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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is abc7 news. >> this video holds the answer to an international incident at the olympics. four u.s. swimmers claimed they were robbed at gunpoint, two were pulled off a plane trying to leave brazil. it turns out the whole story was made up. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. >> now, we're learning two of those swimmers are facing charges for filing a false report. >> "abc news" reporter, adrian joins us live about the investigation. adrienne. >> good afternoon. we know there's a recommendation of indictment for ryan lochte and james feigen for falsifying
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a police report. there has been so many updates to this story. every 20 minutes we are getting information and details as to what really went down at this rio gas station. >> claims made by members of usa swimming that they were robbed out the olympic village sunday have crumbled. police say there was no robbery. federal brazilian police sources saying at least one of the four olympic swimmers, including ryan lochte are seen breaking down a door at a gas station and then getting into a fight with a security guard. rewind to last week and the controversial interview lochte first gave to nbc news. >> the guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it, put to it my forehead and said, get down. i put my hands up, whatever. >> reporter: lochte now saying the gun was only pointed in his direction. the 12 time olympic medalist is back in the u.s., his teammate
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feigen and gunnar bentz and jack conger are all here in brazil. >> they came and took him off the plane. >> reporter: members of the ioc talking about forgiveness. >> let's give the kids a break. sometimes you take actions you later regret. >> rio's police chief saying they should apologize telling the news network is the only truth is that they said they were drunk. >> we do know, too, this is a story with a lot of gray area and so many different facts and leg legality, it has become a dispute between what the brazilian government and police say is going down on the video and swimmers and lawyers say really happened. adrienne banker, back to you. >> what about sources close to the swimmers, what are they s saying? >> it's interesting because
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we've gone basically all day looking at how the story about a robbery doesn't hold water, right? sources close to all four men tell "abc news" that it's the brazilian government that is really lying about what went down and what happened. they're saying that these four men were held at gunpoint by security guards and that that was evidenced in some of the very video that police have released. so what they're telling us is that they cooperated with officials to the best they can but it really will be a case of time will tell, as to what happens next in this very complicated story. >> thank you so much, adrienne, for that report. >> still developing. wildfires continue to wage across the west, 29 in all in california. one creating the biggest concern is burning in los angeles. >> let's look at the fire from the international space station,
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you can see how much has burned, almost 32,000 acres so far. >> reporter: the bluecut fire is still out of control. >> conditions are brutal, extremely hot and today is the first day we had temps below 100. >> reporter: containment is hard to keep the fast moving fire from destroying more land. >> the next season doesn't come until october. that's fire season for us. this isn't supposed to be fire season. >> reporter: evacuation in place for more than 80,000 residents. >> this is the biggest flare-up we've seen so far this morning. >> reporter: north and south a different scene, the clayton fire slowing down and 4,000 people finally returning home. in san diego, a wildfire that started yesterday is under
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control. back in san bernardino county, even with the extreme condition, firefighters doing what ever it takes to slow this fire down. >> i know the majority of the guy, it's a job we do and we will fight this fire to the end. >> reporter: we're learning a major roadway from southern california to los angeles has now reopened to travelers. it was one of the first things shut down by this fire. from california, "abc news." >> monterrey county is still the largest in the state, burned 79,000 acres and now 60% cont n contained. evacuation in effect for some neighborhoods. 57 homes destroyed and more than 400 are threatened. and a bulldozer -- a firefighter working on a bulldozer was killed. a trestle next door.
