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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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three of the passengers were children, 30 were egyptian and 15 were french. no americans were on board. as the families wait for word, officials confirm to abc7 that they have opened an investigation into all personnel involved in the departure flying at 37,000 feet ten miles inside egyptian airspace when it disaperred. air traffic controllers spoke to the pilot three minutes earlier and the pilot did not mention any problems. official say the pilot was very experienced with more than 6,000 hours of flying on the plane. video from the airport shows the distraught mother of a passenger on the flight. at this point family members have been told to stay home and wait for further information.
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incidents in 40 years including in march a man hoya adamment tick flight. a flight crashed on landing, in october of 1999, a flight from l.a.x. crash off nantucket killing 217 people. investigator say it was caused by the deliver action of the first officer. >> stick with abc as we get update on egyptair flight 804. we will be alerting you own the phone with information. can you download the app free by enabling push alerts. >> east bay authorities are investigating a deadly crash in antioch. officials say a car crashed into the backyard of a home at 10:00 p.m. a man in his 20 was ejected from the consider and pronounced dead a short time later. >> scary moms in santa rosa, a car loued thank you backyard, and slammed into a duplex on franklin avenue.
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the bmw ran through the garage door and pierced the wall of the add joining garage where a man was working on his car. he thought it was an earthquake and described frightening moments. >> i see the wall coming through , i do do not run, i thought it was an earthquake then i smelled the car and it smelled hike gas. >> anyone was hurt. a young map was behind the wheel and they are try to determine what went wrong. >> school district is assuring parents their schools safe after a former teacher was arrested. he sexually assaulted a student for months. matt is in millbrae. matt? >> good morning, the alleged crimes took place eight years ago here at mills high school in millbrae while the suspect was a
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teacher. we have confirmed this morning the same suspect was teeing at a middle school in south san francisco recently. here is a muck shot of the suspect, 58 years old allege sexual assault took place in 2008 and 2009 while a music teacher in millbrae. the victim was reportedly in the band. official say he resigned in 28 trait. he was backed into the san mateo county jail on $250 thousand bail. he is a teacher at westboro middle school and placed on leave. the superintendent said that there have been no misconduct filings against him during time in the district and the alleged crimes took place before he arrived at westboro middle school. both school districts say that they are working with the police. now your voice your vote, bernie sanders next stop is tomorrow in
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new mexico. thousands cheered the democratic presidential candidate at these stops in the bay area yesterday. >> our job is to go to the democratic convention and win the democratic nomination for president. >> last night he held the final rally at water front park. he told supporters he will win the california primary on june 7 and sweep the west coast after already winning in oregon and washington. >> he started in san jose where he spoke to thousands of supporters. he stopped in san francisco for an appearance at hotel workers rally over justin herman plaza. >> hillary clinton is back on the trail after a day away she will raise money in illinois this afternoon. next week, hillary clinton runs to the bay area for a fundraiser bill clinton will campaign for her in california starting on saturday. including a fundraiser in fremont on tuesday.
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you can keep track of the candidates with our news app bien ailing push alerts. >> presumptive nominee donald trump face as backlash in oakland calling it one of the most dangerous places in the world making the comments in an article publish by "new york times" and f.b.i. rated oakland as america's third most dangerous city last year, however, city leaders see an upside. all the majority of us are law-abide citizens that care for our families and want to make this country great. and make oakland greater than that. >> oakland mayor schaaf said the most dangerous place in america is donald trump's mouth. democratic contenders bernie sanders and hillary clinton have both campaigned in oakland this month. >> you still have a few days if you have not register asked monday is the deadline to register in time for california
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primary. it is the deadline to register for political party. republicans have a closed primary which means voters must be registered as republican to receive a ballot with republican candidate. democrats have an open primary. >> supporting reform of death penalty have next signatures to put a measure on the november ballot. the group said that they will submit 585,000 signatures today. they say the initiative will save taxpayers millions of dollars each year and assure due process recollection for more than 700 death row inmates. the state has not executed anyone since 2006. >> a funeral service is held in oakland for public defender who was found stabbed on death in her portrero hill home this month. police say she was stabbed 40 times. she worked in the public defenders office for three decades. her nephew, 20 years old; charged with murdering his aunt and will be arraigned on june 6.
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>> the case of a miss man in millbrae is now a murder case. keith green was reported missing april 29. yesterday, investigators confirmed a bad found in positive sonoma is green. his friends held a candlelight vigil in present the apartment building where he lived. green was last seen at the millbrae pancake house. his roommate said he went to meet his ex-girlfriend to sort out a custody issue. his body was found may 11. >> he was identified through dental veries and as far as being a homicide this was evidence on his person. >> the sheriff deputies have in suspects or "person of interest" they are pursuing a number of leads. >> two oakland police officers caught up in a sexual investigation have resigned, two four officers placed on leave. their names are not be regular released. claims surfaced after the sue side of an officer last year
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after he named officers he claim were involved sexually with the unable daughter of a police dispatcher. >> we are under a statewide drought but a major reversal we will no longer be under the conservation order. june 1, the mandatory 25% water reduction disappears and officials have now voted to let local water districts set their own conservation goals. that move comes after a wet winter ends the drought but did not end it. each district is required to have a three color supply of water or implement water use cuts. >> we have a chance of showers friday and again on saturday and that will come up in the next weather forecast. it is noisy in the neighborhood because of the wind, 24 miles per hour at sfo, and 14 in oakland and 18 miles per hour at concord and 26 in fairfield. those have brought in the cooler conditions. west portal is 51 the ocean beach and crissy field is at 54.
