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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on pack a.m. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is thursday. may 19. looking forward to friday. >> ready. >> i'm ready. >> meteorologist mike nicco has a check of the weather. >> allergies? >> your fault. >> wow... >> that is how we start things. >> wow...trying to be sympathetic. no more. live doppler hd is showing a dry cold front rolling through our neighborhoods and that is kicking up the winds and making the allergies worse. the pollen will be everywhere. we are starting off cooler at 46 to 56 and 74 inland and the inland temperatures, 76 at 4:00, hitting 100 yesterday in antioch, 58 to 72, grab a light jacket as you head out this evening. sue? >> good morning, i am fine. very fortunate i don't suffer from allergies. at least i have not so far. here we go.
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bay bridge for metering lights and remark is slowing nicely in san francisco from golden gate field it is 15 minutes on the 80 approach and a look at san rafael where traffic is looking good in your travels take you from petaluma to novato you are looking at 35 minute drive from petaluma all the way into san francisco. that is not pad. green is good on the road sensor. we will look at the commute from the central valley in a couple of minutes. >> we are starting with major new developments in the egyptair now believed to have crashed. officials have been holding a news conference. our report is tracking all of that from the newsroom. what do we know? >> egyptian officials say that flight 804 has flashed and the flying conditions were clear. officials say it is too usually to tell in it was terrorism, human error or mechanical she that property the land down. this is the flight path the search area is near the greek
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island. the emergency equipment on board airbus 320 deployed a signal and that is consist went a crash. egyptian and french cruise are looking for the wreck average. we are getting reports from greek authorities that the plane turned to the left and made a 360-degree maneuver as it lost ground but we do not know in the pilot was in control. these are birds we have now of the plane that disappeared 175 miles from the scheduled landing in cairo. the plane was flying at a cruising altitude of 37,000 feet, 10 miles inside egyptian airspace when it disappeared. greek air traffic controllers spoke to the pilot three minutes earlier and the pilot did not mention any problems. the families wait for word a french official confirms an investigation is being opened into all personally involved in the flight departure.
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family members have been told to stay home and wait for further information. >> a closer look at the 66 people on period flight 804, 56 were passengers, ten were crew, these were kids, three air marshals. the majority of passengers were egyptian, and no americans were on board. >> airline officials say the pilot has 6,000 hours of experience and the co-pilot had 3,000 hours. in the past hour the french parliament lower house approved a two month extension of the state of emergency that started with the paris attacks. in the united states, tass has not made changes in light of the crash official say be prepared for a possible increase security fur headed to the airport. we have continued coverage of egypt air flight 804. we will update the developments all morning, and you will get updates the moment they happen with our free news app by enabling the push alerts.
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>> happening today, state senators vote on three laws aimed at saving lives, by reducing gun violence in california. one of the laws would require backgrounding whichs for people who buy and sole ammunition. another bill calls for outlying magazines that hold more than ten rounds. and a third proposal would require that gun owners file a report five days of weapon being lost or stolen. >> could san francisco city or buses be driverless? what about uber and lyft? local leaders are purring this trying to get a $50 million grant from the government. amy hollyfield is in san francisco. amy? yes, natasha, how do you feel about a diverless bus bying you up -- picking you up? the city made a pitch to the federal government, one of seven cities, trying to get a grant to make this idea come true. here are the proposals, the driverless buses would all be
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connected to each other, wirelessly and they do not crash. there would also be a driverless taxi, uber and lyft cars and they would carry group of people. and the pay said that reducing all of car could mean parking garages are converted interest affordable housing. the idea is to shift 10% of san francisco's car use to shared rides or public transit. when we asked about it, a san francisco resident said he worries about the human impact. >> it will put everyone out of work. too many people. technology is great but...that is taking it too far. >> the $50 million federal grant would be great but the mayor thinks it needs to go forward with or without it the ten companies are already testing driverless vehicles in san francisco and we could see the major changes in three year phases over the next 10 years.
