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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 28, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, the new benghazi report. taking on hillary clinton and the administration in the wake of that deadly attack, claims they didn't do enough to rescue victims and should have realized the risks. severe weather alert. devastating storms from the dakotas to texas. winds up to 70 miles per hour. blowing this billboard onto a car in dallas. reported tornados tearing through colorado. now the northeast is on alert. hillary clinton hits the trail with elizabeth warren. the new team wastes no time hitting donald trump. >> i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's thin skin. >> trump fires back, calling warren a fraud. and, saying good-bye to a legend. >> i don't know about y'all, but i want to win a national championship.
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>> pat summitt, the coach who inspired generations of athletes, passing away overnight after a fierce battle with alzheimer's. this morning, a celebration of the winningest coach in college basketball history. a tough competitor. a spirited pioneer. and a legendary tennessee lady vols coach. our farewell to pat summitt this morning. good morning, america. and this morning, we are joining all the friends, fans, and family of pat summitt to celebrate and remember her. and robin, you were part of that extended family. >> i got to tell you, she taught me about strength. i'm drawing upon that strength right now. we know about the 38 seasons with the tennessee lady vols. 1,098 victories. no one won more games in division i. the number that meant the most to her, 100% graduation rate.
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you went to tennessee to play for pat summitt, you walked away with a college diploma. >> gotta be proud of that. we're going to hear a tribute to her coming up in just a little bit. first we do want to get to that breaking news. the new benghazi report taking on hillary clinton and the administration for how they handled the deadly 2012 attack. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz is in washington with the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. after two years and $7 million, the republicans have a report that is hundreds of pages long detailing what happened before, during, and after the attack, strongly critical of all government agencies and the coordination between them. the report blasts what is called the lack of coordination between government agencies, writing that when the state department mission in benghazi was extended in december 2012, senior officials from the bureau of diplomatic security were excluded from the discussion. as for the security at the
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compound, the report says there was information available before the attack that the facilities were not safe, writing, in august 2012, roughly a month before the benghazi attacks, security on the ground worsened significantly. ambassador stevens planned to travel to benghazi in early august but cancelled the trip primarily for ramadan security reasons. as for the administration's early claims that the attack may have been in response to an anti-muslim video, the report counters that claim. >> benghazi libya was a terrorist haven so those folks who were involved in not protecting these americans certainly should be held accountable. then the folks who told a wolf tale, a lie in the aftermath of the attacks, who told the american people a political tale about a youtube video ought also to be held accountable. >> reporter: a staffer says cia analysts provided reports full of errors that contradicted eye
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witnesses in the wake of the attack. the report always criticizes clinton's use of private e-mails. the democrats issued their own findings yesterday. a report they say clears clinton of any wrongdoing, and quote, debunks many conspiracy attacks about the report. george? >> you have conservatives who want more focus on hillary clinton. in those 800 pages, is there a smoking gun? >> it's a very broad report. it looks at secretary clinton's role. there have been 12 other investigations. this one does have new details and analysis. the report does not appear to have any smoking gun. though some republicans, as you know, say they still have unanswered questions. george? >> martha raddatz, thanks very much. >> george, as we know, the benghazi attack of course a red hot issue in the race for the white house as hillary clinton hits the campaign trail with senator elizabeth warren.
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warren attacking donald trump. trump wasting no time firing right back. abc's cecilia vega is here with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. clinton and warren joining forces to attack donald trump. warren called him a, quote, small, insecure money grubber. those are fighting words or perhaps an audition for vp. ♪ this is my fight song >> reporter: after the hand-holding and the fist pumping -- >> now, i'm here today because i'm with her. yes. her! >> reporter: -- came the insults launched at donald trump. >> you want to see goofy. look at him in that hat. >> reporter: elizabeth warren joining hillary clinton on the campaign trail for the first time, playing the role of attack dog in chief. >> when donald trump says he'll make america great, he means make it even greater for rich guys just like donald trump. >> reporter: but will she join the ticket? >> i do just love to see how she gets under donald trump's thin
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skin. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: abc news has learned the massachusetts senator is among the names being formally vetted as a possible clinton running mate. clinton herself not going there. >> how are you feeling about z elizabeth warren as a vp pick? >> it was a great event. >> reporter: are you liking her for vp? >> i'm not making any news today. >> no news today? >> reporter: donald trump is making news with his attacks, calling warren a sellout and mocking her for claiming she's of native american descent. >> pocahontas. pocahontas. pocahontas. >> reporter: trump telling nbc news, elizabeth warren is a total fraud, and saying, quote, she made up her heritage which i think is racist. trump supporter scott brown jumping in, too. >> she can take a dna test. >> reporter: clinton
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acknowledges she's still struggling to win over voters who just don't trust her. >> it certainly is true. i've made mistakes. so i understand people having questions. but, i know trust has to be earned. >> reporter: okay. the big question this morning, will there be an all-female ticket? warren certainly helps clinton woo some of those bernie sanders supporters. the clinton campaign certainly sees her as an asset when it comes to attacking donald trump. but even some clinton supporters i've talked to, robin, question whether the country is ready for two women on the same ticket. >> we're going to talk a little bit more about that, cecilia. thank you. let's go over to george. let's take that question to matthew dowd and stephanie cutter. thank you both for coming in today. and matt, what do you think? is that a risk worth taking? >> i think she has to consider it in the course of this. i think she understands that donald trump's vulnerability among women voters is key. i think it may be a step too far, but she has to consider it. george, one thing i'm struck by in watching the clinton campaign unfold is how much she learned from the mistakes she made in 2008. as we talk about pat summitt
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today, pat summitt said once, sometimes you learn more from losing than you do in winning. i think hillary clinton has learned a lot from her loss in 2008 which has allowed no day to go unleft in which you don't force your message. >> stephanie, i saw you nodding your head to a lot of that. when you lay that out, elizabeth warren. a bold choice. an all woman ticket would be brand new. you look at tim kaine, the senator from virginia. could bring you a state as an experienced governor and a senator. how do you suss that out? >> you have to go with who you have chemistry with. i think you saw an awful lot of chemistry on the trail yesterday between hillary clinton and elizabeth warren. a tremendous amount of energy. i think that she's got energy with tim kaine, too. ultimately, it's who you want to have a partnership with, who it works with. people don't vote on -- based on who the vp is. you don't win a state because of that. you just have to see a good partnership.
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a president and a vice president on the stage. i think you saw it yesterday. >> switching to donald trump right now, his campaign seems to be laying the ground work for some kind of shift in that muslim ban, saying now that it's not about muslims per se but muslims from countries that have a high experience with terrorism that have been breeding grounds for terrorism. is this the kind of pivot he has to make? >> well, the evolution that has gone on with donald trump most recently and including the evolution that's gone on with hillary clinton, charles darwin would love to study these two characters, how they've evolved so much. i think he has to be real careful. it's a problem for him, obviously, this muslim ban. he has to be real careful that the asset he has, authenticity and telling it straight, he doesn't lose by all these shifts that he ultimately may have to go through. >> matt dowd, stephanie cutter, thank you. back to robin. >> all right, george. appreciate how matt used the quote there from pat summitt.
