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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  May 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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draymond strong. the team powers forward with smooth moves beating the blazer. let's begin with live team coverage of the warriors' win and there's no word on steph curry's return. mike shumann mook has more. first the fans that leslie brinkley -- a lot of excitement there today. >> reporter: there was. pretty quiet now, but dub nation is celebrating, and if today's win is any indication, it's going to be quite an exciting series with the next game played here at home. from the first to the last.
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hope we get three more that way and we'll be great. >> they game was amazing ump don't think the blazers have a chance. >> fans geared up and even got some skip in game after warriors tailgater. these permanentized playoff passes are a hit. >> this is unbelievable. great. i can share. >> wear it around this way. >> absolutely. >> pride was abundant. fuel were bold enough to be trail blazers. >> we love steph but it's a team, and everybody is about team. even without steph, the team is still right. >> for all the opt optimism -- >> the warriors lost to the blazers by 30 in ported. >> there was plenty of speck someplace wishful thinking about
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when curry would be back in action. curry, curry, curry, everywhere. this guy hobbled around oracle with curry in mind. >> you ask steph both recovering from injury. >> this happened in basketball, too, so things happen. >> from the heart of dub nation, abc7 news. >> now we turn to mike shumann, also at oracle, with game highlights. a strong showing from the warrior stars. >> no question. draymond green has a double-down. every warrior player scored in doubles but the most dominant performance came from klay thompson. he came out on tire. a career playoff high 37 points, including 18 in the first quarter. the first player in nba history with at least seven 3-pointers in three consecutive playoff games. everybody wants steph curry back
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and it's not like thompson needs more confidence but this can only help the warriors in the playoffs. the wayne 118-106. game two is tuesday night at oracle, and we'll have a lot more highlights and hear from the warriors' locker room later in sports. reporting live, abc7 news. >> here's a look at the upcoming games in the series. game two is back at oracle on tuesday, tip-off, 7:30 p.m. then the warriors head to portland for game three on saturday. it starts as 5:30'm and you-catch the game right here on abc7, with gain four set for may 9th in portland. >> the warriors aren't the only team a quest or the championship. the sharks are hosting the nashville predators and fans-pumped up. the sharks lead the series 1-0, and we'll have the latest for you on the game ahead in sports. thousands of people marked
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may day across the bay area, including a march through oakland today. >> you're looking at video from the alliance with univision 14. people marched through oakland residents fruitvale division, calling on officials to dough criminalize being an taunted worker in the united states. >> people don't migrate because they want. to they need to and it's human right to migrate that is being criminalized daily. >> a coalition of the immigrant rights groups and labor unions came to oakland from other parts of the east bay and san francisco. and you can see the sun was shining on them as it's shining right now, as we take a look from outside. this unseasonably warm weather is coming to an end. thanks to the fog you see rolling in. let's get the latest now from drew tuma. >> we're enjoying a rather warm finish to the weekend where some
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of the warmest temperatures, pittsburg, 85. 81 danville, pleasanton, very mild, 83. a lot of 80s. 82 in mountain view. 85 in concord. in the ocean numbers are falling into the 60s. part of the ryan, live doppler 7hd and satellite, look off to the west and this ribbon of cloud cover is going to bring us cooler temperatures and the return of the fog. we'll detail that in the full accuweather forecast coming up. >> thank you. and keep track of the warm weather where you live with the abc7 news app. the chp says two people died in an accident in vacaville involving a drunk driver. an suv was parked on the shoulder of the road when the driver of a honda veered off the freeway and struck the suv. a woman inside that vehicle was
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killed. the driver of the honda, 28-year-old woman from vacaville, died at the hospital. a third person was seriously injured. nearly one year after a drunk driver slammed into family's celebration in livermore killed the mother and daughter, the family reunited at the scene of the crash. tiffani wilson has their powerful message for drivers. >> powerful words painted on posterboards. children sharing messages intended for adults. don't drink and drive. this family knows the devastating consequences. >> it's been a fast year. >> may 2, 2015. espiranza and her daughter were killed when accused drunk driver brian jones crashed into them after leaving the livermore wine festival. that year the family was celebrating a first communion. >> this is one year, you know,
