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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 19, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west. this passenger jet disappears owner the mediterranean sea heading from paris to cairo lost just 20 minutes before landing. >> authorities poring over footage trying to determine if security was breached. an international search effort is under way. the families gathering right now looking for answers. u.s. airports on alert. our abc news team covering every angle across the globe. >> also this morning donald trump launch his toughest attack on bill clinton calling out his history on women and bringing up rape. >> he lost his law license. couldn't practice law and you don't read about this on clinton. >> the clintons saying trump is
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trying to distract voters. >> oh, my, steph curry diving for the win. the mvp taking one for his team leading the golden state warriors to victory plus the no look shot of the night everyone is talking about this morning. >> good morning america with the breaking news. an egypt air flight disappeared overnight. it vanished from radar over the mediterranean after it entered egyptian air space. debris spotted near an island. >> the jet is an airbus air 320. 66 passengers, ten crew members. the plane deported at 11:09:00 p.m. local time. officials lost contact with the plane when it was over water
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3:40 into the might. >> authorities saying it's more likely the crash was caused by a terror attack than a technical problem and passengers families gathering now. we have full team coverage live in paris and across the globe and we begin with david kerley. >> >> an air and sea search is under way. greek tv is reporting that aircraft parts have been found. not been confirmed by the egy egyptians but there are several clues about this crash and whether it was an accident or an act of terrorism. >> the plane was on a light night flight to cairo leaves charles degal airport with only 20 minutes left in the four hour flight the pilot says all is fine. just three minutes later. the jet disappear from radar over the mediterranean northwest
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of cairo. the jet had been in egyptian air space for ten minutes and was at 37,000 feet. cruising altitude the safest part of flight. >> it was at the entering to the egyptian air space. 280 kill meters from the coast of egypt. >> the efficients say no security concern had been reported but he would not rule out terrorism. grief stricken family members rushed to airports hoping to get more information. according to egypt air the pilot had more than 6,000 hours of flying time on the airbus 320. egypt, greece and france coordinating search efforts in the daylight hours. marine showing five freighters scrambling to what can be the crash zone. among the 10 crew members three reportedly security officials similar to u.s. air marshals
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which france's transport minister calls usual practice. >> this jet was in cruzzing altitude when it drops off the radar. suggesting something sudden. there were three air marshals on the flight. many questions this morning but appears officials have a good idea where the wreckage is and that wreckage and the black boxes will reveal whether this was an accident or terrorism and at the end of the news conference the officials said it's more likely it would be terrorism than a technical issue. >> we did hear that from david, thank you. the flight took off from charles de gaulle airport late last night heading to cairo. we have the latest as the families as we have been seeing of those missing are gathering. good morning alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right. this is terminal 1 at charles de
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gaulle airport where these passengers came before midnight to check into their flight. 56 of them, among them 15 french citizens and this morning their families desperately waiting for any news. the french authorities have put them in a nearby hotel. the other one dedicated to the investigation. >> we have heard from the president of france and egypt and france is offering assistance correct alex? >> reporter: that's correct. the two presidents spoke. france offering assistance. one french plane has joined egyptian, greek and british assets in the mediterranean looking for any sort of wreckage. we understand that short time ago the french president also spoke saying that anything is possible, clear reference to terrorism. this city of course no stranger to terrorism after those two devastating attacks last year. >> still at this point can't
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rule out anything. >> we move on to cairo's airport. we have the latest. good morning mali. >> good morning. we're here at the ministry and they are taking the lead on the investigation. the egyptian navy is out in force, ships and planes out on the mediterranean but george, no exact search area has been given. now here at the airport families are gathering, searching for answers visibly anguished but have been told to sit tight and wait for a phone call, george. >> the officials are going through the passengers manifest. are they paying any attention to a particular passenger? >> reporter: no red flags yet but they are certainly running those names through a processing center through a new security profiling process to make sure absolutely nothing is missed. >> okay. thanks. >> we turn to abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. as you have been reporting
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authorities are looking into the possibility of a bomb onboard and whether this could be terrorism. >> officials says terrorism is more likely than a mechanical failure and french authorities are studying airport surveillance video at charles de gaulle airport operating on a theory that a bomb was smuggled on to the plane. aviation officials have been warning of possible bombs hidden in laptop computers. terror groups in somalia have twice been linked to just such explosives. in one case earlier this year on board a jetliner able to land safely. in another case, a laptop bomb that went off in an airport. the most recent suspected terror attack to bring down an aircraft involved a russian jet that blew up over the sinai desert in egypt killing 224 people. counterterror officials believe it was an inside job in which terrorists used back of the airport workers to smuggle an explosive device on board. >> even with the best of security screening machines, if
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you have an insider who is willing to place an explosive on a plane, you have a real problem. >> reporter: isis later took responsibility for downing the russian jet posting this photo of what it said was the bomb hidden in a beverage can with a simple detonator. >> close the switch and arm the timer to start its countdown. >> reporter: both isis and al qaeda have long targeted airplanes and airports. and the master al qaeda bomb maker remains at large despite repeated efforts to kill him. egypt and france have both been regularly targeted by a variety of terror groups and no shortage of candidates who might be responsible. terrorism is only a working theory, one that cannot be confirmed until the plane's wreckage is located and tested for explosives. >> we heard in your report before inside job. an inside job? >> great concern.
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last december dozens of employees at charles de gaulle lost their security clearances after officials determined they had been online sympathizers with isis. >> still pointing towards terrorism. >> authorities say they have to do that to act urgently who was around the airport to try and interview them to see what they recall. >> and look at the surveillance video. >> that's right. >> let's get more from our i've vacation expert and special fbi agent. let's walk through the different possibilities. lead williing theory active ter because of a mechanical problem with that kind of weather unlikely. >> very unlikely. the airplane had been steady state 37,000 feet almost three hours. the gps data just stops. there's no reason an airplane should drop out of the sky. this idea that it was a
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catastrophic failure or something catastrophic happened is the leading theory. >> and also flying at 37,000 feet beginning its decent unlikely as well a surface to air missile or shoulder fired. >> one, that it would be well out to sea and someone would have to be able to look up in the night sky but more importantly the altitude restriction on a shoulder fired missile is almost two miles short of where this airplane was flying. highly unlikely that would have been the cause. >> the leading theory, some kind of bomb or suicide bomb. brian mentioned they're going through the airports in paris going through the surveillance video and looking where that plane was before it went to paris. >> the most vulnerable spot is going to be the baggage handl s handlers. once it gets to the plane if you have got one dirty handler that's willing to secret a bomb in the cargo hold i think is going to be a real tight place to focus. in paris and tunis.
