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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, rivers cresting in louisiana reach historic levels after more than two feet of rain. overnight the death toll is rising and the flood threat is now spreading. and breaking overnight, a man arrested accused of setting the massive wildfire in northern california. residents cheering and tearing up when police make the announcement. those flames destroying more than a hundred homes. a menacing monkey picks a fight with a worker in a walmart parking lot. see where the monkey came from and who finally comes to the rescue. and simone biles poised for a comeback today following a surprising setback in rio stumbling on the beam. and the sprinter diving across the finish line winning a medal.
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i didn't even know that was legal. who knew. good tuesday morning, everyone. we're going to get started with the situation that is taking place in the south. the rivers in flood-ravaged louisiana expected to crest today as the number of people needing rescue jumps to 30,000. >> at least six rivers there have already hit record levels. you can see the devastation in this drone video. entire neighborhoods are surrounded by water, water that's nearly as high as the rooftops. >> even a national guard truck couldn't handle the floods. look carefully there, and you can see the top of the vehicle submerged in the deep water. abc's adrienne bankert has the latest. >> reporter: new video giving us a look at the widespread devastation in what is being called some of the worst flooding louisiana has ever seen. some in baton rouge returning to the dangerous waters to check on their homes. >> it was nothing like this. it was a lot of displaced people, a big area, but this is a whole town just washed away overnight. >> it's like the end of your life, end of your world. you know, having to start over
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like that. we worked so hard for it. >> reporter: in this dramatic rescue, a man pulls a woman and her dog from a sinking convertible. >> first instinct was to just get ahold of her and pull her out and couldn't do it from the boat, so i just jumped in. >> reporter: a local sheriff carrying a baby helping lead this family out of rising water. locals with boats being called the volunteer cajun navy. >> we're trying to do whatever we can in our time of crisis and disaster, so it's a time for everybody to pull together if they can. >> reporter: this movie studio lot now an evacuation center with more than 11,000 staying in shelters. >> my house was underwater. i have three children. my sister live in the sherwood forest area, and she was on top of her roof, and she has five children. >> reporter: the water expected to rise as rivers and creeks overwhelm their banks. adrienne bankert, abc news, new
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york. >> and that storm that flooded louisiana is finally on the move, but it's now threatening to expand to other states. >> and you see the radar there. the rain is on the move into parts of texas and arkansas where the flash flooding threat remains high today. now, the rain is stretching north right now all the way to michigan. and breaking overnight, police arresting a man accused of starting a massive wildfire that raced through a northern california community. >> authorities say damian anthony pashlik has been charged with 17 counts of arson in connection with this and several other fires, and more charges will likely be added because this latest fire has already destroyed businesses and homes. there were cheers and some tears from residents when the arrest was announced. >> cal fire investigators along with lake county sheriff's detectives with the assistance of the lake county district attorney's office were able to arrest mr. pashlik on 17 counts of arson. [ cheers ]
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>> residents say they will sleep easier now that they know a suspect has been arrested. meanwhile, firefighters are still battling the flames which are just 5% contained. the so-called clayton fire started on saturday and has burned more than 4,000 acres. about 175 homes and businesses have been destroyed and thousands have been forced to leave their homes. the city of milwaukee is calmer this morning after two nights of unrest. there were six arrests following heated confrontations. at least that's according to the police chief but no destruction of property or rioting. protesters are angry over the deadly police shooting of a black man after a traffic stop. investigators say police body camera video shows the man holding a handgun during that encounter. >> donald trump has outlined his strategy to crush isis and keep america safe. trump told supporters in ohio that he would implement an ideological test for immigrants saying only people who, quote, share our values should be the only ones admitted into the country. it's part of what he calls
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extreme vetting designed to keep out anyone who sympathizes with extremist groups. >> we must also screen out any who have hostile attitudes toward our country or its principles or who believe that sharia law should supplant american law. >> trump also says he would end the current u.s. strategy of nation building and regime change. he also vowed to partner with russia or any other country that wants to destroy isis. meanwhile, hillary clinton and vice president joe biden partnered up for their first joint campaign appearance. speaking at a rally in his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania, biden labeled trump as unqualified and unprepared and said trump can't be trusted with the nuclear codes. clinton also took aim at trump's foreign policy ideas and plan for the economy. >> no major party nominee in the history of the united states of america has -- now don't cheer or -- quiet, just listen -- has known less or been less prepared
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to deal with our national security than donald trump. >> in contrast biden says clinton is the most qualified person to lead the country. he also praised her foreign policy experience and credited her with having a passion for improving lives. simone biles has a chance to pick up a fifth medal before heading home from rio this afternoon. she, of course, is considered the favorite in the floor exercise competition. >> now, a slight stumble on the balance beam cost biles a shot at five gold medals. she picked up the bronze instead. teammate laurie hernandez won silver. a 24-year-old from the netherlands took home the gold. so the youngest member of the u.s. track and field team is in tonight's semifinals of the women's 400-meter hurdles. sydney mclaughlin who turned 17 last week had to wait out the final five heats to see if she qualified. she, by the way, is the youngest american track and field olympian since 1972. and outdoors they couldn't stand the rain in rio, especially on the track. look at these scenes, a deluge forced a 25-minute delay.
