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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. only at a sleep number store. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. >> and i am natasha zouves. drew? >> yes, good morning. we have a look from the exploritorium camera showing we have the fog that is taking on much of the bay area. you will wake up to low cloud cover first thing in the morning. if you plan your day, look at this, the day planner shows
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limited sunshine first thing early in the morning between the mid-50s and mid-60s. typical temperatures this time of the year. by noon, we have a slow clearing from the coast. you have the clouds and sunshine , and upper 50s to mid-90's. that is weather. alexis? >> we are light. looking at our traffic maps, zooming in to the only red we are see on the traffic flows, it is inbound from the central valley, and 205 cut over to 580 through the altamont pass, using the speed indication tool, it is seven miles of heavy stop and go traffic but not blocking. remember the major pothole yesterday? i got new information on that. all coming up. >> the fiercest fire in the western united states is keeping people in southern 8:00 on their toes growing noun to 25,000 acre s and chased thousands from their home.
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jessica has more. >> yes, matt, it is going to be no easy tack. the fire is burning out of control and another tough day ahead for firefighters in san bernadino county. right now, more than 82,000 people have been told to we evacuate from their homes. at this point it is only 4% contained. look at this new video from overnight as the blue cut fire shows the flames, again, lighting up the night sky. at least a dozen buildings are destroyed. crews are using heavy equipment but there are concerns of hot spots flaring up, especially in the city of rightwood. not everyone is leaving. [ inaudible ] >> i have not loaded up. >> at blue cut fire started as a small brushfire and turned into a massive blaze burning 40 square miles. there is some good news, especially for commuters, interrogate continue through the pass has reopened and it is the
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main road connecting southern california to the las vegas area. >> we have new details on the rocky fire, it was sparked by airline legal miles an hour juan operation. it destroyed 43 homes. the fire started last july near clearlake and it burned 108 square mile before finally being contained. the rocky fire was one of five marijuana-related wildfires in northern california last year. there were four more reports this year. >> fires in the south bay will be back at scene of a train tressel fire to figure out what sparked it. the black smokability lying into the sky yesterday afternoon in san jose. firefighters contained the flames an hour after it broke out. >> in the east bay, oakland police are investigating a shooting that left four people hurt. it happened last night at 10:30 at 11th street. police say a man was taken to the hospital by ambulance and
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three other men showed up at hospital and said they were shot, as well. all four are expected to survive. in arrests have been made. >> a richmond restaurant facing eviction now has a second chance because of the community rallying around it. amy hollyfield is at the richmond marina to explain. >> in richmond, the landlord has given the owner another chance. but there is a condition. the owner is beloved here in richmond the she is known for her compelling life story. when she was facing eviction even the mayor came out to rally for her. the landlord said the issue is over broken pipes under the restaurant and the mayor thinks the landlord is row tall eighting against the city after losing an election that who is allowed him to develop more land. that is an accusation the landlord denies.
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richard poe said he will not evict her in she repairs the pipe. the mayor has started a fundraising effort to pay for the repairs so the restaurant can stay. it has been here for 14 years. two of the four united states olympic swimmers with say they were robbed in rio de janeiro have to spend the day talking to authorities. bentz atry provide last night, the two were pulled from the flight home in order to stay in brazil until theyived on the robbery. pose are have thing in ryan lochte lies to authorities of night the group was allegedly mugged at gunpoint. a judge ordered the seizure of ryan lochte's passport but he is back in the united states. the other swimmer is working with rio de janeiro authorities and will make a statement today. all the latest in the sierra
