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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 5 o'clock a.m., i am natasha zouves and glad you are with us on friday, august 19.
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straight to drew tuma here for mike nicco. how is our weekend weather? good morning. a nice weekend is shaping up, but, first, through friday and it will be equally delightful, with the camera showing the marine layer is fully intact and we have good visibility. so that means the marine layer is spent and will burn off quickly. by noon, only coastal fog and in the afternoon not too holt only in the 90 inland spot, and 60s around the immediate coast with hazy sunshine. "spare the air" day is in affect. that is weather. we did nature have a great overnight here, the last few hours, a couple of series crashes including in the vallejo area, westbound 37. right at the pure island off-ramp a vehicle was off the road into the napa river and that person did not survive. that investigation is ongoing.
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northbound 101 north of the marin county airport, we had another serious crash three people were transported with serious injuries at continue minutes ago we got all lanes become open. mass transportation it is not off to a great start. >> we are tracking breaking news from contra costa county. look at this, a car hit a light pole and a fire hydrant and you can see the gallons and gallons of water being put into the air and gush on to the street in clayton road at downtown concord the it is not sure why the driver crashed. >> this morning a new dorm at san jose state university is not quite done. it is a problem. classes start next weekend. our reporter explained what they plan to do. this is not great news for students starting tomorrow. 800 incoming freshmen were expected to move into the brand new 10 story state-of-the-art
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building none as campus village two, however, the students all received a letter from san jose state just yesterday saying construction is not complete and it will not be for several weeks. instead, students move into three low rise dorms, nobody around campus as the bricks originally built in the 1960's and they are slated for demolition to make way for a new sports and aquatic center. officials say that constitutes are charged reduced rate while they are housed in the britishs and professional movers will transport their buildings when ready. the school broke down on the campus in 2015 and it was originally slated to be come least july 11, well ahead of the we we move in date. according to our media partner, the contractor said that the delay was caused by a change in regulatory procedures. san jose state anticipates students can move into the new dormitory in two to four weeks and to make up for the inconvenience they are trying to
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keep students with their original roommates and also giving them a $150 gift card to use around campus. >> now to the latest on the story involving four united states olympic swimmers. two of them, gunnar bentz and jack conger just landed in miami. they left rio de janeiro after testifying on claims they were robbed after a night of partying. police said the store was lie and they two and others including a man vandalized a gas , and jamie brazilian authority to avoid prosecution and able to run home. >> a nasa astronaut from the career area is starting her
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first spacewalk. this is the international space station where kate rubins and jeff williams are scheduled to perform a six hour spacewalk in the next few minutes. they are installing the international space station docking adapter, allowing future united states spacecraft to arrive and dock without any help in astronauts. pretty cool. >> a bay area woman accuseed of cyberstalking and hacking repeat t star kris jenner is in court. christina elizabeth bankston was arrested yesterday and our reporter, cornell barnard, has the details. >> f.b.i. agents were at the new arc home on thursday and arrested 36-year-old nursing assistant christina elizabeth bankston charming her with cyberstalking of a tv reality star. >> crazy. >> keeping up with the kardashian star kris jenner and her family were stalked and
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harassed by her for six months. a relative shared this clip of banks riding a roller coaster, saying her love for kris jenner. according to the indictment, show used ailias ass to contact the family. first, to harass kris jenner of a sex tape she threatened to go public with and ted general are "let's talk, my bad, let's stalk." she is accused of hacking into her icloud account, accessing e-mail and phone numbers and impersonating the star through calls and text telling some she was sick with cancer and call police tocy a family member had committed suicide. the ex spouse caitlyn jenner was a target. she impersonated him to contact jenner. >> i was stalking chris and i had issues with her and the far from true. >> neighbors who do not know
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christina elizabeth bankston are surprised. >> people get...involved and fixated. it is...strange. >> she will appear in federal court on friday and in convicted she could serve five years in prison. >> now the latest on a huge wildfire burning in southern california. firefighters in san bernadino county now have the blue cut fire 22% contained. it is now at 36,000 acres. all of damage has not been surveyed because of the intense flames and fire behavior. they say numerous buildings have been destroyed, but they have not been able to estimate how many of homes. the hardest hit areas are in the valley and canyon. >> fire crews are beating a how acre wildfire in santa barbara
