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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  April 30, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. right now, targeting trump. protesters push past barricades and clash with police at this republican rally. the chaos forcing the presidential candidate to ditch his motorcade and slip in through a side door. >> it felt like i was crossing the border. >> this as all eyes are on indiana. can ted cruz make a comeback? breaking overnight, deadly carnival accident. two teens ejected from the sizzler. one of them killed. the thrill ride, a popular attraction, so what went wrong? the investigation this morning. severe spring storms, tornadoes tearing through the southern plains. stores and homes ripped apart. >> our house is destroyed. >> hail the size of baseballs and flash floods. what's ahead in the forecast?
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and new clues, the never before seen pictures of prince's emergency landing just days before he died. >> cfr will be waiting. they want you to go to the west center north ramp. >> emergency crews responding. was there a doctor on board? plus, the search warrant at his local pharmacy. was it a prescription drug overdose? good morning. we're going to start with the chaos in california. protesters swarming a hotel where donald trump was about to speak. the candidate, look at this, forced to ditch his motorcade, secret service in tow, and get in through a side door. >> the protesters clashing with supporters and knocking over that barricade. keep in mind, everybody, it's still april. if trump is the nominee, we could be seeing a whole lot more of this all the way up through november. we're talking possibly six months of this. yeah, you know, and speaking of the nomination, there is a
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key contest coming up in just three days in the state of indiana. >> now, if trump can win there, he may have the republican nomination all but sealed which means we won't be talking about that open convention. his most formidable remaining rival, ted cruz, is putting up a fierce fight. it may be cruz's last stand and abc's devin dwyer is out on the trail in indiana for us this morning. good morning, devin. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula. indiana is shaping up to be make or break, but the candidates have their eyes focused on the biggest prize still up for grabs, california, that's where for the second day in a row donald trump's visit sparked an extraordinary scene. thousands of liberal activists blocked donald trump from a grand entrance at this hotel friday. crowds swarming past barricades, clashing with police. this trump look-alike even scuffling with protesters outside where california republicans were holding their convention. the mayhem forcing trump to take a detour bailing on his motorcade to hike through the grass with his secret service
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detail to a back entrance just to get inside. >> that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. we went under a fence and through a fence and, oh, boy, it felt like i was crossing the border actually, you know. it's true. i was crossing the border. >> reporter: the clash in california comes as trump zeros in on indiana. 57 delegates up for grabs tuesday. >> this coming week we break the all-time record. and we'll break the all-time record by probably 4 million votes. i mean nobody has ever seen anything like this. it's a movement. >> reporter: ted cruz says hoosiers are at the center of a crossroads. >> a choice between one campaign that is based on yelling and screaming and cursing and insults and another campaign that is a positive, optimistic, forward-looking, conservative campaign. >> reporter: to stop trump, cruz is banking on an all-star team including indiana's governor mike pence. >> i'm not against anybody. but i will be voting for ted cruz. >> reporter: some cruz allies
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are taking personal shots. conservative talk host glenn beck who stumps for cruz mocked trump's appearance by smearing crushed cheetos on his face. >> do i look like donald trump? >> reporter: now, ted cruz today will attend that same california convention where the protests broke out yesterday. he's leaving the campaigning in indiana to his wife heidi, carly fiorina, a couple members of congress. donald trump is taking the day off. dan. >> yeah, maybe he's going to have some crushed cheetos. devin, thank you. let's get more now from abc news political analyst matt dowd. matt, good morning to you. let's just talk about the chaos we saw at the trump rally in california. if we're seeing this now and it's not even may, what does that mean going forward if he's the nominee? >> well, the last time i saw an escape like that with donald trump, sean penn did an interview at the end of it, so i think we're moving from chaos to mayhem to bedlam in the course
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of this, and this thing is turning out to be less of a wimbledon tennis match, which is normally what happens at conventions and much more to an english soccer game with hooliganism, so i think it's only going to increase over the course of this time and cleveland is going to be a wow. >> the convention this summer in cleveland. i don't know how many metaphors you got into that first answer but i salute you. let's talk about indiana. t-minus three days. why is that state so important and can cruz win? >> well, i think it's a pivot state for both races, for both the democratic race and the republican race, and i think hillary clinton and donald trump are the presumptive nominees. if they both win in indiana on tuesday night, this race is over. there is no way that ted cruz or john kasich or anybody else can catch up and do this. end that is going to be actually the final sort of point in the race where we say we have two nominees and let's get out a general election. >> let me just say on the republican side for a second. the popular governor of indiana, governor pence, has endorsed cruz. does that matter to you? >> i think he's very well
