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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 30, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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live from the kgotv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, the istanbul
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terror attack caught on camera. new is surveillance video showing the first bomb going off and people running for their lives. airports at home and across the world are stepping up their own security. good evening. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. the death toll from the attack the a turkey's airport climbed to 42. >> marcy gonzalez has the developing story. >> reporter: turkish authorities revealing new details at how the deadly attack unfolded on tuesday. three terrorists including this man arriving in a taxi, unable to get through security they take guns out of their suit cases and start shooting. >> they were spraying and it was nonstop automatic rifles for sure. >> reporter: it shows the first bomb going off near the security x ray machines. travelers sent desperately running. >> people were shooting and we ran the other way and then the
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bombs went off and people started running the other way. >> reporter: one of the attackers chasing people and then taken down, shot by a police officer. the killer's gun sliding across the floor. the officer approaches and then runs for cover as the terrorist fumbles and detonates his suicide vest. the third terrorist waiting outside as people ran, searching for safety he debt -- detonates another bomb. >> it was chaos and we started to hide. >> reporter: more than 40 people killed including the three terrorists. more than 200 others injured. no group has claimed responsibility, turkish and u.s. officials expect isis was behind the attack. >> i am confident we can and will defeat those who offer only death and destruction. >> istanbul says some airports have extra security because of the bomb. abc news, new york.
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>> the empire state building has become a somber ritual. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the turkey terror attacks. you can download the news app and get breaking news and updates as soon as they happen. someone repeatedly attacked a man in a theater. it happened at the roxy stadium theater on santa rosa avenue. the victim was gravely injured. witnesses rushed to help him as the attacker ran from the theater. he was arrested. police say he did not know the victim. new at 11:00, richmond police are searching for the intruder who attacked a 94-year-old woman. and they stole the presidential coin given to her by president obama. the victim is betty reid sauskin.
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she was shown to be the oldest worker. she was punched several times when they ran off with her presidential coin and several other items. a man who worked as a teacher and librarian in the bay area has been charged with trying to meet underage girls on-line for sex. 45-year-old emanuel ellison pled not guilty and he is free on bail. abc news reporter is live at the san francisco police department with more. katie? >> larry, san francisco police made the arrest after the internet against crimes unit. he lives in allah alameda and that's where he last worked at an elementary school. emanuel ellison is charged with trying to meet up with a minor. the girl was actually an undercover officer. >> here you have someone who is trying to lure our children
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and doing activities that are frankly quite disgusting. >> ellis son is a teacher and school librarian. the school district confirms that ellis son was an employee during the 2014-2015 school year. the district spokesperson says they are saddened to hear of the allegation. ellison worked in the schools from 2007 to 2014. the district read a statement saying at this time we have no evidence of inactivity and will cooperate with authorities. the fbi and homeland security were involved in the investigation and the investigation continues. >> this case is possible that there are other victims that have not come forward. if you are a victim or know anyone who can be a victim we ask you to call immediately. >> i spoke with him by phone and he said his client would never have acted on what was a fantasy and it was a case of polic entrapment. abc7 news.
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>> tonight the fremont police department is asking for the public's help to find a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian. it happened on walnut avenue near civic center drive. if you at 11:00, cornell bernard is live in fremont with the story. cornell? >> reporter: ama, the victim's name has not been released. it happened just feet from the fremont bart station inside this crosswalk on walnut avenue. tonight police are searching for the driver. it is a crime few can understand. >> very, very painful. i don't know about the human values. >> police say a 65-year-old union city woman was walking to the fremont bart station on tuesday night in the crosswalk on walnut avenue when she was struck by a car heading eastbound. >> there is no way someone didn't know that they had hit something. >> sergeant dan o'connell said the vehicle didn't stop after possibly running a red light. the victim was taken to a
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hospital where she later died. >> don't even stop. i don't know if i would have -- i don't know, i would have stopped and called 9-1-1. the person may be alive. >> i think people drive too fast. >> reporter: locals say cars drive fast on walnut avenue, but the crosswalk has always been safe. >> we cross on all four sides. we go running often. >> reporter: police have few leads and no security camera footage. witnesses describe the vehicle as a dark or silver colored van or suv which may now have extensive front end damage from the crash. >> if the driver decides to turn himself in and tell us what happened that would be the best thing. >> until that happens, a tip from the public could be the best hope to find the hit-and-run driver. in fremont, cornell bernard abc7 news. >> we are learning more about some of the victims of a fiery crash that killed two mothers and four children in the bay area. a funeral fund has been established for three of those victims. the only surviving member of
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the ing family is the father who works at sfo. two families say they were in southern california when a big rig hit their van. both fathers survived, but they were badly burned. >> in the south bay tonight, a mass eviction could be the largest ever in silicon valley. >> hundreds of tenants were told they have to move out of their homes at the reserve. that's a large apartment complex. new at 11:00, lilian kim is live in san jose with that story. lilian? >> reporter: larry, tenants only have months left. it is a sad situation for people who are not sure where they will go next. sean and his family moved into the reserve last year. he liked the location and the fact it was rent control. >> this is one of the cheaper places out here. we jumped at the offer.
