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tv   ABC 7 News 430pm  ABC  May 22, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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next, a mother badly burned a child lost in the fire. neighbors in vallejo describe a panicked scene when a house went up in flames. and san francisco's acting police chief tries to reach out to the community. >> got to expect pretty much anything. >> steph curry says he is ready to
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what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. because i just want to see him -- >> neighbors in vallejo make a
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desperate attempt to rescue a 5-year-old boy trapped inside his family's burning home. hello, i'm eric thomas, unfortunately, those neighbors were unable to get inside that burning home on stella street before the fire claimed the young victim's life. police and fire officials are launching an investigation. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkly has more. >> reporter: eric, as you can understand it is a very sad sunday in this neighborhood as residents and then firefighters aggressively try to get into a back bedroom of a home that was engulfed in flames in order to save a 5-year-old boy, early in the morning on vallejo, a home on fire, neighbors heard the terrible screams of a mother. >> she was yelling, yelling, screaming, help my baby. >> she was burned pretty good. >> reporter: jeffrey aims put
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water on her and crawled into the house, trying to rescue the little boy. >> hosed her off a little bit, asked her where the baby was, started to go in. i could only get like half way through the living room. >> the smoke was just engulfed here, and windows started popping out, i'm trying to keep the back of my head you know from catching on fire because i didn't want to see him die. >> the fire department was met by many neighbors trying to assist in getting the one victim out. >> the baby! >> reporter: the little boy did not make it out alive. a teenage son survived with minor burns. the mother was rushed to the hospital with second and third degree burns. a joint fire and police investigation is under way to determine if this fire was set on purpose. in vallejo, i'm leslie brinkly,
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abc 7 news. and two motorcyclists died after a collision, the driver of a car was trying to make a left turn from highway 113, chp officers say she didn't yield the right of way to the oncoming driv driver, investigators say alcohol and drugs were not factors. and in southern california, 26 people hurt after a shuttle bus crashed on its side. it happened on highland in the san bernardino mountains. two passengers on the bus went to the hospital with critical injuries. there is no word yet on what caused the crash. san francisco's new acting police chief spent the afternoon doing community outreach. >> thank you. >> chief tony chaplain got a standing ovation after the reverend brown, the president of the local naacp introduced him. abc 7 news was at third baptist church when chaplain spoke with members of the black community.
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he replaced greg sur, who resigned following a deadly police shooting. chaplain wants to reach all members of the community. >> i think police are at the top of the list, as guardians. we have had mothers here who lost their children and that is not going to be solved if there is a wall between the police department and the community. that has got to come down. hopefully, i'm going to be the person starting to move those bricks. >> chaplain says those two goals were forming the use of force policy and the use of body cameras. and pedestrians had to scare off coyotes this morning early in mills canyon park. the hikers said the coyotes approached them and their dogs. they say they felt trapped and called police. and the golden state warriors are hoping to steal one
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on the road. steph curry is the nicest guy in the league but he is the enemy. >> all right, well, we're getting ready for game three, getting ready for game three here, warriors and oklahoma, of course steph curry one of the most well loved athletes in the nation, but not here in oklahoma city. he is a villain, and let's show you why, earlier he hit a game winning shot and just destroyed the oklahoma fans here. they couldn't believe they saw it, couldn't believe they lost. i asked steph what is it like to come back here as a villain. >> i embrace it, i know they're not going to cheer for me starting lineups. they will call out. just fun the regular season game -- it's no kind of bearing on tonight's game. and hmy mentality or theirs.