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>> students at uc berkeley are being wants about a sexual attack on campus, that happen on sunday at the oxford parking lot on the north side of campus. the student was walking through the lot at the time. police have not given a description of the attacker. >> a $10,000 reward is on tail for information that will lead police to a missing 2-year-old girl. investigators believe that she is asupply mobile still in the bay area. her mother was found murdered april 9 at san francisco's park. at the time, he was being carried for by a couple in oakland and the couple now is refusing to speak with police. she worked at a best buy and the company is offering the reward. >> bernie sanders has no scheduled events after a busy day crisscrossing the bay area starting in san jose yesterday afternoon, and he spoke to
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thousands of supports at the santa clara county fairgrounds and then came to san francisco at a hotel workers rally and took the stage at vallejo where thousands more were waiting if see his -- were waiting do see him. >> i did future necessity there were this many people in vallejo. >> future to believe in, thousands gathered at vallejo waterfront park. >> he is offering the possibility for something new. >> there was a banner overhead. >> as americans we will not accept a candidate for president like donald trump. >> many voters clearly decided but some are not quite sure. >> it is between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> first time voters who jut turned 18.
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>> bernie sanders stands on social justice issue. during an interview with abc7 earlier in san jose, he highlighted the issues. >> my agenda of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, comprehensive immigration reform, addressing the global crisis of climate change, that is consist went where the people of california are. >> california crowd roaring loudly for one issue in particular. >> in i were a citizen of california i would vote to legalize marijuana. >> as for undecided voters? >> i am thinking about it. >> high thief he will sweet the west coast. >> bernie sanders said that he welcomed the chance to debate democratic frontrunner hillary clinton before next month's primary in california. hillary clinton is close to securing the delegates for the
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nomination. both candidated green in january to debate in california this month. >> a poll shows hillary clinton in a tight race with donald trump in the two top end up facing off in november. fox shows that trump leads hillary clinton 45-42% that is in the poll's margin of error. right now this is a swing last month when hillary clinton led donald trump 48%-41%. hillary clinton has support from winners and hispanics and trump wins among men and white voters. >> breezes are the big story. here is how the peninsula will look, blue means gusts up to d.u.i. miles per hour and the yellow between 1:00 and 3:00 up to 35 miles an hour. be careful if you out and about. especially in our east-west bridges because the wins are coming from the north. our temperatures along the east bay shore, from 53 in berkeley,
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to san leandro at 57, and heading inland 53 in orinda and castro valley but most of us in the mid-50 and novato is 50, 53 in san francisco, pacifica is 51 and san jose and mountain view at 56. breezy for walking the dog. this will be a lot pollen flying around if you are garden and mild. you can see the winds on the ferry building blowing to the east. we are at mostly 60s and 70s and a few areas to the 88 in the inland east bay neighbor. only 60s on saturday, and, yes, lightning, so we will talk about our chances of rain ahead. >> we will look at our traffic map, we are doing pretty well, with green meaning everyone is at the limit, however, always an exception coming out of the central valley, look at slow traffic already, we add early road work that has been pick up in the westbound direction and eastbound we are still seeing slow traffic now which is the
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reverse commute, due to road work, and that is there until 9:00 this morning, so if you are coming from tracy, driving in toward the dublin/pleasanton area, over 60 minutes now, 63 minutes to be exact is the drive time. we did have a closure ramp westbound 580 ramp to northbound 680 and that is for the road work and the ramp from northbound 680 to eastbound 580 to be picked up in a few minutes >> george zimmerman find as buyer for the gun he used to kill florida teen trayvon martin and how much he will get from the controversial auction. >> new image of the euthanizeed we bison
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>> san rafael, pleasanton, south and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. bay. >> the auction that george zimmerman used to sell a gun is over, and a bid was posted of $138,000 seconds before the auction ended yesterday. the bid has not been authenticated but george zimmerman said he is voting the bids and should a at the same time thanking good for a sourceful auction raiding funds for several worthy causes.
