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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  May 7, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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to gr a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. good morning, america. new this morning, donald trump's multifront battle. at an overnight rally, trump taking on the growing list of republicans who refuse to support him. >> i don't want their endorsement. >> what trump is telling george this morning as he tries to unite the republican party while facing fresh attacks from hillary clinton and her allies. a new twitter war this morning. deadly shooting spree, a gunman on a rampage, a school, a mall and a shopping center all targeted. three people dead. another three wounded. the suspect, a federal police officer hiding in plain sight. how was he finally taken down? only on "gma," the zika scare. for the first time a pregnant american woman is coming forward and speaking on camera after
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testing positive for the zika virus. >> it's really heartbreaking, you know, knowing that i got zika. >> opening up about the frightening diagnosis. how she knew something was very wrong. and airport headaches. the endless wait for travelers slogging through airport security. >> i don't understand. >> only getting worse during the busy summer season. the best strategies to get you to the gate on time. hey, good morning, and we start here with the presumptive republican nominee donald trump fighting a multifront war right now. he held a rally overnight firing hard at both his likely opponent hillary clinton and members of his own party, who are refusing to line up behind him. >> now recall, if you will, trump has promised of late to be more presidential, but he was in classic form at this rally attacking his fellow republicans talking about bill clinton's
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infidelity and went one step further engaging in a bitter twitter war with a u.s. senator, and we start our coverage with abc's mary bruce who is on the campaign trail in seattle. good morning, mary. >> reporter: hi, good morning. well, donald trump is out here campaigning taking a bit of a victory lap. he's already won the support of voters to become the presumptive nominee but can't seem to win the support of many in his own party and this morning he's sparing no one in his latest attacks. ♪ overnight letting loose, his latest victim, elizabeth warren. >> i just learned that crooked hillary along with her friend. you know, she's got this goofy friend named elizabeth warren. she's on her twitter rant. she is a goofus. she is a goofus. >> reporter: this after warren accused trump of being a racist and overnight she responded with a flesh flurry of tweets calling trump's counterpunch lame.
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tri trump hitting hard claiming she was native american. >> her whole career is a fraud because she goes out and she says she's a native indian. i won't say the word indian because they say it's not a nice word to use. >> reporter: and while trump was on the attack the growing list of republicans against him is getting longer. >> i don't want their endorsement. it's okay. i'm going to release them. >> reporter: trump hitting back at paul ryan saying the two spoke on the phone not long ago and it was a nice conversation. >> then all of a sudden he wants to be cute but, you know, we'll see. >> reporter: jeb bush also breaking his pledge to support the party's nominee no matter what taking to facebook overnight saying "trump has not displayed a respect for the constitution, and he is not a consistent conservative. these are all reasons why i cannot support his candidacy." but the donald shrugging off his one-time prime target. >> i won't talk about jeb bush. i will not say -- i will not say he's low energy. i will not say it. >> reporter: as republicans war within, democrats are setting their sights on trump. >> even if i weren't running for president, i would be doing everything i could to make sure
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that the presumptive nominee of the republican party never gets near the white house. >> reporter: even the president is piling on. >> it's not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. >> reporter: now all of these divisions within the gop will come to a head next week when donald trump sits down with speaker ryan and other republican leaders back on capitol hill but don't hold your breath for any quick fixes here. dan. >> mary, thank you. meanwhile, trump sat down with abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos to talk about the divisions within the republican party. here's a look. >> got to talk about paul ryan, okay. so he says you have to earn his support. >> i really think i earn the support from the people. you know, we've gotten more votes than anybody in this position that's ever run for the office, and if you look at the republican primary votes, millions and millions of people came in that nobody expected and they voted for me. >> so what are you going to tell him in that meeting? >> i'm going to say, look, this
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is what the people want. >> jeb bush said he won't vote for you. >> i understand jeb bush. i was rough with jeb bush and i think if i was jeb bush i wouldn't vote for him either if you want to know the truth, george. okay, so let's get more from on all of this now with abc political analyst matt dowd. hey, matt, good morning. >> good morning chlt. >> so we've got jeb bush, paul ryan, lindsey graham and others shying away from donald trump. and do you think it will grow and does it actually matter? >> it reminds me of the new marvel movie out, "civil war." i think it's going to grow. i think it's going to grow. i think it's going to get longer. i think it's a development because of how donald trump conducted this campaign and what happened in the course of this, but it just shows you how little it meant when everybody took that pledge almost a year ago. >> we're only one question in and you've already used one metaphor. let's see what comes next. so, here we go. what can trump do to bring his party together? you know, he's got this meeting coming up with paul ryan. trump wrote "the art of the deal."