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>> reporter: now everyone in the 200 plus unit you a apartment complex has to be out by march. in its place will be housing, shops and restaurants. it will triple the apartment units at the expense of the people who live here now. >> i am looking at the price and it will be hard to make that decision. >> reporter: san jose has no laws requiring compensation packages for evicted tenants. the landlord developer is offering assistance to those who make less than 80% of the region's median income. megan sanders isn't sure if she qualifies. she pays $2 fee -- $2500 now. she is thinking of renting a room. >> with my husband, yeah. that will be an environment and lifestyle change because we are used to living in an apartment ourselves. >> a disheartening prospect, one tennants are coming to point with. abc7 news.
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the solution to san francisco's hop less problem may -- homeless problem may lie 800 miles to the north. we'll take you to seattle to get a look at what they are doing and the reason san francisco says it it will not happen here. >> and an electrical tower standoff. the man who refused to come down in the north bay. >> and say it isn't so. a new reason not to eat raw cookie dough. >> i am sandhya patel. fog and spotty countries swrl for -- drizzle for the morning commute. 23 it will be sticking around. >> and here is what is coming up on gym mooy -- "jimmy kimmel live." >> here is what awaits you tonight -- >> if you don't vote for jimmy kimmle for vp i will give each of you the attitude adjustment you deserve.
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abc7 news is joining forces with more than 70 bay area news agencies for the san francisco home project. >> it is shining a light on the bay area's most densly populated city and pushing for action. >> karyl lynn tyler -- carolyn
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tyler traveled to see how they are taking a different approach from what they are seeing here. >> welcome to at the present tent city 5 in seattle. it opened in november with the city's blessing. 70 men and women live here. >> the biggest gloal is to get back into community and get back into life and living with other people and get back into what we all lost. >> they are one of the leaders of the camp that sits on city owned property, one of three sanctioned by ed murray who has declared a state of emergency on the homeless crisis. experts say seattle has nearly 3,000 people living on the streets. >> there are homeless here who lived in the bushes and lived on the train tracks. >> the city partners to offer social services to help these residents buy a permanent shelter. they are port-a-potties and food, clothing and other supplies. critics call it
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unconscionable. mayor murray says they are not a long-term strategy, but he believes these organized encampments have less impact on the neighborhood. in san francisco they have become a glaring symbol of a growing crisis. a new emergency response team is booing key it aed -- is being created to track the camps. a measure would dismantle it after 24-hour notice. right now there is not enough. mayor ed leigh and his new director on homelessness and supportive housing is not ready to follow in the foot steps to the neighbors in the north. >> it is not healthy and it is not a humane way to address the problem of homelessness. >> people shouldn't live in a tent. at the same time this is all we got. >> in seattle, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> the 70 plus media outlets
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that are part of the sf homeless project are blanketing the social media k coverage. use the # homeless project. >> tonight one man's stunt lead to a major power outage in the north bay. take a look at the top of the electrical tower. pg&e had to cut power to 22,000 homes as police tried to get the man down. there he is there. officers are not sure why he climbed to the top. it may have been a protest. it took about 45 minutes, but they were able to talk him down and take him in for a mental evaluation. many of us ignored the warnings, but now there is another reason to not eat raw cookie dough. it is not only the eggs, but it could have flour contaminated by e-coli. they traced a source of the outbreak to flour produced last november by general mills. 10 million pounds of the flour was voluntarily recalled last month. >> wow. it is time to turn to our
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weather and a little cooler. >> cooler and i would say nicer, sandhya. >> i'm glad you feel that way. temperatures definitely drop. the air conditioning will get a nice break. hopefully you will save on your ac bills. here is a look at the natural ac. this is what helped drive the temperature down. wee were out of the 100's. the inland valleys in the 80sand 90s. let's just say the coast was chilly because of the marine air . it was only in the low to mid50s today. here is a look at the marine layer from the live doppler 7hd perspective. the visibility is runnings -- running low. eight miles in santa rosa and when you get going, do expect pockets of low visibility. the temperatureses right now are in the 50s and concord is at 60 degrees. 68 in antioch. exploratorium camera, this is from pier15. you can see the gray skies here will be
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getting used to the pattern because it is not going away anytime soon. spotty drizzle and a wide range of temperatures tomorrow. near average conditions are expected for july 4th weekend. tomorrow morning the numbers will begin in the 50s and like i said low to mid50s for most of you. the fog will be around and there will even be spotty drizzle for the morning commute. be aware there may be slick spots during the morning drive. clouds are making that push into the inland areas for tomorrow morning. we'll call it overcast with the patchy drizzle. around noontime, right around noontime is will bract through. you will have to wait around the bay and the coastline. the coast won't completely clear. the bayside communities will see the sun by the afternoon hours. this is the typical summertime pattern. the summer microclimates will be with us. cloudy and cool downtown san francisco. 59 degrees. 66 in oakland and the sun will be shining in walnut creek.
