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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is monday. i am natasha zouves. >> it is 5:00 a.m. welcome to june 6. now, a check on the weather and traffic. mike, how hat or not hot? >> it is the not hot compared to over the weekend and last week. we will see the clearing trend
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take hold today from friday and last through saturday. good morning, everyone. live doppler hd is showing drizzle around san francisco and oakland and into the hills and same as you head into to higher elevations in the north bay. as far as the day planner, 50 to 60 is comfortable. 56 to 76 at noon. 58 at the coast and 82 inland. sue? >> we will look at santa rosa southbound 101 near todd, an early accident. the car was speeding. the ran through a fence and flipped. southbound 101 before todd they have cleared that out of lanes. had are no problems there. an accident eastbound 237 has the calaveras off ramp, one lane, blocked. we will come back and look at the going going with a fog advisory. >> the outcry is growing, how could a former stanford swimmer be found guilty of sexually assaulted an unconscious woman
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and be sentenced to six months. the judge is being pushed to be recalled. matt? >> thousands of people are asking for a judge to be removed from his position after sentencing the former stanford swimmer. santa clara built superior court judge sentenced the 20-year-old brock itemmer to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman unconscious and intoxicated in january of 2015. with good behavior he could end up serving only three months. the judge fear add longer term would have a severe impact on turner. many are calling the sentence a slap on wrist. the prosecutors asked for six year prison term. >> the petition was started after thursday's sentencing, and the author calls for the judge to be recalled for the lenient sentence. there are mother than 30,000 signatures close to the goal of 35,000. before last week the victim read allow a letter and read, high told my parents i was assault asked my mom had to hold me
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because i could no longer stand up. the statement has been share asked views millions of time on social media with the letter on >> it is stunning. >> the california primary is a difficult away and hillary clinton is shy of the number of delegates needed to chairman the nomination. the win in puerto rico comes as donald trump is under fire, this time, for claims that a mexican american judge is bias against him. our reporter joins us in washington, dc. >> good morning, we have learned that the trump campaign has hired a new political manager, a veteran operative, jim murphy. several republicans have urged trump to change course on the comments. >> donald trump did not back off the con continuation that federal judge gonzalo curiel should be disqualified from presiding over a fraud case against trump university because
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of his ancestry. >> he is a member of a society that is strongly pro mexican that is fine. but i say he is bias. i want to build a wall. >> trump went further. >> in it were a muslim judge would you feel you could not be treated fairly because of your policy? >> possible, yes. it would be possible. >> bernie sanders is neck in neck with hillary clinton in california. clinton is less than 30 delegates away from clinching the nomination after a big win in puerto rico. a loss in the golden state could make for a messy convention. >> i want to finish strong here in california. it means the world to me. >> bernie sanders has an event in san francisco and clinton and her husband have a total of nine events through the state of california today. closing the day with a star-studded concert including
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>> bill clinton and hick are in california, and bill has been five campaign events. bill clinton host add rally in los angeles with former lakers players and will start at hayward city hall at 10 45 and nonstop until a rally at the recreational exterior in san francisco at 5:30 tonight. >> bernie sanders will be in the bay area today holding two events, yesterday in san diego, bernie sanders promised the oval office will be occupied by a democrat in 2017. >> trump will not become president because in the year 2016 the american people will not accept a bigoted president. >> this morning he is conducting a media only news conference in emeryville, and at 5:00 this afternoon, a huge rally at crissy field in van featuring
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dave matthews. you can download our election app for free and enable push alerts for updates as they happen. >> warriors and the calf theres are flying to cleveland as they move to ohio with the after the game and said the team is focused on the wednesday game. awe have to win, we do not want to extend this as long as we have to. we have to win won, hopefully two, but we cannot have 20 turnovers. if we did that, they will feast on us, so we cut that to 10 or 12 we are in good shape. >> we took care at him court now we will get one on the road. maybe two.
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we will start with one. >> do it. the warriors lead the series 2-0 and those that take the lead in the finals are 28 and three in the all time. >> we are the only play to see every game of the finals with game these on wednesday. join us at special warriors pregame abc7 as 5:00. at 5:30, our come of game three is here with the warriors and cavaliers in cleveland. tip-off is 6:00 p.m. after that, join sports director larry beil and mike shumann with after the game analysis. we will profit from the watch part happening at oracle arena. >> dubs fans showing pride look at the many photos and videos you guys are posting on social media. we want to see yours. use # dubson7. we will feature them.
