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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are tracking a lost fire activity this morning. especially in southern california. >> and also one at home. we will bring you a report from lake county in a few moments. good morning, i am natasha zouves. we will have a check of weather and traffic. mike? >> good morning. we cannot get a break. we have a nice winter, all the moisture, and it created all of this fuel for all of the fires. at home we do not have much going on. live doppler hd is showing it is much more dry this morning than it was yesterday. we still have fog out there as you can see on the camera. 50 at 60. by noon, sunshine and 59 at the coast and 83 inland and hot inland at 94 but 60 at the coast. we will look at the microclimate
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next. no major blocking issues on the roads to start wednesday morning drive. looking at light volumes here westbound on the san mateo bridge fur crossing 92 this morning. a check of our drive time, westbound 580, tracy to dublin is the only slow spot. 37 minutes. we are in the green westbound four and southbound 101. we will check on the traffic maps in a few. >> new this morning the c.h.p. investigating whether a crash in san jose that sent three people to the hospital was a d.u.i. one of the injured passengers is a woman who is eight months pregnant. the crash happened on highway 101 near tully road before 2:00 this morning. having trouble getting the video and i apology. c.h.p. said it appear as car was stop on the shoulder when hit bit other car and the conditions of the injured people have not yet been released. now the other big story we are following, developing news from southern california a massive wildfire has forced 82,000 people out of their homes.
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the blue cut fire is burning through homes and businesses in san bernadino county. firefighters say dry brush and wind gusts are making it very hard to control. they are scorching through 18,000 acres. and counting. part of the highway in los angeles and las vegas is new shut down. it is zero percent contained. >> fire is all around but the firefighters are doing a wonderful job. thank you. please save us! >> two firefighters were hurt after the truck was overrun by flames. they were treat asked released. they are now back working the fire lines. >> incredible video. this rare fire in nato caught on camera by our news crew with kbc in los angeles tracking the fire yesterday you can see the giant orange and yellow flames twist into a tornado. it is made of fire. this popped up behind the reporter's live shot next to the trucks. and power lines.
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>> the lake county man suspected of start the devastating clayton fire makes his first court appearance today. damin anthony pashilk is scheduled to appear in lakeport on 17 arson charges. residents are starting to return home for the first time. amy hollyfield is in lower lake. amy? >> there is so much disgust here that someone could have intentionally caused the destruction behind me on lake street. off of main street here in lower lake. at the love heartache. reality settles in with so many people realizing they have to start over. they are trying to figure out what to do first. >> i cannot believe what took us five years to credit and we were just now feeling the blessing of what we worked our tails off to
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have now we have no home. here is what the street looked like before the fire from google images. can you see now what it looks like. so much devastation. the area has an evacuation order in place. authorities allowed people would live out in the avenues to return home. it is an area not impacted by the fire in lower lake. they say it still could be a couple of weeks until people are allowed back and the area. victims are urged to make monetary donations, officials are afraid of a similar situation that happened after this fire, the valley fire, last september in lake county. the amount of items donated became everpeople withing. lake county had to spend a couple hundred thousand to dispose of unusable items.
