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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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spreading. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am here for reggie aqui i am matt keller. incredible images. there is a near in lake county, as well. but first, drew is here for mike nicco with cooler temperatures? >> yes, good news. our heat has peaked yesterday. from here on, for the weekend, cooler numbers. the marine layer is fully intact with gray shading the fog. from the east baylies camera you can see the fog and limited sunshine first thing, clearing by noon, and sun away from the coast this afternoon. that is weather. >> good morning, a lot of extra company here if you are heading through the bay bridge toll plaza, so the lights are on as of 5:27 this morning, and everyone is move along slowly there. our biggest problem is going to be westbound 4 an together to concord with a crash beyond
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railroad avenue, 53 machines that usually takes 30 minutes that is a significant delay. the piercist -- fiercest fire in the western united states is now at 25,000 acres and chased thousands from their homes. jessica, i have new details of the firefight this morning and i want to show you new video. the fire move down the ridge and came close to an rv camping park and the little creek community. firefighters were successful in save the area so that is good news. there is still an evacuation order for 82,000 people and in san bernadino county. the blue cut fire is now massive and has burned 40 square miles.
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>> pretty crazy. i was here for the fire, for the fire that burned on the mountain a couple of years ago, but never seen a fire this close or burned this high. scary. never burned this way and i have been here 50 years. >> interrogation 15 is back open and the main highway for drivers who need to get between los angeles and las vegas, there are up to 1,300 fighters battling the place and at least a dozen build venges been destroyed and the fire now is only 4% contained this morning. a propane tank exploding to lake county and flames burned in the clayton fire. the fire protection district shared this video with black smoke in the distance, crews say it was 55 gallon fuel drum that explodeed. there will be full containment by sunday.
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new detail of the fire now, sparked by an illegal marijuana operation. it destroyed 43 homes starting last july near clearlake and burned 108 square miles before finally being contained. it was one of at least five marijuana related wildfires in northern california and four more have already been reported this year. >> firefighters in the south bay will be back a scene of a train fire trying to figure out what sparked it. you can see the black smoke billowing into the sky yesterday afternoon in san jose. fears contain the flames an hour after the fire broke out. >> in the east bay, oakland police are investigating a shooting that last four people hurt. it happened last night at 10:30 at 11th street. police say a map was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and they others showed up at the hospital on sunday and they were shot at the same spot. in arrests have been made.
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all will survive. >> restaurant face eviction has a second chance because the community is rally an it. we are at the richmond marina to explain. >> yes, good luck for the sunday brunchers this restaurant right here on water, will be allowed to stay open but there is a . the landlord of the building said the owner must pay to fix a pipe problem. a few pipes under the restaurant broke and that is why land already was going to evict the owner. not a problem said the richmond mayor he set up a fund to cover the costs of the repair. the mayor thinks the landlord was trying to shut down the restaurant because he lost an election that would allow him to develop more in the area. not so, said the landlord. but he has changed his mind after the mayor held a rally at 9 port. the landlord now say it can stay
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open. it is a fixture here for 14 years. the owner is adored and is a philanthropist nominated by state senator for the women's hall of fame. she was very found bit community support saying even in she had to shut down, she still felt lake she won because of all of love she soviet from the community. two of the four united states olympic swimmers who were robbed in providery have spent the day talking to authorities. [ inaudible ] >> the media scrum was surrounding jack conger and gun ner bent last night, the two were pulled from the flight and ordered to stay in brazil until they testified about the robbery. police are investigating in ryan lochte lied to authorities of night the group was allegedly mugged at gun point. a judge ordered the seizure of ryan lochte's passport but he is
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back in the united states. the other swimmer is working with provide authorities and will make a statement. announce the latest in the sierra lamar case. tons for map accused killing her will continue the fright to move the trial to another location. yesterday, tons representing garcia-torres said he cannot get a fair trial in santa clara county because of negative pre-trial publicity accuseed killing 15 year old sierra what month who disappeared 4 1/2 years ago on way to school. >> in san francisco based uber, the car service is planning to launch self driving cars for customers in the next few weeks. uber will launch the service in pittsburg, pennsylvania, with in word on what it will roll out around the world. we will have a full report next half hour right here. >> together jobs reached a record high in the bay area according to a study by the bay area news group there are more
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than 746,000 technology jobs here topping the record set in the .com area by 20,000 jobs. number of jobs has green by 5% grown by 5% in the last year adding more than 34,000 jobs. >> it is two years since the death of robin williams and now we are hearing from his daughter. >> brace your sell for more attacks from ransomware, how hackers are turning
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>> and i am meteorologist, drew tuma. live doppler hd is showing a lost fog around the bay. at 9:00 or 10:00 the fog will pull to the coast and 59 lunch time, you can see inland fog in the upper 70s to low 80s, and at the love 60s around bay. highs on thursday today, are 65 in san francisco, that is below normal, and 83 in san jose, and oakland is 72 degrees. how is the commute? >> foggy in some areas, depending on the camera.
