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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> ugly fight following a donald trump rally last night. all while some say police just stood by and watched. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. this is the last weekend before the÷úokxd primary and all three presidential candidates are campaigning here in the golden state. we have live team coverage tonight. >> we do. david louie is following up on the violence that erupted but let's hear from laura anthony. >> reporter: the rally here was relatively small by bernie sanders standards but there is in lack of enthusiasm. from here, he went to berkeley and held a press conference with former labor secretary robert rice. there, he answered questions from reporters, here, we heard the familiar themes about free college tuition and the like. we had a chance to talk about recent violence on the campaign trail and his chances in california's primary.
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>> feel the bern! >> reporter: they were feeling the bern in fairfield today with temperatures pushing one #00 degrees, all to see democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders on a push ahead of tuesday's california primary. >> if you hear there is a large voter turn out, we'll win. if you hear that there is a very large voter turn out, we'll win by a lot. >> reporter: if he loses, where will supporters turn? >> some folks indicate sanders supporters might vote for trump. >> no. not vote for trump. >> what about hillary? >> yes. >> reporter: we talked about the violence outside of the donald trump rally and whether he'd encourage his supporters to steer clear. >> you asked folks not to engage in violence. >> absolutely. >> like his supporters who
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braved heat to see him, there is no mention on giving up. >> i think we're going to win this state and are going to do well and have real momentum going into the democratic convention. i think we're going to win the nomination. >> reporter: sanders will head to southern california tomorrow before returning for a big event on monday. in fairfield, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> violence after last night's donald trump rally resulted in four arrests. protestors and supporters got into fights, grabbed signs and threw punches. protestors set fire to one of donald trump's signature hats that bear his slogan "make america great again". a debate is underway on whether officers did must have to protect people. david louie is live where the disturbance broke out at the mchenry convention center. david?
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>> reporter: the police chief thought 250 officers would be sufficient to make everybody safe here, but in hind sight he said he should have had more. thousands did come here, and leave safely, tere were those injured and threatened who believe that police should have been more aggressive. steve tong knew there would be protestors. police had 250 officers at the convention center for the rally. tong went to get his car at the garage afterwards. >> i heard a window was shattered and stuff. i said, you know, this is, i mean this is it this, is crazy. >> the police chief says owe officers are ordered not to break from the line f they did, they might trigger an escalation. one officer was injured when being hit by a bottle. >> first priority for us is owe
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clear the streets to make sure there aren't additional injuries and keep the rest of the attendees safe. a student who went to the rally was concerned about the mood outside. >> people came looking to fight, looking to fight. there are people that confronted me f i had been looking to fight, people were yelling to me. i just ignored it. if i didn't, i'm sure someone would have hit me or something. >> reporter: he praised police for maintaining discipline. a teacher works at san jose state and is a santa clara council member. >> celebrityism is slating into politics now. i think this is a dangerous time. i hate to be chilling in that regard. >> police are searching for video that's can lead to arrests. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> hillary clinton is campaigning aggressively across the state, making several stops in southern california today,
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including this one in santa ana. the former secretary of state is just 70 delegates away from punching the nomination. >> are americans ready for a woman director? we're going to break the celluloid ceiling, then, starting tuesday, we're on the way to breaking the highest and harde hardest ceiling. 14 million people are expected to vote in the primary election. make sure your vote counts. on tuesday, polls open from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. if you need to look up the polling place, most counties have an online search option. it's possible to get paid time off, but only if you don't have time to get to the polls. and if you're already making arrangements with your employer. anyone with a mail in ballot must make sure it's post marked by tuesday.
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ballots can be hand delivered and some counties have secure drop boxes. the ballots must be received by friday, or, they don't count. >> for the third day in a row, there is a spare the air alert in effect in the bay area and another issued for tomorrow. let's take a look from our camera, hazy out there. on spare the air days, people are encouraged to carpool. let's take a look now at the high temperatures with abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian. spencer? >> it's been a hot day and we have had record highs. high clouds at the coast and here is a look at highs. sfo, 87 degrees. 85 in oakland is a new record high for the date. 92 in moffett field. notice highs, 101 degrees in yu
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kaia and fairfield and livermore. 100 at gilroy. you'll notice numerous 90s around the bay area, here is the view at santa cruz beach now. people are enjoying lingering warmth. temperatures coming down a bit near the bay and coast. and 57 in half moon bay. this is a view of low clouds and fog approaching the golden gate, bringing cooling to coastal areas. 91 in napa and novato. fairfield, 98. they'll be further cooling into the weekend but it's not going to be a rapid cool down. i'll have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> thank you so much, spencer. and sky 7 is live over breaking news in san francisco. crews just repaired a water main break. you can take a look at video of the leak taken just minutes ago.