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download the newsup to stay on top of wildfire burning in san bernadino and lake county. enable the push alerts. >> in san jose, a truck slammed into a building near west can saturday close street and lincoln avenue and you can see the result. the truck severed a gas meter and caught the building on fire. three musicians were inside in a recording studio. someone ran in and told them to "get out." they all made it out much the driver of the truck stayed at scene and is cooperating with police. matt keller is gathering more information. >> more developing news, out of oakland. we are just learning this fire at a liquor store on seminary avenue has pivoted into a homicide investigation. the man who died is believed the person who started the fire. police were called to the scene after 9:00 last night. the suspect was reportedly inside of the story throwing things before the fire started. >> police in stockton say a pan
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shot and killed by an officer is described as a documented significant member yesterday at the james town plaza shopping center. an officer attempted to stop a map who resembled a robbery suspect. the suspect ran away. armed with handgun. some sort of confrontation followed. the suspect was killed. >> san francisco police have reclassified the death investigation into a line cook found dead at the westfield san francisco centre mall. investigators say the case involving 28-year-old frank galicia is a "suspicious death investigation." initially they said he was victim of homicide. the autopsy reports performed by the medical examiner led to the containing. his body was found a week ago today in a mall stairway. >> san francisco residents have a chance to say would they think should be hired as the next police chief with a; of public meetings to get input from the community and acting chief headed the department for three months. he told abc last week he is
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interested in becoming the permanent chief. the community meeting is from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the elementary school on clayton street. >> san jose based cisco is laying off thousands of the workers. jessica castro has more information on how many bay area workers could be affected. >> it could be up to 14,000 employees which is roughly 20% of the cisco workforce. we expect the announcement of lay offs to happen soon. the company is set to release the earnings report later today if you are not familiar with this, they design and manufacture and sell networking equipment but they are making a transition to more software-based products and crowd-based tools for data centers. the company has offered retirement package plans to employees in light of the news. laying off a fifth of the employees would be staggering but the large of the cut to the
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workforce in cisco's history. the company has been around for 32 years. >> the chancellor cal step down over controversies of the campus sex assaults and questions over budget decisions. he offered his resolution i nation saying and i quote, "i have come to the personal decision that the time is right for me to step aside and allow someone else to take effect of form and institutional challenges ahead of us." he will trend on the job until a new chancellor is made. committee is formed to find his replacement. >> my personally nightmare is stuck in an elevator and pg&e crews believe a squirrel is to blame for a power outage that stranded two people in two elevators yesterday around 6:30 p.m. in two buildings on crane street. this was a loud explosion, the power want out and they found a squirrel smoldering in a gutter. it is likely the squirrel tried to chew through an electric
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wire. >> we are waking up to temperatures at 35-40 dead cooler this morning inland east bay neighborhoods compared to yesterday, and where you will end up this afternoon. it is warmest right new in antioch and brentwood at 6 and 62. pleasanton hill and lafayette is 61 and walnut creek is 60 and everyone else in the upper 60s , and mid-to-upper 50s elsewhere, like san francisco and novato at 54 and oakland 58. san jose is clear this morning. if you are biking, watch out for strong sunshine and swimming feels refreshing inland. if you on the bay north of the bay bridge watch out for the coppy waves. today the warmest day from 66 in san francisco to inland east bay at 95 and notice the temperatures are dropping ever so gradually, thursday, friday, and the same this weekend. >> a look outside on golden gate bridge camera showing how foggy
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it was and then it just filtered away. the fog is shifting and moving and not looking too bad at the moment but you could encounter lower visibility. a look at san jose, the crash was mention add few minutes ago, northbound 101 before tully road a serious collision involving a couple of vehicles, one person was cut out and that is a suspected d.u.i. crash. but, all lanes are back open and we are look okay with typical delays on westbound 205 to 580 leaving tracy and ace train one if you are using mass transit rather than driving today, that left a minute late. >> this morning, bart is a step closer to becoming a reality in santa clara and san jose. the state transportation agency is awarding $20 million to the city of san jose. it will help complete the very expensive six mile extension from the future berryessa bart station to santa clara with more money flowing in to help pay for
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the $4.7 billion extension. in november santa clara voters will decide whether to aproblem half cent sales tax increase. >> police use of force call interest question. again. the latest case involving a black woman in washington, dc, and how she plans to fight back. >> the racist and vulgar graffiti
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> civil actives and current representative john lewis is in the bay area, and we were at the community center where kids read his graphic novel about the civil rights movement. he is meeting the kids at city hall and will talk about his books along with his co-author at university of san francisco. >> a washington, dc, woman, pitched against a car by a police officer said that she plans to sue. the incident is lighting up social media today, and the officer is holding an african-american woman and her feet are dangle off the ground. the woman said she was speaking aggressive thousand a plan who propositioned her when police arrived. it is not clear what caused the officer to grab the woman. >> nays are cleaning up of a someone sprayed racist practice feet on homes and cars. it included swastikas and
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pornographic images. sacramento county sheriff deputies chased the suspects in the area but they could not find them. >> it could turnout to be just vandalism. [ inaudible ] >> people are angry about everything in life. >> deputies found items that may have a suspect's fingerprints. >> a routine hunter from utah is getting backlash after pictures of the kill were posted. >> here is more. >> in this morning "first look," a 12-year-old hunter from utah under fire after posting these images on social media, posing with a giraffe, a zebra, all killed while hunting with her dad in paragraph can. >> it is something that i cherish and enjoy and i want other people to see what i have been able to experience. >> she and her father took the hunting trip last week, one of many over the past five years. they say that all hundreds were legal. but on-line outrage, some
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calling her "sick," and "animal hated are," and threatening the 12-year-old's life. but some are defending the father-daughter duo writing hunt away. >> we are proud to be hunters and we will never apologize. >> we will hear more are her and her father coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> with the "first look," for new york. >> united states marine recruiters are targeting high school girls sports teams to find candidate whose meet the tough physical standards with the small of the emergency of women among all military services and it wants to increase the female personal from 7-10% so 3,400 female we crudes need join each year. recruiters are traveling to meet with female high school athletes and their coaches >> the stars of the jim nasa technicals in track and field bring home more olympic medals. >> battle on the bond, jennings
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and roth take on the brazil's team but the american could not pull off the win in the finals. this is the first loss in four olympic games nor walsh and now the united states plays for the bronze again the other brazilian teal she difficulty, biles making history. again. soaring to her 4th gold in rio de janeiro. the 19-year-old capped off the olympics by winning the floor exercise finals and the first american gymnast to win for in a single game, teammate scooped you the silver, the floor champion from london. and the men's gymnastic, redemption with two silver medals on the parallel and high bars. a medical was missed by only fractions landing in 4th. in women's 200 meters, the united states qualified two women to the finals, the 100 meter silver medalist won, and stevens, qualified for unof the final slots.