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>> there with the story, chris. >> reporter: i was definitely feeling it last night and even right now, i'm dealing with some congestion. today, we're getting a closer look at that train trestle. take a look behind me as my photographer zooms in. those seniors are thankful for the quick action from firefight firefighters. you can see how close the fire got to their homes. that combined with the wind is why they came face to face with the smoke. it was a scene many people had their eyes on yesterday afternoon. a train trestle caught on fire near we are ster and julian and black smoke for hours. >> i could feel my nose burning and i had to pick up my blouse and cover half of my face. >> reporter: elizabeth rosales lived next door and had a tough time getting up this morning. >> i could feel it in my throat. >> reporter: residents evacuated
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from their homes as the fire moved closer. with nowhere to go, they found themselves outside breathing in unwanted particles, and the train trestle was covered in tar. >> i had a lot of mucus and congestion and why i ended up down here this morning, i just had to get out of my aftermapar. >> reporter: pes conspiratorry therapist says those with as ma or pulmonary disease need to limit their time outside, especially on spare the air days. >> you want to avoid mid afternoon days especially with heat and commute traffic and getting heavier saturated with all the particles. >> reporter: air quality in the bay area will continue to be impacted due to the fire in monterrey county. >> it will cause a person to have shorter breaths due to irritation and your lungs will
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react to that irritation. >> reporter: the cause of the train trestle fire remains under investigation. nb nbc7nous. >> smoke has prompted another spare the air alert tomorrow. >> spencer has the update. >> i will take a look at the doppler live 7 first. you see thunderstorms in the sierra as well. you can look at those later. right now looking at our east bay hills camera, hazy skies and tom is our second spare the air day with the poorest quality in inland east bay and moderate in other locations. looking at blue sky, 64 degrees at san francisco. oakland, 70, 59 at half moon bay. this is the view of clouds at golden gate the picture the last several days. 80 degrees in santa rosa, napa,
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75. >> at fairfield and 90 at livermore. we will be back with our approaching weather and cooldown coming our way. >> thank you. >> we sent a push notification about spare the earth at 11:00 today. >> you can get the information on the conditions where you live. no one has been arrested for the shooting in oakland last night that injured four people that happened at 10:30. police say one man was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and three others showed up saying they had been shot at the same spot. all were shot at the same pot. police are looking into an incident that left man with a life-threatening head injury, blunt force trauma shortly after 1:00 this morning and went to the hospital in critical condition. incredible video shows
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police rescuing a santa rosa woman who became sick while h e hiking. she believed she was having a stroke and she activated her personal locator to call for help and rescuers found her and took her to the hospital for treatment. our reporter spoke with her about her experience and we will have her story coming up at 5:00. authorities in nevada are investigating the crash on a las vegas motor speedway. it belonged to a civilian contractor at dulles air force base and the pilot ejected before coming down and treated for minor injuries. no one was injured on the ground and no other injuries reported. a community meeting will be held tonight at 6:00 at the mission high school cafeteria on 18th street, part of a series of public meetings to get input on the search for a new chief. the acting chief, chaplin, said he was interested in the job
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permanently. a woman caught on camera snatching a wallet right from another woman's purse. plus, a driverless uber, a new project coming this month. >> trump exposed. i mean, that says it all. >> the donald trump statute p popping up in major cities around the country including right here and the
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit heads-up now, police are looking for two women who are
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targeting restaurants in the walnut creek area. >> police say this is one woman stealing a wallet from an unsuspecting diner. >> vic is live. >> reporter: you will see more of that video of the two women police say have hit numerous restaurants here in downtown walnut creek. take a good look. police believe the two women have struck three restaurants in downtown walnut creek in this past three weeks. the rooftop restaurant which just opened in april was one of them. >> the wife had the husband's wallet in her purse, which she laid on the floor, kind of op opened and didn't close her purse securely. >> you see the two women suspects sitting adjacent to the couple's table. the woman closest to that table very quickly bends over, slides her hand into the woman's purse and takes the wallet out. this, while her partner looks
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out non-challantly. simple as that. walnut police lieutenant, lanny edwards. >> they then leave the restaurant, immediately go to a business and use the stolen credit cards before the victims even knew their wallets have been stolen. they've done that in three different restaurants. >> reporter: we wanted to see just how careful women are with their purses when they're out at restaurants. we picked these diners at random. carol rolly hangs her purse over her knees. >> anybody takes my purse, they touch my leg and i hit them. >> reporter: carol row carefully picks the purses she buys. >> i usually get purses with p zippers. i don't get open purses. >> reporter: sally scholl has purses that lock. >> you haven't to undo this to get in there. >> reporter: judy gull was vulnerable and kept her wallet in a big unzipped shoulder bag. nancy herrington was the most creative. >> actually, i don't want to take this big thing into the restaurant, i just want to put
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my credit card in my bra. >> reporter: well, whatever works. the bottom line is female din diners, know where your purse is at all times when you are at a restaurant. by the way, if you know who these two women are please call walnut creek police, vic lee, nbc7 news. >> there was a similar restaurant last year at a walnut creek restaurant where a woman was stealing wallets from women's purses. did police say why they think walnut creek is being targeted? >> reporter: i think it happens elsewhere. just here on walnut correct the restaurant video has been cat catching these women red-handed. police say the other reason they believe this is happening in walnut creek, this downtown area is a growing district and more restaurants are moving into here. that means more customers, more people on the streets and in this restaurants. that also means there's more of a chance to be victimized.