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ryville, westbound 80, obviously we have heavier traffic headed to the bay bridge and some of the reduced visibility. i want to flip over to the traffic map, the biggest headache is westbound four in pittsburg area, westbound 4, beyond railroad avenue we have had a crash since 5:15 so we are close to an hour and we still have the to left lanes blocked. it is five mile backup and you are averaging three miles an hour, as you approach where the crash is. definitely looking at delays apporaching and we will see what the drive times are like in a few. >> thank you. and now, a daughter of robin williams is opening up abut her father's death rarely doing interviewing about her father but she is on a show talking about it all and how she doing. >> and joaquin "el chapo" guzman could be headed back to the
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mexican prison he escaped from. twice. the lawyers want him removed from federal custody in the united states. >> also, the napa earthquake two years three, a new effort to determine where the since the beginning of the time, there has been a quest for out of this world refreshment. now the search is over. cool! aquafina. for happy bodies. and see ice age: collision course in theaters july 22. every day my challenge is to be in sync with my body, with myself, with my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. that's why i'm taking the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics every day. because when my routine is in sync,
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daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. in southern louisiana authorities are calls for
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evacuations as flood threat moves south downstream and the water is rising. officials say one area is outside the levee system and the evacuation affects 60 or 70 homes. yesterday, 60 dogs at the animal shelter were moved after it took on water. in baton rouge companies are trying to restore utilities. flood damage is estimated at more than $1 billion. >> because of the flooding authorities are washing consumer whose plan to buy a used car to look out for cars up water. there is concern that thousands of cars stuck in the floodwater could get in the hands of the wrong people. officials advise buyers in the flood damage.
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>> look at this video you can see the bullets flying during a police shoot out through a chicago neighborhood. an officer is recovering after he was grazed in the face. the man be chased is a suspected carjacker coming out of the car right there. he stole the s.u.v. at gunpoint before the chase began. he was taken into custody and was not hurt. >> a woman is on trial in florida for the murder of her police officer boyfriend. there are a last lays to the story. the lawyers said that her boyfriend, officer patrick, was physically abusive. she told investigators that he put a gun to her face the night he die asked she claim show shot him accidentally as they struggled. the prosecution said it is a lie because she retended to be regulate with his child for 13 months, she called when the when of lies were falling apart. >> her dan is on his fingertips.
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>> "good morning america" has more on the story account trial at five o'clock am. >> the attorney for joaquin "el chapo" guzman said that his client could be head back to the very same risen he escaped from^. here is a look at jail cell outside of mexico center at joaquin "el chapo" guzman before he escaped last year. he was re-captured in january. it has been hard for the lawyer to community with his client since being hoofed to the federal facility. he is awaiting extradition to the united states. >> a newly released survey fine as common trend among the homeless in oakland, problems in childhood. though were surprised to find such a long lasting impact from incidents like abuse, neglect and parental remembers were the survey focused on 350 hopeless adults, currently over the age of 50. >> sensors are being used to eleven from the napa valley, that hit two years ago, the largest to hit the bay area since low-to-mid let in 1989.
