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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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bernie sanders in san francisco. >> we have team coverage on the ground at the concert. >> reporter: good evening. this program kicked off early with the new york based group called yarn singing a song titled bernie. dave matthews is the one who will headline this concert. san francisco native and actor danny glover will be here but the big draw will be bernie sanders. hours before bernie sanders was expected to take the stage, the crowd began arriving. george left santa cruz at 4:00 this morning before the stage was in place to support a candidate he says has always been on the right side of history. >> he wants to get money out of politics, which is the only thing that's going to shape our nation into what we really need it to be. >> bernie or bust baby. >> reporter: leah came in.
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>> i'm for bernie because of income equality, women's rights, education, a living wage. >> reporter: sanders says he won't concede to rival hillary clinton even if she takes california tomorrow. and has enough delegates in super delegates to secure the democratic nomination. his supporters aren't ready to give in either. >> anything can happen between now and november. he's not as far behind as people want you to think. >> reporter: the campaign event a future to believe in features a concert headlined by dave matthews and other musicians. >> we're going to do fire by ohio players. got me burning. yeah. >> reporter: he's with the l.a. based group fish bone and a dedicated backer of the vermont senator. >> it's an honor to be a part of this because no matter what he's
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changed the course of the future. >> reporter: he is referencing the young people who are the core of bernie sanders supporters. by the way, the senator himself is due here sometime between 6:30 and 7:00. live abc 7 news. >> all right. thank you. sanders has had quite a busy day in the bay area with several events in san francisco and in the east bay. his first stop today was in emeryville. >> there he urged supporters to get out to vote on the eve of the california primary. sanders says if uturn out is lo tomorrow he'll likely lose. >> we're speculating before what is in fact the most important primary. tomorrow we have 475 pledged delegates coming up. >> sanders has campaigned intensively in california for two weeks straight visiting 34 cities and talking directly to voters at rallies.
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bill clinton is also in the bay area today making a flurry of stops throughout the bay area. >> abc 7 news reporter is live in richmond with that part of the story. laura. >> reporter: hi. we can see the former president still talking just over my left shoulder. he's been going at it now for about 40 minutes. this speech has gone pretty much by the book except a few minutes ago he did respond to a heckler in the crowd. >> let's talk about that. no, no, just a minute. now, if i talk about it, will you let me talk instead of interrupting me? >> reporter: as he went on to defend his own record, but said even if he made mistakes in the past that those mistakes should not be held against his wife as folks go to the polls here in california tomorrow. this is the fourth of five events here in the bay area. the clintons clearly concerned about polls that show this race
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with bernie sanders still too close to call. >> the stakes in this election are maybe bigger than we know. >> reporter: standing on the back of a pickup truck former president bill clinton reminded hillary clinton supporters in downtown oakland to get out tomorrow and vote. >> we will have what i pray for the young people in this audience the most peaceful interesting time in all of human history. a lot of it is riding on you. >> reporter: the flurry of activity from bill and hillary clinton comes just a day before the california primary where polls show mrs. clinton neck in neck with senator bernie sanders. some think the competition from sanders is good for the democratic party. >> secretary clinton is a brilliant woman leader. >> reporter: in oakland clinton received the full support of the city's top leadership, including the mayor who took a swipe at presumptive republican nominee donald trump. >> can you imagine what it would be like to have somebody sitting in the white house who is not only disconnected from real
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people, from real cities, but let's be honest, who is disconnected from reality. >> reporter: some of those in the crowd happened to be passing by the fox theater, like a visitor from argentina here for the soccer tournament. >> i would prefer bernie he is more near what i think politically in argentina but if you put a monkey on trump i would prefer the monkey. >> reporter: bill clinton still talking to the crowd here. there's several hundred people out here. we saw a similar size crowd at the oakland event, the former president has taken a few swiepz himself at donald trump, but for the most part he's talking about what he thinks his wife could do as the next president of the united states. from here he will go to an event in san francisco. tomorrow despite as much time as both clintons have spend in california today we understand mrs. clinton will spend tomorrow