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after all, this is a crime of opportunity. crime of opportunity. back to you. >> vic, thanks so much. is shutting down next week just as its parent company is sold to univision. today, gawker's founder said he doesn't plan go to the spanish language network buying it for 1$135 million. the company went into bankruptcy after hulk hogan won a 1$140 million judgment earlier this year and he sued them after a sex tape featuring him. the date appears set for apple's latest iphones. the iphone 7 and larger dual camera iphone 7 plus will do on sale september 23rd, about a month from now. previous reports predicted sales september 7th. analysts say based on past experience we should expect
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apple to announce the expected release date two weeks in advance. would you get into a dri driveless uber? uber will start the driverless cars in a few weeks. >> i'm not ready for driverless cars. >> reporter: get ready because it is happening. uber is ready to introduce driverless cars in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, the end of this month. >> good for them. good luck. yeah. you have to have a lot of trust in the company and the technology. >> reporter: uber will have someone in the front seat to supervise the car. the customer will get a message telling them to avoid talking to the person, the idea to been us off having a driver. some uber customers tell us, they're ready to give it a try. >> i feel like it's a technology involved is approved for street use, i would trust it. i hate talking to uber drivers and removes that. >> reporter: uber's goal is to replace its 1 million drivers with robots as soon as possible,
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which is why the uber driver at a red light we caught up with said she does not like the idea. >> i wouldn't like it. >> reporter: why? >> i wouldn't be driving and i love driving. >> reporter: they use sensors using radar and gps. >> i'm skeptical where the technology is. i think it's being released before it's ready for primetime. >> reporter: the driverless cars will be free for now. no word yet when or if this is coming to san francisco. we reached out to uber but at this time no comment. abc7 news. a major legal decision was made today for uber and its drivers. a federal judge in san francisco rejected a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit brought by drivers under the deal uber would have paid dri r drivers in california and massachusetts up to 1$100 million. in exchange the company would continue to classify drivers as independent contractors. the judge called the settlement unfair to the drivers because it
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was well below the total potential damages of 8$852 milli milli million. there's been no comment from either side so far. give blood, get a car, but not this kind of vehicle. in san francisco, people donated blood. the blood centers of the pacific are raffling off a red toyota prius for someone who donates before the end of august where there are fewer people that give blood. the centers need 400 pints of blood everyday to distribute among 400 northern california hospit hospitals. if you want to donate, go to blood to make an appointment. >> what will the weather be like this weekend. spencer christian is tracking it all. >> don't expect too much of a change competent maybe a couple degrees cooler. right now, it's sunny inland and foggy on the coast, as you might expect.