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county that started near a campground that is threatening homes in the area. so far, no structures have been lost, and firefighters say winds are push the fire north and west but that is away from the most populated area. crews have the first at 20% containment. >> vallejo police have arrested the owner of this car after i was involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident last week. officers have also identified two people of interest, 21-year-old taylor gallon and dominic smith are believed to have information about the deadly crash. anyone with information about these two men is urged to call vallejo police. >> in the east bay, a city is reducing the speed limit near schools to make things a bit safe ever for kids. walnut creek is implementing 20 miles per hour speed zones around a dozen schools, and new signs with the reduced limits are posted over the next few weeks and the city council in july unanimously approved
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lowering the speed limit to improve safety for children walking and bicycling to school. bad news for some. >> right. >> no kidding. it is a rough start, and "spare the air" day, too, so if you are planning on use mass transit we have a major note to pass along for the south bay. some emergency repairs going on right now and this is in downtown san jose, something is wrong with an overhead wire near the children's museum station. we have a call into them trying to get an estimate on when it will be wrapped up this morning, with the alert being sent out at 4:00 a.m. and a bus bridge is society up, between san antonio and san fernando. if you are driving today we are still looking okay on the roads with no major blocking incidents and the bay bridge toll plaza is looking okay with no metering lights. drew is standing by, and it seems like we made it to friday? >> happy friday, everyone. we have a nice-looking weekend
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forecast. today, we have a little bit of an air quality issue to talk about in a second. live doppler hd is showing waking up to a typical morning of fog and low clouds, around the bay, and it will hold back mid-morning, for a lot of sunshine. generally the winds outside of fairfield at this hour, you can see they are light less than ten minute. as we go into the afternoon, the winds are coming more in the south direction and unfortunately that is going to pull smoke not only from the soberanes fire but the chimney fire into our atmosphere. that is part of the reason why we have a "spare the air" day in affect. the inland east bay, we are going to have poor air quality, unfortunately, and you have noticed in the south bay you have the hazy sunshine in the afternoon, a very similar afternoon setting up today, as well. highs on the friday, are pretty comfortable at 64 in san jose, good morning for the afternoon high, 80 in san jose, and 87 in concord and 77 is the high in napa. we will take you to the three day forecast and saturday and sunday we have a cooling trend with morning fog, to afternoon sunshine. enjoy.
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>>. coming up next the move in sacromento to protect young athletes from secondhand smoke and what the white house is say about a $400 cash payment to
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>> novato, oakland, sunny spray, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a bill approved by the state
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assembly bans all tobacco products 250' of any game or practice where children are present. that means anyone who wants to smoke or use e-cigarette has to walk almost a city block away or face a fine. the bill passed the state senate in may. >> this morning republicans are calling on president obama for a full explanation of what they say is a ransom for prisoners deal with iran after administration officials admitted a cash delivery was used. the note words covered this event, $400 million was sent to iran on the same day that four united states prisoners were released, which is iran's money from a deal of the shah to buy united states military equipment in the 70s. a spokesman said prisoner release was negotiated separately but the money was withheld until the prisoners were free out of fear their ran would renege on the agreement. >> this morning in the first look ryan lochte is at the center of an international
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firestorm of controversy. he is no stranger to headlines like this. we investigate his past. >> in the "first look, authorities intensify their investigation, we take a closer look at ryan lochte's bad boy past. it is not the first time he has had a run in with the law. records show he was charged with public urination in florida in 2005. five years laterred charged with disorderly conduct after actively engaged in a physical file. both cases were dismissed after deals. ryan lochte was a household name making a huge splash at the london games in 2012 where he took home five medals. the celebrity status earned a star in his own reality tv show, what would ryan lochte do, only lasting a season, but, he told us last month, that he would do it again. coming up at 7:00 a., the latest reporting from rio de janeiro.