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in california in brooklyn, new york, i guess watching the returns come in from new jersey where she could actually win enough delegates to be the presumptive nominee. live in richmond, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. hillary clinton herself focussed on her campaign on southern california today. >> the democratic presidential front-runner held three events in the los angeles area courting voters there. clinton is close to clenching the nomination. >> but speaking to reporters today she's not ready to declare victory. >> i want everyone in the state to vote tomorrow to come out and vote and bring their families and friends and everybody else because it's not over until it's over and tomorrow is a really important day particularly right here in california. today the white house hinted president obama is preparing to endorse the democratic party's presumptive nominee possibly as early as tomorrow. aids to the president say he's eager to campaign and directly
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challenge donald trump. hillary clinton is 23 delegates away from the party's nomination. that count includes both pledged and super delegates. now remember stay on top of the race for the white house with the abc 7 news app. download the app for free and enable push alerts to get election updates tomorrow just as soon as they happen. a 12-year-old boy was stabbed today by a woman accused of walking into a bank and demanding money from customers. we just got this new information and picture in. take a look. police say this woman was the one who stabbed the boy. this happened at the bank on east 14th street. police say they arrested here near the bank with blood on her hands and holding a pair of sciss scissors. >> reporter: the police say the 12-year-old boy was visiting his family from out of state when the 32-year-old woman stabbed inside this bank on east 14th street. >> i can only imagine what this boy's going through, the shock
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and scare. >> reporter: police say she stabbed the boy three times with scissors, the most severe wound is in his upper back near his neck. >> the wound itself was fairly deep and it will require surgery. >> reporter: police say she demanded money from customers. she robbed one customer who was at the bank to make a cash deposit of a few hundreds dollars. >> at some point she became enraged and walked over to the boy who was sitting in the chair peaceful waiting for his family member to complete their meeting that they had there at the bank when she stabbed him from behind. it was completely unprovoked. the bank had two unarmed security guards inside. it's unclear when if at all they intervened. the boy is in stable condition at children's hospital in oakland. police say the woman who is in custody may have hurt herself. she was initially facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, but those charges were upgraded to attempted murder due to the severity and location of the boy's wounds. police also say because the
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assault was unprovoked and she attacked the boy from behind. abc 7 news. one of the officers shot wednesday in a chase and standoff in fremont is doing better tonight and the other injured officer remains in critical condition. police say the suspect shot one of the officers during a traffic stop. the other was shot during a standoff at at home on roberts avenue. officers found the body of the suspect inside the house after it burned. the coroner announced late this afternoon the cause of death was a self inflected gun shots wound to the head. they tweeted out a thanks to law enforcement who stepped up to help in this time of new need. new fall out from a sexual assault sentence from a stanford
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swimmer. afather asking for lensy. how much do car thieves love the bay area? will a big airline make a big impact. a change in frequent flyer miles. the work week is off to a cooler start. i'll
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a recall movement is growing after the short sentence that a judge handed down to a former swimmer caused of sexual assault of a woman on campus. he began serving a six month sentence last thursday. we are live at the district attorney's office david. >> reporter: he could be out of
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jail within three months. originally the prosecutor and the victim wanted to see him serve at least a year in prison. anger over that shorter sentence has been heightened as a result of a statement red by the victim in court. thousands are signing petitions on the website over the six month sentence given to the former stanford swimmer for the sexual assault last year of a woman who was intoxicated and unconscious. the maxum could have been 14 years. through a friend the victim said she's disappointed in the sentence. >> she is hurt and sad that the judge did not listen to her, but she's also gratified that so many people are reaching out to her. >> reporter: the victim wrote a
