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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  May 19, 2016 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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>> that's our report. we appreciate your time. >> thank you for joining "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight earvin "magic" johnson. from the billboard music awards, ludacris and ciara. and music from ariana grande. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming.
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thank you everybody. well, that's very kind. i appreciate it. welcome. hey, this is kind of hard to fathom for those of us who live here. in california we're in one of the worst droughts in history, they say. they put heavy water restrictions in place. a lot of people put in cactus instead of hedges. they put rock garden instead of grass. they drain their pools and fill them with chocolate pudding. all this to comply with the temporary restrictions. the governor said he's going to make some of the restrictions permanent. some of the superheros on the street haven't showered in months. yesterday the state waterboard said the mandatory water restrictions are done. you can do everything but hose off your driveway now, which is a shame because that is the most fun thing to do, but now we could use all the water we want.
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we're like a fat guy who loses 30 pounds and celebrates with donuts. that means my toilet seat inserts featuring the governor are suddenly useless. i guess we can flush these now. and now if there's a guy looking for your window when you're showering, he's a good old fashioned pervert. these are the kinds of mixed messages i won't tolerate when i'm vice president. may i have my podium, please? there it is. thank you. snoits ♪ . >> as you know, by now, i'm running for the vice president of the united states. i do not have a running mate. i don't need a running mate. when i am vice president, i'll be working not for me but for you. there is no i in jimmy kimmel. [ laughter ] >> there's no me in jimmy kimmel. there is. you know what i mean.
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i'm a real nice guy, and i'm going to be good at this. i know how politics work. i've watched all the shows and movies about them and i have tons of experience not telling the truth. i've been lying to my guests about liking their movies for years an years, so i will hope that you will support me, and now i know there are some who say i don't have what it takes to do the job of vice president, i'm not qualified, and to those people, i give you this. >> it is my honor to introduce, vice president joe biden. [ applause ] >> my name is joe biden, and i love ice cream. >> jimmy: i can do that. i love ice cream. [ applause ] >> jimmy: and i'll tell you another thing. when i am vice president, a big part of my focus will be on jobs. not only will i create jobs. i will improve the jobs that we
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already have. for instance, nurses, health care practitioners, i went online and asked people to tell me what they don't like about their jobs in the health care profession. i told them they could disguise themselves, whatever they had to do to speak openly and freely. we got a lot of responses. this is what nurses hate about nursing. ♪ >> one thing i hate about nursing -- scrubs. they're not winter month friendly. >> what i hate about being a nurse is feeding a patient dinner and then seeing exactly what they ate a couple hours later in a different form. >> the thing i hate most about my job about being a nurse practitioner is coming home and hearing about my brother's bowl movements. >> when the family comes in and changes the tv station. >> they don't take their diet seriously of their medications. they come in and wonder why they're still having problems. >> patients think the emergency room is a narcotics dispensary.
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>> i hate when i stand somebody up off the toilet using my hands and realize they've been digging in their own ass. >> digital fecal dispax. >> popp volcano. >> when your patient asks you to lotion his balls while his wife sits in the seat next to him, not my favorite. >> i did that one time, and it was -- so there you go. thank you, nurses. i'm glad i could help bring these concerns to light. the next profession i want to hear from is waiters. say it in ten seconds. post it to youtube with the hash tag "what i hate". let's share what it's like to be a waiter. guillermo, you were a waiter. >> guillermo: yes.
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>> jimmy: what was the worst thing? >> guillermo: people complain too much and not enough tips. [ applause ] >> jimmy: take the podium away. i don't need it anymore. donald trump had a busy night tonight. he hosted a fund raising dinner for chris christie. trump loves money and christie loves dinner. here's how he hosted this event. >> when companies are leaving the country and going to mexico. i'm not eating oreos anymore. neither is chris. don't feel bad for either of us. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: but especially you. yesterday trump did something prematurely presidential. he revealed which judges he would consider putting on the scream court. this is a graphic from cnn. this is all 11 of the potential picks. a very white group.
