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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> crews are working to on a lane on 680 after one person was killed in a mangled mess of an accident. >> look behind me. investigators are still here on the scene. two lanes southbound 680 are still closed.
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traffic is getting backed up. we are in san ramon beyond the bollinger canyon exit southbound. look at the shocking video of the crash. it is hard to figure out what you are looking at. it is a black honda hit by a chrysler. the driver of the honda rear ended a crane. it was driving to a construction site. that scene was stabilized. and the chrysler hit the honda. the driver of the honda was killed. the other two drivers were hurt. they will on we kay. c.h.p. officers do not know whether the driver of the honda died when he hit the crane or when he was hit by the chrysler. they are trying to figure that out. this happened at 11:30 last night. they are asking for witnesses to call in. two lane are closed right new. this is just beyond the bollinger canyon exit. they are hoping to get the lanes on soon.
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>> amy will update the progress of the clean up were. >> we will see the impact of the accident. >> we have our map up and it looks like there is slow traffic starting to build. the yellow is seeing speeds of 40 miles per hour is it is slower which is good anyway because we have two lens of traffic accident closed. we will be following this throughout the morning with a caltran supervisors on scene. that could noon they are in the final clear, the two right right lanes remain closed and the last lanes are getting by. >> you can see the next three hours on live doppler hd there is nothing falling from the clouds out there this morning. we have a few low clouds and a lot of high louds as warmer air mass is taking hold today but we will feel the effect tomorrow and sunday. waking up at 56 to 54, and high
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clouds and sunshine, mid-to-upper 50 at the coast and low-to-mid 70s inland. >> later today a funeral is held for the san jose couple would police say were killed by their own son. for the first time sin his arrest we hearing from the oldest son, with john it in the newsroom with the next step in the disturbing case. janet? >> the parents will be remembered and the oldest son will be in court, hasib rabbi and his 17-year-old brother are accused killing their parents. hasib rabbi said the best continuing to listen what happened is to wait for the trial. hasib rabbi said his younger brothers, a senior at evergreen valley high school is innocent. the double murder of the son is a huge shock to family and friends. his cousin spoke to us by phone. [ inaudible ]
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>> we never saw any problems. >> if the stem cell house interview hasib rabbi said "i'm not expecting five car treatment, i can't say i have ever met anyone who is happy to be in jail." disturb messages were left in the home where the alleged shooting took place. >> the funerals will be at the islamic center followed by aist burial. before by a private burial. >> the california primary will make a difference in the race for 2016. the annual convention is in burlingame and we find matt keller there. >> barricades are up around the hyatt in burlingame. organizers are excited that donald trump will be kicking off the convince. in it is nothing like southern california's everrent have it california's everrent have it could be a wild weekend.
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police last night as protests and supporters for donald trump took to the streets identified a venue where the candidate was speaking. in burlingame police have spent a in planning. donald trump will speak at the oning lunch and john kasich is tonight, and ted cruz tomorrow, followed by the new running mate, carly fiorina. people are coming from cross the state to be here. >> a lot times in the past the nominee has been decided by the time we got here so it is a great opportunity to engage. we have three candidates and a lot of the republicans in the state are excited to make the decision. >> the events are sold out and the cars on at 10:00 a.m. and donald trump will speak at noon.