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the federal district, vow, as well, and warmer in pittsburg and tracy at mid-60s, 48 in healdsburg, a sign of thing to come. right new are we dealing with temperatures up to seven degree cooler. in the afternoon, tree, weed, grass pollen all moderate and u.v. index is high. >> full noon from the east bay hills cram with the clouds trying to roll in. they will be short-lived, high clouds and sunshine and up to 15-20 degree caller and slight chance of rain on friday and a better chance on saturday and hour by hour look at that coming up next. >> in san rafael, a look beyond the north gate mall and the civic center 101 southbound headed to central san rafael everyone is moving at the limit and 22 minute drive from novato and highway 37 all way and san francisco, company is good, so that men we are all at the him as you could expect coming up on 4:40 with road work, northbound
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101 at sir francis drake the bright, bright, road work lights coming 59 you southbound direction. caution here. that should be picked up by action this morning. that is a look a not bay road work. we will have a fail accident in remote area of skyline boulevard and we will tell you about that in a few minutes. >> new stress over california's high-speed rail plan, the move in washington that could push the system's time tailback several years. >> trouble for people who rely on wal-mart prepaid debit cars and they may not be
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>> palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> you have to wait four more years to catch the first bullet train after a key construction deadline was delayed with the grant extended for high-speed rail at $2.5 billion to pay for 182 miles of the behind in the central valley. the plan called for completing parts of the segment by next year. congressional republicans slammed the extension. high-speed rail spokesman said change are coming with complex projects. >> uber and lyft have a loyal fming among the young, educated and wealthy. the survey released by the pew research center shows companies operating in the sharing company
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are most likely use by young people with may at least $75,000 a year and with urban neighborhood life. they do not like the idea of san francisco-based uber and lyft being related like taxis. most people polled believe the companies like uber and lyft provide good jobs for those would value flexibility. >> linked in is taking immediate steps to invalidate passwords. a hacker claims he has them for sale advertising 100 million log ins for the social site. experts thing the data came from a security breach four years ago. mountain view based linkedin will contact the member to get them to containing their passwords right away. >> company customers rely on wal-mart -- bright prepaid cards and they say they are cut off from the money. wal-mart debit card companies have an unable to get cash or make purchases. there is a technical problem and
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it is believed it will be fixed soon. million of men, miami with lower incomes rely on repaid debit cards to manage their money. >> dubs nation is feeling more at ease after the evening of the western conference finals. steph curry scored 17 points including continue straight in a few minutes' span at 118-none. goes goes now is 12-30 -- 12-0 in games after a loss. >> the big win over the thunder is not only reason for the franchise to celebrate, sports business journal named warriors the sports "team of the year." the owner earned executive of the area honors, and he and the c.e.o. have accepted the award at ceremony in new york. >> now the weather: 20 degree
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cooler is what mike said before s that rue? inland it will be that much cooler. compared to yesterday, in antioch where it was 100 and it will drop to 82 degrees today. here is a beautiful shot of the ocean santa cruz is an area that is breezy and 66 degrees. we had the one and done at the coast with the heat a couple of days ago and, now, it is gone, we will have 50 at coast, a last 60s around bay, and 70s inland, until you get to the highway 4 corridor our earliest risers, antioch, pittsburg, bay point, discovery by, still in the 80s but a lot of us are town on the air conditioning and opening the windows. we have a slight chance after showers and storms and a better chance on saturday with more on that will coming up. and the east shore freeway
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through the berkeley area, we have road work, you can see the blinking lights, the message crews, right lane is cordoned off for a few more minutes and westbound direction is looking busy. we have a solid stream of headlights but a 15 minute ride into san francisco. and the remote area skyline boulevard we have a fatal accident. it is not in a highly traveled traffic zone but so you know, c.h.p. is arriving on the scene so avoid the area if you can. it will be quite some time before it is out of there. road work on the carquinez bridge, it should be published up by 5:00 this morning and we will check back with the south bay drive and see on road work, as well. >> thank you. a warning over popular safety product for kids, coming up. why more than 100,000 baby bicycle helmets are being recalled. >> can be in a tv show with
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>> sports authority is shut down after filing for bankruptcy protection and they could not find a buyer. going out of business sales will be underway soon. >> burger king is making it easier to is it your way through social media. you can now order a whopper and much more with face back messenger. make the selections pay and decide where you would like to pick it up and you can learn approximately when the food is ready. >> make it more difficult to work it
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eight years into the disease was when all the light went out. for me, it was heart-wrenching. look into the eyes of somebody with alzheimer's sometime, you just don't see -- the person's soul is, like, gone. bea: and it takes a toll on everyone. i mean, it's -- it's a depressing disease to watch unfold before your eyes. she actually thought those of us who were caring for her and who loved her most were her worst enemies. more and more responsibilities fell on my shoulders. lisa: this disease just ravages a family. it changes your life. the magnitude of it is indescribable. my mother taught me to be in the moment. we have to live in the moment with them. and i'm going to be with that person right now, in this moment, wherever she is. art: now is the moment. if we work together, we can stop this epidemic.
