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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 13, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, countdown to cleveland. just five days until the republican national convention. donald trump holds another rally with another potential vp pick, plus, the billionaire is blasting ruth bader ginsburg overnight telling the supreme court justice to resign. we're live in washington. remembering the fallen, president obama and former president bush honoring the slain dallas police officers. >> we are not as divided as we seem. >> the emotional service plus two officers in the middle of the gunfight talking for the first time. see what happens when a wild high-speed chase ends in a crash sending a suspect 20 feet into the air. and a big bear getting into trouble trapping itself in a car. the risky rescue to get him out.
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good wednesday morning to you all. we begin with donald trump putting another potential running mate on display. >> yeah, trump held a public audition, you might call it, for indiana governor mike pence. they appeared together at a rally near indianapolis last night with pence looking to prove that he's the right man for the job. meantime, trump is also engaged in a bizarre battle with supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. and in new hampshire hillary clinton finally gets a long awaited endorsement from bernie sanders. we get the latest now from abc's kenneth moton. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. yes, donald trump's vp short list is getting shorter, but who will be the last man or woman standing? one person on the list admits it all feels like a reality show. donald trump's running mate. >> mike pence, i don't know whether he's going to be your governor or your vice president, who the hell knows. >> reporter: sources tell abc
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news the one-time reality star could appear with his number two as early as friday. >> it's a little bit like "the apprentice," you find out sooner or later who the last one standing is. >> reporter: newt gingrich appeared on fox news, but the network suspended him as a contributor over the intense speculation that he's on trump's vp short list. another man auditioning, indiana governor mike pence who got his shot on the rally stage last night. >> donald trump gets it. >> reporter: pence seems ready to take on hillary clinton, who finally got the endorsement she's been waiting for. >> i have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why i am endorsing hillary clinton. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: clinton is trying to win over those young supporters who are still feeling the bern. >> our country desperately needs your voices and involvement. >> reporter: the two democrats say they're stronger together to defeat trump, but this morning the billionaire's at war with rbg, that's right, supreme court
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justice ruth bader ginsburg who told "the new york times," "i can't imagine what the country would be with donald trump as our president." this morning trump fired back on twitter saying "justice ginsburg of the u.s. supreme court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. her mind is shot. resign." all of this playing out just a few days before the start of the republican national convention in cleveland. diane and kendis. >> trump saying he couldn't believe it when he first saw it, kenneth. thank you. and attorney general loretta lynch was grilled over her decision not to charge hillary clinton for using a private e-mail server. lynch deflected most questions and referred house republicans to last week's testimony by fbi director james comey. lynch said she saw no reason not to accept his recommendation. she also insisted her meeting with bill clinton in phoenix was just a social conversation. we are learning some new details about the dallas police shooting from two of the officers who survived.
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el centro college police officers bryan shaw and john abbott were injured in the shooting rampage. they were cut by shards of glass by a shattered door, but kept pursuing the gunman inside the college building and they came under a fire, a bullet grazing shaw's side. >> i was in the area about three feet wide, three to four feet wide, and he shot it, what, seven, eight times, and i barely got grazed. i mean, if god hadn't been watching over me, i wouldn't be here. >> while dallas pd negotiated with the shooter in that building, the pair rescued 30 students. shaw still has bullet fragments in his stomach and will have surgery soon. both say they did what they were trained to do. >> and the law enforcement community has begun to say good-bye to colleagues who did not survive that attack. funerals will be held over the next few days for the five officers killed. today sergeant michael smith and senior corporal lorne ahrens will be laid to rest and a public memorial will be held for officer brent thompson. all of the victims were remembered yesterday during an interfaith service with five
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seats left empty. abc's adrienne bankert was there. >> reporter: president obama joining a host of dignitaries and law enforcement at an interfaith service to honor the five fallen officers gunned down in dallas. and to commend the city and police for efforts to unify the community. >> the murder rate here has fallen. the dallas police department has been doing it the right way. >> reporter: the president along with vice president biden, former president george w. bush and their wives paying respects. >> today the nation grieves. but those of us who love dallas and call it home have had five deaths in the family. >> reporter: the city of dallas rocked to the core following the assassination of police officers working to protect and serve during a peaceful black lives matter protest. abc news learning the gunman, micah johnson, used this high-powered rifle in a one-man mission to target and kill white officers. the president categorizing the
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sniper's attack as a hate crime. >> an act not just of demented violence but of racial hatred. >> reporter: the site where the dallas shootings took place remains a crime scene, detectives pouring over hours of body cam footage. authorities believe johnson, an army veteran, legally purchased the three weapons he had. dallas' police chief using lyrics from a stevie wonder song to express his love for the officers and their grieving families. >> i'll be loving you until the ocean covers every mountain high. >> reporter: back at the white house, the president is set to meet with law enforcement officials and community leaders in hopes of finding a solution to end the violence. diane and kendis. >> all right, our thanks to adrienne. now to louisiana where three people have been arrested in what authorities call a substantial credible threat against baton rouge police officers. the alleged plot was discovered following a burglary at this pawnshop in which several handguns were stolen. police say one of the suspects admitted the purpose of the burglary was to harm officers. the baton rouge police
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department has come under fire following the killing of alton sterling outside a convenience store. now to the severe weather hitting the midwest. wisconsin emergency officials say everyone is okay after 32 people were briefly trapped on an island in lake superior following a storm. the state has dealt with heavy rains over the past 24 hours which caused flooding and extensive damage to roads and bridges. the governor has declared a state of emergency in eight hard-hit counties. and northeastern florida is recovering after being pounded by severe weather as well. winds gusted up to 70 miles per hour in clay county blowing over large trees, damaging homes and bringing down power lines. political drama overseas. david cameron serves his final day as britain's prime minister today. after an appearance before parliament, he'll head to buckingham palace to tender his resignation to the queen. cameron resigned last month after the country voted to leave the european union. in a matter of hours, theresa may will be the country's new prime minister.
