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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> it's saturday, may 21st. good morning and thanks for joining us. we are starting off with a mild look across the area. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, chris. this is our storm impact scale where we rate our systems from one to there's the system." a few leftover showers weren't are looking at showers this morning and into the afternoon. temperatures ranging 56 oakland, 55 fremont. yes, numbers are on the mild
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side. looking at upper 40s in napa. maybe a light jacket, you may have a dodge a few sprinkles here and there but numbers in the afternoon ranging from the upper 50s coastside to the mid-60s inland. >> in oakland crews are in the process of detaining a four-alarm fire. crews were alerted to the fire around 1:30*. it took about two hours to get the flames under control. there have been no reports of any injuries. the cause remains under investigation. in developing news out of san jose, two people have been shot and taken to the hospital. we know one of them is a 20-year-old man. the shooting happened at at 12:30a a police marked the spots where they found the bullet casing. suspects have run. we have a call in for more
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details. >> a grass fire in fairfield this morning. they are on the watch for hotspots. strong winds forced authorities to evacuate ten structures, not knowing where the flames would spread. here's leslie brinkley with the update. >> with the wind it would have been worse. crews will stay and make sure embers don't reignite and blow to other houses. rekindling a fightening fire. fairfield place say it was a homeless encampment along the making trail. it spread through the field and the fence. >> my fence is on fire and i have the hose out. and i watched the back garage burn down with all my tools in it. >> neighbors said you could feel the heat. >> the wind was picking up. it traveled from tree to tree and got to this tree and caused this house to go up.
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>> these are the trees that passed the flame like a torch to the houses. three structures severely damaged. but no one injured. many rescued pets and belongings. >> it was pretty chaotic, lots of smoke, lots of flames. lots of people yelling, getting people out. officers banging on doors. >> everybody is yelling fire, there's a fire. >> police decided to evacuate ten homes on the south side of santa barbara way. the four-alarm fire was under control within an hour but smoke and fear stillingner the neighborhood. abc7 news. >> 25 people are out of their homes after a two-alarm fire at an apartment complex in bay point. it started yesterday afternoon around 2:00 on shore view is court. no one was hurt. investigators have not determined how the fire started. in katati, take a look at this video. it shows a tree that came crashing down on two power poles, knocking out fire to 140
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customers. power has since been restored. gusty winds may be the factor. and gusty powerful winds was the story on friday. there were wind related problems across the bay area. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story. >> friday night flights were delayed in san francisco because of the wind, where are you flying to? >> l.a. >> are you delayed? >> very delayed. we were expecting to go 8: 50. >> he left at least an hour behind schedule. 44 flights were cancelled. cincinnati resident johnathan joyce decide you had to watch it instead of waiting in the terminal. >> i'm here to kill another hour. the flight was set to go 10:45. 11:45 now. >> this tree branch snapped and knocked out power to one home.
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>> the southbound lane of the great highway was closed because of sand dunes blog on to the area. >> you see is a it kick being up like that, like that layer, almost like fog over the sand, i like that, but nobody else does. >> several said the wind was good, but not consistent. it was just enough to get around. >> the guys over there with these foils, they can go in the lower winds but for us we prefer the 20 mile-an-hour. >> he was among the dozens taking advantage of the gusts. abc7 news. be. >> a snowstorm in the sierra has made driving extremely dangerous. there were spinouts and crashes. all lanes are now open. this is a look from our tahoe camera recorded last night.