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grace: contact brightfocus and learn more. >> the abc7 news on the go on your schedule. news that lives without live. >> look at this car crash, coming inches from the customers yesterday in boston, massachusetts. officials say it was a case where the driver hit the gas rather than the brakes. people walking by helped rescue the driver. she walked away without a scratch. no one inside the store was hurt, either. >> man in custody in a bizarre carjacking in berkeley. the victim was coming home on 7 7th yesterday morning and a man came up to him with a gun. the robber took the victim's phone and keys and said i need to use the bathroom. so he used the toilet inside this victim's house and then took off in the victim's car. police found the man in the
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vehicle and they found a loaded gun with a puppy in the car the puppy has been taken to animal control. >> wisconsin-businesses civic cycle is recalling 129,000 infant bicycle helmets sold exclusively at target since january of 2014. safety expert say a magnet on the children can come loose and pose a choking hazard. the helmet is for children ages 1-3. no injuries have been reported. the hell mosts are clearly marked with "schwinn." of potatoes each week could raise the risk for high blood pressure and for mashed potatoes it is increase of 1% and fries an increase of 17% but poe tito
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chips did not increase the risk so eat those. >> i can get behind that. all the study does not prove that potatoes cause high pressure but it is an increased risk. >> president obama will honor four bay area scientists where major national awards at the white house. a stanford doctor will receive the national science award which will be bestowed on dr. stanley falco and dr. paul azalodos from berkeley laboratory, and another honored with the national middle of technology and innovation. >> yankees in town take on the amounts over at the cove so dress warmly. we will have 61 in lake tahoe. mostly sunny. only 84 in sacramento. hot in palm springs, nature, with sunshine.
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tomorrow, you can see a scattered shower here and there. headed to saturday we have a better chance of .1 to .25". the underlying theme of the next several days, much cooler-than-average from 71 today in san jose to 73 by next wednesday and a lot of 60s in between. sue? >> the golden gate bridges so the zipper truck in motion on the screen. it is a cool thing to watch. though zip the barrier from left to right so you have four lands southbound direction two lanes in the northbound direction and it is a cool thing. i'm surprised it took so long to get it because it helps along the golden gate bridge and it is a smooth ride out of marin county southbound, green is good, we have extra road work, we will take a look through the men valley northbound 680 from
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stop ridge in the lane for a few more minutes and the north bay drive in a couple of minutes. >> if you travel to europe this morning, the world health organization said that the zika virus could spread to europe in the next few months. officials say that areas most at risk are where egyptian mosquitoes are active like the black sea coast of russia which are primarily responsible for spread the virus. countries with moderate risk include france, spain, italy and greece and in the u.k. it is "low." the u.n. is not issuing new travel advise. >> dog owner in san francisco learned a less on the hard way, police rescued this stately looking dog from a car with the window slightly crashed the concerned people spotted the lab during our warm weather and he drank a water and is okay and the owner has been credited. >> okay okay okay, i got it.
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>> unusual look at a hump become whale rescue near carmel after be fangled in crab pot. they waited until a specially train rescue true got had and they freed the air but officials are responding to increased whale rescues because the migration period is overlapping with delayed crab season. gomez is releasing a new series with extras needed to play high school students, parents and coffee shop customers. according to the "press democrat," a casting call is may 21 at the center for the arts. she visited facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg in menlo park. at 5:00 a.m., the bold plan to ease traffic congestion in san francisco. >> we follow developing news in the sent for the missing
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egyptair we passenger jet. what a top official has just revealed of the plane's final minutes.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on pack a.m. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is thursday. may 19. looking forward to friday. >> ready. >> i'm ready. >> meteorologist mike nicco has a check of the weather. >> allergies? >> your fault. >> wow... >> that is how we start things. >> wow...trying to be sympathetic. no more. live doppler hd is showing a dry cold front rolling through our neighborhoods and that is kicking up the winds and making the allergies worse. the pollen will be everywhere. we are starting off cooler at 46 to 56 and 74 inland and the inland temperatures, 76 at 4:00, hitting 100 yesterday in antioch, 58 to 72, grab a light jacket as you head out this evening. sue? >> good morning, i am fine. very fortunate i don't suffer from allergies. at least i have not so far. here


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