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a warm 87 degree day and it is going to be warm in antioch. not as warm as today and going with 92 degrees tomorrow afternoon. now for the rest of the bay area it is 74 in the south bay in san jose. 71 sunnyvale and 80 in gilroy. on the peninsula temperatures in the low 70s from menlo park to redwood city. 57 in pacifica. it is definitely sweater weather there. 59 in downtown san francisco and in the north bay, 80 for santa rosa and 75 vallejo. mid70s novato and san rafael in the east bay. 66 oakland and 65 berkeley. a good idea to make sure you have the layers. inland areas sunscreen is a must. 92 in antioch. the bay brimming series -- bay bridge series, last game tomorrow at the oakland coliseum. it is sunny at 7:05. we will drop to 57.
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you will need to grab the jacket before you head to the game. looking at the forecast, the temperatures in the upper 50s to low 90s. watch out for the fog during the morning drive. slightly warmer, but not too hot. we are looking at a summer spread for the weekend. upper 50s to low 90s. hopefully a nice spread on monday for the fourth of july for the barbecues and the picnics. right now it looks like low clouds and fog for the fireworks. that could changing. ama and larry? >> thanks, sandhya. a go-kart pursuit. the bizarre police chase that played out on a
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the highway patrol says it wasn't them. check out this bizarre scene that was stuck in the slow lane. it was up loaded to twitter on abc7 news. they are trying to figure out which agency was chasing the go-kart. so far nobody is fessing up. >> or who was the guy on the go-kart? that is another good
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question. >> all questions and no answers. >> in sports, the a's are having a lot of fun at the giants' expense in the bay bridge series. they are making little league mistakes and this was happening all nightlong.
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> it is safe to say nobody saw this coming. the giants enter the bay bridge series looking like the best team and the a's the opposite. role reversal for the third straight game. the fielding was horrific. glasses malfunction with the ricky henderson big head. a pop up to shallow right field and it is the husband and wife play. no communication! they collide and he ends up at third and scores on a bunt. pena was shaken up, but stays in the game. he drives this jake peavy pitch to deep right. i got it, i got it, i ain't got it. it popped out of his glove. the a's take the lead and should have had it. would have been a great catch. peavy's nightmare continues. it pops up to foul territory.
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that's a little league play. he escapes without further damage. he gets williamson to ground out into an inning ending double play. he hit it way out yonder. the a's with the lead on the second bomb of the year. simeon with the flyball to left field. angel pagan who had a miserable night dropped. simeon ends up in third 1k3 bruce bochy in disbelief. a's went up 6-0. he bobbled that one as well. it will be okay. this is almost over. 7-1a's was the final. they have beat the giants three straight and will go for the sweep tomorrow. madison bumgarner will hit. 24r is no dh. the warriors extended qualifying offers so the dubs can match any offer they get in free agency. ian clark and james michael are not extended offers.
1:37 am
the warriors are going all in to sign kevin durant. the dubs will meet with kd on friday. okc, the spurs and the heat and others have meetings set up as well. i expect durant will be wooed and will ultimately choose to stay with the thunder. the indianapolis colts made a be drew luck -- andrew luck the highest paid player. six years and $141 million for the former stanford star quarterback. we did the math. 23 million a year breaks down to $63,000 a day. how was your day? i made 63k. a cool story at wimbledon. ranked 772 in the world and facing roger federer. second set and willis is trying to win his first game and he does. the british qualifier whose day job is the woolwick tennis club coach. fed wins in straight sets, b


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