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now to those devastate is storms from the dakotas to texas. winds up to 70 miles per hour blowing down a billboard in dallas. damaging storms and floods in the south. the severe weather moving east. and ginger is here with the latest. what's going on here? >> more than 70 severe storm reports over dozens of states. what you can see here is university boulevard in birmingham, alabama. it wasn't just the wind, it wasn't just the hail. we have flash flooding that we'll be talking about possible today. let me show you the video out of dallas. this is right off i-75. you have wind gusts that can reach 60 to 75 miles per hour with these severe storms. today you're going to see it. you can see that video from ft. worth. they had more than three inches of rain very quickly. damaging wind is the main threat from vermont through central new york and eastern pennsylvania. just west of philadelphia. i'll have a whole lot more coming up on the severe weather threat for the plains, including the land spouts, tornados all possible there. we'll get to that in just a bit. robin and george? we move to wall street. reeling since that bombshell brexit vote in great britain. the dow dropped more than 200 points on monday, after friday's 600-point drop.
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abc's rebecca jarvis is on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest. rebecca, investors are looking for a recovery today. >> reporter: good morning, george. a triple digit rally out of the gate this morning. wall street believed that central banks are at the ready to step in to stem the falling tide in markets and world economies if necessary. after the worst two-day selloff this year for stocks, the s&p 500 down 5.5%, the typical 401(k) losing about $5,000. so much of this has come from the uncertainty around the brexit. and now, given that there's a sense that central banks might be at the ready and that the u.k. and the eu are in meetings right now that could hammer out a deal that would ultimately be favorable, that has created a sense of stability and a sense of at least certainty for now. george? >> okay, thanks very much. we're going to turn now to that massive furniture recall.
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ikea is pulling back tens of millions of dressers, warning they could tip over and kill a small child if not properly secured. abc's david kerley has the latest on that. >> reporter: just ordered this morning, furniture giant ikea recalling 29 million dressers because of a risk of tipping over. with deadly consequences. >> that is devastating. >> it is. it's fatal. >> reporter: the pictures, the numbers, are stunning. >> this is our way of enacting what actually happens in american homes. >> reporter: most of the dressers were already under a repair order. more than 30 children have been hurt, 6 children have been killed. did it take a sixth death of a child to get a full-blown recall? >> sadly, david, it did. >> reporter: one of those, 2-year-old kieron collins. his mother found him pinned under an ikea dresser. >> send it back.
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get rid of it. it's dangerous. it's a really dangerous product. and i -- i don't want to see it in any homes. i don't want any -- i don't want this to happen to any other family. >> reporter: while jackie collins is suing ikea, she's pleased the company is recalling so many units. ikea offering to buy back any unit made after 2002. at a cost of what could be more than $2 billion. ikea says its dressers should all be anchored to the wall and has been offering repair kits for older units. but now admits these dressers that are under recall didn't meet standards. >> we have stopped selling all the products that are not meeting their voluntary industry standard. in order to make sure that we are actually doing the right thing. >> reporter: this can happen in really just a second. watch this. i -- ikea is offering an anchor kit. they'll come out and put it in or they will buy back any unit made after 2002. george and robin? >> boy, that's startling. >> thank you. now to the celebration of pat summitt's life. and what a life it was. the legendary coach passing away overnight. 64 years old.
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yes, she set records, becoming the winningest coach in division i college basketball history. but she also touched so many lives, inspiring players and fans all around the world. >> reporter: a legendary, unstoppable force. a pioneer in women's sports. and a fierce competitor. >> i don't know about y'all, but i want to win a national championship. >> reporter: an inspiration to millions. and also a long-time, dear friend. >> how you doing? >> so good to see you. >> reporter: named the ncaa coach of the year seven times. pat summitt coached the university of tennessee's lady vols to eight national championships. with 1,098 career victories, she's won more games than any coach in division i college basketball history, men's or women's. >> pat summitt and destiny. >> reporter: quite simply, the definition of success. but before she was a college
7:15 am
basketball legend, she was a girl from humble beginnings. >> and you slept in the same crib until you were 6 years old. that's poor. >> yes. i was still -- i was pretty long. >> reporter: with three older brothers, she learned to play basketball. her tenacity and grit led her to play in college at ut martin. and later the olympics. where she coached the 1984 usa women's basketball team to their first gold medal. as much as she was feared on the court during her 38 seasons as coach, she was loved off of it. and in 2000, she was inducted into the basketball hall of fame. but in 2011, she again made history. >> i have been so amazed at the response. to dementia and how i'm going to deal with it. >> reporter: announcing she not only was diagnosed with early onset dementia, alzheimer's type, but decided to continue coaching and fight her disease the only way she knew how, on the court. >> how long do you think you can
7:16 am
coach? >> i said i would probably coach for three more years. then go to the beach. or hang out here with the dogs. or do whatever. i work out. five days a week. they say that's very, very important. keep my mind sharp. i got a lot of puzzles. i want to challenge you here a little bit. >> oh, no, please. >> reporter: a year later, she made the difficult decision to step aside as the head coach at tennessee. >> it was hard. you know, because i didn't -- i didn't want to. i felt like i needed to step down. >> reporter: but she continued to fight. launching the pat summitt foundation, dedicated to alzheimer's research while providing services to patients and care givers. the university of tennessee also starting the pat summitt alzheimer's clinic. all the while, pat remained the biggest tennessee fan. what do you miss most about coaching? >> just being on the court.
7:17 am
>> reporter: in 2012, with her son, and the light of her life, tyler, by her side, she received espn's arthur ashe award for courage. >> i'm going to keep on keeping on. i promise you that. >> reporter: have you had the "why me" moment? >> you know, i have had a few of those. >> reporter: what is it you want people to understand about you that can help them? >> it may not be the best thing. but, you just got to make it what it is and just keep living your life. what i want to do is get other people to understand if you have dementia, you know, don't be afraid of it. >> reporter: pat battled alzheimer's. using the same strength and dignity she once used on the court to fight the disease. and the stigma that comes with it. and for that reason, and many more, to sum it up, pat summitt is and forever will be, the ultimate champion. >> it's like once you're a lady vol -- >> always a lady vol. >> always a lady vol.
7:18 am
i don't have any more orange dresses. i did this in honor of her. and all these wonderful things. we talked earlier. 100% graduation rate. boy, she just wanted the best for everyone. >> great example. >> she was. and a great cook. >> i was going to ask you about that. >> she had two ovens in her kitchen and she had both of them going at the same time. she's going to be missed. >> that was a lovely tribute. thank you. >> what an impact she's had on so many lives. >> thank you. ginger? >> we have to check in. i told you about the severe weather threat in the plains. northeastern colorado. a land spout. today, we could see this in northeast colorado, parts of western nebraska, up into parts of wyoming and of course south dakota.
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>> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco. check out the forecast highlights. "spare the air" and heat alert inland east bay. more clouds but cool tonight and not so hot for the holiday weekend. temperatures in san francisco are 60s and 70s and 80s around bay and the south bay and triple digits inland. good news? 50s and 60s, comfortable tonight. my seven-day forecast shows by saturday, we are finally back to average. coming up here on "gma," outrage growing after a former college student accused of raping two women gets one day in jail.
