed surveillance video supporting the theory that alameda sheriff deputies tried to bribe a homeless couple to keep quiet about a beating. look at this. this is the initial beating and you can seat deputies in the we chanced swinging possibly a metal chain belonging to stanislav patrov being beaten in the center of screen. the san francisco public defender released the new video and you can see it in
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slow-motion. the defend are said it corroborates an account that the deputies used jewelry to bribe the wents. stanislav patrov pleaded not guilty to federal drug and gun trafficking charges. >> a former jetblue pilot is accused of getting behind the controls and drinking not once but deface in one day butting the lives of 270 passengers at risk. he was not talking when he left court charged with operating a passenger jet under the influence. he had already piloted two flights define orlando and new york in april when he was selected for a random alcohol test. it said that the blood alcohol level was .11, which is nearly three times the limit for pilots. jetblue is stay he in longer works for them. >> look at the accident on the nose of the airbus an american airlines flight returned to seattle after hitting a bird yesterday during take off. it was headed to dallas-ft. worth but made a safe landing in
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seattle and 133 passengers were put on another plane. >> prescription drugs were found on prince when he died. the drugs were also found at his minnesota home. it is not known in they played a role in his death. the sheriff has contacted the federal drug enforcement administration about possibly helping with the case. he passed away a week ago today, a judge appointed a trust company to temporarily oversee his $300 million estate saying that the emergency appointment was necessary because prince doesn't appear to have a will. >> canceling cable service could goateeser, a new -- could get easy after it barely squeaked out of the hearing. cable companies are lobbying against the bill saying in can you sign up for cable online you should be able to opt out online. the legislation was inspired by customers claiming the process
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cancel service has become a big headache. critics argue requiring cancellation by phone is most effective form of customer protection. >> when is the warm-up happening mike? what is the timing? >> the warmest is on sunday. i will feel it and notice it tomorrow and saturday and it will linger into monday. we will go back in time yesterday, the storm does tut lack impressive as it traverses the lake but if you followed us on social media, a waterspout a tornado over water right on the lake yesterday afternoon and you can check it out it is very impressive. walnut creek is clear and 45 degrees right new, and today it is sunny and breezy and dry and fastest breeze is tomorrow night and a warm weekend for all neighborhoods. we will look at what is happening in your neighborhood, today we will start in the south bay with milpitas and sunnyvale at 70 and san jose is warm at 72
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and cooler to santa cruz at 68 and breezy and mild on the peninsula, from 64 in millbrae to 69 in los altos and mountain view could reach 70 for the warm spot. land the coast the breezes keep us in the upper 50's to 60s and 49 degrees at temperature. the air temperature is 69, and same for san rafael and novato. everyone else is 76-7 in the north bay. nearly 70 along the breezy east bay shoreline and inland mild with temperatures 75 in pleasanton and 9 in antioch. my seven-day forecast shows 80s inland friday through monday and 80s touching bay for sure on sunday and 70s reach the coast. >> we reported no bart delays last time and now we have a ten-minute delay in
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delay city because of equipment problems. in other mass transit issues this morning, but we do have an early accident at the toll plaza which has been cleared to the east lot so it is out of the lanes and that is a good news with a minor delay on the left hand cash lane so stay to the right. slow traffic out of the central valley for 37 minutes from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. friend is good. so far, so good, with a look at the north bay commute in a couple of minutes. >> the abc7 team is asking how could weed killer end up in a glass of red wine? a laboratory found a chemical was in continue -- in ten california wines which is an ingredient in roundup. we explore the growing controversy tonight on abc7 at
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36 -- 11. korea an athletes are wearing zika virus prove uniforms with mosquito repellant including long pants and long sleeve shirts and jacket, during the ceremonies and training. the united states team is fought so worried wearing shorts and those seen made by ralph lauren. >> nintendo has a new gaming console to be released next year. storm is at an all-time high. >> today, facebook is on fire where the revenue rising more than 50%, mostly because the million of us who use the facebook mobile app. more users means more advertisers which means the video ads are not going anywhere. look for facebook to do more with live video feature. >> nintendo much anticipated console will unveil next march