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it's an example of the poor visibility drivers faced. spring weather is expected to return tomorrow. as always, you can keep track of the weather where you live with the abc7 news app. download it for free and enable push alerts for updates as they happen. >> san francisco's new acting police chief a has laid out his plans for the department. abc7 news was in chinatown for his first conference. toney ch aplin said he wants to change the use policy and roll out the on body cameras. >> the chief said he's going to do a top to bottom assessment of the department and meet with the mayor to discuss his strategic plan for reform >> the woman shot and killed by san francisco police thursday has been identified as 129-year-old jessica williams. a memorial for williams is growing in the bayview district
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where the shooting happened. police say she rammed a stolen car into a truck and tried to get away. she died at the hospital. the officers involved are on leave as an investigation into the shooting continues. >> bart has agreed to pay a woman 1 on $.3 million in a lawsuit accusing officers of excessive force. on st. patrick's day, 2014, officers arrested megan on suspension of public intoxication. they took her to a jail where the police are seen on video shopping her head on the ground. the fall broke bones in her face. last week there was a plan for i.c.e. to round up people from central america whose asylum requests were denied. they would be arrested and deported. sources said the raid will begin late may and last about a month. county immigration officials
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have said they -- they say they have a large number of immigrants and want to protect them, whether they are undominanted or not. >> deporting families is not really going to fix the immigration system. mainly women and children are coming here illegally is because they are fleeing violence and its not like they are coming to this country to take advantage of resources or services. an i.c.e. spokeswoman said she could not confirm or deny the report. all right. weather-wise we have some changes on the way. lisa argen has the full accuweather forecast coming up. >> good morning to you. we are looking at cloudy skies right now. from our roof cameras, numbers had in the city in the mid-50s. its mild. the averages have been running on the cool side. we will add in a chance of showers. we will talk about it and time it out for you coming up. >> also ahead, the warnings are out about long lines at airport security this summer. but there is a way around them. find out what it cost to cut the
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line. and plus a splitting headache for one family who has them considering a move out of
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>> long lines at tsa check points throughout the country has pushed many travelers to the web to sign up for tsa precheck, even if it means forking over some extra money. >> been to chicago lately? >> no, i have not. >> i heard a story about it today. >> i haven't had the opportunity to sheep in the airport for a long time and i don't want that. >> according to the tsa, the number of applications for tsa
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precheck has doubled this month from 8,000 to 16,000 per day. right now it takes about two weeks for applicants to get their coveted no one travel number. but the tsa warns it can take up to 30 days. those who has applied say it's worth the $85 for five years. >> came out of portland. a very long line in security but the precheck line was probably only five people deep. >> meantime oakland international will bring in extra contract workers next month to help move things along at the tsa check points. >> those guys will do things like reminding people to take off shoes, put their laptops in the bins. >> san jose international asked the tsa to add their own staff to cut down on wait times of that been as long as stew hours. all of that will help, but the best advice from travelers we talked with spring for tsa
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precheck. >> it was wonderful, saved a hot of time. made things a lot easier. >> at oakland international, laura anthony. abc7 news. >> a group won't like this. twelve people were stuck in an elevator there yesterday. the president of duray and company pr shared this videos of the jaws of life finally forcing the elevator doors open after more than an hour and a half. it happened in menlo park. she called it a facebook visit she will never forget. google said vandalism is the reason one of their streetcars were burned. two incendiary devices were found on the west campus. the car, part of the building and ground were impacted by the fire. police are investigating. school placement has been an ongoing issue in san francisco
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which doesn't have neighborhood schools. students might live miles away from their school. one viewer reached out to us because of her unusual circumstances. abc7 news education reporter leeann melendez has her story. >> for years san francisco parents have wait the anxiously to find out where their kids will go to school. many public school students aren't assigned to the their local schools and end up in another location. >> we want all the brothers to be together, they are very close. >> and one of her children's already attends dianne feinstein elementary in the sunset district about five blocks away but her twins, richard and john, were assigned three miles from home. >> not only did you not put my schools in, you you put them at a same school that starts at the same time and i can't possibly be there. >> since 1990 san francisco as adopted an admissions program
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that allows kids to attend some of the top schools in the city. and has a better outcome for some of the underserved students. parents shouldn't give up. >> i would encourage that any parent that doesn't get an assignment they like be or they would like to change an assignment to contact our enrollment office and to come in and speak with a counselor and come in and lay out what the circumstances are. >> but she has already gone down to the school district to fill out the wait forms. and she filled out a medical form to increase chances. one of the twins recently had an operation but no longer needs medical attention. >> i don't feel the need to lie on a government form to fix a wrong that's being done by the school district. >> a decision may come late in the summer or the beginning of the school year. meanwhile the family is considering of moving outs of san francisco. abc7 news. >> members of are san jose's