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feels like yesterday. just a couple hours. >> mothers against drunk driving took part and wants to pass on the message trackeds can be avoided with the ignition interlock division. >> the only thing short from sending someone to prison to keep them from driving drunk. >> he is looking forward, telling everyone at the wine festival to get a safe ride. >> if you drink, don't drive. you're going to kill other people. not just kill someone. you killed a whole family. >> in livermore, tiffani wilson, abc7 news. >> new details in another store. a short time ago prognosis announced a missing pleasant hill girl with special needs has been found safe. the got a call from a barth station agent in pleasant hill who reported seeing the 15-year-old. she was found also a nearby bus stop. new details on a water main break in marin county. a main route to stinson beach
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and muir woods is open. the mill valley exit on northbound highway 101 to state rate 1 reopened this morning. i was closed since yesterday morning when a 16-inch water main broke, flooding the street. they're still trying to figure out what caused the rupture. a vintage car restoration shop suffered a million dollars dang in a for a. the fire authority of sonoma county provided the picture. flames broke at stokes ranch. much of the building and a dozen vintage cars were destroyed. no word yet what caused the fire. a good deed gone wrong in the east bay. take a look. a thief leaves a program to help children scramble and to recoup its losses. ready for
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you're watching someone stealing money collected for charity in concord. the thief round away to the right of your screen in this surveillance video posted by digger's diner. the crook ran off with a donation jar on wednesday. that jar contained money donated to help children with autism. digger's owner plans to extend her fundraiser to cover the funds taken by the thief. all money. >> a jet skier is safe after enduring powerful winds and tope water near pittsburg. the sheriff posted that's images on facebook. the army team found him stranded on brown's island yesterday.
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rescuers looked for the man a after he was late returning to shore. an historic aviation mission is set to take flight from the south bay tomorrow. solar impulse today announced the plane will leave mountain view's moffet field at 5:00 a.m. the pioneering sew already powered plane land thread april 23rd after taking off from hawaii. windy cloudy weather delayed the next leg to phoenix. the mission started a year ago in abu dhabi. a rallying cry to the dub nation. >> dub nation. >> do what you do. >> up next at 5:00, the celebrities taking part in the team's latest effort to show strength in numbers. a live look outside. some changes ahead in the forecast. a look at how much temperatures are going to drop. now here is a look at what is ahead on world news at 5:30. >> coming up on world news tonight we start with the flood emergency, including the story
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of a heartbroken mother, her four children and grandmother swept away. a cargo train off the tracks in washington, dc leaking dangerous chemicals, and trump's bold pre disk, if he wins in
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it comes from all of us. >> all of us. >> the way the entire bay comes together. >> the best home court advantage. >> the warriors tweeted this video, calling tout dub nation to show its strength it featured players and east bay shell brits like sheila e and rapper, i am su.
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the explain that strength in number is a philosophy to achieve more than just basketball. keep the dub nation fan photos and videos coming. we received so many great pictures from you showing warriors pride. post yours on media with the # dub nation. >> controversy of a new gene editing tool and how it could threaten your safety. >> if you're going to try to contain this sort of thing, how long before someone uses this for something bad? >> that's a very hard question. >> tonight at 11:00 we investigate how the tool could be used to create biological weapons and what we need to do to fight back. happier subject here. let's talk about the weather and the change ahead for us. meteorologist drew tuma. >> heading into monday we'll see a dramatic drop in temperatures. right now live doppler 7hd, we're showing you a crystal
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clear image, but a few thundershower popped up in the sierra and they will stay there. outside, a live look from the mt. tam cam. look what is approaching. the marine layer, the cloud cover make it presence known along the coast. the first indication of a changing pattern, and the breeze is going to kick in and that's going to cool off the entire bay area monday afternoon. right now, there's wide range in temperatures. some 30 degrees from the coast to inland. 57 at half moon bay, 90 in antioch, 81 concord. we are beginning to cool off in oakland and san francisco, dropping into the mid-60s. right now, we'll have the clouds increasing overnight, especially along the coast and pushing into the immediate bay. so temperatures much cooler tonight than last night. we'll drop into the upper 40s and lower 50s across the region. future weather, on monday, notice a fair amount of cloud cover along the coast and pushing inland, vallejo,
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concord, oakland, san francisco, and future weather is hibing there may be an isolated area of drizzle monday morning, not anything widespread. at 11:00 monday morning, the clouds will pull back much of san francisco on monday may stay in the clouds so a cooler day in san francisco. the onshore breeze is going to cool us off. so future tracker temperature shows it will be fooler tomorrow than today. monday afternoon, 50s long the keyes, and neighbor a few spots in the low eights. his on monday, south bay, sunshine in the afternoon, san jose, 79. 77 cupertino, peninsula, 74 redwood city. cooler along the coast with the cloud cover. half moon bay, cool 61. 66 in downtown san francisco, little afternoon sunshine but cloudy in the sunset district at 63.
