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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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look at live doppler hd, the marine layer is around a thousand to 1,500'. 48-54 outside. 60 at coast and 74 inland by noon. we will stay at 60 at coast, and 80s inland. stick appeared for my forecast. that is next. frances? >> yes, we will have an update for you in the east bay this is the sunol area if you mayor cry way the crash is here approaching 680 and not on 680. it is heavy right new on the smaller roads making your way out of livermore. this was an early accident at the bay bridge toll plaza but it cleared quickly and now it is still become up. >> heads up if you drive or take mass transit through san francisco with part of mission
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closed off this morning so crews can start work to repair this mess: a 12x5' sinkhole at montgomery and mission. imagine the scary situation for the family in the black uber. they were on we to the airport at 5:30 last night. they were waiting for the light to change and the ground opened up. all five passengers are okay. and the driver. the sick second was caused by 141-year-old broken sewer line. they will replace the broken pipe and repair the pipe. >> a sheriff deputy assigned to the jail is now in jail himself. he is accused of a heinous crime: me leasting a young girl. janet? >> yes, the 33-year-old deputy was held at santa santa jail but now held without bail
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after molesting a young girl who was nine when it happened. anthony diaz was arrested on monday where he lived with his eight-year-old son. police say he lived with the victim's mother when he allegedly molested her several times in the spring of 2012. >> that is very serious. i hope justice will be served. you do not expect that to happen. the statement said "the amendments are deeply disturbing and in true the deputy did not meet the standards of our office and must be held accountable for his actions." high could appear in court as soon as tomorrow. >> thank you. police need your help locating the burglar what broke into a home that was partly unconstruction and enter the
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home through a sliding glass door on south park avenue on the afternoon of april 27, leaving with personal property blocking to the home owner. >> two alameda sheriff deputies caught on video betting a suspect plan to turn themselves in to be backed on criminal charges. multiple charged have been filed against them including assault with a deadly weapon centering on this surveillance video showing the deputy hitting stanislav patrov in san francisco in the mission in october. stand stand was chased from oakland to the city because the car he was in was report the stolen. both deputies are on paid lobby. >> san francisco mayor leen whats to spend more than $17 million on a series of reforms in the police department. that money will go to improved training for new officers on how to deescalate confrontation. there is more money for stun
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guns and a neck again which can fire a note that wraps around subject so officers can subdue person. >> another call for jute scrutiny in san francisco. civil rights attorney john burris and a brad coalition of city commune groups will ask the state attorney general to investigate the department. burris is calling for addressing of recent scandals involving officers. the supervisor introduced a resolution asking for a similar investigation. the public defender has continue the same >> the president of the san mateo elementary association said members very concerned after the district lost a thumb drive containing personal information of hundreds of employees. the san mateo foster city school district sent employees a letter alerting them of the loss and the drive contains named, addresses and social security numbers of 870s workers. there is no evidence anyone's identity has been stolen or any illegal activity has occurred
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but they warn teachers and employees just to be safe. >> at san francisco school university the school president will meet with the strikeers and believes the two sides can roach an agreement to were sure opgoing support of the college ethnic studies. four students began the hung are strike nine days ago in response to funding cuts. >> it is official, in develop, san francisco voters are going to get to decide whether to lower the voting age to 16 for local elections. the board approved placing the charter measure on the ballot increasing voter participation making around 13 the teens eligible. opponents arguing this could cause legal implication. >> part of embarcadero will be closed for two yours. if you use the 7th street bridge, drivers and bicycles and
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pedestrians can follow the detour to the north. a wider bridge will have dedicated lazy for bicyclist and pedestrian walkway which will open in 2018. >> warriors star steph curry has won the n.b.a. mvp. >> for the second time he get as new car. an s.u.v. to help young people in oakland. the back-to-back m.p. receive add brand new court from kia and this year he donated the 2016 covenant house which helps homeless wrong adults between the age of 18 and 25. >> i was sleeping in the car with my mom and now i can come back home each day go to sleep, get up, take a sure and get ready for work. i can live a daily life and get back on my face. >> officials call this "amazing surprise." last year he donated a vehicle to the east oakland youth vehicle center. >> ohio million on the -- mom on
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the run after leading police on a wild chase with her child in the car. >> new promises to make your ride through oakland safer with lay out of bicycle lanes saving lives. >> stay tuned.