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it looks like the vip will call section at an eagles concert. one of the picks, after trump named him, they went back through the guy's account, found out he has a history of bashing donald trump on twitter. the texas supreme court justice. we'll rebuild the des star, it will be amazing. the rebels will pay for it. dark trump. can't wait until trump rips off his face mission impossible style and reveals a laughing ruth bader ginsburg. low energy trump university has never made it to march madness. he kept going. donald trump haiku, who would the donald name to skoet us? the mind reels weeps. i'm guessing donald trump will rethink the pick. shouldn't being on twitter disqualify you?
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we should nominate kim kardashian if that's the case. bernie sanders is showing no signs of giving in to hillary clinton. she leads him by a lot in the delegate count. he wants to debate her in california. i have to believe that hillary at this point is thinking to herself, when is this old man going to die already? thanks for nothing, right? we have a very good show for you tonight. the great magic johnson is here. and did you know -- i found this out his full legal name is magician johnson. also here, arianna grande, and ludacris, and music from arianna grande. a new album tomorrow for her. and she's starring in a new movie, it's a horror movie.
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it's based on all of things, snap chat. [ laughter ] >> this is amazing. >>. >> what began as a game -- >> wait. this one isn't quite right. >> look how cute. >> became -- >> i love being a dog. >> a nightmare. >> i'm so cute. >> yeah, you're, like, really cute. >> thank you. arianna. arianna? stop. stop. >> oh, god. >> no. no, no, no. [ screaming ]
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>> dog face filter. because some snaps are forever. ♪ >> jimmy: movie will be out in ten seconds. this is a politician's nightmare. we've seen a lot of embarrassing moments captured on social media over the last ten years. this one might be a first. >> mike web running for congress. this google search to try to prove he received a prank call about a job offer. he didn't know the tabs for porn sites were still open when he took the screen shots. he said the tabs were open for research purposes. >> jimmy: doing some very hands on research. i have so many questions about this. so we tracked him down, and when we come back, you can see on our big screen, that is mike webb. he is going to explain his
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>> jimmy: tonight on the show, music from ariana grande. chris "ludacris" bridges and will be here. mike webb made headlines with this post to his facebook page. his intention was to highlight an attack by an opponent. he also left a number of tabs open if you look closely,
11:51 pm
including this one. i don't know what that stands for, and this one. mike claims he was doing this for research. what kind of research, i don't know. this is like the kind of thing you tell your mom when you're 12. rather than jumping to conclusions, i thought it would be best to hear the story from mike. we invited him on the show, own shockingly he said yes. joining us now on the big screen, the wall of america, say hello to mike webb. hi, mike. thanks for joining us. >> hi. thank you so much. >> jimmy: i once you're joining us from our local abc affiliate in washington d.c. buecause you internet connection isn't so good. >> that's correct. >> jimmy: does that have anything to do with why you accidentally posted these worn sites? >> no. it just made it harder to watch the video. [ laughter ]
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>> jimmy: mike, could i see your hands? will you hold up your hands during this interview. all right. so i've read several different accounts of explanations of what happened. why -- what happened? why did you post those porn tabs on your facebook page? >> yeah. actually, i would like to say politicians like to look into different positions, but that would not be the case. [ laughter ] >> the thing was we had on a separate incident received a cyber attack, and many of the commenters online had indicated it had to come from a porn site, and i'm a preacher's kid. i have no idea how that could possibly happen, so i was kind of curious to find out how this could come together, and i just thought by doing the kind of step by step process that someone would have gone at to come at that, i don't see how that could have come to someone's mind. >> jimmy: let me ask about that
11:53 pm