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there is new information on a greater risk than we realize. though used sensors that trigger miniers to learn how the earth responds. >> we need to understand the risk of the hazards, which are the fault. risk happens when you next to it. >> right after the earthquake scientists distributed 600 of the sensors along the 12 kilometer rupture and discovered the fault system was 25 times bigger then they in the. the u.s. geological survey hopes what they learn about the behavior in napa is good for the rest of state for years to come. >> if you appreciated the warm temperatures year, that is done and if you lick a bit of a cooler time, they will be happy. >> we have a shift in the pa enand we are on the embarcadero, with a little bit of fine mist, and the windshield wipers getting a work out this morning, so if you are there you will have the mist and dense fog at
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half moon bay visibility is down to a mile, and the cloud cover and with us, in the 50s and 60s, and san jose is 62, and 56 in san francisco, and the fog is 62 in antioch, and napa is at 56 degrees. we say back-to-school to larkspur, 55 degrees by the bus stop forecast and by recess this afternoon we will have sunshine breaking out and temperatures are rate around 70s when they come home. we are seeing poor air quality. unfortunately. inland east bay is where it is. "spare the air" day is in affect and if you can, use transit or bicycle or walk. >> we have a will cooling trend headed into the welcome and it will nice if you are a big fan of the cooler numbers and the cool down continues for much of the mist. >> that is weather. how dot roads look? >> not too bad. depending where you are.
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i like the umbrella. i will have to get one. looking at our traffic cameras, here is 680, the southbound side is wiping your way to 24 and we have stop-and-go traffic one main trouble spot, westbound 580 real estate address we are okay with moderate drive times in the ideal let at 48 machines. this is the big headache, the big trouble spot, westbound 4, antioch to concord, an hour and 11 minutes. usually we are at 30 minutes and maybe three minutes because of the crash, and that is just beyond railroad avenue blocking the two last lanes for an hour, and slowly ticking downed and san rafael to san francisco you okay and looking in the green at 17 minutes. our traffic map is coming up in a few. >> we thing our viewer whose captured this sunset, the pacific ocean at point reyes,
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just gorgeous. share your photos posted #abc7now. we will share it. >> worried about retime? "7 on your side" explainy he sent concerned over claims that social security is going to run out of cash. >> a been yankee jumper learns a hard less
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california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy
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>> the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> here is something to keep in mind when you are bunge jumping, don't leave anything in your pockets at the highest bunge. bridge. but his iphone fell out after he took the plunge in south africa. facebook post he said he learn add valuable lesson. >> at least his wasn't house keeps, wallet and iphone. but he is okay. >> hackers and ransomware, which can be downloaded that looks up
6:25 am
everything on director computer until you pay the hacker a ransom. the security company reports that the developers created software call "shark," that hand delivers ransomware programs with developers get 20% of the republican some. there is a meeting by the government to figure out how to stop this growing threat. >> and now, ask michael finney, and this is about service benefits. "7 on your side" and michael finney has the answer. >> i am worried about social security being gone and it will be hard to have retirement. >> you are not only one out there with the concerns. there is a lot of bad information float away. social security is not broke. far from it. the money is invested in government bonds. just like the bends china and corporations buy. it is the safe of the investment on earth. there are no changes made to