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>> i will start on the peninsula with stems ranging from 52 to redwood city at 55. and san ramon is a cool spot at 50 and along with half moon bay and mill valley and napa at 51 and santa rosa is 49. and fremont is 55, and san jose is 54, and, yes, it is gorgeous, marine layer better cover what it can because the sun will take it away quickly today, and unveil the tree pollen that will be low and same with grass and mode spore, and u.v. index is high. here is a look at exploritorium it is calm but the winds are blowing at 20 miles per hour. it does get dicey for ferry rides. it will be warm tomorrow, cooling trend is on the way for friday with the weekend forecast next. frances? better news, we had a few early accidents all cleared and i will show you a shot of the golden gate bridge with the low clouds and mike mentioned the fog in parts of the north bay
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but that is not causing too many problems for commuters pause we are not seeing any accidents and there is also a crash earlier this morning eastbound san mateo bridge, westbound traffic out of hayward and foster city and san mateo, and remember, we have a sinkhole in south market area, and expect heavy traffic, especially later on, this morning, and possibly even the evening commute and through tomorrow, mission, near second, and muni line is re-routed 14 mission, to secretary delays. consider pew any metro instead and bart and cal train are good options >> the city of oakland rolled out green carpet to unveil a new type of bicycle lane that will make the ride safer. a ribbon cutting ceremony was held on telegraph avenue to celebrate the opening, and they are call protected bicycle lanes the first of their kind in the bay area, with the bicyclist riding in between the sidewalk and parked cars and the parked cars are a barrier from the
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moving cars. >> by allowing bicycles to ride between the curb account parked car it is a safer environment so people are not "doored," with the car door opening while a bicycle it is riding by. >> eight citizenned from 20th to 29th so you will see markings on the crosswalks. >> big changes to vending machines at san francisco city hall and new detail on the hall and new detail on the controversy of megyn train -- new aquafina sparkling.
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. i need you to see this video. it is a crazy police chase that a woman is leading police on. this is in ohio. the woman is still loose. but police had to stop the chase because they were fearful for the toddler in the van. the suspect's name is erica, and here is her picture. the video shows her take off after a court hearing may 4 when the protesters discovered there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest and her van was found at a motel. she jumped from a first story window with the toddler as officers arrived. you can he more of the chase
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this morning on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> chipolte is fighting back against federal health officials over the. cold and norovirus outbreak blaming the centers for disease control forgiving out too patch updates on the outbreak saying the updates were unnecessary overblow the severity of the contamination and the centers for disease control said they doing their job, protecting and informing the public. and sports authority, today is the bid headline and the last bidder is pulling out, with new york based modall backed away from an offer when they could not grow on a price. an auction is set for may 16. >> brazil app world cup winner is doing something very unusual: telling tourists to stay away from rio de janeiro during the olympics because of violence. he posted a warning on the instagram account with this
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photo of a 17 year old woman killed on saturday in a shoot out. he said it is getting uglier each day and telling people if you are going to rio de janeiro stay hole, instead. you are pitting your life at risk going to brazil with concern of the zika virus zika virus and water pollution already, brazil is in the deepest recession in decades and the president is currently facing impeachment. the olympics start in three months. >> megan trainer is release original version say she did not approve the alteration of her weight and posted before and after picture on instagram to show how much inches she shaked off in the edit room and now is sharing the original version called "me, too," telling howard sten knew there would be some am foration but never so address technically. >> i am i am a poster child for
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photo shop, that is my thing. >> she said she did approve the first investigation of the video because show does not notice it has been changed until the fans pointed it out. >> in photoshop necessary for what is happening, a shot of the sunrise on the east bay hills camera and it is gorgeous. >> above the clouds. >> above the clouds. >> i am doing the type and it is producing a west wind at 13 miles per hour over the golden gate bridge this morning but as far as anything falling, unless there is patchy drizzle, there is no rain in this forecast. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais as we look on the marine layer waiting to bring us a warmer day.