process. what words did you type into your search engine exactly? >> well, actually, i found it -- there was a dating site that had a link to one of these other sites. >> jimmy: were you on that dating site looking for dates? >> well, i actually have an account. i'm a single guy. i'm on a dating site, but i haven't gotten my dates yet. >> jimmy: all right. that explains the porn sites, i guess. so you did go on the sites intentionally, but you're saying you're not looking at them -- you're looking at them for business, not pleasure? is that a proper way of putting it? >> no. more, i just trying to find out how we might have gotten infected -- trying to reverse engineer the theory that was coming at us on social media and other ways in terms of how we might have gotten the virus from
11:54 pm
a porn site. >> jimmy: isn't this like looking into a gun to see how you got shot? i mean, really. >> it seems that way. >> jimmy: were you embarrassed? how did you find out that this -- you accidentally posted that? >> well, actually, it wasn't accidental. i left the screen shot there because we really weren't doing anything wrong, and so i just put the screen shot up, and you really had to blow up the words to actually see what it was, and we figured nobody is going to look that closely at that to look at it anyway, so it won't be an issue, but about two hours later i looked at my facebook account and we had about 45 people that had messages. so it went viral. 3,000 people had seen it in the first two hours. >> jimmy: mike, what's your favorite kind of porn to not watch? [ laughter ] >> i've only got two videos to
11:55 pm
choose from. >> jimmy: i still don't understand. had you ever been on one of these porn sites? >> i haven't. >> jimmy: you have never been on one. how would you get a virus from a porn site if you'd never been on one? why would you even investigate that angle? you understand? >> well, because basically, it's kind of like when you go to court. you want to know what the opposition is thinking. you want to try to replay their scenario. we were basically replaying what was coming at us. >> jimmy: and did you have your pants off while you were replaying? [ laughter ] >> my pants were on. it certainly looks like i got caught with my pants off. >> jimmy: have you found that anyone believes this story? >> yes. in fact, you'd be surprised. >> jimmy: yes, i would. >> in terms of the -- >> jimmy: i would. >> the outward posts we got, the
11:56 pm
comments, over 100, in the first few hours, those were all negative. we were getting a lot of inboxes letting us know they believed our story, and also we were getting a lot of page likes saying that we were -- >> jimmy: i bet you would get a lot of page likes for this. this is a pretty funny thing, and i lot of those people who believed the story told the same story to their wives when they walked in on them. >> probably. probably. i can't be held accountable for that. >> jimmy: i feel like you would be a good running mate for donald trump. has that crossed your mind at all? >> well, right now running as an independent. if we get an offer, i would certainly be open to it. i would consider it, sure. >> jimmy: okay, great. >> but i don't want -- i don't want to steal your thunder. i think you'd make a great vice president. >> jimmy: thank you, mike. give him a hand. thank you, mike webb. we have a good show tonight.
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>> jimmy: tonight, the co-hosts of the billboard music awards, which can be seen sunday night on abc, chris "ludacris" bridges and ciara. then , her new album comes out tomorrow. it's called "dangerous woman," ariana grande from the samsung outdoor stage. tomorrow night, bryan cranston will be here, aneeka noni rose will be here, and we'll have music from joanna newsom. we have something very special with bryan cranston tomorrow. very special. our first guest tonight, he dominated the game when the socks were high and the shorts were high too. he is a five time nba champion, olympic gold medalist, hall-of-famer and business mogul, too. please welcome #32, earvin "magic" johnson. black -- [ applause ]
12:03 am
>> jimmy: always good to see you. >> man. >> jimmy: when i was 16 i met you at the airport. i said hi and you stopped and talked to me. i'll never forget it. i won't. >> you're a nice guy, and i knew you were going to blow up to this. >> jimmy: i had a feeling you were just nice to everybody. did you ever have a losing season in a laker's uniform? >> what? >> jimmy: you never, did you? >> we don't do that. >> jimmy: i know. does it hurt you when you see a season like this one? >> i'm so devastated, because when you think about the lakers, you think about championships or even if they don't win it, they're around. >> jimmy: they're in it. >> exactly. now with us being the way we are today and had the worst season, the year before it was the worst, and then this past season was even worse than that season. >> jimmy: it was bad.