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>> thank you, matt. bay area democrats are wasting in time trying to win over voters and this oakland the first campaign office for hillary clinton in the state is on on 14th street. there are 39 days remaining until the june 7 primary. bernie sanders supporters will on their oakland office this weekend. in berkeley, bernie sanders supporters canvassed door-to-door w40 daze until the june primary, state up to date with the news app downing it for flow. >> look at this man in this southfield, a person is wanted in an attack can happened on sunday afternoon inside an apartment building on pacific avenue. police say the man sexually assaulted a 74-year-old victim inside of her apartment. he robbed her, as well, and took off. officials are asking anyone with information to come forward. >> police are looking for the person would fatally shot a 26-year-old man in broad daylight. it happened just before 5:00
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yesterday at a gas station. officers arrived to find a map on the ground suffering from gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at scene. police have no description of the suspect or a motive in the killing. >> if you think bay area from, is bad and it will never get any better, you are not alone. a survey finds five out of six bay area drivers are frustrated and pessimistic about traffic on most major routes. according to the business times a through poll found --. >> we just heard a loud car horn. >> 83% of drivers are convinced it will never improve the but the negative vibes are self-inflicted, four out of five usually drive aline for commuting or running errands rather than car pooling or taking public transit. >> dub nation we have another chance to get your hands on tickets to the western conference semi final, with tickets at the 10:00, sales on to the general public at 2:00 p.m., and we could know tonight
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who the dubs are playing in the next round. the trailblazers are up a game against clippers heading interest game six in los angeles. in the blazers win the warriors play them on sunday, the game will be a 12:30. wherest rate here on abc7. in that series goes to seven games, warriors have to wait until tuesday to play. >> keep the fan photos and videos coming, we received so many great pictures from you showing your warriors pride. and you can see your pictures on air or online. >> san jose sharks yet to win stanley cup win with the second round of play ooze against the predators at home. there have been plenty of arrests and it has been a week since eliminating the kings on friday in the first round. the predators only have had one day to regroup after a seven day series against the anaheim ducks. the puck drops at 7:30 at the s.a.p. center. >> we have a traffic alert this
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morning. in men we have a fail accident. it happened at 11:30 last note. we are seeing slow traffic. southbound after bollinger canyon. a sig-alert was fatal. a couple of cars. there is a construction crane. car hit the crane and another car hit that car and it became fatal. they are on scene with the final clear stains. i checked the drive time from san ramon to dublin/pleasanton. it is eight minutes. it is not a big delay. we are watching this. mike? we will start on the peninsula and talk temperatures, 49 in woodside and san bruno and menlo park is 45 and everyone else is 50 to 52 and we have mid-50s oakland, hard half, fremont, all at 53 and concord and forward, and san ramon and livermore, and antioch 58, and right now, san jose is june and mill valley at 46 and half moon bay and napa at 50. fill be dry and mild, good for walking the dog, the weekend is
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going to be better for the beefs if you like the warm shun shine. today is around 60. and it will be breezy and it will be breezy >> the to fun for tomorrow. the fiscal year three days, 60s and 70s today and 70s and 80s tomorrow and sunday. >> san jose spores coach now in trouble with the law this morning. we will share what the coach is accused of. >> investigators drill into a vault at the paisley park vault at the paisley park compound and what they pound and
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>> benicia san ramon, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a san jose high school spores coach is under arrest for an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old boy. this is 21-year-old of san jose now charged with annoying on molesting a child. he was the assistant coach at san jose high school. he was dating a student at the school. >> new details, investigators are look into whether prince died from a drug overdose. prescription drugs were found in his possession after his death. authorities want to know in a doctor was prescribing the drugs toxicology results are still weeks away. all the bank manager drilled into the vault do make sure everything was secure and keep others from accessing the collection of music that is
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inside. the trusts will identify the heirs would will decide what happened next with the music. >> if you live to menlo park, water is going to be shut down this weekend to some of the water district customers. the valve that regulates the water pressure in the area at the expressway, and the map shows while the work will improve the water pressure it will affect all those would live in the green area of top area of the map. the shutdown is on sunday and it is expected to go from 2:00 to 6:00 a.m. >> happening today, an initiative is unveiled that fosters a college going culture in east san jose schools. the signing initiative promises to help students prepare for admission to san jose state university. organizers will share add mission requirements with the students and families of the 13 high schools in east side union high school district. >> a warmup is on way. is that right? yes. >> is it time to go to the
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beach? do our summer things? >> two days. then it will be cool again. >> right now, here is a look at the high clouds, slightly warmer this morning. than yesterday the nothing is going to fall from the clouds and we have low clouds. walnut creek is clear and high clouds at 51 and mostly sunny and breezy and highs increasing clouds and cooler next week. upper 60s to low 70s throughout the south bay from milpitas at 68 to san jose at 71 and santa cruz at 65. mid-to-upper 60s for not of breezy peninsula, and mountain view outside at 70 and 61 at san jose, and 64 in downtown and, also, in sauce least, and san rafael is 69 and we will hit the low-to-mid 60s into the north bay wine country this afternoon. along the east bay shore, berkeley, hayward, newark and union city and san leandro is
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the cool spot at 67 and up to 70 in richmond and 71 in hercules, and mid-to-upper 70s headed to wine country and livermore at 75 and tonight the temperatures are in the upper fete to mid-50s under clear sky but, remember, it will be windy tone. emily above a thousand feet. warmest day at the coast is sunday, the bay and inland and cooling on monday and it gets to the rest of us the rest week. >> we have a shot in san ramon 680 in the southbound direction you can see the crews and c.h.p. is on scene with the markers on the road and right lanes are blocked. what happened at 11:30 last night this was an accident involving a construction crane a car hit the crane and another car hit that car and it was a fatal. they are still doing the investigation and the last lanes are getting by, you can see it are getting by, you can see it is look
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traffic southbound after bollinger canyon. more on this in a few minutes. many of you have felt the anxieties of the night landing and the baggage, will the suitcase actually appear? now you have a better what than ever to be safely reuniteed. lost or delayed or damaged suitcases now a lowest level since tracking began in 23 -- 23, 23 million budgets were mass handled and airlines say it is still too many. >> looking for a new job? postal districts are holding a series of hiring workshops tomorrow, focusing on showing how to navigate the job application process.