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the line broke around 5:15 at harkness avenue, flowing close to an hour, crews just cut it off, so things are drying out. get breaking news alerts any time, just down load our news app and enable push alerts. stanford public safety officers are on the lookout for a man that snuck into a woman's door rooms. new at 6:00 san francisco police are responding to a bombçó thre in a bar in the city's soma district. police say they got a call from a man who claimed to be inside of a dna lounge. police called for a shelter in place for surrounding businesses. this video posted to the bar's website. police are attempting to
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reconnect with the person who called. a standoff that lasted for hours six police officers were hurt in the struggle to arrest this guy. abc7 news reporter vic lee is live where it happened. vic? >> it happened behind me there on that block. you can see a van there, there are officers on the scene. this morning, the captain told me he wanted this to end through negotiations. there is no rush, no hurry, he said. that is the way it ended without an officer-involved shooting. s.w.a.t. team members converged on pacific avenue in chinatown. earlier, patrol officers
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responded to a call from a resident that a burglary was in progress. the man was still inside. police say he barricaded himself in the kitchen. >> there was a shot fired. and it was from the suspect. now, we're dealing with a car burglary. >> officers retreated and s.w.a.t. team members rushed over. those in adjacent buildings were ordered to leave. others told to shelter in place. the standoff continued into the fifth hour. crowds gathered. then, a flash bang. you can see the suspect running into a nail salon. officers chased him inside. workers ran out to safety. the suspect would not go down easily. >> once the suspect went inside,
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he resisted. >> police say he was put into a gurney and transported to the hospital. >> in this incident, officers request for the glass and there was blood on blood contact between suspect blood and officer blood. >> it ended the way police wanted. no shots fired. vic lee, abc7 news. >> two fremont police officers were shot in the line of duty this week. the suspect later died in a standoff. >> tonight, revisiting the neighborhood trying to get back to normal. plus... >> they knew where i live. i'm just waiting for a knock on the door. it's scary. >> the abc7 news i team looks into the threats of violence when a student has to live with. why she's the one punished.
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>> come out here. and talk with kids and it's special. >> next, how an east oakland school benefited from the warriors day off. >> just ahead on abc7 news a live rofrt from the oldest international soccer competition, being played outside south america for the
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(voand exceptional customerity pre-ownservice,les... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. >> that is the sound of a warriors win and the only place to watch is right here on abc7.
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>> abc7 news is live to tell us more about the day kids will remember forever. lyanne? >> reporter: warriors are in the middle of finals and yet have time and passes to comee out students are star struck, of course. . today, the point guard left a lasting impression on kids from east oakland pride elementary. >> i'm sure kids watched the games and see us on tv. >> livingston came to open a new live, learn, and play zone at the school. a beautiful basketball court was added.
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the nba refurbished a library, making it where kids can come to expand what is learned in the classroom. there is a science and technology multi purpose room. >> it really makes children, i think, gravitate to come to this to do something exciting. >> players took time to bring joy and excitement to the kids. and the nba says this is where the warriors leave a lasting legacy for children and families. >> so much about the team in the series. you have many players here who wanted to be part of this. >> abc7 is the home for the nba finals. our coverage starts at 4:00 p.m. with a special warriors pregame
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edition of abc7 news at 5:00. then, abc's coverage begins here on abc7 with warriors and cavaliers in oakland. then, join abc7 news with larry beil and mike shumann, live from oracle for after the game with analysis from warriors. >> good stuff. be sure to tune in. happening now, kickoff to oldest international continental football competition, known as soccer here in the u.s. the tournament being played outside south america, and here in the bay area. pretty exciting. sergio? >> reporter: it is exciting. i can tell you it's having people so excited, and
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the oldest soccer tournament in the world. this is going to encompass 32 different matches that are going to be played until june 26th across ten united states' cities involving 16 teams from this is the first time it's going to be hosted outside of south america. i can tell you we have seen people coming here from across south america but mostly columbia. we've been talking to people who have come here and some just to watch the games. >> abc7 news.