12:04 am
>> it's getting to be too bad for the lakers. the fans want to see excellent basketball again and winning championship basketball again. >> jimmy: of course we do. does it make it harder when the clippers have a good season and make the play offs? >> who? i like doc rivers but i'm not a clippers fan. >> jimmy: how about kobe bryant? it almost erased the bad taste of the whole season? >> a clap for that. >> jimmy: you were there. kobe said you were his idol, his favorite player. i was surprised to hear you said kobe was the greatest laker ever. >> he is. i mean, when you think about what kobe has achieved, you know, we both have five championships. he did it his way with him dominating the scoring and really putting the team on his back, and i did it my way with my leadership and really trying to make sure that i put our team in a position to win, and we did that. but at the end of the day, you
12:05 am
know, who cares whether it's him or i? >> jimmy: i care. i do. >> but he has represented this city and the lakers organization as well as anybody could. >> jimmy: i agree with you. i do. i wonder if kareem calls you the next day and says who's the greatest laker ever? >> i think kareem is the greatest athlete that los angeles has ever seen, because three ncaa titles at ucla, and then another five with the lakers. you can't say that nobody -- nobody can claim that they've won for championships in los angeles than kareem. >> jimmy: is he not the greatest laker because he didn't play his whole career with the lakers? >> exactly. >> jimmy: interesting. very humble of you to say laker. i wonder if he would say you are the greatest laker of all time. [ applause ] >> kobe and i have mutual respect for each other, and so, again, it's all about winning. and both of us were about that.
12:06 am
our will to win was high. and now we see these lakers and both of us can't stand that, and we are hoping we can get back. and the nba is good when the lakers are good. >> jimmy: they have the number two pick and a new coach. hopefully things will turn around. speaking of great players, are you still close with michael jordan or were you ever close with him? >> michael jordan and i are friends. i call him all the time because i like his sneakers and clothes. >> jimmy: and he sends them to you? >> for free. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: must be weird. shouldn't he be paying you to wear them around? >> when you're good friends, you don't care about his money. i just want the clothes and the sneakers. >> jimmy: i see. do you ever get involved in trash talk with jordan? >> thanks a lot, jimmy, for bringing this up. >> jimmy: i wonder. you don't seem like a trash talking kind of guy. >> i never did but with time in
12:07 am
my life with jordan. first ever time ever talking trash, so we're with the dream team. and for three days in a row we came into a tie because what coach daily did is he split the team up east versus west. bird, pippen, ewing all played in the east and we had the west guys. myself, malone, mullin, drexler, and so and stock ton. we would play every day. tie. this is the fourth day, and we got out on them about 12-2, and i said i'm going to really rattle his chains. so i went over there and tapped him on the shoulder and said hey, man, to if you don't turn into air jordan we're going to employee you out today. his eyes got big. usually that tongue come about right here, now it's way out.
12:08 am
he broke the huddle, he hit a three and he's looking at me. so he came down again, hit another three. [ laughter ] >> the greatest shot. i've been involved in all three. first dr. j walked in the air out of bands, reverse layup up under. michael jordan in 1991 came down on us with the right hand, tongue out. he switched in midair to the left. spun it against the glass. now, this is the greatest shot. he came down the right side, took off. david robinson took off, and he said, okay, i'm going to sit here in the air. because i know david robinson is going to go down. so david robinson went to the ground. he 360 tongue moving, and dunked it. in a practice game. and i was like, oh, my goodness. and i was just stunned, and all
12:09 am
of us were stunned to see him hanging in the air that long and 260 -- 360. michael jordan is incredible. >> jimmy: the moral is don't talk trash to michael jordan. you mean it was full like this? all the way? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: more with earvin "magic "johnson after this. how does this world, help you experience this world? oh man i've only been to one place! oh i have a great idea maybe i can go to the rainforest. any ideas for my little one's first big trip. every mastercard world card comes with a concierge who can help you book a dream trip, arrange experiences and much more. hey, you're going to need more of these. learn more at toaster's broken.hat's going on?