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respected, but i think as you saw in the endorsement, first of all, he did it over the radio and didn't even appear with ted cruz and he spent a big chunk of his time talking about the positives of donald trump, so i think it's going to have little or no effect. i think if you want an endorsement in the course of this, donald trump got it, which was bobby knight, the former coach of indiana university. that i think is the endorsement that could have an impact in this race. >> bobby knight, a huge, huge name in indiana as paula has been reminding me all morning. matt, thank you. and we appreciate your metaphors and similes. come back tomorrow morning and a reminder, don't miss "this week" tomorrow morning where martha raddatz goes one-on-one with senator ted cruz tomorrow about to make perhaps a last stand in indiana. paula, over to you. >> it is a bona fide fact, do not underestimate the power of bobby knight. and we want to move now to a breaking story overnight. tragedy at a carnival. two teens thrown from a ride at a texas church. one died. an investigation is under way right now, and abc's marci gonzalez is here following it all for us. hi, marci.
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>> reporter: hi, paula. police say two of the girls were thrown from that spinning ride that is a staple of so many of these traveling carnivals. what should have been a fun night out for those high school friends quickly turned into a terrifying tragedy. two teenage girls ejected from a sizzler ride at an el paso area carnival. one dead this morning after slamming into a metal barricade. she was just 16 years old. the other, a 15-year-old, rushed to a nearby hospital. a third friend riding with them not injured. her father saying his daughter survived by hooking her hands to the metal bar and holding on as tight as she could. he says the three of them were the only people on the ride. the trio, who all attended a local high school together, were at the st. thomas aquinas church festival celebrating the dia de los ninos festival. this youtube video shows what a sizzler ride normally looks like. investigators this morning are still working to figure out what caused the accident.
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>> they are regulated by state statutes. there's inspections that are required. whether or not this vendor is up to par with that, it hasn't been determined. >> reporter: and we reached out to that amusement park company and the church but have not heard back. we're told the girl who was hospitalized is expected to make a full recovery. >> her dad said she saved her own life by holding on. >> the third girl did, yeah. >> marci, thank you very much. dan. >> terrifying. marci, thank you. let's talk severe weather now and a dangerous line of storms hitting the south. tornadoes touching down, streets swamped by heavy rain, flash flooding and more violent weather on tap for today. abc's phillip mena is in pass christian, mississippi, where they've been conducting water rescues. phillip, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. yeah, dangerous road conditions, this street is now part of the wolf river rising 10 feet in less than 36 hours.
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but this morning, the gulf coast isn't the only region being battered by these severe storms. overnight, mother nature continuing its unrelenting assault, tornadoes bearing down on the southern plains. hail the size of softballs in multiple states, violently raining down on this swimming pool whiting out the grass around it. storefronts and businesses in lindale, texas, ripped open by a reported tornado. >> widespread damage throughout the central part of the lindale fire district both within the city and in the county. >> our house is destroyed. >> there it is. >> reporter: in oklahoma, tornadoes shredding through the area. one family forced to ride out the storm at their children's school. chris allen, father of six, returned to a home leveled beyond recognition. >> you know, we could always rebuild and replace, but all of us are safe so that's the most important thing. this is a great community to live in, and we got a bunch of friends and family and we're just trying to pick up what's
7:10 am
left. >> reporter: winds so strong, this semi truck was blown off the road. in little rock, arkansas, heavy rains triggering flash floods prompting the closing of several roads. back here in mississippi, this area is under a flood warning until tonight, and more rain is on the way. paula. >> all right, phillip, thank you. we want to move to the latest on what caused the sudden death of prince. the investigation is focusing on drugs and a possible mystery doctor. eva pilgrim is outside prince's paisley park home in minnesota. she has more for us this morning. hi, eva. >> reporter: good morning, paula. details of this investigation trickling out. the focus now on this doctor and who prescribed prince this medication. this morning, new images of prince's health scare just days before he died. >> cfr will be waiting. they want you to go to the west center north ramp. >> reporter: multiple emergency vehicles meeting prince's plane
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on the tarmac when it made that emergency landing in moline, illinois, the superstar unresponsive. his bodyguard carrying him out. an ambulance taking him away. now law enforcement reportedly investigating that incident and if a doctor was on the plane. ♪ laughing in the purple rain ♪ purple rain >> reporter: fans at the purple one's final private party at paisley park just days after that emergency remembered the singer repeatedly thanking a doctor in front of the small crowd. >> he thanked his doctor who was there. prince said, you know, give him a round of applause. >> reporter: all this as authorities now turning their attention to prince's medication and whether the star died of a drug overdose. according to the associated press, investigators are looking into whether a doctor prescribed drugs for the star in recent weeks. abc news learning authorities have executed a search warrant at his local walgreens. sources telling abc news that prescription medication was found on prince and in his home after he died but no official word yet on the cause.