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with thunderstorms rumbling in the central sierra, they seem to be moving down the western sl e slopes. we have reports of heavy downpo downpours. especially in the area, lake tahoe. back to the bay area, breezy right now but not gusty. most locations looking at breezes 12 to 18 miles an hour. on we go, the view at fso. partly cloudy skies, foggy morning tomorrow with patchy drizzle and cooler at the coast the remainder of the day and inland, the second consecutive spare the air our day. we're looking for better air quality over the weekend. tonight, fog stretching inland and temperatures mid to upper 50s once again, a pattern we've seen all week long. notice the reach of the low clouds and fog across the bay and locally inland. 5:00 tomorrow morning the beginning of the morning commute, lots of foggy spots probably means a slow commute for many, even at 7:00 a.m., we
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still have the fog lingering and then pull back to the coastline giving us a sunny day over the bay with fog lingering at the coastline. highs tomorrow, range right around 60 on the coast to low to mid 70s on the bay, mainly 80s inland, antioch and livermore may top out at 90 degrees. a look at our max temperature trend saturday, mild around the bay and inland. a little cooler sunday contin continuing monday likely to be the coolest day in our forecast period. here's a look at the accuweather 70 forecast. highs around 90 degrees. mid to upper 70s around the bay. a couple degrees cooler sunday and further cooling monday once again the coolest day in the forecast, highs mid-80s and mid-70s in the bay and upper 50s on the coast. temperatures rebounding on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, to our summer spread of 60 on the coast and 90 inland. >> thank you so much, spencer.
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california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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friday's unveiling of a tony bennett statute in san francisco. "abc news" was outside the hotel as they set the stage for this event. the legendary singer will be there, created by sculptor, bruce wolfe. bennett stood for three days and he created a pose with his arms stretched out. >> that's how huh starts every song, his mike in his hand, his chest out and the sun is hitting him. it's nice. >> it is nice. bennett will have a mona lisa smile. he can't be grinning because the green patina that will form over the bronze statute looks weird on teeth obviously. it will be unveiled tomorrow at
4:26 pm
the fairmont where he performed the classic song "i left my heart in san francisco." >> a dog in the north bay has a new home. he was found near a dumpster last week and the staff used a piece of string cheese to coax him out of the crate he was h e hiding in. a couple from saratoga has adopted him and named him ziggy and have zelda who was also aband abandoned. new controversy today over a proposed tax on sugary drinks in two bay arir yrea cities, why gs say it will end up costing them big. the devastating flooding in louisiana and the people forced to recover from disaster once again. a viral video showing what's happening in syria, a
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here are the headlines at 4:30, firefighters in southern california are making good progress today on the blue cut fire in san bernardino county just west of los angeles. the fire has burned more than 31,000 acres since it started on tuesday. that fast.
4:30 pm
the clayton fire is 55% conta contained and stopped growing at least for the moment. coming up at 5:00, leslie brinkley goes behind the scene was a fire who flew 25 trips dropping fire retardant on the fla flames. and changing san francisco's policy to removing ghost bike memorials to fallen cycliscycli. and the proposed tax on sweetened drinks is caution anger and confusion. laura is sorting out the claims on both sides. >> reporter: so far the american beverage association has poured 600,0$600,000 into the campaign defeat this measure. here in oakland, it has some folks here, especially at city hall upset about the way they're craft their message. >> i ham not here to represent the american beverage company. >> reporter: he says he is not
4:31 pm
speaking for the soda industry, only for himself as the owner of a small grocery store in east oakland. he says the proposed tax on sugary beverages would force him to increase prices across the board. >> the proponents of this tax argue this will be a tax on soda and this will solve our issues like diabetes and obesity. but i ask them, what is next? sugar? ice cream? candy, pizza. >> reporter: oakland measure hh on the november ballot would place a 1 cent per ounce tax on sugary beverages everything from cola to sports drinks and the law applies to cola distributes but the says it rests on distributors including small grocers to pass the tax along to customers. >> what we heard today if you raise taxes on small business owners, that tax has to come from somewhere. >> there is no tax on groceries. >> reporter: oakland city
4:32 pm
council rebecca says the anti-tax campaign is a message meant to scare consumers, especially in low income areas spcht. >> the soda industry is spending millions to lie to people by calling it a grocery tax. but they are wrong. the tax is on sugar sweetened bevera beverages. the soda industry knows this is a soda tax. that's why they're opposing it. >> reporter: this isn't the only measure like it in the bay area on the november ballot. albany has one and san francisco, where famed rest run tear and chef has put her name and efforts behind supporting it there in san francisco. live in oakland land, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> berkeley's soda tax has been in effect about a year now. what effect has it had there? what impact? >> reporter: we talked to the city councilman there, dan, they say they're doing a study not yet completed but there are
4:33 pm
early indicator, one, contrary to what the no campaign is s saying in oakland, the grocery tag, grocery bills have not gone up at all in berkeley and they're also sees soda consumption, sugary beverage consumption is actually down in berkeley. more for you on abc7 news at 6:00. >> thanks. the devastation from the historic and deadly floods in louisiana is only getting worse. today, state and federal officials toured the hard hit areas in parts of the state. >> reporter: the floodwaters are heading south. >> we actually lost everything in katrina, came here and 10 years later, lost everything again. >> reporter: 30,000 people resc rescued. 40,000 homes impacted and thousands more at risk. the rising waters have sparked more devastation and more evacuations near baton rouge. the death toll stands at 13. >> i want to stress we are certainly not out of the woods.