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can he cut some sort of deal to bring everybody into the fold? >> well, i think he's going to try his best in these sit-down meetings in the course of this, but i actually think what would be best for donald trump to do is concentrate on closing the gap with hillary clinton in the general election. they say there's nothing as contagious as laughter. well, in second place, there's nothing as contagious as winning, and if he can show that he is close to hillary clinton, my guess is a lot of those folks that were reluctant to back him will start backing him because they don't want to be on the opposite side of somebody that possibly could win this election. so go after hillary clinton and close the gap with hillary clinton among independents. >> well, meanwhile, speaking of hillary clinton, "the new york times" is running a story that she is planning to reach out to disaffected republicans. is that likely to be a winning strategy, or as you seem to suggest, aren't republicans likely to just come into the fold as we get down to the wire in november anyway? >> i actually think it's a mistake on her part to do that, one, she's in the midst of a primary where her biggest problem right now is the
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progressive wing of the party that bernie sanders represents. he's still in this race. 'still fighting for it, and he's still going to fight for it through the california primary in june. so, if i were her, yes, i would take on donald trump but not play this cute game that think she's going to accrue republicans on her behalf while she is in a big battle right now ideologically with a progressive. >> matt dowd, always appreciate your analysis. thank you. and a reminder, don't miss the full interview between george stephanopoulos and donald trump which will air tomorrow morning on "this week" right here on abc. >> paula, over to you. >> thank you, dan. we want to move now to that murderous rampage in maryland and the shock over who allegedly is responsible. the killing spree started outside a high school before moving to a shopping mall and then a grocery store. three people died before the suspect was taken down, and authorities are stunned that the alleged suspect is a federal law officer, and our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas joins us with more. pierre, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. for roughly a day authorities here in washington faced one of
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their worst nightmares, the prospect that one of their own, a police officer, was engaged in a killing spree. watch the final tense moments as authorities arrest a federal police officer accused of going on that deadly rampage that left 3 people dead in 24 hours. >> there's been a shooting at the mall. we're trying to set up a perimeter. looking out for a gray silver car. >> reporter: 11:15 a.m., shots are fired in the parking lot at the montgomery mall in maryland. a woman hit by gunfire with two men trying to help her, shot as well. all rushed to the hospital where one of the good samaritans later dies. >> silver car. the subject is going to be armed and has possible police experience. >> reporter: 35 minutes later another fatal shooting. a woman killed at this giant supermarket just ten miles away from the montgomery mall. >> a woman was sitting in her car and had been shot. she is deceased. >> reporter: almost three hours later authorities arrest the suspect identified as eulalio tordil. police believe the federal
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protective service officer is responsible for both shootings. authorities say tordil's alleged shooting spree began thursday afternoon after he is accused of killing his estranged wife at this maryland high school. >> one of the plainclothes officers observed a vehicle, a silver vehicle that matched the description of a homicide that occurred in prince georges county overnight. >> reporter: overnight police charge tordil with first degree murder and assault along with other related charges in connection with the high school shooting. he's yet to be charged for friday's deadly events. homeland security officials tell abc news tordil had been placed on administrative leave. his badge and gun taken after a court order to stay away from his wife was issued last march. >> since he had already shot four people today, we certainly did not want to have any other blood shed. >> reporter: as you can see in the surveillance footage of his arrest, police surround his car, and he later surrenders without a fight. he was hiding in plain sight just across the street from
