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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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she will be extremely missed. she did not deserve to die like this. >> an arrest warrant has been issued for a 24-year-old believed the shooter. four others were wounded. they are expected to recover. >> two families in san jose are out of the their homes when a 200 career oak street smashed into their house last night. you could see just how big the branches are. one home owner ran out of the bedroom when he heard the crash. they smashed through his bedroom window. they barely missed him. they took out a wall and part of the frame of the home. no one was hurt. experts will look at the tree to determine in it is stable enough for the families to move back home. >> heads up bart riders if you park's you ride there are six bay area locations with fees up today. our reporter is live at the north concord bart station. amy? >> natasha, this bart station is one of them, this real estate in
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the parking lot is going up in value: 50ent whys a day -- 50 cents a day. west oakland stands out as being the most expensive up to $8.50. the others are in the $2-$3. richmond is $3 increase to park a day. riders say they will pay it but they have questions. >> i would like to see at least something happening as far as the money going to cleaning the trains. i don't mind paying more but i want to see where it is going. >> bart said this is all about supply and demand. officials evaluate the lots every six months. in the lot is full, they increase the fee by 50 cents. bart said the money goes into a special fund to pay for station access including shuttles and pay for station improvements.
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>> 30 people in berkeley are still without water this morning. east bay crews work to repair a water main break. a 79-year-old iron pipe broke senting a 200 pound manhole into the air. crews worked to fix it yesterday. 50 customers had no water. east bay mud said it is a reminder to keep extra water handy. >> it is important to have emergency water supplies at your home. >> they believe the pope broke because it was old. they are replacing 4 mile of aging pipe in the east bay. >> police are look for a hit-and-run driver who seriously injured a woman an motorcycle. the driver was in a stolen yukon and drove into oncoming traffic before hitting the woman at 12th and howard street. victim suffered life threatening
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injuries. police found the stolen yukon a few blocks away and are still looking for the driver. >> at dawn fire cries in monterey county will pick up axes and shovels and head out to fight the soberanes fire. the massive wildfire now stands at 40,000 acres, 62 square miles to give you an idea how big it is, it is the size of san francisco, sausalito, daly city and colma combined. 350 people have been evacuated. one man found dead in his car. 68 structures have been destroyed. the fire is only 18% contained. >> the san diego police officer killed in the line of duty will be honored this week. a mass for 16-year-old will be held on thursday in san diego. the million is on friday. he left a wife and two children. he and his partner were conducting a traffic stop when shot on thursday. the other officer is expected to refer. the suspect was shot and taken
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into custody. >> a ribbon cutting ceremony will be dedicate to the long awaited corner war memorial in van. more than 2,200 veterans from the corner war are before rid at the national cemetery. the idea for the million was presented back in 2010 with construction not starting until sex months ago. >> an american soldier killed in iraq is being a focus of the presidential race. donald trump is facing criticism now for his remarks about a muslim family green over their dead son, a soldier. here is that report. the bash lack against donald trump is back for the reaction to this moment from the democratic national convention. >> you have sacrificed nothing and no one. >> a heartbroken father calling out the republican nominee forgiving an emotional tribute to his son, captain khan who died fighting in iraq.