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>> and what -- we have known that paris has been under such a high state of alert because of the attacks last fuall. kind of chilling something might gets through. >> your weakest leak is the folks on the ground and so that's very difficult to police day in and day out because of their movements around the airport. the key is who you hire, how often you do backgrounds and do you do spot checks regularly. my guess is none of that is occurring at the rate it should. >> meantime the search for the debris, the officials saying they might have spotted something in their wart waters. what exactly will that tell us? >> it will lead to the black boxes hopefully. we talk about how they will help us. if there was an explosion onboard they can actually listen to that and tell where the explosion went off in the cabin or plane. there's interesting audio
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forensics we can do and they're going to want to get to the wreckage that shows deformation caused by the explosion. getting to the bottom of the mediterranean is most important. >> we learned earlier that the plane took a 90 degree turn and a full 360 before it dropped wide suddenly. not sure how that happened or whether that could be confirmed. if it were true, what would that tell you? >>. >> that would just add to the mystery. it really doesn't make sense. we have very good data that shows the airplane was on a steady heading and dropped an fell away. perhaps the greeks were seeing the wreckage coming down. but this will go into the mix of what the investigators look at. >> we move to the latest on airport security here at home. abc's mary bruce is at reagan national airport with the latest on that. good morning mary. >> reporter: good morning. well u.s. officials have been closely monitoring this overnight from the tsa to the faa and homeland security trying
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to glean any information they can. now, it's unclear at this point if they will change security measures at airports like this one, but it's not uncommon for officials to make adjustments even as they are investigating. now, all this comes, of course, as frustration is boiling over over these growing security lines at airports across the country. thousands of travelers are being delayed and missing flights and now all of those complaints have landed on capitol hill. frustrated flyers are hoping the administration and lawmakers can finally do something to address this problem. robin. >> mary, we're live on the west coast, people heading out to the respective airports are trying to catch a flight and want to know how soon could they see the lines affected by what we're discussing? >> reporter: well, it's tough to say right now. the tsa we know is closely tracking this investigation but they haven't announced new measures so far but certainly will disappearance of this flight under scores the importance for strict screening
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even if it leads to longer lines. >> let's get more from david kerley. david, these lines are such a problem for so many but almost certainly going to get worse at least for a period of time in the wake of this incident. >> most likely george because there may be additional screening measures that have to be put in place. the reason we have seen these long lines is that the tsa had failures last year in several tests. so they made changes to the way they screen and then we had this explosion of flyers this year and we expect record crowds to hit the skies and the tsa officer -- the number of officers is the same as it was last year and that's where the math doesn't add up and tsa has been saying the lines are going to be long and we have seen it even before the summer travel. now with an incident like this, what happened in brussels, this is what the department of homeland security secretary said
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we are not going to sacrifice security to deal with these lines. we don't want people to but we're going to deal with security first. this will strengthen their case. there's a chance. if a bomb was placed on a plane in parse, in europe, that says a lot about the threat out there for all of us who fly. >> and concerns about cargo holds for so long. thanks very much. >> keep all of that many mind. >> let's turn to abc's senior justice correspondent with how u.s. officials are responding to this. good morning pierre. >> good morning robin. president obama has been asking for regular updates. the entire u.s. law enforcement and intelligence community is locked in on this because i was talking to some when the story was unfolding and they were all over it. they tell me they don't have clear evidence of what took place what it is or not. but they are looking at terrorism as a possibility. and aviation security is reviewed again and the fbi will be looking to see any hints of
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terror pointing towards france because this involves a plane flying out of a european airport, paris, great, great concern. robin, george >> thank you very much. we'll continue to get more and more information and pass it along when we do. let's go to amy with other top stories with the u.s. military jet crash. >> it's remarkable when you see these images that no one was injured. the air force bomber. a b-52 aborted takeoff in guam and crashed but the seven crew members escaped just in time the airs force calling it a mishap. the pentagon is investigating a close call between a u.s. navy plane and two chinese fighter jets that came within 100 feet. the american pilot was forced to maneuver to avoid a collision. new details about one of the nigerian schoolgirls kid napped, reunited with her mother and the
7:17 am
19-year-old will meet with their president. the teen was found wandering with her baby in a forest. more than 200 girls missing. in washington house republicans approved spending $622 million to fight the spread of the zika vir virus. the senate and white house say that's not nearly enough money. >> in florida take a look at this car crash during a high speed chase. a police cruiser slamming into a car. the driver in the blue car was injured. wow. the officer was pursuing a robbery suspect near orlando. speaking of wow in sports, thumbs up from robin. a wild night in basketball. fans holding their breath after steph curry went diving right there into the stands chasing a loose ball. he was okay. in fact he was a lot more than okay. he went on on a scoring rampage
7:18 am
with 28 points, 15 points in just 2 minutes and the warriors blew out the thunder 118-91 to even the series. the shot of the night -- >> get the name. >> andre iguodala. just like in practice >> oh. >> right? >> you practiced that name. >> i did several times thank you. >> look at that shot. 15 points in 2 minutes. >> yeah. to be exact. >> unbelievable. >> that's it. >> rob what to you got. >> revenge after game one. hasn't happened very much. winds coming into the bay area. wind warning out. for a big swath and big cities, las vegas, flagstaff, phoenix and salt lake city and getting into back into the wet season for portland and seattle after a dry teaser. two to three inches in high elevations and severe weather across east texas.
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>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. temperatures are tumble today. for more heat. it will be breezy. today and tomorrow. showers possible on saturday and cooler-than-average temperatures for everyone. mid-60s around the bay and 70s inland and only antioch and fairfield holding on to 80s. tonight, it will be in the mid-40s to low 50s. cooler than this morning. my seven-day outlook shows the best chance wet weather is
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let's get an undate on the morning commute with sue hall. >> good morning. it's on 580 westbound road. we will will check on that in a few minutes. we have an accident on west jor jose. back with the accident in
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welcome back to "gma." you are looking at egypt's airport in cairo. that's where a passenger plane was supposed to land this morning. it went missing over the mediterranean sea. three hours and 40 minutes into its flight. officials are saying it could be a terror attack. families gathering at the airport looking for answers. >> we will get an update on all that in just a moment. also right now donald trump escalating that war of words with the clintons bringing up the former president's history with women and accusing him of rape. we'll have the latest on that in a moment. >> we'll get to that. but first the latest on that missing egyptair flight, abc's alex marquardt is live at paris' charles de gaulle airport with breaking new information. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. egyptian authorities are saying the possibilities of terrorism is higher than a technical malfunction.