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but they will not say for how much. >> the latest games launch around the same time. >> spacex has a new mission to mars planned in two years, an un manned spacecraft will be land ing in 2018 on mars between spacex and nasa partnership in an effort to get the humans to the red planet. those are the tech bytes. >> in your children have made game purchases on amazon you could have money coming to you after billing for millions of unauthorized purchases that kids made on kindle and the children did not realize they were spending real money when they bought a boat load of doughnuts while playing free game. parents would complained got refunds but a judge rules it was difficult process and confusing and amazon and the federal trade
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commission must come up with a plan to comment the customers. >> the kings logo is a hit and some hike to see it every day forest of their lives. >> die hard fans lined up to get a free logo parlors in the area, with 200 fans getting the free pass. >> i give my family credit and i thought, why not? >> today is the best day to get it. >> i figured why not is not the rational you hear forgetting a tattoo. >> i can think of a lost reasons why not. that is the new logo they are passionate about paying tribute to the roots in kansas and cincinnati, moving into the new downtown arena next season and we hope they never change this logo because it is now inked >> i can understand the warriors
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but: the king >> how stanford researchers are >> how stanford researchers are use robots to
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yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear. >> these are seven things you need to know before you go. breaking news the oldest son of a san jose couple found murdered over the weekend is under arrest. rabbi is held at santa clara county jail. his parents, couple couple, were found dead -- his parents, golam and shamima rabbi, were found dead on sunday. the showers and storms are over we will let the warming trend begin, getting back to agency today and tomorrow and the weekend, we are in the mid-70's in san francisco so can you
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imagine what the inland will be like? following the tuesday morning commute you can see an early accident moving east which is now out of the lanes. no metering lights yet but we will follow the thursday morning commute when we return. >> four, no stick, -- no curry, no worries, a blow out win against the rockets at oracle arena. klay thompson led the team as mvp cheered from the bench. >> a pregnant pacifica woman and her unborn baby are okay after being shot in the head by her ex-boyfriend. >> a federal san francisco police lieutenant faces charges in connection with a rape investigation. he is accused of discussing rape allegations with the officer accuseed of rape allegations and failing to report.
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>> remember the chihuahua, he made national headlines after leading officers on the chase, and the owner never came forward so, now he is going to a new forever home. >> heads up, under a month, now, to ensure you can vote in the june primary registration deadline may 23 the you have to be registered with the republican party and to vote democrat you have to select no party preference or register for democrat. >> at clock is ticking, when the deadlines hits if you do not have the registration or your party preference stabbed with your county firmly by may 23rd, that is it, the voting choices are limited. >> we have a link to the voter registration case on >> the people of east palo alto are getting a brand new fire station and, today, a dedication ceremony is under way on university avenue, the fire
5:25 am
station was originally built in 1956 and needed a major upgrade with the ribbon-cutting ceremony unveiling the new modern station with a tour on saturday. firefighters will move in, may or juan when everything is tested. >> ladies and gentleman look at the national mammal of the united states, would you guess it is the bison? the congress wants to elevate the stature equal to the bald eagle laying a significant role in american history and to native american cultures, and will be taken up by the senate this week and headed to oval office. >> this is a robo mermaid, diver develop by a science recovery and his team of researchers who recover treasures from the site of a 1664 french shipwreck controlled by artificial intelligence sent by human handlers.
5:26 am
researchers say that ocean one has recovered artifacts from king louie14 in the mediterranean and the first time the ship has been explored. >> ready for a robot that haunts your dreams? it is not a person but a robot, researchers in china are raising the bar for realistic looking robot and the group showed off off the human-looking robot and she is able to blink and nod in response to questions with some voice recognition capability. the robot's skin is made of a silicone material. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including tickets for the warriors in the next round during the playoffs. >> and a plan to install license >> and a plan to install license plate readers a
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. all the oldest son of a couple found murdered over the weekend has been arrested. rabbi is taken into custody and is held in jail. the 22-year-old's parents, golam and shamima rabbi, were found murdered in their him on sunday. chilling messages have been written on the walls and the floor. police say they everyone whatted to find hasib but he was not a suspect. the couple has a 17-year-old son, as well. son, as well. matt is at santa >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> mike?