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lamar case a change of sent use hearing is scheduled. attorneys represented the trial be moved out of the county. they say he cannot get a fair trial because of negative pre-trial publicity accused of killing 15-year-old sierra lamar who disappeared 3 1/2 years ago on the way to school in morgan hill. >> new baby boy is in critical condition after the protect mother was killed in a car accident in san jose. the woman was eight months pregnant and doctors delivered her son. it is not clear what caused the trash before 2:00 a.m. on highway 101 near tully road. the first responders worked to save the baby. the driver lost control of the driver and hit a parked bmw. the driver of the bmws with arrested on suspicion of being drink. >> technical jobs in the bay area have reached a record high. according to a study by the bay
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area news group in are more than 746,000 technical jobs here. that topping the record set by 21,000 during the "" area after a hiring binge. the number of tech jobs has green by 5% in just the last area. adding more than 34,000 jobs. >> if you have an idea on where san francisco's next subway should be built, you will have a chance to speak up. the "san francisco chronicle" said the city will unveil a special website allowing public to draw a picture of where they want to see future subways. the master plan is something supervise first introduced last year, with the idea to have the subway system under construction to keep up with the booming population and traffic problems. >> good morning, 5:0 7 am on thursday morning, we are starting out with fog. some is dense. including at half moon bay, you can see live doppler hd reporting a mile and a half
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visibility on coast where the fog has settled the most. five miles visibility in petaluma. outside, hayward is at 60. 62 currently in san jose. and the south bay. 62 in mountain view. santa rosa is at 54. fairfield is at about separate. back-to-school for the south bay and the bus stop forecast, we have mostly sunny skies, a few clouds, but 59 and the sun is up at 6 28 am. after school, we are sunny. and warm. temperature is around 82 degrees. good luck. have a great school year. three day forecast is a "spare the air" day and poor air quality inland but the trend is cooling off headed into the weekend. that is weather. now, how is the traffic? good morning, we are okay so far through the bay bridge toll plaza, with metering lights not on yet and they do not need to
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be with light volume. we want to rewind to yesterday later in the morning we had a major problem on northbound 85 in the sunnyvale area before fremont avenue a major pothole opened up, several vehicles got flat tires and it was 5x5 in diameter between 4 and 8' deep. there were emergency repairs through the afternoon yesterday. we talked to both c.h.p. and caltran and they said in more repairs on the schedule for today, so it sounds like they were able to wrap it up yesterday and there should not be more closures today. we will keep you updated if we hear of anything. we look at the riff times coming up in ten minutes. >> brace yourself for even more attacks from ransomware, how hackers are turning million wear into use for anyone. >> and a new effort to return by th
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. in southern louisiana authorities are calling for residents to evacuate as the flood threat moves south downstream and the water is rising. one area outside the levee system, is affecting 70 homes. yesterday, 60 dogs were moved after it took on water. in baton rouge they are trying to restore electrickist to
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thousands of people in the once flooded neighborhoods. flood damage is estimate at more than $1 billion. >> because of the flooding authorities are wanting consumers would plan to buy a used scar in the comes weeking to look out for cars that have been underwater. there is concern that possibly thousands of cars stuck in the flood waters will get in the happens of the ring people who could re-sell them the officials advise buyers in the car is listed it should say it has flood damage. other tips, check for rust, get a history report on the car, and test all electric a.m. systems. >> in "first look," a woman is on trial for the murder of her police officer boyfriend. was itself defense or hiding a web of lies? here is that step. ain the "first look, lawyers say that the woman is a victim claiming her police officer boyfriend was physically abusive, and saying she shot him accidentally as they struggled over the gun.
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[ inaudible ] >> her d.n.a. was on his fingertips. >> before she was charged with second degree measure her she said in miami her boyfriend, officer patrick put a gun in her face the night he died in may of 2014. i head on. we struggled. i want going to let go. >> protesters say it is a lie. saying for 13 months, she pretended she was pregnant with his child and the fight broke out when he learned the truth. we will have more on the trial at 7:00 a.m. that is "first look," on "good morning america" today. >> look at the video with the bullets flying during a police shot out in chicago through a neighborhood. an officer is ever rolling after being grazed in the face. the man who was being chased is a were ised car jackers. he is taken into custody shortly. he stole the s.u.v. at gun point before the chase began. the suspect was not hurt.