7:31 am
no one has said that this plane crash. a short time ago the french president hollande confirmed the plane was damaged and lost. meanwhile greek officials are saying debris has been spotted in their waters. not clear whether it's related to this plane. greek officials also telling abc news that the plane made two dramatic turns and dropped p precipitously before it fell off the radar. they sent a plane to the air joining assets from egypt, greece and great britain. the families of the 66 people who were on that plane including 15 french citizens are waiting for any news of their loved ones. >> robin and george. >> thank you. we go back to abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross with the investigation. what are you continuing to hear brian. >> good morning. the information we have at this point is the working theory is that somehow a bomb was smuggled
7:32 am
on to the plane in paris. authorities say there have been warnings about laptop computers used to hide bombs. several examples in somalia. officials are concerned about back of the airport workers being involved. last december dozens ofir art workers at french airports lost their security clearances after it was determined they had been online sympathizers of isis. several working theories. that's the assumption right now. authorities are beginning to screen statapes of what happene just before the plane took off. >> looking at the tapes. thank you. >> let's get more from steven ganyard. a little more information on that greek ministries information now saying it was a 90 degree turn followed by a 360 degree maneuver. in the past some of what was said turned out not to be true.
7:33 am
assuming it is true, what would that tell you? >> boy, that would only deepen the mystery george. doesn't make any sense. an airline pilot would not arbitrarily make turns. the greeks may be basing that on their radar. at the edge of their coverage. we have solid gps data that doesn't suggest any turn like that a normal flight up until the moment it disappeared. >> suggests a sudden explosion if it was terrorism. >> it does. it does and so what they're going to do now, look for the wreckage. we have a good idea the heading the aircraft was going. then after they do they they're going to recover the wreckage and get to the bottom of the mediterrane mediterranean, find the wreckage and look for evidence of bomb. >> then you get to the possibility of a bomb right there. we know paris and france has been under a state of emergency for several months.
7:34 am
tight as possible security you would imagine. how could someone possibly smuggle a bomb on board? >> it's probably something thrown in the cargo hold. it doesn't get the same screening as people going through metal detecters and x-ray machines that would find a bomb. in this case as we saw in this case it was an inside job where somebody threw a bomb in the cargo hold when nobody was looking and that's what brought down the plane. they're going to look on the cargo side rather than somebody sneaking through the passenger screening process. >> we will stay on top of the story. >> now donald trump escalating the war of words as a poll shows trump edging out hillary clinton in a tight race. abc's tom llamas has the latest. good morning tom. >> reporter: good morning to you. donald trump tweeting about the apparent plane crash this
7:35 am
morning but the big political story right now, what donald trump said last night about bill clinton and the clinton campaign saying this is a classic trump move. say something outrageous to detract from the issues. overnight while defending his record with women, donald trump launching his most severe attack yet against hillary clinton and her husband. >> how do you compare that against clinton, okay. what clinton has done? >> reporter: during an interview with sean hahnty from fox news. trump suggests president bill clinton raped a women after hannity names women who brought allegations against the former president. >> are they going to interview juanita broaddrick, paula jones and kathleen willey and one case it's about exposure, in another case it's about groping and fondling and touching against a woman's will. >> and rape. >> and rape. should that -- >> big settlements. massive settlements. >> reporter: trump not done there. >> lost his law license, okay. couldn't practice law and you don't read about this on
7:36 am
clinton. >> reporter: the clinton campaign firing back suggesting trump was attacking because he felt, quote, wounded saying after a week of still refusing to release his taxes and likening oakland and ferguson to the dangers in iraq, of course, he wants to change the subject. and the democrats dealing with their own created drama as bernie sanders stands his ground against critics who say he did not go far enough to denounce scenes like this. chaos in nevada. his supporters angry over delegate counts at a state convention. >> violence is absolutely unacceptable, harassing individuals is unacceptable. >> reporter: now we mentioned earlier that donald trump has tweeted about the breaking news we've been following throughout the broadcast, that plane crash, trump tweeting looks like yet another terrorist attack. airplane departed from paris, when will we get tough, smart and vigilant? great hate and violence. back to you, guys.
7:37 am
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we're back now with new details on the death of that baby bison at yellowstone national park. it has sparked so much outrage. park officials are now explaining why they had to euthanize the bison after tourists put it in their van. abc's neal karlinsky has the story. good morning, neal. >> reporter: lara, good morning. a lot of strong feelings about this one. once again people getting too close to wildlife. this time with tragic results. this morning new video reveals the story behind the baby yellowstone bison captured in this controversial photo put in the back of a visitor's suv. this video taken by a different
7:42 am
visitor shows the little calf earlier struggling to make it across a river and keep up. >> come on, baby. get your strength. >> reporter: later it approaches the visitors in distress trembling and sticking close to a car. >> go, little buffalo. >> it was really horrific to see that little calf laying in the road. >> reporter: it is believed to be the same calf that another visitor packed into his suv and took to a field office for help. we now know the result, the young bison was rejected by its herd and had to be euthanized. the man in trouble for trying to help the little calf has been identified as shamash kassam and was issued this for disturbing wildlife and told a wildlife officer he feared it would be roadkill and that it was staying close to his engine for warmth but the picture and resulting tragedy exploded on social media. even an online petition, justice for baby bison.
7:43 am
yellowstone's own facebook page has 14,000 comments and counting. people outraged the bison was put down. park officials responding that they don't have the facilities to quarantine a young animal and check for disease or to care for a bison that can't fend for itself. it's illegal to interact with wildlife at yellowstone but that hasn't stopped visitors. some seriously injured in just the last year getting too close to take selfies of all things. natalie kinsel who took the video of the baby calf said people shouldn't judge the man who put the calf in his suv too harshly. >> they did the wrong thing. it was out of the goodness of their heart. >> reporter: the man would took the calf knows what he did was wrong. he wouldn't do it again but if there was another occasion, he would call wildlife officers for help. lara. >> yep. learn from that. >> just wish something could have been done. wish he could have been brought
7:44 am
somewhere, reintroduced into the wild. it's a shame. all right, neal, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," robin wright's fight for equal pay. how the "house of cards" actress is changing the game for all women. >> and the adam sandler doppelganger that has so many people talking. look at this. how the actor made his day. come on back. sfx: streeeeeetch...thwang! sfx: smack! flock together, and let the fun fly! because angry birds are coming to mcdonald's. how ya doin'? isn't that cool? now you can order, scan and unlock in game rewards based on "the angry birds movie," rated pg only in theaters. ugh! the door, why didn't we think of that?
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all right. we're back now with adam sandler and his amazing look-alike that lara brought us first in "pop news." >> yes. >> finally meeting on the red carpet these two and incredibly this man max kessler has the same name as the character sandler plays in his new movie so naturally the two just had to meet. meet max kessler who just may be the doppelganger of the century. >> you're going to die, clown. >> reporter: for as long as the 23-year-old can remember, people have told him he looks just like adam sandler. >> i have a belly button. >> you have a belly button. we all have belly buttons. >> reporter: sandler and his younger twin have more in common than looks. the star of "the do-over" just so happens to have the same name.