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>> quieter morning with sunrise on sutro tower. 12-hour day planner shows 42-52. by noon, 58 at the coast and 70 inland. the breezes are fat of the at 4:00, 58 to 76 from the coast inland and mid-50s to mid-60s so grab a coat this evening. >> in san rafael, 101 southbound beyond the north gate mall and the civic center and the tail lights headed in the southbound direction. you moving at the limit for 20-minutes into san francisco and not bad. likely more of the same at the san mateo bridge with no high wind advisory. 15 minute drive to foster we have a stalled vehicle over the altamont pass at north gasoline but, still, 35 minute from tracy up and over interest dublin/pleasanton. we will have updates just ahead. >> for rockets, the under came
5:31 am
swiftly with steph curry cheering the golden state warriors gave us a big win. elissa gins us in the studio with the team effort. the players who rose to the indication, as well. >> it look like it was fun to be there not just a win but a blow out. they put up huge numbers without mvp steph curry. he was still there as a fan cheering. he is recovering from a knee injury. the other splash brother, klay thompson, stepped up big time and led the way with 27 points. he is the first player in n.b.a. history to hit 7 three's in back-to-back games and next time they face off against the clippers-trailblazers series. >> hopefully we play the clippers because they have two starters out and those will be the home games at first. >> we need steph curry.
5:32 am
beyond that, the championship. >> fans got a t-shirt with slogan "strength in numbers," with 19,000 packing the arena, the final core was 118-81. we do not know wren steph curry will be back but he is expected to sit out part of next series. >> some of you wonder, what about tickets for the next game? the next three home guys of the western conference semifinals are on sale, 1, 2 and 5 played at or. presale tickets go on sale to season tickets holders and then priority and then men express holders and insider at 10:00 foam, and, then, to the general public tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. we have all of this information at abc7 >> keep the fan photos and videos coming we have received so many from pictures showing
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the warriors' pride. use #dubson7. happening today, bart police will install cams to read your license plate as you drive in and out of stations a proposal getting some push back from privacy advocates. amy hollyfield is in walnut creek. amy? >> the idea is to figure out who is going in and out of the the garages and stealing from people. according to our media partner, bart has bought two of the cameras and installed them. they will read your license plates but the report said they have not turned the cameras on yet. the goal is to have them at every station. first, the bart police chief will present the pilot program to the board today. we will have to answer to privacy advocates who are concern about what bart will do with the information collected
5:34 am
from the cameras. riders brought up the issue. >> joe really have any opinion one way or the other. i don't have anything to hide. i don't have a problem with it. but i can see how other people could be bothered by it. >> rot crimes make up 94% of the investigations facing bart police. the chief things the cameras could help track down the people committing the crimes. those with privacy concerns want bart to answer questions how they will control the information. >> the man police say shot his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the hold is still loose. she and her unborn baby are expected to be okay. this is who police are looking for, looking the scene in a 2003 silver toyota camry. police responded to the shooting
5:35 am
in pacifica at an apartment complex yesterday. he tried to kidnap johnson and she resisted he shot her. officers swarmed the house searching for him but no one was found or arrested. johnson is eight months pregnant and had a restraining order against the boyfriend. >> team from hawaii has surgery to remove a bain tumor. thieves stole from the family when they arrived in the bay area from hawaii last week. the theives broke into their car at the wharf and took a bag that contained his medical records, get well cards and lap done and camera with outpouring of support after we aired the story. people sent in more cards and a san francisco police officers association replaced the laptop and the camera. we wish the whole family well. >> santa clara coroner is still working to determine the cause of death of an apple employee at
5:36 am
the main campus in cupertino and responded to the campus yesterday to find the november in a conference room with a deadly wound. a gun was found near. a sheriff deputy spokesman called the death "isolated," and the identity has not been released. apple said and i quote, "we are heart broken by the tragic loss of a young and talented co-worker, our thoughts and deepest sympathies go to his family and friends." a vigil is held in martinez for a student would drowned over the weekend. andre parrilla was a freshman playing football and wrestled for the while. police found him in a pool at a home on sunday morning. the circumstances surrounding the drowning are unclear. toxicology tests will done to determine the cause of death. andre parrilla's mother and stepfather work with the sheriff. >> a former san francisco pass lieutenant faces charges in connection with a rape investigation accused of discuss