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>> sharks have a limited number of tickets for the game beginning the penguins sold only at the s.a.p. center at 10:00 a.m. and they kevin the best of seven at two games each with a victory on home ice. a viewing party is held at the market. >> muhammad ali's daughter said that all nine of his children were surrounding her father when he die on friday. on "good morning america" she told robin roberts they sent him off in a peaceful way. the boxer was hospitalized prior to his death for protecting issues. he fought a decades long battle with parkinson's disease. she said she felt comforting no one her dad is at peace. >> i felt the love since before my father passed away but i can say that i am obviously really sad but i have been sad for a long-term, watching my father struggling with parkinson's disease and you hold your hold up and say he is doing great, but i felt lake he was trapped
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inside his body. i have comfort in knowing that he is not suffering anymore. >> it is nice to hear from her and you can watch robin roberts' interview at 7:00 a.m. right here. >> happening today a medical marijuana dispensary in oakland will challenge the federal government in tax support. the tax case started six years ago, when the airspace audited them and it was declared a drug trafficking organization and ordered to pay taxes of more than $2 million. the company is asking the court to treat medical cannabis as a proper business and not a drug trafficker. >> you have length crimes are rising in central major united states cities and experts can not pinpoint a specific reason. los angeles and chicago are both dealing with skyrocketing numbers of you have element crimes. primarily blamed on gangs and drugs. the f.b.i. said they do not know great. they are trying to figure out what is behind 9 trend. the good news is in some cities
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like oakland and miami, the numbers are actually dropping. in oakland, homicides, raped, beeries and assaulted were down in the first three months of the year compared to last year. >> we will start in the north by and talk about temperatures at 55 degrees. we have exceptions including calistoga at 50 and vallejo at 57. in san jose, you are at 60. brentwood and tracy at 62 and 63 we can shift away from the heat and get back to doing outdoor activities such as garden and walking the dog or running but it will not be so hot. you have to watch out for the sun. now, from mount tamalpais you can see the cloud deck identity there with temperatures reaching 90 inland but tomorrow, most of the 90s are gone and we will hang out in the 60s and 70s and 80s by wednesday.
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>> dense fog advisory on the golden gate bridge. you will need your windshield wipers. the high deems should be off pause it does not help with visibility. we have a problem apeopling -- approaching macarthur maze westbound 580 before eastbound 880 and the transition. three cars are involved in the right lane, the slow lane, so expect delays. we will check with c.h.p. in a few minutes. >> a popular energy barmaid right here is now underrecall this morning. >> a new minutes usa has been crowned. >> in tickets? no problem, meet the fan who does not mind
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santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> emeryville company is recalling some of their bars because they could be contaminateed. the three flavors are being recalled. the examine said this they have not received any reports of any illness. >> if you think you would buy warriors t-shirts there is a warning, look out for fakes. these are unlicenseed gear.
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make sure you get the genuine item look for a sticker or a tag. buy merchandise straight from n.b.a. authorized stores. tickets have been too pricey for at the love people even the cavaliers decided not to purchase them but not everyone needs to see at oracle arena to cheer on the team. cornell barnard talked to two fans happy to watch at him. >> who said oracle arena is in oakland? jerome moved to his garage. a lot of work, but we are getting there and it on a scale of 1-10 it is a 7. he has an impressive collection, pictures and autographs of players and check out the space. no room for family car anymore. >> i enjoy watching the game at home with the family and friends i ended up maybe the garage could be a place. with his wife's blessing he created this place form army
5:16 am
known as the garage, man contain meets dubs sanctuary stadium seats to lit up scenes. >> does your wife regret giving the friend light on this? >> absolutely. >> super fan is grateful to see the finals in person. >> it is a journey for me and i am grateful. he was diagnosed with lymphoma and the progress northeast was -- the prognosis was grim but he beat back the disease and now is cancer-free. >> the first days i could walk after therapy after the staph infection, i went to a warriors game. >> he said he never gave up, strength in numbers. >> watch parties now are never the same. >> people think we have fun in here and it is not oracle arena but it can sound like oracle arena at times. it is pretty close.