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japan town celebrated the grand opening are a new low income apartment complex called the japan town senior apartments. it took 8 years and more than $27 million to build. the 75-unit building is located on north sixth street. that's not far away from the japanese american museum of san jose and the san jose buddhist temple. >> the history, the culture, tradition. my kids learned it all from coming to japan town. >> it's like a little family town. >> this year will mark the 126th anniversary of san jose's japan town. it's, in fact, only one of are three japan towns left in the united states. time is 5:16. happening today apple's remodeled retail score at union square opened to the public. the company says it will be the new vision for retail. the new store includes 42-foot sliding glass doors, living
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trees in the customer support lounge and a 47-year-old restored fountain. the doors open at 10:00. also happening today, the amgen tour of california had race in santa rosa to begin the last two days of the event. hundreds of cyclists are competing in the tour, which has 8 total stages. it began last sunday in san diego and has made its way through santa barbara and heading north. the door ends tomorrow in sacramento. we have the possibility of rain in the forecast. lisa argen is tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. you are right. we are getting our old storm impact scale off, dusting dustiu have off and showing you this system could see light amounts, anywhere from a trace to .15. here's a look at live doppler 7hd with all the cloud cover this morning. nothing going on yet but we are
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looking at the system to slowly slide to the east. and with it could see a few showers in the bay area today. maybe even a thunderstorm. high elevations from the north and east bay valleys. could perhaps see a thunderstorm. right now looking at numbers in the low 150s. only a slight chance of that. 54 in half moon bay. with all the cloud cover temperatures certainly on the mild side but the averages have been cool. well below average, as much as 10 degrees below average. we aren't going to warm up anytime soon with the low in close proximity. and with the cloud cover another cool day on the way. 49 right now in napa. good morning santa rosa, 47 for you. it's in the 50s in concord. 51 livermore. the good news is the winds have dialed back. we don't have the winds to deal with anymore. and we are also looking at very little snow in the sierra nevada. so if you are traveling up there, shouldn't be any problems. although we still could see an inch or two in the highest
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elevations, the passes. here's the airport right now. you can see partly to mostly cloudy conditions. chance of showers this morning. we will keep that lingering through the afternoon and below afternoon right on through next week. we aren't looking at a big warmup. hear we go, 5:00 this morning. notice the showers offshore. then by 7:00 you can see a few showers from the north bay into san francisco. 8:00. and then by the afternoon more widely scattered showers from the east bay, from the peninsula, the south bay. and then as we go through the later afternoon hours, not bad but we have a couple ballgames to talk about, as well. and still we could see some showers. so .02 in oakland through tonight. looking at about .08 in san jose. not much out there. but certainly not what you might be expecting for the weekend before memorial day. pick it up tomorrow or later on today at 4:00 and you will notice that we still have the cloudy skies. 10:00 tonight. then if you have evening plans from the peninsula to the south bay, maybe a random isolated
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shower. then things really wind down with more sunshine on tap for the second half of the weekend. cubs in town, 4:00 this afternoon. about 60 degrees at&t park. with the slight chance of showers, that west wind at 15, highs elsewhere around the bay today 63 in livermore. look for 65 in san jose. upper 50s coastside. 65 up in napa. and then if you are headed over to oakland this afternoon, it be cloudy, maybe a shower. temperatures in the low 60s there. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we are featuring the cool weather, chance of a shower today. 1 on the storm impact scale. a little more sunshine with highs near 70. >> dash camps are a hot new accessory in cars so should you get one? michael finney has what you need to know about the popular device.
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>> one of the hot the new accessories for cars is the dashcam. police have them, so do taxis. so should you? why the cameras are growing in popularity. >> here a transit bus dashcam captures a hit-and-run on willow avenue in hercules. we showed you this police cruiser video of are a hot pursuit in ohio. we've shown you dashcam video of are comets, crashes and suspected insurance broad. in a world full of cameras, bad
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guys and miss specifics of events, perhaps it's time for you to get a dashcam. >> here we go. we are turning it on. >> he lives in san francisco, and when he drives his dashcam is turned on. he likes knowing if something goes i don't think he has proof of who did what. recently when parking on a san francisco street he said his dashcam came in handy. >> there was no car in two parking spots. i just zipped into it and pulled up one more spot. you see there was money left on the meter. so i pulled up to that one but there was no car behind it. the camera touches that, of course. >> and good thing, too. when he came back, he says, there was a car behind his and two people setting up a scam. >> and they said, you know, you banged into our hood when you couldn't get into the parking spot. you damaged our front end. i said what are you talking about?