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three events had to change their schedules because the conditions were just a mess. those who tried to compete in the rain were slipping and sliding all over the place. looking at the medal count, the u.s. picked up six medals yesterday to raise its total to 75. no gold medals yesterday but the u.s. still has the most with 26. well, still ahead, a new study about pregnant women who take a popular pain medication and a possible risk to the unborn child. and new this morning, a suspect is in custody in the shooting death of an imam outside of a mosque. overnight police are describing the evidence found inside his apartment. and caught on camera, a family in front of their house when lightning suddenly strikes. we'll tell you what happened.
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so this is the damage left behind after a tornado tore through central indiana. the town of brownsburg not far from indianapolis appears to have been hardest hit. roofs were blown off and trees uprooted, but no one was injured. a texas family got quite the scare from a lightning strike. take a look. tim powell is unloading groceries when a burst of lightning hits their vehicle and then bounces onto him. it knocks him onto the patio floor. his wife scrambles out to help him and get the kids in the house, as well. tim says he doesn't remember much except for a white light and a feeling of heat. glad to report he's going to be okay. and authorities have a theory about what caused the chaos at jfk airport sunday night. passengers may have been confused by celebrations for sprinter usain bolt who won in rio. they may have confused those celebrations with gunfire. that caused some people to run away from the commotion and eventually evacuate the entire airport.
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no witnesses ever reported seeing anyone actually armed with a gun. a texas resident who traveled to miami has been diagnosed with the zika virus. it is the first time the virus has spread from one u.s. state to another. an area of miami currently has 30 cases of zika spread from local mosquitoes, but there's been no local spread so far in texas. the market opens this morning in record territory once again. all three major u.s. indices closed at record highs dues to largely spikes in oil prices an largely spikes in oil prices and gains by energy and chemical companies. and apple reportedly is imaging to unveil three new ipads but not until next year. online tech sources say the rollout will include a new screen size, a 10.5-inch ipad pro, that's about two inches smaller than the current larger version of the ipad pro. well, when we come back, an abc news exclusive. one of the young girls injured in a ferris wheel accident talking about that incident. and a monkey in a diaper causes some drama in a walmart
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conditions, well, you'll have some flooding in texas. if you're flying expect airport delays in detroit, new york and philly. now to an abc news exclusive. for the first time we're hearing from one of the young victims of a ferris wheel accident in tennessee. >> yeah, she was thrown from the ride along with her little sister as well as another girl, and their parents witnessed it all. more from abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: in an abc news exclusive, 10-year-old kayla reynolds tells us she is lucky to be alive after falling nearly 40 feet from the cabin of this ferris wheel at the green county fair in the county fair in tennessee. >> we were just hoping that it would turn back, and then we just started falling. i was really scared but mostly for my sister. >> reporter: she tells us about the moment when she, another girl and her 6-year-old sister
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briley were thrown to the ground after their orange ferris wheel basket got caught on another while the ride was turning. >> worst thing i've ever seen in my life, and i couldn't do anything. >> reporter: in a statement this morning, the company that runs the ferris wheel is responding to the accident in tennessee, "by no means do we take this lightly as our main concern is the safety of the families who visit our midway each week." >> and it can happen to anybody. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, johnson city, tennessee. in new york, a man has been charged with gunning down an imam and his assistant on saturday. oscar morel was taken into custody after police linked him to a hit-and-run near that brutal murder. police searched the suspect's home and found what they say is the weapon used. they also say they discovered clothes that match what the suspect was wearing during the shootings. apparently there are more questions surfacing about the armed robbery of olympic swimmer ryan lochte and other members of the u.s. swim team. according to "the wall street journal," the athletes actually didn't report the crime to
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police. authorities started investigating after it surfaced in media reports. lochte says they were robbed at gunpoint early sunday morning in rio after getting out of a taxi. the international olympic committee initially denied any robbery took place only reversing course when it says lochte later changed his story. abc's matt gutman in rio asking the ioc about the confusion. >> reporter: i wonder if you can explain to us what happened. is this ryan lochte lying to you? is this him misleading you? >> i can explain it very, very simply. what i said was people asked me to give them update. i got an update from usoc. i gave you usoc's update and then there was another one after that. >> usoc being the united states olympic committee. now, following the robbery the australian delegation started enforcing a curfew for its athletes banning them from popular tourist locations at night. a new study finds pregnant women who took a popular pain medication had a greater chance of giving birth to children with behavior problems. researchers say children whose
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mothers took the active ingredient in tylenol, acetaminophen, had a 31% increased risk in hyperactivity disorders. the lead authority of the study says women should still use acetaminophen as needed because the risk is very small and a fever could be a much higher risk. all right, stop me if you've heard this one before, a monkey wearing a diaper on the loose in a walmart parking lot. probably not, but take a look. a pesky primate wearing the diaper, you see him there, get into a confrontation with a walmart employee in the parking lot. the monkey's owner rushes in to break things up. the employee not injured. the monkey had apparently escaped from a camper parked nearby. >> i just like the monkey walking away sort of being held by the hand like a child being reprimanded. >> exactly. i guess trying out for a job as a greeter in walmart. >> maybe, maybe. i don't think it's going to work out. >> no, not quite. all right, time now for some sports including baseball. >> we get the highlights right now from our friends at espn. good morning. "sportscenter" from los angeles. i'm stan verrett, neil everett. >> yeah.