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>> syrian opposition activists released a video showing a boy pulled from rubble a an airstrike, a warning, the video is turning. the boy is carried out from the rubble and disor justice departmented and alone in an ambulance. it is now viral. 9 boy is identified at five years old from aleppo, syria, treated for head injuries. this is 9 result of russian airstrikes that have killed 15 people. >> ransomware attacks will be more widespread, basically when you click on a ran done link in an e-mail and it downloads a program that looks your computer until you pay. it is reported that developers created software that hand delivers hacker as ransomware program. the developers get 20% the ransom. this is a meeting to figure out how to stop this growing threat. >> sensors are being used to learn from the napa valley earthquake that hit two years
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ago, the 6.0 was the largest since loma prieta in 1989. there is new information on a greater risk than we realize, they are using sensors that trigger mini earthquakes to leadership how the earth responds. >> where the rubber hits the road, this is trying to understand the risk of the hazards, which is the fault and the risk is what happens when you next to them. >> after the evening, 600 sensors were distributed along the rupture and they discovered the fault system was 25 times bigger than they thought. the u.s. geological survey homes what they helped about the earthquake behavior is good for rest of the state. >> and drew is he for mike nicco and i am feeling weekend vibes. i want some good weather. >> i tell that on morning. if you are looking ahead we are tracking comfortable air. a cooling friend that will be widespread on saturday and sunday and a simple pattern of
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morning fog. we will have the seven-day forecast with live doppler hd and what we have and a lot of it, it is fog. no surprise there. away the immediate bay area in the north bay and south bay, and as we go hour by hour on thursday, santa rosa and dillon beach, and san rafael, and tiburon, and richmond and berkeley and san francisco, and hayward, and san mateo, fog, too, and even fog in the south bay. at 9:00, the fog pulls back and away from the cost you will have a nice afternoon. the highs on thursday, you will notice we are warm and not hot. we are backing off of the temperatures of 93 in antioch and 88 in condition core; cool in san francisco at 55, a low normal, and 83 in san jose and santa rosa and 81. a "spare the air" day, and part of the reason why inland east bay, poor air quality. if you can, take mass transit to cut down on this. the seven-day outlook shows the cooling trend continues,
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especially into the weekend, and early next week, and below normal. that is weather. how is the traffic? alexis? >> i am seeing fog on the traffic camera, so, if you are coming in along the golden gate bridge or the bay bridge, you may have to anyone on the wipers , not looking too terrible, and south under of golden gate and traffic is not too bad with light volume from marin county. a little bit heavier here, westbound 92 for the san mateo bridge drive, so, for those folks leaving hayward headed into foster city you have extra company, but, over all, we are not seeing major problems, and, in fact, the boards are clear and we do not have anything blocking. >> looking at drive time, westbound, 4, an ice to hercules, 27 minutes and still in the green, westbound 80, highway 4, trying to get to the maze, still in the green at 17. and northbound, 87, highway 85 to the san jose airport, looking good in the south bay, too, just eight minutes. the central valley is coming up
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in ten minutes. >> at the children's discovery museum, you can see the only tree of its kind being put together, a former syracuse university professor is gravitying branches on to the same tree and some day, 40 different varieties of fruit will grow from the tree. [ inaudible ] >> the museum hopes that the creation will add color to the outdoor garden. here is what it will look like when it blooms into brilliant colors. wow, incredible. >> cool, i will be picking fruit all day long. >> 25-year-old from texas is called the forest gump of the olympics taking selfies with all of biggest athletes but one swimmer who has won more medals than anyone.
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here is the story and the big surprise from rio de janeiro. >> olympic super fan calls himself the selle king the rio de janeiro games. hour he is boeing with the final five. >> here he is with united states track star felix and three caught up with gold medal swimmer lion murphy and photo bombing during the medal ceremony. the have fan call his boss and asked for more vacation time so he could stay in "row longer partly because of the athlete he has yet to catch up with, michael phelps. >> what he does not know our interview is just a front. >> the trick, now, to doing a selfie? >> yes, yes, yes. >> what is the trick? >> move around. >> whoa, whoa! the trek is doing this selfy.
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what'sup, man? >> one photo he was not able to crack, the new pick posted "great way to spend my first day in retirement." >> what dead indication. in michael phelps walked up, our reaction would be to turn and look and he stayed committed, getting the selfie, and then he could talk. >> looking right at the phone. >> that was t.j. >> and we will bring you the seven things you need to know. >> and a lift by lyft.
