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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it is saturday, july 23rd, good morning, thanks so much for joining us. let's start with first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist frances, tracking the heat for us. >> the heat is on this afternoon. check out temperatures right now, what a range, we have 48 degrees in half moon bay, all the way to 69 degrees right now in antioch at 5:00 in the morning. we're a bit warmer almost everywhere elseanty of course where we're 15 degrees warmer. the sun rises at 6:06, still
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cool at the coast but very warm inland, low 70s. by this afternoon, plenty of sunshine and extreme uv index, definitely have the sunscreen handy. temperatures will be rising to near 100 in some inland areas, mild at the beaches. i'll let you know how long the heat will last coming up. the democratic ticket is set, hillary clinton selected tim kaine to be her running mate. abc 7 news reporter alyssa harington has reaction from bay area democrats and republicans. >> reporter: a tweet and fist bump confirmed hillary clinton's pick for her vice presidential running mate, tim kaine from virginia. a man clinton says devoted his life to fighting for others. >> i think it's a real good choice. this is a man of substance. this is a really good person. >> reporter: george miller who was a long time member of congress met him years ago and describes him as confident and
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grounded with a deep sense of humanity. >> he earned respect of people in the senate. he's negotiated tough issues back and forth. >> reporter: former chairman of the california gop called clinton's pick predictable. >> vp picks are -- >> and the big stage is ready to go ahead of next week's democratic national convention at the wells fargo center in philadelphia. count on abc 7 news for complete coverage of the convention. our very own reggie and laura anthony will be live in philadelphia beginning on monday. one day after accepting his party's nomination, donald trump spent much of the first news conference rehashing a primary fight with his rival ted cruz. trump revived the ub substance shated allegations that cruz's father met with the man who killed jfk and revisited his personal attack against cruz's wife and cruz himself. >> i don't want his endorsement. what difference does it make? i don't want his endorsement.
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ted, stay home and relax and enjoy yourself. >> trump's next scheduled campaign stop is monday in winston salem, north carolina. a monster fire is burning north of los angeles, more than 200 homes are under a mandatory evacuation, it started around 2:15 in the afternoon. some people have taken horses and other animals to an evacuation center. the fire exploded to more than 3300 acres because of triple digit temperatures and gusty winds, containment is at zero%. overseas munich police say the gunmen who killed nine people and injured 21 others had a book about shooting rampages. the shooter is an 18-year-old german of iranian descent. he was born and raised in munich. he turned the gun on himself after the rampage. the mayor of munich declared a day of mourneding today. they found no evidence of links
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to islamic state group and police believe he acted alone. the motive is unclear but the killing has a chilling connection to the past. >> reporter: cell phone video captures the moments as shots were fired. you can see one gunman aiming right at innocent bystanders. a deadly shooting at a place engrained in the hearts of germans of people around the world. police say a person open fire at the olympia mall, the same site of the 1972 munich massacre. it was there during early hours of december 5th that israeli athletes were taken hostage and killed by the terror group known as black september. this occurred in a mcdonald's restaurant and the building was quickly evacuated and people could be seen fleeing the scene as special forces moved into position outside the mall xbl the most important variable we know at this point is that it's a mall which unfortunately is a very easy target.
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>> reporter: this is the second attack in germany in less than a week. on monday, a migrant tina tacked passengers 180 south of munich. >> germany is one of our closest allies we'll pledge all of the support they may need in dealing with these circumstances. >> reporter: police there are urging people to avoid public places and remain vigilant. >> you've got to get out of the way of what's about to come down the road. the key with that is you run and hide and if you have to, you fight. >> reporter: the state department through twitter is urging americans to be aware of their surroundings and maintain a high level of vigilance in order to be safe and secured. abc news, new york. took off last night scheduled to land 9:00 this morning. we spoke with passengers before takeoff. >> reporter: as passengers checked in for this flight to
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munich it was a sense of uneasiness. >> it's a concern, it's happening all over the world. >> never thought what happened so close to us, like happened in france before and everywhere else, i would never think they would come to germany. >> his girlfriend will stop over in munich first. >> my parents said to me i should be very careful when i'm there and they are very scared. >> reporter: the situation on the ground in munich has been resolved. police believe the lone shooter may have committed suicide. in the midst of the violence, some bay area residents called the german consulate wondering if they should warn loved ones traveling there. >> should they leave? you know, this is over and this is unfortunately something that can happen anywhere in the world these days. >> reporter: for those who are from munich, this is a shocking realization about the reach of violence. >> can't say anymore, oh, we're
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living in ba var i can't, it's so peaceful and octoberfest and it's not possible anymore. we cannot do that. that would be too naive. >> reporter: she said this type of gun violence is unheard of in germany because they have very strict gun laws. abc 7 news. stay with abc 7 news for the latest on the shooting in germany. for breaking news any time, enable push alerts on the abc news app. uc berkeley being urged to make changes to the study abroad program following the latest attack. the home page of the education abroad program has a link with information on all of the recent incidents. two u.c. berkeley students have died in bangladesh and france but that's not discouraging students from studying in other countries. >> no, i would not hesitate honestly, because i see the study abroad as a new opportunity and new experience.