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there are three locations for job fairs, including the san mateo post office, the san francisco processing and distribution center, and the civic center oakland post office. you can find more information on all three workshops at facebook is updating most apps for ends users. >> facebook is rolling owe the new apps, which are for end withs 10 and windows 10 mobile users now have dedicated facebook and messenger apps. there is a new instagramup for witnesses. >> new way to help you out in the kitchen, amazon voice assist ant has a portable speaker. with the device you can have them play music to look up recipes. >> in only it can cook. >> first hoverboards and then hoover bikes using a pair of mores and propelers. >> he spent three months designing the prototype which
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stays elevated for a minute although he has no background in engineering. >> those are the tech bytes. >> in i ever see you on one of those i am not talking to you again. >> facebook takes security seriously when it comes to c.e.o. zuckerberg and yesterday the company reel road is they spent $16 million the past five years on personnel and equipment to keep zuckerberg safe including guards when he runs in china. oracle pay $1.5 million to secure a him, and amazon paid $1.6 million for bezos' security. >> duck family is complete after a duck long had to be rescued. >> firefighters found the duck long in a stem drain. here they are trying to get him out. my goodness.
5:20 am
a firefighter reaps down and...there though go. he placed the buckling in a box and kept quacking. it was released into canal where it was reunited with family and though all swam away. lovely. >> straight ahead the seven things you need to know and the things you need to know and the first round of nfl draft pick.
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new activia fruit fusion, with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis. delicious and good for you. new activia fruit fusion. >> here are the seven things you need to know. breaking news in the east bay. avoid interstate 680 through san ramon. crews are work to re-open the road after a deadly citizen. a man as killed after crashing his car into a crane. and then interest another car. >> we following the commute this morning but further north of that we have an overturn
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southbound 680 with slow traffic from walnut creek to mosten hill. >> a warm weekend is on tap and before we get this we could have damage from gusty winds. i will show you when and where. >> breaking news in milpitas a suspect was taken to the hospital after an officer involved shooting. the ramp to 680 is still closed on-ramp. janet will have the latest in a few machines. >> the san jose couple found dead in their home on sunday afternoon is going to be laid to rest today. police arrested their two sons for the crime. 22-year-old hasib rabbi is expected to appear in court. he insist his 17-year-old boy is innocent. >> member of california republican party though does not happen when the state convention opens today in burlingame. protesters went wild in orange county jumping on cars and smashing windows. donald trump delivered the keynote address at noon.