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5:24 am
people are out of take home after a house fire. firefighters say it started inside the kitchen of the home. no one was injured. all the blue cut fire in san bernadino forced 82,000 people to leave their homes burning 25,000 acres. it is only 4% contained. >> a millbrae teacher is on bail after being arrested for engauging in inappropriate behavior with a girl. 409 year old heather butts teacher english and drama >> the attorney for joaquin "el chapo" guzman said that his client could be headed back to the very same prison he escaped from, twice. lawyers say it is hard to communicate with their client since being moved to a federal facility. >> the meteorologist drew tuma look at three days if you are not a fan of hot air we have a cooling trend headed our awith a full weekend forecast coming up >> we have a height start to the thursday morning drive, aside from the central valley commute if you are coming inbound
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through the altamont pass, it is 15 miles per hour average. possible if you problem in pittsburg and we will look at that in a few. >> getting backpacks delivered to school was a problem for an oakland nonprofit until they caused lyft. dozens of drivers answered the call to volunteer. it was big tack, 4,500 backpacks were waiting. they stuffed the backpacks in trunks, back seats, front seats, drivers were delighted to help out of the backpack are handed out at each oakland school for students in need. first day in class in oakland is monday. >> it is that time the new season of "dancing with the stars" kicks off in less than a month. last night in los angeles, several of the shows took part in a "dancing with the stars" laboratoryies showcasing lessons for fans. >> we take to do our own amateur ballroom dancing and it is a lot fun, having a great time and
5:26 am
great meeting them. >> look at that, how little they are. it has been awesome for the wrong talent to join on stage and dance. the new season starts off right here in spot. >> harry potter >> their has completed a sires of short digital works called "potter more presents," centered around the school where potter and his friends learn their magic released september 6. it has been a busier with stage production opening last month on broadway. >> i will take anything. >> she could write, forever, on harry potter and everyone would eat it up. >> coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including how you have a say in picking the next police chief. >> breaking overnight a crash on the peninsula senators a car
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> i am glad you are here. >> it is thursday. a day before the friday. we will get a quick check on weather and traffic. how is it looking? >> good morning, we are starting off with fog thick. live doppler hd is showing you half moon bay has a two mile visibility reading, and seven in petaluma and elsewhere, we are okay but we still have low clouds. first, limited sunshine and clearing skies but sun for most, but the only exception, right along the coast with fog. that is weather. now, traffic. >> we have a new cash in pittsburg zooming in on the traffic ma'am, westbound highway 4, the heavier side. this could be a problem a
5:30 am
two-car crash and emergency crews are just arrive, with two last lanes blocked, with red form behind that, so, hopefully we will have more information in 10 minutes. >> breaking over night on the peninsula, crews are on the scene of a car in a building in san mateo. it slammed into a home fitness store a few hours ago. the driver was not seriously hurt. the business sells jim -- gym equipment. >> a female drama teacher is out on bail this morning accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old girl. our reporter jones us from the san bruno police department. tiffany? >> good morning. heather butts posted bail after being book yesterday. the 40-year-old was arrested after a tip to the san bruno
5:31 am
police department. a scaler on monday reported that she wassen gauging in inappropriate behavior with a young girl in a car. police staked out her him where she lives with her husband and two young children for several days and investigators determined that the english and drama teacher had been having a relationship with the teen. butts worked in millbrae at taylor middle school and authorities are not saying in the 15-year-old victim is or was a student. the school direct has not responded to our request for comment spent, however, a former student said that she is surprised. i did not expect this. she did not seem like that type of woman. >> according to her linkedin profile show has held a your right of positions involving theater programs in san francisco and was charged with committing a loud -- lewd act
5:32 am
with a minor and intent to commit a felony. develop news, two american olympic swimmers were pulled off the plane as they tried to leave brazil last night, authorities have new questions of whether they were robbed at gun point. jessica castro is track the developments. jessica? >> i have an update in the last few minutes we have an eyewitness account of what happened on the plane jack conger and gunnar bentz are in brazil and can fought leave until they testify. >> were you robbed? >> this is video of the pair at the rio de janeiro airport making their way through a crowd of reporters arrest being questioned the at issue, the two and ryan lochte told police that they were robbed at gunpoint by men wearing police uniforms and flashing badges after a night of party on sunday morning. authorities think they may is lied. passengers on the plane headed to the united states landed in
5:33 am
houston moments ago and they describe a calm scene. >> just sit there and they said, sir, you need to debark. >> did they ask for a passport or anything? >> in. >> he only saw one police officer. ryan lochte is back in the united states, and another is in brazil but will cooperate. all four are investigationed for provide false testify tote police. but it is still possible authorities in brazil could prosecute all four men. >> we are tracking the massive wildfire still burning out of control in southern california. here is the latest on the blue cut fire burning at 75 miles northeast of los angeles in intern before san bernadino county. it is only 4% contained and a dozeneddings have burned. 83,000 people trend under