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social security at all, it will continue to pay the full amount for at least 20 years and then this would be a reduction in benefits. however, with minor adjustments the program can be made healthy for decades and i predict that will probably occur in the next career or two. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it and led to as slash ask michael finney or share it on social media with your question answered right here on the morning news. >> if you have an idea on where san francisco's next subway should be built you will soon have your chance to speak up, "san francisco chronicle" said the city will unville a special witness allow public to draw a picture of where they want to see future subways with the master plan something that the supervise scott we increase introduced last area, with the idea always having a subway system under construction to keep up with the withing population and ongoing traffic problems. >> how you can have a say in pigging san francisco's next
6:27 am
police chief. >> two olympic swimmers detained at an airport in rio de janeiro accused of lying about a brazen robbery with police saying theirtory is not adding up. >> and drew tuma, the many laser strong and fog is is an the bay but we have a cooling trend on way.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am matt keller here for regular. >> i am natasha zouves. it is 6:30. on friday eve. drew? good morning, friday evening and starting off on a gray note with a lost fog and were done showing expansive area of fog. from sfo we have 49 minute arrival delay so you want to check with the carrier if you are flying out. limited sunshine early on. at 10:00 we have the clouds back to the cost and noon clearing skies and sunshine in the afternoon. the only, exception is along the cost. now the traffic. alexis? >> i have a new mass transit note withness on a problem with caltrain northbound 103 some so the of a mechanical issue so it
6:31 am
broke down in palo alto and all the folk on the train transferred over to northbound 207 and they are now just using a single track rather than budget tracks to california avenue because the broken down train is blocking but it is being moved and hopefully they will be back to both tracks. i the update that and the update on highway 4 in pittsburg area coming up 10 minutes. >> breaking overnight on the peninsula, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a car to crash into adding in san mateo. it plowed into a home fitness store at 2:00 a.m. with the driver not seriously you are. the business sells gym equipment, and damaged when the car took out the store window. >> develop news on the peninsula, a female drama teacher is out on bail accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old girl. tiffany is at the san bernadino police department. tiffany?
6:32 am
>> good morning, we heather bus -- bu tts worked here. heather butts was arrested after a call to the san bruno police department. the call are said she was engaging in inappropriate behavior with a young girl inside of a car on monday. police staked out her millbrae home where she lives with her husband and two young children. investigators determined that the english and drama teacher was having a relationship with the teen. butts is charged with committing a lewd act with a child and contacting a minor with intent to commit a felony. the school district has not responded to our requests for comment, however, a federal student said that show is surprised. >> whoa...i did not expect that. she did not seem that type. >> according to her linkedin profile she taught in oakland
6:33 am
and has held a variety of positions involving theater programs in san francisco the she was arrested and booked yesterday but this morning she is out on bail. >> developing news in rio, cruise are camped out waiting for the two united states swimmers pulled off their home last night. jessica castro has been tracking the story. >> the whole controversy started when ryan lochte told reporter he and the teammates were robbed at gunpoint last weekend. the teammates, jack conger and gunnar bentz are expected to meet with bless, different scene from last night. >> were you robbed? were you robbed? >> the two were taken off their flight to the united states and questioned by police for several hours at the airport before being released. police say there are holes in the stories. their attorney said they cannot leave brazil until they testify.