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trump responding in an exclusive interview with george stephanopolis. >> i made a lost sacrifices, i worked very, very hard, i have created thousands and thousands of jobs. >> but trump had more to say. >> if you look at his wife she hadding in to say and probably she wasn't allowed to. >> khan said grief kept her from speaking but not anymore. >> hillary clinton blasting trump for the comment while campaigning. >> an attack on captain khan's mother, a gold star mother? where are the boundaryies? >> senator of senate and speaker of the house of representatives did not criticize him directly but went after the propped muslim ban and people gathered at grave of captain khan leaving flowers and letters. >> g.o.p. presidential nominee
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mike pence released a statement saying that both he and donald trump believed that captain khan is an american hero, less than 100 days to go. >> donald trump is becoming down now from the claim that the nfl sent him a letter on the ongoing conflict over the scheduling of the debate. you may remember he tweeted on friday that hillary clinton and the democrats are trying to rig the debates by putting them against two major nfl games. he then claimed that the league superintendent him a letter calling the schedule conflicts ridiculous. the nfl quickly responded saying they never sent any such letter. the trouble campaign is saying donald trump made aware of the conflicting dates by a source close to the league not through a letter. >> president obama will address progress on veterans issues in atlanta at the national convention for disabled american veterans. the president expected to talk about how the country can ensure veterans receive theirive withs. he also is going to discuss the
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continued, responded opportunity for service members and families. >> california state lawmakers return to sacramento from the summer recess. here the issues they will work on, affordable housing, governor brown has marked $400 million to house the mentally ill and veterans. requiring uber and lyft to put commercial license plates on their cars and pay higher registration fees like taxi companies, and a bill to keep police body camera foot agency from being released to the public when an officer is killed , unless the officer's family approves. >> will airbnb come to a n city after a town counsel meeting addressed by other communities in marin the right now the short-term rentals brokered by airbnb are not allowed in the city, according to the i.g. they want to collect that so the counsel collect
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money. oakland and san jose and mill valley have also chosen that option so they can regulate the rentals. >> we are waiting to see in the wishes will respond to yet another incident and yet another apology from draymond green who apologized after a snapchat photo of private public. he was arrested three weeks ago in michigan and in march he apologized for a different video showing him in a speeding car. you will remember that he was suspended for a game during the finals after a flagrant foul. >> as promised we will talk about soberanes fire and the marine layer deep enough, the temperatures last week were in the upper 80s and now 66% with light are winds at 3 or 4 miles per hour. the winds are going to push more west to east unanimous southwest
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to northeast. and more so tom. but you can still expect hazy in the south bay but it will clear tomorrow and the let of the week. now, temperatures have everyone sleeping better inland and only antioch at 60 andism. but everyone will is in the money 50s and around the bay we have low-to-mid 60s from oakland and san carlos to san jose. our forecast today shows money 60s around most of the bay and 70s heading into the south bay and 80 around san jose and santa rosa and money 80s as we head inland warming up just a little bit the next few days, with a bigger cooling friend in the back half of the seven-day outlook. that is next. alexis? >> we have a new problem just in for the san leandro area. i will zoom in on our traffic maps and show you exactly where that is. southbound 880, beyond marina boulevard, sound like we have a two car collision and that is blocking the two last lanes and, maybe some debris in the right
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lane. and hearing from c.h.p. that vehicles are swerve around that so right now we are still see green on 9 traffic flows but that is blacking two or three lanes for a long-term we will see a backup. emeryville ten minutes ago we had report of an insurance accident westbound 580 to eastbound 880 and possibly shoulders were blocked and that has cleared up, as well, maybe a minor collision or a disabled vehicle. it looks like that is clear. we will look at our drive times in ten minutes. >> the deadly and historic flooding in maryland, a reason folks there are not in the clear yet. >> demolition december by nightmare. after the break the up expected after the break the up expected moment that has spectator
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♪ ♪ ♪ the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and,
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if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ] >> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> you do need to see 9 video of deadly and damaging flooding prompting the governor of maryland to declare a state of emergency. two people have died. another man is missing. there were severe flash flooding in ellicott city, maryland. this is a video of a human chain to get a woman out of her car stuck in the floods. 6" of rain hit on saturday night. most of it fowl in the span of two hours. more rain in the baltimore area could delay recovery efforts. there were 120 water rescues and