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toxicology results still weeks away. and some of prince's family are expected in court monday as they try to move forward settling his estimated $300 million estate. this morning we are learning it could be split seven ways. a new potential heir, his siblings and this grand niece, still no will has been found. dan. >> so many questions on that front and, of course, as you said, the toxicology test weeks away, perhaps. eva pilgrim, thank you. we are hearing now from the nfl draft pick in the middle of a fierce and very embarrassing controversy. laremy tunsil blames a hacker for posting this rather shocking video to his twitter account showing him wearing a gas mask and smoking, and there are more questions this morning about his admission that he took money from his college coach. espn's tony reali is on the story and with us this morning, hey, tony. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the commissioner calling your name at the draft, typically one of the great moments of a young
7:13 am
career. it means all the hard work paid off, and you're about to get millions. for 21-year-old laremy tunsil, it meant drama and a loss of $8 million, and that was just the start. laremy tunsil received his official dolphins jersey but offered little in the way of explanation. >> it's a great opportunity. i don't know nothing about that. like i said, i'm blessed just to be here. >> reporter: for the alleged hack of his social media account on nfl draft day. >> i'm here to talk about the miami dolphins. >> reporter: moments before thursday's draft, this video tweeted out from tunsil's twitter account, the hopeful number one pick in the draft allegedly wearing a gas mask and smoking. minutes later tunsil tumbling to number 13. picked up by the dolphins but then this screen shot sent to his instagram followers of an alleged conversation the offensive tackle had with an ole miss staff member agreeing to give the student money after he texted, coach, mom's light bill is due.
7:14 am
on thursday when asked if he ever received money from his college coach, tunsil fessing up. >> so was there an exchange between you and your coach for money? >> i have to say yeah. >> reporter: ole miss telling abc news, "the university is aware of the reports from the nfl draft regarding laremy tunsil. we will aggressively investigate and fully cooperate with the ncaa and the s.e.c." nfl commissioner roger goodell seemed to be taking it in stride during an interview with espn's "mike and mike." >> hopefully he's going to turn out to be a great young player. >> reporter: and the dolphins brass explaining their choice of draft pick. >> obviously there was some mistakes that he had made in his past. we were comfortable with that. all the research we had done, we're very comfortable with his character. >> the sports talk around this story has been immense. tunsil taking criticism for his actions, of course, the hacks are still a mystery, ole miss with the spotlight on them now and commissioner roger goodell calling it all exciting. >> what? >> while viewers agree, it's
7:15 am
also to make the nfl draft look like reality tv, don't you think? >> slightly. i don't know if you want to be compared to reality tv though if you're the national football league. >> this is like "the bachelor." you have 21-year-old men sitting in a room waiting for their names to be called. tunsil lost 8 million in the process. >> $8 million. he can seemingly move on from this, but ole miss, there are some severe ramifications. >> spotlight is certainly on ole miss. the school of "blindside," michael oher, remember the movie "blindside"? >> yeah. >> they're now being blindsided. >> exciting as the commissioner says. >> open to interpretation. thanks, tony. >> to put it mildly. we're going to send things over to ron who is keeping track of all the other stories that we're following this morning. good morning, ron. >> hey,good morning to you, paula and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin with 16 u.s. military personnel including a general being disciplined for their role in last october's bombing of a civilian hospital in afghanistan that killed 42 civilians. a 3,000-page pentagon report details a series of errors that led to the bombing of the doctors without borders facility
7:16 am
in the mistaken belief that it was occupied by taliban fighters. none of the officers will face criminal charges because the u.s. military says the attack was unintentional. and the first confirmed death tied to zika here in the u.s. has been reported in puerto rico. officials announcing friday that a man in his 70s died in february due to complications from the virus. meantime, the fda is fast-tracking the first commercial test to diagnose the zika virus. that could make testing more widely available and faster with mosquito season just around the corner. and already more than 400 cases have been confirmed across all 50 states here in the u.s. and an out-of-control fire ripped through two homes completely destroying both of them in the koreatown neighborhood of los angeles. residents reported hearing a loud sound like an explosion then flames engulfing first one house then spreading to the other. 19 people were evacuated.