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where he allegedly murdered that woman at the supermarket. the irony, he went to the very location where the washington sniper attacks began. dan. >> such a bizarre story. pierre, thank you for your coverage. we're going to turn now to a state of emergency, a massive, massive wildfire torching entire neighborhoods sending whole families on the run. this is happening in alberta, canada, where the conditions have been unusually dry. 400 square miles burning right now, and the fire is expected to double in size. abc's neal karlinsky is right there. >> reporter: this morning, ft. mcmurray is exploding into an all-out fire emergency. the massive fire is growing in several directions taken on by 1,200 firefighters, 110 helicopters and nearly 30 air tankers. the threat, far from over. overnight the fire visible from space. the fast-moving wall of flames now chewing through an area bigger than all of new york city. people on the run have captured their fiery escapes from every
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angle including this home recording its own demise with a security camera. watch and listen as the roaring flames rise up outside the windows filling the home with smoke and the sounds of shattering glass. time lapse inside the northern alberta town, which has lost some 1,600 structures, shows flaming sweeping through an airplane hangar. brian jones and his team have rescued 27 animals in 24 hours left behind as their owners ran for their lives. >> cats, dogs, birds. had a snake that got out in my truck. >> reporter: dan soopball and his family among 1,500 cars escorted through the fire zone on a surreal commute after being cut off north of the city where they'd fled days earlier. so what's it been like driving through there? >> well, it's been mostly like an apocalyptic horror. >> reporter: overnight a piece of good news as a mother and son separated in the chaos of their escape are finally reunited. >> it's okay, mummy is here,
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okay. i'll never go anywhere, okay. >> reporter: the fire is growing. but fire officials are quickly pointing out it is growing away from civilization into heavily forested areas, and that should help. dan and paula. >> a little bit of relief for that hard-hit community. neal, thank you. >> absolutely. >> let's send things over to ron tracking the other headlines. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, paula and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin with new developments in the death of prince. investigators reportedly wanting to interview a california doctor who is an addiction specialist and his son who flew to the singer's side just before his death. law enforcement officials are said to be seeking more information about their relationship with prince and about a prescription drug to treat opiate addiction that the son brought with him to minnesota. this as court documents reveal the firm in charge of settling the singer's estate is set to have his blood tested for dna just in case someone comes forth claiming to be an heir of prince.
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a major milestone in england. a muslim has been elected mayor of london after a bitter campaign dominated by ethnicity and religion. sadiq khan was declared the winner today making the former human rights lawyer and son of pakistani immigrants one of the most powerful muslim politicians in the west. khan called his victory a triumph of hope over fear and unity over division. and another scary bounce house incident, this one at a school fair in houston, texas, that injured two people. parents rushing to pull their children out as winds blow the house across the football field and witnesses say it flew at least 30 yards. none of those injuries though is considered serious. and some facebook users are taking the company to court saying it invades their privacy. the issue is the automatic photo tagging feature, which is turned on when you join -- once a user is tagged. facial recognition software remembers the face allowing others to identify them in other pictures. that technology has been suspended already in canada and in europe. and a brazen robbery in broad daylight caught on camera.
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two masked men making their way into a macy's in indianapolis heading for the jewelry counter using an ax. one of them -- i don't guess we have to say allegedly, dan -- smashes the case grabbing whatever they can. >> is there proof? >> looks pretty convincing. >> yes, you can stick with they did it. >> the two made off with more than $100,000 worth of gems allegedly. and the nba playoff action. lebron james goes flying out of bounds there, entered the crowd as his team the cleveland cavaliers, of course, battling the atlanta hawks in the eastern semifinals friday night. cleveland won that game, 121-108 taking a 3-0 lead in that series. the playoffs continue today with the toronto raptors taking on the miami heat. that's at 5:00 eastern on espn. and later it's the golden state warriors, you probably have heard of them, without steph curry, though, going against portland. the trail blazers, 8:30 p.m. eastern time here on abc. and finally a big debut at chicago's shedd aquarium. you know that, paula.