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and the north bay, 75 santa rosa, 76 sonoma, 70 san rafael. 76 vallejo. east bay tomorrow, much cooler than today. 72 oakland, inland, 79 walnut creek, 80 san ramon, and 79 pittsburg. we're tracking a little built of rain. that would likely happen wednesday night into thursday. on thursday, 20% chance. isolated shower. and when weapon see the shower pop up -- when we see the sure pop up, very light. we'll be counting less than a tenth of an inch of rain. the accuweather seven-day forecast, coastal clouds tomorrow, cooler on tuesday, a little sun. a slight chance on wednesday and isolate shower possible on thursday. the clouds linger on friday, but saturday and sunday, shine and clouds and more seasonal. >> you enjoy forecasting. >> it's great. >> thank you very much.
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good evening, steph curry says he might be ready to go in game three in the playoff series against the blazers. dubs did not need him because klay thompson went off. steph is going to test his knee
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on the court tomorrow. klay thompson comes out on fire from steph range. 18 points first quarter. klay, man possessed. iguodala coast to coast, dubs up 21 and leading by 14 at the break. another look at iguodala to the hoop. draymond green, triple-double. 11 assists, knocks down the triple and gets high fives from his buddy, and klay, this is the part of his game we didn't see him develop more and more. dropping off the beautiful behind the back pass to andrew bogut. or -- warriors take game one. game two is tuesday at oracle. shu, having two splash brothers is a beautiful thing. >> it really is. if you lose one, you have another. klay with 37. bogut, a career high rebounds and draymond with a
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triple-double, and you want to hold serve at home? klay thompson says that's what day want to do. >> do not want to lose in this building. couple out with the same intensity we did tonight, we'll be looking good on tuesday. it's a new day tomorrow and a new challenge on tuesday. >> we did the necessary things to win the game but never easy. we could never blow the game open. we would go up 24 and they come back. that's very smart ball club. >> the first game is getting a feeling for each other, so probably make some adjustments. but as long as we settle in, continue to play like we did tonight and build off the momentum from this game, we just fine. >> warriors set the tone the win over portland we do it again once tuesday more. more coming up at 6:00. abc7 sports. >> don't know if steph is going be a back for game three. on the baseball, giants entered
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may a game under .500. tied for the dodgers -- with the dodgers for first place because l.a. lost six in a row. giants facing syndergaard, aka akaathor because of the hair. pence goes out. 3 or giants on the wet, cool day in new york. madison bumgarner, top eighth. buster posey putting a bow on this one. his fourth of the year, giants win 6-1, back to .500 and now continuing the roe road trip in neat. >> across the parking lot from the oracles, theways trying to sweep the astros. third pitch, altuve, high, deep, off of rich hill. his seventh of the year. 1 or astros in a flash. they're ace fanned billy burns to end the fifth.
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2-1 in the ninth. simeon strikes out looking to end it. 2-1, houston a's. they host seattle starting are tomorrow, and the sharks sharksd nashville and game two just underway. >> there's another sport underway. >> a lot of sports going on. >> ahead, look out below. what had baseball fans on their feet before the game even started. that story when abc7 news at 5:00 returns.
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at 6:00, wind for animal conservationists. the decision that could save thousands of wild animals in northern california. join us at 6:00. word of caution if you're afraid of heights. the video you're about to see may leave you dizzy. the u.s. special ops repel team with gopro cameras drifting into tropicana field to deliver the baseball for the first pitch before the blue jays-rays game in florida.
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that quite an entrance. but they even threw out the first pitch. that does it for here's at 5:00. welcome to "world news tonight." welcome to "world news tonight." flood emergency. deadly storms in the gulf. water reaching rooftops. four children and their great-grandmother swept away in the middle of the night. >> a tide of water came through, and it was just too much pressure. >> roads crumbling. houses split in half. is any relief on the way? toxic spill. the cargo train derailing in washington, d.c. cars leaking dangerous chemicals. emergency crews now on the scene. cruz collapse? new numbers before the battle for indiana, just two days away. >> if we win indiana, it's over. okay? >> donald trump trying to seal the deal for the republican nomination. while hillary clinton is setting her sights on the gop front-runner.


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