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>> landlords in berkeley are petitioning the city to change the ballot language on a were ready business tax hike on residential property because it overestimates the amount money that the tax would raise. the measure states $4 million would be raised by the tax, and the landlords claim that is $2 million too high. berkeley agreed and was going do make the change but the city council could not raise a quorum at a special meeting, landlords are expansorring a competing measure to raise taxes at a lower rate. >> google is expanding. the company is adding to their overseases in san francisco with a new space for developers and start-ups. they are taking over a 14,000 square foot space and will offer space to the developer group. the new space is a few blocks from the google main san francisco office at 345 spear
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street. >> unfortunately sit friday and that is good news, bad news if you are a mass transit commuter with an alert. thai is south bay riders of the v.t.a. line with message repairs this morning, this is near the children's discovery museum station in downtown san jose. they are saying that there is a problem with the overhead wire and they are work on that and it sounds like it will be for the majority in not the entire morning commute a bus bridge is in place for the two lines it is backing, san antonio and san fernando stations. a new problem just in, not in san jose, where we are all totally in the green if you drying in the south bay rather than dealing with the delays, in fremont, southbound 680, before you get to mission we have a report of a new crash and it is blocking the far right lane keeping an cry on that. now, over to drew tuma, and it
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is friday! >> it is friday! we are cruising into the weekend, smith sailing temperature-wise, good morning, oakland, at 60 degrees, san jose right now, super cool at 59. san francisco is at 56, and novato is at 54 as we wake up and start friday. we will show you where the fog will be at 8:00 in the morning, santa rosa in the not bay and patchy fog around san rafael and the golden gate is sure to have fog, and fremont, and oakland, and patchy fog, as you get to the south bay, but, most locations south of golden gate are going to be partly cloudy do mainly clear skies. the fog pulls to the coast with a last sunshine on friday. i went to show you this because the summer season tending to be brutally hot and today is nature the case, comfortable, in the 88s probably the only fly in the ointment is poor air quality. the take note of that. the seven-day forecast shows we have a nice day of fog and
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sunshine on the way, a cooling trend into the weekend, and tells are staying right around average to below average for much of the next day. >> good day for gold if you competed for the united states at olympics. here is the report from provide i don't. >> retrieve for americans who got a second chance in the relay after felix dropped the baton, and the united states got is a do over with brazilians disqualify americans raced all alone against the clock, enough to make friday finals f track and field after a new shot put record in the qualifying rounds on thursday, he capped off the day with the gold medal in the finals. teammate got silver the defending champion of the united states took gold in the 1500 meet are decathelon the first since it was done in 1952.
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>> he takes the honorary title of world's greatest athlete and more gold for the united states in the 400 meter for women, mohammed dash to victory the first american woman to win gold. ashley spencer got bronze. and then, the fastest man ran to gold with easy win in the 200 meter. the third straight olympic medal running in pursuit of a third straight triple and only needs gold in the 4x100. >> the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> we been told cracking your news conference chemicals is bad for you but doctors could be ready to change that advice.
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>> here are the seven things you need to know before you go. >> number one, we have a commuter alert. mass transit not so great. we have emergency repairs in downtown san jose working on an overhead wires near the children's discovery museum. expect the bus bridge to be in place all morning between san antonio and san fernando station >> two, who we do not have the videos we got some video overnight saying that olympic swimmers gunnar bentz and jack conger arrived back to miami this morning claiming they fabricate add story of being held up in rio de janeiro and they and james feigen and ryan
5:24 am
lochte could be charged. >> a naked statue of donald trump could be removeed this morning from san francisco. it could fine a new home at lefty o'doul's. >> the "new york times" is reporting that hillary clinton told investigators that it was coli powell told her to use a personal e-mail account while she was secretary of state and powell said he did it, too, and it helped improve communications in the state department. >> the man who maintained all the armor for the united states fencing team in rio de janeiro lost his new home in thely ton fire. matthew porter and his wife just moved to lower lake a few days before he left for brazil with a gofundme account set up. >> six, look at the numbers for the afternoon highs a fine look ing friday with spare spar day in affect inland location, with poor air quality to round out the week.