7:17 am
nobody injured and the cause of the fire is under investigation. and will ferrell says he will not be playing ronald reagan in a new movie awaiting production. the actor/comedian saying the reagan project script had crossed his desk, but he will not be pursuing it. the proposed movie is believed to be a comedy about the president's struggle with alzheimer's disease. it's been criticized by members of reagan's family who say there is notng funny about alzheimer's. and now to this video from worcester, massachusetts. that's a truck with no one behind the wheel that went rolling down a hill right into someone's front porch spilling its cargo including boxes and furniture. it happened while the driver, you see it there, thought he had put the vehicle in park. obviously he did not. he was in the back unloading the vehicle. he jumped out when the car started moving. he ended up suffering a broken hand. and finally, the question that has been plaguing us all this morning, what is the best way to test if something is bear proof? well, you give it to some bears obviously. that's what these rescued grizzlies are doing at yellowstone national park. the animal's favorite foods are placed in bear resistant containers to see if they're really bear resistant. if they can't get into the containers in an hour or less,
7:18 am
that product passes the test. >> that seems like animal cruelty. do they get the food? >> that's what i thought. right. >> get a treat or something afterwards. >> thank you for answering that question that we were all asking as we came in this morning. >> how do you make something bear proof. >> on my mind for years. >> not b-a-r-e, dan. >> okay. time now -- ron claiborne never ceases to surprise. let's check the weather now. meteorologist cheryl scott from chicago's phenomenal number one station wls in for rob this morning. hello. >> hello, and good morning, everyone. well, it's been active across the plains in the deep south over the past couple of days. it continues. right now that rain is coming down. we have a severe thunderstorm watch for parts of houston into louisiana. more severe weather or severe weather here expected through the day. this is a slow-moving area of low pressure. it continues its track to the east up into the northeast which means rain continues for the deep south then into the ohio valley and wet day
7:19 am
tomorrow for cities like new york. the carolinas and also new england. now, we're looking at large hail, damaging winds, a few tornadoes but one of the biggest risks, that heavy, persistent rain, flash flood warnings continue for parts of texas into arkansas. so, areas that do not need any more rain, unfortunately, will get it again. houston over to new orleans, we're talking anywhere from about 3 to 6 inches of rain. now, the northeast, unfortunately, it's the weekend but we're still looking at that rain coming, about 1 to 2 inches but we do need it and the west is all about the gusty winds, wind advisory in place for parts of california. winds, wind advisory
7:20 am
>> and a shoutout to chicago, chilly. cubs playing today. we'll need the rain there. >> can you get me world series tickets if the cubs are in? >> can you get me world series tickets? >> if the mets are in, you're in, okay? >> all right, in. >> sounds like a deal. >> a deal has been struck. thank you, cheryl. great to have you. and we should tell you, there's some social media trash talking going on, all in good fun among the obamas and the british royals this morning to raise awareness for the upcoming invictus games. >> and the invictus games is an international sporting competition. it was created by prince harry featuring wounded military servicemen and women from 15 countries. this clip we're about to show you is hilarious. >> message from michelle. very amusing. let's watch it together. >> yes. >> let's have a look. >> hey, prince harry, remember when you told us to bring it at the invictus games. >> careful what you wish for.