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>> seven, you have to look at the screen to believe this, the idea that has pizza lovers excitessed, a pizza box made from pizza, the brain child of company in brooklyn. john wayne will not is a day named in his honor in california the assembly voted against the measure. much of the objection came from law makes who said the actor disparaged blacks and native americans. >> san francisco's japan town is the oldest in the united states and this year the neighborhood and this year the neighborhood and the founders will be >> we want to sell briar their life. >> the mayor lee honored including the asian art museum celebrating the 50th
5:25 am
anniversary, and this is an awards sermon on monday, and a treat festival may 21. >> there are fashion statements and then this is this: elliot, ohio state running back rocked with a crop top shirt under his suit, wearing the jars like this before it was banned in games the he said it would be hadder for defenders to tackle him when he looked like that. he has filed a trademark for the phrase "in corner we trust -- in crop we trust e >> why understand. >> we have a full 90 minutes news including breaking news we told you about in the east bay. and new information on when 680 will fully re-open. >> warning for people in san francisco, someone is impersonating a pg&e employee impersonating a pg&e employee and trying
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> if san ramon, a sig-alert, investigators are trying to determine what caused a man to drive into a crane, take his life. amy hollyfield is at scene for us. amy? >> yes, natasha i got a briefing from c.h.p. they say they are hoping to get the two lanes re-opened in the hour. traffic is starting to slow down. we the backup is building. they know the commute needs the two lanes on southbound 680. they are working as fast as they can. look at the accident that caused the backup and the shut down it is hard to figure out way are look at. it is a black honda hit by a chrysler. the driver of the honda first rear ended a crane driving to a construction site and that scene
5:29 am
was stabilized and the chrysler hit the honda. the driver of the honda was the driver of the honda was killed and the others were hurt. c.h.p. officers do not know yet in the driver of monday died wren he hit the crane or when he was hit bit chrysler. they are trying to figure that out. it happened at 111 o'clock last night and they are asking for witnesses to call in to the c.h.p. the two lanes are still closed beyond the bollinger canyon exit in san ramon. they are hope telling get them on soon. >> sue hall is tracking the impact of accident on the commute as traffic is building at 5:30 this morning. that is right, traffic is build ing. that is becoming a remember as it is busy.
5:30 am
our grab map shows slow traffic backing in toward san ramon and this is south of the poll jury canyon exit with a sig-alert in affect and i checked the rave dime from danville to the interchange it is under 20 mens and usually that is a seven minute drive. we are starting to steam things up and we will be watching this and check in a few minutes. >> the breezes are starting to taper. still gusty. the winds will taper but pick up in the afternoon like yesterday. here is the bay bridge from the camera with clouds out there, low clouds and high clouds and a bull sunset, # abcnow. wewillhavehighcloudsandsunshine, and50satthecoastandupperisis ar oundthebayandmid-70sinland. a. ingwhattrendcomingthiswelcome. - investigators are look into an officer involved shooting early this morning, and our reporter
5:31 am
is in the newsroom with what we know so far. janet? ought suspect was shot on the on-ramp to northbound 680 at east calvalry boulevard and the ramp is closed. an investigation is looking into the circumstances that led officers to fire. you can see evidence is being collected on the ground. the incident happened a 1:00 a.m. officers were running after the suspect after he got out of the his car in a hotel parking lot the he was treated at the scene and taken to a hospital much the suspect's continue is unknown at this time, and no officers were injured. in the ruse room for abc7 news. >> happening today, the san jose couple fond murdered inside of their home, will be laid to rest. a rare service and funeral was planned for today. police arrested both of the couple's sons, 22-year-old hasib rabbi and his 17-year-old brother. hasib rabbi said his younger brother, a student at evergreen high school, is innocent. in an interest with the "san
5:32 am
francisco chronicle" "the best thing in anyone wants to know what happened, wait for the trial." a cousin spoke with us over the phone and said their family is in shock. >> caller: the saw any problems. >> the brother has no prior convictions and he is held in the santa clara county jail and we expect him to be in court today. >> large crowd will turnout for the services for the couple. the event is moved to the muslim community center to accommodate a large crowd. the prayer will be begin at 1:30 and they will be buried in livermore. all the bay area will be front and center in the republican race for president starting today as the state going convention kicks off in burlingame. the these day event at the height begins at 8:00 a.m., with the top g.o.p. candidates taking part. frontrunner, donald trump, gives the keynote dress at noon account most recent state polls
5:33 am
put trump way ahead in california, and these are the barricades now set up around the hotel in preparation for protested protesters. burlingame police are getting push aid from surrounding police departments. departments. just in case. >> this is the scene pose hope to avoid here. people are jump up and down on police cars, smashing windows on cruiseers and protesting in the street. that was scene outside a trump rally last night. you could so a man in a trump t-shirt bloodies. donald trump basked in the flow of 18,000 cheering supporters. >> we will build a wall, mexico is going to pay for the wall, and we are going to stop drugs from coming in, the drugs are poisoning our youth and a lost other people, and we are going to get it stopped. >> 20 protesters were arrested
5:34 am
and police report that there were no major injuries. >> ohio governor john kasich will hold a townhall in san francisco. he is running distant third in the republican race right new. he will speak at an event sponsored by the commonwealth club at 2:00 p.m. and will address the state convention at 7:00:30 -- 7:30 tonight and ted cruz is speaking at a lunch banquet today and din we are his running mate presidential vice presidential candidate carly fiorina. >> there will be a crush of voters in the june primary with 600,000 new voters have sign up. the deadline to register for a vote or a particular party is may 23. you can request a vote by mail through end of may. >> at mayor lee accept every officer in the san francisco police force a letter urging them to fight bigotry. he said bigoted officers "do not
5:35 am
deserve to be your colleagues, they dishonor and disrespect the communities they serve and the sacred badge they wear." >> the letter is two daze of a public defender released details of bigoted t sent by former officer jason lai and urges the officers to report fin who dishonests the police department. >> happening tonight, a san francisco vision, coalition of people standing for diverse difficult and social justice will rally in support of the frisco five, the name of five people on a week and a half long hunger strike. they demand the firing of chief greg suhr over police violence against the community. the rally is tonight at 8:00 p.m. at the mission police station. a high-risk sex offender is back in jail after getting into a fate with the mental health workers watching him. john hand hop neither -- jonathan hopn are assaulted temperature on wednesday afternoon at the motel. he was paroled in sonoma.