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>> whether it be in america or in europe, studying abroad, it really broadens your mind. >> a student senator at uc berkeley is urging the school to be more open about the risk students face and provide resources to make studying abroad safer. hundreds of families and friends gathered to remember a heelds berg graduate killed by an officer accused of drunk driving. he died while visiting brooklyn saturday, more than 300 people attended a vigil at plaza park in his honor, including about a dozen of his college fraternity brothers who flew in. the pain was obvious as they leaned on each other for support and wrote messages to him on paper lanterns. human error is to blame after 1 million gallons of partially treated sewage water was dumped in the san francisco
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bay. the wrong valve was turned sending 952,000 gallons of partially treated sewage into the bay. the valve was capped after seven minutes. >> this one valve was not labeled and one of our state trained operators was just had a mistake. >> water officials say the accident did not cause any harm to public health or environment because most of the pollutants had been removed from the water before it reached the bay. we're in for a warm weekend across the bay area. but for now mild start here in the city, frances is checking the forecast for us. >> hi, chris, mild and clear in oakland. it's 59 degrees. it's going to hit 77 this afternoon and we have some hot numbers inland. i'll have details and how long this heat will last for the accuweather 7-day forecast coming up. also ahead, canceled flights and long delays and fraus traited passengers. southwest still struggling to
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get back to normal after a massive meltdown. one of charles man son's followers find out if she'll
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police in san leandro are investigating a deadly train accident involving a pedestrian. sky 7 hd was over washington avenue and chapman road at 6:00 p.m. when police say an amtrak train struck a woman. they spoke to witnesses trying to figure out if it was an accident or suicide. also in san leandro, police arrested two burglary suspects with the help of surveillance video. they are accused of breaking into a home early wednesday
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morning. surveillance video next door captured images of the burgl burglaries and undercover officer matched the descriptions later that day. police believe the robbers followed a customer home from a marijuana related store hoping to find cash and drugs but may have broken into the wrong home. the governor has stepped in to block the prison release of a former manson family member. leslie van hound killed two people in 1969 as pafrt charles manson's cult. a parole board granted her parole but governor brown denied it. it's been two days since a southwest airlines glitch led to thousands of delays. this morning passengers in the bay area are still facing frustration. katie has more. >> reporter: theresa is trying to get home to san diego. >> they had pilots ready to go. i volunteered to be a flight attendant, they didn't accept that. didn't have a flight crew to
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back up the pilot so they canceled the flights. >> reporter: she was rebooked on a flight eight hours later but at least she got a coucher. ron harlow came to san jose on business. if his flight gets canceled he's stuck for the weekend which means missing out at home. >> my children expect me to take them out to a concert on saturday night and my bed and pillow. >> reporter: southwest says a router failure wednesday caused a systemwide failure. the airline canceled nearly 1500 flights. 4500 have been delayed. in a live social broadcast, southwest official called it the highest level of disruption in years. >> what we're doing is trying to reset the network and that is a complicated piece that we have to do but it takes a two or three days to get there. >> an airport isn't met to be waiting for an hour and a half. >> it's sort of a domino for the whole family and those here as well. parking the car -- circling the airport. >> reporter: at sfo, the southwest line was even longer.