7:21 am
>> boom. >> really? please. >> boom. >> oh. it's like a diplomatic incident. >> they have dropped it. haven't they? i love prince harry tweeted "unfortunately, for you, flotus and potus, i wasn't alone when you sent me that video." of course, the queen was by his side. >> that's amazing. >> i can't believe they got her to take part in this. >> it's amazing. >> maybe they didn't exactly explain to her what it was for probably. >> the cameras rolling, just read your minds. by the way, we should say the first invictus games are going to take place -- took place just a couple of years ago and -- >> 2014. >> and we are going to be airing them on espn coming up pretty soon. >> pretty good. you know what invictus actually means? >> oh, no, you're going me a little pop quiz. >> unconquered, unsubdued and invincible, kind of like you, dan harris. you are my version of invictus. >> i'm not sure she means that. coming up on "gma," these new pictures coming out of two teenagers who went missing on
7:22 am
their boating trip to bermuda. this morning the pilot who says he saw one of them waving for help. new clues. plus, allergies may have you in a season of misery. but we have some advice. little things that could make a big difference in how you feel. and are you seeing double? the new way you can find a total stranger that looks exactly like you. how to call the doppelganger detective. >> doppelganger. >> yeah. >> good use of the word. "good morning america" is brought to you by bush's baked beans. no matter what you're making we've got a bean for you. one can of bush's beans. well this a predicament. homestyle sounds good. but country style, not without it's charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? single-serve vegetarian? sure! there are no rules here. no rules on aisle four! with 17 delicious flavors cooked according to our secret family recipe, bush's has the variety you can't resist. did you get a can of bush's beans? yes, yes i did. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor?
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good morning. i'm chris nguyen from the abc 7 morning news. day two of the state republican con vngs starts. ted cruz will speak at noon. carly fiorina will speak at 7.
7:28 am
protesters stopped donald trump from entering the hyatt. let's check the bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. winds out of the north will warm us up today in an off shore direction. we'll see 80s arrive this afternoon. it is 56 in mount view, 52 in half moon bay. look at the sun in emoriville. enjoy the afternoon it is windy in the upper elevations. also, liver more, the delta and novado. they will back off and we have a warm weekend ahead. chris? >> thanks. thanks for
7:29 am
7:30 am
welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. protesters targeting trump, clashes in california as demonstrators pushed past barricades and battle with police. the republican candidate forced to ditch his motorcade and slip in through a side door. ted cruz, meanwhile, looking for a comeback in the state of indiana where they vote in three days. and seven passengers are in isolation as a norovirus outbreak makes its way through a cruise ship expected to dock in baltimore. more than 150 passengers and 6 crew members have reported falling ill during the ship's two-week voyage. and a wisconsin teenager who was shot at his prom last weekend waking up in his own bed this morning. the 18-year-old was released from the hospital after undergoing surgery. the other young victim is also at home. >> glad to hear that. we covered that right here on "gma."
7:31 am
and coming up here on the show this morning, the website that allows you to search the world for your own look-alikes. the results often uncanny. complete strangers that could be twins. we'll have that story coming up. but first -- >> i know who yours is. >> every time i use that site, it comes up clooney. i don't know why -- >> that's not who it is actually. >> it is broken. >> it is broken because it's not george clooney but i have somebody that looks just like. >> really. >> uh-huh. >> are you going to reveal it? >> i will, later. >> all right, ladies and gentlemen, that is professional broadcasting, we call it a tease. we do have a story of a more serious note we want to get to first in this half hour. the brand-new images just coming out showing two teenagers who went missing, you may remember the story, missing at sea last summer. >> this video shows the boys heading out on their journey never to be seen again and now there's hope that an iphone could hold clues to what happened to them and abc's linzie janis joins us with more on the story. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. that iphone now being rushed to apple for forensic examination. also this morning, a private pilot who went searching for the
7:32 am