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>> it's great being home. the best thing is seeing old friends doing the same old thing and shopping at quality dairy. >> now is the same for quality dairy. >> is that a double dribble donut? >> double dribble? never saw it. [ applause ] >> jimmy: a very young magic johnson. >> you get me on that one. that was right out of college, right? >> yeah. had the side burns and everything. >> jimmy: did they pay you in
12:16 am
apple cider and donuts? >> for sure. >> jimmy: you had a job in college, right? >> i was a d.j. >> jimmy: i was also. i saw this photograph here. this is pretty fantastic. this is on a t shirt. this is real. this is not -- this is not comped together, right? >> no. that's real. >> jimmy: that's a great shirt. >> i don't know what the record is, but it's at my house. i put a full d.j. booth and also the big speakers. when i was single, that is. >> jimmy: sure. >> and so d.j.ed at the local club and made money on friday and saturday. >> jimmy: what was your bell",
12:17 am
"brick house ]. brtsz. he thought he had a real jump shot. you know? so, and i had to remember, it was press that i was playing against, so i had to back off, but he. one of my greatest joys was i used to own the magic johnson theaters. he called me up and says magic, i want to come of the theater. okay. what time you want to come? 2 a.m. i said prince, we're closed at 2 a.m., but okay, i'll open it for you. so we opened it up. my manager and the projection guy. he brings this big bus full of people. when they get off, they're all in pajamas. they go to watch the movie, and he had a wonderful time.
12:18 am
i don't remember the movie. we let him have the theater. he was a night owl, but he was very intelligent, and he was a jokester all at the same time. so he's a good dude. and i toured with michael jackson and i got a chance to tour with prince. these are two of the best things i've ever done. >> jimmy: those are pretty great things. >> you're an owner of the dodgers but also the los angeles sparks, the wnba team. >> we started our first time. we're 1-0, and candace parker is back and healthy. she got left off the olympic team. she's taking it out on the
12:19 am
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>> jimmy: our next guests met way in 2004 to collaborate on the song "oh." - 12 years later, they host the billboard music awards live from las vegas sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. please welcome chris "ludacris" bridges and ciara. [ applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thanks for coming. >> what up? >> jimmy: chris, i may not talk to you at all in this interview.
12:25 am
>> okay. i don't blame you, my man. do you guys know magic? have you met him before? >> we just had a selfie session. he's an awesome guy. >> jimmy: you'd met him separately or together? >> i met him in the bahamas. he had a bungalow and had people waiting for appointments in his bungalow on vacation. i had to make an appointment and come there and talk business with him. >> jimmy: and then was there a time limit after which you were out? >> 10 or 15 minutes is what you get. >> jimmy: you guys have known each other for a long time? >> i have a photograph from -- >> jimmy: this is from -- >> oh, my goodness. why did you bring that photo up? [ laughter ] >> throwback thursday. >> that hair. that was, like, probably 200 4. >> mtv. >> mtv spring break. >> jimmy: do you keep in touch with this guy?
12:26 am
[ laughter ] ? >> i have no idea who that is. >> probably going back every year, that guy. >> jimmy: that's quite a picture. do you remember that day? is that a big deal? >> i remember that day. it was hot as hell. >> that was my first time going to cancun, and i remember it being very humid and the wind was blowing strong. i remember that, but i are also remember thaterer, and i want to forget it but thank you. >> jimmy: my pleasure, you'll be in another party town, las vegas. when you do something like this, do you rehearse? is it something that you really prepare for? you just come in and do it? how does it go? >> you rehearse. this is my third time. you come in. they wouldn't bring us to the table if they didn't want what we bring. you rehearse a little bit, but at the end of the day, it's about us making it our own and having fun. >> jimmy: that's what you told them when they asked you to rehearse? >> all the time. they wouldn't bring me back three times if i disobeyed
12:27 am
everything they tell me. >> i have him on speed dial. i blow him up asking different things about the show. he's a good coach for me. >> jimmy: you're the conduit for the information? >> i try to be. >> jimmy: is it fun for you? >> for me, it's new. it's my first time doing something as big as this, hosting it. it's going to be awesome. this guy is awesome. we have great vibes when we work together. i think it's going to be amazing. >> jimmy: do you have fun in las vegas? do you enjoy the sites and activities of las vegas? >> my vegas experience is probably different than his. i go to a lot of shows to study and get inspires for my performances. >> jimmy: what shows? >> i love the cirque du soleil shows, the water show. the michael jackson show. >> jimmy: do you go see the entertainers like wane newton
12:28 am
and that kind of thing? >> i do. i haven't seen celine's show. i heard the production is insane, something like a crazy production. i want to see that. >> jimmy: ludacris, do you go see the magicians? >> no. she doesn't drink or gamble when she's in vegas. my experience is totally difference. my best experience was on my 30 th table. i won 30$,000 on my 30th birthday. [ applause ] >> playing blackjack. >> jimmy: were you smart? did you walk away with the 30 grand? >> i walked away. you'll never believe what i spent most of it on. a playground for my kids at home. dead serious. i didn't -- i didn't spend it on me, and it came to about 28,000. >> jimmy: $28,000 for a playground?