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the highs are warmest only and the winds will shift on friday can we feel the cooling trend through the weekend. now, the inland east bay in the south by by sock, -- by 10:00, gone, and then it is cleared by noon. 60s to 80s is our spread today from the coast inland so we will go neighborhood by neighborhood and see what yours is, 79 in sunnyvale and everyone else in the 80s in the south bay, and 80 at mountain view and everyone else around 74 to 79 on the peninsula and low-to-mid 60s along the coast and mid-to-upper 60s like the 67 in downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito, and upper 60s, and start at 76 in petaluma and napa and calistoga and north, low-to-mid 80s and loan the east bay sure, mid-to-upper 70s from berkeley at 74 to fremont at 79 and deck at 7 a, and how about 81 in san ramon and walnut creek and ramon and walnut creek and antioch at 86.
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>> just in time, this is not much going on, and here is a look at the traffic, all the nongreen areas are in the east bay. this accident looks like it is clearing, and they are saying off to the center divide or the right shoulder and near bailey, remark is slow at 15 miles per hour and 25 as you make your way out of the pittsburg and the drive time from antioch to concord is 25 minutes and it is slow westbound 580 tracy to dublin at 50 minutes but this is the normal slow and go you would see and westbound 80 from pinole to san francisco, although it is 32 minutes that is better than normal. i have an update next report. >> san francisco supervisors have approved legislation to ban sugary and fatty items from vending machines on city property. according to the examiner only
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supervisor open pose -- opposed the measure including city hall and the airport, and would encourage restaurants on city property to follow the guidelines. >> you may need your i.d. the next time you try to deposit cash with tightening of security. >> health to the morning cup of >> health to the morning cup of coffee and what could cause a ♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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the abc7 news app news that lives without live. >> i hate say this but trouble is brewing for the morning cup of coffee. climate change could slash coffee bean production in south america by the year 2050. that could mean a 50% reduction of coast worldwide and a drastic spike in prices. the coffee companies are already taking action. starbucks is working with farmers to grow beans in warmer climates now. >> some foods you probably have heard were healthy may not be so healthy and that has the food and drug administration reviewing standards set in the 1990s. the f.d.a. revictims come as new information emerges of nutrition and health. companies can market food items as healthy if they need certain
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standards for fat, saturated fad and chose troll, salt and sugar. >> now, time to ask michael finney. i deposited 530 -- in my personal account but i was asked for i.d. but i have been a customer for 50 years. what is gig on? >> i am sure that seems odd since you are giving them money. deposting money into your own account but banks tend to be carefully watching cash transactions these days. they required by law scrutinizing cash withdrawals and deposits do make sure the account is not being used by someone else or for crime 235 or terrorist activity. money laundering is now a urge -- huge concern and was are part of the fight. >> if you have a question go to
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social media #askfinney. the question could be answered right here on the morning news. >> necessity, a clean up at linked in after a wild crash at headquarters this morning. and a big sinkhole opens what you need to know before you what you need to know before you leave your home if
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you are ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> this sinkhole is forcing the closure of a busy road in san francisco and it could impact your commute. cars and buses are kept off the road as they work to close the hole. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> we will have more on the sinkhole, but, first, meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. >> it is remaining up. >> we start with live doppler hd. we have following fog and the many layer starts at 1,000' and
6:30 am
the marine layer is up to 2,000 feet so the visibility is improving. with the 2,000' it means the clouds are pumping into the unable the by noon the clouds are back to the coast, and 70s inland, and 60s at the coast and mid-70s around the bay and 80s inland by 4:00. frances? >> yes, starting off with a shot in walnut creek and it is slowing down southbound on the right-hand side. my computer screen has reports of a new crash reports on southbound 680 near the sunol grade. there was an earlier accident reports and c.h.p. is on route to that so we will keep you posted. highway 87 is looking good, in san jose, but, remember, there is a concert tonight at 7:30 and, game so you will see a lost surrounding freeways and streets with extra traffic this evening. >> look at this uber vehicle that want right into a sinkhole.