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>> amazing. >> yes. >> i don't recall another like it. thank you. >> the spectators are heating up today. >> they are. spencer christian is here with the forecast for the weekend. >> well, it's hot in santa clara. we have sunny skies across the bay area now. in levis stadium, dropping off to 81 by 8:30 so it will be warm with people in the stadium, might feel warmer. we go to look at our 24 temperature change. four degrees warmer in san francisco now. and here is a look at our temperatures, into upper 90s inland. this is the view from sutro tower. we'll see coastal fog cooler
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this weekend and low temperatures tomorrow, we'll have high clouds in the daytime. temperatures dropping and air quality poor in the inland east bay. if you can, watch mass transit. and this will be environmentally friendlier ways to travel. high temperatures tapering off and finally, by tuesday of next week, we'll see high temperatures back in an average range for this time of the year.
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>> stanley cup finals are headed to san jose and the city is ready to show how much it's changed over the last decade. changed over the last decade. >> that she had to earn it.anded to cecilia aguiar-curry. built a business. became an expect in water policy. balanced budgets. and always solving problems. that's how she brought much-needed technology to local classrooms... so every child has an opportunity to learn. and worked to create more local jobs... so more families can get ahead. that's democrat cecilia aguiar-curry for assembly.
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a transformation in honor of the men in teal.
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there is support behind the san jose sharks. >> tomorrow, sharks will try to get their first win of the final in san jose. >> they need it. >> in san jose, players will tell you how much this means. >> you can feel energy. and the crowd shows up and this is cool. it's pretty special. >> you knew that coming here, it's cool to be on this side. >> with an international audience, the final will shine on san jose.
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for those here before, they'll hikely notice how much downtown changed. no longer a place to see an outdoor board in the park. residents are banking on showing off the city in a new light. >> we've got opera, excellent food. different cultures and walks of life. having that combined together in a city like san jose is unique. >> officials aren't denying the pub list tie we've got great things in this area for people to see, do, and hang out to play. >> in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> stable stubblefield went to court today, but lawyers have had other matters to discuss. >> what they asked the judge to do before stubblefield's sexual
6:26 pm
assault trial can proceed. >> this is like bombs going off in a gunfire. >> taking you to the neighborhood where standoff with the suspect who shot two officers came to a deadly end. >> this is awful. how is my daughter supposed to teach herself chemistry? and geometry? a student complained about being bullied and she ended up
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. that breaking news is happening now in san francisco. police are responding to a bomb threat at the bar dna lounge at 8th and folsom. you can see right there, a robot device is in the middle of the road. >> police got the call a few hours ago from a man that claimed to be inside of the bar with a gun and a bomb. our team at the scene says police are doing a sweep. high school students are feeling the pressure of final exams. one junior is feeling pressure of a different sort.
6:30 pm
bullying. >> her mother complaining the school district failed to address the bullying until it reached a boiling point. >> after an emotional confrontation with staff, she was suspended and not allowed to return to class. tough with finals this week. the 16-year-old started a school year well, becoming a student body president, getting a's and b's, and playing on the varsity basketball team with her best friend. then, she says bullying began. >> they know where i live. they said they're going to come to my house and beat me up. >> zoe is a smart, beautiful lady. sometimes, girls get mad when someone looks better than them. >> zoe felt the borage on social media. one message, people are going to beat you up, hard, as soon as you step on campus, you'll go to the hospital.
6:31 pm
>> zoe is here. [ bleep, bleep ]. >> she received a direct threat on snap chat. >> i will end your life and your mama's life. >> she would sit outside class, following me to class and the bathroom. the school won't do anything. >> zoe told me piner high can be a violent place. this is a video of one from may. a photo shows the aftermath of the words fight at piner n this case, the bullying came to a head march 16th. a girl confronted her outside of a classroom. >> they had phones out, encouraging the fight. zoe has nef been in a fight so long. it's hard to watch. so and i told them, i'm tired. if you want to fight, fight me.