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>> almost like being there. >> i would not mind having a party there. >> a he sounded amazing. >> now, meteorologist mike nicco how from was the story? >> i will bring the hummus. and chips. >> great time. love to see the passion. good morning, everyone, now, live doppler hd shows the next three hours drizzle is our biggest concern, maybe not so much in the inland hills but the closer you get to the hills and valleys and the bay bridge and the richmond-san rafael bridge and the golden gate bridge the more likely you will have the drizzle. we have cooler highs up to 70 degrees cooler than yesterday, with the heat wave breaking through the forecast and the californiaest times are friday and saturday. a lost graduations on friday. that is if news. low-to-mid 80s in the south bay until you get to los gatos at 87 and santa cruz at 69. los altos is 83 and everyone
5:18 am
else in the mid-to-upper 70s and low-to-mid 60s along the cost and mid-to-upper 60s in downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito. 74 to 80 is the spread through the north bay and language the east bay shore 60's in hercules and richmond, and we could get to 80 but we have to go to orinda and in the valley. 86 in san ramon. a few 90s around antioch and brentwood. dramatic drop for wednesday is holding through thursday and another drop into friday. >> a nice stream of headlights on the east shore freeway into the macarthur maze and we are not see any delays but looking at a 15 minute drive from golden gate field at top of the scene, how the east shore freeway and the maze interest san francisco. we have a problem aetching the maze from 580 side, westbound, an accident. each 237 off five o'clock verse off-ramp one lane is closed at the off-ramp there and here is what i was talking about with slow traffic aetch promising the
5:19 am
toll plaza and now you are seeing the slow traffic here, blocking the slow lane, west 580 before the macarthur maze. we will check on this and look at the bay bridge toll plaza with a shot in a couple of minutes. >> the mona lisa is fine. museums in paris are back open after the floodwaters from the river receded after entering the museum on sunday. but the louve is close asked protected pit sandbags. this is the warriors flooding in throw decades, with torrential rain sleeving 18 people dead. >> mark zuckerberg is not safe from being hacked. >> technical billionaires are not immune to hackers, with a group gaining access to zuckerberg's accounts including linked in and twitter blamed on the password leak from linked in. facebook said stick's accounts are secure with no facebook accounts affected.
5:20 am
>> and now four new wireless had phones with blue tooth models from boes including some buds for the work out cloud. >> the navy is taking a page out of hollywood blockbuster with a new reality helmet to help locate down the aircraft or shipwrecks with zero visibility. can they fly? >> fashionable, too. >> the newly crowned miss usa is more than a swimmer of the competition but an army officer. >> 26-year-old park bash from washington,med with -- deshauna barber from washington, dc is the first ever military member to win. she will take a break from the army reserves serving two day as in and she wants to use the spotlight and her title to support vans' causes and take on
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the issue of suicide and ptsd among the military members.
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every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato... and chicken. at panera. food as it should be. >> here is way need to know before you go, break news in fremont, firefighters are on the scene of a house fire. it was boarded up and squatters could be to blame. >> bill clinton and bernie sanders will respond the day doing last minute campaigning in the bay area. bill clinton is at five events starting in hayward. bernie sanders is in gone to be a crissy field tonight in a free concert. >> thousands have asked to remove a superior court judge forgiving a former stanford swim
5:24 am
are six months for rape. brock turner was fund guilty of sexaully assaults an unconscious woman. >> preparations are ongoing for the memorial service for muhammad ali. yesterday, his body arrived in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. >> we are dealing with drizzle this morning. especially the closer you are to the bay bridge and richmond-san rafael and golden gate bridge and the coast. that will continue our cooling trend from two to seven degrees cooler today and more in the forecast. >> we are starting to stack up at the bay bridge with no official word of metering lights but westbound 80 at the connection to westbound 580 connection to eastbound 80 we have an accident. >> the cavaliers and warriors are flying to cleveland today taking off from sfo at 9:00 and the dubs depart later today. golden state heads to cleveland with the 2-0 lead in the finals.