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so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. good morning. we are watching breaking news out of gorman where authorities tell us two moms and four children were killed in a fiery crash on southbound i-5. the fathers tried to save their families and they couldn't do so. they burned their arms. it will be closed the rest of the morning a enwe will continue to follow the story. so tragic. better news here. first to the santa cruz mountains. southbound lane, one lane is closed. northbound open. this is due to a fire last
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from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. i will have answers to your weather questions. a lot of sunshine. fog near the golden gate bridge and throw low valleys and coastal communities. already 60s in the south bay and inland east bay. the planner for today is upper 90s inland. 80s in the bay and upper 50s at the coast. the accuweather seven-day forecast, in the 50s and 60s at night and temperatures back to average by saturday. >> thank you, mike. coming up outrage after an indiana university student accused of two rapes is sentenced to one year probation. dan abrams and nancy grace weigh in. that is next on gma. another update in 30 minutes and
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mmmm. incredible. looks tasty. you don't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. welcome back to "gma." take a look at that giant billboard blowing over in dallas, texas, as devastating storms strike from the dakotas all the way to texas. now this morning new warnings that severe weather is moving east. we have the latest. >> ginger will have that for us. also right now, an explosion sparking this fire at a natural gas plant in mississippi overnight, strong enough that people ten miles away say they felt it. two workers on duty. fortunately, they were not injured. days after voting to leave the eu, england is out of the european soccer tournament. losing 2-1 to iceland. whipping the crowd into this clapping frenzy. >> yes, i see that. if you're planning on hitting the road this fourth of
7:31 am
jewel -- july weekend, you might want to plan on some company. experts are expecting a record-breaking number of travelers. feel like we say that every year. >> yeah, i know. >> and we've broken the record again. we're breaking down the numbers. we're also giving you the smartest ways to get around. all on "the big board." we begin this half hour with the outrage over a former indiana university student who was charged with raping two women but got a plea deal from prosecutors and was sentenced to a year probation on a lesser charge. linsey davis is here with more. >> reporter: good morning, robin. one night in jail for a man accused of raping two women on separate occasions on a college campus. people have been accused of far less and spend much more time behind bars. that's the reason for this latest public outcry. prosecutors say the evidence simply wasn't strong enough. this morning, a former indiana university student accused of raping two women is free after spending just one day in jail. 22-year-old john enochs has
7:32 am
accepted a plea deal, pleading guilty to battery with moderate bodily injury, and sentenced to a one-year probation. both of the rape charges against him have been dismissed. >> there's no justice and i think that's just really sad. >> reporter: a woman claimed he raped her at delta tau delta in april of 2014. according to court documents, she said she was drinking at the party. apparently blacked out while trying to find a bathroom. and ended up in a room with an unknown man having sex with her. she told police when she became aware of what was happening, she tried to push the male off of her and told him "no" several times. but the male continued to have sex with her. >> she's disappointed, to say the least, that there's no real jail time. for her, it's a life sentence. she is suffering. it's not going to go away. >> reporter: police used surveillance video from inside the frat house to identify enochs.
7:33 am
soon after that allegation, a second woman came forward saying she was raped by him in 2013. >> it's a culture where everything is literally out of control. this underage drinking and this environment, it's not just at indiana university, it's on other campuses. >> reporter: while he could have faced up to 16 years in prison, the plea agreement granted him a much lesser sentence. this case comes on the heels of the nationwide outrage following what is known as the stanford rape case where former swimmer brock turner, found guilty of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, got just six months in jail. the prosecutors in enochs case say that while investigating the case against him, neither case standing alone presented sufficient evidence to prove rape, in the enochs case. his attorney says his client did not rape anyone. and he should never have been charged with these offenses. indiana university said it would not comment on this case but released a statement saying the
7:34 am
university's goals are to prevent sexual assault whenever possible and to support the victims to the fullest extent possible. the most recent victim is bringing a civil case against the university and the fraternity, claiming the university knew of enochs' prior rape accusation. >> let's talk to dan abrams now and nancy grace. we heard from the prosecutors. they feel there wasn't enough evidence. what kinds of things would they have looked at? >> they went into both cases in detail. in the 2013 case they say that there were photographs of the accuser that could have been problematic for them. in the 2015 case, they say there was video and dna evidence that would have been problematic for them. they're not saying what the defense is saying they're saying. the defense is saying, see, this proves there was no rape. that's why they dropped the charges. these charges should have never been brought.
7:35 am
what the prosecutors are actually saying, we wanted to bring the charges. we're frustrated. but there were simply too many evidentiary problems to take this to trial. >> was it the right call, nancy? >> i think it was a horrible call. it really pains me to say that about fellow prosecutors. but here's the deal. when i hear that a rape victim is sad at the outcome, you know what? why not take the case to a jury? if they had the guts to indict it or information to charge it, then take it to a jury. why should the prosecutor be the judge and the jury? here's the deal. dan is absolutely right that that is what they said the problem was. that there was photographic evidence to show to the contrary of what the first victim says. what does that mean? there were probably pictures of her partying and drinking before the alleged rape occurred. what's the problem with the second case with the dna? they say the dna taken from the
7:36 am
second victim does not prove that this guy caused the genital trauma. what does that mean? did she have another sex partner at some times in the previous 36 hours? what does this equal? it equals judging women because they may have had another sex partner or may have been drinking at the time of the incident. and i don't like that. it's a double standard. it's as if they're punishing the women because of their bad behavior. i don't like it. dan, i think you'll agree with me on this. i don't think you ever get a clean rape case. they're always murky, messy. even when i had dna in a case, it was still hard with juries. they're not tied up with a bow. it ain't easy. >> if you accept the prosecution at face value, this was more problematic than other cases. one of the things that they pointed out is that they wouldn't have been able to mention the first case in the second case or the second case
7:37 am
in the first case. prosecutors seemed frustrated that they would like to be able to bring these together and say, look, this is a pattern for this guy. but, they didn't feel that they were similar enough in nature -- >> what is the standard? do they have to be convinced they're going to lose? >> wah, wah. take to it a jury. >> what about that point? >> what, the wah, wah point? >> no. the idea that prosecutors are thinking about going forward, do they have to be convinced they're going to win? >> it's up to a prosecutor. in a case like this, you consult with the victim. you say, hey, do you want us to move forward? how do you feel about it? what if we lose? but look, you have to believe you have a reasonable chance of winning the case and being able to prove your case. you can't just say, we're going to go for it because someone has claimed it. the prosecutors have to believe in the case. it sounds like the prosecutors did believe in it here. >> they're the ones that brought the charges, dan. they had to believe something somewhere along the way.
7:38 am
it sounds like along the way, they found defects in the case. every case has defects. >> but this one sounds like it had more. this one sounds like it had more than most cases. >> it may have. it would be a cold day in you know where that i did not take this to a jury. >> this is why it's not necessarily comparable in some of the other cases. in the brock turner case, he was convicted. >> stanford. >> yeah, the stanford case. he was kwingtd. yes, they dropped the charges. they still convicted him. the judge sentenced him to a lenient sentence. that's not the same as the prosecutors saying we don't think we can prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. that's the legal standard. the standard isn't, do you think that it happened. the standard is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> you know another telltale thing. when the dust settles, everybody is doing this. the prosecutor said the judge did it. the prosecutor said the judge put it up. when you're playing the blame game the morning after, you're ashamed. you don't want to take the heat for what you did.