7:49 am
>> enter max kessler. >> i watched the preview, at first i was cracking up then i was like this is pretty freaky and then i was like this has to be fake. >> reporter: kessler's friend posting about the two. their picture going viral viewed more than 7 million times. >> score. >> reporter: before long the famous comedian catching wind challenging kessler to a funny face-off. >> he said can you do this, max with a funny face and i responded with a funny face. >> sandler so impressed he extended a red carpet invitation to him for the premiere of the movie. >> he is a younger better looking version of me. >> when i shook his hand, greeted him he was just as i expected. very down to earth. funny. >> kindred spirits united by a strange fluke. >> we do everything together now. >> we're besties. >> especially they looked alike. >> 23-year-old that looks like him. >> one more person calls me halle berry. >> i know.
7:50 am
>> if one more person thinks i'm halley, i know what you're doing, adam. >> it gets frustrating. >> you carry so many burdens. >> i know. i know. i do carry so many burdens. the latest breaking news on that missing plane and tory johnson is here with summer "deals & steals," everything is half off. >> yay. introducing the completely redesigned mercedes-benz c-coupe, with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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good morning. i am that with the barks c morning news. police need your help finding a man. he is ayou kuzed of attacking his a15-year-old girlfriend at a parent's home in stock ton. police believe that they're head it had o the san jose area. mike nicco is checking the forecast. hi mike. >> hi everybody. temperatures is 61 and it's going to be breezy. 60s and 70s in most neighborhoods and get ready for scattered showers. busy as you might expect on this thursday morning. we have an accident reported and cu on the peninsula. this is north bound 101 and just a solid jam backing up into the
7:57 am
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. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and breaking news overnight, a passenger plane vanishes from radar over the mediterranean sea. egyptair 804 disappearing more than three hours into the flight. did it crash? was it a bomb? a frantic search and rescue at this hour and big questions for security here at home this morning. also this morning, the real-life fight over equal pay. "house of cards" first lady robin wright demanding to be paid the same as co-star kevin spacey. the three things she did every woman can learn from, tory johnson breaks it down. ♪ what's old is new again. >> derek. >> derek. right, meredith. >> and healthier than ever. "grey's anatomy" with a major resurgence. >> go deeper. >> grey. >> as more and more viewers discover the show, why so many
8:01 am
are flocking into the er to join meredith, bailey, alex and more. >> go do your job. >> we're taking you inside the "grey's" phenomenal before the blockbuster finale. ♪ when you've been fighting for it ♪ all that and look who is here live, bryan cranston and anthony mackie as we say -- >> both: good morning, america. ♪ looking forward to talking to them both, aren't you, george? good morning, america. happy friday eve here in times square. a few miles away jesse palmer is celebrating national bike to work week. look at that. he's with a whole bunch of bikers and they're headed our way. he has the suit and tie ready for work. >> he's getting his early morning workout. all dressed up. left his house early and made his way through hudson river park heading towards times square square. >> nice ride. >> it sure is. >> what's going on.
8:02 am
♪ i want to ride my bicycle. i want to ride my bike ♪ i love ride to work week. as you can see i've got my army behind me and we are pedaling at tour de france speed, my minions and we are straining to get to you guys. >> i love that shot. >> glad he's got his helmet on biking in the city. >> your mom hat on. >> exactly. >> and, robin, i know you are in "people" magazine in this latest edition in a unique way talking about it because it is a special body's edition. >> not a drop of photoshop. that's what it's called because everyone has been talking about it and a lot have been talking about it. meghan trainor and so "people" magazine decided to do something where nothing is -- you can wear makeup but no photoshopping. >> you smiled because i was saying maybe you should do this. keep your face like this.
8:03 am
you wouldn't have any wrinkles. >> not a drop. i like your little tips there. >> not a good tip. >> it's thursday. we have a big "deals & steals" and lara, another way we're saving. >> always trying to save money for you, george. this time we're kicking off a series called "biggest waste of money" and becky worley is here to help you and your family save thousands, guys, on grocery, that's how much the average household wastes each year but no more if "gma" has any say in it. becky is on the case. >> yeah, i'm with you there. now we go to amy with the morning rundown and latest on that egyptair passenger plane. >> that's right. reports that a search plane has located debris in the mediterranean sea but we do not know whether it is from the flight 804. the flight had 66 people on board when it vanished off radar after entering egyptian air space. authorities say it appears more
8:04 am
likely the crash is terrorism related. meanwhile security officials are looking closely at the passenger list and surveillance video from the airport in paris. abc's alex marquardt is there with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this is terminal 1 at charles de gaulle airport where that flight took off late last night. the immediate fear is that this incident could be terror related. of course, this city no stranger to terrorism. just a short time ago french president francois hollande made a statement in which he confirmed that this plane was damaged and lost. the working assumption is that this plane crashed somewhere in the mediterranean. there is a sea and air search for it using assets from egypt, france and greece just a short time ago the greek defense ministry telling abc news that the plane made two dramatic turns before contact was lost just inside egyptian airspace. on board there were 66 soul, most of them egyptian and french, here the french families being taken care of by the government at an airport hotel just nearby.
8:05 am
the families of all of those on board desperately waiting for any news of their loved ones. amy. with authorities concerned that a bomb may have somehow been smuggled on to the plane airports in the u.s. are on alert. it comes while anger over long tsa security lines is reaching a boiling point with some people waiting longer than three hours missing their flights. american airlines now says it will spend $4 million on contractors to help manage checkpoint lines at major airports. some lawmakers want the head of the tsa to be fired if the staffing crisis is not resolved by memorial day. in the race for the white house donald trump has launched his most explosive attack yet against former president bill clinton reviving an old rape allegation. the names of clinton's accusers came up during a fox news interview as trump defended his own record with women. trump referred to the accusations by a woman who came forward back in 1999 claiming clinton had raped her two decades earlier when he was running for governor of arkansas. overnight hillary clinton's
8:06 am
campaign suggested trump is just trying to distract voters. trump has said bill clinton is fair game in a likely matchup with his wife and a new poll shows trump ahead of hillary clinton by three points which is within the margin of error. well, there is some encouraging news in the battle against the most deadly forms of skin cancer, melanoma. researchers say a new kind of drug that targets the immune system has dramatically improved life expectancy for those suffering from advanced melanoma. extending life by as many as three years for patients. keytruda is the same drug that was used to treat former president jimmy carter when cancer spread to his brain. new video of sicily's mt. etna spewing smoke into the air. it lasted for more than a day but so far it has not affected air traffic in the region. finally, we show you a new world record. it's the world's longest pizza.