5:37 am
rape allegations with the accused officer for recalling a woman in august. the direct ton said that l failed to discuss this. jackson larry said he was the officer, by the suspect was listed "unknown." >> chancellor on uc davis is on paid leave in connection with the pepper spraying scandal. napolitano is launching an investigation over the response to the incident. who could forget the officer caught on camera using pepper spray on students during an occupy protest. they admit the school hired a company to bury references on the web and is underfire for question average moonlighting activities and hiring family member for campus jobs. >> now focus is turning to the june 7ry marry in california and in oakland mayor schaaf will
5:38 am
open the campaign august on 14th street. bernie sanders is laying up to 300 staffers as he turned the remaining energy to california. he said high will bring the staff others back on board in he starts to win delegates. >> donald trump will kick off the california campaign today in orange county and he will head north to the bay area tomorrow. he is scheduled to deliver the key note speech at the state again convention in burlingame. donald trump ridiculed rival ted cruz' selection of former h.p. c.e.o. carly fiorina saying it is a desperate attempt to remain relevant. california's 172 delegates, the biggest prize in the race for the g.o.p. nomination. >> coming up on 5:39 and we will start in the south bay where san jose is 52 and same in alum rock and mountain view. everyone else, though, from 43 in los gatos to sunnyvale at 48. same temperature in redwood city and 49 right new in lafayette
5:39 am
and fairfield and novato and san pablo and san carlos and san francisco and half moon bay at 50. the accident activity is breezy for kite surfing this afternoon and if you are doing jogging, watch out for the allergies they will be bad, again, or the pollen causing you allergies. dog walking is dry and sunny. we will look already seeing the signs of a lot of sunshine in our roof camera, today we are going to be from 65 in san francisco to 69 inland so 14 degree spread so close to this tomorrow and we will slow the high clouds in the application and everyone is in the 70s and 80s on saturday and our warmest weather is still ahead of us in the seven-day forecast. i have a chick of traffic. sue? >> we have 45 bart trains on schedule after minor delay in the san leandro station but that is clear asked in problems with muni and ace train, both trains are out train 1 and 3 are on
5:40 am
time and the macarthur maze is a nice drive into san francisco westbound. toll plaza show metering lights turned on at pa:28. eastbound the reverse commute from san francisco we have reports of a car fire before the toll plaza so heads up fur leaving the city on the bay bridge it could cause delays. we have slow traffic from the central valley and a couple of problems on 580 in livermore and up and over the altamont pass. >> if you are dreaming of riding the california high-speed rail into san francisco the trip could end up short. a new hurdle is threatening controversial project. >> this video made that little guy a nationwide star with a big guy a nationwide star with a big move for a small dog
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that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we want justice! >> classes are back this morning at city college in san francisco following a when day strike by faculty angry over stalled contract talks. they want a 16% pay hike of four years. dcfs said they can afford to give them 7% over two years much the faculty is threatening a longer strike as they do not is
5:44 am
a contract. >> financial problems for high-speed rail service to san francisco. official say it is facing $1.5 billion shortfall. that is because of cost cut by the high-speed rail authority. the san francisco business times is reporting that the fundings with crucial to linking the high-speed rail with san francisco. the money was also going to pay for the rail connection between the caltrain station and the new transbay transit center. >> bart said it will resume testing a new $2 million train car that crashed last week. first they have to clan up the sand. the agency said a ran it into a sand berm. >> i imagine be on that and...i don't want to crash. >> they put people's lives at risk. that is not something people should play with. >> bart is designing software politics for the problem. the agency tells us that the crash was a "normal occurrence
5:45 am
of testing." the car they said did not fail. >> local health officials are stepping up efforts to protect bay area residents from fake prescription pills. this is a story we have tracked for weeks. the pills are sold on the street as norco but are actually fentanyl. four people have already overdoseed. >> people have a false sense of security in they buy what they think is prescription medication. >> in sacramento, 12 deaths so for have been linked to fentanyl since march. you should only take medicine purchased from a licensed pharmacy. >> san francisco legal groups working to help undocumented children become citizens are getting a boost new from city hall. the mayor lee said $2 million in new funding is going to the immigrant legal defense fund. players say the money is critical as they address record