5:36 am
he was kick out of hotels in petaluma and rohnert park. there were seven condition visions for sexual battery over three years. >> san francisco police are searching for this man, a "person of interest" in a sexual assault case, wanted for an attack in the financial district early on sunday around 1:30 a.m. police say the man started speaking with a 23-year-old woman he just met. they went to a motel and the william said he sexually assault her. he said his name was sergio. anyone with information is urged to contacts san francisco police. >> aen watching to residents of san francisco's marina district, someone impersonating a pg&e employee is trying to get into homes. the n.d.p. released the video showing the suspect in action early this week. the hoax goes like this, the mantles elderly residents there is a gas leak in the area and they should leave f they do, they have a clear shot at robbing the residents.
5:37 am
both families on tuesday and wednesday failed because the residents were smart enough to recognize something was not right with that give. big cheers of new york after the first round of the nfl draft. >> the rams select jared >> cal quarterback the first pick in the draft, jared goff a die hard 49ers fan can now will be holding the los angeles rams uniform. >> worth the wait. honestly. unbelievable moment. once in a lifetime experience. cannot put into words. i am very happy and excited to move on with my professional career. >> jared goff is the 505 the 5th cal quarterback picked. no one thought it would happen when cal woman own one game in his freshman year but it changed last year when he led the birds
5:38 am
to the first winning season since 2011 and society a school record for most passing yards in a game. well deserved. >> the 49ers picked buckner from oregon reunited with his old college coach chip kelly. and raiders picked a player from west virginia who is coming off an injury. >> governor -- jared goff is a high school buddy of my son. >> we had an early fatal accident last night at 11:30 and amy hollyfield has been updating up toyotaing that it should be on by 6:30. that is great news. the lot lanes are getting by and the right lanes are slow. i checked the drive time and it looks like it is under 20 minutes to get from danville to the dublin/pleasanton interchange. it is about twice the normal time. bay bridge metering lights turned on at 5:31 and heave into
5:39 am
san francisco because there is a car with a flat tire blown out before the harrison off-ramp. that is the reason for extra slow traffic on the bridge. hopefully they will get that out. we will check in a few. >> mike? >> good morning, everyone, we will look at temperatures in the north by cool of the in petaluma and rohnert park at 45, and san rafael is 50 and vallejo is 52 and tiburon is 51. we are 50 degree temperatures in san carlos, at june, and redwood city is 53 and san jose 51 and brentwood is 58 degrees. in san rafael, we have the temperature around 50 and mostly cloudy sky but high clouds, and you will worry about tree pollen, oak, pine, and olive, weed and mold will be low and grass is moderate and the u.v. index is very high. we could have wind damage above
5:40 am
a through feet of continue-30 gusting to 45 miles per hour. it is about 50 in san jose at 101 and 880 where it and cloudy. 60 at coast and nearly 70 around the bay and 80 inland but, notice, a lost 70s and 80s on saturday and our warmest day is sunday. the seven-day forecast is ahead. >> thieves steal $45,000 worth of clothing from a people pal store. next, a quick thinking that helped police nab them a mile and a half away. >> an incredible explanation of why there may not be enough why there may not be enough money to
5:41 am
why there may not be enough money to that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this morning we are happy to report that surgery to remove a teen's brain tumor at children's hospital went well. his mother said the procedure lasted seven hours. you may remember we introduced you to the family last week. thieves broke into their car at san francisco's wharf and stole several you its including his medical records. there was an outmore of support from everyone after the store aired. people sent in cards and the san francisco police officers association replace add laptop and a camera.