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>> we want to show you a look at the international space station right now, where astronaut kate rubin from napa is 20 minutes into the first spacewalk. she and jeff williams are installing a port to be a parking space for future spacecraft. >> it is feared could go back to caseful ways now the tough manned story water usage restriction are issued, in may the use was down 27% compared to 2013 but that dipped to 22% in june after restrictions were lifted. people we specific to say this they are still conserving. >> everyone has to wash their hair every other day and have a ten-minute bath and...this is not necessary. >> water suppliers are now free to set their own limits. the reservoirs are 81% full and the water use says where it is officials say they do not need
5:26 am
additional restrictions. for a while. >> l it go fans if you are serious about building, you will want to head to the south bay, the convention is underway in santa clara. the lego builders from all over the world will work on the creation all weekend and sunday you can stop by the convention center for the official exposition. >> ever crack your knuckles? you have probably heard it is bad but what in it were good? researchers wanted to find out what happens when you joins are cracked? the cracks gives increased flexibility. when you crack a knuckle you pull apart two surfaces of joint which it brings down the pressure and makes the news conference colds closer. >> i do it all the time. researchers are revealing new details about the most famous
5:27 am
mummies, the ice man is a 5,000-year-old mummy found on a glacier near the border of italy and austria, and the leather coats came from sheep and goat, the leggings made of goat skin, shoes had places made from wild cow and the hat was made from the skin of a brown bear. scientists say this suggests that the ice man was good at killing domestic and wild animals. >> fascinating. if you think weekends are the best day forked withing, think again. a growing number of couples are saying i do on thursday. that is because it cuts down on the cost of the average bodying is nearly $33,000. almost 6% of couples got married on thursday last year up from 4.3% in 201. >> would you do it? >> get married? or marry on a thursday? >> depends in everyone i want
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can get time off work. >> we are back with a full 90 minutes of news including breaking news in the south bay with a problem with v.t.a. that could impact the morning commute. commute. >> new details on elimination of (whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is friday. thanks for being here. i am natasha zouves. >> i am jessica castro here for regular. we have trouble on commute. election? >> this is all the information we know right here as of 4:00 a.m. word that they are working on an overhead power lines downtown san jose area near the children's discovery museum.
5:31 am
no idea when it will be done. right now, though, there is a substitute bus service place with two lanes impacted, between san antonio and sovereign dough station. another update in 10 minutes and we will check withdrew looking at the weekend forecast. >> good morning, alexis, a look from the exploritorium showing we have good visibility of the san francisco skyline, the marine layer is not so big as yesterday morning. that means for the day planner, a quicker clearing on the way, partly sunny in the morning, and hazy skies inland east bay and poor air quality and, otherwise, temperatures are not too bad, between 60s at the coast and the warmest pot is nearly 90 inland. >> breaking overnight in marin county, the three car freeway accident in novato sent several people to the hospital. all northbound lanes of 101 for a short time near san antonio
5:32 am
off-ramp were closed and they now have reopened the one person was life flighted to queen of the valley hospital in napa and another to marin general, and another was hospitalized. there is no word from c.h.p. as to what caused the crash or who is at fault. >> we are tracking breaking news from new jersey, a terrible bus crash in downtown newark. look at this, a bus driver has died. the two buses crashed near penn station and 19 other people are hurt. witnesses say that a driver ran a red light at full speed. can you see a bus appears to be cut in half from the impact. >> there are new details emerging in san francisco over a donald trump statue that created quite a stir in castro. the naked donald trump is on the move. we go do lefty o'doul's to explain. >> you are looking at what could be the any home of the donald
5:33 am
trump statue here at at at lefty o'doul's say they would be happy to have hill. he is no longer in the castro. here is video of the statue being wheeled away and an employee at the cafe shot this video and said employees came to market and castro at 2:30 in o and took it away. residents in the cass tremendous say they got a kick out of having the statue and say it is too bad it is gone. >> it was fun, a good laugh, making light of a serious time in politics something that is scary. all the life-sized naked unflattering statue showed up at 8:00 yesterday morning and there are other statues in los angeles, knock, cleveland and seattle. a group "in decline," organized this. the san francisco department of public works said can you not
5:34 am
affix something for the sidewalk without a permit and they concerned about side of the crowds and thought people would be in danger spilling into the streets so it had to go. left said they would be thrilled to have the statue. and the crowds. we will keep you posted in it lands here. >> happening now, a bay area senate is about to take the first spacewalk of her life, or she already is starting it because, look, it started at 5:00 a.m. half an hour ago. this is a look at the international space station and kate rubins is from napa, and, again, she just began the sex hour spacewalk along with senate jeff williams, and they are installing a ring know as the international docking adapter and the purpose is to provide a parking space for future united states commercial spacecraft allowing them to arrive and dock without any help from senates.