8:07 am
it stretches for about a mile along the waterfront in naples, 100 chefs spent hours kneading 4500 pounds of dough then layering tons of mozzarella with lots of fresh tomatoes and basil and put it into some portable wood fired ovens and has a monster margherita ready to mangiare. >> conveyer belt. >> i don't now how but i'd like to try it. lara with the "morning menu." here's what's coming up on our "morning menu." robin wright's push for equal pay. what all women can learn from the "house of cards" actress about what you are worth. what you deserve. jesse is celebrating national bike week biking to work pedaling his way to times square looking good and wearing the helmet. and bryan cranston, anthony mackie, both here live on "gma" in times square. great to see you. hi, anthony. hello, america. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
8:08 am
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welcome back to "gma." working up a sweat yet, jesse? pedaling into times square in his suit and tie, a little army behind him, as well and we'll see him in just a minute. >> dancing? >> a little bit, yeah. >> we know he's singing. we heard that, yes, but let's get right to the battle over equal pay. a new twist this morning from the first lady on "house of cards." robin wright arguing she should be paid the same as co-star kevin spacey. "20/20" anchor elizabeth vargas has more. >> robin wright is not just arguing she should be paid as much as her male co-star, she threatened to go public if she
8:13 am
wasn't and she's just the latest highly paid high-profile actress calling attention to an issue plaguing many working women in the country, the failure to earn equal pay for equal work. beneath claire underwood's icy stare and perfectly polished exterior -- >> i'm done trying to win over people's hearts. >> reporter: -- is a ruthless politician who stops at nothing to get what she wants. >> i am looking out for myself just like you are. >> reporter: now offscreen robin wright is doing just that, putting on her best poker face during contract negotiations with netflix demanding to be paid the same as her co-star kevin spacey. >> i was like, i want to be paid the same as kevin. >> reporter: wright speaking out at a rockefeller foundation and huffington post event tuesday night describing her shrewd negotiating tactic with the show's producers. >> i was looking at statistics and claire underwood's character was more popular than his and i was like you better pay me or i'm going to go public.
8:14 am
and they did. >> reporter: despite her reported $5.5 million salary, wright is now adding to the ongoing conversation both in and out of hollywood about gender pay gaps. >> it's a male dominant workplace society. it just -- it always has been. >> it started a year and half ago at the oscars when patricia arquette demanded equal pay for equal work and talking about their salaries with each other. >> i'll do whatever it takes too but i will not let this go. >> reporter: netflix declined to comment on the matter but wright says it is a pandemic that needs to be changed. >> it's the push. it's how gentle and how forceful is that push but it has to be unacceptable at this stage. >> with elizabeth, tory johnson is our workplace contributor. going to have more on this discussion. i know you've done a lot on "20/20"? right. >> the outside people will say she's well compensated. she's a hollywood actress. who cares. >> exactly. >> right is right.
8:15 am
>> on its face we shouldn't care what richly paid hollywood actresses are paid however these women are very famous, honored at being at the top of their field and if they aren't getting paid equally to their co-stars, it says something about the value of a woman's work and in this country right now 40% of american families have a woman as the primary or sole breadwinner. a huge issue for all working women not just the rich actresses. >> wonderful they know they have a platform and so they can speak for others, so, tory, what did robin wright do here that we should follow and could possibly use. >> i think there are three very specific -- calling them wright rules. the first is she did her research. so she discovered that and knew, quite frankly that her female role was equivalent to the male counterpart in terms of the importance to the story line. she knew often at times that her character's popularity eclipsed that of her male counterpart so when you are armed with those kind of facts that goes way
8:16 am
beyond like i am woman pay me more. that just doesn't work. we have to understand why should we be paid more? what is it about our position and the value we bring to it? so you do your research. the next she did right is she used her voice and so often this is the hardest thing to do because we don't all have the confidence of a claire underwood so very often we hope, we pray that somebody will notice but hope is not a strategy when it comes to salary negotiation. we have to be willing to speak up and so if you are willing to speak up and ask for what you are worth there is a greater chance in getting it because we can't leave it up to employers to sort of correct pay disparities on their own. it often doesn't happen especially with smaller companies, we have to speak up and then the third thing she did where this is not necessarily a wright rule but it's what she did which was to make a threat and for most of us the threat of going public would fall on deaf ears. that wouldn't work so sometimes people say, you know, i'm going to leave if i don't get this raise. you have to be willing to carry that out. but if you speak up and the
8:17 am
answer is no is it no not ever, should i recognize that this company will never pay me more or is it no not now and can i establish with my employer under what conditions would it take to make more money. >> there's different times that you speak up but especially when you enter the workforce because if you start at a lower pay scale than your male counterpart over your career you're going to be so much more behind. >> that gets to a little bit of what tory was saying about doing your homework. i did a profile on lilly ledbetter before the equal pay act was named after her. part of her issue where she was chronically underpaid was she didn't know. she was afraid to ask. and that's a problem right now. we consider it vulgar or in bad taste right now to talk about salaries unless you're donald trump boasting about what you're worth. for the most part people don't talk about it. so many women are too embarrassed to ask their male colleagues what are you earning that's considered in poor taste? somehow we have to get around that because unfortunately, we've seen through the history companies and male colleagues
8:18 am
are using that ignorance of the salary wages around you to our disadvantage. >> we have to get past this, tory. >> absolutely. >> we think like nice girls don't talk about money. smart girls do and we have far too many bills and responsibilities and our own self-value and worth to not speak up. >> by the way, the wage gap, women lose on average in this country, $500 billion a year because they're underpaid. >> as you said, many of them are the main breadwinners for their families, 40%. okay, great discussion you two, thanks so much. lara. thank you so much. we'll turn now to a big phenomenon across tv. what's old is new again and better than ever. all kinds of the beloved shows from back in the day like "full house," "macgyver" has been rebooted and one of our favorites stands out for gaining new fans who are binge-watching old episodes. the "grey's anatomy" phenomenon. >> derek. >> derek. right, meredith. >> reporter: 12 blockbuster seasons.
8:19 am
>> we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. >> reporter: "grey's anatomy" still one of the hottest shows in prime time. >> i want to be married to you. >> has a huge ensemble of characters. viewers love these characters but also want to see if they're going to live. if they're going to die and who they will hook up with. >> go do your damn job. >> reporter: an unusual resurgence for such a long running series from the younger generation of fans who are binging on more than 200 older episodes on netflix and hulu to catch up on the story lines. more than 200,000 viewings a month watching just the pilot of "grey's." >> everything has changed. >> and so many of those new fans can't wait to see what happens to old favorites on tonight's season finale. >> big questions about the guy meredith is now with and who is getting married. and who's behind that door? >> where is she? >> oh, thank god. >> if they don't want to be here then, they shouldn't be. >> reporter: the stars weighing
8:20 am
in already with us. >> i just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the fans, it's my first season as a regular and it's been a tough season for ben. >> you are in for major surprises. thanks for having us, "gma." >> first question, joining me now is kate coyne from "people" magazine. what do you make of this rebooting, "macgyver" and "full house" and this love for, you know, "grey's anatomy" to the point where we're going back and watching old episodes? >> yeah, i think we have streaming to thank for that. i think it's thanks to the netflixs and hulus and on demand services of the world now, there's no excuse for like, well, i won't be able to. catch up or i won't know what happened. you can go back. you can go back, you can even actually cherry pick if you want to get caught up. just five or six episodes here or there that you know are pivotal moments and you'll be all caught up. >> are we caught up in nostalgia where we're trying to re-create these old shows from the '70s?