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170 cars destroyed, and at least 25 buildings damaged. >> mike nicco, i got out of the east coast at right time because that is an incredible amount of rain. >> amazing video with all of the rain creating a problem. it could be a once in a lifetime happening. right now, live doppler hd is showing it is key it there. and good news, no advisories. in they expected heavy rain they would have some flash flood warnings. the next 12 hours you can see scattered showers early in the morning and they will be more name rouse in the afternoon but you do not see yellows or oranging or reds until you get to delaware, dover and north of salisbury. they will get more showers but not a repeat of yesterday and probably no flooding. >> there are some more details emerging of the pilot of a hot air balloon that crashed and killed 16 people. the deadliest disaster of its
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kind in united states history. a police officer in missouri said that skip nichols was arrested on federally drunk driving charges in 2000 and it is reported he pleaded guilty to a lesser offense. investigators believe part of the balloon touched high tension power lines before yesterday's tragedy. fog may have been a factor in the crash. >> a flying metal rod hurt self people watching a demolition derby in utah over the weekend. jessica castro has new video. all the rod hit three people in the stands. there are several videos on youtube of what happened. we will go straight to them. we obtained these overnight. you can see metal shoot out of a derby vehicle and fly into the stands. during the demolition derby in utah, an hour east of salt lake city you can see ail of the people stand up, stunned, in the stands. trying to figure out what
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happened. a piece of metal at 50 pounds, a dry rod, and it credibly the injuries are not life threatening. two people were hurt in the leg and the third is hospitalized. city officials of the derby say it come plays with the state regulators and could not have anticipated what would happen. something really out of the ordinary. officials are calling it "unfortunate accident," but some are still hospitalized this morning. >> a driver in florida is hospitalized where head trauma this morning surviving a terrible rollover crash. we will go straight to the video to see it. the car rollover eight times before resting upside down. it looks like a movie with debris flying. we show you again, the driver owes his life to the good samaritans would helped him. >> people came over with fire extinguishers to put out the
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fire. we flipped the car back offer. pulled the gay -- guy out so he did not burn alive. another guy my age helped and we pulled him out. cops and paramedics did their job and took over. >> the driver was airlifted to the hospital and hit a mailbox and a.t.v.s three blocks before the crash. the cause is "under investigation." >> since i was gone we assisted dying new member to our team. >> alexis. >> good morning. how does it look? >> i have a problem this morning, sounded like it could turn into a big issue for the commute. back to southbound 880 beyond marina boulevard, in the san leandro area, still, not seeing any backup on our traffic areas but all lanes are blocked. noing is alert yet. maybe they are stopping traffic to get a few vehicles cleared. hopefully it will not last long
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but right now it is our biggest issue. i promised to look at our drive times, as well, if you are coming in from the central valley, tracy to dublin is picking up, antioch to concord westbound 4, 14 minutes, and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco, a bit of a delay coming in at 21 minutes. the problem in san leandro is coming up this 10 minutes but right now mike has the forecast. >> good morning, we will start in san jose, where 280 and 17 is cloudy outside. those are clouds and it is not smoke. that that signals it will be cooler. seasonal to below average highs, and cool nights with the cool of the highs probably on thursday and friday and the weekend. we had lower visibility around petaluma from time to time and down to a mile and a half and along the 101 corridor, watch out for a quick change in the ability to see very far ahead if
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you are driving this morning. as far as the cloud cover, by noon we still have the finger of fog rolling across the golden gate and angel island and am can razz and in the afternoon it will dry up and our cloud cover is at the coast. we will see what it does to the temperatures below average in the south bay from upper 70s to low 80s until los gatos and gilroy at the mid-80's and the peninsula is a lot of 70s, 77 in redwood city, and low 60s along the coast, to only mid-60s for downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito. through the north bay, 76 in petaluma, and 78 in napa and santa rosa barely at 80 today, and some of our coolest weather, 60s along richmond, berkeley, oakland, everyone else in the low-to-mid 70s until inland orinda at 77. and mid-to-upper 80s inland east bay neighborhood, and here is my seven-day forecast, pretty steady in not a degree or two warmer tuesday into wednesday and then, it drops off thursday
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through the weekend. >> uber is making a change, the half billion move that the company hopes will improve their service. >> matt damon making headlines not only for the number one new movie. but, first, the tech bytes. >> today in the tech bytes, mark director calendar if you are waiting for the new iphone. >> a well sourced analyst said apple's official iphone 7 announcement is wednesday, september 7, and said pre-orders are going september 9 released on the 16th. >> there is no official word from apple. >> and you can have users building posts or shut off comments with a design to make instagram a fun fendly safe place for investigation. >> and now the first actor has hit 100 million "liked," on
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facebook, and only the third person joining a singer and a person joining a singer and a seconder star in the 100 million person joining a singer and a seconder star in the 100 million this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing. ♪ ♪
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week? well, of course.