12:29 am
>> this is not an average playground. it's out of the word. >> i need to bring my son. >> the other $2,000 is what you need to know what i spent it on. i went to the strip -- exactly. >> of course. >> that's diversity in funds. it's good investments. your kids and then give 2$,000 to strippers. that's a good portfolio. >> jimmy: a small percentage for yourself. will your fiance russell wilson be in las vegas with you? >> it's going to be an amazing day, and a day of unexpectedness. you never know. he's an lta right now. he's here with me, but he will be out for the next week. you can't say what's going to happen. >> jimmy: wouldn't it be great if you got married on stage? if ludacris married you. can you do that? that would be an event. >> i don't think they want me to do that. >> jimmy: would you want chris to marry you?
12:30 am
>> that is a funny question. >> she doesn't have the answer. >> in a movie, that would be funny. >> jimmy: but not in real life? >> i don't know about real life. >> vegas, you could have a lot of people besides ludacris marry you. >> he could help us have the best afterparty at reception. >> jimmy: or would you be okay if he threw the bachelor party? >> i would say okay. >> i don't know if you want me to do that. i just told you i spent money on strippers. >> jimmy: who else is performing on the show? >> there's celine dion and the icon award. >> justin bieber. it's a lot of different people. i heard about a tribute by madonna for prince. >> jimmy: wow. really? >> yeah. and meghan trainor. my son loves her song. i want to see that myself. >> jimmy: sounds like it's going to be a good show. it's sunday night. it's live from las vegas. 8:00 p.m. eastern here on abc.
12:31 am
we'll be right back with arianna grande.
12:32 am
12:33 am
>> jimmy: i'd like to thank magic johnson, ludacris, ciara and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next, but first, her album "dangerous woman" comes out tomorrow, here with the title track, ariana grande! ♪ don't need permission made my decision to test my limits ♪ ♪ 'cause it's my business god as my witness start what i finished ♪ ♪ don't need no hold up taking control of this kind of moment ♪ ♪ i'm locked and loaded completely focused my mind is open ♪
12:34 am
♪ all that you got skin to skin oh my god don't ya stop boy ♪ ♪ somethin' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman ♪ ♪ somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout you makes me wanna do ♪ ♪ things that i shouldn't somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout ♪ ♪ nothing to prove and i'm bulletproof and know what i'm doing ♪ ♪ the way we're movin' like introducing us to a new thing ♪ ♪ i wanna savor save it for later the taste of flavor 'cause i'm a taker ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm a giver it's only nature i live for danger all that you got ♪ ♪ skin to skin oh my god
12:35 am
don't ya stop boy oh ♪ ♪ somethin' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman ♪ ♪ somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout you makes me wanna do ♪ ♪ things that i shouldn't somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout ♪ ♪ all girls wanna be like that bad girls underneath like that ♪ ♪ you know how i'm feeling inside somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout ♪ ♪ all girls wanna be like that bad girls underneath like that ♪ ♪ you know how i'm feeling inside somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout ♪
12:36 am
♪ somethin' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman ♪ ♪ somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout you makes me wanna do ♪ ♪ things that i shouldn't somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout ♪ ♪ all girls wanna be like that bad girls underneath like that ♪ ♪ you know how i'm feeling inside somethin' 'bout somethin' 'bout ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, did an act of terror bring down the egyptair flight that vanished off radar. as grieving relatives face the grim news, we have new details on the investigation with u.s. law enforcement and intelligence officials on high alert. the impact on travelers here at home. and vows that wow. couples amping up their i dos with high-tech touches. dive bombing drones, design a gown apps, and sure to take the wedding cake, these personalized toppers capturing the happy couple in 3 the.


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