8:21 am
were they that good the first time around. >> i don't know if they were that good. "black-ish" did a tribute to "good times." >> it was hilarious. >> "good times" was a very, very good show. i don't know if it was the greatest show ever but just shows that there's nothing that you can't go back to now. there is nothing at all. >> back in those days we only had the three choices of network so we all watched those -- >> the three choices and those like -- that one time slot a week where if you weren't in front of your television set at 8:00 p.m. on a thursday you weren't seeing that episode. you missed it. >> so let's talk specifically about "grey's anatomy." this is a show that in past years has been on a bubble and now is the number one drama on thursday nights. >> yeah. >> so what is it about this show. >> i think one thing that paid off big time for them and it was a huge risk was killing off patrick dempsey's character. i know a lot of people thought, okay, that's the end of "grey's anatomy." but what it did instead it sort of rebooted the whole show and one of the smartest things they did was his character died not
8:22 am
as the season finale. still one or two episodes after it so you tuned in to see what happened and you were sucked back in again and now the show has sort of creatively restarted everything. there are new characters on the canvas, new characters in meredith's orbit. >> it could have gone an entirely different way. >> could have gone a whole other way. >> those who thought patrick dempsey with his death so dies the show. >> absolutely. and -- >> in fact, quite the opposite. >> i think what it showed was that the grey of "grey's anatomy," meredith grey is the central figure and has been all along. that's what shonda rhimes felt. this is about her journey and she's proved it this past season. >> love it. kate coyne, always great to have you. check out "people" magazine, the new issue on newsstands tomorrow and "grey's anatomy" season finale airs tonight at 8:007:00 central and word has it it's really good. outside to rob. >> great crowd out here. we have a birthday girl out here. what's your name? >> alyssa. >> happy birthday turning 21 -- how are you celebrating.
8:23 am
>> a nice dinner and show. >> a glass of wine perhaps. >> hopefully. >> it's legal now. from san antonio, this is what's going on down across texas. flash flood watches and warnings happening. more rain there and that will be moving up towards the mid-atlantic as we get closer to the weekend. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. temperatures are tumble today. for more heat. it will be breezy. today and tomorrow. showers possible on saturday and cooler-than-average temperatures for everyone. mid-60s around the bay and 70s inland and only antioch and fairfield holding on to 80s. tonight, it will be in the mid-40s to low 50s. cooler than this morning. my seven-day outlook shows the best chance wet weather is >> we've got packers fans, seahawks fans. go, hawks. i thought you were reading a book. that's a camera. lara, back inside to you. >> thank you, rob.
8:24 am
appreciate that. "pop news" time. we begin with this guy. i love this song. nick jonas. you will love this story if you're feeling jealous of your kids watching "sesame street" why would you? i don't know. we were late. blame it on nick jonas. the singer will appear on the hbo kids show this saturday where he performs a new song called "check that shape" with cookie monster, the count and bert. here's a little preview. ♪ it's the shape that is so fine ♪ ♪ ooh check that shape ♪ yeah the shape drives me out of my mind ♪ ♪ check that shape >> nice. the kids will never know they're learning. if you're thinking jonas makes "sesame street" swoonworthy, you're not alone. twitter has gone crazy for the chain singer and this serenade of the sexy pentagon, some even calling it the song of summer. >> i actually really like that song. >> i know. it's going to raise the demo.
8:25 am
>> absolutely, absolutely. also in "pop news," miss new mexico 1948 is 90 years old and finally getting her crown and sash. nearly 70 years after her big win. betha young was a college student when she entered the pageant. at the urging of her sorority sisters and unfortunately never received her prize. >> why? >> she went on and won because of the effects of world war ii because of depression, they just didn't have all of the bells and whistles, if you will, but she was, in fact -- she had the title. now you see she has all the bells and whistles and miss america organization on saturday gave her all she needed. 2016 miss america presented her with her very own crown and sash and she -- >> she looks fantastic. >> yes. >> wearing it well, betha. love that. and then finally if your morning is off to a rough start, how do you think these
8:26 am
zookeepers -- having a stuff time. their job is simply to fill the basket with leaves. they're just trying to clean up the pen and these two little gremlins will not let them do their job. >> oh. >> oh, my gosh. >> there is a stalking situation. not to fear, though, all they want to do is get in that basket. just watch and enjoy. they are naughty, naughty little boys. >> wait, that's one in the basket. >> yeah.
8:27 am
gooncht good morning. i am reggie aqui. the search continues for an amber alert. police say that he attacked his 15-year-old girlfriend in stock ton, forced her into a car and took off. we just found out minutes ago that the girl was found in stock ton and is okay. he however, is on the loose. he is described as 5 foot 10 and 150 pounds and no shirt and black pantds and shoes. if you spot him, call 911. a look at the problem spots. good morning everyone. we will go to the peninsula and we have an accident and northbound 101 and we have an accident there as well. we have an accident south bound 680 and that's in the middle
8:28 am
lane, and an accident on the free way before 280 and still jammed north and south bound i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
8:29 am
. good morning. temperatures up to 11 degrees cooler this morning. most of you in the 50s and here is a look and the main state forecast. 70 in land and we hit 100 temperature day and here is the accuweather forecast.
8:30 am
isolated shower tomorrow and scattered tomorrow. >> thank you mike. another update in 30 m ♪ welcome back to "gma" and a big welcome to jesse who just made it here pedaling and on his bike to celebrate national bike to work week. >> i was pedaling so fast. you saw me. my quads and calfs are burning. >> george, i don't know it's like -- i didn't steal it. i promise. it was given to me, i promise. >> world class athlete barely breaking a sweat. >> you can never look too far into safety. this is great exercise. it's good for the environment and our main responsible ter clif bar is celebrating ride your bike to work week partnering with people for bikes improving bike paths around the country. a pretty good cause. >> great cause. >> people can help by going out
8:31 am
tomorrow. >> super simple. take a picture of yourself riding your bike to work. you out that on twitter or instagram with the #ridewithclif and they will donate $1 for every photo they receive for people with bikes. very good cause and easy. >> that's why we have all the clif bars. >> i brought a snack for you guys. i bring gifts. >> thank you for riding. everybody can take that picture tomorrow and now inside to lara. all right, george, thank you. time to kick off our biggest waste of money series where we reveal the hidden ways you may be wasting cash and what you can do to get it back. this morning we're starting with your fridge. becky worley has more. >> we know we throw food away and waste a little bit here, a little there but what if we turn that wasted food into dollars and made the savings into a game show. ♪ the waste staggering. a quarter of fresh food thrown out, so how can we avoid that waste and save? first meat. me, i always buy fresh.
