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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 17, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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>> now at 11:00, bullets fly in the east bay. a car to car shooting forces the busy freeway to shutdown creating a commuter mess. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. gunfire erupted between two cars on sycamore drive in antioch. >> they ended up on highway 4 and at one point police had to shutdown westbound lanes that completely messed up the commute. >> take a look. there have been at least 20 shootings since november on various east bay freeways. the city is taking action to stop them from happening again. >> katie has new information. >> reporter: dan and ama, the city council here has approved money to put cameras along highway 4. this has been in the works since last month when a man was shot and killed on the highway and then just last week a man and woman were shot and killed. just before 3:00 in the
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afternoon gunfire on sycamore drive in antioch. >> i have some shooting longtime. >> he was at work and quickly took cover. >> i fell down and i go in the back bedroom. >> when he emerged he found a bullet pierced the hood of his car. the shots came from inside a blackjack war. the jag and another car took off and got on highway 4. is it unclear if shots were fired on the highway, but police shutdown the westbound lanes to investigate causing a mile long back up for hours. officerses caught up with both cars. they arrested four people and recovered two guns. >> it is easier when you are driving, 60, 70 miles an hour to avoid de ex it. >> there are multiple shootings on highway four. two people were killed in the past two months. >> we know we had to take a pro-active stance and prevent future shootings and help us
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solve shootings. >> they asked the city council for $100,000 to install cameras along highway 4. there were no objections to the public. >> we have too many people committing crimes that are escaping on our freeways. >> the council unanimously approved the money. abc7 news. >> we first told you about this story tonight with a push alert from the abc7 news app. download it fror free and enable the push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen. new video of a fire burning at a san mateo apartment building. fire crews from san mateo and foster city and belmont responded to the scene. a stretch of the road was shutdown for nearly three hours. they started on the second floor balcony, but no word on what caused it. tonight police are looking for a man suspect testified killing a woman in concord. late this afternoon they released this photo of eric lamar nelson. police say he is the main
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suspect in the death of the concord resident of poinsettia park. they pulled her body from a pond. investigators say the two knew each other. he may be driving a black kia spec trough. spectra. two men face charges in a san carlos real estate agent. they announced the arrest and the two are accused in the shooting death of michael arsega outside the lou's beer club and restaurant. police continue to search for witnesses in the case. a san francisco police officer is facing five felony charges including grand theft. officer dean leigh is charged with over time fraud and booked in jail is suspended without pay. they range from questionable police shootings to racist text messages.
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across the bay, the sexual misconduct involving oakland police has widened. a fourth officer is now on administrative leave. claims of sexual misconduct surfaced after the suicide of an officer last year. he left a note in which he named the officers he claimed were involved with the possibly under aged daughter of a police dispatcher. bernie san -- sanders is headed back to the bay area. he will speak in vallejo on the waterfront. hillary clinton will attend a fundraiser in atherton next week. now to the warriors and a rare loss at oracle arena. the dubs were up by double digits. >> but in the end they couldn't seal the deal. cornell bernard is talking to disappointed fans. >> let's begin with sports director larry beil inside oracle tonight.