5:25 am
>> the broncos will miss a player when they celebrate the super bowl victory today. the cornerback is recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered at a strip club. he was one of three people shot during a fight early yesterday morning in dallas. they are all expected to survive. >> new research is suggesting that certain weekends of the month could be boater than others for a woman trying to quick smoking. accord telling a study, success was less likely when it fell during the first half of a cycle. women have more severe health problems than men including a 25% increased risk of heart disease. cigarette smoking is the leading cause of prevent am death in the united states. >> school children will see the frights of their labor at the white house kitchen garden spending a day with the first lead picking vegetables and learning to cook them. students are back to see the results of their hard work, and
5:26 am
kids will prepare fresh healthy meals with inagreed -- ingredients raised from the garden. >> more details on a shooting spree in phoenix. >> and you can get your
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> good morning, on monday, june 6. now, over to meteorologist mike nicco. >> the closer you are at the coast the cooler it is. we felt the cooling first over the weekend. but the 100s broke over the weekend and now we break the 90s. in not today, tomorrow. there is not much fog. it is a moist marine layer.
5:29 am
drizzle is had. you need the windshield wipers. 56 at the cost. mid-to-upper 70s around the bay and inland. at lunch, mid-70s to low 80s by 4:00. >> slow traffic. not unusual. slow traffic out of the tracy area. up and over the altamont pass. this is 45-50 minute drive into dublin/pleasanton. a problem spot at macarthur maze with an accident in the slow lane and three cars involved westbound 580 before 80 i am not seeing a lot of slowing. there could be a tow truck on the scene. no metering lights. we are seeing slow traffic behind the tolls at the bay bridge. >> breaking news from fremont, fires are mopping up after a two alarm house fire. >> they realized they had been there before when the firefighters arrived. amy? >> good morning. the home is destroyed. it looks like a big nice home on a big lot but it had been
5:30 am
abandoned and period up with "no stress -- trespassing." an investigator is trying to figure out what happened the fire. another is on the way. the huge fire when the fighters arrived. no one was here. they recognized the home. it is an abandoned home perioded up and they had been called before for fires because squatters took it over. it took them an hour to get the fire out. it was a tough fire. >> we were able to make it to the pack bedroom. there was so much fire involvement it was unsafe for the crews. >> this is on roberts eve in fremont. it is the same street where a suspect died inside a home that funded last week. he homed up in the home after being involved in an officer involved shooting hiding in the
5:31 am
home from police. that was a few doors down from this home, so, a busy stressful few days for residents in the neighborhood. >> strange coincidence. breaking overnight, 280 is back open in san jose. a deadly two-car crash teen a pickup and bmw closed all southbound lanes for three hours the pickup rolled and a passenger was ejected. c.h.p. said the driver of the b bmw smelled strongly of chop and d.u.i. is underway. >> in walnut creek heads up on potential traffic issues around the water main break. crews are working this morning to fix it. the service line burst at parkside at 10:15. no homes or businesses are flooded. water service is okay. traffic is limited around the area. east bay mud said crews should finish by 6:00 a.m.
5:32 am
>> expect a police this afternoon in san francisco, bernie sanders is holding a big rally at the same time as bill clinton. yesterday crews set up for a rally and free concert with dave matthews and fishbone. the event starts at 5:00. the vermont senator abounced another bay area event holding a muck in emeryville start at 11:15. 700 delegates are at stake tomorrow. six states are holding primaries. the california provide marry is happening tomorrow and democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is less than 30 detects short of the nomination. finish strong in california would "mean the world to," her in southern california today off of a big win in puerto rico. she took the primary with 62's the vote. >> former president bill clinton
5:33 am
has five stops in the bay area to campaign for his wife hosting a rally in los angeles yesterday with former lakers' players. it starts at hayward ski hall and then to oakland. he will be at marsh elementary school at 2:00 and then the richmond arts center. last, a rally at a recreation center in san francisco at 5:30. >> more controversy around donald trump this morning. he defended his claim that the judge of mexican descent is unfit to preside over a case against trump university because, donald trump said of "bias." he said a muslim judge would probably be unfair, too. volunteers left flyers behind in a neighborhood. >> the alameda county registrar of voters was busy on sunday
5:34 am
with 18 million people regular materials to vote the highest total ever leading into a primary. >> you can stay on top of the race for the white house with the app by enabling push alert. >> now the warriors, to more wins, that is how close the wears are to repeating as champions. >> this is one of the stretches you talk about with the steal, the brazilian player, 27-point game. >> as you know the dubs blew out the cavaliers last night 110-77. they crushed the cavaliers by 48 points in game one and two the largest in finals history. golden state heeds the best of seven series 2-0. >> dubs nation celebrated during and after. fans are confident forking the dominating performance?