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>> i love shedd aquarium. i've been there many times. >> just in time for mother's day. a two-week-old pacific whitesided dolphin catch swimming alongside his dolphin for the first time. >> it looks like anime. >> it is anime, guys. >> born april 18th, tax day, rachel's birthday. >> thank you. >> said to be doing great. rachel also said to be doing great. >> rachel, your birthday is really tax day. >> i mean depending -- >> tax day this year. normally the 15th. >> yeah, because it was monday. >> she's very patriotic. >> very patriotic. >> ah. >> thank you, ron. >> yeah. >> love that, paula. but we're going to turn now to that growing powerball jackpot. an estimated $415 million. now your odds of winning tonight's jackpot might be just 1 in 292 million, but lauren lyster joins us from new jersey with a few reasons why you might want to take your chances on buying a ticket. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that powerball jackpot climbing to one of the largest in history, and this is what it takes to set off powerball fever. gone are the days when people got excited about $100 million.
7:16 am
now it really does take this to get people running out to buy their lottery tickets. this morning, powerball fever setting in. >> i got my ticket. i also got some for co-workers and family members, so i had an opportunity to call other people and say, i'm here, what do you want? >> reporter: an estimated 50 million people rushing out for tickets since wednesday. driving the jackpot to a whopping $415 million. the seventh biggest jackpot in lottery history. [ cheers and applause ] so when does powerball excitement reach a fever pitch? lottery officials tell abc news it used to be when the jackpot hit $100 million, but the bar is getting higher thanks to ever bigger winnings. during the ramp-up to january's $1.6 billion drawing, the biggest prize ever, national powerball fever didn't kick in until the $250 million mark. and now -- >> now that we're hitting the $400 million mark, now we're starting to get some talk, some chatter. >> reporter: the odds of winning
7:17 am
the jackpot are 1 in 292 million, so why do so many people choose to play? seeing all those past lucky winners may play a part helping trick our brains into forgetting all those losing tickets, an effect scientists call the availability bias. the winner in tonight's drawing could walk home with a hefty $270 million if they choose a lump sum payout. major money but still less than what's owed to the remaining mystery winner of january's record-breaking over a billion dollar jackpot. while two of the three winners came forward, the winning ticket purchased from this california convenience store worth $533 million has yet to be cashed in. >> and that california winner does have a full year to come forward, so he or she still has eight months, and for anyone else who thinks they too are 1 in 292 million, there are still hours to play ahead of that drawing tonight at 10:59 eastern. dan and paula. >> i feel like i've won the lottery because i missed rob marciano so much last weekend, and now he's back. >> thanks, lauren, by the way. >> don't roll your eyes.
7:18 am
>> thank you, lauren. >> come on. this is called pandering. no, it is great. >> we did miss you. >> rob back from have a vacation on rikers island. >> thank you, ron. >> which is a prison by the wayment >> he allegedly did it. he allegedly did it. >> lucked out, huh, bro. >> why play the lottery when you can support my kids' school with this raffle. i want you to buy a ticket. >> how much are they? >> they're not cheap, but they're worth it. they're for the kids. california we go. we've got some rain. look at this. ontario, riverside and san bernardino county was getting hammered yesterday. there was a flash flood warning for ontario and saw nearly an inch of rain in four hours. that is a lot, even caused this roof in this warehouse to collapse, and we're still looking for the potential of flash flooding today. not so much in l.a. and san diego proper, but in the mountains they've just issued a new flash flood warning through tonight. this is the stuck weather pattern. this big area of low pressure kind of spinwheeling around. it will finally move out later today, and by tonight we're still looking for showers and some snow showers in the mountains and flash flooding maybe across parts of the northern rockies and then drying out and windy conditions across
7:19 am
parts of wyoming. we do have a severe weather threat. when that system gets into the plains later on today, northeast colorado in through western parts of nebraska and kansas and also right along the ohio river valley, i think, later on tonight, of course, the kentucky derby happening right there at 6:00 p.m. looks like these storms should be just north of that by then, so the derby weather should be okay, we hope, and then tomorrow a bigger chance of severe weather. >> you could win in the school
7:20 am
raffle an exotic trip to a caribbean island or a vip tour of "gma." i don't know where they got that from but -- >> hmm, i think maybe they have some inside information from you. >> good luck on everybody betting on the derby today or tonight. >> much more on the derby coming up. >> you know what, i love the bromance going on between you guys, but we also miss one of our other dear colleagues, sara, right? you've noticed our desk quieter and a little lonier since sara haines went on maternity leave. >> a little quieter? >> a lot quieter. well, for those wondering how sara is doing, she, max and baby alec joined us on "the view" yesterday. take a look. >> you are such a hot dad. can i just say that? you really are. >> look at his pocket squares, a binkie. >> i come prepared for everything. >> can i say look at his hair. >> look at the head of hair. >> it was a joke, i said if this baby doesn't come out with hair, i'm not keeping him. the day the doctor saw him, he goes, there's a lot of hair, and max goes, we're keeping him. >> he is so cute.