5:34 am
evacuation. the foe say wild some homes have been saved, they warn that many families will be running to nothing. the governor has issued a state of emergency for the county. >> they hope the cries will make gains on the 4,000 acre fire in lake county that break out on saturday night and has bun through lower lake and clearlake. 800 residents. under evacuation orders. others were allowed to return home yesterday. 268 structures have been destroyed and 17235 of them homes. fire is 50% contained with full containment expected on seven. >> we are learning more of the evidence investigators have against the man accused of setting the clayton fire. damin anthony pashilk was in court yesterday. he entered the court with his back turned to the cameras. he passed out in the halfway minute before. the court documents show evidence against him comes from eyewitnesses, surveillance cameras, and a high-tech tracking device. investigators state linked him
5:35 am
to 17 different acts of arson and is tough to establish probable cause. >> you get one shot. if you take your shot too soon, you jeopardize bringing someone do justice who truly needs to be brought to justice. >> according to investigators in five incidents a g.p.s. tracker puts him at stretch an arson fire at the time of ignition. >> you can down load the newsup to stay on top of all of the wildfires burning across california and were able public alerts for updates. >> pg&e is asking a federal judge to overturn the convictions the utility received linked to the san bruno pipeline explosion. pg&e attorneys say the government fayed to prove their case. they argue that there is no evidence the people or any of the remain employees brock any laws -- brock any laws -- broke any laws. a hearing on the appeal is scheduled for october 11. >> it is 5:35 a.m. and we are
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watching a lot of fog developing. live doppler hd is showing the fog we have, dense along the coast. by you will wake up to a lot low clouds first thing in the morning. we are holding in the 50s and 60. fremont is at 60. we are 56 in san francisco. 57 in novato and antioch is 62. and livermore, checking in with a current temperature of 59. by 9:00 in the morning, any fog we do have an the bay you can see it pulling back to the coast. at lunch time, our inland location is warming up to some spots in the lower 80's. it will be the summer like spread with extremes today inland spots like brentwood and antioch, in the 90. daly city and half moon bay and along the coast, cool in the upper 50s to low worry 60s. today, we have a "spare the air" day in affect, with poor air quality inland but the good news is we have a cooling trend as we
5:37 am
head into the weekend. now, the morning commute? alexis? good morning. you can feel the extra value of traffic. there is a lot of student and staff back at work this week filtering in a few more each day. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on at 5:27. obviously, we have heavy volume and gist to the east of the bay bridge toll plaza, eastbound 580, at highway 24, the light are side things we have reports of a stalled vehicle, and it is managing the far left lane and this is probably a bigger issue, westbound four beyond railroad avenue, leaving pittsburg and holding to bay point we have a collision blocking the two last lanes and we have a little overtwo miles of backup so we are working to find out how serious the crash is with another update coming you in ten minutes. >> a rolling shoot outer files neighborhoods in emeryville and police are urging witnesses to identify the gunman. you can see one of the shooters in the photo, taken at 45 there,
5:38 am
detectives police the people in the white car were chasing a gray car at 11:30 am yesterday. one of the men was describing what happened but asked us not to she his face. >> i was to my bedroom with my 2-year-old and my wife and i heard, pop, 307, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> at least two shooters. extremely dangerous. >> police were searching for clues and shots damage add parked car. no one was hurt. >> in the mission district, a bicyclist was hit with a car will driver kept going. the mangled bicycle was taken away at 24th last night at 10:30. >> what are you looking for in san francisco's next police chief? the commissionerren withs did
5:39 am
know, and there is a community meeting at can people at mission high school cafeteria on 18th. they want to hear characteristics you think are necessary in our new chief. it is part of a series of public meeting, acting chief toney chaplin said that he is interested in getting the permanent job. >> mailers and provocative tv ads in a battle against the oakland soza tax. >> a
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5:42 am
walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> look at this couple, captured on surveillance video. they believe they scrawled graffiti at an apartment build ing at greenwich street and tagging a building at 10th and gearry in the richmond district. >> show da tax or grocery tax? it depends on what side you are. oakland voters will pay on the soda tax in november. the american beverage association is reportedly spending $600,000 to call it "grocery tax," according to the news group. the mailers are going out with local businesses saying they end up paying for them. the local city council member filed complaints with the fkc say it is misleading. >> a man facing charges of posing as a wealthy investor to wind tell hundreds of thousands
5:43 am
from three elderly people. the contra costa county district attorney filed charges against 55-year-old caldwell for grand theft and elder abuse one victim is 90. she met caldwell at grace presbyterian church in walnut creek giving him more than $171,000 after hearing that he donate add large amount to the church. >> he pulled a fast one over the clutch and gave them two checks, totaling $150,000 and said he was donating that to the church. but not to cash the checks until his settlementment came through. all the reports think he was convicted of security fraud before and they believe more victims will likely come forward. >> bill limiting law enforcement ability to seize a person's cash and profit is on the way to the governor's deck. the assembly passed the civil asset forfeiture that is used to fight drug dealers. it is the second time around for the bill, this time the minimum