5:35 am
>> the fallout continues for several members of the united states swim team in hot water for a scandal in rio. gunnar bentz and jack conger have arrived back on united states soil this morning. they arrived in florida at miami international airport two hours ago after being questioned for hours over claims they were robbed over the weekend at gunpoint. james federal federal feigen isi prosecution. ryan lochte returned this week. a spokesman said the department has recommended that ryan lochte and jamie -- james feigen >> download the app for free and enable push alerts for updates
5:36 am
as they happen. >> we have through details on how the closing of 100 please's stores affect us in bay area. we know one of stores is in concord, those in sun valley mall has the largest square not agency of any store there, and the credit rating said the store is on the chopping block because of the sales below the company per square foot average. last week they announced the closure while reporting falling profits and sales. in southern california, a rode flag warning trends in affect as firefighters try to slow down the huge fire in intern -- in san bernadino county fire. the new cut fire has contain add the 22%. evacuations were lifted for some areas east of interrogate -- interstates 15. sell buildings have been destroyed. firefighters in lake county are making progress on the 4,000 acre clayton fire. the flames are 60% contained.
5:37 am
full containment is expected on sunday. 190 homes are destroyed and eight commercial building and more than 100 other structures. authorities say the five was intentionally set on saturday by the suspected arson it. the district ton said there are videos showing 40-year-old damin anthony pashilk in the area of some of the 12 fires accused of starting since july of last year. >> the man who maintained all of equipment for the united states olympic fencing team in rio lost his new home in theally top fire. you can see path use porter in the middle of the team. three and his wife just moved there a few days before leashing for brazil there is a gofundme account set up to help them. can you see people have donateed $19,000 so far. we have posted a link to the page on >> survive file needs your help to identify a bank robber called the audi bandit hitting several
5:38 am
locations in the bay area. the suspect was seen driving away in two different audis one in may and in june in burlingame,ism, and pleasanton. the f.b.i. said the suspect was seep driving a newer silver or grave audi and another audi with dealer tags. the f.b.i. does not say how much he got away with. >> we have some issues to start off friday or. just taking a look outside at the toll plaza toll, as of two americans ago we got the metering lights on and it is starting to fill in, but our major problem at the moment is a computer alert for v.t.a. with emergency repairs on the wire near the kin's discovery museum downtown san francisco. they have the substitute bus service in place for the two heaps that will impact this morning between san antonio and san fernando. if you choose to drive in the south bay, a little bit of a
5:39 am
delay starting to build on northbound 101 coming up from the 80/680 split. nothing serious a minor blocking issue so far on sail stretch in the fremont area, south 680 before mission, we have a two-car crash in right lane. we have a nice looking forecast for weekend. live doppler hd shows typical morning cloud cover overcast skies along the coast, and around the immediate area. a mixed bag of 50s and 60s, 56 in san francisco. holding at 57 in san ramon and livermore at 59. same in san jose at 59. good morning to the students of petaluma your first day today with a short week. 56 degrees at the bus stop this morning, and after school, sunny and nice and a comfortable temperature of 76 so good hung.
5:40 am
highs across the region on friday, you will notice no intense heat but we are where we should be, 64 for san francisco, and 87 in concord and 80 in san jose, and 75 in fremont, and 77 is the high in napa. they day forecast, here is the weekend, looking fine, with fog and sunshine and temperatures on the cooling trend. >> looking good. a sheriff deupty and. k-9 partner are credited for a major pot bust in sonoma with a picture of k-9 deputy jag in front 108 pounds of marijuana he sniffed out last night. authorities arrested two men from new york and charged them with possession of marijuana for sale, transportation of marijuana for sales and conspiracy. the pot had a reported sheet value of up to half a million. >> it is no secret that san francisco is ranked among the least affordable cities in the world, but the new report is just crazy.