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a show of dominance on the track in the membership's 200 meters, three americans move on to the semi finals, both medalists already in rio de janeiro are leading the way. olympic champion will last the competition in the dust, winning the heat easy. now, mike, are we going do have a gray start? >> for some of uses inland, because the patch layer is only 1,600' with gray conditions at sfo so we could have flight arrival delays. i will let you know when they let me know. here are highlights, sunny by noon, climbing highs today, especially inland, where we will have the heaviest or trend of the temperatures. the clouds and drizzle, more likely will by us the slow cooling trend through the weekend. the income six hours, we need the umbrella? not like yesterday unless you
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are at the coast where we have drizzle through 10:00. high temperatures in the south bay warm, to hot, 85 in san jose and month hill at 92, and more refresh around milpitas and 79 and cupertino is 84. up the peninsula we start at 80 at palo alto and mountain view and 79 in the wood, the clouds still stub on, 62 at half moon bay, pacifica is 59, and daly city is warmer downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid-to-upper 60s there. at the game, 63, at start, and warming to 66 by 3:00, with the winds, giants, come on, it will be warm, and maybe that will change your wins. through the north bay, we can see lakeport, the firefighters up there, 100 degrees today. compared to the bay where it is breezy and san rafael and 9, and long the east bay more shore, berkeley is 72. castro valley and fremont, 80 in the hills orinda is 86, and keep
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heading west on 24 and eastbound 24 and we will have 91 in san ramon and flirting with 100 in antioch and brentwood. tonight some of of you will hit it. look at the clouds. they are increasing you can see the temperature are running in the 50s to increasely 60. my seven-day outlook shows all seven days a slow cooling trend and when you spread it out over four or five days we are 5 to 10 decooler and below average by monday. we will look at the day planner next and here is alexis. >> pretty quiet start on the roads and we are not complain complaining. fairly light volumes in the bay bridge toll plaza and expecting the metering lights to turn on in 10 or 15 minutes, starting today where it has been light. checking on mass transit, we do have an important net starting today they will do power cable
5:21 am
work between the south hayward and fremont station lines and that is going to be monday through friday 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 people >> way through september 9. for most of you if you are travel in the midday using bart you are thinking it is safe but not many delays. they saying there could be 20-30 minute delays. through the next few weeks. a minor issue on the roads, northbound 238 to northbound 880 second hit a deer. the deer is in the center divide. the vehicle made it to the shoulder. he is okay. you will see hazard lights. use caution. >> straight ahead the seven things you need to know use start the day >> bad news if you are fans of caitlyn jenner. >> dramatic carjacking caught on camera. what the suspect now has to say to the
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>> here the seven things you need to know, a safety emergency in southern california this morning. the blue cut fire rages law san bernadino county. what starts as small brushfire is now 18,000 acres charred and continues of thousands of people evacuated. >> the man accuses of starting the clayton fire burning right now in lower lake will be making his first court appearance this afternoon. damin anthony pashilk faces 17 counts of arson. >> three, residents if lake county are allowed to go back home. sadly, many are finding they have nothing left. they told amy hollyfield they are disgusted and devastated someone could intentionally do this. >> three rock musicians practicing in san jose escaped the fire safely after being ignited by a truck that rammed a
5:25 am
building and broke a gas meter. there is concern the facade could follow. >> our summer spread is rideening to 42 degrees from bodega at 58 and lakeport at 100. the hottest day is in my forecast today. the cooling trend through the weekend. >> this is our drive time 680 southbound highway four to walnut creek is six minutes, and westbound four in the green to highway 4. and tracy to dublin is 41 minutes. original slight delays. >> look at this guy, people are falling in love with stubby, a squid that was discovered off the california coast. they spend most their live on the sea floor hiding from the prey and leaving only their eyes poking out of the sand. although purple pops on the sand floor. caitlyn jenner's reality show is
5:26 am
canceled, and he thanked we everyone. we according to the "new york times" the show premiered in july to three million viewers and the season two debuted with0 >> we have a full minutes of news including major lay 50s for cisco in san jose. >> a warming for women in the east bay after a series of attempted kidnapping how
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(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss.