6:32 pm
>> school officials broke it up, but the next day, they suspended zoe, then, changed it to an expulsion, saying zoe threatened another student. >> zoe said i'll [ bleep ] you up. it was that specific thing. >> reporter: at the hearing, jasiah testified the principal was confused. >> you said beat her [ bleep ] out? >> the panel overturned the move to ex-pell zoe, says she's return this week, but it's been difficult to keep up during the two months away. >> it's awful. how is my daughter supposed to teach herself chemistry? and geometry? >> reporter: i tried to get answers from school owe fishes.
6:33 pm
does piner have a bullying problem? should they have taken action earlier? the district's general counsel, carl corbin. >> there is no bullying. >> reporter: assistant principal filed the complaint against zoe. >> tell us about the bullying before this point. >> i'm not going to answer questions, sorry. >> reporter: the district director of student and family engagement. >> what steps are being taken to address bullying, ma'am? >> reporter: they're pushing for a tutor and a transfer to another school. i reached the principal by e-mail. he wrote we take bullying seriously and are investigating the incident. i posted the exchange on new details in the sexual assault case against dana
6:34 pm
staublfield. a judge recused himself from this case and his legal team argued they want him to get a fair trial in front of a jury. stubblefield is accused of assaulting a woman with developmental disabilities last year. he said the sex was consensual. he will be back in court on friday. it's been two days since a suspect shot two fremont police officers. we've learned one doing better. >> the other is in critical condition. the suspect died on thursday morning after hiding out in a house. >> alisa harrington revisited to see how the neighborhood is doing. >> this is what is left of the house on fremont. wednesday, a suspected gunman holed himself up for hours after shooting two police officers. today, restoration crews boarded up. neighbors, struggling to return to their normal routine.
6:35 pm
>> this is -- i'm just really tired. >> she's worried the noise scared off the mother of the baby squirrels in this nest. the suspect shot off a lock of a door to enter. they were not home. >> he could have broken our door down. and we were there and have an 18 mold mole baby in the house. we're thankful he didn't choose our house. >> friends are raising money to give them a fresh start. the hardest part, they lost their dog, huckel berry in the standoff. the house has been boarded up
6:36 pm
and fenced off. people have been coming by throughout the day. somebody left this sign that says "blue lives matter". the police officers are still being treated at the hospital. repairs on a sink hole that shut down i-5 south of tracy are almost done. caltrans says the lanes are expected to reopen at midnight. >> flying is about be more fun. hear what delta airlines is offering passengers that no other u.s. carrier is doing. plus... >> i cannot say enough about you guys. thank you so much. >> michael finney takes on a problem that is before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas.
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100 wounded warriors are competing in the valor games. dan noyes emceed the ceremonies this afternoon. the athletes tell us it's important to compete. >> i want them to realize that
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just because something happened to you and your arm amputated, you can still be part of the drive. >> if you're interested in supporting our wounded warriors, think about attending next year. a new client for on demand ride services uber and lyft leads tonight's business at least for the time being. soon all on board entertainment will be free. passengers will be able to watch movies and tv shows and listen at no costs. on the stock market today, all
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three major indexes lost value. the dow dipped by 3400. s & p dropped by 6:00. >> coming up, when custom work doesn't cut it. >> one man's custom closet doesn't measure up. that is next
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flip your thinking about buying your next one. it is worth while to pay for custom made furnishings to fit your home? >> one man decided to splurge but said the job went terribly wrong. >> this customer says the pieces did not fit. he couldn't imagine living with it for years to come so he came to me for help. >> drawers were too wide. so they won't open and close. >> don romero ordered a custom made closet. the only problem is that it didn't fit. he can stick his hand through the gap. >> i can pull linen through it. >> he signed a $6600 contract
6:45 pm
with closet world. the company sent a salesman to take measurements. however, workers came to install the pieces, they didn't fit. >> i took a look and said no. >> the new parts didn't fit either. workers tried to cut them, but he says sizing was wrong. >> i just want a refund. >> don paid $5500, closet world denied the refund. >> just no. no. no. if i were to be forced to look at the closet for the rest of my life, i would be upset every day. >> reporter: don had enough, and we took his case to closet world. the company tells us we're 100% confident we could have
6:46 pm
completed this job to the satisfaction of this customer, we were not given the opportunity. when the customer asked for a full refund it was unusual. however, closet world did give his money back, a big relief. >> i cannot say enough about you guys, thank you. >> most contractors are prohibited from charging more than 10% down, however, closet world is an exception. why? it holds a performance in payment bond, mean, it's allowed to request any amount of money, including the full amount, up front. that is something to think about. they can ask for it, you don't have to agree. >> thank you, michael. >> let's focus on the weather forecast. >> yes.