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there was no car there. he told them he had it all on be camera. they just left. >> really? >> they got in their car and left. >> mark used a dashcam to fight a traffic ticket in pennsylvania. he posted this video. he tells me it started when he stopped and then made a legal right-hand turn on red. >> i was pulled over less than a quarter mile later by a police officer from the local jurisdiction who told me that he witnessed me roll through the stop sign or the stop light and not stop. >> mark admits he crosses the white line but says he came to a complete stop. >> the argument he made was that i never stopped at all. so when we went to cart, i approached the conversation, i approached my defense in that way say i did, in fact, stop. >> and he won. >> he said because of that cash cam video. >> anyone with enough common sense to recognize why we have things like car insurance, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors,
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can understand having something and not needing it is much better than needing it and not having it. >> no mainstream automaker offers it as an option but they expect it to be the next step. since dash camps offer so much protection, you might be wondering about an auto insurance discount. they are quitely available in the u.k., but so far no u.s. insurers are offering a discount for using a dashcam. michael finney, "7 on your side." >> happening today the warriors are making it easier for san francisco shoppers to buy gear. they are opening a pop-up shop at the westfield san francisco center like this one that opened last year during the team's final run. expect shelves stocked with jerseys, hats and other apparel. steph curry jerseys were the most popular this year. doors open at 10:00. days after a dumpling restaurant in santa clara started selling reservations,
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someone sold one on craig's list because they are so hard to come by. all these tables become reservation only. but every table is already booked for the next month so one posted this ad on craig's the perk, being one to eat in the restaurant that day. and how about key certificate? there's 3d candy printing it it involves technology, art and natural ingredients, you can order your own 3d message, watch it being printed and eat it. the candy is made of pectin which is apple based. we have much more ahead on the abc7 morning news. new clues this morning in the disappearance of an egypt airplane. what happened moments before the airplane crashed. but first shots fired outside the white house. seat credit service jumps into action when a
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>> thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting with a quick look at the weather. lisa argen is tracking some rain in the forecast. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. it's a possibility. in fact, we could be looking at some showers not only throughout this morning but throughout the afternoon. it's mild with the cloud cover. 51 san ramon, 53 in san francisco as well as los gatos. the next couple of hours look like this. plenty of cloud cover. 8:00, 9:00 we could see showers move across into the east bay and that's just the morning hours. there's still a possibility for showers this afternoon. here's a look at sfo where we've got partly to mostly cloudy conditions. numbers ranging from the upper 50s at the coast. low to mid-60s inland. well below average. no wind to speak of. we will talk about sunnier or brighter conditions the second half of the weekend.
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chris. >> thank you. now to the shooting. now to washington, d.c. and the shooting of an armed man outside the when white house. sources familiar with the white house identified the man from pennsylvania. he refused to put down his weapon and was shot by a secret service agent yesterday afternoon. he was injured but he's still alive. johnathan carl has more from washington. >> police officers in tactical gear raced to the white mouse has a frightening situation unfolded a block away. it was just after 3:00 p.m., not far from the south lawn. a man walked up to a white house checkpoint carrying a firearm. secret service officials say he was ordered to drop the gun, but refused. waving the weapon in a threatening way. an agent nearby fired a single shot, hitting the man in the abdomen. >> this is one of the few sunny days we've had in washington all month so there were families out here, joggers, the place packed with people when the shot rang
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out over there. >> confusion as authorities raced to the scene. stopping traffic, securing the lawn, yelling at people to stay in place. >> get back over that way. let's go! >> we her the shot, and we got really scared. >> we heard the one single shot. the cops, they come out the side. they have got their guns drawn. >> the white house was put on about lock-down. the president was out golfing but vice president biden was on washington grounds. >> abc news, washington. >> now to the race for the white house. a new poll shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump in a be likely match-up. trump told a group hillary clinton will take away their guns and abolish the second amendment. we have more. >> donald trump, accepting the endorsement of the nra, saying hillary clinton is coming for their guns. >> hillary clinton wants to