6:31 am
the sinkhole is still in and the car is again but this morning that could cause remembers through this neighborhood in san francisco. the folks walked an and they have quite the story to tell. amy hollyfield is near mission and new montgomery. >> they had a plane to cash but this got in the way. look at the sinkhole that opened up. this will snarl the morning commute for those would use mission street. people stopped and stared when it opened up. when they took the pictures, family and the uber driver inside the s.u.v. fixed out something major was happening around them and they thought maybe it was a flat tire because they felt the car shift. [ inaudible ] >> we came out and it was shocking to see that big, big hole there. wow. we never imagined something like
6:32 am
that would be happening. >> check out the cell phone video taken of the s.u.v. pulled to safety and the familiar was shaken and recovered quickly and had to figure out another way to get to the airport to catch the fly home to los angeles. this is the section of mission between 2nd and new montgomery shut down all morning. when the crew is out here and assesses the situation i have a better idea of when they can reopen the section, but, first, they have to repair the broken sewer line that caused this and they have to fill in the hill, and this area is only going to be more congested because they are bringing in heavy equipment this morning. if you can avoid the area, today, that is the best thing to do. >> such a busy intersection. when you see news happening where you live share it with us posting on social media #abc7now
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>> a man is dead after being hit by an electric motorcycle in san francisco. this happened on brotherhood way after 10:00 and died on the cent. the motorcyclist was injured and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> a driver slammed his car into a being at linkedin at midnight. the driver was found 100' away from the car after hit the side of the building. people crews tended to the driver and took him to the hospital. there is no word in alcohol or dries were involved in the crash. >> ten people are home there is and firefighter is recovering from burns and a pet is dead after back-to-back house fires in san jose. the firefighter has minor burns and another was treated for heated exhaustion off highway 87. firefighters rescued a dog but unfortunately a cat died inside of the home. two hours earlier firefighters
6:34 am
responded to a fire at a duplex near the sunrise lazy shopping center and crews say that was started by food last on the stove. >> did you use the social networking site www. next there have been complaints of racial profiling. here are the details. >> they do not want the site associated with racial are filing. that is why they have made improvements. we reported this issue in january when people were posting suspicious boyfriend with vague descriptions like "african-american male," baggy pants or "hooded sweatshirts." the c.e.o. met with oakland leaders last night to announce the changes. now, you can flag a pest for racial profiling and there is a bandtory format for crime and safety forums. you have to choose in you are
6:35 am
reporting a crime of suspicious activity or something else. then when you describe the people involved you cannot just list gender and ethnicity, but, instead, you have to say exactly what they were wearing head to toe. if you violate the rules your post can be removed and you can be suspended from the site. they say the features are going to be released to all 98,000 tore rums when the process is refined. >> breaking overnight, 45 people are dead in budget dad killed in a car bombing. it exploded in an outdoor market and 65 were injured. isis is claiming responsibility. local first deny the group is behind the bombing. all the justice department is not going to seek the death penalty against the suspected ringleader in the deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi. united states ambassador steven was among the four machines killed in the 2012 attacks. lawyers immore the reports to
6:36 am
remove capital punishment, he was captured in 2014. >> donald trump looking lady to the white house this morning and narrowing the list of potential running mates the republican said he has narrowed the list to five or six people with deep political resumes. without any challengers, donald trump took the republican votes in west virginia and nebraska. he is the party presumptive nominee nominee with 1,107 delegates. on the democratic side, vermont senator bernie sanders picked up a much needed victory in west virginia and hillary clinton hold as big lead with him 800 degrees. bernie sanders needs to pick up 98% of all the remaining deaths to secure the nomination. >> bernie sanders is holding two rallies in montana after a swing through the bay area. in oakland he stopped by at the campaign office to stop the volunteers. he said he knows the odds are
6:37 am
stacked but he is willing to fight. >> we were in this campaign and nobody thought we had a chance to win in california on june 7. this is not something that gets me nervous. >> he stop today ask for support from the "san francisco chronicle" and the editorial board. he is challenging hillary clinton to a debate in california before the primary. the campaign has not responded. >> marin county's first known case of the zika virus is not a risk to the community. person would contracted the virus while visiting central america and it is video by a mosquito never detected in marin county. >> new at look at what is going on as far as the hourly temperatures. we are showing you what they look like in san jose because we have the san jose earthquakes taking the houston dynamo at
6:38 am