7:21 am
>> little alec richard, adorable, named for his grandparents, grandfathers, i should say, just adorable. >> and she's enjoying motherhood? >> she is enjoying it. but it was kind of like a day out for mommy. you know how it is when you first have a kid, you're holed up with the child. she got her lair done, makeup done, and so it was like a day at the spa. but it was great. she's doing a great job. >> breaking out of intense cabin fever. you start talking like a baby. >> can i just say, though, like max is such a wonderful father. he took a couple weeks off to spend time with the baby and really a hands-on dad. that's why i said he's a hot dad on many levels. >> many levels. >> many levels but we miss you, sara. >> yes, we'll see you in a few week, i believe. and coming up next on "gm,", a less happy pregnancy story. for the first time you'll hear from a pregnant american woman coming forward speaking on camera after testing positive for the zika virus. what this young mother-to-be is saying about it. >> some pretty heavy news to deal with. those exhaustingly long security lines at the airport. how they could get even worse. but we have some useful tips to keep you from missing your flight. and take a seat. how oprah fans can own a piece of talk show history.
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. now from abc 7 news. good morning. a large crowd of protesters stormed city hall in san francisco last night calling for the resignation of the police chief. 25 people were arrested and booked. they're angry over san francisco police shootings of people of color. the protest was in so lardy with
7:28 am
the frisco 5. now a check on the weather. >> a few scattered showers in the north and further south towards the east across oakland and down around pacifica. today look for scattered showers. in san jose a slight chance of a thunderstorms. slighter warme
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keep calm, your internet's on. and welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. the presumed gop nominee donald trump fighting a multifront war for the presidency this morning firing hard at both members of his own party and his presumed rival, hillary clinton, who may go after some republican support for her campaign according to an article this morning. and a tractor trailer veers off the highway, goes barreling through a motel room killing the guests inside in el paso. the driver was rushed to the hospital. he is expected to be fine, however. and zika fears force major league baseball to move two games out of puerto rico. players are afraid of contracting and then transmitting the disease sexually. the pirates will now face the marlins in miami now. and speaking of zika, this crisis is really hitting home for a young american woman who learned first that she's
7:31 am
pregnant and then weeks later she learned she has the zika virus. >> and now this mom-to-be is speaking out only on "gma" on how she felt when she first fell ill and what that diagnosis could mean for her future. abc news chief women's health correspondent dr. jen ashton joins us with more on this story. good morning, jen. >> good morning, you guys. now, with the summer mosquito season approaching rapidly, concerns about the zika virus and its risks to pregnant women are definitely on the rise. and this morning, one pregnant american with zika is sharing her story. this morning for the first time, a pregnant american woman is coming forward speaking on camera after testing positive for the zika virus. >> it's really heartbreaking, you know, knowing that i got zika. >> reporter: sara mujica believes she was infected with zika in february while visiting her fiance in honduras. she started showing symptoms of the virus just days after learning she was pregnant. >> i had a fever, and the rashes were just growing throughout my
7:32 am
body. >> reporter: fever and rashes are two of zika's most common signs and symptoms. the 17-year-old traveled back to connecticut and rushed to get tested, but with results weeks away, she went back to honduras to be with her fiance. >> my mom had called me crying hysterically, and she was like, your blood work got back, and you were positive for zika. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, the connecticut department of health saying, "we have been preparing for months both to address positive cases and put measures in place to help prevent mosquito-related transmission." >> there thus far have been no local transmitted cases in the continental united states. >> reporter: mujica is now 1 of 44 pregnant women in the u.s. who have tested positive for zika after traveling outside the country. scientists continuing to study the link between the virus, severe birth defects and other pregnancy complications. >> you don't know if you have it, if you're going to have a baby that is going to have zika.