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well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> good morning, busy morning as we track a massive wildfire in southern california. i am reggie aqui. >> natasha zouves has a lot to get to. we will start with meteorologist mike nicco and the weather. mike? >> good morning, i am tracking
5:29 am
patchy fog but it is not below quarter-mile or as misty as yesterday. most of that is on the coast. at the bay bridge we have a hard time seeing the to which it because the marine layer is pressed and push down so faster such shine today, and warmer temperatures. the day planner is waking up with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s and 59 to 60 at coast and up to 75 around bay and 83 to 94 at least inland neighborhoods. we will look at the microclimates next. >> this is the quietest start on the roads in two or three weeks, and i will knock on wood. i don't want to jinx it. we are looking at increasing volumes, westbound 80 through emeryville, but no major blocking issues, taking you in our on our traffic maps. just watch the change from yellow for red, so far, though, no metering lights and i will update you when they turn it on.
5:30 am
another update in 10 minutes. >> now a dangerous situation in southern california, a ferocious fire that just exploded in sizemore than four times larger than our clayton fire here in lake county. jessica castro is tracking this for us. >> good morning, the blue cut fire is videoing in all directions. overnight it has not gotten better. i want to show you the images coming into the newsroom, the side of the flames burning on the hillside, burning in san bernadino county in southern california as we have been talking about, throughout the morning. at last check, this is still at zoe percent containment. you can see with the massive flames there is still a big firefight ahead as we take a wider look at what is happening. this is monster pressure fire that exploded. in one day. the number of people being affected is tremendous. already at 82,000 people evacuated from their homes. it has charred more than 18,000
5:31 am
acres. it is burning out of control and several buildings are gone including a historic diner and church. >> this is the worst i have ever seen. it is getting used to idea of of...being homeless. >> two firefighters hurt yesterday but after being treatedded they were back to the front lines and this is a huge undertaking right now. interstate 15 at the pass is shut down if you are familiar where that area. it is the main area between los angeles and las vegas, with thousands upon thousands of people affected and we will update story and watch images in the newsroom through the morning. back to you. >> this tore through so fast we >> the man accused of exceptionally setting clayton fire in lake county is scheduled to appear in court today.
5:32 am
damin anthony pashilk faces 17 counts of arson in connection with several fires in lake county the past area. he is slated to appear in court in lake part at 1:15 working in construction in san francisco at one point. his cousin said he is not surprised by the arrest. >> to think a person, this someone could do that? >> a source for the department of yeses said that pashilk learned to be a firefighter work as an inmate firefighter in 2007. >> the fire destroyed 100 homes and 75 other building. now some of the victim are running home to see what is left. our reporter is in lower lake. amy? the recovery is starting and this is so much here to do. some residents say this they do not know are to start. 175 structures were destroyed by
5:33 am
the fire and residents are dealing with the loss and disgust that someone is believed it have set this fire. some are discovering they have lost everything there are some who are finding good news. i saw the fire come over the ridge. we ran out of the here. it would be bad. i did not think my shop would be here. it is here! wow! all the firefighters, police officers and public utilities employees all, oning very hard to get the power back on and get this destroyed area safe and secure it from any possible looting. they say this process could take weeks. until then, this area, right here, right where we are standing, it was impacted by the fire and there is still an evacuation order in place. >> thank you, amy.