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>> so man you have said after the tragedy at yellow stone on the baby bison, a canadian tourist admitted he put the bison in the back of the you have s.u.v. anything he was saying it from the cold. the bison was euthanized and another tourist is showing the same calf stumbling near the car of the the calf was seen struggling to cross the river. the tourist thought the other man was saving the calf. >> the blood tested son of prince, a palo alto company voided all of the tests performed using their devices in 2014 and 2015. this is video of vice president biden touring one of the company's blood testing laboratories, and he is revising the results obtained using traditional laboratory equipment there are no tests -- some
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parents may have seen inaccurate blood test results. >> commuters know how much it could cost to ride the new smart train later this year. it could start at $4 or $5 with transit officials considering an additional $2 zone charge. last contrary the smart board approved a plan to have five zones when it started service from downtown san rafael to the santa rosa airport by the end the year. officials believe the majority of the commuters would pass between two and three zones. >> and the quest for the hockey cup moves for san jose, and they are now tied with nashville and will host a street rally before the game tonight and all fans attending the game will get a free rally towel and a special wristband. if you are in your seat by 5:40 you can be part of the face off
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festivities. >> don't be late. >> how is the weather's the game? >> sunny. at 5:3. low 70s and you come out it will be in the mid-60s but 6:00 face off. like the warriors so we can get east coast people to watch. they won't watch any other time, why not? >> the winds are 19 at sfo and concord is 21 and 20-25-miles-per-hour gust through the day for all of us. and 87, near the shark thank, a little more heat and breezy today and friday and thunderstorm possible and more is on saturday and extended looking cooler-than-average, and now, the temperatures today, well below average at 69 in milpitas and san jose 71 and gilroy are the warm spots at 74, on the peninsula, mainly mid-60s to around 70 degrees and language the coast, even with more sunshine, right around
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60 degrees, and cooler than average to downtown san francisco at 64 and sauce least is 63, and low-to-mid 70s through most of the north bay with santa rosa at 75 the worm spot and mid-to-upper 60s along the east bay more and inland, mid-70s to a few low 80's around antioch and brentwood. this is "lite" storm-impact scale and on friday, not much going on, but across the north bay, but, saturday, we have a better chan in the morning and the usually afternoon. my seven seven sews all of us on saturday need to dress for our cool of the day at 50s and 60. sue? >> the drive times, the early commuters from the central valley, here is way are facing, ramping unto an hour out of delaycy to dublin, 680, dublin/pleasanton to mission boulevard south, the sunol grade is good, and northbound 85, from highway 101 to cupertino, also, a nice ride. speaking of the south bay, this
5:19 am
is 280, headed to the northbound direction, the head lits are, the 17/880 overcrossing, an eight meant drive from downtown san jose toward cupertino, 8-10 minutes. elsewhere, rain is good we have a few areas of slow traffic and san mateo bridge has slowing 506 the span eastbound direction and we will check the commute in a couple of minutes. >> cameras are hot new abscessries for the car the you have thought of paying one? this guy bought one and got out of the traffic tick comet he was kept from being scammed. here is what you need to know at look. >> the pentagon said chinese war lanes intercepted a united states navy patrol plane in the south china sea in a dangerous maneuver. it came 50' of the american plane in international airspace. pentagon characterized this as "unsafe." continuings have been high in the region where beijing has been building small islands into
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military bases. the pentagon said that until the insurance dison tuesday the pilots have blown in safe and professional manner. >> google is unveiling the amazon competitor and google has a new safety future. >> google takes on the amazon voice activated assistance, which allow user to perform internet searches and play music and control smart devices. there is no word on the price. >> uber is giving families peace of mind with a safety monitoring of the ride in real time from the uber yeah on the smartphone. >> a very cool new device for people who struggle with foreign languages. >> the pilot is a small ear pace providing instant translation in four languages, nick, french, italian and spanish, on sale later this year with a price tag of $129. >> still trying to get english down. >> now you can use the tran
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translator. >> huge financial boost to south bay charities because of "jeopardy," and a famous comic. >> the bobble is up
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feel free to enjoy. put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. >> if you are about to go out the door, before you go, officials say egyptair has crashed. somewhere over the mediterranean egyptian officials say it is too usually to tell in it is terrorism, human error or mechanical issue. >> the search area is near an island off the greek coast. 56 passengers, seven crew members and three air marshals were on board. no one was men. >> this teacher is now on look facing accusations of sexually abusing a student.