6:34 am
ryan lochte is back in the united states, and the other swimmer is still in brazil. the united states state department is addressing the issue. >> you want look look to bow back to rio? that is for an american citizen we would never require an person citizen to commie with that. authority say their tim line does not map up to surveillance video at the olympic village and want to know in they were robbed, and all four areth haved for providing false testimony to police and we will keep you updated on the story when we get new information. >> new this morning in the east bay, five people are out of the their home after a fire in concord that brock identity at a duplex before 3:00 this morning. firefighters say it started inside the -- everyone and everyone made it out safely. >> we are tracking a massive wildfire in southern california
6:35 am
with the latest information on blue cut fire, it is burning 75 miles northeast of los angeles, in san bernadino county, and have burned 26,000 acres in two days. firefighters revised number. it is only 4% contained this morning. at least a dozen builtings have burned and a staggering 83,000 people trend under evacuation. officials say that some homes have been saved but they want that many families will be returning to nothing. the governor has issued a state emergency for theth s on the clayton fire show it is 55% contained. it break out on saturday and has burned 4,000 acres through several communities in lower lake and clearlake. they say that 200 homes is been last. 6 other treasures have been we citied, and hundreds more damaged. hull people trend under evacuation orders as others are allowed to run him. full containment is expected on sunday. >> in the south bay a fire burn along highway 101 in morgan hill
6:36 am
is now 75 pass contained. flames broke out at 3:15 and we were over the scene. the fire is 100 acres. >> we are learning more of the evidence investigators have against the man accused of setting the clayton fire. damin anthony pashilk was in court yesterday. he entered the courtroom with his back turned to the camera. he passed out the hallway minutes earlier and had to be goen water. he told the judge he was okay. court documents show evidence against him comes from eye witnesses, surveillance cameras and a high-tech tracking device. it listens him to 17 different agents of arson and is enough to establish probable cause. >> you get one shot. if you take your shot too soon, you jeopardize bringing someone to justice what truly needs to be brought to justice. >> curing to soft gathers, the g.p.s. tracker put pashilk at
6:37 am
scene of arson fire at time offing -- at time of ignition. >> we sap you the latest updates as they happen. >> a rolling shoot out terrify ied neighbors in emeryville and police are urging whens to identify the gunmen. a shooter is in this photo taken at 45th street. detectives believe people in the white car were chasing a gray car at 11:30 am yesterday. a man describeed what happened and asked us fought to show his face. >> i was in my bedroom with my 2-year-old and wife and i heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> two shooters, at least. extremely addition. >> we were over the scene when police searched for clues. no one was hurt. >> we were in the mission district where a bicyclist was
6:38 am
hit by a car, the driver kept going. the police took away the mangled bicycle at 10:30 last night at 24th. we made a call to san francisco police department and we will let you know when we get the condition of victim. all the sent for san francisco's next police chief continues and we want your input, a community meeting at 6:00 p.m. at the mission high school cafeteria on 18th and the mission wants do hear qualities and character i-s needed for a new police chief. it is part of a series of public meeting, actioning chief chaplin said he is interested in getting the chop permanently. >> pg&e is asking a federal judge to overturn the conviction the utility received linked to the san bruno pipeline explosion. pg&e tons say the government failed to prove its case. they argue that there is in evidence the company or any of the remain employees knowingly [ any laws. last week the jury convicted pg&e on six criminal charges for illegal actions before and after
6:39 am
the 2010 blast. a hearing is scheduled for october 11. >> :38 a.m. and overcast skies in a lot of cities. along the cost, at half moon bay , a mile and a half and petaluma and santa rosa six to eight miles visibility and low clouds in the south bay and let is okay with nine miles visibility. hour by hour, by 9:00, the fog is pull back to the confident and by noon, lunch time, away from the coast, you have a lot of sunshine and temperatures are warming up, but we will see a cooling trend, highs today, at 65 in san francisco, 80 for san jose and 81 in santa rosa and a beautiful shot from mount tam a.t.m. with a "spare the air" day in affect and cooler on friday and picture perfect on saturday. now, how is the track alexis? >> good morning, we are typical through the bay bridge toll plaza right new. metering lights are on since
6:40 am