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i know the fans will remember it for sure. and will act accordingly. >> reporter: and of course, we're hoping for the same result here tonight. game is about to tip off, we'll have all the post-game reaction at. reporting live in oklahoma city, i'm mike schuman. all right, thank you, with the warriors and thunder tied a game apiece, game four will be in oklahoma city on tuesday, gave five, we'll head back here to oracle arena. and a key instrument, a federal lawsuit is seeking to extend the state's voter registration deadline, there was a suit filed, where they claim elections officials are not making it clear that voters in california without a stated
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party preference can still vote for a democratic candidate. the voter registration has soared in the past few months, especially among young democrats. and ahead, the scientific mysteries underneath the sea, get on board the ship that explores the ecosystems, highlights from the trip coming up. also a look at the show case, part science fair and county fair and something entirely new. and i'm abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma. a cool spring day across the region and these cool temperatures could lead to
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intromercedes-benz c-coupe, redesigned with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. soon there will be a lot more salmon in the waters off half moon bay, about 160,000 baby salmon will be released tomorrow from the harbor in half
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moon bay. there are wires imbedded in their snouts so they can be identified later, all part of the rearing department with the fish and wildlife department. and out to sea for a group of federal scientists, they just got back from nine days in the noah ship. abc 7 news was there in embarcadero where they document sea birds, marine mammals, and the fish they feed on in sonoma county. they are looking for changes. >> if we don't establish a base line we won't know if it is changing or staying the same. >> the team spotted one killer whale and 15 hump backs, and for the first time an endangered hawaiian bird. and the solar impulse two
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landed after taking off from oklahoma, this is the latest on the journey to the middle east, the journey started last week in abu dhabi. and hitting the lanes in san jose, that is ahead. and the big billboard music awards right after this news cast, a look at some of the big moments to expect. and heading outside for a live look we saw some peaks of sun tonight. this is a view
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san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. it's called the greatest show and tell on earth. abc 7 news was at the annual bay area maker affair in san mateo, the weekend-long festival celebrates invention and resourcefulness, the makers come here to share what they have learned with hundreds of thousands of people. and a san jose fixture closing its doors for good tonight. abc 7 news was at the cambrian park plaza, as people enjoyed the night of bowling last night. the 55-year bowling establishment is shutting down after a rent increase, and the owner had to move. it's not known who else will move there. and some of the biggest stars to shine on the billboard
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awards, two big moments, singer celine dion, accepting the icon award, performing for the first time since the deaths of her husband and brother. and tonight, madonna will pay tribute to prince. >> and the music awards are based on sales which is why you will see a lot of the justin biebers and taylor swifts racking up the numbers. you can catch them live tonight less than a half hour right here on abc 7 news, in 13 minutes. the bay area loves to party, usually meaning a lot of noise, but now quiet clubbing is catching on. abc 7 news's drew tuma reports on why headphones could be your new party pal, tonight at 11:00. and you thought he was only good for giving you the
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forecast, here is drew with more on the weather. and eric, it will be a very cool story here, a very cool trend that is happening, you don't want to miss that. right now, the sunshine is not effective. the temperatures are not responding thanks to a stiff breeze, live doppler 7 hd, showing you a fair amount of cloud cover. we have a live look from emeryville, a blend of sunshine and clouds there, some sun out there and temperatures on the cool side. this time of year inland especially, very common to have 80s and low 90s. not today, we're stuck in the 60s. 68 brentwood, 67 walnut creek, 65 in dublin, 66 in oakland, san jose, 64, novato. san francisco one of the cool spots coming in at 58 degrees. it's a bit breezy out there with winds generallily at 20 miles an hour. when you have that wind coming off of the ocean water, the
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ocean water temperature only in the 50s. that is why we're so cool across the region tonight. tonight, lower 40s to 50s, overcast skies. there is a chance of isolated drizzle and future weather will confirm that as we go hour by hour, first thing on your monday, 7:00, chance of light showers, through the afternoon the chance is still in our hills. and really the best chance may be in the north bay, by 4:00, we'll look at hillsborough, santa rosa, these areas could see showers monday afternoonñr popping up. they are shortlived and will be out of here by monday evening. temperatures very similar to where we were today. 60 in concord, 69 in san jose, napa up to 68. the week ahead, look at san jose, for example, we're staying below normal through about
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wednesday, then do a 180, temperatures go above average as we head into the holiday weekend. so by memorial day, we're warming up nicely, with 80s making a return on friday, warm on saturday, even nice on sunday. lots of sunshine, and mild to hot temperature forecast on the way. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast, a slight chance of showers, best chance in the north bay hill tomorrow. sun on tuesday, we're cool, and temperatures go right back up turning warmer on thursday, and 80s make a comeback friday, saturday, sunday, looking absolutely delightful. the early call for the upcoming holiday weekend. >> drew, thank you. >> drew, thank you. larry i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424.