5:34 am
lucky super markets is teaching up with the red cross to raise money for fire relief efforts in lake county. you can make a cash donation at any of the 12 lucky stores in the north bay and ukiah, it is tax deductible and you get a receipt. if you want to see which stores participate go to >> you can make a donation to the lake county wildfire relief fund led by the mendolake credit union. >> we are extraing both fires. if you download the free news app we will send you breaking information. >> developing news in hayward. police are investigating a reported shooting. you can see officers using what appears to be a metal detector in the front yard of a home near florida street and dolphin lane. >> a big mess this morning at a record studio in san jose.
5:35 am
a scar crash started a fire while munitions were still inside. our reporter is near west san carlos street and lincoln avenue. >> good morning. in an hour the sun will come up in san jose. we will have a better look at the damage to the music studio here on west san carlos. water is the main issue, damaging some of the equipment inside. the fire started when a pickup crashed into a gas meter last night. on the side the music studio on west san carlos. when the truck hit the meter the gas started escaping and fire spread across the roof of the building housing the music studio and a tattoo parlor. several people including musicians, were in the building. we spoke with the man who said he ran into warn all the ever advantage -- all the knewcies to evacuate. >> i had to kick the doors in
5:36 am
and tell everyone to get out. there was fire. thing was on fire. get out. >> everyone was able to get out of the safely and the male driver and female passenger did not appear to be injured. the big the concern is the front of the building. the contractor is waiting for a fence to be put up around the building. they are concerned about debris falling down. >> san leandro police say they need your help to catch a period tore before he strikes again. official say he has already tried to kidnap three different women. do you recognize anything from the image? a man is language side his car. the detailrd tough to make out. a. said he attack her along walk avenue on july 28. he immediately pepper sprayed her and she got overwhelms and fell to the ground and grabbed her by her ankles and he dragged
5:37 am
her down the sidewalk. >> a good spare tan stopped the attack as he tried to get her in the car. this is a police sketch of the suspect: african american man, with a goatee and glasses and 5' 10". this is the car as describeed, 2014 silver nissan. >> we hear from the man brutally beaten at a business in castro district. he was beaten so badly his fractured jaw need to be reattached to his skull at a bar on market street called the cafe. he thinks it could be because he asked someone to leave the bar add badlands where he be woulds. police are looking for the attacker. >> big news this morning in silicon valley, massive layoffs at cisco according to a news site for technical. they will lay off 14,000 workers, almost 20% of global
5:38 am
workforce reflecting hard times in the pc industry. cisco is transition oning from hardware to software. microsoft and h.p. and intel have all announced plans to cut continues of thousands of employees. >> san jose leaders debated well into the night and approved a controversial housing project for the homeless. the city council voted 8-3 to approve a plan to build temporary homes in willow glen. it could be ready by next summer. an opponent is a councilman who represents the six acres of city land used for the project. he would rather house a thousand people with permanent homes than 100 with hopes. >> now, this is from san bernadino county fire, a fire showing intense burning up to 2,000 degrees. the winds can whip up around 100
5:39 am
to 160 miles per hour. they can suck in the embers and disperse them. they are hard to put out. they can last for several minutes. they are very slow moving but that is incredible the we have seen several whether it was this fire or the fire at oregon this week, it gives you an idea how incredibly dangerous the fire can be and how we need to stay away and evacuate. unfortunately, there is much destruction. switching gears, and calming things down, san rafael, way off in the distance, this is what i am talking about fog is forming and it is thicker down to sauce least, tiburon and mill valley, so watch out as you go into the golden gate bridge. you will run into thick fog and maybe need the windshield wipers half moon bay is 54. we have 56 in san mateo and foster city. also, bell monday and redwood
5:40 am
city at 60. san jose is 61 and los gatos is in the 70s already. the warmth peaks today with the red encroaching in the east bay and 100 in lakeport with the reds retreating and the green is 60s take over as we head to friday, and i will let you know in the cooling trend will last through the weekend. not too early to funk about that. >> in way. we are halfway through the work week of the never too usually. we are halfway there we have the bay bridge metering lights on at 5:30, so in the last 10 minutes we have filled in significantly, also, dealing with fog cross the golden gate bridge this morning, so, keep that in mind. just got this information from bart and they are having some sort of equipment problem and that is causing a 10 men delay between south hayward and fremont stations in the fremont and remonday and daly city direction. so far they have not specified what the problem is, but we keep
5:41 am
a close i didn't on that and that is the same stretch where they will do work during the midday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., monday through friday, starting today, all the way through september 9. we will have more information on the bart problem coming up in a few. >> if you drive on mission in san francisco we have good news. the board is relaxing those red carpet lanes, we told you of this meeting yesterday, and the board decided to eliminate the forced right turn at 22nd and 26 there and ease restrictions on taxis making last towns at 21st. the right lane forced drivers to turn right every few blocks and was intended to speed up the bus traffic on the thoroughfare but led to numerous complaints. a compromise. of sorts. >> a political shakeup and how donald trump changes the campaign and the important information he is expected to receive today. >> more danger at an amusement park another incident last half