5:28 and just the car pools lane are okay. we have a big line of red if you are coming from antioch headed to concord. unfortunately, you have five miles of heavy backup. we have calls to c.h.p. to see in they have this cleared, a crash happened at 5:15 westbound highway four beyond railroad avenue using our speed indications tool you are crawling along at seven miles per hour. last time we checked, it was three miles per hour. more information on the caltrain situation northbound 103 is not moving because of a mechanical issue so northbound 207 is accommodate all of stops that is normally limited stop but now is ating as a local train with no occur. delays. another traffic update date in 10 minutes. >> look at seven young possums need your help the fish and wildlife provided this video,
6:41 am
someone found them stuck in a bucket at an apartment complex. a long-term wild care donor will match your donation dollar for dollar up to $10,000. you can find details at >> san francisco intensifying efforts to make homeless members of the lgbtq community have access to city services. we were at social hall as the mayor lee had a special homeless conclusion for homeless people to get medical exams, hair cuts, glasses and massage focus on lgbt communities, which make up a third of the san francisco homeless. >> the number one and two reasons we have heard for lgbt hopelessness are being kicked out of your whom by family who no longer accept. >> this is the third year san
6:42 am
francisco has held a project homeless connect for the lgbtq community. 500 have obtained services >> the church scam that caused a 90-year-old woman out -- conned a 90-year-old out of $170,000. >> pokemon go craze is becoming regular poke poke players and is forcing organizeers to change the pok
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6:44 am
6:45 am
>> from san francisco based uber, the ride service is planning to launch self driving cars for customers in the next few weeks. >> without get into a car that want being driven by a person? it is not coming to san francisco. yet. but you have to wonder. it is coming to pittsburgh, pennsylvania. not california. pittsburgh, person. at the end of the month. customers can ask for a self driving car from their home. in other company has this. google and tesla are work on it there is a person in the driver's seat to supervise the car. for now. the person will not talk to the customer and do not talk to the person but send a message on phone they are in a self driving
6:46 am
car. they will be volvo, s.u.v.s with sensors that use cameras, lasers, radar, and g.p.s. and there is a a plan to open research and development offices for this in san francisco and palo alto so get ready to hear more in the bay area but right now we are keeping our eye on pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> early announcement making big waves. >> alamo man faces charges of posing as a wealthy incestor to swindle hundreds of thousands from three people. the district attorney has filed charges against 55-year-old ward caldwell for grant theft by fraud. one november is 90 years old. show met him at grace presbyterian church in walnut creek. the victim gave called wed $171,000 after hearing he donated a large sum of money to the church.
6:47 am
>> he pulled a fast one on the church gaving them two checks that totaled $150,000, and said he was donating that to the church. but not to cash the checks until his settlement came through. all the protesters say that called whole was con investigated of security fraud before and they believe that more victims will be coming forward. >> a soda tax or grocery tax, oakland voters will weigh on a penny an ounce sugar drink grass it is be called a soza tax but the american beverage association is saying it is a grocery tax according to the news group. the mailers are going out with local businesses saying they pay for it. the city council filed complaint saying it is position heeding. >> mcdonald's is taking fitness trackers out of the happy meals, recently swag out the kid meals traditional toy
6:48 am
for a fitness tracker. some complains of the skin irritation. they were part of a promotion for mcdonald's to project a healthy image. >> everyone with a self phone is probably run into an everagency fee and at&t is about to peak sure it never happens again the you have the option starting on sunday to dump the over agency fee. but there is a catch, at&t will slow down your wire misfeed for the rest of the bill. another option? pay for more data. >> get ready, san francisco is about to be inundated with pokemon players. >> you did not say pokemon go players and jane has that step in the money report today. >> good morning. we are very quiet to start off. down a little bit but not much, the dow is down 11 and s&p 500 and nasdaq in the single digits, we had weekly jobless claims holding said difficult and down $4,000, to the stock market is
6:49 am
okay. oracle claims google violated copyrights when they used key pieces of their technology to build droids the must popular operating system in the world and the court did not agree and oracle said google tainted the verdict. in the goes to trial it will be third type it has happened with $9 billion at stage, potentially billions more in droid is used this more phones and the internet of things. >> come minutes on airlines dropped 12% this year with fewer cancellations and fares declined but the glitches of delta and southwest in july and august so they are not part of this so we could see cop plains likely spike in the second part of year the unite asked american got the most and southwest the least. the pokemon championships are held in san francisco. players from over 35 conditions will compete for the world title and 500,000 in prices august 19-
