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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 13, 2016 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> mike: time for the coors light cold hard facts. mark jackson? >> mark: and it's kyrie irving. he sees one-on-one. crossover knock down jump shot. he sees a big man in the paint. attacks him for the and one. got it going, knocking down the jump shot. when it matters most, put your head down and make a play. takes the bigger, stronger clay thompson, gets to his spot, elevates. this guy has put on a clinic and has hate an outstanding series. >> mike: third straight 30-plus. came in averaging 25 in these finals. only shooting 43% tonight, just so efficient on 14 of 19 from the field. so, it's livings on the, barnes,
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iguodala, thompson and curry this is normally that death lineup, with draymond green. and, again, out with the one-game suspension. iguodala finds barnes. b barnes goes at james. last touched by kevin love. >> mark: how good has lebron james been, almost similar to what draymond green does on a nightly basis. protecting, contesting without fouling. great defense. >> mike: klay thompson, offbalance, gets it off the glass. >> jeff: they have to guard these out of bounds plays better. but it all starts with not being able to secure a defensive rebound. >> mike: just over five minutes gone by here in the fourth. livingston trying to front james. four on the shot clock. james. off on the three. curry on the rebound.
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>> jeff: love's being played by iguodala. i want to see if he can get on the offensive glass, versus always spacing the floor. >> mike: curry with the soft touchgetting the roll. and it's back to six. 25 for curry. irving on the drive -- bank shot is good! kyrie irving again! iguodala. barnes threw it behind him. barnes dives on it. and it will be a held ball. between tristan thompson and barnes. height advantage to thompson. >> mark: kyrie says to steph curry, allow me to have this dance. uses the size, the strength, the pushoff with the shoulders. seven years ago, my son was playing high school basketball with a loaded team, they were
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playing in a christmas tournament. up at halftime. they got drilled in the second half. called my wife and kid, said, what happened, as i was calling an nba game. they said, this guy named kyrie irving on the other team put on a clinic. i know how you feel, son. >> jeff: he took that off the wrong foot and was still able, and he got hit on the arm, and still able to finish. >> mike: irving, just 24 years old. said it over and over again, when he's healthy, a sensational offensive talent. nearly falls. drives now, spins back. tough fall away shot, it's good! kyrie irving! another brilliant shot and it's a ten-point lead. he's got 38. curry steps back. curry off the mark. james, another rebound. his 14th. irving for three -- bang! kyrie irving from way downtown. 41 points for irving.
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they're going to review that last one. whether or not his foot was on the line. barnes trims to answer. can't connect. curry looks to save. does to iguodala. barnes. livingston. 109-94, a 13-point lead as we approach five minutes remaining and this crowd, a bit stunned right now. irving overshadowing, a bit, this extraordinary game from lebron james. james with curry on him. fakes. leans. shot's no good. last touched by golden state. and we'll take a time-out. >> jeff: well, definitely a three-point shot here. way behind the line. in transition.
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probably got fouled, too, but he is just on a roll. the balance, the handle. and the ability to create just enough separation to get a clean look. we are the coors and our mountain, y. is brewing the world's most refreshing beer. a beer proud enough to wear our name in big, red scripted letters. that's why we lager, filter and package cold.
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so i can breathe easy hummmmm. don't just mask odors. eliminate them with new tide odor defense. if it's gotta be clean, it's gotta be tide. >> mike: aerial coverage provided by goodyear. for game-changing performance in your lane, choose goodyear tires. goodyear, more driven. 4:41 remaining here in the fourth. kyrie irving and lebron james, dominating.
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41 and 38. 13 assists combined. james also has 15 rebounds. and they've mangled to quiet this building. >> jeff: and rush in for the first time to guard james. but this is one of the greatest performances offensively i've ever seen in the finals by irving. >> mike: love finds james. knocked out of bounds. brandon rush has come on for the first time, with curry, thompson, barnes and iguodala. >> mark: reminds you of the great isaiah thomas. >> jeff: you know, you say, always, don't say that, but on this one -- say that. >> mark: he's doing things that isaiah did in his prime. >> mike: shot clock winds down. ball stripped. picked up by thompson. thompson spins. thompson drives. kicks it out, curry. corner three -- that won't go. curry's now 8 for 21. he's had some looks that just would not fall here in the
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fourth quarter. irving. not that time. a rare miss as love deflects it out of bounds. and we've got 3:51 remaining. after tonight's game, espn brings you "sportscenter" at night. stan, neil, scott van pelt. complete breakdown of game five from oakland. and a recap of the day in sports. "sportscenter" at night, after the game on espn. curry to rush. rush's first shot. that misses. and james with his 16th rebound to go with 38 points and seven assists. golden state hasn't scored in three minutes. james against rush. leans in, tried to draw the foul, got him up, count it, and one! 40 points for lebron james. and the lead balloons to 15.