7:33 am
>> clearly an evolving medical story with still more questions than answers at this point. >> and, jen, we should be quick to point out we don't know how it has affected the baby right now. so when will we have some clarity on how it will affect the baby and how they're going to monitor both mom and baby? >> well, once we make the diagnosis, we do what's called serial sonograms. we're checking for the growth of the baby, the amniotic fluid, the placental function and, of course, brain development. >> speaking as an ob/gyn, what would your advice be to pregnant women now? >> you know, control the things you can control. obviously cover up when you go outside. use mosquito repellant, and just talk to your obstetrician. >> maybe try not to go to the affected areas. >> if it's within your power not to go temporarily, that's what i would recommend. >> and we should point out, none of these pregnant women that contracted it, they didn't contract it in the u.s. they contracted it elsewhere, correct? >> correct, as of right now, yes. >> good distinction. thanks, jen. we appreciate it. >> you bet. let's check in with rob. >> let's do it. >> can you bring us nicer
7:34 am
weather, rob? it's been bad. >> it's been such a gray week and -- >> great or gray? >> well, depending if you're a rainy fan, then it was a great week. >> not really. >> a little bit of trouble yesterday in newark. this tree has been unstable for the past couple of weeks, just took a little bit of rain and a gust of wind and, boom, came down. nobody hurt but took out a couple of cars. less wind today but still some coastal flooding with this. coastal low. that really brought some heavy rain yesterday from new york to washington, d.c. to baltimore and that onshore flow will continue to see some water push up across the beaches, but we may see some clearings on the east coast, maybe 4:00, 5:00. some brightening of the skies. i don't think we've seen that big bowl of fire in the sky since sunday last week. so we'll look toward to a little bit of that. and also look forward to this pattern change which will bring that threat for severe weather, yes, but it also brings warmer air up into the northeast. boston, philly, new york and d.c. should get out of the 50s and into the 60s and 70s by monday in some cases. rainfall with this next system that's breaking down this weather pattern will be heavy.
7:35 am
some flash flooding potentially across parts of wyoming and kansas city and dallas i think through monday, we could see 2 to 3 inches of rainfall so the potential for flooding there exists. good saturday morning. it's gray oids. temperatures are mild. a few thunderstorms maybe maybe a thunderstorm here later. look >> this weather report is brought to you by state farm. tune in tomorrow where i may very well pass out on the air. i'll be running in a benefit race to benefit spinal cord injury research tomorrow in florida. it's a global race that starts right at 7:00 a.m. i'll be running and doing weather at the same time. >> you won't pass out. >> no, we'll be cheering you on. >> yeah, and if you do pass out, i promise i at least and i don't think ron or rachel will take joy in your suffering but dan might. >> i might giggle but the ratings will go through the roof. rob, thank you. >> there's still time to sign up in florida and california. >> good luck, rob.
7:36 am
>> pitching raffles and witching wings for life. this guy is all over the place. here's what's coming up on "gma," the growing headache at the airport. hopefully you won't run into this on your way down to flroida. huge security lines, and they're expected to get even worse. what you can do about it. and j. lo borrows from hillary clinton in her new music video. that's straight ahead in "pop news." that's j. lo? >> yeah. ♪ i ain't your momma guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there. your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis.