4:34 pm
as i've been saying six days, this is an ongoing event. >> reporter: on the ground, homeland security and fema, nearly 90,000 people registered for help. >> the federal government is here. we have been here and we will be here as long as it takes to help this community recover. >> reporter: the disaster scientists taking a look at weather systems wreaking havoc in the u.s. the climate change debate conditions and dry conditions out west sparked massive wildfires and record breaking heat made july the hottest month ever and daily flooding hit several southern states in the past year. >> extreme weather patterns is one of the outcomes we expect to see from overall warming conditions. scientists are looking at that. it's hard to connect this event. >> as for this event, president obama is getting daily updates on the response. the white house says the president doesn't plan to cut his vacation short to visit
4:35 pm
louisiana because it would cause a major disruption in the recovery motion. showing a boy pulled from a rubble during an air strike. the video shows the boy being carried out and put in an ambulance, where he sits alone and at one point he wipes his soiled and bloody face, sweet young child. the cbc says he has been identified from aleppo and his parents and three siblings believed to have survived the attack. the opposition group says 15 people were killed in the air strike and blaming it on russian force. a judge sentenced a convicted rapist, sharper to 18 years today. he was convicted ofraping and drugging nine women. he originally agreed to sentence him to nine years but the judge rejected that idea telling the
4:36 pm
six time pro bowler he could not ignore the damage he inflicted on women and society at large. coming up, are you suffering from drought fatigue? new concerns mandatory constrictions were eased too soon and california could pay too high a price in the long run. spencer christian from emeryville, and a cooler weaea
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looking for something to do this weekend with fun ideas? >> jessica castro has a look at what's happening this weekend. >> if you're into outdoor festiv festivals, there's plenty to do starting with the san francisco maritime park. hide over to the hide street pier this saturday at 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 at night. the 1895 west coast schooner will be there. they will also kristen the vessel. check out the sandcastle at aquatic park. admission is free. if that's not your vibe, 20th block party is happening this saturday on the 20th street breen bryant and harrison and runs 9:00 to 6:00. listen to the performances by miami and batman. the free event hopes to help the
4:40 pm
mission language and vocational school. last but not least, throw in your dance shoes for lindy in the park. both saturday and sunday at 3:00 p.m. help celebrate san francisco's longest running swing dance venue. if you missed it this week, don't worry, there's dance pa y parties at golden gate park held every sunday weather permitting since 1996. for more on all these events and others. head to we'll hook you up with hood line. i'm jessica castro, have a great weekend. >> if you think weekends are the best days for weddings, think again. a growing number of couples are s saying, i do on thursdays mostly because it helps cut down on the costs. the average wedding is almost 33,0 $33,000. 6% couples got married on thursday last year up 3.4%. >> 33,0$33,000. >> thursday, in the middle of the night. >> spencer christian is here.
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>> hi. weather is looking pretty good as we approach for the weekend. we have mainly sunny skies over the inland areas and usual fog at the coast. statewide conditions tomorrow look like this, mainly sunny skies and high conditions on the coast. 91 in sacramento, 103 in fresno. mild 77 in los angeles and san diego and 109 in palm springs. in this bay area, after a foggy start and possibly spotty drizzle a mainly sunny day inland and bayside areas, highs range from 70s to upper 90s and inland along the coast and highs in upper 60s to 50s and not much change over the weekend. looking good. >> sounds like it. thanks so much. still ahead, the gap between hillary clinton and donald trump is narrowing. >> plus, trump exposed, a statute that popped up today in
4:42 pm
san francisco. college students and debt, nothing new there. which colleges now leave students with the highest apt of california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits.