5:41 am
according to the report 90% of those living in the city cannot afford to by a medium prized home of $1.3 million. that translated to $7,000 a month in housing costs. it is an improvement over 2007 when only 8% of us had the money to buy during the housing boom. the report said that if you want to buy a house in the city you need to make at least $269,000. a year. to qualify. >> some of those numbers are hard to. to action. a water front plot of land in south san francisco will be home to this billion dollar research and development complex, the group based in china has bought a 42 acre site at oyster point. this is video that shows the deem with construction beginning on the land at oyster point in mid-2018. a number of infrastructure improvements have to be made before the site can actually be developed and transformed.
5:42 am
>> donald trump is making an effort to containing the tone of the presidential campaign and next, where he and his running mate are headed today. >> legendary singer tony bennett left his heart in san francisco but, today, the city is giving
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> we are tracking breaking news in the south bay after several lines are taken out of service with v.t.a. and tiffany arrived on the scene. what is going on? >> good morning, we just got an update from the v.t.a. saying the problem starts at 1:00 this morning, with damage to the overhead wires. it shorted out service on the light rail. they have had emergency crews here since 1:00 a.m. but they do not expect service to be restored until some time this afternoon. in the meantime, a bus writing has been set up to shuttle commuters an the problem and there are two loans impacted, both the santa teresa alum rock line and modify modify winchester line. buses go between the san antonio and san exercise unanimous dough -- fernando station.
5:46 am
they say that the aging wires could be an issue the we do expect a spokesman to meet us at the scene and we bring you updates when we get them. thank you. >> traffic reporter alexis smith is tracking the impact on the commute. alexis? >> they have the because bridges set up and that will be an option this morning if you want to go ahead and get through that. the emergency repair is likely going to last into the afternoon so that means the entire only commute and possibly the afternoon commute be as well, with the bus bridge set up for both impacted line between san antonio and san fernandoization so there will be service but you will have to transfer to the buses. that is going to add time to the commute. if you want to dry, instead, to get around this it is looking okay in the south bay with northbound we we filling in at
5:47 am
880 one of our slowest areas with no major blocking incidents in the south by or anywhere. we have word of a new problem in the north bay and look at that in 10 minutes. >> donald trump and his running make will visit flood ravaged louisiana today. voters last night saw his apologetic side admitting he sometimes picked the wrong words and said the wrong thing. believe it or fought i regret it particularly where it my have caused personal pin. too much is at stake to be consumed with the shes. but what i can promise you this, i will always tell you the truth. >> donald trump did not say specifically which comments he regretted. >> in hillary clinton is elected
5:48 am
she said her family foundation will no longer accept foreign and corporate donation, and also bring an end to the annual clinton global initiative meeting regardless of the outcome of the election. she met with eight leaders in the law enforcement community to focus on challenges facing officers and the communities they serve. >> everyone is safer when this is respect for the law and when everyone is respected by the law. >> she is holding on to the lead over donald trump showing not election were held today, 41% of registered voters would support clinton and 37% supporting donald trump the. >> excitement for the tony bennett unveiling of a statue in san francisco. we were outside the fair monday hotel as crew the set stage for the event, and he will be there. the statue was created by a sculpture bruce wolf.
5:49 am
bennett posed for three days. wolf up with the pose of the singer standing with armed stretched out. >> we see him start every song that way with his mike, his chest is out, the sun is hitting him is nice. >> bennett will have a mona lisa smile he cannot grin because the patina that will form will along strange on a statue. the unveiling today is at noon at the fair moment where he first performed "i left my heart in san francisco." >> should the marine layer burn off? >> we will see the marine layer burn off between 9:00 and 10:00. the visibility shows a 10 on board with a lost spots doing fine and limited fog. in the south bay, 80 in san jose, 79 in santa clara and hazy
5:50 am
skies and smoke in the the atmosphere from the soberanes fire. 76 in redwood city, and 75 in palo alto, and 59 in pacifica and downtown san francisco, 64, and 59 for deals, and in the north bay, 82 in calistoga, and 75 in san rafael, and 77 in napa and east bay oakland you up to 70 degrees, and 73 in union city, and richmond is 69, and, inland, we are cooling off with no intense heat and most spots are in the 80s, however, inland we have poor air quality today so "spare the air" day is in affect with a hazy afternoon. the seven-day forecast shows we have fog and sunshine today and saturday into sunday you can see the numbers are dropping a few degrees and cool trend in the weekend and much of next week temperatures are at or sightly below average for this time of year. >> new at 6:00, finding a cure for zika virus and researchers need volunteers willing to put their own health at risk.