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so the summer travel season is kicking off soon, and if you're flying somewhere, brace yourself for frustration at the airport. >> that's because fewer tsa agents means longer lines to get through security, but there are ways to cut down the wait in line. abc's marci gonzalez is on the story for us this morning. hi, marci. >> reporter: hi, paula and dan. yes, some valuable tips for you this morning, because while the lines aren't really too bad here right now, experts say, just wait. this morning, a warning for travelers, experts saying long airport security lines like this -- >> people are here in line for an hour and a half, some of them. >> reporter: -- are only going to get worse. people heading out on summer vacation told to brace for
7:41 am
some serious stress. >> i would think of the coming travel season as being like holiday travel. people know what to expect if you're traveling over thanksgiving. we're seeing those kinds of peak travel times. >> reporter: already over spring break, some security lines three hours long. this video recorded in seattle showing passengers waiting for precheck, the line before the line. airports and airlines complaining to the tsa with thousands of passengers stuck in line missing flights. >> i don't understand. >> reporter: the head of the tsa explaining it's because more people are flying and citing increased time-consuming procedures put in place after security gaps were exposed. >> we had to get better at what we did, so we've done that. >> reporter: the tsa trying to keep up churning out 200 new officers every week and now urging congress to fund overtime for agents to keep the lines moving. airline travel experts offering these tips to help avoid missing your flight. fly on tuesdays and wednesdays. the least busy travel days. sign up for passes that will get
7:42 am
you ahead of the line. opt for tsa precheck or global entry. but more than anything, arrive early, really early. >> i think the long lines will get even longer because more people will be flying this summer. it's not even peak travel season, and the lines are absolutely humongous. >> reporter: yeah, he says forget those old rules about how early to get to the airport. you should now arrive at least two hours before a domestic flight, three to four hours before flying internationally and even that may not be enough time. dan and paula. >> so show up to the airport like a week before and check into a hotel. this is ridiculous. all right, marci, thank you. >> thanks, marci. here's what's coming up on "gma," something brand-new from justin timberlake. why it's already being called the song of the summer. you can listen to it while you're waiting in line for security. and the secret to making the best mint juleps for your kentucky derby party. you can have one of those as well while you're waiting to get through security. >> you're going to need to drink it out of a funnel. we'll be right back.
7:43 am
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♪ welcome back, everyone. it is derby day. the kentucky derby just hours away, but there's still time to make your derby party extra special, and joining us is celebrity party planner, cathy riva with some last-minute tips. if anyone didn't know it was derby day, i think they will know now because of our little hats. you're promising the best mint julep ever. so how do we make it? >> mint juleps are really simple. just three ingredients, it is sugar, mint and an original kentucky bourbon. but here's the secret. >> okay, i'm listening. >> crushed ice. >> ah. >> it may not make logical sense, but most of the drink is ice, and what it does is it kind of macerates and opens up the mint and makes it refreshing.
7:47 am
we have a nonalcoholic version with lemon here, so you can try that later if you want. >> i can try it later? >> if you want. >> this is the nonalcoholic version great for family as well, so we're wearing hats. you don't need to go to the derby to partake in the celebration, so what is the best way to accessorize? >> the derby is not just the greatest two minutes in sports, it's all about the fashion. >> clearly. >> hats are -- my favorite thing is like they are a conversation sparker. so pick your hat first, like dress second, hat first. >> oh, that's usually the opposite. >> yeah, but that's my advice. >> so the hat is the foundational piece. and i have to ask you, what about dressing up your table? >> so -- >> my word, rachel. wearing a hat too. how do we dress up the table? >> quickly kentucky derby, famous for red roses, so red roses, so use the trophy cup, mint julep cup and keep it simple. whatever you have at home, get the roses now, that's the important thing, and it will be great for mother's day tomorrow. >> i love that. it's a great way to be resourceful for mommy's day thinking ahead.
7:48 am
i like that. >> yes. >> just recycle it all for tomorrow. >> cathy, thanks so much for joining us. and happy mother's day to you. >> thank you. coming up on "good morning america," harry styles' new style. why people are freaking out about his new look. it doesn't have anything to do with the derby hat, does it? >> no, it doesn't. >> okay. i just want to make sure. ♪ nobody can drag me down from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. lawn care plan, i've been up on my hind legs trying to get a better view of his grass. it's so beatif -- aghh! cramp! cramp! my tiny unicorn legs can't take it. free bayer advanced concentrate with purchase of select bayer advanced products.