5:24 am
burlingame police say it happen ed while he taught at mills high school several years ago in millbrae. the current job is in south san francisco. >> check out the dramatic drop in our temperatures today. not so much in san francisco, but six and nine in oakland and everyone else is double digits up to 21 degree cooler in san rafael opening the door for wet weather. >> following the thursday morning commute, mass transit -- no, this is an easy bridge commute if you are taking the san mateo bridge, pass transit is on time, too association we have good news in both dresses. >> san francisco is one of seven finalists for $50 million smart city government grant with the goal to increase the driverless and shared vehicles to relieve road congestion and make more safe for housing. all the warriors have even the series with thunder because of the blow out win. steph curry had hot hands
5:25 am
scoring 15 points in only two minutes. the series moves to oklahoma city on sunday. all the most active volcano in europe is erupting, in sicily, spewing ash and gas into the air. the ash is not spending too far beyond the volcano. no flights are canceled. it has been the most significant activity since december. >> a south bay charity is receiving a big donation because of a celebrity and "jeopardy," 56 winning $50,000. power players have been competing for charity of their house giving his winnings to a san jose foundation that helps underserved william around the world. >> women in africa and asias give picture and they get injured, so they are incontinent so they become shunned and no
5:26 am
one will hire them or educate them or marry them. it is terrible. >> the foundation makes sure the women get an operation that could help. you will find out more information of the charity and how to help on our website at >> large and rare blew diamond bail the most expensive jewel sold, you can look at it right there, 14.6 kates. it soiled for a record $57 million at the auction in geneva . it is said to get its name from the lake sir philip oppenheimer acquire it in the 1950's and gave it to his wife. >> gorgeous. >> we have another full 90 minutes news including a big remember for wal-mart shoppers while the prepaid debit card may not be working.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a passenger jet carrying 66 people disappeared from radar. this morning, new information including the strange move made just before vanishing. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> it is thursday. we will start with weather and traffic. mike? >> good morning, everyone. our satellite and radar shows the cold front moving toward cloverdale. there are low clouds along the coast. freeze is a big story. along with beautiful pink and blue colors.
5:30 am
temperatures are milder at 54 to separate. we stay in the 50s at the coast and 60 around the bay and only 70s inland. the 100s and 90s and 80s are gone. for a long-term. sue? >> the san mateo bridge shows traffic flowing and early work has been picked up westbound direction. you are looking at 14 or 15 minutes from 880 and hayward to 101 in the san mateo and foster city area. green means everyone is at the limit on the road sensors with slow traffic from the central valley and we have the fatal accident a remote area on skyline boulevard at nine or 10 miles north of highway nine with yellow on the sensors spoke folks are slowing so avoid this if you can there is no great alternate. c.h.p. is on the scene. we look at the drive time on thursday morning. >> several new developments this morning in the disappearance of egyptair 804 now believes do
5:31 am
have crashed. tiffany is tracking the latest details. >> natasha, egyptian officials say flight 804 has crashed. they are not ruling out anything. it could be an act of terrorism, human error or a mechanical failure. video from cairo shows the distraught mother of a passenger that last paris and headed to cairo. a greek official say they made two sudden movements in the final moments a sudden turn west and then a 360 degree movement to the right as it dropped at 20,000'. there is a flight path, the search area is highlighted. officials say the pilot did not send any distress call but the emergency equipment on the airbus deployed a signal which is what should happen in a crash. crews are now trying to locate the wreckage in the mediterranean.
5:32 am
the french official say they have opened an investigation interest all personnel involved in the flight departure. the plane was flying at a cruising attitude of 37,000 feet which is usually a very safe and stable part of the flight when it left radar 10 miles inside egyptian airspace. last contact the pilot did not mention any problems and the pilot is very experienced. >> now more information of the flight, it has 66 people on board including 56 passengers, seven crew members and three air marshals, no one on board was american. most were egyptian or trench. federals have set up a temporary headquarters at a hotel near the airport in paris for family members of the passenger and crew. >> egyptair has had serious incidents in 40 years including in march a man hijacked the
5:33 am
domestic flight to cypress. he was arrested n may of 2002 a flight to tunisia crashed when it landed. 14 died. in october of 1999 a flight from l.a.x. crashed off nantucket killing 217 people. investigators state was cause bid the deliberate action of the first officer. we will continue to update the developments all morning with updates the moment they happen with the free news app. enable push alerts. >> back home in the east bay authorities are investigating a deadly crash in antioch. officials say a car crashed in a backyard of a home at 10:00 p.m. a man in his 20s was ejected and pronounced dead later. >> in santa rosa, a car plowed through a backyard, slammed into a due mention last night, and the bmw rammed through the garage, pierced the wall of the add joining garage and another man was working on the car.