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abolish the second amendment. just remember that. >> and then this line, drawing a roar of approval. >> we are getting red of gun-free zones, okay? i can tell you. [applause] >> so what about trump's own hotels? the trump organization telling us there are no restrictions on licensed individuals carrying guns in our hotels or golf clubs. but when we called a resort, we were told it was a gun-free zone. and at the trump hotel in miami a supervisor there telling us they would, quote, much rather not have guests with guns on the property at all. but in this room the presumptive gop nominee bragging but his son's gun's collections. >> he has so many rifles and guns, sometimes i even gets concerned. that's a lot. >> and drawing a contrast with clinton. >> hillary wants to disarm vulnerable americans in high crime neighborhoods. whether it's a young single mom in florida or a grandmother in ohio and that's why we are going
5:34 am
to call her heartless hillary. >> clinton has campaigned hard on gun control, releasing this adrianza with -- this ad. >> but the same gun lobby openly mocking clinton. >> i bet you are wondering where hillary stands, right? well, let's here it straight from the horse's mouth. [noises] >> it's moments like that former president bill clinton proves republicans are nervous. >> i always find you should respect your adversaries. they don't spend time attacking people they aren't worried about. >> in the late 70s donald trump paid no federal taxes and took advantage of a federal tax loop hose which is standard for real estate investors who have lost money on their properties. donald trump said he has used the system to his advantage when it comes to taxes and
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bankruptcies. abc news, louisville. on the democratic side, new numbers so a big gap between the candidates' bank accounts. hillary clinton had $30 million in her campaign at the start of the month, bernie sanders had less than $6 million. former president bill clinton will be in california today through monday campaigning for his wife, hillary. bill clinton, who remains extremely popular among democrats, will be in southern california this morning. he will focus on why hillary clinton is the best candidate to raise rages and break down all the barriers holding families back. on monday bill clinton will hold rallies at cal state fresno, stockton and sacramento. this is the last weekend before the voter registration deadline. monday is also the deadline to register for a political party. voters who are registered at no party preference, also known as declined to state, can request a ballot with democratic candidates. voters must register has a republican to receive a
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republican ballot. 5:35 is our time. to the mystery of egypt air flight. smoke was detected before it crashed. smoke crews continue to look for debris from the plane. there were two sightings yesterday. but what they are anxious to find are the black boxes emitting pings for only 27 more days. we have more. >> the jetliner apparently sent data before disappearing suggesting there was smoke and possibly fire in the all important equipment compartment. the airbus a320 had a data transition system that sent signals of smoke and i have aonic smoke that would be the equipment bay below the lavatory. a bay that contains the jet's electronics that control the entire aircraft. >> this is a major clue to what happened. >> i would personally say at this point i'm going to come off the bomb theory and say it was a
5:37 am
mechanical failure caused by fire. >> the messages were over a three minute period before all the data stopped. that's when the jet plunged into the sea. near the end of a four-hour night from paris. the pilots checked in saying all was fine but 16 minutes later at 37 thousand feet disaster. greek radar reporting that the jet letter,ed sharply left 90 degrees before spinning back 360 degrees to the right, disappearing without a distress call. the flight had pilot and co-pilot with extensive experience and nothing in their background that was suspicious. >> if the fires burned through the wires and there's no electricity, there's no way to control the aircraft. abc news, washington. >> a blimp that was in the midst of an advertising flight deflated overruled a freak in
5:38 am
philadelphia before making an emergency land being. take a look at this. the driver took the cell phone video of the blimp's dragged into the yard. luckily it didn't make contact with the wire or it could have turned into a disaster. still to come, the weekend event that encourages innovation and the and entrepreneural spirit in america.
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. >> good morning, everyone. a quick look outside from our golden gate bridge camera. lisa is tracking the possibility of rain in the forecast and she will return in a little bit to time it out for us. a rare sight in sackville. this driver spot add black bear running through this neighborhood west of the downtown yesterday morning. he reported it scampering through a yard and hopping a fence to escape. it likely came out of the nearby green space looking for food. wildlife officials say there's no great danger to the public. just don't approach the bears if you see any of them. people who really love the bay area fog can now drink it. hangar one in almeda just released fog proof vodka.