5:44 am
>> an organize man is in custody for threatening president obama. the file is not reveal the specific threat that he made but possession found pipe bombs at his apartments yesterday. he was arrested shortly after search. this is not the first run in with the f.b.i. last month he was paid a visit after postage threat against president obama on facebook. >> lt. governor is set to announce that his gun control measure will be on the november ballot. he will submit 600,000 circumstances for his safety for all initiative which aimed to reduce gun violence. the measure would require back ground checks for people who want to buy ammunition and gun owners will have to report in their firearm has been lost or stolen. >> five men are accused of stealing $45 the worth of clothing from this gap in palo alto. what is interesting is they did not step food night -- foot inside the store.
5:45 am
they made their keys for a truck that was filled with clothing belonging to the store. they up locked it and drove away. the delivery driver realized he had a cell phone in the truck and tracked it using g.p.s. officers followed the signal to a mile and a half away. they off loading the clothes. >> it is lucrative because it is a large volume of clothing in this case $45,000. >> all four were arrested. another got away. after their fingerprints were taken, three gave false names but police did not fin out until after the suspect bailed. they face additional felony charges in they resurface. officers are working to bring all five to justice. all the chihuahua found running loose on the bay bridge is in a new home. who can forget c.h.p. chasing the dog april 3. he had the spirit to run.
5:46 am
after nearly a in in care, ponch is hand over to new family yesterday. they say they fell in love with ponch before though met him >> my husband saw him first on the tv and fell in love with him and that is it. we have a small dog and he will be her brother. >> he was put up for adoption after the owners failed to claim him. the woman would fostered victim said he is shy but likes to run. obviously. especially after that sprinting on the bay bridge. so happy to see he is with a good family. >> we want a check of traffic and sue with a sig-alert. sue? >> there is a sig-alert. respond, at bollinger scan beyond, we will look for you with a major accident last night that happened at 1:30 with a couple of cars slamming into a crane, a construction crane and
5:47 am
i am seeing traffic building and they are still blocking the right lanes. last hane are getting by. c.h.p. is investigating. amy hollyfield is on scene. she said by 6:30 they hope to have the lanes on. we are, looking at under 20 minutes from danville into the dublin/pleasanton interchange. usually it is eight minutes. an overturn to the north in walnut creek southbound 680 i am see slow traffic fromment were hill into walnut creek tore 15 -minute delay. we have gotten word there was police activity in milpitas with both directions at 680 shut down for the investigation. be aware it is right at 680 at east calaveras. >> tracking dry weather over the next three hours, with live doppler hd and it continues up into the area with a slight chan
5:48 am
of a sure today. from the east bay hills camera it is fuzzy and the low clouds go away but a mainstay and the frees will come back and keeps temperatures in the seasonal change. warmth will be here a hilt by but hints of rain. upper 60s to low 70s in the south bay today from milpitas at 68 to san jose at 71, and in santa cruz, 65 this afternoon. 70 in mountain vie and like yesterday, everyone else on the peninsula is mid-to-upper 60s and our warm spot is not that warm half moon bay and the sunset at 61, but it should be ten degrees warmer tomorrow and mid-60s, 64 in downtown, south san francisco, 65, sauce lady, 64, upper 60s along the north bay coast and warmer inland with low-to-mid 70s at 71 and santa rosa at 76 and the east bay sure, 67 to 71, hercules is the warm spot and inland, walnut
5:49 am
creek, alamo, danville, san ramon around 74, and antioch is brushing 80 and there will be man 80s in the future inland. today, you can sleep easy with the temperatures, upper 40s to mid-50s and above a through' -- above a thousand feet it is noisy. 70s along the coast possibly a few 80s on sunday and 80's around the bay and inland and only 80's inland on monday and 60s and 70s the rest next week. >> at 6:00, a controversial move by some in the workplace, people without kids now demanding time off as in they are new parents. all the reason director landlord all the reason director landlord do stop
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that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit
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>> new details about san francisco's transbay center, an error may have left it in a hole three agencies thought they were getting $2 billion from the california high-speed rail authority they thought that because the number was reportedly police today in an early businessman. however, curing to the business journal, the project is only getting 557 million dollars. the high-speed rail never planned to provide more than half a billion and it was an error. this is no word on how officials plan to deal with that shortfall. >> oakland mayor schaaf is still optimistic the raiders will stay in town despite the team owner announcing he is willing to move to los angeles. he pledged $500 million toward