5:34 am
the man thought it was an earthquake and told us of frightening moments. >> i seen the wall coming through i thought it was an earthquake. i seen the car and it smelled like gas or something pushing. >> three people were inside of the bmw. no one was hurt. a young man was behind the wheel and they are trying to determine what went wrong. >> school district is assuring pains their students are safe after a former teacher was arrested. he sexually assaulted a student for months. matt keller is in millbrae at mills high school. >> school district officials say the suspect has not taught here at mills high school in about eight years, but we have confirmed that he was teaching at a different school district in the bay area until his
5:35 am
arrest. here is a picture of the suspect. he is 58-year-old we ken crowell and it was confirm that he is a teacher at westboro middle school and placed on leave. the superintendent said there are no misconduct filings during the time and the crimes took place before he arrived at westboro middle. the alleged sexual assaults took place in 2008 and 2009 when he was a music teacher in millbrae. the victim was in bond. school district officials say that he resigned in june of 2008 and booked into the san mateo county jail yesterday on $250,000 bail. both school districts say they are working with police. >> bernie sanders next scheduled campaign stop is tomorrow in new mexico. thousands cheered the democratic candidate at three stops in the bay area yesterday.
5:36 am
>> our job is to go into the z convention and win the democratic nomination for president. >> last night he held the final rally of day in vallejo at waterfront park say he will win the california primary on june 7 and sweep the west coast after already winning in oregon and washington. >> in san jose, yesterday afternoon he spoke to thousands of supporter at the county fair and stopped in california for an impromptu appearance at a hotel workers rally at justin herman plaza. >> hillary clinton will be back on the campaign trail after a day off raising mount in illinois ask next week she runs to the bay area for a fundraiser in atherton, and former president clinton will campaign for her in california start on saturday including the fundraiser in fremont on tuesday. you can keep track of the candidates when they are in the bay area with our news app.
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>> you have to see how oakland's mayor responded after presumptive nominee presidential nominee donald trump said some thing about oakland that are getting people upset say it is the most dangerous places in the world in an am published bit "new york times" and fbi crime stats rated oakland as america's third most dangerous city last year but city leader see an upside. >> majority of law-abide citizens that care for our families and went to make this country great. and make oakland great. >> here is what oakland mayor tweeted the most dangerous place in america is donald trump's mouth. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have campaigned in oakland. >> you still have a few days, monday is the deadline to register for the primary, and the dead lane to register for a political party.
5:38 am
ridges have a closed primary sow must register as republican to see a ballot. democrats have an open primary. >> advocates of reform of the california death penalty plan to announce they have enough signatures to put this on the ballot in november. they say the initiative will save taxpayers presidents of dollars each year and assure due process protection for more than 700 death row inmates. the state has not executed anyone since 2006. >> funeral service is held in oakland for a public defend are found stabbed to death in her portrero hill home in san francisco early this month. police say she was established 40 times. show worked in the public defenders office for three decades and the nephew, 20-year-old, is charged with murder his aunt and is scheduled to be arraign on june 6. >> do not get us wrong we still under astatewide drought but in a reversal we will for honker be under a conservation order. june 3, the mandatory 25% water
5:39 am
reduction disappears with officials voting to let local water districts set conservation goals. the move comes after a wet winter eased the five year drought. each district is required to have these year supply of water or implement water-use. >> good morning, everyone, the winds, you could reasonable here the noise last night with the winds, at 14-24 miles per hour. it will be bumpy in and out of the san francisco international airport with gusts up to 45 miles per hour. temperatures on the peninsula in menlo park at 51 and everyone else at 53 to 55, and we are in the mid-50s everywhere until antioch at 61, and mill valley at 47. sfo has clouds gathering, and usually they let us know in there are delays at 20 minutes from now. try, weed, grass pollen,
5:40 am