5:42 am
it's 60% water. it shows fog catchers at suit row tower, berkeley hills. and they collected enough water vapor to fill 81 bottles. it offers a delicate favor. it's a limited edition drink. the cost is $125 a bottle. hi, lisa. >> good morning. you see the wind blowing here from our roof camera. winds out of the west at 15 miles an hour. nothing like we've seen the past couple of days. highs edge near 60 in the city and possible showers. the full forecast is coming up >> lisa, thanks. and the giants were lost in the fog last night against one of the best pitchers in baseball. a cubs outfielder makes a great catch but paid the price. abc7 news sports director will have the highlights coming up in
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> good morning, everyone. time right now is 5:44. we are taking a live look from our emeryville camera. you be see the bay bridge in the distance. the clouds are hovering above. lisa argen returns in a little bit with the full accuweather forecast. in sports the san jose sharks look to take a 3-1 lead over the st. louis blues this afternoon. game four starts at 4:15 at the sap center. in baseball both the giants and a's are back home. last night the giants took on the first-place chicago cubs while the a's played the yankees. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports report >> good morning. tall task for the giants last night in game one of their series. with the best game in baseball the cubs came to town with a record of 28-11 and they had their ace on the mound, the
5:46 am
unbeatable jake arrieta. the first batter of the game. denard span to triples alley. jayson hayward makes the catch but crashes headfirst into the wall. i was worried about his neck but that's okay. he would leave the game with torso and abdominal injuries. he was really shake inup. we know what arrieta can do on the mound." he can also hit. he gives them the 1-0 lead. and later in the inning kris bryant, a three-run jack. five-run second inning and jake peavy, 1 skew third-round shooter innings. arrieta fans and improves to 8 as the giants fall 8-1. a's and yankees. josh reddick broke his thumb two nights ago. he's out four to six weeks. and what has happened to sunny gray? getting she would all the time now. cocococo crisp can't get there.
5:47 am
2-1 yankees. later in the fourth carlos beltran the drive to center. coco misread it over his head and that's a two-run double. sunny lasts only 3 1/3. a 5-1 yankees lead. c.c. sabathia, 8 strikeouts in 6 innings. stephen vote. the yankees win 8-3. when steph curry goes into the trainer's room, what do they look at first? his ankle, knee, elbow? it's the variety package. he injured his elbow diving into the stands going for a loose ball. the mvp said the elbow welt isn't painful but it's uncomfortable. he will be okay for game three sunday. what about the guy who was taking his picture while he was down? >> i need that picture. that would be something to remember. kind. disappointed he took that moment to document it, if you will. took a picture of me, took are a
5:48 am
picture of andre, they were behind me. he was taking in the moment. to the ice and the sharks. they will host the blues in game four of their series this afternoon. blues are switching goal lease. jakejake allen is going to star. he is no slouch. had had six shutouts this season. they know they have to stay aggressive. >> i think we played pretty good games. the first game was probably the worst of the three. we know they are going to want to regroup and play a great game for us so it will be a big challenge. >> and remember that's an early start in the tank. 4:15 they drop the puck. 4:15. all right? that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> getting a check of the weather we can expect a much cooler weekend across the bay area. here's lisa argen with the full accuweather forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we have the storm impact scale
5:49 am
back out and that shows you what kind of system we are looking at. on a scale of 1 to 5, this is a weak one with showers possible today. most areas less than .015 with a slight chance of a thunderstorm. you see the cloud cover. temperatures mild around monterey bay, lacking at a few showers west of davenport. in the sierra nevada not much going on now but it was exciting yesterday. if you are headed to the mountains, no chain controls, but you could see a few snowflakes in the higher elevations. here's the system. it looks like a pretty big deal in the extreme northwestern california but it will continue to shied to the east over the entire weekend. and a nice picture here a moment ago. this is from the east bay hills camera. i want to show you vollmer peak. we are looking at a lot of cloud cover. low 50s in san francisco. 55 mountain true. 50 morgan hill, and half moon bay 54. from the exploratorium camera you see the clouds. low clouds and high clouds. and today looks to be the
5:50 am
cloudier day. a chance of showers. and then tomorrow we get into more sunshine. and not much warmer. it's going to be a cool week ahead. 47 right now in santa rosa. it's 49. good morning novato. fairfield at 50. 52 concord. livermore checking in at 51 degrees. a check on the winds. you notice at sfo at 15 miles an hour. fairfield gusting to 23. but overall everything is pretty quiet and today winds will be not much of a concern at all. just a cool temperatures, the clouds and the slight chance of a shower. here's the golden gate bridge. you will notice the cloud cover, drive pavement. a chance are showers this morning that lingers throughout the day today. maybe a thunderstorm. the key ab below range, the higher elevations. sonoma county. then we are looking at below average temperatures all the way into next week. so don't look for much of a warmup. while we cool down, looks like the east coast will finally warm up. the next few hours notice showers 8:00 this morning. perhaps san francisco, the north bay. then by 11:00 more widespread
5:51 am
into sonoma, san mateo, perhaps santa clara. and right on through the afternoon could see an isolated shower here. won't be really amounting to much, but they will be around the bay and then through 11:00 tonight still cloudy skies and maybe a shower. how much rain? we aren't wrigley home about much. anywhere from nothing to .01 in concord, .07 in novato and .08 in san jose. as we check into san jose for the next week, you will notice that with highs today in the mid-60s, we are well below average. 11 degrees below average. and each and every day trying to climb into the middle of next week as high pressure builds in. but it's going to be a slow warmup and still highs just in the low 70s, shy of average. with mid-60sed to headed into the south bay, santa clara could see some showers there. peninsula numbers low to mid-60s. mountain view maybe 67. 60 downtown san francisco. breezy right on the coast. in the north bay look for 64.