7:39 am
>> and that's going to have to -- >> i think they should all, the judge and the prosecutor, defense attorney, should all stew in the same pot. they're all in on this. and it's wrong. >> nancy's reached her judgment. dan, thanks very much. let's go to lara. here's what's coming up on our "big board." the battle for prince's estate. who will inherit his estimated $300 million fortune? it could be a record-breaking weekend for holiday travel. how do you beat the traffic? and the crowds this fourth of july. and two top tennis players chasing history at wimbledon. we'll be back in two minutes. and two top tennis players chasing history at wimbledon. we'll be back in two minutes. not now! i'm cleaning the oven! yeah, i'm cleaning the gutters! washing the dog! washing the cat! well i'm learning snapchamp! chat. chat! changing the oil... (vo) it's surprising what people would rather do than deal with retirement. pressure-washing the... roses. aerating the lawn! (vo) but with nationwide it's no big deal.
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regularity with dailycomfort fiber. so unlike others, mirafiber is less likely to cause unwanted gas. love your fiber. new mirafiber. it's time for our "big board." here to take on today's top stories, we start with the battle over prince's estate. potential heirs and attorneys gathering for a court hearing in minnesota. we want to talk about that with sunny hostin.
7:42 am
a lot of money on the line here. could be about $300 million. what does the judge need to do? >> this judge needs to determine, george, who's related to prince and how much of the estate they're entitled to. do you know why? it appears prince died without a will. representatives have looked through thousands and thousands of boxes. they have found nothing. and when there is no will, the battle begins. prince had eight siblings. six of them are still alive. get this, george. 20 other people have come forward making claims to his estate. now, of course, dna evidence has now canceled out the fact that there's a colorado prison inmate that claimed to be prince's son. he is not. but the battle continues. >> yes, sunny just said, so many siblings. people coming out of the woodwork. the judge made it clear he's in no rush to make any decisions on this. sunny, how long could something like this take to sort out? >> it could take months. it could take years.
7:43 am
this judge has made it clear he's going to take his time to make the right determination. the problem with that, lara, is the longer this takes, the more money his estate loses. we're talking about a $300 million estate right now. we know prince had a lot of debt. he also had a huge tax bill. the takeaway is, people, people, please, please, make your wills. you gotta have a will. >> it's amazing. the estate is losing money. but it will be making a lot more money with all the songs continuing to be sold. >> that's true. it's still remarkable though what sunny just said. great advice, sunny, about getting a will. and someone that successful not -- no will. it's shocking. sunny, always great to see you. thank you so much for coming in and filling us in on that one. want to move to the holiday weekend. the traffic. and thank goodness for low gas prices. a record number of people expected to hit the road this fourth of july. i don't know if she is or not, but she sure knows a lot about it. paula froehlich.
7:44 am
founder of love that name, great to see you, paula. what gives, why so much more traffic this year? >> gas prices are way down. get this. there are 43 million people traveling and 36 million people that will be on the road. that's over 10% of the population driving. >> what should we do this weekend? >> not drive. >> exactly. i was going to say stay home. just kidding. if you can stake a stay-cation, take a stay-cation. but understand, for some reason, you're not going to not miss the traffic. it's going to be there. you know what's coming up. so start the yoga breathing now. just get ready. plan ahead. understand things are going to take awhile. if you can leave at a weird hour, do it. >> makes a lot of sense. thank you, paula. you could also go to wimbledon. it could be part of the record books. it's starting right now.
7:45 am
women's camp, serena william, set to take center court moments from now. we're joined by patrick mcenroe from espn. going for her 22nd grand slam title. ranked number one. a lot of intense competition there. >> there always is, george. hey, i'm just a dude abroad and i'm loving every second of it. serena williams has felt the pressure a bit this year at the other majors. french open she lost in the final. australia open, she lost in the final. i think it's weighing on her, the rush to get to number 22, to finally tie steffi graf. you heard it here first. slel -- she will do it here at wimbledon. she will win here at wimbledon, her 7th, and she will tie graf with 22 with a win here. >> i want to ask you about the men's side. >> going out on a limb, lara. >> i love that. you got to. on the men's side, novak djokovic looking to do what serena could not do last year,
7:46 am
complete the calendar grand slam. no one has done it since rod laver. is this his year? >> well, i think, look, in some ways, it already is his year. he now holds all four major titles. which hasn't been done since rod laver did it in '69. finally he was able to win the french open for the first time. he comes here to wimbledon where he's won the last two titles. look out for andy murray with ivan lendl back in the camp. and another former player, what's his name? oh, yeah, john mcenroe with mil milos raonic. i don't think djokovic will feel the pressure serena did at last year's u.s. open. >> i'm not sure djokovic feels pressure. i'm not sure that's something he has to deal with. >> well, listen, as your previous guests said, he does a lot of yoga. he goes the buddhist temple up
7:47 am
here. it's not just about the serves. getting himself ready physically. he's all about the mind. we sort of laugh but he's got everything dialed in. i saw him running through the village here just up the hill here over the weekend. he was as casual, relaxed as could be. just taking a jog. all by himself. no posse. no security. just jogging. that seems like a good way to get ready to win your third consecutive title here. >> that's our takeaway for today. you got to be zen. >> namaste to all three of you. we thank you. lots of great information there. you can watch wimbledon today. on espn. thank you, patrick. it's on espn, you can also watch the espn app. we want to thank patrick, paula, and of course sunny. >> you're going to be heading to wimbledon. coming up here, our hot shot of the day. what tim tebow did that has everyone talking. day. qtim tebow did that has everyone talking. utim tebow did everyone talking. tim tebow did everyone talking. tim tebow did everyone talking. qtim tebow did
7:48 am
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♪ oh, we're halfway there ♪ we're talking about a midway prayer. former nfl star tim tebow lending a hand on a flight. comforting passengers after an older gentleman reportedly suffered a medical emergency. when tebow heard exactly what was going on, he went back to pray with the family. left his seat in first class. fellow traveler joshua douglass snapped the photo, posted it on facebook, praising tebow for his kindness. here's what he told us about the incident. >> he just reached in, they reached out and grabbed him. they were hugging each other. he bowed his head and they had prayer. unbeknownst to him, people around him, teary eyed. whispering words of encouragement and praying as well. >> something for all of us to aspire to this morning. the flight landed in dallas. he didn't stop there. he helped the family with their bag. the man is in stable condition. is there that's tim. >> thank you.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
now from abc 7 news. >> it is 7:56. good morning. a quick check on the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. check out the summer spread developing from san francisco 52 to antioch at 76. as we head to the afternoon hours it widens, 68 in san francisco to 105 antioch. it is a spare the air day. this should be the last triple-digit heat day and poor air qualities. a nightmare getting over the santa cruz mountains. highway 17 northbound remains open. southbound one lane is closed at redwood estates. this happened last night when a brushfire started in the area. you can expect it to be cleared by 10:00 p.m. tonight. it will affect the southbound afternoon commute. >> thank you. coming up the cast of unreal
7:57 am
weighing in on episode of the bachelorette. the news continues now with good morning america.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking this morning, the new report on the deadly attack in benghazi. questions now for hillary clinton. the latest from washington at this hour. new overnight, a 10-year-old boy in texas abducted during a home invasion. his cousin calls 911 from inside the closet. the boy found safe and sound just miles from his house. celebrating pat summitt, passing away overnight after battling alzheimer's. tributes pouring in to the legendary tennessee vols coach. how she touched so many lives and inspired generations of athletes. ♪ out on the verge of the rest of our lives ♪ and get ready for john cena and the cast of "unreal." they're here live. as we say -- >> all: good morning, america.