5:44 am
asset foreseesure without conviction went from $25,000 to $40,000. a chance to make a lifesaving donation, the blood drive is held in san francisco across the street from our station. from 10:00 to 3:00 a.m. and this will an blood mobile on vallejo street in front of grumpy's restaurant. if you donate you are entered into winning a toyota prius. >> is the blood mobile air conditioned? it is nice to go and cool off. aabsolutely, get the khakis and snacks, that is the benefit. drew? >> i am so hungry...bring some snacks to the roof. live doppler 7 hd has something for everyone. everyone right now has the fog with great contour on the screen and you can see the fog it is widespread. at 8:00, santa rosa and petaluma
5:45 am
and richmond and berkeley and san francisco the urge spots loan cost and pacifica and half moon bay and the east bay and hayward, and patchy fog in the south bay. by 10:00 in the morning, it pulls back to the coast and away from the coast with a lot of sunshine. the high today 83 for the high in the south bay, and the afternoon, san jose, 87 in sunnyvale and comfortable and 77 in milpitas, and 76 in redwood city, and 59 in pacifica, and downtown, san francisco, a bit cool, 235, and 59 in daly city, and the in the bay, breezy and 78, and 76 in san rafael, and 89 in cloverdale. 72 in oakland, 72 in hercules, and inland, 94 in brentwood and 90s in pleasanton. the mets are in town at at&t park at 7:00 first pitch and about 59 degrees. grab the hoodie, a bit of cloud cover by 10:00 with temperature at 55. tonight, a lot of 50s on the
5:46 am
board and a couple of low 60s inland spots. the seven-day forecast shows if you did not like the hot air of yesterday, we have a nice cooling tend into the welcome. that is weather. now a check of commute. alexis? >> good morning. over all we are doing okay with the exception of one spot, on the traffic map, look at highway 4 in you are coming in on the westbound side we are looking busy before you get beyond railroad avenue we have a crash blocking two lanes on the westbound side so we are looking at a 3 1/2 to four mile backup and looking at what is done to our drive time, as well, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is an hour and here is where the crash is, westbound 4, an together to concord, 46 minutes and that is quickly going from green to yellow and into the red and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco okay coming from marin county and in the grab at 17 minutes. we will show you how the south bay is looking in 10 minutes.
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coming up, robin williams daughter is opening up about her famous dad. >> big impairment for mcdonald's forced to pull happy meal fitness trackers days after debuting. >> parents with young children, startling
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> seven possums need your help. this video was provideds found stuffed if a bucket at an apartment complex of the it is not clear how they got there.
5:50 am
a donor will match your donation to help them dollar for dollar, up to 10,000 dollars. can you fine the details on they will be released this a few weeks. >> there was a hold on crash that sent a vehicle into a garage of a daycare center and people are recovering. it happened yesterday afternoon. the red honda hit the silver s.u.v. sending the s.u.v. straight into the garage door. it rolled back into the street. no kid were inside the daycare center at the time. message crews took both drivers to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. apolice are asking for your help trying to identify the bug her suspect. he stole a computer from an apartment complex community center. just pulling the computer away from the wall and putting it in the purple suitcase on may 1. he was a zipup hoodie with a (b)
5:51 am
on front. crimestoppers is offering a cash reward leading to arrest and conviction of the suspect. >> mcdonald's is taking fitness trackers out of the happy meals. they have swapped out kid meals traditional toy for fitness tracker. some complained of skin irritation from the device. they were part of a promotion am campaign for mcdonald's to project a healthy ill imagine. >> we just talked about this. strollers are a must but a study is showing thousands of children of hurt each year by strollers and car carriers with 360,000 children are sent to the hospital over 20 years and 60% have a head injury after falling or tipping over. officers remind parents to keep kids buckled or strapped in even in they are in the stroller a moment. >> increased popularity of the indoor trampoline parks are meaning this is a call for a
5:52 am
design overall, with 581 message room visits in united states in 2010. but in 2014? this were nearly 7,000. researcher. was more prevention efforts for the parks. >> pokemon go is taking over the entire world, but, you are not going to find it this year at the world championship here in san francisco. the event focused only on the trading card game and the video game. it is usually open to then but with a wild popularity of pokemon go right now, organizers had to close it to the public and making it "invite only." they are not going to include any pokemon go. this are 500,000 yours in prizes on the line for those who compete. so drew, you need to brushup. right now. >> first of all, don't lie, how many of you play? you are putting me
5:53 am
on-the-spot. >> is it better to be higher or lower? obviously higher. the more. the better. >> fought like golf? >> no, you do not want few pokemon you want to catch them all. >> more after the show. after show. live doppler hd shows a lost fog. along the coast a little bit of fine mist. you could knee the windshield wiper crossing the golden gate bridge. the fog is dense. half moon bay is 1.25 mile visibility. petaluma is seven miles. low clouds in san jose. a look from the exploritorium showing the fog over the financial district and the day planner limited sunshine, by noon, a clearing sky, and the exception is along the cost for the fog which will longer.