5:52 am
calistoga, and 62 san rafael. east bay, and you head inland, there we could see some showers, an isolated thunderstorm and higher elevations. the accuweather seven-day forecast, check it out. we are looking at the cool conditions today. more sunshine tomorrow. 1 on the storm impact scale. and notice we are still looking at a little bit of cloud cover on monday. a slow warmup. it really is until the middle or the second half of next week. we will feel more like may. chris? >> thank you, lisa. when the pyrotechnics and grinding of gears echo through the streets of san mateo, it must be time for the maker fair. it continues today and tomorrow at the county event center. as johnathan bloom found south, this year's event for the do-it-yourselfers is the biggest of. >> slowly and quietly it crawls across the pavement. >> children love everything that moves and they want to touch it. >> it's writing poetry, not with
5:53 am
ink or sand. >> but the maker is from the netherlands. he came here for maker fair. >> it's a fair that's so big it's taken over the parking lot. you should take public transit or wide your trying gone. >> based off an old honda motorcycle. >> only goes 5 miles an hour but -- >> the mouth can breathe fire. >> at maker fair, fire is always in fashion. from sculptures to games. >> i helped make this thing. >> what is it? >> this is a full five version of bob-it with fire. >> there's something about fire, isn't there? >> oh, yes. we love fire. >> of course, part of the fun is learning how to make things, even things you never knew you needed like are a synthesizer made out of a shoe. >> i made this back when i was a freshman in high school, really. >> a true maker doesn't ask why. >> why not? i had a bunch of little holes in it and put some knobs in it, so
5:54 am
why not some. >> it doesn't have a name, but this does. it runs on motors from windshield wipers. and speaking of motors. >> three, two, one! >> we race power tools 20 get kids excited about engineering. >> does it work? >> most of the time. >> in san mateo, johnathan bloom, abc7 news. >> coming up, wishes in weinrich country. how you can help the make the wish foundation with an annual
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> here are the numbers from the mega-millions draw. nobody picked all six. tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $203 million. happening today, an annual event that helps kids.
5:57 am
the wishes and weinrich country event mc'd by ama daetz is being held at the sonoma vineyards in windsor. this is video from a previous event. wishes and weinrich benefit, make a wish greater bay area, 100% of the proceeds help make more than 300 wishes come true each year for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. next on the abc7 morning news at 6:00. breaking news out of the east bay. a four-alarm fire destroys at least half a dozen businesses. firefighters remain on scene this morning. and developing news, an early morning shooting in a quiet neighborhood leaves two people hurt.
5:58 am
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>> it's saturday, may 21st. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm i'm chris nguyen. we are off to a cool start across the bay area. here's meteorologist lisa argen with a live look at doppler 7hd. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. we are looking at the possibilities of showers around the bay today. we have the storm impact scale once again that denotes the size of the storm you can expect. this is a 1, a light one. anywhere from .01 to .015-inch. rain and a slight chance after thunderstorm. a look at the clouds right now. notice not much going on locally. as we slide down to around monterey, davenport, you see showers offshore here. yesterday you h


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