8:01 am
>> hi. >> good morning. ♪ welcome to my house and that's not all. look at john cena right there, pumping up the crowd in times square. he's pumped up. he's got something big coming up as well. going to be the first wrestler ever to host the espys. exciting for him. exciting to watch. >> "sisters." did you see him in the movie, "sisters "? so funny. all morning, we're celebrating legendary coach pat summitt. she summed up her life, one simple statement, she would say this a lot. you win in life with people. you win in life with people. she was all about bettering her players and bettering everybody around her. we'll continue to celebrate her life this morning. >> absolutely. absolutely. love the orange, robin. very nice. >> and then jesse is going face to face with his fear.
8:02 am
he's diving with sharks at night. that is when they can see you long before you see them. because, i guess, why not? >> you have to give jesse and ginger credit. they'll do -- >> pretty much anything. >> -- just about anything. right? we're going to find out all about it coming up. right now let's get the morning rundown from paula faris. >> from sharks to politics. the big story this morning. house republicans are releasing a long-awaited report today criticizing hillary clinton in connection with the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. this is the eighth and final congressional investigation into the attack in 2012. it slams clinton for not realizing there was intelligence pointing to security vulnerabilities in libya. the report even reveals that clinton, who was the secretary of state at the time, reportedly planned to visit libya in 2012. some republicans call it, quote, tragic failure of leadership. democrats say their investigation found that clinton never personally denied requests for more security. and donald trump's campaign
8:03 am
is denying reports that he is backpedalling on his controversial call to ban muslims temporarily from the united states. trump is now saying that he wants to focus on immigrants coming from countries that have a record of terrorism but his campaign insists that his proposal has not changed. they say trump is simply adding specifics and clarifying his position. encouraging news for stocks. in the aftermath of brexit. four days after britain voted to leave the european union, there are signs that the markets are beginning to shake off that news, even after word that britain's credit rating has been downgraded. asian markets were mixed overnight. european markets rose slightly. today, british prime minister david cameron is attending the first eu summit since the vote. and you heard us talking about this story earlier. a terrifying ordeal for a 10-year-old boy in dallas who was kidnapped at gun point. nicholas was abducted by robbers who kicked in the door of his relatives' home. they demanded money. when they didn't find cash, they
8:04 am
grabbed him and drove off as his cousin hid in the closet and called 911. that cousin later spoke to reporters. >> i hear them coming into my mom's room and my dad's room. i didn't know what to do. i was like, can you please quiet down because i'm scared they're going to get me and kill me. they said, hey, grab the boy. the cops are coming. >> about eight hours later, nicholas was found unharmed on a street corner five miles away. police say the kidnappers may have been trying to get money from his dad, who owns a construction company. and rescue efforts resume this morning off soirn california to save a 70-foot blue whale tangled up in fishing line. rescuers have been able to cut off some of that line. they hope the finish removing it later today. and finally, jay leno has been involved in a horrible car crash. but don't, everyone, he's okay. in fact, he says a crash like this was actually on his bucket list. he says he's always wanted to ride up on two wheels. the 2500 horsepower hemi. all the power tough to handle,
8:05 am
however. he and the driver, a professional stunt man ended up flipping that car several time. cameras caught it all on tape for his show, "jay leno's garage." they were wearing their seat belts and helmets. they were not injured. he said afterwards it was certainly exciting but said 2500 horsepower on two wheels, what would possibly go wrong. i think we saw it there. be warned if you have something on your bucket list this morning, you might want to rethink it. a little dangerous. >> note to self. >> note to self. >> that camera captured it, too. >> thank you, paula. >> news that goes pop. in "pop news" the start of wimbledon. wearing the green in honor. maria sharapova is not going to compete this year. but she's making good use of her time. she'll be studying at harvard business school. she posted this picture on twitter expressing her excitement. she's starting a two-week course as she sits out her two-year ban by the international tennis foundation for testing positive
8:06 am
for meldonium. she says she will get back on the tour. meantime, though, a great education always a grand plan. >> i was trying to pay attention. john cena is playing in the studio. he has a sticky. what is that again? >> a selfie stick. >> a selfie stick. >> just beyond him, the cast of "unreal." i love this show today. >> sorry. hi, john cena. we'll talk to you soon. trying to stay focused. prince harry in "pop news" this morning. paying a surprise visit to a youth choir before tonight's big charity concert at kensington palace. here's the south african choir rehearsing, led by grammy winning singer joss stone. at one point she said, come on, harry, join in. there's your note, harry. the blushing royal replied, no, no, no, learned years ago, i can't sing. we know you can do a lot of things, though. he reunited with a boy he took under his wing as a 4-year-old orphan when harry visited the african kingdom of lesotho years ago. all of the proceeds from tonight's concert go to adolescents living with hiv.
8:07 am
>> he is really on a tear. >> he continues to give and give and also knows his own strengths and possibly weaknesses. that is another big strength. also in "pop news" this morning. jason depietro was trying to earn a few dollars trying to play some street music when he noticed one of the people humming along was none other than seal, the singer. it gets better. he said, do you mind if i join in? her you go. "stand by me." ♪ sweet darling stand by me stand by me ♪ >> could you imagine? >> wow. people just walking by. >> how about for jason? >> i know. >> and guess what? the reason seal was standing there, he was lost. all he asked in return was for directions to his hotel. seal, i mean, everybody wins. seal found his way home.
8:08 am
he had no trouble finding the right notes. he sent us a statement. we reached out to seal. he said, this busker caught my eye. i just had to jump in. had such an incredible time with my new friend. can't believe everybody caught me moonlighting. seal, heads up. your voice, kind of hard to hide. >> how much did they pull in? >> i don't know. i would imagine more than what that busker was making on an average day. >> when he was singing, it sounded like a professional -- >> lovely duo. >> like in the studio. >> one of the positives of having that camera always on. and that's "pop news." now, we get to "the morning menu." she can walk. she can read. here we go. wwe superstar john cena is with us. posing for the camera. hi. >> here we are. it's a camera and another camera. and we got some fans. >> he's sharing his secret talent, as you can see. one of many. hi, guys. >> amateur video work. look who is here? blink-182. say cheese. new music.
8:09 am
you'll be with us on friday for our concert. and i have to get in here. because i'm really, really excited. did you meet these guys? it's the cast of "unreal." i totally love the show. >> hi. >> this is my binge watch. i love the show. you guys will, too. it's all coming up on "gma" in a moment. you're holding our camera. it's a mess. just come back. >> just in case anybody's holding. ♪ ♪ whatcha gonna do when you get outta here? ♪ ♪ i'm gonna have some fun! ♪ ♪ what do you consider fun? ♪ ♪ fun, natural fun! ♪ yeah, we rocking right now. ♪ ♪ there's a party over here. ♪ ♪ hey, i'm in heaven. ♪
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like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. welcome back to "gma." we're celebrating pat summitt this morning, who passed away overnight at the age of 64.