moderate, u.v. index is high. clear in san rafael and south on 101, and the wind is at seven miles per hour the it will be faster this afternoon, and most of us are around 20-25 miles per hour. and 60 at coast, 70s around the bay and the warmest inland spot in the 80s with most of us in the 70s, 50s and 60s and 70s tomorrow and only 50s and 60s with a chance of showers and thunderstorm on saturday. sue? >> we look at some of your drive times as you head off, from commuting from the central valley looking at slow traffic, from tracy to dublin under an hour. better news from antioch to conquer at 15-17-minute drive on highway 4 westbound san rafael to san francisco, under 20 minutes and that is great. hazy out there for east bay commute, the stream of headlights from east shore moving nicely and golden gate field to san francisco, still looking at we 15 minutes and here is what you will find at the toll plaza metering lights were turned on at 5:29
5:41 am
association continue members ago and traffic is stacking up, these are the fast track lanes and not moving too fast, the cash-pay lanes are in boater shape this morning. i in that is how you commute the green is good on the road sensors and we will look at the drive from san rafael in a few minutes. >> there is new controversy over california's high-speed rail plan and the move in washington that could push the system's timetable back several years. >> trouble for people would rely on the wal-mart prepaid debit c
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> without to wait four more years to catch the bullet rail line because a key deadline was delayed. the $2.5 billion earmarked for the line in the central valley, but now it will be completed later than next year, with the high-speed rail spokesman said changing are coming when you deal with long term projects. uber and lyft have a loyal following among the young, educate asked wealthy, with companies rating in the sharing economy like uber and lyft are most likely used by young people
5:45 am
who make at least $75,000 a year and live in urban neighborhoods. the small slice of america doesn't like the idea of san francisco-based uber and lyft being regulated like taxis and most people polled believe that companies like uber and lyft provide if jobs for those who value flexibility. >> linkedin said they are taking immediate steps to invalidate passwords a hacker claims he has for sale. the hacker is advertised more than 100 million log ins for the social site coming in a security breach four years ago. linkedin said they will contact affected members to get them to change their passwords right away. >> many customers rely on wal-mart repaid debit cars and are complaining they are out of from the money. people have had problems starting on monday. the deb bill cart -- the debit
5:46 am
their money. millions of americans, many with lower income, rely on repaid debit cars to manage their money >> dub nation is feeling more at east. >> steph curry had a great third quarter scoring 17, including continue straight in two minutes they beat the thunder. goes goes is 12-0 and now the series shifts to oklahoma for sunday and next too game three and four and game five is back at oracle arena on thursday. >> no doubt, though, right? >> a lot of i told you sos. >> we have the sharks at the tank. that is at 6:00. >> early. >> early. temperature is 70 and 63 when you head out.
5:47 am
now, the exploritorium, winds are 10-20 miles per hour and 20-30 maybe 35 for the ferry ride home. it is going to be blustery. this is the backdrop to talk about in more heat for the next seven days. breezy today and tomorrow. showers and thunder possible tomorrow and more so on saturday and looking cooler than average and in more 80s, and 69 in milpitas, san jose and cupertino at 71 and the warm spot is 74 at morgan hill. we could get to 70 in palo alto and los gatos and mountain view but barely 60 along the coast and more sunshine. mid-60s downtown, 64, south san francisco, and 65 and sausalito at 63. 70 to 75 influence the north bay valley. up to 69 for the east bay shore. oakland at 67. inland, only highway 4 on the antioch and brentwood in the 80s and everyone else in the 70s. tonight the slow in the
5:48 am
mid-40s and low 50s. storm-impact scale is going to be light or a "1" so less than quarter-inch of showers and a slight chance of thunder. on saturday, the trust is mainly across the north pay with our best chan, but, saturday, mid-morning into the afternoon hours, all of us have a chance of a scattered showers and thunderstorm. my sent seven shows coolest in the 50s and sick, and 60s and 70s next beak. >> looking at san rafael, 101 section beyond the mall and civic center, this is the freitas parkway overcrossing with a lot of road work overnight and right now they are out of the lanes but just heads up that overnight can mean slow traffic and otherwise it is moving at the limit from novato all way into san francisco and you are look at 30 minutes. not bad. at the golden gate bridge smooth sailing, four lanes, in the south direction, for the thursday only commute.