boys says he saw one of them alive days after they vanished. never before seen video of 14-year-olds perry cohen and austin stefanos leaving the jupiter inlet. the last clear glimpse of the two since their 19-foot fishing boat went missing in july of 2015. now this morning a witness coming forward for the first time to claim he saw one of the missing boys clinging to this piece of debris two days after they were reported missing. >> we were actually close enough that i could see all five fingers on both hands as he raised his arms up. >> reporter: bobby smith was piloting a small plane when he believes he spotted a makeshift raft. but he says he lost track of the boy when he had to fly up to cruising altitude to contact the coast guard. >> we had no way to really assist him, and by the time the helicopter got there, they weren't able to find what we saw. >> reporter: the news coming as reports emerge that at least two
7:33 am
friends of the pair saw a snapchat from them around the day they disappeared which read, we're [ bleep ]. >> there was no radio on the boat, which is really one of the most important devices that you need to have. it's your mayday call. >> reporter: the fbi getting involved in the case in september when the boys' families expressed concern about the possibility that the two may have been abducted. >> they just vanished. they literally vanished. >> reporter: now both families agreeing in court on friday to send austin's phone to apple so they can try to recover any data that may still be on the waterlogged device. >> our lives are shattered. our family is shattered. we're just trying to find out what happened to them. >> reporter: the iphone was found in the glove box of the boys' missing boat. it was discovered last month near bermuda. it was soaking in saltwater for eight months, dan and paula, in this case there are no privacy issues with apple looking at the phone because it's owned by a
7:34 am
family and they've given apple permission. >> so terrible all the way around. you feel so badly for that mom and also for the pilot. >> the pilot is in anguish like he's tortured that 20 minutes later the coast guard couldn't see what he saw. he said he saw one of the boys alive on a makeshift raft. >> he's going to remember that the rest of his life. all right. >> really sad. >> linzie, thank you. >> thanks, linzie. let's check back in with cheryl scott from our chicago station wls. our great affiliate. there in chicago. cheryl, it's great to have you in for rob today. >> it's so good to be here. we are talking about some severe weather but we also have to talk about the cold that is happening. we have had reports of spring snow, yes, this is a video coming in from denver, colorado, and outside of the city you see that snow accumulating. downtown denver, just some light snow there. but more snow in the forecast. let's get you to this map. you can see winter weather advisories here for parts of wyoming into nebraska, a winter storm warning so that's the spot we have to watch out for. we could see anywhere from 3 to
7:35 am
6 plus inches of snow. now, on the other side of this system, that's where we had the warmth pushing in. that's the ingredient for the severe weather. so here we're looking at a severe threat from missouri over to kentucky right down towards the gulf coast states from houston over to new orleans, strong winds, large hail and a brief tornado. so watch out here. that's good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist lisa argen waking up to lots of sunshine and gusty winds in the upper elevations. later on today, less wind, 86 in the inland east bay, 78 around the babababababa >> and this weat >> and this weather has been brought to you by nexgard. thanks. >> i believe you. >> it's a good thing. >> so do i. thank you, cheryl. coming up on "gma," seeing double, the identical strangers who met their match. can it happen to you? the website that allows you to search the world for your look-alike. keep it here. ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ dogs - sure can be messy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be.
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we all like to think we're we all like to think we're unique like snowflakes but that can change in an instant when you meet your doppelganger. >> oh, but there's only one dan harris. >> oh, yeah. >> we're all thankful for that. well, a doppelganger is a person
7:40 am
who is a dead ringer for you and it's easier than ever now to find the person that shares your look but not your dna, and abc's juju chang with the cases of getting double takes. >> are you two twins? >> reporter: meet maddie and amber. the pair look like twins but believe it or not, they're complete strangers. >> no, we're not even related. >> no. you're kidding me. >> reporter: they're doppelgangers. a mysterious phenomenon in which two people look nearly identical. who can forget these bearded redheads who randomly found each other on the same plane. and this is mott bradley cooper. it's his looklike, matt katzenbach, who was confused for the actor at sundance. folklore has it that we each have seven look-alikes out in the world. >> this lovely girl luisa got in touch on the site. >> reporter: dublin native niamh geaney is working to prove that theory. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: her very first meet-up went viral and is viewed now more than 8 million times. since then niamh has become a doppelganger detective of sorts.