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frustrated passengers blamed a lack of staff. >> three people chatting together just kind of lacks case cal, didn't care. >> we were in line for hour and five minutes. >> reporter: fewer weekend flights should help them get back on track. abc 7 news. happening today, calling all pokemon trainers, you can catch a bus to catch them all. transit in napa valley is offering free rides all day. the pokemon trainer who catches the most today on vine buses at the transit center or near a bus stop will win a gift card and bus pass. they want to enspir new riders to explore their community in hopes of running transportation around napa regularly. thousands will walk to end breast cancer. the two-day event covers 9 miles. participants will walk through north beach and pacific heights and across the golden gate bridge and xenic countryside of
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marin. they then head back to san francisco tomorrow. opening ceremonies start at 6:30 this morning at fort mason. time is 5:16. let's get a check on the full accuweather forecast in for lisa. >> a great day to go out for a walk but do it early, that's when it's coolest and mildest. clear conditions over the bay area. a little bit of low clouds through the central valley, check out how clear it is from our explore tore yum camera looking over the bay bridge and winds are very light right now. temperatures are also mild. san francisco, 55 degrees, mountain view at 60 degrees and san jose 61. half moon bay, only 48 degrees right now. this time looking down towards san francisco, it has been a lot milder in the inland area so fairfield and concord already at 61 degrees but notice santa roae
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and napa. clear skies here. a viewer wanted to know what the weather was like in san francisco. you're starting off clear. it's going to stay clear throughout the day. we have a clear and mild morning but then triple digit heat inland and hot days continue into next week. i'll show you that with the accuweather 7-day forecast. our forecast animation shows very little cloud cover. maybe a few patches of fog and low clouds off the coast. by mid morning, late morning, we have plenty of sunshine for everybody. all around the bay area. that means temperatures will be coming up. look for a high today in the upper 90s morgan hill, 96, gilroy, 96, san jose, 87 degrees. l also redwood city, lowe 80s and downtown san francisco, 68 degrees.
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and in the north bay, we'll also have a change of temperatures, san rafael, 84 but santa rosa, 10 degrees warmer at 94 and upper 80s in sonoma to near 90 in napa. pretty comfortable and warm in east bay as well from 76 in berkeley, all the way to 82 in fremont. now, the triple digit heat, it's going to be in the inland areas, so hot, hot weather there. with temperatures in the mid-90s from pleasanton, to 101 in brentwood and walnut creek, 97 degrees. if if you're heading to the beach, it's going to be mild as well. santa cruz, 82 today. with a little cloud cover, extreme uv index is high and extreme, definitely have the sunscreen ready. i want to show you a look at the week ahead to give you an idea. we're well above average in san jose. average high is 83, today 87.
5:19 am
we'll be in the low 90s for most of the workweek. here's the accuweather forecast. sizzling inland. still hot but might be a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow and also have a little bit of fog starting on monday with possible drizzle. that will be the coolest day of the week before we see triple digits again tuesday and wednesday and thursday inland. chris, get ready for a very hot week ahead. >> frances, thank you. the time is 5:19. when bees suddenly appear. we've tracked down the source of a swarm that buzzed over
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the sports world is paying tribute to former stanford and
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nfl head coach dennis green who passed away yesterday. he was a trail blazer and abc news anchor looks back at the legendary career. >> this is the way fans remember him, a rant after the loss to the bashz. there was much more starting with the bay area ties. >> i consider myself part of the 49er family. >> an assistant under bill walsh in the late '70s. >> he was my wide receiver coach for so many years and stayed friends over the years also. i'm real saddened by it. he really did a lot for my career. >> and abc 7's own sports anchor mike shoe man. >> for young players he was just what you needed. >> reporter: after leaving the
5:23 am
niners, he moved on to stanford becoming first african-american head coach on the farm and pac-12 and blazed a similar trail at northwestern becoming the big 10s first black coach and former niner coach coached against him at cal and the pros. >> learned from the best, bill walsh, many of us did. he was able to take his own style to those programs and really make the most of it. >> reporter: as for the outburst after they lost to the bears, it just showed his intensity. >> he said this is just what they were, they are not invincible, we knew we could beat him. echs upset they didn't come through with it. >> dennis green died from a massive heart attack he was 68. eric thomas, abc 7 news. 5:23 the time, warriors all-star forward dramond green will get no jail time and pay $565 fine. he is currently playing with team usa.