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12 page letter to the judge to describe the impact of the assault. it read in part assault is not an accident. this is not a story of another drunk college hookup with poor decision making. somehow you don't get it. the prosecutor praised the letter as a powerful message to change attitudes about sexual assault and how the cases are handled. >> that letter is so important and so powerful in reframing this discussion in teaching people that you can't violate a woman under any circumstance. >> reporter: by contrast the father read a statement before sentencing that his son had paid a steep price. for 20 minutes of action for 20 plus years of life. the prosecutor and district attorney do not favor recalling the judge but some students have signed the petitions. >> it's unfortunate when people see an athletic career or someone's career in general over the lifetime of hurt and trauma that this girl experienced. >> reporter: legal analyst says
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removing a judge from the bench seldom happens. >> it would be very unusual. it could happen but it would be very unusual. >> reporter: at stanford abc 7 news. stanford said it did everything in its power to ensure justice in a statement today a spokesperson said in less than two weeks after the incident stanford had conducted an investigation and banned turner from stepping foot campus. we've posted the full statement from his father, the victim and a link to the petition. it's one of the stop stories on our page. membenumbers released today eight of the top ten cities for vehicle thefts are in california. california's large population vast network of roads and proximity to the boarder make it a target for car thieves. the nonprofit national insurance
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crime bureau says in 2015 modesto came in first. the san francisco hayward area came in fourth improving from the number one spot in 2014. you don't want to be number one there. >> you do not at all. your frequent flyer program could be changing. >> reporter: american airlines is changing the frequent flyer program. it will reward highest paying passengers not just those who those who fly the most miles. the airline said members on the higher tiers will earn more miles for flying. the base member gets five miles award and elite members will get 11 miles. memberships in between are on a sliding scale. the changes bring american in line with delta and united and
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others. it works against those looking for the cheap tickets like me. >> the federal trade commission has been investigating the sales call and we may soon have call blocking on all of our lines. the senator of new york is proposing legislation that would make phone companies offer free service to block robbo calls. it would require mobile and land line providers to provide the blocking technology. a similar bill is pending in the house. it's a sure sign of summer, a jump at the pump. san francisco is paying the most in the entire nation. as this summer driving season approaches gas prices start the seasonal uptick. the price of gas has increased six cents to $2.36 for regular throughout the nation. the highest average price for regular was $2.87 per gallon.
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of course that's here in san francisco. the lowest is $2.04 in tulsa, oklahoma. but then again you're in tulsa. >> thanks, mike. destination cleveland as the warriors continue their journey trying to claim another nba championship. the team released this video today as the players boarded the plane heading to cleveland where the cavaliers will host games three and four of the finals. players seemed in good spirits after yesterday's win gave the warriors two games to none lead in the series. fans will be able to cheer on the team during watch parties at the oracle arena. tickets are available for $20 for game three and game four is sold out. many expect the warriors to win this series. >> it abc 7 is the only place to see every game of the finals.
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join us at 4:00 on wednesday and a special warriors pregame edition at 5:00. >> at 5:30 coverage begins with the warriors and cavaliers in cleveland. >> after that join sports director for after the game with analysis from the game. we'll be broadcasting live from the oracle arena. >> it is so much fun. >> so much excitement and anticipation. >> i know. off to a great start. let's talk about the weather forecast. as you notice the temperature moderated considerably. that's right. it fields so much better doesn't it with the temperatures dropping behind me we're still seeing some blue skies but low clouds are beginning to push toward the bay. we'll talk about how much cooler it's going to turn later on this week. it is pretty much overcast skies along the entire coast right
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now. inland and bay side communities are seeing sun. the wind is playing a role in our cooling trend gusting to 35 at fairfield. a nice breeze there and the temperatures have dropped as a result. most noticeable inland where you were on the hot side, 17 degrees cooler in concord, hot yesterday that is. 15 degree drop in livermore and you're seeing that marine layer advance as we look toward the financial district. the low 60s in san francisco and 66 in oakland. it's 73 in san jose. san jose is seeing the sun. low temperatures from santa rosa and napa. 77 in livermore. this is what we're used to around this time of year. our marine layer, we're going to pan around because it's so nice to see this. it looks like whipped cream. we're going to be seeing more of the marine influence and as a result those temperatures are going to continue to drop. morning low clouds and patchy drizzle tomorrow. cooling trend the rest of the