5:35 am
>> yes, a blow out. >> we are ready for back to back, baby. >> fans are rooting on the team together while the dubs are in cleveland. the warriors are holding much a parties at oracle arena at $20 and the first tickets are on sale at 10:00 for season ticket holders. we have the details on >> we are the only place to see every game of the finals with game these on wednesday, with news at 4:00, and world news tonight at 4:30 and a special warriors pre-game show at 5:00. at 5:30, our coverage of game three begins with the warriors and cavaliers in cleveland. tip-off is 6:00 p.m. after that, join our sports director larry beil and mike shumann with analysis. we will broadcast from the watch part at oracle arena.
5:36 am
>> at oracle arena, a moment silence's the game to pay homage to muhammad ali. he died on friday in phoenix. lebron james pointed his anier to the sky and tapped his heart in tribute to the greatest. >> muhammad ali's body is back in his hometown of louisville, to kentucky, transported from phoenix on a 737 which carried dozens of his family members. his large eight car motor indicated stopped traffic as it traveled from louisville international airport to the funeral home. a public memorial service is set for friday at 11:00 a.m. our time with eulogies delivered by former president clinton and billy crystal and long time sports caster bryant gumbel. >> yesterday afternoon a man was slot and killed before 3:00 p.m. near the intersection of north 26 and julian street. have the gay say the shooter is still out there but not
5:37 am
identified yet. on saturday, a middle-age man shot in the chest in san jose after two men got into a fight in a strip mall parking lot. he died at hospital. police are still looking for the suspect in the shooting. >> credits from alameda county are on the front lip helping battle a large wildfire in monterey. flames are threatening 100 homes. there are mandatory evacuations. the fire burned 3,500 acres and 10% contained. firefighters say the winds and dry brush helped it video when it started on saturday. half a dozen units left from monterey early yesterday morning. >> near los angeles thousands of evacuated residents are back at home now the firefighters have made major progress in containing a wildfire threatening their neighborhood. the fire is 80% contained. crews working in steep canyons took advantage of cooler temperatures and calmer winds yesterday. but it is something to see them
5:38 am
using add regular hose to put it out. we are told that it was started by fallen power lanes on saturday. >> now, back our way into the fog, the low cloud deck and we could see the other side the golden gate bridge and drizzle is possible, through 8:00 or 9:00 at the latest at the coast. temperature-wise you can see 56 in alameda and san leandro, and castro valley is 55 and most of us in the mid-to-upper 50s and elsewhere, you can get to san jose at 60 and san francisco is 54, and same in santa rosa and san carlos at 57. our temperaturerd going to slide down the scale in this is a 90s in antioch, a few money 80s in the south bay. 70s in the north bay and 60s and 70s an the bay. on wednesday the 90s are gone and 80s barely hang on, inland east bay, 60s and 70s around the bay again. and at the love 60s around the bay by thursday.
5:39 am
with 70s and 80s inland. east bay, it is getting cooler, and does that mean friday and saturday and sunday are cooler? possibly. we will hook in the seven-day forecast. >> metering lights were turned on at the bay bridge and you can see the traffic is stacking to the macarthur maze and it is 15 minutes. that is building as far as getting interest san francisco from the 80 side. an hour and ten minutes from tracy up and over interest dublin/pleasanton. in stalls or accidents, gist a last early morning commuters and better news, westbound 580 before eastbound 80 we had an early accident with three vehicles in the slow lane. traffic is moving nicely through oakland on 580 until you get to the bay bridge backup. in phoenix, two are dead, one in critical condition after a shooting at this motel 6. authorities say a man walked into the office. he said something to the people
5:40 am
would work already and started shooting. he ran from the scene, carjacked someone and fired at two other people grazing them. police surrounding the gunman would shot himself. he is not expected to survive. >> happening today we will find out in criminal chance are filed in the cincinnati zoo gorilla face, possibly against the pains of the -- parents of the by. prosecutor will announce if he will pursue charges of the these-year-old who goal support enclosure. that led of course to the fatal shooting of the silver backed gorilla. experts say prosecution on child endangerment seem unlikely. the exhibit is going to reopen tomorrow with a higher barrier. >> national public radio is reporting one of their award winning photographers and his translate have been killed in afghanistan. he was traveling in the son part of the country yesterday and the vehicle was hit by shell fire. he was the first american journalist nature in the military to be killed in the 15
5:41 am
year afghan conflict. >> the man suspected of killing a long-term public defender in san francisco will be arraigned today after standing his aunt. show was fund dead in her home early this month, she was stabbed 40 times. she worked in the public defender's office for three decades. investigators have not said what happened between her and the nephew. >> police evacuate add park with a growling predator have parents concerned for their state -- concerned for their state -- safety. everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet.