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>> get a good look at him. he's not here often. >> yeah, yeah. go, olympic gold. max scherzer, he wasn't in the olympics, but steven strasburg was. he pitches wednesday. max scherzer, 0 and 3 in four starts, 0 for 3. david dahl, speaking of games, he won a gold in the pan-american games in 2011. scherzer not feeling gold. rockies up, 2-0. scherzer lasted four innings, seven hits, four earned. his shortest outing in a year. bryce harper went like -- got on base five times, and the nationals win. >> so dahl's medal was in baseball or was he an archer or something in his spare time? >> not sure if that was dahl or blackmon, but they both had big games. top four, giants trailing 3-2. josh harrison, this is the pirates and giant, hunter pence in foul territory, but he makes
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a grab. he's dealing with that bull pen mound over there. >> yeah. >> he says, did you see what i did? i'm looking at it. right. andrew mccutcheon, also a man outstanding in his field, makes a diving catch there. stuck the landing. that saved two runs. that was in the bottom of the seventh with a tying run at the plate. pirates go on to win it 8-5, so now as a result of that, the dodgers just a half game back in the n.l. west trying to chase down the giants. >> that was not a very good read by me. i've been gone awhile. i'll give you better, "gma," 24 hours from now. >> thanks, neil. up next in "the pulse," whatever it takes to win. the sprinter in rio who dove across the finish line. and michael phelps and katie ledecky re-create a picture from ten years ago but with a twist.
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♪ time to check "the pulse" and hearts were racing at the end of the women's 400-meter final. >> so you had shaunae miller of the bahamas who went airborne to take the gold from american allyson felix. miller dove at the finish line to win the race by 0.07 second. look at her. she says she didn't know she won until she heard her mother screaming. felix was trying to become the first woman to win five gold medals in track and field. and michael phelps, speaking of someone who's won a lot of gold, as well as katie ledecky, they have a little time to kill right now in rio, so the swimming stars decided to go a little bit back in time. >> remember this picture, it's of 9-year-old katie ledecky getting an autograph from phelps ten years ago back when phelps had only six gold medals to his name, just six. >> so the pair pulled a role reversal.
4:24 am
it was phelps on the receiving end and ledecky providing her signature complete with some of her rio hardware around her neck. >> nice little flashback there. >> yeah, and she's done so great these games. it's kind of nice. >> and phelps is doing okay too. >> yeah, not bad. >> doing pretty well. the u.s. men's basketball team also doing pretty well and they used some of their free time to hit the beach for a pickup game but not to play hoops. >> they've been playing tourists throughout rio. we saw them at christ the redeemer and now kevin durant, paul george and klay thompson were among the group playing what was described as a spirited game of beach volleyball. it's back to basketball tomorrow night, though. they have a knockout game against argentina. >> go, usa. >> yeah, they've had some close ones lately, so we'll have to see how the boys play later on. >> we started off with these massive margins of victory, and now it's nail-biter territory. >> yep. >> good luck. >> more news after this.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is tuesday. august 16. first, a check of weather and traffic. >> good morning. hello, everyone. i am tracking fog with live doppler hd. i can see right there petaluma is a mile and a half. in half moon bay about 2 1/2 miles. it looks like it will be patchy. but thick. you can see the bay bridge. it is hard to say. starting off in the 50s. and stay in the 50s at the coast. 93 inland. a bit warmer today. we will look at the fire conditions next. alexis? >> we have a problem in the south bay but it sounds minor. we have word of a roller north
4:29 am
880, northbound, the end of the police pursuit. the vehicle rolled. that has happened 2:20 this morning and a tow truck is on scene they should be reopening that soon. another update on traffic. in a few minutes. >> we start with the latest on the clayton fire. >> police have a man under arrest suspected of starting the fire intentionally. 40-year-old damin anthony pashilk of clearlake is facing 27 counts of arson that will be enhanceed because homes and businesses were destroyed. 175 structures have been destroyed and thousands trend threatened. >> governor brown has declared "state of emergency," in lake county. the fire is holding at 4,000 acres and 5% contained. the school district has closed schools for the week. >> more on the man in custody. he we has been arrested a dozen times before. amy hollyfield is in lake county with the emotional meeting where
4:30 am
the arrest was announed. >> there is relief and anger that this much damage is now thought to have been caused by someone. firefighters say 175 buildings, homes and businesses, were destroyed. evacuees cheered when it was announced that someone had been arrested. 40-year-old damin anthony pashilk of clearlake is in police custody. he has been arrested a dozen times before mostly for parole violations but drugs and weapons. the news of the arrest is shocking. and upsetting. >> it is hard to look at that man and know he caused all of this. especially i have very dear friend who lost everything. knowing that person caused it, it is hard.


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