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> san salvador, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> big political news this morning. donald trump is shaking up his campaign leadership. again. this is the second overhaul in two months, the campaign chairman is in the same role seen as a demotion because
5:45 am
cofounder of breitbart news is new going to be trump's campaign c.e.o., senior advisor is his new campaign manager. sources say that conway will travel with donald trump and help him focus on messaging. trump had this message for democrats yesterday. >> it is time for our society to address some honest and very, very difficult truths. the democratic party has failed and betrayed the african-american community. >> now, at the same time, hillary clinton was campaigning in philadelphia. >> it just absolutely bewilders me when i hear donald trump trying to talk about national security. as joe biden say it is not just he doesn't know what he is talking about, that is bad enough. but what he often says hurts us. >> speak of national security, donald trump gets the first intelligence briefing today from the fbi.
5:46 am
>> new numbers show hillary clinton with strong leads in two key states including leading donald trump in florida 48 to 39% among likely voters and a "washington post" poll shows the democrat with a commanding lead in virginia, up by 14 points among registered voters, and that is 52 to 38% and among likely voters, she is up 51 to 43%. >> six children are recover this morning after an electrical shock at an amusement park, and police say the kids were getting off of a ride in connecticut year and they felt a tingling sensation. one of boys suffered burns on the palms of his hand and the other suffered piper injuries. the ride operator was shocked when he turned off the ride. southwest girths are trying to figure out what caused the electrical shock. >> in louisiana flood waters starting to receipt as tens of thousands of homeowners begin the task of cleaning up and 11 people were killed in the
5:47 am
torrential rain and flooding in southeast louisiana. more than 30,000 people had to be recused. governor john edwards state the state does not know how many are missing and said 40,000 homes have been impacted to varying degrees. the red cross said this this is likely the worst united states national disaster since super storm sandy and damages could top $1 billion. >> i had flood insurance and any disaster relief we can take, anything to help us out, we just bought this house four months ago. >> taylor swift announced she is deflating $1 million to understood relief efforts in louisiana. >> is there relief in sight, mike? >> there are pop-up thunderstorms because it is so humid and it is speaker but nothing like the rumbling of rain they have had for two days straight. fog like that. if you get a pop-up thunderstorms it could aggravate isolated areas with widespread
5:48 am
flooding, no, it is moving away. for me, that water has to get more polluted by the day. being there at bottom the mississippi and all of oil refineries around there so this will have to deal with that. at home, from mount tam you can see the marine layer is thinner and lower to the ground and it will bring us sunshine, sooner today, our warmest day this week increasing clouds and drizzle the next couple of nights with a gradual cooling trend developing and hit our afternoon hours by the time we get to the weekend. small craft advisory a break were record, same area, the same timeframe as yesterday, 3:00 until 9:00, and we will look at our south bay temperatures, above average at will 5 in san jose, and milpitas is 79 to forly 90 in los gatos and the peninsula, mid-to-upper 70s and a new 80s, palo alto and mountain view headed to the south bay, 71 in millbrae and upper 50s to low 60s, and the marina is 59, and 66 in downtown san francisco one of the warm
5:49 am
spots and across the north bay, areas of fog to sunshine, and the areas of fog are patchy, at 85 in santa rosa, and cooler around vallejo and san rafael the breezes coming off the bay in the upper 70s, oakland is average at 73 degrees, and castro valley and fremont are 80 and inland east bay where low-to-mid 90 and the car thermometer or house thermometer could say 100 during the afternoon hours. my seven-day outlook shows a couple of degrees cooling tomorrow another couple of degrees on friday and a couple more by saturday. the weekend will be over and temperatures are below average to monday. alexis? >> we are looking good on the roads. the south bay right now is showing a traffic cameras, 101 at 880 we are filling in on the northbound side but no major problems if you are commuting in or around san jose today. i want to take you on our traffic maps to the central valley as usual, this is one of our slowest commutes if you are westbound 205 to 580 through the altamont pass, 16 miles per hour
5:50 am
average and that lasts for seven or eight miles. that is typical. and the bart issue i told you about a few minutes ago, they are calling it early equipment problem but, still, ten minutes between south hayward and fremont in the fremont richmond and daly city direction. that will go away. shortly. a texas carjacking suspect is apologizing to his victim, he dragged him down the street while steal his car. he said he was high on meth and is pledging to push his life around. that is dramatic video. the surveillance video shows the 28-year-old walking up to a running car and driving off dragging the owner, terry edge, 75' in the process. i got for get it right. it take as strong man to go to work every day like he does to earn what he has earned to get
5:51 am
the car that i ... >> he really wants to make amends, victim's wife said he will do his time and make it count. >> happening today, lyft drivers are trading in passengers for backpack delivering thousands backpacks to schools around oakland. volunteers are taking them to around 80 schools in the oakland area starting this morning. they team up with the oakland education fund. delta is making an addition to services at sfo. they are adding boston as a nonstop destination. delta said they are adding four flights, to from boston and two into boston start next june. there is growing demand in san francisco with enough seats because they plan to add 22% more seating capacity if time for the sfo nonstop service. hopefully that means larger planes and not smaller seats.