5:24 am
his misdemeanor assault charge will be reduced to a noise violence, which is a civil infraction if he avoids criminal offenses and contact with the victim for a year. green was arrested earlier this month in east lansing accused of slapping a man outside a bar. >> steph curry is getting back lack over these shoes. underarm you are just introduced the high end lifestyle shoe bearing superstar's name. some on twitter are calling it ugly even worse than last shoes bashed on social media. they go on sale in august for $150. have you ever rented a car with a mechanical problem? it happened to a south bay woman promised a nice gift for her troubles. instead she needs help from 7 on your side. >> perfection. >> reporter: linda recalls her vacation in hawaii, a secluded lagoon, condo by the sea.
5:25 am
however her vacation didn't start out so peacefully. >> the vehicle would jerk almost as if it would be going out of gear. >> reporter: linda and her friend had rented a car from avis and it began to stall as they drove from the airport. >> it was very clear i didn't feel safe driving it all the way back. >> reporter: avis agreed to bring a new car but they had to wait for the tow. they were stuck there waiting for a day and a half. >> we couldn't go to the movie we planned to go see. >> reporter: they canceled dinner with friends and delayed touring. avis promised to send a gift card for their troubles. that's where the story took a twist. >> three weeks later we get an envelope from avis, i was all excited. >> reporter: she opened the envelope expecting to see the gift card instead a bill. a bill for the repair of the rental car and the tow truck. $424 to fix avis' car. >> i was astounded.
5:26 am
i was angry. >> reporter: linda contacted avis and agents said it was her fault because she didn't buy insurance. >> you didn't sign up to our insurance and had you done that, you would have been covered. >> reporter: she kept telling avis, the car was already malmungsing when she got it. >> i was listening to michael finney and thought i need to tell him about this. >> reporter: i got right on it asking them why they charged for the pri existing mechanical problem. avis immediately reversed the charges. it would not say why it sent the bill citing the heightened need to respect the privacy of our customers. >> it would not be solved today if it were not for kgo. thank you. >> reporter: i've heard similar reports from other car rental customers. if you're blamed for a mechanical problem or dent you didn't cause, let me know about it. abc 7
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i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. a swarm of bees were clustered thursday on a truck at geary and taylor right outside the hotel. hotel management tells abc 7 news bees left the roof top to find a new home which is a natural process. the hotel was 100,000 bees on its roof to make honey and keep the neighborhood naturally healthy. we have much more ahead on the abc 7 morning news. hands over a heart. why a bay area law enforcement held a day of remembrance yesterday. >> hillary clinton revealing her running mate ahead of the dnc in
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so you can love cereal... again! thanks for joining us. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here frances in for lisa argent.
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>> it's 48 degrees in half moon bay but as we head inland it's already 68 in antiocantioch. we're warmer than we were compared to yesterday at this time, especially in antioch. 10 degrees warmer, everywhere else a few degrees warmer and that's the trend that will stick around this afternoon. a live shot towards the san francisco area and clear skies overhead. by 7:00 this morning after the sunrise at 6:06, temperatures range from upper 40s to low 70s already. there's an extreme uv index for this afternoon. we'll be climbing into the triple digits for inland areas by 4:00 and it will be warm to hot and mild at the beach and then sunset at 8:26. if you're out this evening, you probably don't need a jacket. i'll let you know how long the hot weather is going to last. >> presumptive democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton officially named
5:31 am
virginia senator tim kaine as her pick for vice president. this comes days before the democratic national convention. lauren is in philadelphia with more for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was a vp search that was shrouded in secrecy and now hillary clinton revealing her running mate, a man who never lost an election in his political career. >> remember, folks, tough times don't last but tough people do last. >> reporter: hillary clinton tweeting supporters this highlight re highlight reel of her running may, making her pick official friday night with this tweet showing her fist bumping the potential next veep. virginia senator tim kaine and before going public with the choice -- >> whoa -- are we ready to go win an election in november? [ applause ] >> reporter: clinton making a phone call to kaine back stage to offer him the spot. >> are we ready for hillary?