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san rafael, south bay, mosten and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> look at what pegs found in the back of a van pulled over $4,700 worth of red bull. they showed us four men and a teen arrested from oakland. they were spotted at a grocery store putting the red bull into the vehicle and take off. the crew are all in jail this morning. >> a man is accused of exposing himself to a man and his five -year-old daughter.
5:45 am
the man drove up to the parents and the child as they walked to a park on saturday. he drove away and run add second time. the mother took down the license number and called police right away and they found him and arrested him three minutes later. >> look out for mountain lions in cupertino because they are using a popular recreation area. one growled at children. this hand on saturday. deputies arrived to fine the big cat in a tree across the street. officials decided not to tranquilize it and the lion climbed down on its own and after dark ran off. >> daly city is seriously think of close the fire station alarming both residents and firefighters alike. the city's target is station 95, with the engine slated to be take were out of service. they would not have to pay firefighters 24/7 which is saving $1 million a year. the union is fighting it. they say that fewer engines will
5:46 am
have to cover the say area potentially delaying response team up to five minutes for the residents. >> the city council will make a final decision on june 27. >> muslims an the word are celebrating the beginning of ramadan, the most holy month on the muslim calendar. tradition said the koran was revealed to mohammed during that month. 1.5 billion muslims will fast each day. >> have you seen this video? organizers are apologizing for a big mistake. this is the national anthem of chile. unfortunately, it was supposed to the national anthem of uruguay. it happened at a match at the university of phoenix stadium in arizona. some players called it "disrespectful."
5:47 am
>> copa america runs tonight with argentina taking on at 7:00. >> someone is getting fired. >> someone is getting fired. >> not meteorologist mike nicco, though, he has the warm spots we will expense today. mike? >> good morning, guys, thanks for the vote of confidence. now, i am sitting in the middle of mist and drizzle this morning. it is still out here. get ready for a damp commute. as you head to the coast. and around the bay. live doppler hd shows the winds in fair at 22 miles per hour and stronger onshore breeze. if you are taking the ferry, it is . the winds are blowing at 21 at angel island. it will be brisk. clouds and drizzle and cooler this afternoon, and heat wave is breaking and the cool of the highs are friday and saturday. our cloud cover, in the north bay, the lower valleys into 101
5:48 am
at petaluma and around san francisco and heading over to the east bay shore the clouds are lingering law lunch and 50s and 60s along the coast and most of us have 70s and 80s but no 90's in the south bay and a lot of low-to-mid 80s and up the peninsula we will is a lot of mid-to-upper 70s in mountain view and low-to-mid 80s and low-to-mid 60s into daly city and sunset and mid-to-upper 50s. mid-to-upper 60s around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. 74 to 80 through the north bay, and circuit, upper 60s and upper 70s from north to south loan the east bay shore and inland a few 80s and brentwood and livermore. my seven-day outlook shows below average temperatures on friday and saturday. >> we are look at mass transit, with 46 bart trains on schedule this morning. what is the way to go. a nasty commute out of the central valley, ace train could
5:49 am
be the from way to go. we have an hour and 10 minutes from tracy to dublin/pleasanton on 580 is ace train all on time with no problems with caltrain, either, so a look at san jose, we have an accident northbound 280 the 17/880 overcrossing and we are looking good through that part of san jose. we will look at the golden gate bridge with the fog advisory. >> thousands of con i didn't west fan -- kanye west fans caused chaos in new york city. mark zuckerberg was hacked! >> fish that are craving plastic? ne
5:50 am
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(whispering): what are you doing up? (whispering): mom said i could have a midnight snack. (whispering): well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. (whispering): why? (whispering): because i am the boss. (whispering): you're not the boss, mom's the boss. (whispering): well, technically, we are co-bosses. (whispering): technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. mmmm... yoplait.