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or visit
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good afternoon, only a few minutes away now from a huge game three for the warriors in the western conference finals, tad a game apiece. if golden state wins, they regain home court advantage, but if they lose, a must-win on thursday, by the way, no protective sleeve on steve curry, more from okc. >> reporter: and game three, toughest one to win, change of
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venue, different change of fans, and the warriors never played here. we talked to stephen curry. >> it's not going to be a perfect game. it's not going to be something where you can most likely blow the team out. that's not going to happen, you got to grind out the win, you may be behind the eight-ball, two down, two one, we're not playing our best game, we don't splinter as a group, we kind of use those opportunities to come together, that is what championship is all about. >> we know the focus it takes, for a playoff game. we know that every challenge is different, and we can never play the role game in okc. as long as we apply the same things to this game as we have done every road game and service we played in we should get some of the same results. >> reporter: we'll have all of your post-game reactions here at 11:00. reporting live from okc, mike
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schuman. and sonny has a strained muscle, clearly something is wrong, the a's now have 13 players sidelined simultaneously, most for them since 1979. this afternoon, the a's and yankees, ricky henderson at the park, cocoa crisp, a deep drive, aaron hicks, back to the wall and takes away a home run. bottom of the fifth, a's down 2-1, two out, two on for steven. bleachers still believe, but the yankees get two in the sixth, castro, and carlos beltran, the yankees go on to win 5-4, first four-game sweep since 1979. and the giants host the cubs this afternoon. and francis felipe the leader for several days,
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finishing second, trying to avoid another runner up finish, the eighth and final stage, 84.8 miles, a circle around the capital, felipe finished 11th, the finish, won by mark cavendish, but at 23 years old, felipe the youngest. and six birdies, four bogeys, birdie on 16, brooks, shooting a 1 over 71, would have won it for him. instead they go to the playoff. shot going in the water, and sergio allowed his first win in a long time, nearly four y
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finally tonight, a dream come true for one holocaust survivor who just loves singing the national anthem. the song has inspired her through many tough times. tonight, john donvan with the singer and the voice that's "america strong." ♪ oh, say can you see >> reporter: 89-year-old hermina hirsch loves to sing. especially this song. >> i love the song itself, i love it. >> reporter: her husband of 69 years says that singing has always brought hermina joy. >> this is her life, she likes to sing. >> reporter: recently, she told her family her dream, to sing the national anthem at the ballpark for her favorite team, the detroit tigers. >> the next thing you knew, my older brother took a video of her, and gave it to andrea, and andrea posted it on social media. >> reporter: an audition, sort of. word spread and the tigers
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couldn't say no. ♪ by the dawn's early light >> reporter: hermina was born in czechoslovakia. in 1944, at 17, she was locked away in the notorious nazi concentration camp called auschwitz. she survived and built a family in america. they were there last night. 200 family and friends turned out at the ballpark to listen, and to celebrate. >> it's one of her favorite songs because she's so patriotic. because of everything she's been through and how she got here. ♪ for the land of the free such a happy -- hahaha! >> yeah, texas woman has become a viral sensation and her celebrity just keeps getting bigger. a video of candice pains' joy
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over this chewbacca toy, she mentioned she bought her mask at kohls, the actor called her video absolutely wonderful. that does it for us here at abc 7 news at 5:00. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas, for drew tuma, and mike schuman, in oklahoma city, thank you for joining us.
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and now, abc presents the billboard music awards. >> announcer: live from the t-mobile arena in las vegas, it's the 2016 billboard music awards. kicking off the summer with the hottest stars at the biggest party of the year. with performances by -- justin bieber dnce lukas graham ariana grande demi lovato shawn mendes rihanna troye sivan meghan trainor featuring collaborations by -- blake shelton and gwen stefani fifth harmony and ty dolla $ign nick jonas and tove lo plus, the world premiere of adele's "send my love to your new lover." pink dazzles the stage with the television debut of "just like fire." the go-go's reunite for their 35th anniversary. an unfge


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