8:14 am
a true champion both on and off the court. and joining us now is abc news contributor and "usa today" columnist christine brennan. she's joining us as is kara lawson who played for pat at tennessee and is now an espn analyst. thank you both so much. kara, let me begin with you. just your thoughts. what was it like to play for pat summitt? >> oh, it was -- it was an experience, that's for sure. it was -- uh -- life-changing is what it was. she -- uh -- she wasn't just your coach for four years. i mean, she was -- she was your coach for life. >> and there is something she said that stuck with me. she said about coaching young women like yourself, they don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.
8:15 am
let me say that again. they don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. she embodied that, didn't she, kara? >> yes, she did. she invested so much in you as a person. and, um, you know, not just your potential as a player. but how you could grow as a person. to motivate you to reach your apex. what you could do. the maximum that you could do. that continued after i graduated. and the decisions i made. the career path that i chose. and she's always motivating you and encouraging you. and, you could call her anytime. i had many late-night conversations, early morning conversations with pat over the years. and -- um -- you know, it's a sad day. it's a -- it's a sad day here. in knoxville. and it's a sad day in sports.
8:16 am
and, uh -- you know, i know she loved you very much, robin. and, um -- i know that -- you know the value of knowing pat summitt and what it means to your life. >> yes, i know that all too well. and i'm just so -- so glad that you're there and that you had a chance to spend some time with her. christine, just help people understand. it goes beyond women's basketball. the impact that pat summitt had on sport. >> robin, you're right. i think you can safely say that this was one of those rare moments in u.s. history where the right person came along at the right time in our culture. if you consider that pat, of course, came of age just as title ix was starting to blossom in this country. i think with billie jean king and a few others, pat summitt led the way and helped title ix work its way through our country. she's a young coach at
8:17 am
tennessee. when women's sports has nothing. she's doing the laundry to make sure that the team jerseys are ready for the next game. fighting battles to get the gym space. fighting for anything that the women's team could have. and she builds it into this powerhouse, this brand, that is known worldwide. pat summitt, let's say this, girls and women who play sports today, millions and millions, robin, you played sports t i played sports, we would not have had the same opportunities were it not for pat summitt who led the way and opened the doors we walked through. >> she opened the doors. kicked them open and we walked through. christine, thank you so much. i know how you covered her over the years. let me let kara get the last word in. how do you want us to remember pat summitt, kara lawson? >> oh, boy.
8:18 am
i want us to remember her by continuing to fight for the things that were so important to pat. and, you heard christine touch on it in terms of helping create opportunities for women in sports and in her later years, with her battle with alzheimer's. her creating the pat summitt foundation. she was so passionate about helping other people that had the disease and helping other families. and, so, just continuing on those two things. helping find a cure for alzheimer's. and helping women continue to reach, young women continue to reach their potential. >> well said. kara, you take care. i'm sure i'll be seeing you in the days and weeks ahead. appreciate you taking some time. christine brennan, as well. thank you so much to you both. we'll be right back. 'll be right back. what if we woke up one day
8:19 am
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8:22 am
to homes than anyone else in the country. the us postal service. priority: you big family movie about to come out, it's come out, it's called "the bfg" it stands for big friendly giant. it features an 11-year-old, her name is ruby barnhill. she sat down with steven spielberg and abbie boudreau. to talk about the film and the important message behind it.
8:23 am
>> and cut. and good. >> reporter: you could say legendary director steven spielberg has a knack for finding young talent. from christian bale -- >> i can't remember what my parents look like. >> reporter: to drew barrymore. >> e.t. phone home. >> reporter: so you know you can expect nothing short of greatness from the pint-sized "bfg" star ruby barnhill. >> i'm an untrustworthy child. >> that was a long, exhaustive search and what i loved was that i didn't hear the writing, i heard her personality speaking the words of someone else's. that authenticity convinced me to meet her in person. which i did. a day later, gave you the part. >> reporter: and just like that, the 11-year-old newcomer took those talents to the big screen. >> oh, my. it is a great film. i think everyone is going to enjoy it. i don't know whether i'll -- i don't know what i'm going to do next. one day i want to be a director. the next day i want to be a journalist. then the next day i want to be --
8:24 am
>> and she wants your job now. and my job. >> reporter: the film also has poignant themes. namely overcoming bullying. >> have you dealt with that in your personal life? >> yeah. elementary school. high school. i experienced being bullied. i experienced people standing up for me. when you're being surrounded and shamed and torn down, that one person steps forward and says, don't do that. don't say those things. and stands between you and the bully, you never forget that person. >> reporter: and nothing stands between these two orphaned souls in this adaptation of the classic fantasy tale. >> i've been making so many movies about history, i don't want to make something up or use my imagination when i'm telling a story like "lincoln" or "bridge of spies." it has to be the truth. this was my escape. into a complete world where there was no limitations on any of us. we all got to use our imaginations. >> hippo dumplings. >> reporter: and yes there's that gobble-funk imaginary language. >> now when i get something
8:25 am
really good at a restaurant or my wife makes me something really good to eat, i just say scrum-diddly-umptious. i can't stop myself. i can't help myself. >> reporter: and the blockbuster maestro couldn't help himself from creating another masterpiece. >> it's about two people very similar from each other. from the outside, they're dissimilar. that's a love story. >> reporter: i hope you do a traditional love story. some sort of romantic comedy. >> romantic comedy. bucket list. gotta do that one. >> reporter: will you? >> yeah. >> reporter: you heard it here. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> looks like a lot of fun. you can see "the bfg" on friday. >> let's go outside to ginger. let's check in on the wildfires that we're talking about in california. more than 45,000 acres. you can see this picture. just south of lake isabella. 200 homes destroyed. le >> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco. check out the forecast
8:26 am
highlights. "spare the air" and heat alert inland east bay. more clouds but cool tonight and not so hot for the holiday weekend. temperatures in san francisco are 60s and 70s and 80s around bay and the south bay and triple digits inland. good news? 50s and 60s, comfortable tonight. my seven-day forecast shows by saturday, we are finally back to >> it's so exciting. coming up, john cena's here next. stay with us. cena's here next. stay with us.
8:27 am
right lane is closed and left lane open due to a fire overnight. southbound open but they are not expecting the full open lanes until 10:00 p.m. definitely going to affect your afternoon commute. now a stall on 680 at mission boulevard, backing up to scott creek road. >> thank you so much,
8:28 am
i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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see what spam can! do... at we're back on the move in san francisco where it is 53 degrees. check out the temperatures in your neighborhood. only nearly 80 in antioch. 63 san jose. as you look at the day planner 58 at 4:00 at the coast. inland 98. temperatures nearing 100 again this afternoon in our inland east bay neighborhoods. that's where we have the spare the air alert. poorest air quality probably there. look at saturday, sunday, monday cooler but warmer than average for the holidays. >> thank you, mike.