5:32 am
>> reporter: kaine hit the campaign trail with hillary last week a chance to tryout the potential ticket, the virginia senator apparently nailing his audition. >> hillary is ready to be president. hillary is ready to be our leader and ready to make history. >> reporter: kaine is considered by many a safe choice, if not boring. clinton saying on charlie rose, for her, that's a plus. >> i love that about him. >> reporter: before the senator became lieutenant governor in virginia and could help clinton in the battleground state and brings national security credentials armed services and foreign relations committee. a devout catholic, morally opposed to abortion and death penalty but will uphold the law. also fluent in spanish which could help clinton in winning over latino voters. the two are expected to appear together today in miami and this is just ahead of the democratic national convention right here in philly, which gets started on monday. live in philadelphia, i'm lauren
5:33 am
lifter, abc news. count on abc news for the complete coverage of the democratic national convention, reggie aqui and laura anthony will be live. she was shot by an undocumented immigrant with a stolen gun. it's a case that's continually brought up by politicians, including by donald trump during his speech thursday night at the republican national convention. >> but where was the sanctuary for kate steinly. >> i spoke to her family yesterday in an interview you'll see only with abc 7 news. it's a place where many people go to soak in the beauty of the bay but this memorial bench at pier 14 in san francisco serves as a reminder of a life cut short. >> she wanted to hear how your day was and catch up with a friend or somebody she didn't know. last july kate steinle was
5:34 am
walking on the pier with her father when she was shot and killed by a convicted felon in the country illegally. weeks later we were in washington, d.c. as family members pushed for immigration reform. politicians have shared her story time and time again, including at the republican national convention. so far the family says there's been a lot of talk but very little action. >> don't pay too much attention to it and they are going to say what they are going to say. i have really have -- no say in what's going to be put out there. >> reporter: at the home where she grew up in pleasanton, her big brother brad is making memories with a family of his own. they call her an absolute blessing. >> she has a little bit knowing what she wants and it's really independent like kate, it has to do the fact she's a steinle and taj tear yus like kate. they will hold a run benefitting
5:35 am
two charities important to kate. >> i have to take the torch for kate and spread the kate effect. she was that type of person that wanted to give back and help. >> reporter: a family honoring past while embracing the present, all hoping to make an impact on generations to come. >> the good for your soul run takes place on sunday, october 30th in pleasanton. to learn more about signing up, go to our website, elizabeth warren joined president obama to talk about how far america has come since the financial crisis. they spoke about the wall street reforms which included the strongest consumer protections in generation and president obama says thanks to these reforms our financial system is safer today than it was before the crisis. >> if you're a hard working american who plays by the rules, should should you should expect wall street to play by the rules too. >> it's about basic fairness for
5:36 am
everyone. >> and responsibility from everyone. >> they say they'll continue to fight to protect the progress that's been made to reform wall street from attacks. we have new details in the death of a man shot by oakland police last year. according to our media partner, the daughter of richard per kins filed a civil rights lawsuit against city of oakland. they shot and killed him during a side show last november. the east bay times also reports in the lawsuit his daughter said perkins had a toy pistol and tried to get rid of it before getting closer -- the suit seeks unspecified damages. happening today, the naacp is leading a peaceful protest in hayward in response to the recent killings of black men and police officers, it is meant to unify the people in the community and serve as outlet to express feelings. the goal is to march for equality and justice. the protest starts at 1:00 this afternoon at the hayward naacp
5:37 am
on b street. there was a moving tribute for a fallen officers yesterday not only for those killed in dallas in baton rouge but those who died in the line of duty here in the bay area. abc 7 news report vick lee has the story from san francisco. ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love >> those gathered here remembered their fallen colleagues from attacks in dallas and baton rouge. >> wake up, america. our police officers are the good guys. >> reporter: officer bryant tavaro, nick, burco. >> san francisco police union president read off the name of his colleagues, officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. the police union chose the state because scott lunger was killed a year ago and san jose police were also mourning their losses.
5:38 am
>> we have been devastated by losing two officers in only 15 months. >> reporter: those here also remembered san francisco firefighters, lieutenant vincent perez and anthony valierio, who died in a house fire in diamond heights and those who died across the bay. >> in oakland it has been seven years since we lost our four heroes in one day and we're still healing. >> reporter: officers all killed during a manhunt for a gunman. the message to the public was this. >> we chose this profession because we care. this is a calling to all of us. >> to put their lives on the line for people they don't even know. abc 7 news. >> still ahead, a vintage form of entertainment. >> this is all there used to be,
5:39 am
right? the radio, people sitting next to the radio and listen to the radio drama. >> next where it's about the sound more than the sight. the time is 5:39. here's a live look outside from our mt. tam camera. sunrise set for 6:06. we'll have your full forecast in a few minutes. is the world truly ready for a vehicle that can drive itself? an autonomous-thinking automobile that protects those inside and outside. ready or not, the future is here.