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announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig and i take my job seriously. while i'm busy watching the game, i need your help keeping an eye on the stands. if you see something that doesn't look quite right, tell a law enforcement official. we all play an important role in protecting our communities, and you can help. if you see something suspicious, say something to local authorities. [ crowd cheering ] the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. >> uber sin vesting millions into a global mapping project, so it does not have to depend on google maps. the san francisco ride sharing company will spend 500,000
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creating their worldwide maps, and reports that google is increasing the fee it chans to use google maps, and is looking to add driverless cars to their lit of innovations. would you eat sneak made from algae? it is the most popular seafood in the country but the process of getting it to the table is bad for the environment. according to wire, san francisco's new wave foods is trying to create a sustainable replacement for shrimp by building it out of red algae. google plans to serve up the project with algae and plant proteins in the first few months of next year, it is free in the google cafeteria. >> and critics are taking issues with the white hollywood actor starring in "the from wall." the trailer features matt damon. a message was posted saying "we
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to stop per president waiting the myth that only a white man can save the world," a soldier in ancient china in the great wall to be released in february. >> we still have a few fairs including at 11:00, and on mound, i believe it could be closed. in california, 92 in sacramento and you can see the sea breeze, it will be hazy, though, in lake tahoe, at 85 and same in yosemite, and a stray shower or thunderstorms as we have a little branch of the monsoon moving up or bringing moisture with it. 106 in paul springs and 80 in los angeles and 66 in monterey. and hazy. >> i have an update on our problem in the san leandro area if you are coming in on 880 heading in the southbound direction, we had an early morning crash beyond marina boulevard, we have not seen backups because of this. in continue minutes ago i mentioned we heard all lanes were blocked and we are down to
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one lane blocked the slow lane on the far right side. hopefully it will not turn into a major issue but it sounds like we are in the clean up stages. and a look outside on our traffic cameras we are doing okay on the golden gate bridge and i mentioned the visibility is not an issue, and looking good today. we will take a look at mass transit in ten minutes. >> some kids spend their summer vacation playing pokemon go, a young man in fresno is, welcoming on a recipe for a successful future. he is a banger, and only eight, he has mastered making cookies and banana not loaf and a single mom inspeared him to start the business out of their home. she is his assistant and getting a lot of requests and he has catered his first event and now see has seen profits he has bigger dreams. >> i wanted to be a millionaire but...i thought that want possible but now i think it is.
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>> he will save up enough to by a bigger house for him and his mom. >> what a cute kid. i want that banana not bread. >> preparing kinder guard increases for college, a school take on the challenge in the east bay. >> playing pokemon on muni? they hoping to up your game.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> monday morning at 5:00 a.m., i am reggie aqui. >> so glad you are here. i am natasha zouves on monday, august 1. now the check of both and traffic starting with meteorologist mike nicco. >> nice to see you, can't wait to see what you brought back from the convention. >> well... >> hopefully you are having an easy time waking up on monday morning, slept better i hope all of us did with the cooler conditions. the many layer is taking over all of our neighborhoods and it is 53 to 58 at 7:00, and under sunny conditions but for the coast, and 60 to 86, and below average so we will see how long that will last.


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