8:30 am
another news update in 30 minutes. join us ♪ out on the verge we welcome you back to "gma." great to have john cena is here. john is here. he's getting ready for a huge new role hosting the espy awards, where we get to relive the most unforgettable sports moments of the year. don't you love new york city. and honor the incredible athletes at the center of them all. thank you for being here. congratulations. >> oh, are you kidding me? we got a great crowd. the espys are going to be great. july 13th, 8:00. are you all going to watch? you at home have agreed to watch. this is the agreement. >> he'll put you in the headlock. only the third athlete. first wrestler. so how are you going to approach it? how about that opening monologue? >> i'm just trying to make it
8:31 am
through. espn has made sure that i have viable replacements. i'm just trying not to get the gong. i'm the first wwe superstar to host. i know what a tremendous honor it is. i'm steady as a rock. this is the hand i shook with. >> good to have that. >> i'm a -- i know that all the pressure is going to be on. so, i just -- >> you'll deliver. >> i want to have fun. worst case scenario, i'm going to have fun. >> we know that. have you seen this man in "sisters" and in "train wreck "? have you seen his comedic chops. >> you, son, should not be cheering for having seen "trainwreck." i want to talk to the dad after this. >> you talked to us about the pat tillman award. you're going to announce the winner for us. >> yes. sergeant elizabeth marks is going to receive the pat tillman award for service. she's an unbelievable story. an unbelievable parathlete. she's a four-time gold med
8:32 am
lalist in this year's invictus game. she's a wonderful story. she had a debilitating hip injury while deployed. came home to get that fixed. an unbelievable struggle. found swimming as a way to motivate troops. then went to england to compete in the 2014 invictus games where she contracted a respiratory disease and almost lost her life. a hospital in england literally saved her life. and i think many of you probably saw it as this year's invictus games, robin, you were there. >> in orlando, yes. >> when she won, she immediately gave one of the medals to prince harry as a token of appreciation for those that saved her life. it's that devotion to service, community, people around her, through the channel of sport and service, that's why we're doing something special at the espys. >> that's wonderful. you, my friend, what you have done with the make-a-wish foundation. you have been recognized in past years for that. you have 500 i think you did at one time. what is it about the make-a-wish foundation that speaks to you?
8:33 am
>> you are always smiling. every day for you is always a good day. you know the power of putting a smile on somebody's face. a lot of times they can be going through not so good a day or maybe not so good a period of time. if you can do what you do during the day, and make somebody smile, and make their day a better day, even if it's just for a day, you provide that hope for them to move forward. i've seen that happen time and time again. we all have our philanthropic causes, to me, that's the one that just, just fits. because i get to see. i get to see kids, see families, see them smile. they get to see me do what i love. it's a good thing. >> i appreciate your work with that. speaking of kids, anthony has a question. don't hold back. what's your question, anthony? >> are you nervous about hosting the espys? >> am i nervous? this is the third suit i have had on today. i've already sweat through two suits. of course i'm nervous. bring anthony in for pressure.
8:34 am
you have say you'll watch on july 13th. you have to kind of say i did a good job even if i didn't. are we agreed? [ cheers and applause ] you watch for yourself. you be the judge. july 13th, 8:00 p.m. on abc. it's the espys. it's going to be great. >> weren't you just celebrating an anniversary? wasn't yesterday 14 years of wwe? >> my 14th year anniversary on wwe television. i've been a wwe superstar. look at that young kid. if he only knew what he was getting into, he wouldn't have done that. that was an age ago. before you were born, anthony. it's been a long, crazy ride. the espys are another stop. it will be a fun one. you've been involved before. it is truly a great night. it's fun. it's sports. it's entertainment. it's inspirational. it's moving. any person can enjoy it. >> all those things describe you, my friend. he's a real renaissance man. john cena. give him a hand.
8:35 am
>> thank you, guys. >> espy awards. only said it a couple of times. july 13th, 8:00, 7:00 central. right here on abc. >> it's messaging. >> ginger? robin, john cena is like the espys in human form is what we got out of that. i want to say good morning. well hello, ladies. whose birthday is it? >> mine. regina from atlanta. >> regina from atlanta. happy 50th birthday to you. let's get to the weather. the threat for damaging wind in eastern pennsylvania, right through central new york and parts of vermont. the plains add the threat of hail and isolated tornadoes and damaging winds. back from wyoming i >> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco. temperatures are cooler today along the coast in the central bay. still warm to hot for the rest of the bay and inland. it is a "spare the air" day. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures are cooling back to average byo
8:36 am
>> that weather report brought to you by colgate optic white. and now, it's time to go to jesse, who is joining the shark club. i know you went diving, jess. >> i know you did it, too. what a time i had. i got the opportunity to swim with the sharks and see cutting-edge research up close revealing how they hunt at night. this was my scariest assignment ever. but i am so glad i did it. take a look. now's the moment where, the nerves, they're kind of picking up. that is me at dusk off the coast of the bahamas preparing for a shark dive in total darkness. and i'll be honest. i'm having second thoughts. it's getting harder to see down there. first, let's look how i got here. we're here at the bahamas. we're going to get up close and personal with some sharks. i'm ready to go. my guide is andy. an underwater photographer who studies shark behavior.
8:37 am
before we dive at night, i need to get my feet wet during the day. >> sharks get a bad rap. they're polite predators. they could kill us. >> reporter: politely, though. as we get to our dive site, the sharks are out in full force. >> you ready to do this, buddy? it's pretty amazing down here, hey. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. did you see that? this is so cool. look. i can't put into words what this experience is like. this is absolutely crazy. they're literally everywhere. way into my personal space. i gotta be honest, i thought i was going to be completely freaking out down here. amidst all these sharks. there's something very zen, very calm. of course, during a night dive, it might be a little bit different. scientists captured this video for discovery's shark week. >> whoa, that was unbelievable. >> reporter: a great white using only the light of the moon. >> for sharks to be able to hunt
8:38 am
in essentially total darkness. their prey has to be hypervigilant. hyperagile. so whatever they're hunting almost have no chance. >> reporter: the senses include powerful night vision. they allow sharks to see ten times better than humans in the dark. which is what makes diving at night so daunting. >> honestly, the lights don't really shoot out that far. so we're really only going to see them when they're right on top of us. >> reporter: it was a great idea three hours ago. i'm wondering the same thing. what am i doing? it's crazy. like you're in the abyss. you can't see anything. really can't even hear anything. oh, boy, this is a big one. oh, geez. oh, my gosh. coming right for me again. crazy. he's literally right beside you one second, the next second, disappeared completely into the darkness. right now, i have zero idea are the shark is.
8:39 am
here he comes. whoa, whoa. these things really get up close and personal. it must be such an advantage of their prey. their ability to see. their ability to smell. the elect roe magnetic pull. the tools is why this is the perfect killer. so scary. so rewarding, too. i knew i was safe because i was diving with the best. i want to give people at home an example of what some of these people can do. that's a photographer attaching a camera to a shark's fin to capture this footage. it was such a thrill to dive with these people. of course, being sent to the bahamas, it's not a bad assignment either. >> i also dove in the same place. not at night. >> if you're claustrophobic, you don't want to be down there. it's like being in a closet. can't see anything. can't hear anything.