stadium and selina gomez is a stadium and selina gomez is a the sach danville is 50, and coming in to san francisco we are at 52. san carlos is 53. it will be a lot of sunshine and warmer this afternoon and dog walking and kayaking is good and just wear the sunscreen. sun screen is pushing us into 70s and 80s around from san francisco and 10-15 degree cooler on friday. that is in the seven-day forecast. frances? >> yes, i only watched "twilight," because my kids wants to watch it. here is a look at traffic southbound 680, a few cars are
6:39 am
involved and remark is slow through the grade out of dublin and we are want the drive time, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is slow at 56 minutes and southbound 680 with a crash along the way dublin to miss, 25 minutes. across the san mateo bridge, it is slow from 880 overcrossing. the owner of a become stuck in san francisco bay is waiting for high tide to free it from shallow waters, at the marina you could see the people on board were rescued. the boat has a mechanical problem, stopped working and was stuck in shallow water but everyone is safe. >> meeting in emeryville could put youth voting programs in jeopardy with expanse of the marina between treasure island and yerba buena island, and according to the san francisco "san francisco chronicle" the move would cut the sailing space
6:40 am
in the cove in half which has calm waters. in approved it faces further review. >> the warriors hold the morning shoot around against the blazers today. they can close out the lay off series with possibility land and advance the western conference finals with a win. steph curry is honored in front of the whom crowd before the 7:30 tip-off. yesterday, he accepted his second consecutive mvp award and for the first time in history the vote was unanimous. >> i looked at the list of everyone whos would m.p., all legends, guys with household names and they jump off the page. to be the first unanimous mvp award winner is something i don't know how to put in words. >> experts say the brand is about to explodes he already is
6:41 am
the face of under am more, apple , and muscle minimum and brita water filter. >> i hate to interrupt you but steph curry may win awards but his daughter won the internet because this her doing the "i'm watchin' you," at the news conference is blowing up. steph curry had a dozen family members at the ceremony yesterday but riley is the one who got the most attention, steeling the show every single time. >> your instagram feed is containing. been. next, why you may soon start to see ads tore mums you have looked at online and concerns a new emergency radio system does not go far enough in marin and thousands could be left in silence. >> here is what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> remaining up next, breaking overnight, at least two people are dead following a stabbing
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> the santa county clara county deputy is in james
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himself accuseed of a heinous crime, molesting a young girl. >> he is held at alameda accused of sexual assaulting a nine-year-old girl. the 33-year-old anthony diaz was arrested on pond at his home where he lived with his eight-year-old son. he lived with the victim's mother when the young girl was molested on several occasions. this happened four years ago but it wasn't physical now that thin' girl told her mother about it which led to the investigation and the arrest. neighbors would learns of the arrest were shocked and outrages. >> i hope justice is on her side. it takes a lot to come forward. >> the santa county clear released a statement saying "in true the correctional deputy did not meet the standards of our office and must be held accountable for actions." he is held without bail and can
6:46 am
appear in court by tomorrow. >> there is concern in marin county that a voter approved measure to boost coverage of a new emergency radio system does not go far enough. the marin independent journal reports that voters approved a measure that with add four new antennas to the 9-1-1 response system which is outdated. the supervisor said it does not adequately cover the 2 pcs 900 users >> supervisors have approved a contract to purchase sun body cameras, that will cost taxpayer s $1 million. wal-mart is suing visa in an effort to force the credit card company to require you to type in a pin when you pay for an item using a kit card with a chip. wal-mart arcs they are more
6:47 am
secure than signatures and can prevent fraud, initially, wal-mart only allowed debit card payments verified by pin but visa forced signature verification. >> a liquor store in operation for more than 120 years is closing, the grasses of the founder are in the 70s and plan to retire almost is no one to take over management, so the family is shing the property. >> this is on the closing date. >> and now, to jane king in money report. >> good morning. lower start today. disney and macy's have a lot to do with that both companies having disappointing quarterly reporter weigh on the markets. the dow is down 80 and s&p 500 in the red. california was ranked the worst
6:48 am
state in the country for business. that is arresteding to chief executive manage, as well as last year, lax for taxes and regulation, and 26 for living environment. this history is not considered access do venture capital or research where california excelled. >> instagram will target shoppers would look online but do not by. the ads show up on facebook, with items that you may have last behind or only looked at. now they are extending the program to instagram so you tracked. ebay is parching us with to help sell unwanted stuff, worth at least $25, to one of more than 1,600 fedex stores in the united states where the remain employees will pack and ship the tips to an ebay valet
6:49 am