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>> dan, this series has gotten stressful quite quickly. the warriors and their fans were not used to nights like this. they lose at home in the playoff chase. what is surprising is things started out so promising. the warriors were up 13 at the half. it is dubs are -- the dubs are cruising and they out score the warrior in the second half. kevin durant had 26 and russell westbrook exploded with 27. steph kerr had 14 turnovers and very quick shots down the stretch. jay we are down 1 -- >> we are down 1-0 and it is a long series. our players know to win the next one would be good. we don't want to go down 2-0. i don't need to tell our players get desperate because
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we have to win game two. we'll come out and play better. >> winning game two would be a good idea. it becomes a virtual must win for the warriors in this series. we'll have more coming up in sports. larry beil, abc7 news. >> larry seems disappointed as well. >> cornell bernard continues our team coverage. >> cornell? >> ama and dan, lots of sad faces. one fan told me he forgot what it was like to lose and it rarely happens. >> they left oracle disappointed and stunned. many didn't think losing at home was a possibility for a team. >> they looked leak they won it. >> it was exciting and then it got sad at the end. >> they took the lead for most
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of the game up 13 points at the half, but the thunder came rolling back to win the game. amanda and her kids are cheering for the first time at an nba game all the way from the philippine for the warriors are huge. >> my kids love curry. that's why we came. they could see him live. >> this young fan came from australia. some fans painted their faces for good luck. sisters carmen and can do agree on everything except their favorite player. >> i came to see steph and draymund. >> thompson. >> we found this thunder fan sitting alone. >> you know you are outnumbered here. >> game one is a rough start to the dubs. >> another day and another game. i am ready for the next one. >> a rematch on wednesday. cornell bernard, abc7 news. a mill valley man with terminal brain cancer got a
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final wish tonight. being in the stands at oracle arena with his family. it is thanks to stranger. his daughter set up a go fund me page to help pay for tickets to game one. people donated more than $3,000 to make it possible. and my family. >> we wish you well, scott. the warriors are aware of scott's condition and plan to contact him with a special gift. it would be lovely. still ahead on abc7 news the a 11:00, a trip to the groomer ends in the dog's death. an investigation into what went wrong. >> and a baby bison is put in the back of an suv and then has to be euthanatized. national park officials are explaining the difficult decision. >> and a marin county company is going international. the foreign buyers in charge
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of cal girl creamery. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. summer-like heat is in the forecast. i'll let you know about the big changeses to follow this week. >> thanks so much. first huer is a look at "jimmy kimmel live" after abc nice at 11:00. >> thanks, dan and ama. >> to me it sound like the most fun thing you can do with your money. you bought your hometown rugby team. >> if the opportunity ever comes up for you, do not do it.
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and north bay this is abc7 news. >> a dead whale washed ashore in sonoma county. they tweeted two photos taken from a helicopter on salmon creek beach. deputies are not sure how the whale died. spring migration season is over, but they remain on the coast year-round. a dog is dead and a pet courtroomer is under arrest for animal cruelty. pets smart employee is accused of injuring the dog while he was in his car. lilian kim has more.
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>> reporter: ama, police say this pets mart is where the dog died and they are certain his death was no accident. police say a 1-year-old dachsun arrived at the pets mart for a grooming session, but within 10 minutes henry was bleeding from the mouth and having trouble breathing. an on site vet tried to save him, but it was too late. >> we know the dog was brought there with no injuries of any kind. because of action taken by the groomer is what caused the dog to die. >> he has been arrested for animal cruelty. a post mortum x ray showed he suffered a punctured lung and two broken ribs. customers are surprised to hear about the dog's death. >> i don't know what i would do to the guy. your pet is your child. >> pets mart is conducting an internal investigation. the company says we are heart broken by the loss of henry.
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animal cruelty goes against everything we believe as a company and pet parents. his dog dade at a pet co in napa and it reinforces the belief that groomers be certified. >> we trust these strangers with the care and tending of our beloved animals that there should be things in place that allow us the level of confidence. >> results from a necropsy will be released in the next few days. lilian kim, abc7 news. a tragic outcome at yellowstone and they had to euthanize a bison calf a tourist loaded into their van. they thought it looked cold and wanted to warm up. the calf's mother and herd rejected it and they couldn't let it leave for months because of a quarantine and they couldn't care for it themselves and the tourists will pay a fine. a strange sight on the beach of southern california.
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hundreds of thousands of dead red crabs are taking over for the second year in a row. experts say they are usually found off baja, but el nino currents from the south pushed them on to orange county beaches. crews say it could take a week or so to clean these crabs up. >> eating fish has linked to benefits of living longer and being heart healthy. how fish can also help your skin. the unusual disyou-- discover ruey that has lead to salmon. a cow girl creamery has mixed with a swiss dairy company. the company's owners want to open a production company. they will help fund it. the owners will remain in charge of the company. the merger includes food distribution companies. >> to the weather and it looks like the week will end differently. >> sand -- sandhya? >> it will be a drastic change
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and the warm up will carry on. live doppler 7hd is showing you fog along the coastline. it is very limited toonight. five-mile visibility in half moon bay. when you get going, watch out for that fog. temperatures are 72 in antioch, but 55 in half moon bay. your microclimate is obvious. from the sfo camera, the patch of fog, just a little patch will be burning off quickly. our warming trend continues on tuesday. breezy and cooler and showers are possible this weekend both saturday and sunday. take a look at what will happen overnight. we'll have the fog around during the morning commute. it will be near the coastline and possibly near the bay. temperatures in the 50s for the entire bay area and close to 60 degrees while inland. the fog will pull away and here is what will happen. it will be a quick spike in temperatures, especially inland. your hour by hour temperature trend is starting off at 54 in the morning.