5:49 am
and a beautiful ride into san francisco. overall look at the map we have slow traffic on the nimitz freeway, 880 from hayward to fremont with late road work pick up and we have road work in the eastbound direction of 580 from grandville to north flip so i have slow traffic in the reverse commute and slower in the normal commute direction with under an hour from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. we will look at the mass transit ons. just ahead. >> the off shoot of the grateful dead are playing a free show in san francisco. >> you will need a ticket but they are available at noon today rather than the admission, the band is asking those to pay it forward in some way, lamb or -- large or small. you can let the band know what you want to do using has been dead and go sf. >> reaction to the egypt air crash and how donald trump is
5:50 am
responding in morning. >> a warning over a popular safety product for children wannwith sodastreamter? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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>> the abc7 news app on go on your schedule. news that lives without live. >> look at this car crash, in the back of the store that missed a customer by inches. it happened yesterday in boston, massachusetts, one of the days of the driver misstating the gas for the brake. people helped rescue the driver and she walked away without a scrap. >> no one inside the store was hurt. >> man is in custody in a bizarre carjacking berkeley. the victim was going to his home early yesterday morning and a pan came up to him with a gun.
5:53 am
the robber took victim's phone and keys ask then he said he had to use the bathroom. he actually went inside the home and used the guy's toilet and then took off in the victim's car. police found and arrested joseph schuyler and found this in the car: a dog. they also found a loaded gun not vehicle. the puppy was taken to animal control. >> wisconsin based company is recalling 129,000 infant bicycle helmets sold exclusively at target since january of 2014. safety officer say a magnet on the children of the helmet can come loose and pose a chocking hazard. >> this next story is depressing some of us this morning. are spuds bad for your blood? harvard researches say eating four or more servings of potato
5:54 am
as week raise the risk of high blood pressure. baked, boiled or mashed, it increases 1%. for fried, 17% raising. however, potato chips did not increase the risk the study does not prove it but just increased risk. >> are saying potato chips are if for me? >> only eat potato chips from now on. >> meat and potatoes...and i have low blood pressure. >> yankees are in town. they are having a rough son. oakland 62 at 7:00 drop down to 57. around the state, it will be quiet in lake tahoe, at 61 and monterey is 60 and breezy, and 9 until bomb spring and low-to-mid
5:55 am
70s san diego and los angeles, mainly not falling on us now but less than quarter-inch and the big step for the next seven days, even san francisco like the rest of bay, is going to be cooler-than-average temperatures. >> 45 bart trains are on time, and at your service which is great news with in problems with ace train coming from stockton, and caltrain up and down the peninsula is also on time this morning. from way to go. walnut creek toward highway 24 you are at the limit for about eight minutes from highway 4 in concord, toward highway 24 in walnut creek. and the south bay, this is 101 in the northbound direction on right side near southbound drive and the 880 overcrossing and everyone is looking like they are behaving and at the limit. we will come back and take a look at the drive times of the busy areas in a few minutes. >> heads up if you are thinking of traveling abroad, the who said that the zika virus could
5:56 am
video to europe in the next few months. areas most at risk are where egyptian mosquitoes are already active like the black sea of russia. cups with the moderate risk include trance, spain, italy and greece and in the u.k. it is low. there are no new travel advise issued for now. >> i got something. i got something i know. that is stunning video of a humpback wail rescue near carmel. the whale was tangled in a crab pot. they called authorities and waited not a specially trained rescue crew arrived. they for the whale freed. they responding to an increase number of whale issues because the migration period is now overlapping with the delayed crashing season. now, a new netflix series "13
5:57 am
rows why," and extras needed to play high school students, parents and coffee shop customers. >> casting call is held on may 2 1, and gomez was in the bay area last week meeting with facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg. >> the future of transportation in san francisco may not include drivers. >> and egyptair crashed with more than 60 people on board
5:58 am
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6:00 am
awe have learned greece has commit add submarine to aid in the search in needed. >> a lot new information is coming in the last hour. tiffany? >> yes, moments ago, we learned that egypt's aviation minister say the possibility of a terror attack is stronger than a mechanical failure as the reason for the crash. video from the cairo airport shows the distraught mother of a passenger on the the airbus. it swerved in the final moments before crashing, and a sudden turn left followed by a 360- degree movement to the right and dropped 20,000 feet. we do not know in the pilot was in control. all the night left paris and was 175 miles from cairo and it disappeared from the radar. official say the pilots did not san any distress callsut


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