processing store and when they are there, ebay handles the lifting and the selling and ships them to the buyers and fedex and ebay share a commission and it ranges from 20-40% on sal but nothing -- on the sale but costs nothing to the sellers upfriend. >> they are saying cats have nine lives. >> and maybe this was a trapeze artist. he was stuck on a lamp post in algeria and forced the rescuer to go up and get him but look at the cat, he was not ready to come down just yet. so he beaumonted across the power line and using front legs to hold on and people were gas ping, tense moms before the cat finally decided, well, he let go and the crews were there to cash
6:50 am
-- catch him...and he is just fine. >> can you zoom that? i thought we were good into see something really bad happen. >> i would not could that -- would not do that to you. >> if you line sunshine and warm weather today helps with. just announced at san francisco international airport in the last minute an hour and three minutes is the average arrival delay. now, a look at what is beginning on with live doppler hd you can see the 2,000' marine layer covering all of the neighborhoods and inland, that is the hard of the time to get over the hills, walnut creek is showing signs of sunshine. fast are sun today and several highs and warming trend reaches the height tomorrow and seasonal continues this weekend. now, a look at the clouds inland east bay we are out of the clouds by 9:00 and the south bay by 10:00, and the prosecute of us around noon but for the chest, the clouds are stick on and our spread today from 60 at the coast to 80s inland and
6:51 am
neighborhood by neighborhood we start in the south bay where we have upper fest, 79 to 81 and san jose, and cupertino, around 80 and mountain view is 80, and pill bring is 71 and everyone else is 74 to 79, and temperatures around 62 to 65 along the coast, and downtown san francisco is 67, and south san francisco is 69 and sausalito is 68, and petaluma is 68, and 80s in calistoga and along the east bay shore and fremont is 79 and warmer in castro valley at oakland, and inland east bay, low-to-mid 80s from 81 at walnut creek to antioch at 86, tomorrow, we could push 90 in antioch and ata lot of 90s and 60s at the coast and 50s at the coast and 70 forest us friday through the welcome. frances? >> good morning, everyone, i want to give you heads up in san francisco, with the sinkhole, we have mission street closed between new montgomery and 2nd
6:52 am
so traffic is a mess around south of market, and, also, 80 coming off the bay bridge looking good, but, there is also a giants game. it could be very messy today. because of the sinkhole muni bus route 10, 12 and 14 are re-routed. plan on extra delays. bart is reporting ten-minute delays, through san francisco, and caltrain right now has in delays. just a big heads up, a giants game at 12:45 impacting traffic south of market and warriors game at 7:30, look for busy three way and 880 and on highway 87 in san jose a couple of events there are as well. >> what isn't happening in the bay area. >> we back with the seven things you need to know and we take you with us with personalized alerts on the smartphone and enable on the smartphone and enable push alerts fre
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♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door the seven things you need to know. the heads up in the commute take you influence san francisco, part of mission is shut down, right now, and crews can repair a giant sinkhole that opened up yesterday near montgomery and second swallow up a packed uber car. >> two, we have a typical commute, several citizens this morning, have been quickly cleared at the doll physical toll and you will find the normal delay back up at 20 minute wait. >> here we are with number
6:55 am
three, look at how much warmer it will be 67 in san francisco, not bad, but upper 70s, and mid-80s, and we will have sunshine, much quicker today, and get ready for warmer weather tomorrow. watch out for the pollen and the u.v. index, both high today. >> four, santa clara county correction ad deputy is in jail in alameda accused of molesting a young girl, anthony diaz is held without bail with claims in 2012 when he lived with the girl's mother. >> five, promise independence civil rights attorney is calling for the state attorney general to investigate san francisco police department after several recent scandals involving officers. other elected officials including the supervisor are joined the effort. >> n.b.a. commissioner will present the mvp trophy to steph curry against portland and they can close out the series and advance to the western conference final. >> seven, the certificate upon has not happened yet but there is buzz this morning about in steph curry could be mvp next
6:56 am
season, as well. the "washington post" is give him ad in to win for a third time, with the greatest "has no limits." we agree but can we relax on the repeat. are you giving me this? >> you have to win the champion were first and then talk about next year. >> warmer day today, and avoiding know may and mission, that is what you need to know. back in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, a deadly stabbing spree at a busy mall. >> there's still a victim, female. macy's second level in a changing room. >> terrifying moments as a 28-year-old man storms the shopping center attacking at random. >> as he was coming he was slashing people and people were throwing chairs at him and stuff. >> the off-duty officer who leapt into action stopping the killer in his tracks. >> hillary clinton suffers another defeat as bernie sanders takes home a big win. >> and tonight it appears that we won a big, big victory in west virginia. >> as vice president joe biden opens up in an abc news exclusive about donald trump and his own decision to not run. >> i think i would have been the best president.


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