6:50 am
this year it is wyoming to -- is open only to those with badges. >> chance ode to pick a lifesaving donation, the blood drive is going to be in san francisco from sock a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and the blood centers have their blood mobile on vallejo happening right in front of grumpy's restaurant if you know the area, and afternoon person who donates blood will be entered into a drawing to win a toyota prius. >> drew joins us and, drew, you donate blood maybe you get cookies? i am so hungry. we ran to the store an hour ago and i am still at it. >> you need a cookie. >> love one. live doppler hd showing fog and 58 in fremont. and same in oakland and antioch. the highs today, for thursday,
6:51 am
starting at 83 in san jose, 78 in sunnyvale and 76 in redwood city, and 59 in pacifica and downtown san francisco, 59 in daly city, and north bay, 78 in sonoma, and 78 in san rafael, and 97 in lakeport. oakland, about 712, and 74 inship drove and 72 for richmond, and inland, we are slowly bagging off of the heat of yesterday, at 88 in walnut creek and concord, and 90 in pittsburg and 94 in brentwood. the seven seven shows we are warm inland and we will notice the gradual cool down and into the weekend a summer spread but sunday we are talking about in the 88 and we will stay below average monday, tuesday, and wednesday at cool to mild with temperatures below normal. that is weather. how is the traffic? >> good morning. we have good news, finally, if you are traveling on highway 4,
6:52 am
this is good if you are traveling in the south bay, in issues. we at 880, and we willfully over to the traffic maps with red on the westbound side of highway 4, beyond rail road avenue a crash for well over an hour, and closer to an hour and half in the two lot lands, it is all clear and we confirmed this with c.h.p. but we still have 4 1/2 to five miles heavy crack. in the south bay, a mass transit note, mechanical issue and brock down in palo alto, and california after, and northbound 207 now is serving as a local train rather than limited stop train and they are saying no delays but heading out you can expect it to drop. >> another traffic stop in a few minutes. >> we are coming back with the seven things you need to know. >> take us with you with the news app with [ news and really time updates and personalized alerts on smartphone, by enable public
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6:54, if you are headed outdoor seven things to know. number two one, two united states swimmers with say they are robbed in rio will meet with police. authorities butted the two off the flight last night. investigators say the timeline does not matchup with facts. >> 200 homes now have been destroyed by the clayton fire in lower lake and clearlake up from 100 homes this time yesterday. the fire now is 5% contained.
6:55 am
there are 4,000 acres burned. >> three this is a look of blue cut fire in san bernardino forcing 82,000 people to we evacuate. you can see the flames and the smock coming up. it is new burn more than 31,000 abc considers up from 25,000 overnight and still only 4% contained. >> this morning, a millbrae teacher is out on bail after being add foreign gaging in what police say was inappropriate behavior with a girl. the 40-year-old heather but testimonies teachers drama and english at a middle school. >> a "spare the air" day with fog and sunshine in most spots and the only exception is the coast and cooling for the welcome. >> our biggest issue of o is westbound four in the pittsburg area, finally, all clear with the crash beyond railroad avenue and look at the drive time, antioch to concord, 51 minutes bets than an hour and 10 minutes the worst point this morning. >> seven, a go loved richmond
6:56 am
own are face of vacation will get to stay after all. the landlord of the restaurant had a change of heart say the owner could stay in show makes needed repairs. >> we will continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices and back in 25 minutes with the update. have a great morning.
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, two u.s. swimmers pulled off a plane in brazil by police, held for hours and now being forced to stay in rio. facing questions about that alleged robbery at gunpoint. the videotape now at the heart of the investigation. did ryan lochte and his teammates mislead authorities about that alleged robbery? also breaking this morning, the chaos in california. >> this is nuts. fire on both sides of me. >> 29 major fires raging in the west scorching thousands of acres. one just 60 miles outside los angeles. now more than 1,500 firefighters battling the blaze facing new red flag warnings this morning. terror at sea. more than 500 people told to abandon a passenger ship after a fire breaks out on board. passengers evacuating down emergency


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