7:41 am
>> these are all the filtered matches. >> reporter: co-founding the website to help others in their search. >> i think people want to find their twin strangers out of curiosity. >> reporter: we paired up with to go behind the scenes of one of their meet-ups bringing amber from perth and maddy from tacoma, washington, together here in l.a. and when we met in person, even i was confused. >> hi. >> hi, how are you? hi. you're like double trouble. nice to meet you. >> hello. nice to meet you. >> i want to know the first reaction when you saw the photo of each other on the site. >> seeing her picture is kind of weird because that was the first time that i had seen anyone that even looked like remotely similar to me. >> much less dead ringer. >> yeah. the kind of top half of her face started loading and i actually thought it was a picture of me and then the rest loaded, and i was like, oh, wow, that's insane. >> reporter: we wanted to see if there is a genetic reason for their similarities, so we asked
7:42 am
amber and maddy to take a dna test that agreed to process for free. in just a few weeks, the results are in and guess what, they are 100% not related. but they do have similar european roots. despite the results, they say their newfound bond will only grow. for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> i would hope my twin had an awesome aussie accent or a british accent. i actually found yours. >> all right. i'm not sure i'm going to like it. >> want to see who it is, everyone? joseph gordon-levitt. don't you -- >> i think he's significantly better looking than me. let's just give it -- >> i think maybe ten years younger, the version. >> this is getting more and more depressing. let's take a commercial break. thank you, though. i appreciate it. >> it definitely wasn't george clooney. sorry to burst your bubble. >> rescind the thank you i just issued. coming up here on "gma," my favorite time of the year. it's kitten season. how can one of these cuties be
7:43 am
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♪ welcome back, everyone. you know so many of us are absolutely miserable right now because of our seasonal allergies, but there are some new ways to relieve the misery, and dr. jen ashton, our chief women's health correspondent is here to dish. i love all this advice you're going to reveal with everyone. but first and foremost, small things you say can make a big difference in huge. >> huge, and i know you're an an allergy sufferer, as am i. first thing is really things that are good for the environment really bad for your allergies so with your one that hangs your laundry outside to dry, don't do that because that's catching pollen, you're bringing it in and your sheets, pillowcases and your clothing
7:47 am
and, again, talk about bringing things into your home environment, pets, clothes, they should all be kind of washed down before coming into the house because that's really your sacred environment. >> you're bringing it actually to the bedroom. >> exactly? >> where you sleep. my son is really suffering right now. he sleeps with a cold compress on his eyes. i make sure i wash them every night to get the pollen off. but itchy eyes. what could be done to alleviate itchy eyes? >> you know, it's, again, about reducing exposure, so people who wear contacts, maybe put those awhile for a way. go to glasses because they create a barrier and wearing a broad brimmed hat, of course, can help, and there's over-the-counter and prescription eye drops that can help you once you become symptomatic but the poor guy. >> i love the sunglasses advice. what about medications? >> so, medication, this is something actually, paula, that i speak to people every single day who are suffering and misinformed or taking their meds incorrectly. allergy medications should be really be taken at night. two reasons, one because the blood levels of those meds are best in the morning when you
7:48 am
wake up and the allergic symptoms actually peak in the first part of the day, so make sure you're taking your meds at night. second thing is don't only rely on the antihistamine class. there is a great class of hfrp leukotriene medications called inhibitors, brand name cingular, that can work to prevent those symptoms. it's so much more effective if you get ahead of the game instead of waiting for them to start, so nasal steroid sprays effective, antihistamines, leukotriene inhibitors, they can all make a huge difference. >> it's all about that preventive medicine, jen, great advice. thank you so much. >> you bet, paula. coming up on "gma," could knocking down a pint of beer help you lose weight? the story in "pop news." we hope they say yes. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. the bright side of car buying. time for "pop news." here's rachel. what's happening? >> yes, it's pretty purrfect today, guys. get ready for it. first up,
7:53 am
reporters in the white house got a dose of "the west wing" on friday with one of the stars of the cult tv show allison janney showing up unannounced to brief the press corps, appearing in character as as press secretary c.j. craig joking that the real-life white house press secretary josh earnest was out sick with a root canal. she also made a very important announcement about her character's famous lip-syncing routine. >> it is friday, which means that half past 5:00 i will be performing "the jackal" in my office for anyone who is interested or remembers or cares. >> that scene was epic of her doing "the jackal" lip-syncing. but laughs aside, it turns out the actress was really there to draw attention to the opiod epidemic so all for a good cause. and if you developed a beer belly over the weekend, you might be surprised to learn that your favorite brew could actually be the secret to losing a few pounds. >> this is amazing. >> maybe, but bear with me.