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it's not clear, however, where cameron and his family will live. you see, his home in london, it's currently being rented. well, still ahead, the big change coming to beer bottles. and pokemon go is sweeping the country in a new craze, but it's also sparking new privacy concerns, even some places now banning the game. plus, d.b. cooper, as you know, vanished after hijacking a plane. why the fbi is officially closing that case. rg.
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six people were rescued including four children after their 15-foot boat capsized near ellis island in new york harbor. a girl was partially trapped under the boat.
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a good samaritan jumped in the water to free her. all of the passengers were taken to the hospital and released. minnesota senator al franken has some questions about the summer's big sensation pokemon go. franken wants to know what the user data the company collects, how it's used and if it's shared. he says he's concerned about users' personal information being shared without permission and the senator is raising questions about the company's process for confirming parental concept. and as millions of people hunt for pokemon characters it is worth mentioning there are some places players should not go. officials at arlington national cemetery say they do not want anyone trying to catch virtual monsters among the graves of fallen soldiers. the cemeteries is one two somber sites designated as poke stops within the game the other is the holocaust museum, which is trying to get the landmark removed. well, the dow opens this morning at a new high
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gaining 120 points yesterday breaking a previous closing record set 14 months ago. the s&p 500 also closed at its highest ever. investors have obviously shrugged off the initial concerns to britain's brexit vote and they're optimistic about the economy. beer bottles and cans will soon have a list of calories, carbs, protein and fat along with the alcohol content. no word on when the nutritional information will begin appearing. consumer advocates also wanted ingredients listed, but beermakers said they'd provide that online or elsewhere. amazon's second prime day sale is now over and early indications are that this year's results in the u.s. were about the same as last year. the sale could mean significant revenue for amazon in an otherwise quiet time of year. amazon was tweeting fun facts to hype prime day such as how it sold enough toilet paper to reach all the way to the international space station. >> i might have been one of those that just bought toilet paper from them yesterday. i got hooked. >> if it's a deal, it's a deal. >> yeah. when we come back, a city on edge after seven deaths.
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in the northern rockies. severe storms are a threat around chicago, st. louis and des moines. if you're flying, expect airport delays in chicago and kansas city. and in phoenix, police are searching for a possible serial shooter or shooters linked to at least seven killings. >> take a look carefully here. police have released a sketch of a possible suspect. the shootings started in march and have several things in common. they happened on weekend nights and the victims were shot in front of their homes. there was no clear motive for any of the shootings. police are offering a $30,000 reward. the fbi is closing the books on a decades old manhunt. the search for d.b. cooper, the suspect in the hijacking of a boeing 727 passenger plane in 1971, is officially closed. cooper disappeared after collecting $200,000 in cash ransom and parachuting out of the plane over the pacific northwest. the only clue to ever surface in the case is the cash from the ransom. it turned up in 1980 and was identified by serial numbers on the bills.
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last night the seattle fbi office closed the case for good. >> everything that has come in, we've taken a look at it, we're run it to ground and have arrived at our conclusion it was time to close the case because there isn't anything new out there. >> the case is firmly planted in american crime lore with cooper romanticized as an american folk hero. it's inspired folk song, t-shirts, books and even a movie newly released court documents further tarnish the legacy of joe paterno. the legendary penn state football coach said he didn't know about the serial sexual abuse of boys by assistant coach jerry sandusky until 2001. but these new documents show paterno was told about the problem in 1976. the documents came to light in an insurance lawsuit. a stunning high-speed chase was caught on camera in baldwin county, alabama. you can see police pursuing a suspect in a stolen vehicle. now, as the speed reaches more than 100 miles per hour, the driver then loses control of the car sending the car flipping
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several times here, and you can actually see one of the passengers thrown several feet into the air. both the driver and the passenger suffered serious injuries. they're also facing some serious charges. and time now for sports and the only baseball game that was played last night. >> yeah, that indeed. stan verrett of espn tells us about baseball's all-star game. >> good morning. welcome to "sportscenter" from los angeles. i'm stan verrett. major league baseball's 87th all-star game tuesday night in san diego. picture perfect night there. top of the first, kris bryant got it started with a home run. solo shot put the national league up, 1-0. we go bottom second now, and the kansas city royals, last year's world champions, started to make their presence felt. eric hosmer with a solo shot to tie the game at 1. two batters later salvador perez, a two-run shot. both these homers for the royals off their former teammate johnny cueto, who helped them win the world series last year.