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you will notice how quickly the temperatures rise. it hits 90 in walnut creek and it is still going to be warm at 6:00. here is the rest of the bay area. the fog first thing in the morning will pull away quickly and you will see the sun. it will be a warm to hot afternoon. 90s inland. expecting a narrow range of temperatures for your tuesday. specifically for your area in the south bay, 87 san jose 1k3 88 los gatos and 80 degrees in santa cruz and 85 sawn -- sunnyvale. 73 degrees in half moon bay. it will be warmer at our beach, but don't worry. it won't last. daly city, 71. south san francisco is in the upper 70s. and in the north bay you will see temperatures in the low nineties for cal lis stow go and napa. 85 in san rafael. east bay, the temperature are above normal. 83 in oakland and 84 union
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city and 85 fremont. the sun will be shining and the highs are not near record territory x but on the hot side. livermore 92 and antioch. you definitely want to head somewhere where somebody has an ac or at least a fan. many home in the bay area do not have air conditioning. if you don't like it, the natural ac will kick in on wednesday around the coast and the bay as you look at the accu-weather forecast. mid60s to low 90s. warm inland. it is a cooler forecast on thursday with breezy conditions. low 60s to mid80s. friday through the weekend it is cooler than average. when you have 70 to 72 as your warmest spot, that's well below normal. slight chances of showers both saturday and sunday. one model will go real wet and the other is going more important r opportunity in the north bay. bow yawn say takes the --
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beyonce takes the stage at levi stad
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you come from.
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>> levi stadium became the bee hive as fans swarmed there for beyonce's concert. 50,000 people showed up for the soldout show. cal train added an additional train for the concert. they will have a second performance on september 17th. >> a lot of action there and a lot of action over in oakland. >> yes, but that didn't end as happily as we hoped. larry beil is back live once again from oracle arena. >> reporter: dan, ama said i sounded somber and sad earlier so i will sound more enthusiastic. we did not expect the half time lead to turn into a loss. steph and clay stone cold late. it turns into defeat. sports is next live from
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playoffs on their home court and sim plewy -- and simply disintegrating. it was filled with star power. you have kevin durant and russell westbrook and steph curry, three of the best in the game. the warriors were rolling early. they are up 13 at half time. 26 points and 10 boardses, but teven turnoff. the warrior turned it over 14 times as the team gets the jumper there and here comes okc. smoking hot in the third quarter. okc is up two and late fourth quarter. the drive and the miss and the offensive rebound m. green and the warriors go on a 5-0 run. it is a three-point game. kd with the dagger. all right, 27 seconds left and
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he gets the warriors back within three and then on the ensuing possession a missed call and yet another one in the playoffs. russell westbrook is not called for an obvious travel there. okc steals the game. 108-102. >> it is great to have that opportunity to come back and show what we are made of and our resiliency. it is a long sear retes and we have to be ready on wednesday. they imposed their will as far as the tempo of the game. we played their game instead of them playing our game. >> our defense was good, really good. . >> we got a w the first game one, but there is a lot of basketball to be played. we president cay be too excited. it was a good wing, but we won't be jumping up and down. we have a lot more basketball to play. >> testify and clay combine
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for one of 10 shooting. warriors have to do better wednesday night a must win in game two. it was a busy night at the coliseum complex. across the way, the a's and rangers in baseball contest that saw simeon hit his 10th homerun of the season. it is just beyond his reach. a's win it 3-1. he gets his first career win and giants have the night off. we will shut it down is a the lights are pretty much out here at oracle. we look for better things in game two on witness night m. >> the lights are your cue there.


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