6:47 pm
the weekend approaches. >> the heat is going to be slow to retreat. looking ahead, lots of triple digits, 101 in chico. 107÷ú in fresno. and we'll have hazy sunshine, 96 in livermore, 94 in nbconcord. we'll probably match triple digits. and our beach forecast for tomorrow, partlvç cloudy skies with a high uv index. if you're going to go to the beaches it would be advise ybl to put on lots of sun screen. here is the accu-weather forecast. notice temperatures are inland that will taper off and
6:48 pm
cooler than today. >> thank you. >> time to turn to sports. there is a lot going on. >> dan, steve christy seems to be a mild mannered coach, unless you happen to be on his white
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warriors won an nba finals game last night, hitting four of 15 shots. that was not the blueprint that steve kerr had drawn up but it's a big problem now. sean livingston struggled in the okc series today, they returned to a theme, that is strength in numbers, making them so hard to beat. >> everybody on every roster in the nba is a hell of a player. so it's fun to use a lot of different people. and is great to see guys
6:52 pm
involved. >> the camaraderie is all about this one. >> all year, we've relied on our depth. and it's fun to see the energy and do what they do. >> they said about the hulk, don't make steve kerr angry, you won't like him when he's angry. i tried to take it out on the clip board rather than the player. >> my third of the year. that is fine. >> giving steve kerr some clip boards. >> game two of the nba finals sunday, 5:00 p.m. here. they made it to their first ever
6:53 pm
stanley cup final. they better get their stanley cup final win. they lost game one on a goal and game two went to overtime. game three just needs luck luck. >> both games we get a break to make a play. >> this is no different, just go and play. when all 20 guys don't play, we lose. >> bad news for giants, hunter pens will miss the next two months. and hindsight is 2020.
6:54 pm
have you to wonder why he's getting more time to buster posy scores and giants. this is a ground out and it is 2-1, giants. a's in houston. did not go well. in and out of his glove. that cannot happen.
6:55 pm
and the day is done. they trail 9-0 in the fifth. >> thank you, larry. >> join us at 9:00. coming up, researchers setting affects of stem cells. why they're calling results stunning. >> and mohammed ali is in the hospital tonight said to be in grave condition. local boxing world is reacting tonight. >> finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. after months watching other states weigh in on the presidential race we'll have our say. this is a strange election year that will be studied for decades. say what you will about the unusual candidacies, two sides
6:56 pm
of the same coin, really. and that is a good thing for a nation with historically low voter turn out. and depends on freedom of expression. violence is disturbing and unacceptable. the people of california get a say next week. what matters is they speak with votes. not violence. let me know what you think. >> look for breaking news on twitter. >> we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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she had to earn it.anded to cecilia aguiar-curry. built a business. became an expect in water policy. balanced budgets. and always solving problems. that's how she brought much-needed technology to local classrooms... so every child has an opportunity to learn. and worked to create more local jobs... so more families can get ahead. that's democrat cecilia aguiar-curry for assembly.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a graduate student and instructor originally from gambrills, maryland... a writer originally from irving, texas... and our returning champion, a librarian from tulsa, oklahoma... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hi, folks. good to have you with us once again to wrap up the week here on "jeopardy!" no sooner had i said it at the beginning of yesterday's program
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that runaways don't happen all the time than kelly goes out and makes it two days in a row. so, lincoln and jeremy, you know what you have to do. good luck to all of you. here are the categories for the jeopardy! round. starting off with... next... you fill in the gap. each correct response will begin with a g and have six letters. and finally, this... kansas city barbeque -- some say it's the best in the country, and some say the best in the city is here at arthur bryant's. and, kelly, you go first. missing movie names, $200. lincoln. who are bill and ted? yes. missing movie names, $400. jeremy. what is fred? right. movie names, $600.


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