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>> jeff: very good individual defense by rush the last two possessions until he bit on the shot fake. and james just too strong. >> mike: the last time two players in a finals game, had 40 or more, was back in 2001. shaquille o'neal and allen iverson each went for 40 or more. and right now, we've got irving with 41 and james with 40. >> mark: you think about it. we're raving, rightfully so, about kyrie irving and the performance he's had. absolutely. lebron james still getting it done. and if the series were to end right now, he'd be the mvp. with all due respect to everybody else. he's the one having a spectacular series numbers-wise. >> jeff: i don't think he would be voted that way. it didn't happen last year and he was just unbelievable. as barnes misses one right at
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the rim. >> mike: james right there to contest. crowd thought it should have been a foul. everything going clooefl land's w cleveland's way here in the fourth quarter. james has been absolutely magnificent. these numbers reminiscent of last year when he had to do so much. james fires -- can't hit. and rush grabs the rebound. by the way, it's the first time ever teammates had 40 points in a finals game. barnes to thompson. barnes an open look. can't get that to fall. irving, the rebound. and some of the crowd heading for the exits. as cleveland has dominated this fourth quarter. >> jeff: and barnes is obviously really struggling tonight, mike, after two exceptional games in a row. >> mike: just 2 for 14. barnes blocks that shot.
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and 2:15 remaining. first time ever in the finals, two scintillating performances, on the road, facing elimination. and with 2:15 remaining, the cavaliers guaranteeing a game six here in these finals. ♪ ♪ (whistle) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now go left, left, left, left. ♪ ♪ run to old navy for activewear from $5.00 and up to 50% off the entire store. and i used to ask if you could hear me now with verizon... not anymore. i'm with sprint now, because guess what, it's 2016 and every network is great. in fact, sprint's reliability is now within 1% of verizon. and sprint saves you 50% on most verizon,
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at&t and t-mobile rates. so, i switched to sprint. and millions more have too. can you hear that? don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. switch to sprint today. >> mike: don't miss part two of "o.j.: made in america," tuesday at 9:00 eastern on espn. the film moves on to address the escalating racial tensions in l.a., as o.j. crafts a seemingly perfect life in the nearby suburb of brentwood. part tuesday, tuesday on espn. this crowd stunned, as kyrie irving with a brilliant performance tonight. 41 points, 17 or 24 from the field. lebron james, 41 points, 16 rebounds and seven assists. facing elimination, their season on the line. and now, they'll force a game six back at quicken loans arena.
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>> jeff: and the warriors take out all their starters. >> mike: golden state trying to go with a small lineup again, as speights gets it inside. lost it. ball knocked out of bounds. without draymond green, a huge difference for this warriors team. as cleveland shoots 54% from the field. >> jeff: let's give cleveland credit, mike, versus talk about who was missing. because they played an exceptional game and their best players stood up huge tonight. >> mike: no question about it. and another time-out. klay thompson had that brilliant first half. he had 37 points. but look at the warriors in the second half. a lot of that to do with a lot of that to do with tenaciousstraight talk.ense.some if you've ever been lured in by a low price wireless plan
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mode. getting to the rim and finishing. major key. they didn't want to see a game six. well, now, you have it. momma, there goes those men. >> mike: one of the all-time great finals performances from a pair of teammates. 82 points, each with 41. most importantly, they get the victory to set up that game back on their home floor. mo williams. lebron james keeps his streak alive of his team's always winning at least a road game in every playoff series. barbosa. on the drive, left-handed. >> mark: what you can't do if you're the cavs is think that the warriors are panicking.