5:51 am
>> kanye west fans can buy a taste of pablo this far and
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ought state senate 8 take up a bill to end the statue of limitations for prosecuting of rape after the cease of alleges against bill cosby fueling the arguments. dozens of women claim the comic has abuse them deck as ago, and state law now requires crimes be prosecuted in 10 years of the assault. the proposed bill will return to the senate for final consideration. >> you need tributes -- unique tributes to bicyclists are disappearing in san francisco and some say it happens with no notice. there is new a call for a city moratorium on removing
5:54 am
government bikes and new policies. ghost bikes are makeshift memorials where a bicyclist was hit and killed, a member of the bicycle advisory committee is introducing a resolution on monday call on the public's works department to hold off for a year on dismantling the memorial. >> i would like to work something out with the city that they would permit putting up of the ghost bikes provided that no ghost bike is closing a public hazard. >> is it art? does not involve maintenance? maybe there is common ground. public works officials say the current policy is a two week stay for all makeshift memorials >> the site of a dumpster dog has a new home after being found abandoned in mill valley last week. marin humane society staff used
5:55 am
cheese to comb him out of the crate he was hiding in. a couple in saratoga adopted the dog and renamed him zigy and will be joined by tell ask whos was abandoned before being rescued by the couple. alexis, how is the traffic? >> actually, we last our video but i checked the latest from v.t.a. with a power issue and we heard a report from tiffany, possibly because of aging wires away the children's discovery museum in downtown san francisco so a bus bridge is set up for the impacted lines. they tweeted out that line 901 they shortened the bus bridge so hopefully it will be a shorterry -- a shorter re-route. they are working on the power cables. the main thing to pass long is
5:56 am
that likely it will last the entire morning commute and into this afternoon so that is all the next we have right now. i will let you know in they have other changes to the bus bridges on 902 line. >> on the traffic cameras this morning we have the bay bridge metering lights on happening at 5:32 and it is heavy aside from, of course be the car poor lanes and another mass transit along the tracks are closed from glen park to daly city including balboa park on saturday and sunday. add an hour. drew is on the roof how is the weekend looking? >> we have a fine-looking forecast the next flee days. live doppler hd is showing overcast keys and you can see we have foggy spots, pulling back to the coast in the morning, we are on the way to afternoon sunshine with three days of fog
5:57 am
to sunshine, and cooler trend. for sunday. >> kanye west pop-up shop is coming to san francisco this morning, the rapper turned fag mogul is selling clothing based on "life of pablo," in chinatown , making the announcement in a tweet say he is opening 21 pablo stores around the world. a opinionup in australia is now open. we hear that shoppers are not allowed to touch the merchandise before buying item for sale including a $400 military jacket and a $50 baseball cap. the san francisco store opened this morning at 10:00 a.m. in jackson square. >> we are tracking breaking news with a big delay for v.t.a. riders and what you need to know. >> gallons of water wasted in the east bay overnight after this crash floods the street
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> from the south bay there are big delays for some v.t.a. riders. i am natasha zouves. >> i am jessica castro here for reggie aqui. tiffany is in san jose with the story. good morning. you are want to explain to our viewers where the problem is happening. you can see the crews are on the tracks right here behind me and this is very close to the children's discovery museum. this outage on the v.t.a. started at 1:00 and this was a problem with the overhead wires and they say it could be because of the age of the wires. however are they are still looking into the cause of the outage. emergency crews arrived here immediately and they are still here but do not expect the track and the behind to be repaired until some point this afternoon. i want to show you the video we shot a couple of


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