8:32 am
use a few, freeze a few. hold on there, becky. >> my savings jeanie, jeanie ahn -- >> fresh is not always best. you need to use it right away. >> reporter: buy frozen unless you're eating it that night. to illustrate the potential savings, a game show of sorts. a family of four. they buy frozen chicken instead of fresh, how much can they save. >> 0 dollars. >> $100. >> maybe $100. >> $200. >> you won my game show. it's $240 but it's close enough. you win $240 worth of frozen chicken. >> really? >> do you think it would be better if i gave you $240 in cash? >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: wait, what am i going to do with all this chicken? you win $240 worth of frozen chicken. >> wow. >> reporter: okay, let's talk
8:33 am
produce. i always buy organic. wait. becky, the environmental working group says they are 15% veggies you don't need to buy organic like grapefruit and managoes kep it out. fruit where you eat the skin better to go organic. >> the savings? >> 10% to 15%. >> i would say 10% to 20%. >> 50%. >> you're right, 47%. you win is $47 in pineapples. >> whoa. >> hold on. >> hold on. >> reporter: that's a $600 a year savings. now something that saves a little money and some time. >> the recipe calls for a quarter cup of celery. >> salad bar. head to the salad bar. >> salad bar. genius. and prechopped. sure enough the salad bar version only costs me 80 cent, less waste, more savings and you walk away a winner.
8:34 am
now, just so you know in that segment about food waste, no food was wasted. we're all struggling to eat healthier and that leads to so much waste. in fact, this is how much the average family throws out every year between 100 and $2200. >> that puts it in perspective. we want to play a game now that will really drive it home and hopefully win you all some cash. so here's how it goes. our audience will be represented by samantha from north carolina. samantha gets two out of three questions right she and the audience split the value of these shopping carts. >> whoa. >> the cash money value if you need a life line we have our shopping expert crazy coupon lady and named herself. joanie demer. question one. >> question one, what vegetable makes potatoes sprout and go bad so you shouldn't store it with your potatoes? is it "a," onion, "b," yams,
8:35 am
"c," radishes? >> ticktock, tick, tock. >> joanie, we need you. lifeline. >> all right. so onions actually produce moisture and gas which cause poe tate toys to go bad more quickly. so to prolong the life of your spuds and onions store them separately in a cool dry well ventilated area. i'd go with "a," onions. >> okay, there you have it. >> what do you say? >> let's do it. >> ding, ding, ding. all good, baby. one step closer to winning the contents. the value of them. >> all right. question number two, very quickly, which vegetable should you water, trim and tore in the fridge kind of like flowers. bean, snap peas, asparagus. >> oh, i know. >> i don't know. lifeline. >> we're going to use it again. >> we need you, joanie.
8:36 am
>> lifeline. all right, when i bring my asparagus home i trim the ends off because they dry out like flowers. i store them upright in a glass with just a couple inches of water so i'd go with asparagus is there that is correct. >> asparagus. >> all right. >> again. [ cheers and applause ] >> they get that money split all up. ladies, here's the money. >> whoo! >> who needs money? who needs money? >> whoo! >> you all have won how much money? >> $1490, 150 bucks each. [ cheers and applause ] >> everything in these carts is going to charity. >> all: yeah. >> we're all out here on the wrong spot. great to have you. we'll make it up to you.
8:37 am
pollen forecast. check it out. starting to get into the season where grass is more of an issue and seeing that down south. the rain knocking things down in texas at least for now and out west pollen report getting on the high side. the storm rolling up the coast. saturday gets close to new york but d.c. i think is a sure bet. the rainy streak continu >> ing, i am meteorologist mike nicco with temperatures up to 20 degrees cooler today and breezy this afternoon. 64 in san francisco, and 82 inland east bay neighbor. my seven-day forecast shows cooler the next two days with isolated to scattered showers f >> good-looking crowd, robin, back inside to you. >> all right there, rob. here now with inspirational speaker philanthropist, mother of five and nfl legend emmitt smith's better half, welcome my dear friend pat smith out with a brand-new book called "second chances" and, you know, i thought my introduction was good but a special introduction for
8:38 am
you. >> uh-oh. >> emmitt smith here. i want to say congratulations to my beautiful wife on her release of her new book "second chances." there are folks in this book that have experienced heartache and hardship like you and i have. go out and pick it up. read it. share it with others. congratulations. >> it's amazing. >> y'all are about surprises too. >> as my grandma would say he's a good man. and this book is beautiful. it's so great to see you, pat. i'm glad you've put this down. i've been with you, with your treasure you the way you want to empower people. you start this book talking about your marriage and divorce to actor martin lawrence. >> yes. >> and at the age of 25, leaving on your own with a 9-month-old. >> yeah, jasmine was 9 months ole and i just knew in that moment it was no longer healthy for any of us, you know, i packed one suitcase, first time
8:39 am
i really heard god's voice and didn't know i was leaving to actually divorce, i just thought this is the best thing for the moment. to me marriage was forever, right? >> came from a traditional family. >> wonderful family. until my mother passed away my parents were married for 30 year, grandparents, 60 years so when i left that night, it was terrible. i mean i was -- i felt ashamed. you know about it. i was hurt, i was scared. my family was 3,000 miles away so i really do connect with women who are stuck who are fearful and not sure of where they're going to go. >> you can understand that. >> absolutely. >> you share their stories in the book, as well. >> yes. >> you weren't looking for as you put it emmitt smith. >> oh, no. no, no, no. >> so how did that come about? >> actually you know what i was on vacation after my divorce and friends invited me to go, my sorority sisters to go on vacation to get away. i'm going to tell you, i believe
8:40 am
when you are struggling get help. i was seeing a therapist. >> good. >> and i remember candace saying, listen, right now you have a void so don't rush into a relationship, right? just take it easy. plus, during this time there was no social media, so it was all tabloids so i had seen, you know, this little girl on tabloids and i'm like i don't want any more high-profile men. give me a sweetheart from idaho somewhere, some guy that nobody knows, that's just kind and sweet and then, of course, i meet, you know, emmitt shirt. >> you didn't give him your number. you took his number. you're like, that's something else you learned about not giving your number out. you took his. >> which was hilarious because, you know, my therapist i promised her no numbers. i'm not giving anybody my number but had such a great time with him. i said, okay, but i'll take yours so he gave me his like pager, you know where -- pager mobile, home, office. >> it's wonderful that you talk so honestly about the ups and downs of your marriage and about
8:41 am
the need for forgiveness that you needed to do that but i want to get to -- we did ask people for their questions and one really good question that was asked and it says there is something holding me back from my past. what's the first step to letting go? >> you know what, you've got to forgive yourself. you have to forgive yourself and you have to forgive whatever that is that's hole you back. whether it's a person, a decision, something that happened to you. because you know what, there is so much power when you allow something to hold you in that place, but when you can let that go, it actually gives you the power to move forward because god has amazing things just waiting for us out there and we missed it because we're looking back and think we're doing them a favor when we're not. we're really hurting ourselves. for me it was like let me get rid of that and the first thing for me was to forgive myself first because i'm not perfect. to forgive whoever hurt me and then to keep moving and it doesn't just happen overnight.