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. authorities in australia are closing a stretch of beach in the city of perth after a woman was attacked and killed by a shark. the woman was in the hospital with a die partner and mauled. fishermen positioned the boat between the shark and the male diver so he could get off the vessel. a week ago, another surfer was killed by a shark south of perth. >> in southern california authority could open a beach that has been closed after several shark sightings. a shark helicopter crew spotted the sharks estimated to be athlete 8' long. it was a week after a swimmer was attacked by a shark 15 miles to the south with no known aggressive behavior by the shark
5:53 am
yesterday. >> facebook founder mark zuckerberg has been hacked. his instagram, linkedin, pinterest and twitter were compromised. a hacker group took responsibility claiming it got password in a link the in leak. it was testing zuckerberg's security. no word from zuckerberg on the recorded hacks. >> an astronaut is going to take his first step into a new room on the international space station. but not any room. a room that has been inflated. jeff williams will enter the first human expandable habitat deployed in space inflating it last weekend. the first order of business is to install sensors to see in the inflatable road can withstand radiation and space trash that hit the international space station. it is only temporary. inflateable? plus space rash? >> you have a chance to win a power lunch with warren buffett.
5:54 am
but it is not cheap. bidding over the annual will cost you more than $100,000 . $101,000 right new. last year it went for $2.3 million. the winner and seven friends can sit down with warren buffett at a stack house in midtown manhattan. bidding ends on friday if you wanted to know. >> i understand the steak will be delicious. >> it better be. >> does that come with sides? thank you is the conversation, right, sides? i that way are paying for? >> i hope so. >> something. >> good morning, everyone, after spending the time right now getting ready and looking
5:55 am
beautiful and handsome or whatever you come to downtown are close, bring an umbrella. gist in case that is how thick the drizzle is. we will have delays at sfo. i will let you now when they let me know. isolated thunderstorm is possible in lake tahoe and yosemite. a last sunshine and 77 at 92. the heat is breaking in sacramento, 93 but the sea breeze does not make it to fresno or chico and palm springs is 107 and 72 in los angeles and san diego is 69. they wonder where summer is. look at the storms, tropical storm colin, headed to georgia and south carolina and north carolina with flooding rains possible. >> light traffic traveling around from the north by. otherwise, we have the heave traffic at the central valley. an hour and 15 minutes from
5:56 am
tracy up and over the altamont pass. but no stalls. just a hot of folks trying to get to work. 237 the off ramp is blocked at calaveras all lanes are cleared traffic is flowing nicely through the area and we had an early accident southbound but slow traffic from 92 southbound. >> this is depressing, so much plastic in the ocean now that fish may have become addicted to eating it. researchers found that perch exposed to the plastic crave it more than natural food and they grow up to be smaller, slower, and more stupid. a ban on microbeads in cosmetics is important. the cam ban goes interest affect by 2020. all the estate of the late whitney houston will auction off her personal belongings including a wedding dress from
5:57 am
her marriage to bobby brown and several of her machine music awards and first united states passport and jewelry taking place on june 24 and june 25 in beverly hills. she died in 12 after being found unresponsive in a bathtub in a hotel. >> remember bin roberts sits down with her ex-husband for a special, he opened up about his marriage, losing his wife and daughter and what is ahead for his career now tomorrow night. >> members are fatter than ever with new information researchers calling a "troubling trend." >> outrage over the sentence given to an ex-stanford swimmer charged with assault. >> a
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> welcome, everyone, it is a misty monday. there is mist and drizzle. we have flight arrival delays at 44 minutes trying to get to sfo. you can see a lot of sunshine above the deeper and thicker marine layer that holds more moisture. we are 50 to 60. 56 at the coast and 76 inland. the temperature at 4:00 is quite a difference from over the weekend. 58 at the coast and 82 inland. now a check of the commute. sue? >> we have fog advisory for the golden gate bridge and it is thick at the northern edge of the span but not is were at the southern end. you will need your windshield wipers. the drizzle is thick. even so for as


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