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welcome back, a live look outside from our abc 7 roof camera, shaping up to be a warm day in san francisco, inland areas could see triple digits, we'll check in with frances coming up. happening today, celebrate all things bicycling. the sixth annual pedal fest is today. thousands are expected to attend this premiere bicycle festival. this is video from last year's event. they enjoy bicycle themed entertainment and exhibits, and it raises awareness for bike east bay, a non-profit that provides safe and convenient biking, runs from 11:00 this morning until 6:00 p.m. if you have plans to get in a bike ride, do it early. frances, it's going to be warm today. >> do it early while you can. temperatures are still comfortable now and mild. live view showing you a little bit of a haze over the bay but notice how clear the skies are and that's going to allow inland numbers to reach 100 degrees.
5:43 am
i'll have your neighborhood forecast coming up. >> thank you, also ahead, a night they would like to forget as giants suffer the sixth creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm."
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but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name.
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good morning, we're waking up from a live view from the south beach camera. now delays over the bay bridge as drivers make their way into san francisco. we'll check in with frances coming up. alameda will briefly go back in time, part of an event to help preserve park history. wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: let's go back in time. it's something you may not be familiar, actors rehearsing for a radio play. >> entertainment, yeah, don't you remember, perhaps you're not old enough, sitting in front of a radio. >> reporter: this performance is a benefit for radio day on the bay by the california historical
5:46 am
radio society in alameda. down the street in the actual museum there's even more as they will display and auction some of the equipment on which people used to listen to these shows and antiques still work. >> reporter: this comes from a time when tubes were a marvellous technology and transistors hadn't been involved yet and silicon chips unimaginable. >> i hold up this in my hand and say what's this, kids? it's a phone. and i'll say what if i were to tell you this is a radio. >> meantime close your eyes and open your ears and fill in the blanks with your imagination. >> everything is very subtle. it's subtle. that's what's missing in today's entertainment. >> reporter: welcome back to 1943, for an hour at least. abc 7 news. a hot day on top throughout the bay.
5:47 am
here's frances with the full accuweather forecast. >> good morning, we're off to mainly clear start, live doppler showing us low clouds over the central valley, this is from mt. tam looking towards san francisco. we're seeing a little bit of that weak marine layer starting to spill in. not going to get very far though. look at temperatures right now, san francisco 55, san jose, 61, half moon bay cooled down to 47 degrees. this time we're looking towards the beautiful golden gate bridge. you see a little bit of that marine layer as well. temperatures very cool in parts of the north bay, santa rosa and napa, 50 degrees and milder in fairfield and condord and livermore at 59 degrees. i always check out the golden gate bridge because the low cloud cover and fog gives an indication of what you can
5:48 am
expect for the day. and when it's that thin, with a mild and clear start this morning, you know that we'll see triple digit heat inland. hot days will continue into next week. so definitely get the sunglasses and sunscreen ready. here's our forecast animation, even at 7:00 this morning. maybe a few patches of fog along the coast. by late morning, plenty of sunshine for everybody and that's going to allow things to heat up as well. so in the south bay, look for kb gilroy to hit 89 and san jose at 87 and santa clara, 85 degrees. there's a redwood city blues festival, 82 degrees for you this afternoon, mild at the beaches, even 65 degrees in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, warming up to 68 this afternoon. south san francisco at 70 degrees. and if you're headed to the coast in the north bay, also comfortable there, 64 and then we'll hit 84 in san rafael.