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san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area. >> hillary clinton met with law enforcement leaders in new york city. clinton sat down with leaders in eight different cities large and small including new york and tucson and told them the nation needs to work together to repair the bonds of trust and respect between officers and communities. that meeting comes two days after donald trump accused clinton of being quote against the police. donald trump has been reserving television airtime for the first time in the general election. his campaign will spend nearly 5 $5 million over the next 10 days to air ads in florida, north carolina, ohio and pennsylvania. clinton's campaign has spent more than $75 million in ads since june. >> clinton has a narrow lead over trump. if the election were held today, 41% support clinton, 37% trump,
4:46 pm
libertarian candidate, gary johnson has 10% and jill stein, 4% voters. life size nude statutes of donald trump are raising eyebr w eyebrows in san francisco and four other u.s. cities, a group of self-described art gorillas named in decline installed this in the castro district. it features trump's famed hairdo. he's a little importantlier than real life and the rest is definitely r-rated. needless to say it attracted quite a crowd and a lot of picture taking and strong opini opinions. >> i just posted on facebook, trump exposed. i mean, that says it all, doesn't it? >> in decline issued a statement saying unlike the statutes they hope trump is never installed in the most powerful military and political position in the world and similar statutes up in radiati
4:47 pm
cleveland, new york and others areas. and dhillon saying it is very poor taste and hopes voters are better served than this statute. harley davidson is now in a hot seat. >> this has been dragging out for a while. harley davidson agreed to pay 5 $15 million to settle charges it violated the u.s. clean air act. the federal epa complaint charges harley davidson sold nearly 340,000 super tuners for motorcyc motorcycles. the suit says the tuners emit more pollution than the company claimed under its epa certification. they give motorcycles more power and performance and alter emission controls. harley disagrees the tuners violate the law. the company says the devices are allowed and intended only for
4:48 pm
use in motorcycle racing. t-mobile announced today it's doing away with contracts and giving everybody unlimited data. an hour later, sprint came out with its own unlimited plan. t-mobile's unlimited data voice and texting wilkos $70 for one line, 1$120 for two and 2$20 mo for each additional line after that. sprint is offering a similar deal with slightly different pri pricing, $60 for a single line, additional $40 for the second line and $30 there after. it could be only matter of time before the other carriers all join in on the free-for-all. it's no secret too many of our college students graduate in debt, pointed out from the lending company, lend, college of average debt of
4:49 pm
86,0$86,000 and molloy college, 62,0 $62,000. and everglades university in sarasota with 60,0$60,000 worth debt. in case you're wondering the average student debt is 28,0$28. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 415-954-8151 and you can reach me on my facebook page. >> thank you so much. there is one way to get teenagers to eat better. >> could the sugar high be a parenting mi ining myth? >> feeding kids sugar doesn't make them hyper. what! according to an article in the "new york" magazine backed up by medical research. it's when the kids have the candy and the sugar birthdays, halloween, is actually what makes them hyperactive.
4:50 pm
a new drug may end america's painkiller epidemic. a pain relieving compound currently unrelated to current opioids and doesn't interfere with breathing. breathing problems are the main reason for prescription fatality s. it is possible it could bear fruit in other medicine but more testing is needed. the drug adhd is controversial but research says it keeps them safer. medication can reduce behavior. adhd kids have been shown to be more likely to drink too much, drive dangerously and have unprotected sex. 10 to 12 year-olds with adhd are far more likely to be injured than others their age. a study says when kids were reminded that fruits and vegetables would improve their emotional well-being, attitude and appearance, they ate them.