5:46 am
levels of uncompanied company entering the united states from mexico and central america. >> each case we have been able to get length reputation the chances go up 50% to 75%. >> more than 400 undocumented chin have been representing in the immigration courts. it helps with basic housing and education needs. >> george lucas wants do make the big ranch more available to get. he wants to remodel part of the office complex interest 57 overnight lodging rooms. improvements would be limited to the inside of the building and would not change the appearance. officials are reviewing the plan and a proposal or report of the proposal will be issued next week. >> do you think chew we is there? >> c3? >> it would be awesome. >> i like it.
5:47 am
>> let's do it. >> what else we are doing is bringing warmer weather and it is going to be breezy. this weekend, we have heat in the forecast. do not be in fur this weekend, good morning, everyone, a look at the next three hours, another bit of energy is will aring through on the northwest winds and mainly over the ocean and the rest of us look at this a lot of blue sky from our exploritorium camera at pier 15 with a lot of sunshine, grab the sunglasses today, it will be breeze why and warmer, above average highs as the warming trend peeks and it looks like it will be dry the next seven days. the temperatures start in the south bay, homogenized 70 to 72 degrees and the cool spot if you head down to santa cruz is 66 and san jose is 72, the warm spot, from extent in money attend view and dropping to 64 in millbrae and breezy on the peninsula and windy along the coast with water temperature around 50 degrees, winds coming
5:48 am
off that keep us right around the upper 50s to 60 in the sunset and 65 downtown south san francisco international airport, 67, and north bay along the coast, the temperatures are upper 50s and 15 degrees to 20 degrees warmer inland from novato at 72 to napa at 77 and the east bore shore is breezy up to 70s in oakland and san leandro and up to 69. and 75 in pleasanton to antioch at 79 this afternoon. a few more clouds, and cooler and mid-40s to around 50 in the and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. my seven-day forecast shows all eyes locking on sunday as 70s reach the coast and 80s around the bay and nearly 90 inland. we will taper the temperatures back to average on wednesday of next week. >> it turns owe the car fire on the bay bridge toll plaza was in the westbound direction and that is the bad news, the good news it has been put out and of mid to the least hand shoulder with fire crews on the scene. metering lights on at 5:28 stacking to the maze for a good
5:49 am
solid 15-minute delay to get into san francisco and we will talk about the problems in the livermore area, three cars involved in an accident right near airway and they could be off to the shoulder because i an not seeing any slow traffic through lynch. however, on the altamont pass, slow traffic with a stall lane three and it is 45 minutes from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. we will check back in the north bay and see how that commute is shaping up in a few. >> new at 6:00, the reason being two minutes late for uber could confident you cash. >> warning for women hoping to have children the risk you could face if you take a drug that treat as common health issue. >> imagine finding this looming >> imagine finding this looming
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>> the abc7 news app news that lives where you live. >> the screen shows a normal plane and small dot approaching heathrow airport. oops...that is a giant bolt of lightning hitting the plane midair. photographer captured the moment it happened with the loud flies and bright light. it planted safely with no one being hurt. the plane will have an inspection before it returns to service. officials say the lightning strikes are common for planes and they are built to where stand them. so do not be freaked out or not fly. >> hope they got extra peanuts. >> consumer groups urge the federal government to take action against ikea with poor furniture design could be killing kids. dressers from malm line have been blamed for the deaths of
5:53 am
three children. several groups want the government to force ikea to stop selling the line. the group say the malm dressers are easy to tip over and they claim ikea new of the safety concerns before the deaths. >> an important warning from the f.d.a. about a year infection drugs and the possible link to miscarriages. it is a examine drug. women who used the drug in the first six months of pregnancy were 50% more likely than nonusers to have a miscarriage. the f.d.a. is urging parents who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant to talk to doctors about other treatments for yeast infections. >> this is interesting, a minute of exercise may not sound like much but it can go a long way in helping your health. one minute of hard exercise can be as beneficial as 45 minutes of moderate exercise.