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draymond green's coming back. and this is a team that's proven that their act does travel. you got to be ready. or it will end in cleveland. >> jeff: as it did last year. >> mike: and again, to win in this building, one of the toughest building, the toughest building this year to win in. 39-2 during the regular season. 11-1 in the playoffs. this would be only the second playoff home loss and only the fourth overall of the entire season. >> mark: mike, you come into any arena with lebron james and kyrie irving, i don't care what the numbers say, you have a chance to win. and the same mentality for the war yrs. steph curry and klay thompson, and their supporting cast, they can win anywhere. i don't care what the numbers say. >> mike: kyrie irving plays like this, along with lebron james. again, the first two games
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weren't competitive. they lost by 15 and then by 33. in games one and two here in this building. another spectacular performance from lebron james when facing elimination. golden state, meanwhile, 61 points in the first half, 36 in the second half. >> jeff: i thought it was an incredibly officiated game, as well. i really did. i thought on all those flay grant foul things, they made the right calls -- >> mike: didn't overreact to all the stuff that went on at the end of game four. mo williams throws it up. offensive foul. they'll wave the basket off. >> jeff: and mark, if you are ty lue, do you go with dellavedova as your backup for short minutes or mo williams in game six? >> mark: an interesting call. the one thing i do know about dellavedova, he's a better defender. if he has to face steph curry, i'd much rather have him on the
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floor, though mo gives me better offense. but i can trust dellavedova's ability to have game plan discipline and defend curry. >> mike: well, as we said, at speights throws it, it's going to be a back court violation. no team in the history of the nba finals has ever come back from a 3-1 definite. they're 0-32. but at least for tonight, cleveland's dreams of a championship are still alive. as we mentioned, only two of those 32 even forced a game seven. and that was the '51 knicks and the '66 lakers. and jones will just hold it. as cleveland forces a game six. what a road victory for the cleveland cavaliers as the nba finals will return to cleveland on thursday night. kyrie irving and lebron james,
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again, one of the all-time great finals performances from a pair of teammates. each with 41 points and a disappointed klay thompson and the warriors, will have to get on a plane and head to cleveland to try to win their second straight championship. irving, 17 of 24, 41 points, six assists. he's with doris. >> doris: kyrie, your third straight game where you get at least 30 points including two in wins and regardless of who is checking you, you are getting to your game. what have you found in this match-up? >> just continuing to stay aggressive and get out in transition. and use this big fella next to me to get easy shots and when we're playing one-three pick and roll and they are getting the switch, we're just attacking match-ups. we just have to have consistency. >> doris: jeff van gundy said this was one of the greatest individual performances in a finals game he had ever seen. mark jackson said what you did tonight was isaiah-like. with two men of that stature saying that, your reaction is
8:52 pm
what? >> i'm thankful, but at the same time, we wouldn't be in any position without both of us putting on a performance like this and our guys coming in and trusting our leadership and just doing it for four quarters. that's what it's about. staying as a team, staying resolve and sticking to the game plan. >> doris: kyrie, thank you. lebron, thank you for waiting. lebron, there was so much noise outside of the lines. how do you put that aside and set the tone for your group from the very beginning? >> only thing that matters is what happened in between these four lines. our guys understood that this was -- it's the final countdown. we had to come out mentally focused, prepared and sharp. our coaching staff gave us a great game plan and we executed. >> doris: what are you watching from kyrie irving who is going through the finals for the first time? >> he's a very humble kid. very appreciative of this moment. but that was special. that was special. that will go down in the all-time greatest performances in finals history. but my point guard.
8:53 pm
he was spectacular tonight. >> doris: as you go home, again, your season will be hanging in the balance. what must travel back to believe land with you? >> we just happy we got another day. that's all we can ask for. we got another day to survive. we're going to start preparing tonight, start preparing tomorrow, when game six is, we'll be ready. we understand this is a great team. no matter who is out on the floor for those guys, they're the champions, so, we have to be ready. >> doris: lebron, thank you. >> thank you, doris. >> doris: mike? >> mike: called irving a humble kid. well, tonight, he was a confident star. and a brilliant one, as well. at each james and irving with 41 points to force a game six. final score here from oracle arena, the cavaliers, 112, the warriors, 97. game six will be on thursday night, back in cleveland. for jeff van gundy, mark jackson, doris burke, producer tim corrigan, director jimmy moore and our wonderful crew, mike breen saying thank you so much for watching here on abc,
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home of the 2016 nba finals. . . that for game six.ons coverage begins at 8:30 p.m. eastern thursday on abc.
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lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. >> irving for 3. from way downtown. 41 points for irving. >> from abc 7, this is toyota after the game. >> how you doing everybody? live at oracle arena and we are stunned, stunned to say the least. 112-97 as the warriors fall for the cleveland cavaliers. i'm here with the ex-warrior. our resident hall of famer. but i know he was watching and
8:59 pm
we all witnessed a two man show and both going for over 40 points and that has never happened before. and if ever there was a game but green especially on the defensive end, this was it. >> tonight you see it and they were able to get to the basket and there was nobody protecting the basket and going into this game you could see they could make layups all night. and they have their way with the warriors tonight. >> going to the basket and really and i was just sitting there going what a game to be at. this was the finals game that we were all waiting for.
9:00 pm
perhaps not warriors fans waiting for the end of this would be the way it turns out. let's talk about irving. you know how personally he takes the match up with steph curry and he was just unstoppable and you saw him at the end of the game. this was irving's game to take over late and he did. >> the degree of difficulty, the kind of shot they had, they won three point shots and intermediary shots and they did a little bit of everything tonight. he was unbelievable. if you're looking at them they're the future of the lead. >> there's a lot of drive into the basket. it's one thing to score 41 points but to do it on 17 of 24,


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