5:49 am
santa rosa 94. lakeport 99 degrees uukia, 101. upper 80s to near 90 in sonoma and napa. t-shirts and shorts weather and mild and union city, 80 degrees. the hot numbers are also going to be in the inland areas, brentwood, 101. antioch, 100, fairfield, 99. we have mid-90s through san ramon and also into pleasanton. if you're heading to the game, you probably won't need a jacket, a's versus rays ats 7:05. the game will have fireworks tonight and the conditions will be clear. here's a look at the temperature trend, we have another mild to hot day tomorrow, a slight dip on monday and then heating right back up again. here's the active weather seven-day forecast, we have sizzling temperatures inland, still hot inland touch cooler, drizzle possible monday morning
5:50 am
with a slightly cooler day and then heating up again, triple digit heat tuesday and wednesday. thursday not much relief through the workweek. chris? >> frances, thank you. >> in a rare move, state officials voted to rename a popular park in the north bay. the park will now be called trxt trioni, a local business lead credited with saving the 5,000 acres from development and pitched in $100,000 to keep the park running in 2012 when dozens statewide were threatened with closure. he died in 2015 at the age of 94. state park policies normally discourage changing park names and happened only twice in the past years. in sports, the giants will try to snap the six-game losing streak. taking the mound for san francisco at yankees stadium. first pitch at 1:05 p.m. last night the giants let another one get away.
5:51 am
here's larry beal with the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody, the giants are finding new and painful ways to lose now mired in a losing streak. they made four errors, three by brandon crawford, a scary moment for the giants as buster posey's foul ball off the right foot would leave him in pain. he stayed in the game for a while and had to leave. the x-rays were negative, he's day to day. yankees scored just two runs off bumgarner. one time giant carlos beltran knocks in a run, 2-0 game. 31 innings but in the eight, doubles home trevor brown, tied at two. to crawford who fires high, bell probably should have had that. smoke, a roll to chapman, 103
5:52 am
miles per hour. they lose 3-2 was the final. a's and rays, a little bark at the park. i like the dog has his own uni. eight scoreless and struck out seven. bottom 13, still scoreless, cocoa crisp with a base hit and ryan heelly who led with a double scores. good night, game over and drive home safely and it is pie time for cocoa. a's win 1-0. they got him twice. to las vegas where balance is critical. team usa preparing for rio taking on kevin durant, steal slam, later in the quarter, green setting up the screen. a lot of that in regular season. durant hits the three and clay thompson drives and scores to the fourth, durant to draymond.
5:53 am
usa rolls, 111-74. >> great to be a part of usa basketball and finding our rhythm and groove. we have so many unbelievable people and working every year here. it's like home. >> athletes and celebrities in lake tahoe for the american century championship. he can still just fall out of bed and knock down threes, steph opting to dunk. how about the knee? eight bogies in the first round. tied for 32nd and paf elxi, ten back to wagner. earthquakes and real salt lake in utah. corner kick, bounced off the defender in the pride of danville. buries it and the game ends in a
5:54 am
1-1 tie. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> how much money you could win
5:55 am
5:56 am
here the winning numbers from the $15 million mega millions drawing, 8, 24, 25, 26, 30, mega number 7. it was a hit for the second consecutive drawing, two tickets, one purchased in george joj and another in virginia. the jack spot sets again at $15 million. happening today, get your lot to tickets the powerball is estimated at $390 million. that's the ninth largest jackpot in the game's history. it has rolled 23 times since the reset to $40 million for the drawing on may 11th. if someone wins tonight they have the option of taking the lump sum amount of an estimated $270 million before taxes.
5:57 am
reminder to get your tickets before 7:00 tonight. the drawing is at 7:59 p.m. next on the abc 7 morning news at 6:00, the democratic ticket is set. we'll have local reaction to hillary clinton's choice for running mate. also ahead, more cancellinged flights and long delays and very frustrated passengers. southwest airlines still struggling to get back to normal. .
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don't miss your chance to see it all dazzle. come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain... and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular... plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles.
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it's saturday, july 23rd, good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm chris nguyen. frances, you're tracking the heat for us. >> yes, the heat is on, you'll feel it especially this afternoon. notice at 6:00 this morning, antioch is already at 68 degrees, we also have 47 degrees in half moon bay. cooler there. san francisco, 55 and san jose 60 degrees, we're warmer compared to yesterday at this time. that's the trend that will continue tomorrow. antioch 10 degrees warmer. pretty shot showing you very weak marine layer trying to break through but with high pressure prevailing we'll see temperatures climb inland. so we've got just a little bit of cloudiness for the 7:00 hour. by noon, plenty of sunshine. the uv index will be extreme and temperatures will be climbing into the low 90


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