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the american league up 3-1 after perez's homer. top four, marcello zuna with a base hit and buster posey scores and brings it within two. american league pitchers kept getting into jams and working themselves out of it like this one, top eight, bases loaded. diaz strikes out with the bases loaded and the american league goes on to win it, 4-2 over the national league, so once again this season the american league will have home field in the world series. that's it from here. now back to you. >> so it wasn't a controversial ending but before the game there was controversy at petco park and not during it. take a look. ♪ we're all brothers and sisters all lives matter to the great ♪ >> that was one of the members of a group called the tenors inserting the words "all lives matter" into the canadian national anthem. he also held up a sign with the phrase.
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now, the phrase, of course is a play on the phrase black lives matter and the changes were made by the only american member of the canadian quartet. the others in the group, you might have noticed, looked a little confused and now say they're not happy with him and not only issued an apology for his actions but they've also cut him from the group at least temporarily. >> let's hope it's permanent after doing that. it's awful. up next in "the pulse," an infamous vehicle with a new home. where o.j. simpson's white bronco is heading. and a bear locks itself in a car, how deputies pulled off the risky rescue. my bargain detergent, it couldn't keep up it was mostly water. so i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated... so i get a better clean. i mean i give away water for free... i'm not about to pay for it in my detergent. voted 2016 product of the year
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latest round of pregnancy rumors in a huffington post blog and berated the tabloids for dehumanizing views basing/woman's worth on her marital and maternal status and physical appearance. >> aniston said that women are complete with or without a mate and with or without a child and adding we get to determine our own happily ever after. a new crime museum houses an important part of the o.j. simpson case, his white ford bronco made famous during that so-called slow speed chase 22 years ago. well, it's going to a museum called alcatraz. it's a crime museum in pigeon forge, tennessee. >> the chase held the country spellbound for hours before he surrendered. he was then arrested for the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. alcatraz east opens this fall, about 30 miles of knoxville. and speaking of cars, a bear in colorado ended up trapped inside one. somehow the animal managed to get inside the unlocked subaru but couldn't figure out how to get out.
4:24 am
so you had some sheriff's deputies who were called in to free the confused bear. one officer manually opened the hatch while the others stood by with a stun gun. the inside of the subaru, look at it. just trashed. so they were really worried for a little while because it is a bear cub so they thought mama bear would -- >> where's mama bear? >> yep, so they had to get all of this done pretty quickly. >> luckily everyone is okay including the bear who we're guessing got a little bit of snacks. >> just that subaru will need a little help. a disturbing scene during a bird show in australia. a wedge-tailed eagle tried to fly off with a boy who was sitting in the crowd. stunned onlookers watched as the bird pounced on the boy. look at this. latching on to his face and head with its talons. >> witnesses say the boy might have been too heavy for the bird luckily. he escaped with just a gash to his face. the eagle has now been removed from that show. >> you think? >> yeah. >> more news coming up right after this.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 4:28. what are you doing up? >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> it is wednesday, july 13. mike nicco has weather and traffic. >> cool conditions this morning. there is a lack of cloud cover. just a little bit on the coast. it could spill into the bay. it will not be so extensive. starting off in the 50s. staying in the 60s at the coast. 74 to 80 from noon to 4:00 and 84 to 93, the heat is on. i will tell you how long. frances? >> good morning, everyone. nothing to slow you down but a few accidents. san mateo bridge westbound is good. road work is scheduled to block
4:29 am
a lane until 5:00. this morning. interstate 80, all is well, westbound 80 making the drive from the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is fine into san francisco. >> good to see you. breaking overnight in livermore, a big fire at an air conditioning company, a firefighter was treated. amy hollyfield is on the scene on research drive. amy? >> good morning. the fire is out. at miller's air conditioning. firefighters are still here watching over it in case fire flares. it started before midnight, two dumpsters were on fire. they will look into whether the fire started and spread to the building on research drive in livermore. the fire was so big they had to stand back and let it it burn. >> they attempted offensive attack and tried to go inside
4:30 am
but they could not make progress on the fire and had to withdraw and move to defensive tactic where the ladder is still up and spray water down to the building. >> one firefighter got fluids. he was not injured but sick. he thought another fire in the day and exhibited the same symptoms and will see a doctor this morning. firefighters have called an investigator to look at this when the sun comes up. they do not know the days. it is too early to say but nothing obvious is jumping out. they will watch this for a while possibly into the afternoon. a false alarm. that is what san francisco are calling a big scare in the mission district. you can see the large police presence after they got reports of an active shooter at 17th street. it started at 11 p.m. when


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