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that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too. ♪ ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by ashley furniture homestore. this is home. it's "pop news." the lovely rachel smith here. what's going on? >> thank you. all right. well, we begin with big news for oprah fans this morning. of course, we all remember this tv moment like it was just yesterday. >> you get a car. you get a car. you get a car. you get a car. [ cheers and applause ] everybody is getting a car. >> i mean, that's just epic. always will be. but how many times have you thought to yourself wouldn't it have been great to be sitting in those chairs? well, now you can. but sadly there's no free car involved, but you can own a piece of tv history. oprah's auctioning off a selected number of her audience
7:53 am
chairs with proceeds going towards her leadership academy foundation, which i can attest is a great thing because i've actually been to the academy. yeah, but each seat comes with a commemorative plaque. you can place your bids on the screen bid website through thursday, may 12th. >> we should go back and check with those people on how those cars are running now. >> exactly. >> i want to know. >> because aren't they 15 years old, 13 years old? >> exactly. >> you can also buy that but also raffle tickets for your daughter, right? we're hawking everything today. >> absolutely. >> what's next? >> all right, guys, well, it might not feel warm outside just yet but there's no need to cry me a river because things are definitely heating up in the music world with justin timberlake's new song. it's called "can't stop the feeling" already being declared the song of the summer. it's actually currently sitting at the top of the itunes charts and loads of people on social
7:54 am
media are calling it the new "happy" because the catchy chorus isn't the only similarity it shares with pharrell's hit song. just like "happy" was in "despicable me" "can't stop me" it's supposed to appear in "trolls" which stars anna kendrick, gwen stefani and of course, j.t. and you can see them and other members from "trolls" in j.t.'s video which is really cool. >> is there a new move we have to learn with this new song? >> i mean, i don't know. >> just take note of j.t.'s moves. he's just like effortless cool. >> what's that, ron? >> i can't do it without the derby. that's what j.t. was doing. >> if you need the hat for inspiration, there's one over here. >> stop. >> if you've woken up to a crying teenager this morning, let me explain the most likely reason for those tears. one direction star harry styles has chopped off his long locks, guys. yeah. >> oh, no. >> that looks like a beard. >> dan's fretting. >> ron's like, "a," who is that person and "b" why do we care? anyway, carry on. >> harry styles displayed the
7:55 am
evidence on instagram writing, whoops and a little thumbs up there. fans are devastated. >> so do we have a picture of him without it? >> not yet. i've been looking to see if there's one circulating. >> this is not -- >> this is an old photo of red carpet footage. it's all for a good cause because he's donating his hair to the little princess trust charity that provides wigs for kids with cancer. finally, guys, j. lo's song "ain't your momma" is all about girl power. why not sample a line or two from the woman who may become the first female president. >> human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights, one and for all. >> so that is a clip from hillary clinton's united nations speech on women's rights back in 1985, so the video features lopez playing women from each era fighting for independence and the song was actually written by singer meghan trainor. it's got just like a good beat to it, and i like the concept. >> a lot people forget that meghan trainor who i interviewed
7:56 am
once isn't just a pop star in her own right but a seasoned musician and songwriter. >> yeah, contributed to a couple of other songs on the album as well. >> thank you, rachel. great "pop news." >> i ain't your momma. just want to let you know that. >> on mother's day tomorrow paula will be here not with a hat so tune in. >> on mother's day paula will be here not with a hat so tune in. good morning everyone. the warriors are looking to get a 3-0 lead in their series in portland tonight. steph curry won't play but he's slowly inching his way forward.
7:57 am
game three is at 5:00 p.m. tonight. then stay tuned for toyota after the game. happening today a new play land is opening in san francisco. these are pictures from the city planning department of the transformation of the an exon 43rd avenue. it was a group effort to turn over an acre of asphalt into a site that's now going to be featuring a community garden, bike track, skate area and playground structures. the new play land opens at 10:00. let's get a check on the forecast. good morning. plenty of cloud cover out there and some showers up to hillsburg right now. a few on the coast and san francisco has been gray with a little bit of mist and drizzle and here is how things are looking. the rain coming from the east and light and widely scattered
7:58 am
today. could see a thunderstorm late in the day in south bay there, but it should be isolated and looking at the gray skies to linger into a portion of your mother's day. it's 56 in mountain view right now. join us for the next hour and we'll have a full look at your weather forecast. breaking news out of sacramento where a fedex truck hit a chp officer. two dozen people arrested after deputies clash with pr
7:59 am
8:00 am
as we head to the north bay, south of cloverdale, guerneville, middletown, showers around bodega bay and out towards our east bay


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