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work week and it will be warmer over the weekend. look at what's going to happen. tonight we'll see the advancement of the low clouds into some of the inland valleys. tomorrow morning the green that you see indicating some patchy drizzle so there will be some damp roadways for the morning commute. you will have to plan accordingly. temperatures in the low 50s for most of you. here's what's going to happen with the overcast skies. inland areas will see the clearing but along the coast line we'll keep it cool. a range of 50s to 80s for tuesday. today we did get up into the in places like brentwood. 7 breezy and cool in pacifica. downtown san francisco lingering clouds, you'll feel the breeze in the mid 60s and in the north
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bay 72 in sana rosea. east bay, 77 fremont. mid to upper 80, 85 livermore. seven day forecast we will have the patchy morning drizzle tomorrow temperatures continue to moderate tomorrow afternoon low 60s to mid 80s, similar range wednesday. look at those numbers slide. we'll be down into the upper 70s by friday and upper 50s coast side. i have your weekend covered, outdoor graduations this weekend it's going to be perfect, a little bit warmer this upcoming weekend. >> very nice. thanks so much. coming up the race to the moon will a silicon valley get the nod to fly. a state of emergency bracing for a tropical storm, major flooding and tornados expected,
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a passenger jet evacuated in the west. donald trump's phone call as he doubles down on the judge. thanks a lot. new at 6:00 go under the sea to the twilight zone and see what it takes to bring these creatures back to a place where we can see them. she had to earn it.anded to cecilia aguiar-curry. built a business. became an expect in water policy. balanced budgets. and always solving problems.
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that's how she brought much-needed technology to local classrooms... so every child has an opportunity to learn. and worked to create more local jobs... so more families can get ahead. that's democrat cecilia aguiar-curry for assembly.
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we want to take you live back out to san francisco with a bernie sanders rally and concert under way with a lot of fans there. bernie sanders has not spoken but there's a concert under way. >> this band on stage now and dave matthews will perform and activist danny glover will be there as well. bernie sanders will speak at about 6:30 tonight. this rally is under way and it looks like thousands of people are there. >> lots of people there. mountain view start up is on the verge of making history.
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>> according to the wall street journal the u.s. government is expected to give approval to going ba to the moon. they're aiming to send 20 pounds of equipment to the moon next year. this is company video of the test flight. if approved it would be the biggest federal boost yet for unmanned commercial space exploration. the world's first space habitat is open. nasa released this video today of space station astronaut jeff williams opening the door to the beam and floating inside. it's empty and dark now but the space station crew will deploy censo censo censors. they say all babies are cute, right? but is it true. >> we're going to let you decide when abc
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coming up on abc 7:00 news at of, how to vote. when it comes to deadlines and postmarks it can get confusing. we'll sort through it all. plus this dentist performed 18 root kacanals on one patient and now he's facing charges. we're look at the case the da is building. tonight we explain why you should start using up those gift cards sooner than later.
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all that and more is coming up at 6:00. thanks so much. an example of match making gone right can now be seen at the located land zoo. >> look at the new arrival. seven baby warthogs are a big hit at the zoo. they were born to two mothers and same father. >> the staff introduced the girls to the male and it was love at first sight. it's part of the survival plan to increase the population and health ofcaptivity. >> they look cut nuf. we want to leave you with leave pictures where that big concert is going on to feel the bern for supporters. the band is fantastic. soon dave matthews will be up before bernie sanders addresses the crowd tonight. there is some news. the associated press is just reporting as breaking news that by its count clinton has reached the number of delegates needed
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to clench the democratic nomination for president but obviously these sanders supporters not detoured. >> they don't want to hear as we come on the air tonight, a state of emergency. the tropical storm about to hit. major flood warnings and watched from the south, stretching up the east coast. bracing for tornadoes and blinding rain. also breaking, donald trump on the phone with his key supporters, talking about the judge born in indiana with mexican heritage. trump doubling down on what he said. tonight, muhammad ali's daughter now sharing personal photos, just as the list grows of the dignitaries now expected in louisville to honor the greatest. growing anger tonight over this college swimmer, convicted of sexual assault, now sentenced to six months in jail. why what his father said is now causing outrage. and the victim's post, now read by millions. and the air scare. fire on the runway. thpa


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