8:42 am
it's something you have to do every single day until you get to that place. >> oh, gosh, i can sit here and talk to you forever and makes me think my sister just recently sent me. she said just because you don't see god a hand don't question his plan. sometimes you can't see the hand in it but you know just don't question the plan. >> yes. >> thank you, thank you, thank you, "second chances." your treasure you, your foundation and all you are doing. >> you're a big inspiration behind it. i mean when you came to dallas and did that event it really inirspooed "second chances" and people, you know, wrote me all these amazing stories and my life does represent second chances and hope for people, that you don't have to get stuck or stay in the past. there's so much in store. >> it's a privilege to be a messenger and you are a dear messenger. >> i love you. i love you so much. >> "second chances" available now. you heard what emmitt said. go out and get it, share. coming up, "deals & steals." come on back. "gma's" pollen report brought to you by the makers of
8:43 am
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time now for "deals & steals," tory is back and we have a "gma" watch party joining
8:46 am
us live from super fan morgan singer's home in league city, texas, and let's get started, tory. >> she has friends from louisiana there, i'm so excited for them. first up from sadie embossed tote. super lightweight. lined on the inside. snap closure, perfect comfy handle there. isn't it fabulous? >> you can put everything in here and it's lightweight. >> normally $58. today only slashed in half, 29 bucks. >> all right. fantastic deal. i love these. >> this is a phone case. it lights from the front when you take a selfie. here you guys, ready. here. there you go. our "gma" selfie. it's amazing. a variety of phone types so you have perfect lighting with every selfie. >> ladies. >> now you get the same. normally range from $50 to $60 today only slashed in half, so they are starting at $25. >> looking good in a selfie, priceless, right? >> exactly, priceless.
8:47 am
i love these. so this is called the paris bracelet. these are -- i put a little stack of them. they are adjustable, also a little stretchy and all handmade. it's with swarovski crystals all obviously made in paris adorable individually or stacked. water resistant too so if you wear them when exercising you won't have to worry. adorable. stretches on, adjustable. i love these. really fabulous find. normally depending on what you choose, $39 to $49 but all slashed in the half so starting at $19.50. >> fantastic. >> another with swarovski crystals from jimmy crystal, the birthstone ear buds. >> so cool. >> you get an adorable little box like this, 12 different options obviously for birthstones to choose from. an amazing deal gift box normally $30 slashed in half, 15 bucks and free shipping from jimmy crystal. >> it doesn't get better than that. >> ah but then we have these bags. huge assortment. becky worley, big thumbs up to the pineapple but then there's a
8:48 am
big assortment to brides to nautical, hundreds of options to choose from because it is a site wide discount just for "gma" viewers on all of the brand-new silhouettes. these all normally start the $23 today only for "gma" viewers slashed in half, $11.50. can't beat that. what is everyone in texas -- >> to everyone in texas gets to have each one of these deals, so i want to hear a big cheer from everyone in texas. they're excited. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
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intromercedes-benz c-coupe, redesigned with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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powerful movie called "all the way" a gripping look at lyndon johnson when he passed the civil rights act and stars bryan cranston as lbj, anthony mackie as martin luther king jr. take a look. >> we're going to declare a war on poverty. >> a war on poverty. >> that's right.
8:51 am
now, i got all kinds of federal programs in mind on health, education, literacy, job, you name it. we're going to change this country top to bottom. >> that sounds extraordinary. >> there you go. >> and we are joined now by bryan cranston and anthony mackie. welcome to both of you. it is such a great movie. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> bryan, you got to play lbj on broadway as well and he is such a rich character. you get the portrait of a man who sort of took everything he learned in a lifetime of politics for this moment. >> it seemed to be the right man for the right time for the right purpose. and yet he ascended to that office by the most tragic circumstances. and in order to accomplish what he was able to accomplish, the civil rights act of 1964 being the jewel in the crown. he had to go against the people who helped get him there, the dixiecrats of the south and change the dynamic of the south forever.
8:52 am
he had a lot at risk and he lost a lot. but he did the greater good. >> helped to change the country, anthony, i know you've been asked to play martin luther king jr. in the past but you didn't do it. what was it about this portrayal? >> for me this was the first time in a script i saw dr. king portrayed the way i knew him to be. you know, he was a very radical thinker and speaker and i never seen him portrayed as such a great politician. >> that's what i was going to key on here because i was struck by that, as well. he has the great scene after the democratic convention where he has to convince his people they have to sacrifice a little bit for the greater good, as well. >> right, and, you know, dr. king and lbj kind of had this innate ability to play both sides of the feel. they could go into, you know, one side of the aisle then go to the other side and meet in the middle somewhere because they were the great compromisers. and that's something we don't see today in our society, our politics at all. >> you don't see too much of that at all. great compromiser but also lbj
8:53 am
not above telling a few lies to get done what he needed to get done. >> you know, with his first run at office when he was 27 years old he lost because of dubious circumstances in voting and so the next time he ran which was a year later he made sure that wasn't going to happen again. so there was some less than aboveboard behavior, but he justified that because he was going to do some great good. >> he did and it must have been so much fun to play those characters. thank you, guys for coming in today. "all the way" premieres saturday on hbo. we'll be right back. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by cat's pride fresh and light ultimate care lightweight litter. look for the green jug. >> thanks for being with us, everyone, on this friday eve. >> friday eve. >> happy thursday. eve. >> friday eve. >> happy thursday. hd 8. . .
8:57 am
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now from abc7 news. it's 8:49 and let's go mike nicco for a check on the forecast. cold front rolling in the neighborhoods right now. we're ten degrees cooler than we were yesterday. the breeze is 25 to 35 and then after a hundred yesterday, 82 today and the rest of us in 60s and 70s. a scatter chance for saturday too. okay. we have an accident northbound 280 and that's just outside of the stream here. this is the 17880 from 101 up to highway 85. >> thank you sue. time now for live "live with kelly and michael." we will be back at 11:00 with the midday news.
9:00 am
we continue right now onhe app and we continue everyday >> it's "live with kelly." today from the movie "maggie's plan," julianne moore. and actress rose byrne is here. plus, "world news tonight" anchor david muir, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> now here are kelly ripa and david muir. [applause]


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