4:51 pm
from the indenasdaq, i'm jane k. here's to your health. ultrasounds find out what's happening in a joint that is being cracked. those who cracked their knuckles had increased flexibility after doing it. when you crack a knuckle you pull apart two surfaces of the joint and brings down the pressure and makes the knuckles a little bit loser. >> i know i'm a nut because i do it all the time. it's good for you. >> i do it every now and then. abc7 news continues. up next, tough water restrict n restrictions has been eased. did they do it too soon? >> a bay area woman arrested. what she did to the cakardashia family that has her picked up on federal charges. some say this would be a hit to police
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here's a look at what's ahead. >> now that some of the tough water restrictions in california are being eased, a conversation group is really a bit worried and some alarmed we may be sl slipping back in our wasteful w ways. erin thomas -- eric thomas is live in emoryville with the story. >> reporter: now that the state's harsh mandates have been removed, local water companies can decide how much water they want you to save and environmental groups worry, yes, we're slipping back to our old wasteful ways and water districts don't have any way to stop us. at an environmental research group in oakland call it drought fatigue. >> not knowing what action you
4:56 pm
can take and when you can stop taking it. >> reporter: water usage in california in may was down 27% compared to 2013 even more than the 25% reduction ordered by governor jerry brown last year. the state responded by lifting the mandatory restrictions earlier this year and water use once again began to creep up. >> we saw savinge ingings dip io around 22%. >> reporter: water suppliers like east bay mud are now free to set their own limits. its reservoirs are 80% full. if water use stays where it is now authorities say they won't need additional restrictions for now. >> when we look at our previous records we find it takes typically years for that usage to go back up. >> reporter: people at this berkeley car wash agree the crisis may be temporarily with us but the drought still with us. >> i thought since my early life we can always conserve water no
4:57 pm
matter what. >> everyone has to wash their hair every other day and have a 10 minute bath. these things aren't necessary. >> reporter: the mud and pacific institute are in agreement water saving lawns and plants and low flowing toilets and fixing leaks are still necessary things. eric thomas, abc7 nyoews. b.a.r.t. is cleaning up and the system produces a mist once inside each elevator shaft and does not interfere with operation and replacing the flooring throughout the b.a.r.t. system and make it's easier to keep them clean and keep liquid from getting beneath the flo flooring. >> we want to thank you so much for joining us on "abc news" at 4. >> stay right here. "abc news" at 5 begins right now. >> pretty high.
4:58 pm
>> thinking wobbling. >> emergency in the mountains. the device that saved the life of a woman hiking the pacific coast trail. and fire in the south bay and scorching people nearby. and helping to reduce sta staffing problems in san jose, why one community leader calls it half-baked. >> what it takes to put out those wildfires from the air. >> i'm meteorologist sandy patel. cooling trend and i will tell you how much the temperatures will drop coming up. >> live, this is abc7 news. >> i'm really lucky. i am really lucky. >> she certainly is. the santa rosa woman counts her blessing as rescue teams rushed in before she was seriously hurt. >> here's another look from the
4:59 pm
body camera worn by rescue personnel suffering a strike she had while hiking the trail on sunday. >> melanie joins us in the newsroom with her story. >> this is truly inspiring incredible story. she was on the trail where it runs together with the pacific crest trail and making her way to squaw lake when she says she knew she was in trouble. a dramatic rescue on the trail turned out to be daughter knows best. >> my daughter requires that i have some way of communicating with her so i have a bye con, personal locater beacon turns out it was really important. >> she was eight days into her hike when she felt wobbly and couldn't swallow. >> this is probably a stroke and serious enough i need help. >> reporter: using this locator
5:00 pm
beacon, she activated an sos alert. >> i neulanding would be difficult. >> went, oh, my god, back to base and got a guy that went straight down to this little opening to get me. >> you guys can help me? we will put her in a stretcher. >> as she was being rescued, this is what she thought. >> how amazing it is that technology and people can make this happen. >> h 40, we're good to go. >> having suffered a stroke, time was of the essence. tara, who happens to be a minister, says she'd do it all again. while her balance and vision have been impacted, her mission is stable, her resolve crystal clear. >> being alive and doing what you love to do is really important. that's what i'm going to do. >> reporter: in santa rosa, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> the blue cut wildfire is


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