7:54 am
you got to listen to it from start to finish. so new study from oregon university used mice as test subjects found that a flavonoid called xanthohumol which is found in hops in beer helps weight loss and lowers cholesterol levels. before you rush out and buy yourself a keg, i should mention there is only -- there's a fairly major catch. it turns out these mice ate a whole lot of this flavonoid and humans would need to drink upwards of 3,000 beers to get the same effect. 3,000 beers -- >> is that a problem? >> -- in 24 hours. >> oh, in 24 hours. >> in 24 hours. >> yes. >> good luck with that. >> pretty sure -- i mean you're impressive but that would be frightening. >> a lot of beer. >> the key is moderation. >> ron's argument is you get good cardio from doing keg stands, so -- >> amazing. well, dan, i think you rubbed off on me a bit. >> thank you. >> but in the best of ways. >> you like cats now. >> yes, i like these cute little kittens. >> or you can tolerate cats now. >> yes, especially these adorable ones so we've got a if you furry friends here, guys. >> don't steal my cat. >> joining us for national adopt
7:55 am
a shelter pet day. these guys are two months old and their names are rosalita, brand and chunk. i believe that's rosalita and chunk, and as soon as they graduate from kitten university from the aspca they'll be available. and dan's favorite time of the year, which is kitten season, is fast approaching, so shelters around the country will be filling up with loads of adorable cats and, of course, little kittens. >> dan, get your kitten under control. >> yes. >> sorry, sorry. >> get it under control. >> i want to make sure she gets to graduate from kitten school. >> yes, rosalita. but if you'd like to adopt a pet or foster a pet, head to the aspca website. >> ow are you doing? >> want rosalita. >> you can check out the website. it's >> can i say what i always say about this? >> please. >> this is a really inexpensive to save a life and improve your own. go for it. this is -- it doesn't just apply to kittens but dogs and rabbits. and all sorts of other animals so go for it. >> meow. >> who meowed?
7:56 am
>> i did. >> this is chunk. is this chunk? chunk, ah. >> great "pop news." thank you to the aspca. thank you, cheryl, for being here and -- >> thank you, cheryl. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> oh, my gosh, i kind of want chunk. good morning, everyone, i'm chris nguyen. happening today, oakland aiders fans will gather in front of the headquarters to demand the team stay in the city. the rally, similar to this one is in response to this week's development. mark davis told nevada officials he wants to move the silver to black to las vegas and will
7:57 am
spend half billion dollars to build a stadium there. they're committed to play through the up coming season. it is all about babies in pleasanton. meteorologist mike nico is at the east may march for babies. it is through the alameda fairgrounds. this is a previous march. family and company teams will raise money that goes towards improving the health of babies. it begins at 9:00 this morning. meteorologist lisa argen is here with your bay area forecast. hi, lisa. >> lots of sunshine and in pleasanton later on today in the low 80s from the east bay hills camera there is hills, especially at the upper elevations around liver more and nevada looking at gusty winds. 66 mountain view with 62 in oakland just in the mid and upper 40s, parts of the coast here, but later on today it will warm up. yesterday was just 66. we'll be in the 70s today. 60 in concord, 62 around parts of the inland east bay but check
7:58 am
out of the winds in the upper elevations between 20 and 30 miles an hour. we have a wind advisory until 10:00 just above 1,000 feet. so after that, we'll see increasing temperatures, less wind, 80s arriving inland and even a warm day tomorrow. chris? >> thanks, leasea. developing news out of the east bay, five people are recovering this morning after being shot and the shooter hasn't been found. >> also ahead, today is day two of the state republican convention. after a chaotic scene, party officials are hoping for a
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is saturday, april 30th, thanks for joining us. we're in for a warm weekend across the bay. we are tracking the live doppler 7 hd for us. >> the two warmest day out of the next seven, today and tomorrow. timing is everything. and we are showing you two weather systems allowing for another gusty start to your day. this is the one. and here is another system, high pressure and low pressure, the close proximity allowing for the upper elevation winds to gust over 45 miles an hour just for a couple more hours. this is an offshore dry wind but working warmer wind down to the surface. in oakland, 59. right here at 52,


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