5:53 am
the new $1.3 billion stadium in sin city the same amount he said he would pay to a stadium in oakland which the mayor is positive will happen. >> we have gotten through oth negotiations and are hitting the ground running to get a permanent stadium for the raiders that is responsible to the taxpayers and the fans and the nfl and the great team that belong in oakland. our the occupy are is putting the pressure on schaaf by actively looking for other certifies to play in. >> sonoma has the first case of the zika virus with a person testing positive after bitten by a mosquito in central america. it can cause severe birth directs in pregnant women. there is in risk to the public in the bay area from the virus. >> new health concerns over psoriasis a disease that could be helped to ate and diabetes. researchers found people with
5:54 am
type two diabetes had 50% greater odds of having psoriasis. they found the rate of psoriasis goes up with increasing weight. exact how the conditions could be connected is not clear. however, researchers believe agains and smoking or drinking alcohol could lay a -- play a role. >> your landlord could stop you from smocking medical marijuana part after bill moving through the set assembly, supporters state is designed to protect other tenants from marijuana smoke. can you use the cannabis oil and marijuana edibles. advocates have not directly opposed the bill but say though are worried about impact on medical marijuana users. >> google has a plan for future, they want to move away from the devies and push instead, toward artificial intelligence. >> google envisions an assist in your car phone or watch that depatches without you asking, so you can know the best time to
5:55 am
work or get to the airport. giving you the weekly forecast but i recognize meteorologist mike nicco or even helping to detect serious illness such as cancer. >> we are coming up on exactly 5:55 on the friday morning commute and we will look back in san ramon and we have the sweeper out there, the early fail accident happened at 11:30 last night beyond bollinger canyon, the last lanes are getting by and i checked the drive time it is 18 minutes, and usually it is seven points. you are looking at delays there. it looks as in they will be cleared shortly so that is the better news. meters lights were on at 5:31 and traffic is stacked pulling better on the upper area with an early flat tire that now is cleared. >> santa rosa, it will be a warm
5:56 am
one. tomorrow and sunday. with mid-80s. we will be above average every day starting today through next thursday with some low-to-upper 70s. if you going to the game tonight, a's are in town take on the astros at the coffee, with sunshine and 61. a few high clouds. sun is secretary at 7:59 and dropping to 56. an the state, temperatures are in the 80s through the central valley, a few scattered light showers across lake tahoe and 55, and yosemite is 69 and upper 60s in san diego and los angeles. >> the privacy of e-mail is being sent to the senate over e-mail that is more than 180 days old when it is considered "abandoned." right now the authorities only need a subpoena and the new law requires a warrant which is more difficult to obtain. >> problems in the area on "good morning america", and this
5:57 am
morning a couple from oakland will be married as millions of people watch. the couple will stay "i do," during a big wedding this morning if times square, they are one of 16 couples tying the knot in a cross-country wedding involving 100 couples. the marathon started yesterday and this morning it is maria and katie's turn. they walk down the aisle right here on abc7. >> a good looking couple. >> a lawsuit to stop was then out by a judge because of a technicality. >> a deadly crash on interrogate 680 causing a big problem for the commute. the commute. we have team cove
5:58 am
5:59 am
abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> in san ramon, look at this scene. crews are working to re-open southbound lanes 680.
6:00 am
south of bollinger canyon road. there was a deadly crash. >> amy hollyfield has been at the scene all morning. it looks like lanes are still closed. >> they close to being re-opened. the evidence marker have been picked up. the investigators have left scene. in next few minutes southbound 680 should return to normal. you need to slow down and be aware. look at this video, two cars are not recognizable. a chrysler crashed into a honda. this is the second crash. the first crash involved a monday that rear ended a crane. the crane was not at scene of construction but it was driving done the interstate all the christian was part of rot but right here there was


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