5:52 am
>> good luck with that. >> new at 6:00, traffic such on the golden gate bridge and it seem like bad news for commuters but it is a good sign for the bay area economy. >> santa clara county is dropping $250,000 on inmates to improve their quality of life. aan incredible encounter for a group of kayakers off the coast
5:53 am
5:54 am
the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> jail inmates in santa clara county can eastern college credit. with san jose state university offering the classes in downtown san jose and the correctional
5:55 am
facility in milpitas. they are going to spend $325,000 on program with classes lasting 12 weeks. they will learn courts like criminal justice and counsel asking english. >> meal on wheels in contra costa county is celebrating 26 years in the making. it is dropping off the five millionth meal. meals on wheels started in if knew. >> behind me, we are seeing the bay bridge or most of it with fog covering it, and that is mostly around the bay and the coast. now, inland, you can see the lack of clouds and that means we are off to a hot start, with temperatures soaring into the mid-to-upper mints if you have not used the air conditioning you could, with temperatures at 1- to 4-degrees warmer on the cool of the or warmest day this week.
5:56 am
any are going to the game this afternoon, 12:45 first pitch at at&t park, 63 and warming to 65 and u.v. index is high and 100s through the central valley and thunderstorms around lake tahoe and yosemite. the commute is noisy. >> that is what i was going to say you can see it is picking up on the roof. the bay bridge traffic. mike is picking that up this morning. it is busy in the east bay, too, if you are trying to get on to the toll plaza with the jam up aside from the far lanes which are the car pool lanes. our drive time this morning, tracy to castro valley up to 5 minutes and highway 85 to the san jose airport is showing flight delays at 16 minutes. 280 northbound from highway one to downtown san francisco that is in the green at nine minutes. we will look at our traffic maps in a few. >> imagine you are out kayaking and enjoying day and suddenly, you see this.
5:57 am
take a look, whoa, a pod of whales saying hello to this group off the south coast. can you see how close this was. the kayakers were on a five day speak decision and saw amazing things but this has to be the highlight. >> that is why i don't kayak. >> too close. too close. you cannot outrun that. >> in mother whale wants to land on you, she will. we are in lower lake as crews work to contain a wildfire that destroyed dozens of homes for residents returning. >> a fast move fire in southern california, the stunning images just coming in. >> a big win for the! ed extension to santa clara and san jose. millions of dollars in new
5:58 am
my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our
5:59 am
gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
6:00 am
>> massive fires affect families cross the state. you can see this family watching their home...there is little left of it. and another massive wildfire to the south, leaving tens of thousands wondering if they will have a home to return to. >> good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> a lot going on. it is wednesday, august 17. we will have much more on the fires in a moment, but, first, we will get to mike nicco and the forecast. >> good morning, can you ma'am what september and october are going to be? they are the height of the fire season if we are seeing such early happenings? >> now, right now, live doppler hd is showing quiet. it is much more dry but the coast which has mist. you can see the fog getting thicker as it is taking over more of the bay bridge as we hook from our south beach camera. we are going to hit 60 at the coast and 75 around the bay and our warmest afternoon, 95


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