5:54 am
this is a small study with sedentary men compared to men who did continuous cycling, compared to sprints with warmups and cool downs. for both groups, the muscle content and oxygen and insulin levels improved equally. >> i know a if way to get a minute of exercise, running from this, inside of your house. a real picture of a real gator inside a home of david bradford. the gator was in the home the man is building in louisiana. you have to watch this sound bite. >> all of a sudden i saw something we have at me. it was the tail of the alligator the i got close are and i thought what in the devil is that, and i got closer and big alligator. >> love everything about that man, the hat, the way he talked about it, bradford called in a pro to get the alligator out and
5:55 am
the wrangler was shocked. here is the theory. he thinks the gator was looking for a mate and a bigger male gator scared him off and he want inside the home. >> i'm amazed he stick around. i would be, later, gator! >> very nice! good morning, everyone, antioch is one of the warmer neighborhoods after 54 at 7:00, and we will top out at 3:00 at 78 degrees. breezes are going to be fat of the along the coast, at 20-30 miles per hour and around 10-15 during the lodge hour and notice we are up to 20-35 in spots as we say 20-30 at coast and maybe gusts up to 40 at point raise -- point reyes. scattered showers, rain and snow and lake tahoe is 51 and yosemite is 61, and light showers are possible in the mountains around san diego and los angeles and partly cloudy, 64 to 68. sue? we have gonna
5:56 am
golden gate bridge, with four lanes southbound direction off the waldo grade and san rafael for 22 minutes from novato through san rafael to mill valley and the golden gate bridge. it is looking pretty good. the tail lights headed in the southbound direction as sun is coming up. the drive times an early couple of problems in livermore on the altamont pass, 45 minute drive into dublin and we will update the problems in a couple of minutes. >> spacex is date for a mission to mars in 2018. spacex provided this rendering of the drag again spacecraft approaching mars. nasa will provide technical support, not financial support, in exchange spacex will provide nasa with entry and landing data. elon musk has the goal of colonizing mars. >> we know what it is like to
5:57 am
have a bad hair day when it is not cooperating. >> no matter how bad the day is you have nothing on kevin gibson the 58-year-old was arrested tore marijuana possession in miami. it is not the crime but this bizarre mug shot, we have in idea why only the right half of his face was shaved. he will have plenty of time to grow it out while he waits for the next curt date. >> if you at 6:00, pg&e executives receiver immunity from testifying in san bruno explosion fire with possible reason behind the move. >> we are following breaking news, the son of a murdered san jose couple now in police jose couple now in police custody and
5:58 am
hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was.
5:59 am
get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. >> abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> the son of a couple murdered if share san jose home is now
6:00 am
under arrest. >> matt keller is outside the santa clara county jail. matt? >> san jose police said that oldest son was not a suspect in the couple's murders but this morning a person matching his name and age is now in custody here at santa clara county jail of department of whys shows that hasib rabbi was booked into jail this morning with no bail allowed for the 22-year-old. san jose police could fought locate hill after the parents were fund shot to death in the home. golam and shamima rabbi were long time san jose residents and have another son who is 17 years old. the source say that two messages last behind at the son one written on the floor "sorry my first kill was clumsy," the other written on a wall i cannot be like you telling a love, loving someone without telling them." we have contacted san jose police department and yet to hear back on details of the arrest.


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