8:40 am
i'm learning there are times in my career i need to learn to say no. >> no, you keep saying yes. thank you, jesse. you can watch air jaws night stalker tonight. and shark week all week on the discovery channel. coming up, not only john cena but the cast of the hit show "unreal" is here live. stay with us.
8:41 am
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8:43 am
i'm very excited. this is a big day for me because i love this show, "unreal." if you have not seen it yet, you must. it's a whip-smart spin on the reality tv idea that everybody is talking about. the scripted series follows the lives of some hell-raising producers. on a "bachelor-esque --" sounds like a new word. you know what i mean. take a look. >> you got played. you're like one of those wives whose husband beats them up and promises never to do it again. >> do you know something, i'm a show runner. right now, the show runner is asking you why you were not able to close ruby. >> please welcome shiri, constance, jeffrey, and craig. so great to have you. the stars of "unreal." this it's a "bachelor-type" show.
8:44 am
how close is it to what we see each week on abc? >> um, we've heard from contestants on the show it should actually be called "real." they feel like it's a very honest depiction of what it's like on the reality shows. >> and you had firsthand experience. the writers, some of the creators worked on -- >> one of our creators used to work on that show, "the bachelor" for about nine seasons. our show is a scripted drama, slightly based in reality. >> it's over the top. craig, you are the big boss. though some would say, actually, constance is -- >> i haven't heard such a thing. i don't know. what do you mean? the first i'm hearing of this. >> just so you know. this is from behind the scenes. this is not the perspective that "the bachelor" shows you. where it's, you know, the guy thinking about the women and their perspective. this is how the show gets made. it's like how the sausage is made. it's not very pretty. >> but it tastes delicious. >> it tastes delicious.
8:45 am
>> thank you for choosing sausage. >> that perhaps not the best choice. you get my drift. jeffrey, you were very touched by a decision made when you were hired to play one of the producers on the show. >> yeah, when i first read for the show and played jay, he was straight. we came back and did the reshoots for the pilot, they rewrote him to reflect more of who i am, and that included making him a gay man, an openly gay man. >> craig plays the executive producer. you play the co-executive producer. you love to remind him you're the creator of the show. shiri, you are the anti-creator. >> i'm dealing with the morals of taking these women down. i feel bad. but i happen to be good at it. >> but only slightly bad. she only feels slightly bad, right? >> do you think that the things that you ask them to do, the
8:46 am
contestants, to get further on the show, to get the eye of the suitor, as you call him, do you think that anything like that happens in real life? >> i think most of that kind of stuff happens. it's a tremendous amount of manipulation behind the scenes. we have heard from people that producers would hold onions in their hands to cry themselves to get the contestants to cry. keeping people there for hours on end, no food. alcohol. doing whatever it takes to get a story. >> the show is -- it's absolutely addicting. craig. >> can i brag on shiri for a second? she directed an episode. the next episode? >> episode six. >> congratulations. >> incredible. she did such a wonderful job working with the actors. she was amazing. >> thank you. >> that is awesome. do you want to introduce the audience to this dog? >> it's foo. an actual dog. >> also on the show in all of the scenes with you.
8:47 am
>> a highly trained actor. >> the cool thing is. it's satire. but also two huge roles for women. and you guys say, in the show, you butt heads. but you love it. >> yeah, they're really complicated. their relationship is, i think, a relationship you have not seen on television between two strong, messed up, complicated women, who are pretty much acting like men and they don't have to apologize for it. >> and it's really, like, the central love story of the show is between these two women. >> i would agree. you look like you're having a ball. >> it's a lot of fun. i can be that mean and get away with it. i don't have to apologize. >> no, she doesn't. >> i want to say variety reviewed the show and said watching the second season is like doing shots while riding a roller coaster. things could go off the rails at any moment. >> i hope not. >> we'll get into that in the next episode.
8:48 am
wonderful to see you all again. we're watching the show. it's called "unreal" on lifetime. and it is amazing. up next, blink-182 is with us live. ♪ life is too short to last long ♪
8:49 am
8:50 am
it's great to have blink-182 here ahead of friday's concert. the big live tv debut with their newest member, matt skiba. joining mark hoppus and travis barker. they're getting ready to kick off a nationwide tour. great to have you with us. we understand that founding guitarist tom delonge is no long with the band. there's ban lot of back and forth. this is the first time you're sitting down with us, matt. what's it been like to be the newest member of blink-182? >> it's been great. i've been friends with these guys for about 15 years.
8:51 am
it's been great. it's -- definitely surreal. this is all very surreal. but it's awesome. >> it's only going to get bigger. of course, i have to ask mark and travis, how's the new guy doing? >> he's awesome. it's great. >> travis you opened up in your book about the plane crash you survived back in 2008. it nearly took your life. you have come such a long way since then. what's it been like for you being back on tour, making music with the new blink-182 since then? >> it's awesome. every day is a blessing. >> you have a new album coming out on friday, called "california." it's the same day that you're going to be headlines -- headlining our "gma" summer concert series. we can't wait. what can fans expect? >> it's fast, it's angsty. it's positive. it's got sing-along songs. got introspective songs. i think anybody that liked
8:52 am
blink-182 at any point in our history will love it. >> people have to check in on friday. you'll play hits on friday as well, correct? >> mm-hmm. >> i can't wait to hear your new single, "bored to death." the biggest in air play you have ever had as a band. when you guys were recording it, did you realize it would be that big of a hit? >> it seemed special from the beginning. one of the first we wrote. when we got into the studio. it came together quickly. it was something we all loved from day one. >> you have stood the test of time. hit after hit after hit. of course, big news. next month, you guys are kicking off your north american tour. what excites you most about being able to go out and see your fans around the country? around this continent? >> i think just being able to play shows. the process of writing the album and playing for the fans, that's the win. it's the best part of it. >> so great having you here. can't wait for friday. check it out. blink-182. the new album, "california." it will drop friday, the same day they're here for our big summer concert.
8:53 am
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thanks for letting us know that.
8:56 am
>> of course. >> thanks for watching, everybody. >> have a good day. day.
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now from abc 7 news. >> good morning. the abc 7 morning news. a quick update on the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> enjoy the sunshine, especially when it is 55 here on the roof. if you look inland, it is already 82 in antioch on the way to over 100. 70s and 80s at the bay. 60s a the coast of san francisco. a slow cooling trend through saturday. sue? >> all right. just a reminder, we have a road closure in the santa cruz mountains. one lane is shut and will be until 10:00 p.m. tonight that. will wreak havoc on the afternoon commute from san jose to santa cruz. a sig alert out there as well. an accident at mission boulevard has things jammed back to fremont. >> thank you so much. time for "live with kelly." we will be back for the midday
9:00 am
news. join us weekdays 4: announcer: it's "live with kelly." today from the series "animal kingdom," scott speedman. and recording artist and judge of "america's got talent," mel b. surviving the summer, health tips for you and your family. plus anderson cooper is kelly's co-host for the day. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now here are kelly ripa and anderson cooper. audience: [cheering] [music playing, indistinct singing] kelly: hi. hi. anderson: hey. kelly: wow. boy, they love you.


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