5:54 am
if you are a fan of that, i will love the next three days. now, traffic, alexis? >> two issues. on highway 4, in you are traveling on the westbound side, this past railroad avenue between pittsburg and bay point, it is still blocking the two history lanes and a problem. on top of that, i told you of the disabled vehicle, eastbound 580, around highway 4, so the light are side of traffic there was disabled vehicle and now it is a traffic collision. that is blocking the far last lane, 280 is okay, and no major problems. >> a dale city man puts his life on the line to save a neighbor from a fire and police shared this video on facebook being under by the police chief. officers say he grabbed a ladder and climbed to pull a six year old girl from the balcony of a
5:55 am
burning home on skyline drive in august this year, but all suffered smoke inhalation. san francisco is intensifying the test make sure homeless lgbt members have access to city services. we were at the special meeting, a one stop event for home less people to get medical. whats, glasses, hair cuts and massage, including age focused on lgbt communities. the groups make up a third of san francisco's homeless. >> the number one and two reasons we have heard for lgbt homelessness are being kicked out your home by family who no longer are accepting and having to be out. >> this is the third year for the homeless connect for the lgbt with on people obtaining services. >> cloverdale said bernie
5:56 am
sanders campaign reimbursed the city. they spent $23,000 on overtime for police, fire, and paramedics for the business business rally in june the now the city is paid the city manager said they can process payments to the individual departments that are still owed money. >> target will add single stall restrooms in all of the united states stores. the company will spend $20 million to make the containing. target sparked controversy when it said the customer could use the bathroom of their church. 1,400 of the 1,400 stores have a system person bathroom. the rest have when bit end ofness year. >> do you have a vacation landed before the summer is up? if you said "yes," and this month, we have bad news. it could cost you more than just your trip. the risk assessment firm said they see 13% spike in august in home theft claims. it is probably a correlation to the fact that people are traveling more and leaving their homes vulnerable. the average amount that homeowners claim on theft losses
5:57 am
is nearly $4,000. >> hawaii is see a subject tourists to witness new land being createed. look at the lava flows from the voluntary reaching the pacific ocean by july and since that time eight acres of new land have been created that has brought a steady flow of visitors since that time. >> preparing for retirement, with "7 on your side" and what michael finney has to say about future of social security. >> a second chance for a vaunt facing eviction and how the comm
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> new images show how fast the massive wildfire exploded in size in san bernadino, with the politicals of smoke spreading in the time-lapse video. the fire has grown to more than
6:00 am
25,000 acres and it is still spreading. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am here for reggie aqui i am matt keller. incredible images. there is a near in lake county, as well. but first, drew is here for mike nicco with cooler temperatures? >> yes, good news. our heat has peaked yesterday. from here on, for the weekend, cooler numbers. the marine layer is fully intact with gray shading the fog. from the east baylies camera you can see the fog and limited sunshine first thing, clearing by noon, and sun away from the coast this afternoon. that is weather. >> good morning, a lot of extra company here if you are heading through the bay bridge toll plaza, so the lights are on as of 5:27 this morning, and everyone is move along slowly there. our biggest problem is going to be westbound 4 an together to concord with a


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